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White Man Cant Jump CD2

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. ...or whatever it is you do and play in that tournament, togetlner.
I ain't playing with tlnat son of a bitch.
-No, baby... -I don't Inustle witln the dishonest.
I can tell you tlnat now. He ain't that good to begin with.
Tlnat's not fair, Rlnonda.
Sugar, sugar. Please don't make me do sometlning like tlnat.
Welcome to tlne first annual Two on Two for Brotherhood.:.
.:.Basketball Tournament:
Also known as tlne "TTBBT."
Sponsored bv a group of corporations in the spirit of promoting. ...
. ...brotlnerlnood among us all. And now... .
. ...let the games begin!
Stav with him. Stay witln Inim. Look at that.
Why can't vou check somebodv?
You fat mustard and butter sandwich.
I'll knock you out.
We ain't got to worry about tlnem. Tlney spend too mucln time arguing.
About tlneir mothers, and both of them are uglv.
Remember Raymond? Must Inave some tvpe of work-release program.
Motlnerfucker was just on parole, man.
Tlnese two we definitelv Inave to worry about.
Tlnat's Fliglnt and Willie.
Tlney can plav. Tlney'll be in the finals against us.
Shit, tlnat's just too easy!
No, that shit is too easv.
Too easv.
Tlnat slnit is too easy!
-Fuck it. I don't even want to plav. -I don't want to plav no more.
Hey, chump!
Yeah, you, potatolnead. You know wlno I'm talking about.
Is tlnat your best? If it is, grab the free T-shirt and go.
What're vou doing?
Who'd you bring? Mightv Mouse?
You're too pretty to play basketball.
You got that big Z in your 'fro, man.
-Stop already. -Are vou the black Zorro?
Man, that's enough.
Is vour Inair done at tlne Braille Institute?
What's Opie Tavlor talking about?
Opie Tavlor? Opie?!
I got vour Opie, vou big, bad, goopie-eved son of a bitch!
You and your Cream of Wlneat go back to Mayberry!
Tell Aunt Bee she better Inave my bean pies or I'll kick her ass!
-Lurcln and Morticia! -Wlnat are vou doing?
-I'm doing two tlnings. -Wlnat?
Making tlnem mad. Guvs don't play good mad.
You're embarrassing me.
Tlnat's tlne other thing.
You're not embarrassing me, you're pissing me off.
I assume, unlike tlnem, you plav better wlnen you're mad.
Am I right?
I'm not listening.
Yeah, but you are Inearing me. You're Inearing me.
What, you tlnrowing bricks?
-Wlnat did I just say? -Throwing bricks?
What is this, a mason's convention?
Clank! I'll need a welding torch to plav in this league.
I got an idea. Let's stop now and gather up all tlnese bricks... .
. ...and build a homeless slnelter so your mother Inas a place to live.
-Fuck vou, great wlnite! -Fuck tlnat fucker.
And vour sister. I want your mother and sister out of my house.
Black ball.
What tlne fuck do vou mean, black ball? Are you racist?
Your jersey, not your skin.
I knew vou were a racist.
Here, sir. How do you feel? You don't look well.
Didn't I sclnool you before?
Give us something, man. Bring it.
Don't let him pull that move on vou.
Don't let him pull that move.
Oh, no, that's the move!
I tried to warn vou. You call tlnat defense?
Are you gonna give us a game? Some competition?
If not, I got better things to do on a Saturdav.
Tlnis is Chickie Babe from tlne Forum watching tlnis ugly honkv yo-yo... .
. ...up and down the court. Bad boy!
But he ain't got shit. He ain't got slnit. He ain't got shit.
You suckers!
What a great no-look pass. Am I right?
Tlne mustard is off tlne hot dog, you big mule.
My man ain't getting nothing.
I looked up "basketball player" in the dictionary. It said, "Not vou."
-You won't beat us. -Be quiet.
Bring it on, bad bov! Excuse me, I'm talking.
I know vou are. Slnut up.
Prettv boy, I'll be D-ing up on you if you make it to the finals.
I got sometlning for vou. I got some bean pie!
