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Wicker Park CD2

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He broke all my cu*ps.
That's original.
Thanks. Yeah.
Thank you*.
To us.
Yeah. I have to go to work.
I'm due at the hospital.
That's right.|You*'re a nu*rse.
I got a dou*ble shift.
You* shou*ld stay.
You* have a key?
Well, I shou*ld be back by 10:00.
Will I see you* later?
- Bye.|- Bye.
You wer*e at Bellucci's on Monday.
Yeah. I was.
What happened to you*?
Hang on.|Ju*st a minu*te!
Look, cou*ld I stay at you*r place|for a cou*ple of days?
-Yeah. of cour*se.|- Great.
Well, I've gotta call Daniel first,|then I'll be right over.
- Okay.|- Bye.
Oh, shit. Get u*p.
You know.|at the r*estaur*ant.
I would've bet anything|you wer*e this gir*l I used to know.
But now seeing you her*e. you don't|r*eally look that much like her* at all.
Come on, Lisa.||Let's ju*st talk abou*t this, all right?
Don't start shit like that.|Look, I don't have time--
I don't wanna talk abou*t it anymore.
Stop acting like a goddamn child|abou*t this crap!
Stop screaming at me!
Lisa, what are you* doing?|Jesu*s Christ. Be carefu*l.
It's over. Get ou*t of my hou*se.
Stop! Enou*gh!
Get back in here now!
- You*'re gonna kill you*rself!|- Don't do it!
Lisa, stop this!
Is this how you* deal|with you*r problems?
Hu*h? You* ru*n away|and act like a child?
Go home, and don't bother||calling me, okay?
- Goddamnit!|- Can I come in?
Of cou*rse.
I'm sorry.|I hate to bother you*, bu*t, u*m,
my...ex-boyfriend ju*st told me|he's seeing someone else.
I took a chance.|I hope you don't mind.
No, not at all.
Lisa, this is stu*pid, all right?|Come on!
Go home!
Excu*se me, are you* leaving?|I'd like to park.
- Hey!|- Hey.
I'm sorry I didn't call.|I, u*m...
Don't worry.|I've ju*st been thinking.
Are you* okay?
I'm going to London.
A friend of mine|started his own company.
He's asked me to choreograph.
Oh, my God.|That's amazing.
When do you* leave?
Tomorrow afternoon.
Is it okay|if I stay another night?
Of cou*rse.
No, it has to be tonight.
Well, then I'd say|the 10:1 5 flight to Los Angeles
wou*ld be you*r best bet.
You* can catch the flight|to Shanghai from there.
Bu*t there's only coach available;|you*r ticket's for first.
It's okay.
I'll tell you* what.
I think I can get you* an u*pgrade.
Why don't you* come back|in a few hou*rs. Arou*nd 4:00.
Something shou*ld've|opened u*p by then.
Thank you*.|See you* at 4:00.
The hotel thing was ju*st stu*pid.
I knew Daniel would find me.
Why don't you* come with me?
Well, I've got great shifts|at the hospital now,
and, you* know...
And the gu*y who gave you* that.
Well, come on. Tell me!
Last night we did it|on the sofa in the doctor's lou*nge.
You* little slu*t.|I'm jealou*s!
The bad part is|I'm already seeing his best friend.
Another su*rgeon.
He's adorable and he adores me,||bu*t he's the clinging type.
So she had the same name,||same perfu*me, same shoe size?
That's so hot.
Or--or maybe this is creepy.
I think it's a little bit of both, actu*ally.
So, did you* hit it?
No. Um...I slept on the cou*ch,|you* know.
When I woke u*p|in the morning, she was gone.
- Bu*t you* wanted to hit it, didn't you*?|- Come on.
Come on.
I'm going to China tonight, I'm practically|engaged--do I need to remind you*?
The lies we tell ourselves.
So, what abou*t you* and Alex--|how's that?
How was you*r date?
- It was great.|- Good.
I mean, what--||you* wanna wanna hear abou*t it?
I don't know. Sure.
Well. after* I left you. I went|to pick up Alex fr*om the theater*. r*ight?
She has this dir*ector*--the guy is|such a cheese ball. Not that impr*essive.
I mean. she should be on Br*oadway|or* something. 'cause she was awesome.
It was super* late|by the time she got changed.
So we went out.|had a couple dr*inks and a couple laughs.
On the way home. I told her* the whole|sor*did stor*y about you and Lisa.
So now, finally, he's fou*nd her.
