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Subtitles for Whats Eating Gilbert Grapewegg CD2.

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Whats Eating Gilbert Grapewegg CD2

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I can't give any more!|I've given enough already!
{y:i}l- l-I guess maybe|{y:i}I'd better be getting off.
{y:i}Not yet.
- "Arthur, in all my life..."|- Move, Amy.
{y:i}I wondered, where is he?
{y:i}Just this moment, just now.
{y:i}What is he looking at?|{y:i}What is he thinking?
I think it's time for Arnie|to take a bath.
Don't you think it's time|for Arnie to take a bath, Gilbert?
Just let him stink.
- I don't wanna take a bath!|- Please.|- No!
You know Mr Carver?
Well, he's dead.
He's dead.
Okay, kids, hurry up.|Let's go.
- Hi.|- Hey.
- What's going on?|- He drowned.
- You're kidding?|- No. In that.
- A kiddie pool. I don't get it.|- Wow.
It's like one foot deep.|Weird, right?
- Oh, yeah.|- He-He "drownded."|- Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh. Come on.
All right?|Shh, shh, shh, shh.
He had the cardiac arrest.
His head bent forward,|his knees buckled...
and then he just fell...
face forward into the pool.
When she found him,|he was already dead.
That's what we don't know.|That's what nobody knows.
No, I know it. I would...|I saw the... I saw the... I saw the body.
- I saw the... I prepared it.|I know exactly what...|- You don't know...
I would have seen...|I would have seen what...
if there was any kind of struggle|that had gone on.
- It was murder.|- No.
What do you think?|What do you think?
I, uh, I don't know.|I, um... You know, it's-it's possible.
Bob, we're talking about|thousands and thousands of dollars.
- If she saw...|- She doesn't have to work...|- Even if she did wanna do it...
- She doesn't have to work|for the rest of her life.|- Even if she did...
If-lf you saw somebody laying...
with their head down|in the pool motionless...
or even if they were kind of|limply doing that...
- which he wasn't doing,|but even if that...|- You don't know that!
Well, it-it was an extreme,|uh, "post-cardial" infarction.
- Extreme.|- So nothing's fishy?|- N-No.
Hey, Gilbert, look!|It's that girl!
- Gilbert, it's that girl!|- It's perfectly logical.
Even if it's...|Listen. Wait a minute, Tucker.
We're not talkin' about...|We're not talkin' about|takin' a gun and shootin' somebody.
- We're talkin' about pushin' along|something that's rolling that direction.|- Hi!
- Please, play with me over there.|- Okay.|- Please?
Come on. Let's play over there.|Come on. Please play...
- Hi.|- How are you doin'?|- Fine.
- Will you play over there?|Will you play?|- Okay. Okay, we'll play.
- Settle down.|- We're gonna play!|- Okay, okay.
- Will you give us a ride?|- Yeah, yeah.
So, that's it.
Yeah, I guess so.
The magic part.
The magic part?
The magic part, Gilbert?
- Hey, could we go...|- Grandma, here it is.|- Yeah?
- Oh, thanks.|- Can we go play now?
- What are we gonna play?|- Hi.|- Hi.
Can we play hide-and-go-seek?|Hide-and-go-seek?
- You like that?|- Gilbert?|- Mm-hmm?
- Would you give me some help?|- Yeah, go ahead.
- Hang on one second.|- Okay.
Try it.
- I don't know.|- Yeah, I don't know.
I don't...|It's a mystery.
- Gilbert, listen, thanks anyway.|- No problem.
Come play with me in the water.
You can't find me.|You can't find me anywhere.
Say-Say "Where's Arnie?"|Say that.
No, I want you to come in with me.
Say "Where's Arnie?"
Say "Where's Arnie?"|Say that.
Where's Arnie?
You can't find me.|Say it again. Hi!
Say it again,|and you gotta look for me around.
I wanted you|to swim with me, Arnie.
