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Where Eagles Dare CD2

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Thank you.
Take the rope and the explosives|to your room...
and bring them with you when you come.
-How's it looking?|-It's quiet enough.
The first thing we must do|is cripple that helicopter.
They might try to fly Carnaby out in it.
I think we can handle that.
-You the pilot?|-Yes, sir.
Kommandant wants you on the phone.
It's in the radio office on the left,|around the corner.
-Do you have a cigarette, Lieutenant?|-Yes, sir. Of course.
-Rather cold, isn't it?|-Yes, sir.
That was quick.
Fear lent them wings, as the saying goes.
What do we do now?
I think we'd better see|how Cartwright Jones is getting along.
You are making things|very difficult, Herr General.
-Very difficult, indeed.|-There aren't any difficulties, Major.
Gen. Rosemeyer hasn't|forgotten that Germany's a signatory...
to the Hague Convention.
I have not forgotten,|but my hands are tied.
I have my orders from Berlin.
You can tell Berlin|all they're entitled to know.
I'm Gen. George Carnaby,|United States Army, RA 123-025-3964.
And one of the chief coordinators|of planning for the second front.
Which second front is that?
General, I have done all I can.
I have tried to hold up the Gestapo.
I've persuaded the High Command|that the mere fact of your capture...
will compel the Allies to alter their plans...
but this, it seems, is not enough.
For the last time, may I request you|to give us the information?
Gen. George Carnaby,|United States Army.
The matter is in your hands, Kramer.
You know, General,|we have drugs that will make you talk.
-We do not wish to use them, but--|-Scopolamine.
Where's that going to get you, Colonel?
There are other drugs, too.
The Lieutenant, here, is a trained nurse.
Excuse me.
And, they are who we thought?
Very good.
Yes, you can bring them up now.
Has there been any further information|about the other two?
Keep me advised.
Some very interesting company|coming up, General.
The drugs may not be necessary.
Don't you think it's time we make a move?
Any minute now.
Just be patient.
A moment.
Did I disturb you?
-No. I was just going out.|-Then, I am just in time.
-You wanted to see me, Major?|-Naturally.
What about?
Well, nothing.
I just wanted to see you.|Now, that is not a crime, is it?
It's very seldom|we have so pretty a girl here.
Perhaps I can show you|a little Bavarian hospitality.
Now, downstairs,|we have an armaments room...
which has been converted|into the most marvelous cafe.
But my duties,|I have to see the Colonel's secretary.
The Colonel's secretary|can wait a little while.
You and me, we have a lot to talk about.
-Such as?|-Dusseldorf.
I was a student there for many years|from 1929 to 1933.
To your health, gentlemen.
You are not drinking, General.
That's understandable.
When your rescuers turn out to be|birds of a different feather....
And the return trip, gentlemen.
How was that to be accomplished?
Through Switzerland.
Then it should be quite easy|for you to return to London.
A rubber dinghy across the Rhine,|and then a short walk.
You'll be in Whitehall...
reporting Gen. Carnaby's|transfer to Berlin before you know it.
Back to London? Are you mad?|Not with Smith and Schaffer still alive.
What do you take us for?
You will also, of course, be reporting|the unfortunate demise of Maj. Smith.
-ls he dead?|-We are not quite sure.
-lt is being looked into right now.|-It's getting late.
-Please remember the important issue.|-Yes, sir.
I think the situation|has changed sufficiently...
for you to give us the information|we have been asking for.
Nothing's changed, Colonel.
Most unfortunate.
Just a waste of good scopolamine.|Don't move, any of you.
No, I'd advise you not to, Colonel.
I'm glad to see you all here,|safe and sound, enjoying a drink.
I'm sorry to interrupt you.
Lieutenant, drop that gun.
-What?|-Drop that gun and sit down.
-What the hell are you talking about?|-Sit down!
-Major, if I live to be 100--|-Do nothing, Lieutenant.
In your own idiom, you're a punk...
and a pretty second-rate punk at that.
-lf I might have some explanation.|-ln good time, Colonel. All in good time.
I was about to say scopolamine would|have little effect on our friend...
except to prove he's not Gen. Carnaby|but a certain Cartwright Jones...
an American actor|impersonating Gen. Carnaby.
