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Subtitles for When Ruoma Was Seventeen 2002.

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When Ruoma Was Seventeen 2002

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Roasted corn! Come and get some roasted corns!
Roasted corn! Come and get some roasted corns!
Come and get some roasted corns!
Come and get some roasted corns!
Come and get some roasted corns!
So many beautiful girls
So many beautiful pictures
That seems to be nice This girl is really nice
One more. Smile
Thank you
Ruoma, have something to eat
Ms. Luo l didn't think you were coming back
Don't be silly! We're not married yet
How could l not come back?
What do you think? ls this outfit nice?
ln the city, all the clothes are nice
There are all sorts of different shoes in the city
These shoes are too expensive
Qing insisted that l wear them
Actually they look good but they're uncomfortable
Ruma, l'll be going now
l'll come to see you tonight. Bye!
Look, beautiful Hani girl!
Picture me and the Hani girl!
Ming, listen to me
lf you don't pay the rent you have to move out
lf you don't want to live here there are plenty of people who do
l know
Just give me a couple of days
l beg of you
Roasted corn! Have some roasted corn!
How much for one? 50 cents
50 cents each? ls it any good?
This girl's really quite pretty!
Take a picture
Lili, when are you coming?
Then why don't you just send me the money?
The landlord has been after me every day
Have some roasted corn, why don't you?
Have some!
Little girl
How much for one?
50 cents for one
What about the small ones?
Same price for the big and small ones
All the same? Then roast me 10 big ones
Are you Hani?
Are you new here?
l smelled it from really far away
What's your name?
My name is A-Ming
That photo studio over there is mine
Tell me, what's your name?
My, my name is Ruoma
Ruoma. That's a nice name
Smells really good
Your corn is done. 5 yuan
Wait here for one second l'll be back soon
Ruoma, l'm really sorry
l don't have any change
You probably couldn't break a big bill
How about you take this?
When l have some change l'll pay you back
This is a Walkman! You can listen to music
Grandma, l'm back
Grandma, l'm going
Ruoma, wait
Ruoma, give this blanket to the calf
Grandpa when are we going to have the calf?
Grandpa, are you tired?
Listen to this and you won't be tired
Grandpa, does it sound good?
lt's nice
After Luo-xia went to the city she changed
Luo-xia, come up
My legs are shaking and my shoulders hurt
lt would be nice if there were an elevator
Luo-xia, what are you talking about?
What is elevator?
Ms. Luo, you must be tired
Luo-xia, are you tired? No
Ruoma Grandpa Lu's little calf isn't here yet
Why are you in such a hurry to build the bam?
l'm only doing this work because it's for your family
Grandpa Lu said it would be in the next day or so
We have to prepare for it
Ms Luo, you've really suffered
Suffering is the fate of Hani women
Not so with the people in the city
How do people in the cities carry things?
There are elevators in the city
that can carry things as big as mountains
Can elevators fly?
Elevators aren't airplanes!
They're like a big box
that goes up one second and down the next
lt's powered by electricity
Ruoma, the photos are in my bag Go get them
Qing treated me so well
The first time l went to Kunming
he took me on a glass elevator
The city looked so beautiful
The skyscrapers looked like a mountain forest
Luo-xia, you're really lucky
Ruoma, you're very pretty too
lf you go to Kunming
you would find a guy even better than A-Qing
He would take you up in a glass elevator too
l would like to see the Hani Terraces
Sorry, l can't understand
Thank you
How do you do?
Nice to meet you
l would like to see the Chinese terraces
Yes l know
l'll take you there
Ok. Thank you
Be careful
Boss Guo Luo
Have some roasted corn!
Come and get some roasted corn!
What's the matter?
Ruoma, she would like to take a picture with you
10 yuan for one Ok
Ruoma, here's your money
Let her take one of you
Okay Ruoma?
Then don't take one
Give me back the Walkman
The Walkman is broken
l can't pay you back
See, taking a picture with a foreigner
you made ten yuan
We can eat ice-cream now
Have you ever had ice-cream before?
why aren't you eating it?
lt's settled then we'll take pictures tomorrow
Ruoma, have you thought about it?
