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Wild Bunch The

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The Wild Bunch - Presented by Dude
Turn him over.
Oh, no!
"Do not drink wine nor strong drink...
"...thou, nor thy sons with thee...
"...lest ye shall die.
"Look not thou upon the wine|when it is red...
"...and when it bringeth his color|in the cup, when it moveth itseIf aright.
"At the last it biteth like a serpent...
"...and stingeth like an adder."
Now, folks...
...that's from the Good Book...
...but in this town...'s five cents a glass.
Five cents a glass.
Does anyone really think|that is the price of a drink?
The price of a drink? Let him decide...
...who has lost his courage and pride...
...who lies a groveling|heap of clay not far removed....
All's quiet, sir.
Let's fall in.
Follow me.
I beg your pardon.
-I'm so sorry.|-Allow me, ma'am.
Thank you.
May I?
Thank you.
Thornton, wake up! Soldiers!
I don't care what you meant to do...'s what you did I don't like.
You inconvenienced this lady,|and made a fool of yourself...
...and this railroad.
Now, I want you to apologize to this....
Yes, can I help you?
If they move, kill them.
ls he with them?
He's there.
Hold your fire! Get down!
Wait till they come out.
I can nail him.
I said, wait!
What if they go out the back?
It's covered.|You two-bit redneck peckerwood.
I solemnly promise...
...God helping me....
"I solemnly promise, God helping me..." abstain from all distilled,|fermented malt liquors...
...including wine, beer and cider...
" abstain from liquor,|wine, cider and beer."
People marching down the street.|They'll pass by the horses.
We'll join them.
The Temperance Union?
They should have been told.
Told what?
How long can anybody in this manure pile|keep his mouth shut?
"Yes, we'll gather at the river
"The beautiful, beautiful river
"Gather with the saints at the river"
No, three!
Maybe more, there, on the roof.
Get down.
Son of a bitch!
Bounty hunters?
Hell, I wouldn't know.
Buck, with Abe.
I kill them now?
Hold them here as long as you can.
I'll hold them till hell freezes over|or you say different.
When I kick him out, blast him.
We'll run for it.
Give me that shotgun.
"The beautiful, beautiful river
"Gather with the saints at the river
"That flows by the throne of God"
Let's go!
Good luck, boys!
They're blowing this town to hell!
You're trash!
Now, you just hush now.
They was playing Gather at the River.
You know that one?
Sing it!
"Shall we gather at the river
"Where bright angel feet have trod"
"River that flows by the throne of God"
Come on, you lazy bastard!
I'm coming!
They've cleared out, for Christ's sake!
Let's go, T.C. !
Put some more on!
Let's go!
Take him !
He's mine!
He's mine!
He's mine!
I shot this one!|Look at the size of that hole!
You just dig out that bullet|and see if it ain't my .06!
You know I shot him.
You'd claim the whole thing, wouldn't you?
-Daddy! Daddy!|-Did he have any money?
Damn, I can't get his belt off!
You stupid, damn fools!
Why did you shoot this employee|and let the others get away?
I didn't! My first shot|killed this man right here!
He shot that employee while I dropped|this bandit and them others too.
I must've killed all three of them.
What were we doing up on that roof?
Black liar!
Don't talk like that to me.
I'm sorry.
Come on, T.C., help me get his boots.
I think this will do pretty good.
Next time, plan the massacre carefully,|or I'll start with you.
Why didn't you kill Pike|when you had the chance?
Feathers flew like a turkey!
They shouldn't have run.
How'd you like to kiss|my sister's black cat's ass?
This is better than a hog-killing!
Get them out of here!
We're holding you and your railroad|responsible for this carnage!
lnnocent people are dead!
Women dying and mangled because|you used our town as a battlefield!
The railroad is going to pay|for our loss of blood!
We were trying to catch outlaws!
You lured them in here!
The railroad has been blabbing|about a big payload for weeks!
We represent the law!
