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Subtitles for Who Are You 2002 CD1.

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Who Are You 2002 CD1

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E Pictures presents a CJ Entertainment Presentation
a production
Myung Films co-production
Give us a brief introduction
You can do a one-on-one date here
How many Avatars does it have?
Male, female, altogether, ten
We need ads for the bulletin board...
More advertisements, more money
What do we get if we win?
Don't worry. We have a trip to Bali
What's the game title?
Who R U?
2002 Love manual
No more lonely days
Begin a trip for two to Bali!
Coming soon!
Avatar menu
Create your own name card
Do you want to enter the beta test?
Get ready... Go! Choose your partner
When everyone's excited with the beta test,
the supervisor says he leaving...
He has a family, you know...
Where's he going?
The big company he used to work for. Guess they want him back
You talk to him, I can't
A company with no money, no wages and no supervisor...
Everything's falling apart
I'd love to smell some money!
Hey... it took us 2 years. It's about time we get a sniff!
I'm gonna be a strong male,
devouring all the small men!
And battle the strong till victory!
We're gonna make it!
We're gonna make it!
Everyday, I run to the 30th floor
Should I try the 63rd floor?
Habits grow on you... My muscles feel stiff without this
I'm going to study abroad - Hojin
You can't send him like this?
You're one tough bitch...
You think you're Rocky? Or the bionic woman?
You thrive on torturing yourself, huh? You masochistic claustrophobic...
Can't you treat your hair better?
You're always changing its color
Gotta go!
Hey, I have something to confess!
See you later! I'm off on my tour round!
ID: Sad Cat (25)
I picked my partner by his ID
It's the same as my ex-boyfriend's
A killer if it were the same guy...
The Internet population's 10 million
It's statistically impossible
I gave him that ID you know
What if...
it really is him?
We're getting more applicants
But, we need more catching interviews
To increase impact of our ad campaign
We need you for our launching ad. No one's better than you!
But sir...
WHO R U bulletin board
Are you opening site with such crude Avatars?
More upgrades are coming soon
Byulee's profile: Suh Injoo(23), female
Why you young chick...
Don't you dare anger the master
63 Sea World?
Address: 63 Sea World
I'm worried about Tori. It's affecting the show
His eyesight is getting worse
It bothers you, huh?
Not being able to see...
The last romantist of the century - Mello
You have received a name card
Awe shit...
I am the knife. Don't ask, I can stab you. - Byulee
Hey, interesting
This one's a stabber
Please shut close, you stupid old car...!
That's what you get for 2 million Won
Leaving for the interview?
Give me a break!
Got the hots for the stabber?
Give it back!
Feed my motorcycle. Then I'll give it back. See ya!
63 Aquarium
Will this work?
Aqua's Russian bikini dancers put on great shows
Our problem's the lead belt...
My tail!
Why do we have to work so hard?
Are you okay?
This way please
Excuse me, but is there a Byulee here?
Suh Inju...
OK, thanks for the interview
Excuse me...
You were the mermaid... right?
You were fantastic!
Racy stuff like that on the Internet, and we have a hit
If you need anything videotaped, I'm on the 30th floor
I need some reaction here...
Come on, just this one time!
Well it's a so long, farewell to you
Do you pay for the interview?
Forget the money, are you good with the camera?
We'll tape it and show it upstairs
Let's do it!
She must get out! This is insane!
Inju, get out!
Wake up!
Jesus, I don't believe this!
Will she be okay?
She's coughing water out!
She's okay!
Hey, pull her up!
She's awake! Inju's awake!
Did you see? I was good, right?
- Did you get it on tape? - Yes, I have! The whole thing!
You have 0 mail
I hope you return as a great coach
During a mermaid show today,
I almost drowned
But, I'm going to succeed
Then I can be proud of my work
You know I become stronger when I have a goal
Good luck to us both!
Found each other? Then begin the date
I don't believe such love games
are realistic if they're on the Internet
You don't like her, do you?