Taking pictures with foreigners
you make more money than selling roasted corn
what do you think?
Say something
Do you think there's elevator in this bldg?
Of course there is
Have you ridden in it?
Yes l have. What is it?
Ming! A-Ming! A-Ming!
l said l'd give you a few more days
lf you don't pay the rent you have to move out
l'm going now
the batteries were dead
Ruoma l'll teach you a few English words
You never know, they may prove useful
Repeat after me
Welcome to Hani terraces!
Nice to meet you
Forget it...
l'll teach you a simple one
How do you do?
How do you do?
Here they are
How do you do? Welcome!
These are famous Chinese Terraces
Come here, come here Ruoma
This is beautiful Hani girl
Welcome to take photos with her
10 yuan for one photo
of course, please, please
How do you do?
She speak english...
Beautiful girl
Do you know why so many people want to take photos with you?
What did you say?
Why do so many people want to take pictures with you?
l don't know
Because you're pretty
Thank you. You look so beautiful!
Thank you! Thanks!
Thank you!
Thank you! Thanks!
Bye, thanks
Ruoma, here
You only gave me 200
You still owe me more than 1000
Didn't l tell you?
l'll give you the money as soon as Lili gets here
Grandma, l'm back
This is the money l made taking pictures
Ruoma, come here
So this is the money you made taking pictures with tourists?
You make this much taking pictures?
The Hani never cheat people
Grandma, you don't understand
They're willing to give me money
Because they want to take pictures with me
Ruoma, why are you back so late?
Have something to eat
Who taught you to do that?
Grandma, his name is A-Ming
He can do everything understand everything
He takes really good pictures
l really like his pictures
Ms Luo, so you are here
Ruoma, Ruoma
Ruoma, Ruoma
Are you deaf?
Ruoma, where did you get this?
This is really expensive
Did your lover give this to you?
Ruoma, your eyes give you away
lf you talk any more nonsense l'm not going to be your friend
Where did this come from?
Ruoma, hop on!
What do you want to do with the money you earn?
What did you say?
l mean, after you've made money what do you want to do with it?
Ride in an elevator
There are lots of fun things in the city
Why do you just want to ride in an elevator?
Riding in an elevator would be fun
Okay, then when you've made money l'll take you
Help me out here, take a good picture
One, two, three, perfect!
C'om, take one more
One, two, three!
One more!
Let's go, Ruoma. Get your things
l've already paid why can't l take a picture?
What's the big deal? lsn't she just a country girl?
Who the fuck needs your money? Here
l could see right off you're no good
Dragging a little country girl around to cheat people!
Say that again! Say that again!
What are you going to do about it?
Have a smoke
You're finally here
Waiting for me to pay the rent?
Ming, bring me my slippers
Here you're
Pour me a glass of water
This little Hani girl is really sweet on you
She is Ruoma, isn't she?
Sister, would you like some more drink?
Ruoma, you're really quite pretty
You must have made a lot of money for A-Ming taking pictures
Here, Ruoma
Swiss chocolate. lt's really good
Take it, go on
Ming, l spent all day on a bus
l'm beat
l'm going upstairs to lie down
Ming, come up for a minute
l'll be going now
l've been waiting here all day
And you knew l was coming today
l know...
You want me to sell clothes l can't do that
What else can you do?
Playing with that thing all day long
What use is it?
Have you made any money?
Just look at you now!
You can't even pay the rent
And you had to open this photo studio
You said there was nice scenery and lots of tourists
Thought you could make money and do some art
l gave you 20,000 yuan
But now you've lost it all
So you lost it all. l don't blame you
l told you to come with me but you wouldn't
You insisted on hanging out with this country girl
This time l only have one thing to say to you
lf you still care about me
then come with me
lf you're still that into your business
and crazy about your photography
then let's just call it quits
God you're annoying
You dare hit me?
What should l do about this place?
You're crazy
Go talk to the one who owes your rent
lt's his business lt has nothing to do with me
Best wishes to Luo-xia for her wedding!