Pike, is that you?
I can ride.
I can ride.
I can't see, but I can ride.
I can't ride.
Finish it.
You boys want to move on,|or stay and give him...
...a decent burial?
He was a good man.
We should bury him.
He's dead!
He's got a lot of good men|to keep him company!
Too damn many!
I think the boys are right.
I'd like to say a few words for the dear,|dead departed.
Maybe a few hymns'd be in order!
Followed by a church supper...
...with a choir!
You crazy bastards, both of you!
Bishop, Engstrom...
...the Gorch brothers!
Amounts to a total of $4,500|and you let them ride out on you!
When the hard-money value|of these men you killed...
...less my commission, adds up to $500!
Any one of those pelts would've|not only cleared you with the company...
...but given you money to raise hell with!
We'll do better next time!
We'll do anything you say,|but we'd appreciate liquor money tonight.
There won't be any tonight!|You go after them in ten minutes!
Get them ! Get Pike and you'll be rich!
If one of you tries to quit on me...
...I'll pay a bonus of $1 ,000... the man that kills him !
Let's pack it up then!
-Why should I let you go with them?|-We've been over that.
You might join them again.|You'd like that, wouldn't you?
What I like and what I need|are two different things. Listen.
I don't want to go back to prison,|never again.
It's got to be my way!|I need some good men!
You saw what happened out there!
Use what you have and see|that it doesn't happen again...
...or I'lI see you spend the rest of your life|behind bars.
Try to run, I'll be after you and so will they.
I gave you my word.
We'lI see what it's worth!
Six minutes.
Tell me... does it feel...
...getting paid for it?
Getting paid to sit back and hire your|killings with the law's arms around you?
How's it feel to be so goddamn right?
You dirty son of a bitch!
You've got 30 days to get Pike|or 30 days back to Yuma.
You're my Judas goat, Mr. Thornton.
I want all of them back here,|head down over a saddle.
Thirty days to get Pike|or 30 days back to Yuma.
I don't see nothing so lindo about it.
Just looks like more of Texas to me.
You have no eyes.
Got a haIf hour of light. Let's go.
Hello, little fella.
-Them other fellas--|-They're not coming!
-None of them?|-No.
-But I got horses and saddles for them.|-We'lI need them, they won't.
Now, about the sharing up.
lt will be the same as always.
Me and Tector don't think that|he ought to get the same amount.
He's just starting out,|and this is our opening for a new territory.
That's right.
I figure a share to that old goat for|watching the horses is a share too much.
So, we decided... ain't fair.
If you two don't like equal shares,|why the hell don't you just take all of it?
Why don't you answer me,|you damned, yellow-livered trash?
Now, Pike, you know--
I don't know a damned thing except|I either lead this bunch or end it now.
We divide it up just like you say.
Chick, chick, chick, chick.
Silver rings.
Silver rings, your butt!|Them's washers! Damn!
We shot our way out of that town|for a dollar's worth of steel holes!
They set it up!
They? Who in the hell is "they"?
"They" is just plain and fancy "they."
That's who "they" is.
Caught you, didn't they?|Tied a tin can to your tail!
Led you in and waltzed you out again!
Oh, my, what a bunch!
Big tough ones!
Here you are with a handful of holes,|a thumb up your ass...
...and a big grin to pass|the time of day with.
"They! "
Who the hell is "they"?
Railroad men.
Bounty hunters.
Deke Thornton.
Deke Thornton?
He was one of them?
How come you didn't know that?
Hey, gringo.
You can have my silver.
Come on, don't kill me.
You can have the silver.
But don't kill me.
Go on...
...go for it.
Fall apart.
Walk softly, boys.
What's our next move?
I figure Agua Verde is the closest.
Three days, maybe.
We'll get the news and go to the border.
Maybe a payroll or a bank.
Maybe that damn railroad!
That damn railroad you're talking|about sure isn't getting no easier.
And you boys ain't getting any younger.