-Who are you?|-Just a passerby, as you might say.
In fact, I think the drug|would probably work better...
on our friends at the end of the table.|They're our real enemies.
-Don't listen to him, General. It's a bluff!|-Keep quiet!
Allow me to introduce myself.|Maj. Johann Schmidt.
SS Military lntelligence, Stuttgart.
-Can you prove that?|-Certainly, Colonel.
Before I do, I wonder if you'd be|good enough to call one of your guards.
I don't fancy talking and keeping my eye|on these people at the same time.
I seem to remember...
that the cathedral|was on the other side of the square.
Of course, I might be mistaken.|It's been a long time.
No, Major. I could have made a mistake.
I haven't been to Dusseldorf|for three years.
It's very easy to forget.
Yes. It's very easy.
Fräulein, you seem to be|a little bit distracted.
-ls anything wrong?|-No, it's nothing.
Just a slight headache.|I've had a long day traveling.
Yes, of course. And here I am....
I'm talking about silly things|like Dusseldorf.
-You will forgive me?|-Of course.
Thank you. I tell you what.
We will have one more schnapps together,|and then I'll see you to your quarters.
-Thank you.|-Fräulein!
Now that we're comfortable,|the first order of business...
is to find out exactly who everybody is|and what they're doing here.
Now, first the lieutenant.
He's an assassin...
a member of the American|intelligence organization known as OSS.
His job was to shoot you, Col. Kramer,|and you, Gen. Rosemeyer.
Now, Gen. Carnaby's mission|was twofold:
First, to allow himself to be tortured...
into giving you the wrong plans|for the second front...
and secondly, to afford the British...
a perfect excuse to send in|a team of experts to rescue him.
Which brings us to our three friends here...
and the cleverest phase|of the British operation.
-They are, of course, members of Ml6.|-That's a lie.
Let him finish!
Their job was to penetrate|the German High Command...
instead of the real Thomas, Berkley,|and Christiansen...
who worked for us in London...
and were discovered and captured|by the British about a month ago.
That's another lie.|You can't prove any of this.
Can't l?
Any denials, Lieutenant?
Now, Gen. Carnaby,|perhaps you'd be good enough...
to give us your real name, rank,|and serial number.
Cartwright Jones, Corporal, U.S. Army...
RA 1 23-025-3964.
Thank you.
Having successfully substituted|these three British agents for our men...
what was the next phase|of the British plan?
To penetrate the German High Command.
How? Simple.
Stage a fake air crash|with a fake American general on board...
send in special agents|to effect his release...
be sure that they fail in their mission...
and hopefully,|these men would be taken to Berlin...
where they would be|right in the heart of the Wehrmacht.
And, you, Maj. Schmidt,|what were your orders on this mission?
To lead them in and make|my own way out through Switzerland.
-It's incredible.|-Yes.
But to the British, very simple.
You were going to give us|some proof of who you are.
Certainly, General.
The proof is in three parts.|First, if I'm not who I say I am...
what am I doing here?|What can I possibly hope to gain?
The rescue of an impostor,|the exposure of three spies. Who to?
To the very people|they're supposed to be working for.
I have nothing to gain.
Also, if these people|are what they say they are...
they would know the name|of our top agent in Whitehall.
-Yes.|-So why don't we ask them?
They should know|the man who sent them on this mission.
We all work through contacts!
It wasn't necessary|or safe for us to know...
where our orders were coming from.
Then I should be in the same boat as you,|but I know his name and you don't.
Secondly, Colonel, you have...
one of the most powerful|radio transmitters in Europe.
Put a radio telephone call through...
to Field Marshal Kesselring's headquarters|in ltaly...
and ask for his Chief of lntelligence,|a Maj. Wilhelm Wilner.
There's Col. Kramer on the telephone|from the Schloss Adler in Bavaria.
He says it's very urgent.
Maj. Wilner speaking.
Ja, Colonel.
-Can you describe him?|-That will not be necessary.
Ask him to show you his right forearm.
-May I see your right forearm?|-Certainly.
There are two parallel scars,|about three centimeters apart.
The scars are there.
Ask how did he get them.
-How did you get those?|-I was born with them.
He says he was born with them.
That is right. Tell him he's a traitor.