Luo-xia, what does A-Qing look like?
We still haven't met him
According to our Hani traditions
The night before your wedding
You have to drink a farewell toast to your lover
Who's your lover?
l went away to work when l was young
How would l have a lover in the village?
Why don't you choose one among us?
Okay, then l'll choose one
Ga! Cheers!
Ga, what are you going to give to your lover?
C'mon. let's see it!
What? You really do have something?
l never would have thought
That's such a beautiful silver bracelet!
Ga likes Luo-xia
Why didn't he tell her?
Ga's family is too poor
He was afraid Luo-xia wouldn't think him
Bo! A-Bo!
lt's time to sow!
Time to plant! Time to plant!
Seedings are like a pretty young girl
Like a pretty young girl
The field is like a strong young man
Like a robust strong young man
lf the seeding girl doesn't get planted
the field doesn't grow
The field doesn't grow
lf the field doesn't grow
lf the field doesn't grow
There will be no harvest
There will be no harvest
You hit my ear!
You run fast
l fell down in the field
This year's harvest should be very good
Grandma, when the Hani people plant
why do they throw mud on each other?
My grandmother doesn't speak Putonghua
Grandma said
we throw mud primarily to bless the harvest
so that for next year's harvest
The more mud that's thrown
the bigger the harvest will be
What did grandma just say?
Grandma said
this is a way of showing affection between young Hani men and women
This is a tradition of the Hani people
For the Hani, the first handful of mud
is thrown at the person she likes
Ruoma, where did grandma tell you to go?
Grandma wanted me go upstairs to get the mushrooms
No need, grandma, no need
l like Ruoma's roasted corn
What's it, Ruoma?
Are you okay? Okay
This may be the last time we take pictures
What did you say?
l'm going back to the city
Going back to the city? ls it true?
Then take me with you
What? You want to come with me?
Did you forget?
You promised me
You'd take me to ride in an elevator after we made money
l didn't forget...
But l just don't understand
Why do you want to ride in an elevator so badly?
Say something, Ruoma
Ruoma, l've made up my mind
lt doesn't matter if we don't make money
l'll think of some way
Didn't you say you wanted to ride in an elevator?
l'll take you there
Really? A-Ming?
Grandma do you know what an elevator is?
An elevator?
You screw around all day
Running around with a Hani girl
And you want to be a photographer?
Take a look at yourself
You owe the rent and you still won't leave
so what are you going to do about it?
What's it going to be?
Boss Guo Luo, are you Hani?
What if l am?
Hani people have good hearts not wicked ones
l'm a complete disgrace
Go away
And don't come back here
Get going
Ruoma, you're back
Ruoma! Ruoma!
Ruoma, What's with you?
This is the key for the motorbike Take it
Ming, if you don't have a place to stay
l'll let you stay two more days
No charge
Ruoma, l only see your grandmother
Where are your parents?
They aren't with us
They passed away when l was little
l should give this back to you
Keep it as a souvenir
Can you give me this photo?
Ruoma, the terraced fields here are so beautiful
How do you get water up hills this high?
Grandma says there's a spring on top of the mountain
But there's less and less spring water each year
l'll be leaving tomorrow
l promised l'd take you to ride in an elevator
l'm sorry
lt doesn't matter
Look, do l look like l'm riding in an elevator?
Ming, what happened?
Listen to me
Ming is a good person
l want to go with him
Grandma! Grandma!
Grandma! Grandma!
Grandpa Long-ni!
Have you seen my grandma?
Your calf has wandered off She went looking for it
Grandma! Grandma!
Come back, Ruoma, come back
You're not a water lily so don't float on water
You're not a fish so don't long for the water
Come back!
You're your parents daughter
You're my partner in mirth
Come back, Ruoma
Come back, Come back
Come back to the happy, peaceful village
Come back!
Come back to this paradise garden
Come back, Ruoma
Come back
Come back, Come back...
Do you feel better?
You must be hungry
Grandma l'm not going to the city anymore
l accidentally opened it
A-Ming has done well for himself
Ruoma, take this
See you
Have some roasted corn!
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