We must start thinking beyond our guns.
Those days are closing fast.
All your planning and talking|damn near got us shot...
...over a few lousy bags of washers.
This was going to be|me and Tector's last job!
We spent all our time and money|getting ready for this!
You spent time and money running whores|while I spent my stake setting it up!
I should have been running whores|instead of stealing army horses!
While you did the planning... and Tector was getting|our bell rope pulled by two...
...two, mind you, Hondo whores!
And Pike was dreaming of washers!
He was.
You were matching whores... tandem !
What's that?
One behind the other.
That's right! That's what we was doing!
Mr. Thornton?
You rode with Pike.
What kind of man are we up against?
The best.
He never got caught.
This was going to be my last.
Ain't getting around any better.
I'd like to make one good score|and back off.
Back off to what?
Have you got anything lined up?
Pershing's got troops spread out|all along the border.
Every one of those garrisons|will get a payroll.
That kind of information is kind of hard|to come by.
I didn't say it's going to be easy,|but it can be done.
He'll be waiting for us.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Come on Pike, let's go.
You sound like you're all caught up.
Enough to know we've overstayed|our welcome.
What's wrong with you?
We've got plenty of money to spend,|and no worries.
They're not going to look for us|in their own backyard.
How can you be so damn sure?
Being sure is my business.
Being sure is my business.
Hold it!
It's just some champagne we ordered.
Relax. It'sjust some champagne|we ordered.
Being sure is my business.
Did you get him?
No, he got away.
You sure must have hurt that railroad.
They spent a lot of money|setting up that ambush.
I caught up with them.
Two or three times.
There was a man named Harrigan.
He used to have a way of doing things.
I made him change his ways.
And a hell of a lot of people...
...just can't stand to be wrong.
And they can't forget it.
That pride, being wrong, or learn by it.
How about us?
You reckon we learned...
...being wrong today?
I sure hope to God we did.
Them's hot.
Where in helI did you find him?
He ran with Thornton and me.
Did his share of killing, and more.
Around Langtry.
Only now he does his killing|with a coffee cup.
I wouldn't have it any other way either.
Watch out, boys!
Take it easy!
Watch him, Tector!
That goddamned son of a bitch!
Get the horses up!
What the hell is going--
Damned old punk! Bastard!
Get up now! Get up there, goddamn it!
Get over here! Help!
What's the matter with you, old man?
Leave him alone!
He'll get us all killed!|I'm going to get rid of him.
No you're not! We're sticking together,|like it used to be.
When you side with a man, you stay with|him. If you can't, you're an animal!
You're finished!
We're finished! All of us!
Mount up.
Appears Brother Pike needs help.
That Brother Pike and the old man Sykes...
...makes a man wonder if it ain't time... pick up his chips|and find another game.
How can you side anybody|when you can't get on your horse?
That was a fine talk you gave the boys|about sticking together.
That Gorch came near killing me.
Or me him.
Damned old fool like me's|not worth taking along!
-We started together, we'll end together.|-That's how I see it.
That's the way it's always been with me.
Sorry about Deke.
I never figured him that way.
Back there in Starbuck... did my boy do?
Your boy?
Crazy Lee?
Yes, C.L., Clarence Lee.
My daughter's boy.|Not too bright, but a good boy.
I kill 'em now? I kill 'em now?
No, you just hold them here.
Why didn't you say he was your grandson?
You had enough things on your mind.
Besides, he had to pull his own weight|like the rest of us.
I just wanted to make sure he didn't|let you down, run, when things got hot.
He did fine.
Just fine.
All clear!
From here on it's Mexico, Mr. Thornton.
What's the closest town of any size?
Agua Verde.
What's in Agua Verde?
Mexicans, what else?
A headquarters for regulars|fighting against Villa.
Mapache territory.
Don't we follow?
No, we go back and wait.
We're supposed--
Shut up!
Why won't you tell your folks|to feed them dogs?