You won't see $ 5000. You mav see 5000 beans!
Do vou ever shut tlne fuck up?
Don't worrv. I'm in a zone, man.
I'm in a fucking zone. Would vou relax?
It's one tlning to embarrass me.
It's another to piss off guvs we'll be playing.
Tlnat's just plain stupid.
Listen to Inim, buckethead.
You gone past stupid, into a new categorv.
Called suicide, chump.
Call me chump all dav, bad bov. I'm in a fucking zone!
-Fuck vou! -Come Inere! What is up witln you?
Why are you worried? I'm in a zone!
Tlney're pissed off. I'm in a zone!
Tlnis is not about black and wlnite.
It's about money, greed. You got that?
I need this five grand, and I won't let vou blow tlnis for me. No wav.
You pissed off?
No. I ain't pissed off.
-You pissed at me? -No, I'm not.
Tlnat's what vou want, to get me into this fucking zone.
You ain't good enough.
Is tlnat some brotlner tlning? You racist.
Some things vou can't do.
-I can Inear Jimi! I can Inear Jimi! -No, no!
-No, vou can't. -Fuck vou.
-Good. Fuck me. -Yealn, fuck you.
-Sav it with feeling. -Fuck vou!
Yes, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!
-Check, asslnole. -Check, gav boy.
-Let's go, Lurch. -Check it, captain.
Fuck you, faggot, asshole!
Stop tlnem before we lose our sponsors!
Start a fight, neitlner of us will make anv monev.
Stop tlnat bullslnit passing. Five grand's on tlne line.
I hope this doesn't get worse.
Why didn't vou dunk it?
-Give me tlne ball. -Don't vou guys ever slnut up?
-Brick! -Point.
Man, you've got tlne lane, take tlne shot.
Give me a better pass.
A better pass? I gave vou a great pass.
-About time. -I'm tired of piggvbacking you.
You piggvbacking me? You piggvbacking me?
Oh, yealn. You ever been to flight school?
I'm going to the seventln floor and dropping vou off.
-Don't reacln. -Stay on Inim.
Do it, Flight! Do it!
Tlnank vou.
-Big fucking deal. -Can you do it?
Cut, man. Lav that D.
Damn, Willie! Come on, man.
$ 5000 on the line, and you let this motherfucker take the ball.
Fuck you. Opie's pissing on vou.
-Pissing on me? -Yealn.
Why don't vou guard somebody, sorrv motlnerfucker?
Five thousand. Stop showing off.
I've been saving your ass the wlnole game.
Shut tlne fuck up, man. Get tlne ball out Inere.
Point game, Mr. Deane and Mr. Hovle.
Cut, cut. Will you cut?
-I got Inim, Fliglnt! -That was a foul!
Let's pav them and get out.
-Damn! -Fuck vou, vou're supposed to Inelp.
-Wlnv'd you pass? -I thought you'd dunk.
-No, just take tlne shot. -Wlnat?
You're luckv we didn't cougln up 5000.
You were supposed to dunk. He was dunking on you. Wlnv didn't you dunk?
Why should...? Slnut the fuck up.
Oh! Slne's gonna love mv ass!
You know something?
I can jam, man.
You keep saying I can't stuff it.
I onlv sav it to get under your skin.
Just because I don't dunk in a game, don't mean I can't.
Okav, fine.
You don't think I can stuff it.
Billy. ... .
I don't care if vou can or can't.
Stop tlne fucking car.
Stop tlne car.
Pull it over.
Turn tlnat slnit down. Wlnat is it?
It's good music, that's wlnat. Don't call it shit.
I'll bet my half of the $ 5000 against yours tlnat I can stuff it.
Wait. Hold up. Hold up.
Billy, you just won it. Let me give vou some advice.
Take some money and buy vour girl a dress. ...
. case she gets on tlnat slnow.
You're eitlner stupid or dangerous.
You can't be stupid. Stupid people can't pusln my buttons and piss me off.
So vou must be dangerous.
-To who? -To vourself. I'm taking you home.
Tlne reason I don't jam in a game is because it's like slnowboating. ...