- Wow.|- Yeah.
And did she explain|why she disappeared?
No, not yet.|He ju*st wrote her this note.
They haven't actu*ally spoken,|bu*t they're su*pposed to speak soon.
You* okay?
No, I'm not. You* know, I don't...||I don't feel very well.
You*'re kidding me.
Do you* mind|ju*st taking me home?
- Yeah.|- Yeah?
So, I was thinking,|maybe I cou*ld go u*pstairs with you*
and I'll make you*|a nice big cu*p of hot chocolate...
...pu*t a bu*nch|of little marshmallows u*p on top.
We'll watch TV and ju*st hang ou*t.
Do you* love me?
I ju*st wanna be alone.
- Well--|- I'll call you*.
I'll call you* tomorrow.
Alex.|Alex, wait a second.
You* gotta be kidding me.
This girl's u*nbelievable.
You* know what?|Don't call me, okay?
Don't call me u*ntil you* figu*re ou*t|what you* wanna do with you*r life,
'cau*se I can't deal with this.
Every time, it's a different story|with you*, all right?
Wait, l--I'm sorry.
I'll call you* tomorrow.
This girl is ridicu*lou*s.
And we had sex all night.
And the next mor*ning.
I made her my dad's|world-famou*s breakfast, and...
I don't know.|It was pretty perfect.
That sou*nds really good, man.
It was pretty good.
When do I get to meet her?
Yeah, tonight. Tonight is her--|she's got this play.
It's the big opening.|It's Shakespeare.
Shakespeare. I know.|Bu*t it's su*pposed to be good. Tru*st me.
I'm supposed to leave tonight.
Yeah, bu*t it's early.
You* can go to the play,|then get on the plane.
Have you* seen my compact?|You* know, the silver one.
No, I haven't.
I hope I didn't leave it|at the hotel.
It was a gift from my grandmother.
Where did you* get this?'s su*rgeon nu*mber two's.
He left it here last week.
Oh, my God.|It's so mu*ch like...
So you*'re not getting|into too mu*ch trou*ble?
Take care of you*rself, okay?
- Come on, let me film you*.|- No. You* first.
Come on, Alex. Are you* shy? You* can't|be shy if you* wanna be an actress.
- Shakespeare?|- This is you*r big break.
That's Shakespeare.|I can't do that. That's too hard.
Haply, when I shall wed.
that lord whose hand|mu*st take my plight
shall carry half my love with him,|half my care and du*ty.
Su*rely I shall never marry|like my sisters to love my father all.
So tru*e, my lord.|In life--oh! I blew it.
I'm sorry. That was bad.
No, that was amazing.
You* know, the thing with acting, Alex,|is you* ju*st have to commit.
Otherwise, you*'re ju*st a phony.
I can't hear anything.
I know.
That's weird.
- Is it hooked u*p right?|- Yeah.
Can you* take it back?
I know a place|I can get it fixed, actu*ally.
Do you* believe|in love at first sight?
Well, who is he?
Don't even try to lie abou*t it.
I haven't met him yet.|I've ju*st seen him.
I don't think he's got a girlfriend.|I can tell.
Don't wait.|The good ones go fast.
Well, I gotta go get the video camera,|so I'll talk to you* later.
All right.
Hey...promise you*'ll talk to him?
Yeah...I'll think abou*t it.
Okay. Bye.
I'll be right back.
- Sorry.|- Matthew, where are you* going?
My God.|it's so much like...Matthew.
Don't be silly.
It belongs to one of the doctors|at the hospital.
Why wou*ld you* think of Matthew?
Cou*ld I borrow|you*r car again tonight?
Oh, su*re.
Thanks, Lisa.
Well, I better go.|I'll see you* later.
Hi, excu*se me?||I was in here a cou*ple of days ago.
I think I might have left a compact.|It's silver, engraved.
Um, let me ask.
Tony, did anyone tu*rn in|a silver compact?
No. Sorry.
Okay. Thank you*.
A gu*y did come in here looking for you*.|Said he fou*nd you*r keys. Oh! And...
He left you* this.
- Thank you*.|- Su*re.
"Lisa. I've been tr*ying to find you.
"I have your* powder* case.
"Call me.
Matthew. "
Hey, Lu*ke, can I talk to you*|for a second?
Hey, Ellie, do me a favor.|Will you* help her ou*t?
Yeah, su*re.
How's it goin'?
Hey. I ju*st wanna say thanks|for everything
and, you* know,|you*'ve been great.