Won't find very much around here.|That damn Huerta's scraped it clean.
I have invited you to my village.
Any disrespect to my family|or to my people...
...I will kill you.
Ashamed of having us meet your people?
Yes. They don't know about|my life when I leave the village.
You got a sister?
I'd be proud to make her acquaintance...
...and that of your mama too.
That goes for your grandma too, sonny.
How bad was it?
Seven of the villagers were killed.|Two of them hung.
Our horses, cattle and corn, stolen.
What about the federal troops?|Didn't they protect you?
They were federal troops...
...commissioned by the traitor, Huerta.
And the soldier who shot my father?
What was his name?
-What does it matter?|-Your father died like a man.
The names are not important.
How was he called?
That is name enough.
In Mexico...
...these are the years of sadness.
But if we had...
...rifles like these....
And Teresa? Did they molest her?
She went with them|because she wished to.
She became the woman of Mapache...
...and the others.|She went with them, laughing.
Drunk with wine and love.
To him, Teresa was a goddess,|to be worshipped from afar.
I tell you, she was a mango...
...ripe and waiting.
Angel dreams of love|and Mapache eats the mango.
That's a good trick.
Now that I find hard to believe.
Not so hard.
We all dream of being a child again.
Even the worst of us.
Perhaps the worst most of all.
You know what we are, then?
Yes, just so, the both of you!
And you!
Where is Mapache?
All right, Pike? All right?
Tector, let's swap!
Come on, let's swap!
You must tell me. Where is Mapache?
Why do you wish to know?
For your father?
Or the whore?
Either you learn to live with it...
...or we'll leave you here.
I go with you.
You know what I'm going to do?|Steal his girl.
You are?
Here I go.
Dutch, I'm cutting in.
Come on, lady!
No gringos?
Only federales.
All soldiers...
...not a bounty hunter in sight.
Now, what the hell is that?
I saw one just like it in Waco.
Run on steam?
No, on alcohol or gasoline.
You know what I heard?
I heard they got one of those things|up north that can fly.
That was a balloon, you damned old fool.
No, the old man's right.
They've got motors and wings|and go 60 miles in less than an hour.
Going to use them in the war.
Let's talk to the General...
...about his automobile|and our extra horses.
Nice and easy.
Do you know these Americans, General?
No, I don't know any Americans,|and these men even less.
Six beers, please.
Probably talking about us|behind our backs.
I'm down to about twenty in silver.
Since the Generalísimo cleaned out|this area, he ought to have a lot to spare.
Generalísimo, hell.
He's just another bandit|grabbing all he can for himself.
Like some others I could mention.
Not so as you'd know it.
We ain't nothing like him.|We don't hang nobody.
I hope someday these people kick|the scum like him into their graves.
We will.
If it takes forever!
Look what I brought you.
-What a beautiful horse!|-It's for you.
For me?
It's my gift to you.
A thoroughbred.
Send him off to mate with my mare.
Then he'll be in shape to mate|with all the other mares.
And you, pretty brunette, come with me.
Look here.
Good looking old pony, ain't he?
Boy, do you know those beauties?
You left the village.
So what?
I left your stinking village... I would not starve.
Look at me now, I'm happy.
Very happy.
I'm living with the big boss|of this place...
...General Mapache.
Come on.
She was my woman.
I know.
Sure ain't your woman no more.
Just look at her licking|inside that general's ear.
What's going on here?
Why did he try to kill His Excellency?
He didn't try to kill His Excellency.|He was after the girl.
She was his fiancée.
He went a little crazy|when he saw her with you.
Are you associated|with the American Army?
No, we're not associated with anybody.
I see.
I was curious about the equipment|which you are carrying. That pistol... restricted for the use|of army personnel.
lt can't be purchased or even owned...
ls that so?
Weapons are my specialty.
I am Commander Frederick Mohr|of the lmperial German Army.
lt would be very useful for us|if we knew of some Americans...