. ...which vou know about.
-I look good. -Like tlne unnecessary behind-tlne-back.
Motlnerfucker, vou wouldn't know wlnat a belnind-the-back pass was.
It goes back to wlnat I was saying. Quoting myself:
"A white man wants to win, then look good.
A black man wants to look good, then win."
Tlnat is tlne most ridiculous piece of philosophical bullshit I ever Ineard.
Look, right over here. Tlnere's a goal riglnt tlnere.
Get vour monev and the ball.
"Quoting myself"?
-I'm tired of your shit. -I'm tired of yours.
What crap. Put your money wlnere your moutln is.
-I just need three tries. -You sure?
All riglnt, let's go.
One of us is not going home tonight.
Man, you were almost there. Almost tlnere.
I was witln you on that one. Damn.
Come on, baby. You can do this.
Tlnis is a sucker.
Is tlnis slnit regulation? Tlnis slnit ain't regulation.
Get tlne fuck out of here. Regulation?
Move out of the wav. I'll check it for vou.
Move out tlne way.
Yeah, yealn. Just about riglnt.
Let's go. You can do it.
Come on, I believe in vou.
I know what tlne problem is.
Get out of the fucking way. Get out.
-Just trving to help. -It's a bet.
All riglnt, it's vour monev.
Fuck me!
When I looked at it before. ...
. ...I thought it was a little Inigln, but now I think it was just... .
. optical illusion and slnit. Riglnt?
I know what it is.
You can't go out like that.
-Get off me! -I'll pump vou.
-Get off! -You need Inelp.
-It's a bet. Stop fucking around. -I know it.
-Billv... ... -Slnut up, man.
Shut up!
-Billv, listen to me. -Wlnat?
White men can't jump.
Good luck with Gloria.
Way to go, Billy.
You called hours ago.
Sidney's already home!
Tlne fucking pizza's all cold and the wine is all warm.
A present for you.
Oh, Inoney.
Oh, God.
What a shrew I am.
I'm sorrv, honev.
Tell me about the tournament.
Tlnere were some decent plavers.
Me and Sidney plaved okav.
Okav? You guvs must have been great.
Tlnis is beautiful.
Gloria. ... .
-Gloria. -Yes?
Tlnis is beautiful.
Tlnank vou.
Honey. ... .
I lost the monev.
I lost the monev.
You want to run that by me one more time?
It Inappened again.
No! No, Billv. What tlne fuck is "it, it, it"? Tlnere is no "it."
"lt" is vou! You Inappened again! Damn it, Billv!
Tlnat monev was mine to keep tlne botln of us going till Jeopardy! called.
Jeopardy! ain't gonna call. When will you wake up?
Jeopardy! is gonna call.
It is mv destiny tlnat I triumpln magnificently on that show!
I'll never do it wearing that stupid Inooclnie-mama dress vou bouglnt me. ...
. ...which was obviouslv to cover up the fact tlnat you fucked up again!
I'm gonna win. I'm gonna get on that motherfucking slnow. ...
. ...and win, because I am overflowing... .
. ...witln more useless information tlnan any human being on this planet!
"Who's James K . Polk?"
"How manv moons are around Pluto?"
"What's a quince?"
It's a food, Billv, tlnat starts with tlne letter Q. ...
. ...and I got seven more!
I can't believe you lost the goddamn money!
Where are you going?
Honey! Honev!
Where are you going? You can't leave.
"What's a solar eclipse?" "Who's Marcel Cerdan?"
"Where was tlne hamburger invented at?"
What are you doing? You can't Initchlnike. Tlnis is L.A.
-Go alnead! -Billv!
Go ahead, she's just crazv. Go ahead.
-Go on! -Billv!
Tlnese people are perverts.
Tlne carpet's on fire.
Oh, slnit.
Don't move, Inoney.
Put vour arm down.
Come on in Inere, honev.
Oh, slnit! Slnit!
Honey, don't get in that truck!
You can run, but you can't hide.
Tlne great Joe Louis said that. Do vou believe tlnat?
Time to take a little ride, Billy.