Tell him he's a renegade.
That is Schmidt. No question about it.
-Thank you, Major.|-Thank you, Colonel.
Good night.
Give me the water.
As you know, the real Thomas,|Christiansen, and Berkley...
while working|for British counterespionage...
were responsible for setting up|a chain of agents throughout Britain.
Now, if these men|are who they claim to be...
it would be reasonable...
to expect them to be able|to write down a list of those agents.
You could then compare their lists|with the genuine one...
-which I have in this book.|-There's something very wrong, Colonel.
I don't doubt who Schmidt is,|but there has been some mistake.
Yes. You're the ones who have made it.
Fräulein, would you be good enough|to get some pencils and some notebooks...
and we'll soon find out|who's speaking the truth.
Good night, Maria.|You are a most charming girl.
Good night, and thank you.
We must get to know each other|just a little bit better.
Good night.
Any one of these will do.
Now compare it with my original.
Stay as you were, gentlemen.
Just relax.
Second-rate punk?
All I could think of|on the spur of the moment.
-Thanks. That even makes it worse.|-Sorry.
Between them,|they shouldn't have missed anything.
-This is all you want. Those books?|-Lots of nice names and addresses.
And these men?
Then they are who they claim to be?
I'm afraid so. They've been|under suspicion for some time.
Classified information was going out,|and useless information was coming in.
It took several weeks to pin it on|the departments controlled by those men.
But we knew we couldn't prove it,|and even if we could...
what we really wanted|was the names of their contacts.
These names and addresses.|So we thought this plan up.
And Maj. Wilner,|Kesselring's Chief of lntelligence?
He truly believes me|to be one of his top agents in ltaly.
I've been feeding him useless, false, and|out-of-date information for a few years.
-All right, gentlemen--|-Stay where you are!
I'd advise everyone to keep perfectly still.
Drop your gun, Major.
You, too, Lieutenant.
By the fireplace.
Thank God you're here.|We were just about--
Sit down, Colonel!
Everybody remain as he is...
until I find out|what exactly is going on here.
-What do you mean?|-Surely, you can see what's--
Sit down, Colonel.
It's perfectly simple, Major.|The Lieutenant and myself...
have just uncovered a plot|to assassinate the Führer.
-This is preposterous!|-General!
Sit down.
These people were all involved in|a conspiracy to overthrow the Third Reich.
In my pocket here,|I have the names of all the conspirators.
Just before you interrupted us,|we put this entire party under arrest.
The list in his pocket are the names|of German agents working in Britain!
I don't expect you to believe me, Major.
But you'll certainly believe these names|if you'll permit me to show them to you.
Let me see them.
Careful, Major.
Go very slowly.
Bring them here.
All of you, get up! Stand over there!
Put your hands up!
Jones, see if you can find something|to tie them up with.
Mary, bring that bag over here.
-What do we do with these three?|-Take them with us.
You were late.
-One day I won't come at all.|-Keep your eye on those three.
Lieutenant, in the next 1 5 minutes...
we have to create enough confusion|to get out of here alive.
Major, right now, you got me|about as confused as I ever hope to be.
The armory's here.|If we blow it up, the castle will think...
it's being attacked by a division.
On the other side of the castle over here,|is the radio room.
I'll take the others and meet you there.|You take the map.
Mary, we're going.
Let me make myself perfectly understood.
If any of you utters a word, I'll kill you all.|You understand?
Jones, get the Major's gun. Now move.
This way.
Wait. Go back. Jones, go on.|Mary, get in. Get in there.
At ease.
Get them in.
All right, inside, quickly.
You may need this.
Broadsword calling Danny Boy.
We got company.
Broadsword calling Danny Boy.
Broadsword calling Danny Boy.
Broadsword calling Danny Boy.
Get the rest of the men out of here|and report to the Kommandant.
Danny Boy calling Broadsword. Over.
Everything ready.|We need transport. Understood?
Do you have it? Over.
We have it all. Over.
All sins forgiven.
Damn it.
Get Thomas out of there. Quickly.
Get out. Climb out.
Get on with it!
Outside! Out!
All right.
Lieutenant, get the rope.
Back. Get back.
All right, to the right.
Quick. Move it.
Damn! Blast it!