Don't even try it, 'cause he's...|he's had a scare with water...
and he won't...|he won't come in.
I'm not comin' in the water.
- You wanna come in the water?|- No.
Why not?
Are you scared|to come in the water?
- No, no.|- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.|- He's scared.
Are you scared, Gilbert?
All right, what do you want to see?|Do you want to see...
Do you want to see me get wet|a little, like this?
- Yeah.|- A little splash?
A little more.
Do you wanna see this?
You want this, right?|Huh? You happy?
Tell me what you want|as fast as it comes to you.
- Okay?|- Okay.
Okay, what do you want?
- Faster!|- Okay.
I want a new thing.
House. I want a new house|for the family.
I want a...|I want Mama...
to take aerobics classes.
I want Ellen to grow up.
I want a new brain for Arnie.
I want...
What do you want for you?
Just for you.
I want to be a good person.
I can't... I can't do this.|I can't...
- Okay.|- Where's Arnie?
Excuse me, ma'am,|have you seen my brother?
- Hey!|- Come on.
Hey! Over here!
- Hang on, son.|- Come on, now.
- I did it again!|- Get this unbuckled.
All right, here we go.|There you go.
It's all right, Jerry. I got him.|I got him. It's all right, Jerry.
We're takin' him in.
It's not gonna happen again,|I promise this time.
We've warned you,|we've warned your sister...
that the next time|was gonna be the last time.
- Great. Great.|- Flash the lights!|Play the siren, okay?
- I don't believe this.|- Play the siren for me!
Way to go, Gilbert.
- Jerry, listen. You're gonna... You're|gonna have to take it easy on him.|- We'll take care of him, Gilbert.
- You gotta... Really,|you gotta keep an eye on him.|- All right. All right.
Hey, hey!|Hey, hey, hey!
Do the siren. Do the siren, okay?|Do the siren, all right?
I know, Sheriff.
I know that, Sheriff.
Okay. Asshole!
They're probably just teaching him|a lesson. They're probably just|proving a point.
Yeah. That's right.
Get my coat.
Get my coat.
Get it!
Let's go.
Well, at least he's in a safe place.|At least someone's watching him.
Ellen, shut up.
You guys wait here.|I'll be right back, okay?
Mama. Mama,|let Gilbert handle this.
- Jerry, come on, please.|- Please, have a seat outside.
- Please, you gotta let him out.|- You need to wait your turn, okay?
- I don't think you guys understand.|It's gonna be...|- Look.
No one's going to do a thing|until you go and sit down outside...
Jerry, I've come for my son.
{y:i}Sheriff?|{y:i}Sheriff, are you there?
Bonnie, you'll need|to fill out some papers.
No! No!
- Police procedure requires...|- I want my boy, Jerry.
- But Bonnie, you have to calm...|- My son! Give me my son!
Come on. You're goin' home.
Sunshine, you're free!|Oh, baby.
- Don't disappear like that any more.|- Okay.
- Promise me.|- Mom!
You're free, baby. You're free.|Let's go home.
That's why she needs a cane.
Look at her!
Mama, they didn't|flash the lights for me either.
Flash the lights.
Look at me!
I'm hiding!|Say-Say "Where's Arnie?"
- Say like that.|- Arnie, get down.
Gilbert, come find me.
Where's Arnie?
That's my mom in there.
My mama.
Gilbert,|come play with me up here.
Come play with me.
God, that was so brave,|what your mother did.
You know that, right?
I'd like to meet her.
No, you wouldn't.
Hey, where do you go next?
I would like to meet your mom.
In sure and certain hope of|the resurrection to eternal life...
we commend to Almighty God|our brother, Kenneth Carver...
and we commit his body|to the ground.
Earth to earth...
ashes to ashes|and dust to dust.
The Lord bless him|and keep him.
The Lord make his face|shine on him...
and be gracious to him.
The Lord look upon him|with favour...
and give him peace.
Lord Jesus, by your death|you took away the sting of death.