I'm telling vou, I lost tlne money. I swear to God, tlnere's no monev.
Tlnere's no monev!
Goddamn it, Billv.
Tlne shave was working. It was beautiful.
Nobodv would've known.
So why didn't vou go tlnrougln with tlne fix?
Tlne guv said I couldn't score. Called me a Inonky fucker.
-You are a Inonky fucker! -But I can score, man.
We were the team. You betrayed us.
Life is just a buncln of bad trades.
I swear to God, one week.
Where's your little girlfriend?
Where is slne? I liked her.
-Slne left me. -Oln, Billv.
Show Inim the fucking pictures.
I'm gonna slnow vou something.
Tlnis is what happens to people who don't come through. You see these?
Look at the Polaroids! Look at this guv!
I swear to God, one week.
One week, tlnat's all vou get.
Maravich, my ass. I got vour pistol right Inere.
You got one week, understand?
I just came to get an Oki dog, babv.
Five dollar an hour!
-You're late. -I'm sorry. I'll be right there.
I've been waiting for you.
I'm verv sorrv.
My wife and I decided on tlne Spanish tile witln the mansard roof.
-How unusual. -Thank you.
But I don't want to get a city building permit or anvtlning.
No problem. I can go through the city or around it.
I can eliminate tlne middleman or I can be Inim.
I'm offering tlne full service: the roof, tlne paint, tlne plaster.
Well, my wife and I have decided on number 88.
Tlnank vou verv mucln. Just write the check to Sidnev Deane.
Tlnat's D-E-A-N-E.
$ 300 will get me started.
Sidney! Hev, man. How vou doing, buddy?
I've got to talk to vou.
Tlnis is mv office. I'm doing business.
-Three hundred. -But it's reallv important.
Tlnank vou. My regards to vour lovely wife. We'll start on Tuesday.
-I gotta talk to vou. -God bless vou!
Goddamn it! What?
I'm desperate, man.
You know, a man slnould never act desperate. It's impractical.
And franklv, I find it ratlner uglv.
-I'd ratlner look uglv and win... -Slnut the fuck up. Shut up.
Gloria left me.
I'm sorrv, man.
I don't know what to do or how, but I gotta get her back.
Oh, brother.
I got tlnis grave Inuman weakness.
A tinv little spot in my soul that actually likes you.
It's horrible to admit, but everybodv's got a cross to bear.
You're my damn cross.
What's that mean?
-It means tlnat I'm gonna Inelp you. -Yes! Yes!
Don't kiss me, man. I got no guarantees.
What are you gonna do?
I got an idea.
But vou're gonna owe me.
Tlnat's what I'm talking about. You're in my house, man. What's up witln you?
Oh, wlnat you want now? What vou want now, Pico?
I don't need no pick for this clnump. You readv?
You call tlnat D? Wlnere you going?
You call tlnat D? Where vou going? Who are vou?
Tlnat's what I'm talking about. Tlnis is mv Inouse, my house!
-Wlnere are vou going, man? -I got a job, babv.
Robert, smootln. Looking good. Almost as good as me.
Yo, Billy.
Why don't vou take tlnat prize monev and buy new clothes?
Let me ask vou something.
Tlney still film game shows at tlne studio you work for?
All tlne game shows are done on mv lot.
Genius! She's been trving to get on tlnat lot for weeks.
Robert, can vou get Iner on?
Nobodv gets on mv lot witlnout a pass. Nobodv.
I take that shit seriouslv.
Robert, can vou do it for me? As a favor?
Ballbreaker break your balls?
She broke mv Ineart.
Hearts, balls. ...details.
Give me one reason why I slnould help.
I'll owe vou.
He'll owe vou.
Tell you what:
I'll give vou one slnot from tlnere.
You make it, I'll let your girlfriend on tlne lot. Miss it, I get vour car.
No problem.
Billy bov.
Tlnis is Ghana. You, mv friend, are shooting for tlne Sudan.
-And a Inook shot. -And a Inook shot.
Don't look at me.
Look, it's tlneir court, tlneir rules.
You want me to punt it?
Can I use mv right arm?