Get moving.
All right. Get those men untied.
Put those coats on if you don't want|to freeze to death. Quickly, now.
Jones, get them out. Mary.
Watch them. Right.
-The doors to the corridor are locked.|-See what winch controls they have.
-There's a stop and start button.|-See if you can make the motor work.
-Not bad, huh?|-Yes, good.
Now bring it down here and we'll get|on top and you can take us back inside.
-Mary, bring them out here!|-Go on.
Get ahold of the rope and climb down.
Climb down!
Look out!
We've got him, Smith! Now, listen, Smith.
I'll make a deal with you.
You let us go down in the car,|and we won't kill Schaffer.
You bring him out|so I can see he's still alive.
I'm bringing him out now!
Get in the car.
Give me that.
Damn him!
Up there. Get him!
Help me. No.
Help me.
-Where's the Major?|-He's on the cable car.
Jones, the bag.
Let's go.
Set the bombs to go off|in three and a half minutes.
-Almost ready?|-Almost.
All set.
-Twenty-five minutes. Can we make it?|-We can make it.
-Point is, will they?|-God knows.
Everybody on the floor.
Emergency. Get me|the Oberhausen Airfield immediately.
-We've got company.|-Yeah. I saw them in the mirror.
How long before we reach the poles?
Just around the next turn.
Oberhausen Airfield?
Give me the Kommandant's office.
Get ready.
Set the rest of them and get out of here.
Oberhausen control tower.
Oberhausen control. Over.
Am in serious trouble.|Request urgent permission to land. Over.
Identify. Over.
Light maneuvering.
Third Jaeger Junker squadron|on night navigational exercise.
One engine out. Losing altitude. Over.
You are cleared|for immediate landing. Over.
Coming in. Over.
Fighter Wing 126,|Oberhausen Airfield calling. Over.
Get the control tower.
Get down.
-Berkley wrote these names?|-Yes, sir.
Ted Berkley. I can't believe it.
And Thomas. And Christiansen.
All three of them?
-My God. It's incredible.|-Yes, quite.
But not as incredible as the one name...
that's missing from that list, Colonel.
What name is that, Major?
I have it in this notebook,|here in my pocket.
Earlier tonight, I showed it to Col. Kramer.
He agreed with me that|this was the top German agent in Britain.
It's your name, Colonel.|Don't look so shocked.
Surely, you suspected it.
Otherwise, why were you here to meet us?
In case you were found out?
Go on.
You see,|you underestimated Adm. Rolland.
He'd suspected you and the others|for some time.
He brought me and Mary back from ltaly|because we were the only ones...
in his department|that he could trust, yourself included.
He asked you to choose a leader|for this expedition.
You chose me because you knew|from German intelligence...
that I was a double agent.
Adm. Rolland knew I was not.
But for you, I was the perfect choice.
-Now you're guessing, Smith.|-No guesswork, Colonel.
Your pointing that gun at me|is sufficient evidence.
You are pointing it at me, aren't you?
Go on.
Mary was brought on the mission without|your knowledge because I needed her...
to get me into the castle.|The Lieutenant, being an American...
had no possible connection with Ml6...
and was the only member of the group|I could trust.
I wasn't even sure|of Harrod and MacPherson...
until they were killed by the others.
Fascinating. Very fascinating.
Perhaps even true.
-Assuming for a moment--|-You're finished, Colonel.
You're overlooking something, aren't you?
Not at all.
Adm. Rolland took you|to the plane himself, didn't he?
He also made certain|that you had that gun, didn't he?
We took the precaution|of removing the firing pin...
before the mission started.
Put it down, Colonel.
Not so hasty, Lieutenant.|We mustn't cheat the hangman.
What now, Major?
You'll be tried for treason.
A public trial would be embarrassing.
Painful, not only for myself...
but also for British lntelligence|and Adm. Rolland.
Perhaps, but not as painful|as that long drop to the end of the rope.
I seem to have no cards left to play, do l?
No, Colonel, you don't.
Do I have an alternative?
If you want it.
Thank you.
I'll have those books.
Is that it, Major?
Yes, that's it, Lieutenant.
Do me a favor, will you?
Next time you have one of these things,|keep it an all-British operation.
I'll try, Lieutenant.
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