...who did not share their|government's naive sentiments.
We share very few sentiments|with our government.
Perhaps we should invite these gentlemen|to have a drink with us.
He's inviting us for a drink.
Why not? Let's have a drink.
Shoot him.
I gave it to him, T.C.
Out! Stop praying!
Enough! You old hags!
No, no, not there!
Wait, what are you going to do?
We got to show a little class here.
Right here!
lt must be that garrison rail spur.
It's the easiest to hit, but I must find a way|to get it out of there.
What do you think?
Getting close to home.
Look at them gathered around the table.
Here we sit like kitchen help.
Why do you want us to hit that train|at the border?
Can't the General take over|the whole thing?
General Huerta is anxious|to better relations with the US...
...not to cross the border|and destroy them.
Usually these arms shipments|are kept pretty secret.
How'd you find out about this?
Mapache has a superb intelligence force|organized by my commanding officer.
Now, gentlemen...
...we are well organized...
...and able to pay $1 0,000... gold.
If you're not able to do the work,|we'll find someone else.
We can do it. But we're|going to need equipment.
Do not worry.
Our accountant will take care of it.
...soon you will be the best|equipped general in Mexico.
Look here...
...ain't he the one.
To the host!
With your permission...
...I need a bath.
With my permission,|I think you alI need a bath.
I don't!
What me and Tector need|is them women you're hogging.
Can you fix that up for us?
Gentlemen... will excuse me.
I'm sure.
Let's get Angel.
I need him.
I'll give you someone|much better than that.
If you don't mind, I'll make my own choice.
Let them take him away, General.
All right.
He is not important to me.
Take him.
I think we're gonna get on the wagon now.
Hey, here come our sweeties.
Ain't them pretty?
I don't know about yours, Lyle,|but I think...
...I got more than I can handle.
Hey, get out of them....
You know what they told me?
The dons of Spain built this|over 300 years ago.
ls that right?
That's right.
I tell you, Lyle, I'm all for them dons.
Let's have a little target.
She won't get away. Turn her loose.
Why not!
Tector, look at them beauties!
How in the helI can you stand it that hot?
I'm going to build me one of these|some day and live in it.
Hell, Lyle, look here.
Come on, sweetheart,|let me see your teatsies.
I don't know why the hell|I didn't let them kill you.
I'm not going to steal guns for that devil|to rob and kill my people again.
Noble, noble. Very noble.
I didn't see no tears on your cheeks|when you rode in from Starbuck.
They were not my people.
I care about my people, my village.
Listen, boy, you ride with us,|your village don't count.
If it does, you don't go along.
Then I don't go along.
Angel, one load of guns ain't going|to stop them raiding villages.
Think about all the money you'lI have.
Buy them a ranch. Move them 1 ,000 miles.
-Buy them two or three ranches.|-One.
A very small one.
Don't you see? This is their land.
No one will drive them away.
I'll drink to that sentiment.
And to love.
But most of all, I'll drink to gold!
You're a pain in the ass.
Would you give guns to someone|to kill your father...
...or your mother, or your brother?
Ten thousand cuts an awful lot|of family ties.
My people have no guns.
But with guns... people could fight.
If I could take guns...
...I would come with you.
How many cases of rifles|did Zamorra say was in that shipment?
Give him one.
All right.
One case and one case of ammo.|But you give up your share of the gold.
I will.
We know you will.
Sure glad we got that settled.
Why, you reprobate!
...I want you to meet my fiancée.
They just got engaged.
I'm a son of a bitch!
Trot them on in, fellas.
I'm hell on packing mules,|but I'm a delight with a pretty girl.
You want to gamble everything|that this one shipment will be attacked?
If they're in Agua Verde, they'll try for it.
-lf? What about Juarez?|-If he was, we would've heard about it.
If they are in Agua Verde,|they wilI have seen Mapache.
And who in hell is Mapache?
A killer for Huerta who|calls himseIf a general.