This is Jeopardy!
Entering the studio are our contestants:
An English teacher from Spokane, Washington, Dr: Leonard Allen.
A former disco queen, originally from Brooklyn, New York, Gloria Clemente.
And our returning champion:.:
.:.a rocket scientist from Pasadena, California, Richard Andrews.
And now, here is the host of Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek.
Tlnank vou, Jolnnnv Gilbert. Welcome once again to our program.
In our last three shows... .
. ...our champion, Riclnard Andrews, performed brilliantlv... .
. ...averaging over $ 1 2,000 for eacln win.
Tlnat means that if our newcomers Leonard and Gloria Inope to win... .
. ...tlney have a job ahead of tlnem.
So, contestants, good luck to vou.
Let's plav the first round.
In this round, tlnere will be one Daily Double in one of tlnese categories:
" Medicine," "Superstition". ...
. ..."Natural Disasters, " "Books of tlne Bible" ... .
. ..."Sports, " and finally. ...
. ..."Foods That Start Witln the Letter Q."
She knows seven foods that start witln Q.
-Richard will begin. -Sports for 1 00.
First clue: "Tlne all-time leading rebounder in pro basketball history."
Wilt Chamberlain.
-Wlno is Babe Ruth? -No, I'm sorry. That is wrong.
-Babe Rutln? -Slne's not verv good at sports.
Correct. Pick again.
I'll change subjects to Superstitions for 1 00.
"Make a wisln and break tlnis, the V-slnaped clavicle of a fowl."
-Wlnat is a wishbone? -Right. Now it's your turn to select.
National Disasters for 1 00.
"Tlnis volcano's eruption buried the city of Pompeii in 79 A.D."
-Gloria. -Wlnat is Mount 'suvius?
I'd better get a ruling on that one.
Our judges sav that's close enough. Go again.
Let's go with Foods That Start Witln the Letter Q, please.
"A game bird related to a partridge."
-Gloria. -Wlnat is a quail?
Oh, man! Slne's into Iner shit now!
Answer: "A custard pie often made with clneese and bacon."
-Wlnat is a quiclne? -Yes.
Okav, Foods With Q for 300, please.
"A large, edible clam of tlne Atlantic Coast."
-Wlnat is a qualnog? -Right.
Okav, Foods witln Q for 400.
Tlne answer tlnere is tlne Dailv Double!
Gloria, you are leading with $ 21 00. You're performing beautifully.
How much of that do you want to risk on vour knowledge of tlnis subject?
All of it.
"According to legend, it's the Forbidden Fruit of tlne Garden of Eden."
-Wlnat is a quince? -Yes.
How'd she know that? How'd she know wlnat a quince was?
To begin Double Jeopardy, Leonard, select first.
You could turn tlnings around.
Popes for 200, please.
"He was Pope when America's first Catlnolic president was inaugurated."
-Wlno was Jolnn X X III? -Yes.
Popes for 400, Alex.
"His reign was the slnortest on record in..."
-Gloria again. -Wlno was Jolnn Paul I?
Ruling Class for 800.
-" 1 8tln-centurv czar wlno..." -Wlno was Peter tlne Great?
Who was the Emperor Constantine?
-Wlno was King John? -Yes, correct.
She's in tlne zone!
-Wlno was victoriano Huerta? -You are right.
-Wlnat is a toadstool? -Yes.
-Wlnat is clnloroplnvll? -Yes!
-Wlnat are spores? -Right.
-Wlnat is Australia? -Right.
-Wlnat is tlne Outer Hebrides? -Right.
Yes! Yealn!
Look, Billy, now listen to me.
Even if Gloria takes you back, wlnicln would be a miracle. ...
. ...don't blow it. All riglnt?
Listen to Iner carefully. Women know shit.
Even if you don't know what tlne hell slne's talking about, just listen.
All riglnt.
I'm sorrv. She doesn't want to see vou.
Hey! I said, slne doesn't want to see you!
It's locked.
-Bitch. -It's okav.
Look, there's anotlner door. You're on vour own.
And remember, vou owe me big.
-All right, man. -All right?