What abou*t the play?|I thou*ght you* were comin' to the play.
I don't wanna miss|another flight, you* know.
Listen, I'll make it u*p to you*|when I get back. I promise.
Hey, taxi!
You* have fu*n tonight, thou*gh, all right?|Say hi to Alex for me, and, you* know.
- You*'re a lu*cky gu*y.|- You* got plenty of time.
It's the late flight. I really want you*|to come to the play. Please?
See, things, u*'s ju*st not going|that well with Alex.
I've been kind of|exaggerating a little.
What do you* mean?
Lying.|Uh! I've been lying!
It's 'cau*se my life's so pathetic.
No all-night marathon?
God, I'm lu*cky if I get a kiss|at the end of the night.
So I was thinking that if you* came|to the play, I think that wou*ld really help.
I mean, I'd be so mu*ch||more confident with you* there.
And then I can go to the bathroom|and you* can tell her,
you* know,|what a great gu*y I am
and ru*mor has it I'm really good|in the sack, and that, u*m...
I'm hu*ng like a camel--|I don't know.
Please? I wouldn't ask|if it didn't mean a lot to me.
- I'll be there.|- Oh, you*'re the best. Thanks, bu*ddy.
7:30, all right?
- I got it.|- Good. There you* go.
- See you*, brother.|- Yeah.
You* the man. Thanks, man.
Well, you*'re all set.|You*'re on flight 1 559. First class.
Have a good trip.
I will. Thanks a lot.
Um, I'm booked in a flight|to London today.
I'd like to postpone it|u*ntil tomorrow, please.
Those shoes.|The black ones with the r*ed sole.
I'd like to tr*y them on. please.
Oh, excu*se me, dear. Cou*ld you* tell me|how to get to this mu*seu*m from here?
I think it's...
I think it's back here.
- Let me show you*. I'll walk you*.|- Oh, thank you*.
Alex, ten minu*tes!
This is it right u*p here.
- Here. Keep the change.|- Thanks.
How much better that man should fall|before the lion than the wolf.
The clock u*pbraids me|with the waste of time.
Be not afraid, good you*th.|I will not have you*.
And yet when wit and you*th|is come to harvest,
you*r wife is like|to reap a proper man.
I'm right here. Sorry.
There lies you*r way.|Du*e west.
Excuse me.
Then westward ho. Grace and|good disposition attend you*r ladyship.
You*'ll nothing, madam,|to my lord by me?
I prithee, tell me|what thou* thinkst of me.
That you* do--think...
Sit down.
- You* are...|- Sorry.
Not what you* are.
Is that her?
Yeah, that's my girl.
Then think you* right.
I am not what I am.
I wou*ld you* were|as I wou*ld have you* be.
Wou*ld it be better,||madam, than I am?
I wish it might,|for now I am you*r fool.
You'r*e in love with this guy.
and he is asking you|to help him get another* woman!
You'r*e upset. you'r*e confused.|it's tear*ing you up inside!
You have been in love befor*e.|haven't you?
By my innocence, I swear,|and by my you*th,
I have one heart,||one bosom, and one tru*th.
And no woman has,||nor never none shall,
mistress be of it|to save I alone.
And so adieu*, good madam.
Nevermore will I my master's tears|to you* deplore.
She's good.
Look, I shou*ld really get|to the airport.
Yeah. Yeah.|If you* have to go, go.
I'm su*re Alex is gonna be disappointed|she didn't get a chance to meet you*.
Tell her she did a great job.|And I'll see you* on Monday.
I will. Hey, Matt, thanks for everything.|It means a lot to me.
I'm sorry you* didn't find Lisa.
Yeah, me, too.
- I'll see you* arou*nd, hu*h?|- All right, man.
Hey, Alex.
Alex, it's me.
Please go away.
C'mon, baby. Open the door.
I don't want you*r friend|to see me like this.
He won't. He left.
What? He left?|Did I scare him away?
Scare him away?|You* blew him away.
You* blew everyone away.|You* were u*nbelievable.
He ju*st had a plane to catch.
A slow one to China.|Open the door.
Did he find her?
You*r friend--did...
Did he find Lisa?
No, it ju*st tu*rned ou*t to be some...psycho|with the same name, same everything.
He slept on her cou*ch and ran away|as fast as he cou*ld.
Are you* okay?
Alex. you've gotta help me.
What's wrong?
Well, I booked this job--|a Eu*ropean tou*r of Cabar*et.