Grant to us, your servants,|so to follow in faith...
- for you have led the way...|- Hey! Hey!
- that we may at length|fall asleep peacefully in you...|- Lookit here!
- Lookit here!|- great in your likeness...
- Look where I'm pointing!|- the God of peace who brought again|from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ.
The great shepherd of the sheep,|through the blood of|the everlasting covenant...
- It's a Burger Barn, Gilbert!|- make you perfect in|every good work to do his will...
- Gilbert, it's a Burger Barn!|- working in you that which is|well pleasing in his sight...
- Burger Barn!|- through Jesus Christ, amen.
- Hey.|- Boys, you can have anything you want.
You could get candy if you want.|You can have candy if you want too.
As for me,|something with menthol, please.
You like gum?|Do you like gum?
I like gum.|Here's a good kind.
- Here, take this.|You can have it. Take it.|- Hey.
- You want gum too?|- We're going to St Louis.
I can't stay in that house.
I really am sorry about your...
Here, Mommy will take care of it.|You run on outside.
Everybody thinks I killed him.
Do you?
I miss him...
and I don't.
I miss him, and I don't.
So, Gilbert,|what's to become of you?
Oh, I'll probably just...
You haven't thought about it.
Poor Gilbert... cooped up...
taking care of everybody else,|forgettin' all about you.
- Mommy?|- Mommy is coming in a minute, honey.
Concerning my boys?
I was thinkin' that if my boys|turn out anything like you...
I was thinkin'|how that would be nice...
for my boys to be like you.
He's all yours.
Are you gonna miss her?
Damn it!
So, what do you think?
- Wow.|- Right?|- Wow.
Right?|Here, try a milkshake.
Real milk in there.
- You're kidding.|- Real milk.
Bob... Oh, Bob.
- Hey! Congratulations!|This looks great!|- Thanks, Bob.
- Yeah, thanks. Thanks a million.|- What?
What, are you tryin'|to depress everybody?|You're gonna ruin everyone's appetite.
Hey, hey. l... Mike, right?|You wanna come to my party tomorrow?
I'm gonna be 18 years old.|Wanna come?
You can come too, if you want to.|I don't know you, but you can come.
{y:i}How nice to see so many of you here|{y:i}on this great day.
{y:i}This day marks the beginning|{y:i}of a new era for Endora...
{y:i}for the Burger Barn family and,|{y:i}I hope, for all of you.
{y:i}We at Burger Barn are committed...
- "to a very special relationship with"|{y:i}you, one that will last and last.|- Hi.
{y:i}In a time when so many things|{y:i}are falling apart...
{y:i}Endora decides to give|{y:i}Burger Barn a chance...
{y:i}a new breath of life.
She fixed it.|The camper's fixed...
and we're gonna|be leaving tomorrow.
Come on!
Hey, you can come to my party|tomorrow, okay? You can come.
- Hey!|- Hi, Arnie.|- So, I'm invited.
- Do you not want me to go?|- No.
I mean, go if you want.
Oh, so this is...|is this how you want it?
I have to go.
Take care, okay?
Goodbye, Arnie.
- Oh, no.|- Come on, let's get that bath.
No. No!
Hey, Arnie?
- Arnie?|- Guys!
You gotta take a bath, Arnie.
Arnie, you gotta do it.|It's your birthday.
- Arnie!|- Oh, no!|- Damn it!
Arnie, no!
Oh, God.
I can't make another one.|I can't.
We have to have a cake, Gilbert.
{y:i}Attention, Foodland shoppers.|{y:i}Remember, every day this week...
{y:i}is a double coupon day.
- Can I help you?|- Uh, yes.
Um, my sister called in|an order for Grape.
Oh, yeah, yeah.|It's all set.
There you go.|That'll be 19.75.
- Go away, Arnie.|- Gilbert, what's in there?
- It's a surprise. Leave it alone.|- What's-What's in that box?
Don't touch it.|If you touch it, I'm gonna kill you.