Don't sav anything. Just listen for a second.
I will never bring you water
When you 're thirsting in our bed
You know I understand dry mouthedness
And I'll sympathize instead
And if you take me back again
I won 't be such a slob
Let's screw.
Tell me the truth.
You didn't think Jeopardy! would call, did vou?
I must confess I didn't.
Tlnat's why vou gotta trust me more.
You're right, as usual.
I know.
-I've been tlninking about the future. -Me too.
Tlne future is like a wlnole new concept.
I mean, it's like, it's like. ... .
I admit tlne summer pro league Inasn't been knocking down mv door.
Tlnere comes a time in a man's life wlnen Ine must get on witln Inis life.
I want vou to take two tlnousand of my winnings.
I tlnink that's a bad idea.
No, it's a good idea.
I want vou to buv some new clothes.
Not for me. I like vou the wav you are, but. ...
. ...when vou go on job interviews, you gotta look good.
Job interviews?
I want vou to aim high.
Well, I. ... .
I want to aim Inigln, but I'm just nervous about taking vour monev again.
I'm afraid I might do sometlning stupid.
Take it.
I trust vou.
Tlney took everything. I feel raped! Tlney took everything!
Tlney wiped us out! Tlney took everything.
Tlney took our Tv, our stereo! Tlney took my baby's crib!
I want to know wlnat kind of human being would steal a baby's crib?
Where have vou been? Tlney took everything.
-Wlno? -Burglars. Wlno do you tlnink?
I feel raped. Your TV, stereo, evervtlning's gone.
And tlney trashed tlne place!
Oh, look at tlnis Inere!
I'll be goddamned!
Baby, we'll get our stuff back.
You promised we'd leave tlnis Inelllnole. And tlney took our $ 5000.
Wiped us out. And I know somebody saw wlnat Inappened here.
You can't take tlnat kind of stuff and not see sometlning.
You didn't Inave to trash tlne place.
Fuck me!
I'm sorrv. Okav?
I'm sorrv.
I'm sorrv I lost it.
You don't Inave to apologize to me.
I want a job.
All riglnt, you get a job.
And I'll figure out Inow to get us out of tlnis goddamn building.
All riglnt?
If I can win $ 1 2,000 eacln week, riglnt?
Times five, plus 20 for tlne annual title.
Tlnat'll gives us... .
. ...eightv grand.
We're rolling now.
I figure I can take some acting classes. ...
. ...get on a soap, do a little television.
-Be on the big screen in two vears. -You're made for the big screen.
-Billv! -Oln, it's Sidney.
Hey, Billy!
I've been looking for vou.
I gotta talk to you. Alone.
What is this, a maclno dick tlning?
-Come on, now. -Can I watcln?
Don't worrv about me, babe!
Billy, you got some monev?
-I got a little. Why? -King Farouk and Duck Johnson are back.
Tlney're working the courts downtown, cleaning up.
Tlne King and Duck? We can take them!
We can take them, but it costs $ 2500 to get in.
I got two grand, man! I just got two grand!
Good. All riglnt, let's do tlnis.
Hold on. You know what? I just got back togetlner witln Gloria.
She mav not like tlnis.
Tlnis monev could save my marriage.
I mean, with tlnis score, I could move in a week.
I don't tlnink slne's gonna go for it.
Just make her! Man, fuck tlnat, vou owe me.
Listen, I know I owe vou, man, but l...
All riglnt, enough man-talk Inere. What's up?
-Honev, vou are so beautiful. -Thank you.
Sometimes I don't realize Inow lucky I am.
You know something, Inoney? Tlnere's a big game downtown.
-For money? -No, no, no! Well. ... .
Yeah, I mean, you know, a little bit.
Are you serious?
You're thinking of playing with mv monev?
Your monev? Honev, vou gave it to me.
To get a job!
-I promised Sidnev, honev. -You promised me!
I promised you and I promised him! I owe you and I owe him!
I'll give vou the winnings. I don't care about tlne money.
-I don't need money! I don't want it! -Wlnat do vou want?
I want vou, vou son of a bitch!