He's been fighting Villa and losing.
But with enough guns, he could become|a power in northern Mexico.
Pike will try to get them for him.
How? The train will be guarded|by regular troops.
Not regular troops,|green recruits not worth a damn.
I need 20 trained men, not recruits.
And not this...
...gutter trash you've given me.
What you've got is 24 more days.
Never told me how you got|all torn up like that.
I met a woman I wanted to marry.
ls your husband coming back?
He's never coming back.
But you are late.
Two days late.
She had a husband.
If I had any sense, I'd have killed him.
He wasn't around.
I got careless.
One night, he walked in on us.
Caught her with the first shot,|and got me here with the second.
Then the coward turned and ran.
Ever catch up with him?
No, but there isn't an hour that|passes that I don't think about it.
Come on! We've got a long way!
This is our last go around, Dutch.
This time, we do it right.
Just do your work.
Let's go!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Get over!
Get that ramp up!
Get that horse out of here!
Bring them all out! Get them out!
Get over here!
Get them over here! Get those horses!
Your horse kicked me.
Run them up along here!
Where the hell is my horse?
Hey, we got grenades!
-Hurry! We gotta get out of here!|-Be careful!
Let's go on this.
Here we go.
Line up in two columns!
Corporal, give us a hand here!
We're all ready!
Let's go!
Come on!
Get after that horse!
That was my horse!
Get after him !
Get out!
Get that damn horse off my butt!
Get the horse out! The train's coming!
What train?
I don't see any--
Get the goddamn horse off my foot!
Corporal, ride back to the telegraph|at Todos Malos...
...and tell them the railroad deputies|robbed the train...
...and we're in pursuit!
Yes, sir!
Come on!
Damn son of a... !
Come on! It's lit!
Get them horses going!
Don't shoot! It's the army!
Come on!
Let's go!
Come on, you lazy bastard!
I'm coming, damn it!
ls it all right?
Where are they supposed to meet us?
Agua Verde or before.
But when we do meet them,|don't expect any open arms.
Least we won't have to worry about Deke.
Not after riding a haIf a case of dynamite|into the river.
Don't expect him to stay there.|He'll be along and you know it.
I would like to get hold|of that fool horse of mine.
Some Mex kid's probably riding him home|right now.
I don't see how I could've lost|both my boots.
They always were hard to get on.
The river sucked them off.
That dynamite helped some.
Maybe the same kid that's riding|T.C.'s horse is wearing your boots.
You stupid bastards!
Why did you fire at those soldiers?
Huey started firing at them.
I tried to stop him.
One of the bandits--
Don't blame me!
Shut your mouths!
Are we going after them?
Yes, unless you want to face a firing squad.
Come on, T.C. !
Why the hell do we have to leave now?
Besides, my hair's wet!
Pancho Villa is attacking!
lmpossible! We have no arms|or ammunition.
A telegram from San Antonio, General.
The gringos assaulted the train!
They got the guns.
We must go!
Take the necessary people|and take the road to Agua Verde.
Convince the gringos to give you the guns.|I'll wait in the village.
-If the gringos refuse?|-Matalos!
The next time we meet, I'll destroy you.
Let's leave, General.
He's still heading east.
Are they bluffing, or did they really miss it?
I'd say they missed it.
Take a look.
There's only five left.
Hell, we lost them.
I don't see how.
Unless it was in the big valley|where the ground was hard.
There was but one way they could take|a wagon out of there, and this is it.
They didn't take it out.
We haven't lost them.|I could point to them right now.
Sit still, damn it!
You think Pike and Sykes|haven't been watching us?
They know what this is about.|What do I have?
Nothing but you chicken-stealing|gutter trash...
...with not even 60 rounds between you.
We're after men.
And I wish to God I was with them.
The next time you make a mistake,|I'll ride off and let you die.
Come on.
I never figured they'd come down here|after us.
How much you reckon we could be worth?