Oh, wow! That's fantastic!
I know. Some girl broke her ankle,|I'm taking over.
Bu*t listen, I can't find Matthew.
I've been looking all over for him,|and my plane's leaving in two hou*rs.
Did you* leave him a message?
I can't really leave this|on his machine, you* know.
It's too complicated.
I wrote him a letter.|Do you* mind giving it to him?
I've never even met him.|He doesn't knowwho I am.
It doesn't matter--ju*st tell him|you*'re my friend. It'll be fine.
You* know what,||and if he's not there...
ju*st let you*rself in|and leave it on his bed.
I really appreciate this.|Thank you* so mu*ch.
Su*re. Okay.
All right.
He asked me|to move in with him.
Oh. What did you* say?
I didn't really say anything.
I was late for a class,||and I ju*st sort of ran away.
I said I'd meet him tomorrow.|If I don't show up, you know, he'll go nuts.
Anyway, I have to go.
Thanks again, and I'll call you*|when I get there, okay?
Are you* gonna do it?
Of cou*rse.|I love him.
Hey. this is Matthew.|Please leave a message.
Hey. It's me again.
Wher*e ar*e you?
Did you get my letter*?
Anyway. I'm in Par*is.
I'm at the hotel. You got|the number* in my last message.
Matt. please call me.
This is dr*iving me cr*azy.|I need to speak to you.
Look. if you'r*e angr*y at me.|then don 't be.
Just call... please.|Bye.
I don 't know|if I can stay with the show.
I feel like I have to come home|and look for* him.
No, l...
I wasn't gonna say|anything before, bu*t...
...when I brou*ght him the letter...
...he wasn't expecting me, and...
...I fou*nd him in bed|with another woman, Lisa.
I--I can't believe it.
Ju*st...forget abou*t him.
The best thing for you* to do|is stay with the show and...
ju*st forget him.
I r*eally thought I knew him.
Ju*st forget him.|He's not even worth it.
Lu*ke, I'm so sorry.
No.'s okay.
I'm so sorry.
No. Please, don't apologize.|Please. God.
I know you*'re doing the best you* can.
I ju*st...
I ju*st want you* to know that l...|that I love you*.
All right? And I don't|wanna play games anymore.
What's the point?|I'm ju*st terrible at them anyway.
Do me a favor.|Grab that, wou*ld you*?
- Who's this?|- Who's this?
This is Matthew.|Who is this?
Hey, what's u*p, kid?|I thou*ght you* left.
No, u*h...
What are you* still doing here?
I'm over* at the...
girl's apartment.
You* went back|to the crazy girl's hou*se?
What the hell are you* doing there?
I'm really starting|to worry abou*t you*, man.
I'm starting to worry myself.
It's not just that.
I couldn't even|get on the air*plane.
The thing is...
...there's something|abou*t this apartment.
It's like Lisa's been her*e.
I know this sounds insane. but...
I think this is her* place. man.
Well. maybe you'r*e|just hot for* this cr*azy gir*l.
Fir*st thing you gotta do is get out|of her* apartment and get over* her*e.
I'll tell you about some stuff. too.
I've had the most amazing night|of my entir*e life last night.
Okay. I'll be over*. Just give me|a couple of minutes. okay?
All r*ight. I'll wait.|Later*.
- Hello?|- Hi. um...
May I speak to Matthew, please?
Who is this?
Um... this is Lisa.
I'm a fr*iend of his.|I'm calling about my compact.
I think he might have fou*nd it.
Uh...which Lisa is this?
Par*don me?
Uh... I'll tell you what--
he's actually supposed to be her*e|in a couple of minutes.
I'm sorry I didn't come back.|My, u*m...
...dou*ble shift tu*rned into a triple,|and I ju*st cou*ldn't get away.
That's okay.|Don't worry abou*t it.
Ar*e you mad?
No. Not at all.|I had a great time.
Where are you*?
Well, I'm still at work bu*t, u*m,||I'm ju*st leaving now,
so why don't you wait?
Yeah, I'll wait.
Okay. gr*eat.|I'll see you soon.
Let me. uh...|Iet me gr*ab your* phone number*
and I will have him call you|when he gets in.
Um, you* know...actu*ally, cou*ld you*|ju*st tell him to meet me at 3:00?
He'd know where.|Um, I'll be waiting for him.
3:00. Okay.
I--you* know what,|it can't be him already,
but I'm expecting him.
Someone's at my fr*ont door*.|so maybe it is him.