- See you later - Later, sir
Hand her over to me
Then use my ID. And my item
That was easy
We're similar to Toon Render. But, this has too much reality. See?
Byulee has logged in Rodeo St. Apkujong
We're headed for Bali!
Go, go, let's go!
Quite a fighter
Mission, don't stop!
What do you do?
I love drummers!
I'm a drummer!
My fans are all over me all the time
My fingers are busy 24 hours, 7 days a week
Go, you rocker...
So friend,
what about you?
Organized crime
For us, physical fitness is crucial
We run up the mountain everyday. 249 m above sea level
What's your position?
I work with knives
Upset with someone? I'll give you a cheap price...
The things I do to keep a partner...
Daily upgrades
The Mermaid show
Who R U friend list: Mello
All work calls for play. Log in tonight, 10 pm. OK?
Couple game
Truth or dare
Go back in time with a pill
Which time is your wish?
Like always, yesterday
3 years ago
Dumped by
your boyfriend?
I was reborn that day
So, you're 3 years old?
Then here's some facts of life from big brother
The world's full of obstacles...
Big bro!
Relate your first love wounds
What dude turned you back to three?
You first
At first, we listened to this music
Everyday? And?
As time passed,
she became agitated with this ritual
She got mad at everything I liked
One day, she just said sorry, and left
Women never explain why they're leaving you
You poor rocker...
Now watch me
Now opens the gates of truth...
Tell me about that day, 3 years ago
It was the day I parted with everything
The day, my boyfriend told me he was sorry
Don't you think 'sorry'
is such a cowardly word?
And how I hate the embarrassed look...
Men often wear that look on their faces
Like this guy I met a few days ago
And who's this guy?
Some game master
Like my ex did 3 years ago,
he kept asking me if I was OK
What a moron...
They have the same eyes
The Titicaca...
The highest navigable lake in the world
It'll be like swimming in the highest waters of the world
I'm going there someday!
You seem to be in great shape
Thank you for the tape
I guess you don't need a diet
Guess so
You don't exercise, do you?
I bet I can take you in one blow
D-day! I'm excited! - Boyoung
Hip hip hurray! - Claustrophobic girl
For the longest time, all alone
Never ending loneliness, I could not bear
Endless nights, all alone
Living in confusion, I'm so worn out
Now I want to fall in love
I want love
Now I want to fall in love
Curls should be this wavy
I love your style
News flash about our last club chair!
He used us for business exposure
So what? Since we have a new chair. Let's make a fresh new start
A word from the new chair
I'll do my best!
And, first of all, in order to be clear about everything,
I want to announce my partner!
Porno Queen...
Thanks for everything
Your support for honesty and courage,
I thank you for that
I officially announce you as my partner!
Look, she's blushing!
Call me in 3 min. Call! Me! - Boyoung
Gather for a group picture
I can't hear you!
What? The hospital?
What're you talking about?
What? The ER?
My friend's in the hospital...
She's been injured!
I want to fall in love!
Is it true the company's moving... and the supervisor's leaving?
The company's moving after the beta test
After the move,
we'll do some PR work with what's left
Upgrade the server and cash will fall into our laps
But back payments are piling. We might have to take action
How long have you been here?
Namhoon and I've spent 2 years on this game, 2 years
You think we're a hot shot company?
Forget your wages and start focusing on product upgrades
You all want to hit it big, right?
Just be patient
2 months, and you'll know if the game's a success
Part-time work is permitted until then. OK?
Awe, shit! I can't believe this!
Three things...
a man cannot tell his mother
No. 1, I killed someone
No. 2, I love men!
And guess what No. 3 is?
Mom, I got a motorcycle!
You borrowed money from your mom
She took the bike in exchange for money you owe her
I'll get you a new bike when I get rich
How many hours do we work each day?
I can't tell when work begins and ends
You'll never get food or money sitting behind a computer
Why leave a well-paid job for this?