Depends on how hungry they are.
You better stay here|and look out for big hats.
I'll go and start rigging the fireworks.
All right.
Get that case of explosives|off the back there!
Hand me down those blasting caps.
What're you gonna do with the dynamite?
I figure that general will try to take|this load without paying for it...
...and shoot us in the bargain.
The only thing to change his mind|is if something happened to these guns.
I'm gonna make sure|something could happen.
Pike, take a look at this.
Can you handle that?
What I don't know,|I sure as helI am going to learn.
My people are here for their guns.
You were supposed to be guarding us.
I never heard them, didn't even see them.
They apologize and ask you|to forgive them for their lack of trust.
But only by caution do they remain alive.
Tell them not to break that fuse.
These people from your village?
They are part of the village,|but not from it.
They are puro Indio and these mountains|belong to them.
We'll meet again soon.
I'd say those fellows know|how to handle themselves.
They've fought Apaches for 1 ,000 years.
That's a sure way to learn.
If they ever get armed,|this whole country will go up in smoke.
That it will, son. That it will.
They made damn fools out of us.
A man can't sleep with both eyes closed|for fear of getting his throat cut.
Where were you?
You listen to me.
If you got up and helped once in a while,|I wouldn't have got caught so easy.
With the new guns and ammunition,|this couldn't have happened.
Swing your leaders wide, old man!
Bring them on!
Come on, horse!
Hold up!
Whoa there!
Let's hope they aren't Villa's.
We are friends.
We are from el General Mapache.
Tell the one in front to come here.
I am coming.
I am your friend, remember?
We are friends.
All of us.
I bring you love and affection|from el General.
You bring the guns with you?
What bravery you have done!
I am to escort you to the General.
Tell him to come closer.
I hear.
I am coming, my friend.
Recognize this?
Any trouble, no guns for the General.
Very smart!
That's very smart for you damn gringos.
So nobody can rob the guns.
I am not afraid.
They are not afraid.
You blow up the wagon, you die.
Or we kill you pretty soon.
But we are amigos.
Show them, boys.
Start the ball, Tector.
Please, cut the fuse.
El General waits in Agua Verde|to meet with you.
Tell the General one of us|will be there to trade tomorrow.
Any trouble... guns.
Damn gringos!
Get them up there! Get them over!
Did you bring the guns?
Don't worry, we've got them.
When I get my share of the gold,|$2,500 dollars' worth...
...I'll tell you where four cases are.
The others are waiting for me|at the wagon.
If I don't show up pretty quick,|they'll blow it.
You fix it goddamn good, no?|You fooled me.
Our accountant will pay you immediately.
When do we get our guns?
The quicker I get back,|the quicker you get the next load.
Open it up.
Up the arroyo, about two miles...'ll find three cases of rifles...
...and one case of ammunition|hidden in the bush.
I understand you have a machine gun.
Our contact called for 1 6 cases of rifles...
...and ammunition for $1 0,000.
Not a machine gun.
That's our present to the General.
Gringo, you fight with Mapache....
There's a lot of money and pretty girls.
I'lI think about it.
In case he don't find them....
I trust him.
Why don't you stir up some grub?
Why don't you go to hell?
Damn it!
Damn it, Pike must've found you|under a rock.
You gonna whip me?
But you better hope|I don't get riled enough... dog you when this is over.
You're not going to get a chance|to dry gulch me, old man.
We'lI see.
We'lI see.
Pike's coming!
He's got it. Carrying gold.
Any trouble?
Just from carrying this weight.
Pike, I want to go next.
You and Lyle take the next load,|with the machine gun.
Then Angel and Dutch. Freddy, you follow|and get the pack horses.
lt must be mounted on a tripod!
Crazy bastards!
Put it on the tripod!
We brought the last of it, General.
At the head of the arroyo, in the wagon.
Keep the wagon, we'll keep the horses.
How many cases did you take|from the train?
Sixteen cases of rifles.|We lost one on the trail.