I can't believe you.
Look, I'll enjoy the party|from in here. It'll be fine.
Now, you'll see.|Everything'll be just fine.
What am I|supposed to say to people?
I mean, it's Arnie's 18th birthday.|Haven't you been waiting|to do this for a long time?
I mean, wasn't it you that wanted to|have this huge party in the first place?
I didn't want to.
- Damn it!|- I can't believe you!
- Arnie!|- Oh, man.|- Look, he's eating the cake!
- Shit!|- Arnie!|- That's it. Forget it.
- Forget it.|- Nice job, Arnie.|- Arnie!
Now what are we gonna do?
Arnie! Arnie.
Come here. Come here! Come here!
Do you know what that fucking cost?|Do you know what I had to do?
Come on.|No, no, it's time for your bath.
Get your clothes off.|Get 'em off!
- Get in that bath.|- Gilbert, no!|- Get your fucking clothes off.
Come on.
- Gilbert, no!|- Don't move. Don't move!
Gilbert, stop!
What did you do?
What is goin' on?
Don't worry, Mama.|Ellen, let's go.
- We should call his mother.|- No, no, no. It's okay. I know...
I know where he lives.|I can take him.
It's really okay. Yeah.
Arnie, you wanna go for a walk?
You wanna go play, Arnie?
Come on, Arnie.
Come on, Arnie.|You can do it.
Come on, Arnie.|You can do it. Come on.
- "Merrily, merrily." Sing that.|- Okay.
{y:i}Row, row, row your boat
{y:i}Gently down the stream
Yea! Yea!|You did it!
Good job, Arnie!|You did it!
So I'll see you|in a little bit, okay?
- Bye!|- Bye, Arnie.
Take care.
You know, I "drownded," huh?|I "drownded" over there.
No, you just got clean.
Hi! How are you?
- No, I'm fine.|- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm fine.|- All right.
- Bye!|- Thank you so much.|- You're welcome.
I hit him.
I hit him so hard, l...
He's gonna be okay.
You don't hurt Arnie.|You just don't.
I gotta go. I gotta go.
I got nowhere to go.
I had to work extra hours|just to feed her.
So it's your fault?
You don't understand. She was|in shock for years. He disappeared.
He didn't say goodbye.|He just...
One day, all of a sudden...
he was gone.
He was just hangin' there.
That's when it all started.
She used to be so pretty.
She was so pretty|and so fun.
So you think it's his fault?
Nobody knew what he felt.|He didn't give anything.
He was just sort of there.
You'd try to play with him,|you know, get him to play around...
or get him to laugh|or get him to smile or get him to...
I don't know... get mad.
But nothin'.
Just like, uh, he was already dead.
I used to know a guy like that.
- Hey.|- Hi.
It's Arnie's birthday.
I need to go home.
- Thank you.|- Thank you.
Give my regards to your mother.
- Hey, Amy, look who's here.|- Where you been?
- You all right?|- Yeah, I'm all right.|- He's alive.
Where's Arnie?
Amy. Please, Amy.
Is he okay?
I think you better|ask him that yourself.
Where is he?
I wonder where he could be.
Have you seen Arnie?
Um, no, I thought he was with you.
- No.|- No?
Arnie? Anybody seen Arnie?
Where's my brother?
Come here.
You scared me, buddy.
You scared Gilbert.|Don't scare Gilbert, okay?
- Don't scare Gilbert, okay?|- Okay.
Come here.
Who's got you?
You better talk to Mama.
What you did was...
He's a helpless boy, Gilbert.
And then disappearing like that?
I hate that.
You know how I hate that.
You walked out,|and I thought...
I can't take another.
But you came back, Gilbert.
Why did you?
I don't know, Mama.
I'm here now.|I'm here now.
Yes, you are.
You came back for the party.
Oh, Gilbert.
I can't imagine|how it's been for you kids.
I know what a burden I am.
Don't say that.