Crazy bastard...
Don't you regret it?
Well I don't, asshole. Let's get a drink
Yesterday, we were chatting all night
The bastard...
I'm nervous
About what?
My future,
my love life,
my integrity!
That Internet magazine wants you? Project Supervisor?
When do they want you to start?
You know I developed 'Bizarre Japanese'
I guess they read it in the papers
You think I should go?
To the top, I'm on my way
The streetlights are bright
I am walking through the lights... No, I'm actually running
But... wasn't the top right up there?
These days...
the lights have been going off one by one
Here and there, at great speed
Karaoke bar!
Let's go to the Karaoke bar!
No! You go to your magazine, asshole!
If you were to leave, I who remain
Will spend endless nights, shedding tears
You would trust me, you would feel sorry for me
But I'll be OK Don't feel sorry for me
I'll be OK
I'll be OK
Don't think you're my everything
I may look fragile and immature
But I'll be OK I will not fall
Go back your way
I don't want the love you give
As beautiful as you are, as fresh as you look
If it cannot be eternal then, so be it
I'll be OK
Namhoon, you'll be OK, you asshole!
We'll be OK!
You'll be OK!
I want to love someone now
I want to love someone
Whoever it may be, forever
I want to love someone
I want to fall in love!
It's our first snow!
Have a good life, you bastard...
Have a great life with your new master!
You broke up?
You too, Boyoung?
A phone! I'm going to settle this!
What are you going to say?
Am I that ugly?
I'm short of 200 Won...
What's wrong with you?
It's not the end of the world!
Is it?
Stop crying!
Look! Some people are being taken to the hospital!
We're standing on our feet!
I hate when women cry!
Stop crying I say!
Hey! Don't you ever cry?
When you feel like shit?
63 Sea world homepage
A national team swimmer!
Athletes' Federation database
Swimming (Free-style) SUH Inju
Swimming: a wistful bronze 'SUH Inju' 50 m free-style
Swimming: 'SUH Inju' A bronze better than gold
Athlete's press release
'SUH Inju' accident during training Hearing lost
Hearing disabled 'SUH Inju' gives up swimming
Asia's star mermaid 'SUH Inju' retires
An ambulance has driven by
I was once taken to the hospital in one
A friend next to me shouted,
"We're on our feet, we're OK."
But were they really?
Be careful friend, life is full of accidents
The server's down!
Your eardrums will explode
Aren't you going to sleep?
So now you're giving her the sea?
Such endless gestures to impress her,
are just a series of lies...
OK, I'm a bastard!
So sue me
You want your own place? Create a special place for 2
Your own place has been made
Follow the map to the sea
Click the lighthouse!
The password's the name of your favorite lake
Know the word, 'invisible friend? '
A friend you can never see or call. These are the rules
But you must always be nearby,
for moral support
When you feel like being true to someone,
when you have to let it all out,
seek that invisible friend
I'll always be nearby
Didn't you lose a toenail?
It's OK...
Know what bothered me most when I quit swimming?
The will to win
Fretting over every 0.01 seconds...
Life's not like that though...
It's not about winning
can't wear your hearing aid in the aquarium
I know you feel bad for us
That's why you're working so hard
The feeling of being a liability...
makes me want to hit big
This is big enough
They saw the video but,
turned it down for a new project
I guess I'm not mermaid material
Try working less, and take care of yourself
Need to let it all out? Seek your invisible friend
You go ahead
Where are you going?
Good to see you
Right! Aren't you going to apologize?
It still hurts!
I was right, wasn't I?
It took just one blow
So, what are you doing alone?
Caught in your thoughts?
Something on your mind?
If you do, you can tell your big brother
Are you having fun?
Do you find the world a happy place?
You seem quite edgy today
I'm just being serious
How about a midnight drive?
The Han River is magnificent at night
Come on, get up!
We'll speed like the computer game, 'Crazy Drive! '
Why are you shouting like that?
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