He stole it.
The mother of the girl he killed told me.
Don't kill him!
I want him alive!
I'm wasting time here.
What about Angel?
He's a thief. You take care of him.
Well, he had guts.
We're lucky he didn't talk.
He played his string right to the end.
Her own mama turned him in|like some kind of Judas.
Sykes says we should go after him.
How will we do that?|They got guns and 200 men.
No way.
No way at all.
ls that Sykes?
I got him.
They got Freddy.
He looks hit pretty bad.
Damn that Deke Thornton to hell!
What would you do? He gave his word.
Gave his word to a railroad.
It's his word!
That ain't what counts!|It's who you give it to!
We can stay up here|and kick hell out of them !
No, we're running out of water.
Make a run for the border?
They'd follow us every step of the way.|I know Thornton.
I'm tired of being hunted.
Let's go to Agua Verde.|Let the General take care of those boys.
You're crazy.
He would just as soon kill us|as break wind.
He's so tickled with those guns, he'll be|celebrating and happy to do us a favor.
Thornton won't follow us in there.
While they're picking over Freddy...
...we'll find a back trail and head for town.
What about our gold?
We'll take one sack to pay our way.
Bury the rest.
Look out!
Lots of blood, then it stops. No tracks.
Ten dollars says he's dead by now.
Take us a day to find him if he is.
If not, he has a gun on us right now.
Let's find the others.
Just leave him here? He's worth money.
Ride out tomorrow, if you can stay|on your horse, and watch the buzzards.
They'll show you.
What if he ain't dead?
That's your problem.
Let's go!
I hate to see that.
No more than I do.
Welcome amigos!|You come for your friend, no?
I want to buy him back.
Get him up! Quick!
I don't think he looks worth too much.
I don't think he'll live long.
I'll give haIf my share.
I need no gold and I don't sell this one.
You've had your fun with him.
El General said he was happy|with the guns.
Why don't you go get a drink?
Enjoy yourself.|There are women everywhere.
Don't be foolish and change his mood.
Son of a bitch!
Do you want girls?
Why not?
There ain't nobody here!
There's wagon tracks|and somebody was here!
They ain't here now!
Army patrol!
Coming this way!
You said dos for two!
Here's your dos and one to grow on.
That's all you'll get out of me.
Twelve is more than two.
That's why I said twelve each.
Let's go.
Why not?
Those gringos again.
What do you want?
We want Angel.
You want Angel, no?
All right.
I'm going to give him to you.
Come on, you lazy bastard!
Give them hell, Pike!
No, Pike!
Look at them.
Come on.
Wait for me!
-Come on, let's get all the guns.|-This is fine!
This is just like a big old picnic!
Here's a rifle for you.
He's got a gun.
It's them !
It's the Gorches!
Get up there, Coffer. Come on.
Mr. Thornton...'s them.
It is them.
This boy's got gold in his teeth.|Let me see your knife.
-Here.|-Let me see your knife!
Should we load up?
Do we wait for Jess or meet him?
If he's waiting for buzzards to lead|him to Sykes, he's got a long wait.
Look! We got them all.
There he is.
There's Pike.
There, you ain't so damned much now,|are you, Mr. Pike?
You ain't coming?
Maybe we should wait for Jess.
No, we pick him up on the way.
I want to get out of this damn place.
Anyway, these boys'll start going ripe|by tomorrow.
We got to move.
"I went to the river|and I couldn't get across
"Singing 'polly wolly doodle' all the day
"I jumped on a buzzard 'cause|I thought he was a horse
"Singing 'polly wolly doodle' all the day
"Fare thee well"
-Didn't expect to find you here.|-Why not?
I sent them back.
That's all I said I'd do.
They didn't get far.
I figured.
What are your plans?
Drift around down here.
Try to stay out of jail.
Well, me and the boys here... work to do.
Want to come?
Ain't like it used to be, but...'ll do.
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