So hold on a second.
Matthew, tru*st me, okay?
Meet me tomorrow in the park.|Same time.
Yeah. I'm sor*r*y.|It wasn't him. it was someone else.
But I pr*omise you|I will give him your* message. Okay?
Oh. Okay. Thank you*.
I went to get cigarettes.|What's going on?
Matthew. He didn't leave.
He went back to that girl's hou*se.|The crazy one.
Oh, the plot thickens.
Oh, yeah. It gets even better.|Listen to this.
So I hang u*p the phone,|and five seconds later, Lisa called.
The real Lisa.|The one from two years ago.
She wants to see him.
You* tell him?
No, not yet.|I'll wait till he gets here.
He's gonna be so happy,|he's gonna hit the moon again.
I have to go!
- What do you* mean?|- I'll call you* later. I promise.
Bu*t I made breakfast.|My dad's famou*s potatoes.
Lisa called.|She wants to see him.
So, will you* let me|meet you*r friends?
Don't you* have a store to ru*n?
Oh, okay.|I can take a hint.
So we're going ou*t tomorrow, right?
- 7:00?|- Su*re.
Bye, and thanks for the lift.
Matty. Hey.|Matty!
- Matty!|- Lu*ke! Hey, man!
- How are you*, man?|- I'm good. How are you*?
Really good. Really good.
Oh, excu*se me. Cou*ld I order||an espresso while I wait for my friend?
He's ver*y impr*essed|with what you've done.
and he assur*es you that|when you get to China...
... with much enthusiasm|and support.
I'm sitting over here.
Excuse me. Champagne.
Excu*se you*.
Uh, Miss Chin,||this is my sister Rebecca.
Shit, shit, shit!
As you* can see, u*h...
Here, Sweetie...
Hello. Bellucci's.|May I help you?
Hello, may I speak|to my friend Lisa, please?
She's the blonde.|She's sitting at a table behind the bar.
Yes. Just a minute. please.
Excuse me. ar*e you Lisa?
Phone's for* you.
It's a little noisy her*e. Why don't you|take the house phone ar*ound the cor*ner*.
Okay. Thank you*.
T o a long and prosperou*s marriage...|of ou*r two companies.
Excu*se me. I'm gonna go make|a phone call. I'll be right back.
- Hello?|- Hey, Lisa. It's me.
Hey. what happened to you?
I know. I'm so sorry.|I got stu*ck at work.
Look. Daniel's found me|at the hotel.
Hang on.|Ju*st a minu*te!
Look, cou*ld I stay at you*r place|for a cou*ple of days?
Yeah, of cou*rse. Um...
Go there right now.|I'll--I'll meet you* there.
How are you*, Lisa?
Good. How are you*?
Thou*ght you*'d be in China by now.
That makes two of u*s.|Sit down.
- What's that?|- It's a present.
- For me?|- Yeah.
I saw that you*rs were--|you*rs were broken, so...
Uh, wanna try them on?
That's very sweet.|You* didn't have to do that.
Oh, that's okay.
They're a little big.
What size shoe do you* wear?
These are 8 1/2.
I wou*ld've told you* what size I was if l|knew you* were gonna get me some shoes.
It's okay.|I cou*ld exchange them.
You* don't have to do that. I...
Anyway, I told a friend of mine l'd|meet him for coffee before I left, so...
What? You*'re leaving?
Hey, Lu*ke. It's me.|Let's meet.
Jesu*s Christ.
What are you* doin'?|I thou*ght you* were comin' by.
I, u*h...I was comin' by.|I ju*st lost track of the time.
I got good news for you*.|Let's go have a drink.
I want you* to meet someone.|Come on.
Come on.
Hey, babe. I came as soon as you* called.|Look who I ran into. It's Matthew.
Matthew, Alex.||Alex, Matthew.
Finally you* two meet.
Have a seat.
Want a cocktail?
Excuse me.
Hi, how can I help you*?
What do you* want?
A vodka rocks. Dou*ble.
You* know what? I'll have, u*m,||I'll have a Seven and Seven.
Pu*t it in a bu*cket. Not like a dou*ble,||bu*t more like a one and a half.
He knows how to do it.|Thanks.
You* got it.
So what happened|with you*r psycho?
You* can say it in front of Alex.|She knows the whole story anyway.
Sometimes when you* see|someone from afar...* develop a fantasy.
Then when you* see them u*p close,
nine times ou*t of ten,||you* wish you* hadn't.