I know it.
And I know that|you're ashamed of me.
No, I'm not.
No, I'm not.
I never, never meant|to be like this.
I never wanted to be a joke.
- You're no joke, Mama.|- I never wanted to be.
You're no joke.
- You're no joke.|- Oh, Gilbert.
Please don't disappear.|Please don't disappear.
- Hurry! Hurry!|- You're really growing up to be|quite a young lady.
- Thanks.|- Hey. Hi.|- Hey.
You know, I don't want to|rain on the day here...
but you have a serious|foundation problem.
You see how this...|the porch is slanted right here?
I mean, this is|a serious problem, Gilbert.|We need to get up underneath here...
First of all, we need to fill this in|so that no more water collects here.
And then we'll probably...|What?
- Hi.|- Hi.
- Hello, Gilbert.|- Nana.
- You ready?|- For what?
I want you to...|I want you to come meet somebody.
- Hey!|- Hi, Arnie.|- Hi.
- Here's your present.|- Arnie, what do you say?
Thank you!
Mama, I want you|to meet somebody.
- No!|- Please?
- Just this once, for me?|- Gilbert, it's okay.
- We can do it later.|- No. This is what I want.
Do it for me, please?
This is different.|Nobody's gonna laugh.
I'm not gonna hurt you|any more, Mama.
I promise.
Okay. Becky?
Mama, this is Becky.
- Hello.|- Hi.
I haven't always been like this.
I haven't always been like this.
- I'm called a miracle.|- You're a miracle?
- I'm a miracle.|- A walking miracle. I can believe that.
I'm just gonna put this up here.
- Uh, bye.|- Goodbye, Arnie.
- Bye.|- You take care.
I had a really nice time.
I know.
- I don't know what to say.|- Say, "Thank you," Gilbert.
Say, "Thank you."
Thank you.
- Goodbye.|- No, it's not goodbye, Arnie.
It's goodnight. Goodnight...|Goodnight to you, but not me.
Hey, they're coming!
Bye! Wait!
Mama, what are you doing?
{y:i}To work in Danny's office.
{y:i}I thought you'd be pleased.
{y:i}Oh, I am pleased.
{y:i}So close your eyes.
Amy? Amy?
You rest, Mama.
You deserve to rest.
Amy, get me my birthday boy.
- I want my birthday boy.|- Okay.
Here, Mama.|Here's the water.
You're my knight|in shimmering armour.
Did you know that?
I think you mean shining.
No. Shimmering.
You shimmer and you glow.
You rest, okay?|Get some sleep.
Mama! Mama!
Wake up!
You're hiding, huh?
I know that.
Wake up!
Mama, wake up!
Mama, stop it now!
Stop, Mama!
Stop it.
Arnie? Arnie?
What's wrong?
What's wrong? Stop it!
- Arnie!|- Don't... Give me... Stop!
I'm gonna need|some more men, Amy.
Hey, flash the lights.|Flash 'em.
{y:i}You may need the National Guard|{y:i}to move her out of there.
I'm sorry about that.
l-It's gonna take a crane|to get her out.
There's gonna be a crowd.
I just know|there's gonna be a crowd.
She's so beautiful.
She's no joke. She's no joke.
I'm not gonna let her be a joke.
We're gonna need your help.
Gilbert, is that them?
No. No, not yet.
- When are they gonna come?|- Pretty soon.
Pretty soon.
My brother Arnie's|about to turn 19.
Gilbert, look there!
Amy got a job offer|to manage a bakery in Des Moines.
- Is that them?|- Yeah, that's them.
Ellen can't wait|to switch schools.
Arnie asked if we were gonna|go, too, and I said...
"Well, we can go anywhere|if we want.
- Becky!|- We can go anywhere."
Becky's comin', huh, Gilbert?
Yep. She's comin'.
Come on! Come on, Gilbert.
Hi! Hi.
Hi! Hi!
- I'm fine.|- Hi!|- How are you?
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