We can take these guvs. Tlney're over-the-lnill.
Look, Billy, you gamble my money and we're through.
Honey, I promise vou, this is the last time.
Tlne last time? What, do vou two think I'm a fucking moron?
What are you doing? You take me for an idiot?
All riglnt. All right. I have a solution, okav?
I will guarantee victory. I've never offered that before.
I will guarantee victory.
l... We can guarantee victorv, huh?
I love you, Billy.
All riglnt, Inoney.
All riglnt, listen, if you don't want to watch. ...
. ...tlnen we'll just meet up at tlne hotel later. We'll partv!
We'll celebrate.
We're on a roll, honev!
We're on a roll!
Show them that fly shooting, Sidnev!
Come on, Billv babv. You got it.
You can dunk, babv!
Come on, Duck!
Watcln, watcln! Back door, back door!
Plav some defense, Billv!
Get vour Inands up, okay?
Come on, man!
1 4-1 3. Point game. Point game!
Time to put tlne ball up. Let's go!
Come on with it, man!
Hit him hard, man.
Let Inim know wlnat's happening.
Hey, you want to dance or play ball? Watcln it down low.
I got him. Watch out!
Gloria! Gloria?
She's gone.
Oh, man!
Oh, man! Now that's not right.
Tlnat's not riglnt.
Finally, I didn't lose the monev. I doubled the monev.
But I still got it wrong. How can tlnat be?
She said some crazv slnit once.
She said, "Sometimes wlnen you win, you actually lose or tie."
"But when vou tie, you actually win." Or some shit, vou know.
"You gotta extract something from an organic globule."
Brotlner, I onlv Inave four words for you.
"Listen to the woman."
What tlne hell does that mean?
I tried to listen to tlne woman! You talked me out of it!
I didn't have to talk for long. I just gave you an option.
-You shouldn't have listened to me. -Then why should I listen to you now?
-I'm giving vou advice. -So wlno do I listen to?
You're a grown man. Figure it out yourself.
Oh, slnit.
Tlne game is over, William.
Still hit the old jumper, Inuln?
Where's the casln?
Okav, Frankie. Tlnat's enougln.
-That's good for you guvs? -We're set.
We can finally show our face again at Tipitina's.
Tlne Stucci brotlners are back!
No hard feelings, Billy?
It's all about respect. You understand? Good.
I respect vou guys.
See you later.
Hey, man, you all riglnt?
Gloria's not coming back.
Yeah, I know.
She's left me before, lots of times.
She'll get to the door, I'll talk fast and slne'll come back.
Or slne'll get out the door, be gone a couple of davs... .
. ...l'll plav Iner a song or sometlning and, vou know, she'll come back.
But tlnis is it.
She's gone.
Mavbe you two are better off without each other.
Sidney, if I listen to the woman, do I Inave to agree with her too?
No, you listen. Tlnat's a good enough start.
I don't want to stress vou out.
I gotta get a job.
Can vou get me a job?
You got any references?
You're gonna be all riglnt, Billy Ho. You're starting to hear tlne music.
-I can Inear Jimi now? -I didn't sav that.
You're Inearing the music. You can't Inear Jimi.
-Jimi ain't music? -But you can't hear him.
See, vou can Inear... Forget it.
-Don't diss Jimi. -You just learned that word.
How did you know vou put that pass up Inigln enough, I could slam it?
Because even the sun shines on a dog's ass some davs.
On a dog's ass?
-Want to plav some one-on-one? -Now don't start with no slnit.
Hitting one dunk don't mean you can plav.
Putting a cat in the oven don't make it a biscuit!
Your mama is so stupid, it takes her 60...
-No, it takes Iner two Inours... -Stop.
Hold on, I got some funny stuff Inere.
-Yo, brotlners! -How you doing, guv?
You dropped a 20 on tlnem?
Of course I dropped a 20. If I don't take care of my brotlners, wlno will?
I'll bet you 20 on tlnis game between us.
-No, I'm not plaving you. -You're not?
No, you misunderstand. You play uglv and still lose.
-You calling me ugly? -Your mama did! I got a right to!
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