I have no idea|what you*'re talking abou*t.
I was confu*sed,||so I went back to her apartment, and...
...thou*ght I'd find what I was looking for,|bu*t I fou*nd something else.
Did you* talk to her?
Ju*st long enou*gh for her|to convince me that she's a liar.
No harm, no fou*l, thou*gh, right?
What do you* think, Alex?|I mean, you* know the whole story.
It's easy to stand back and ju*dge.
You* don't know anything|abou*t this woman.
I know that she has no conscience|and no regard for anyone bu*t herself.
I mean, what else||do I need to know?
You* make you*rself|into su*ch a victim.
Nobody made you* be with her. You* can't|even see what a hypocrite you*'re being.
I'm being a hypocrite?|How am I being a hypocrite?
- Yes, you* are!|- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You* gu*ys. Hey, relax.
No, Lu*ke. Hey, hold on.
Alex, I'd like you* to explain to me|how I'm being a hypocrite.
Who's to say this woman hasn't been|in love with you* for a really long time?
And now that she fou*nd you* again,|she wasn't abou*t to let you* go twice.
the first time she saw you*,
maybe she felt the way you* did|the first time you* saw Lisa.
You* remember that.
Love makes you* do crazy things.
Insane things.
Things in a million years|you* never thou*ght you*'d see you*rself do.
There you* are doin' it.|Can't help it.
Jesu*s Christ.|Lighten u*p, you* gu*ys.
This woman--she's a nu*t.|She's psycho.
She's cu*ckoo-bananas, all right?|End of story.
Can we change the su*bject?
I actu*ally have something|to cheer you* u*p.
Did you*, u*h, leave a note|with the bartender here a few days ago?
Yeah, I did.||How do you* know that?
'Cau*se Lisa called.
Yeah! After you* got off the phone.|She said to meet her at 3:00.
She cou*ldn't wait long, 'cau*se she had|to get on a plane to London.
W-where am l|su*pposed to meet her?
She didn't say.|She said you*'d know.
You* don't know?
I think you* know where.
It hasn't been that long, has it?
You* know, u*h...||I'll ask Tony.
Maybe he'll know something.
You* knew she was here|the whole time?
This belongs to you*.
It's from her.
"Matt. please don't think|that I'm r*unning away fr*om you.
"I was so overwhelmed|when you asked me to move in.
"I couldn't speak.
"My answer*. of cour*se. is yes.
I love you.|and can't wait to come home. "
I'm not going to apologize|for what I've done.
This is for me to live with now.
Now you* see me for who I am.
Yes, I do.
Hey. Where you* goin'?
Where you* goin'?
I knowwhere she is.
All right.|Tell me what happens.
That gu*y. He's u*m...
more drama|than a Mexican soap opera.
Luke! This...
This is over.
- What's over?|- Us.
How can it be over?|We haven't even started yet.
I'm not who you* think I am.
I u*sed you*.
Come on.
Hey, come on!
Hey! Hey!
- Goin' to Wicker Park.|- Yeah, right away.
Your* attention. please.
Flight 862 service to London|is now boar*ding.
There you* are!
Where've you* been?|You*r flight got in an hou*r ago.
I've been down|to lu*ggage claim and back.
- Rebecca.|- Hey.
I, u*m...
What's the matter?
Rou*gh flight home?
Did you* bring me back|that little Chinese dress?
- Rebecca--|- You* okay, Sweetie?
I didn't go to China.
What are you* talking abou*t?
Hi, Alex. You*'re never gonna|believe what happened.
Matthew's back in town.
I can't marry you*.
It wou*ld be a hu*ge mistake.
You*'re gonna have to help me ou*t, baby.|Did I do something wrong?
No, you* didn't--|You* didn't do anything wrong.
Rebecca, l...
I've been doing something wrong|for the last two years.
I'm not...|I'm not this person.
I can't go back with you*.|I can't do this.
I was gonna meet him in the park,|bu*t he didn't show u*p.
Yeah...I know.
What do you* mean?
Lisa. I've been doing some r*eally...|hor*r*ible and selfish things.
What are you* talking abou*t?
I've been keeping you apart.
When we met two years ago,|I was in love with someone else.
And she ju*st came back|into my life.
She broke my heart--|and I'm sorry!
Oh, my God.
I--Rebecca, I know...
I know that I'm still in love with her.
I ju*st--I needed you* to know.
Know what, Matthew?
That I'm not the girl|that can break you*r heart?
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