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What Women Want CD2

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- Living life.
- Life. Livin' it.
- Ooh. That's good.
Ha !|I love it.
- I know. I know.
- Wait a minute.
- No, it's great.
Okay, that was a--|One more. Time for one more.
Okay, you know why guys like|doing it in front of the mirror ?
- Why ?|- Objects may appear larger.
- That's a good one. Anyway.|- Oh, that's a good one.
I heard that in|the beauty shop this morning.
- But seriously. Dee ?|- Huh ?
That other thing we were|talking about before.
Come on. I mean, he can't|just ignore you all night,
stay glued to the TV|like some zombie...
and then expect you|to turn it on like a lightbulb.
I mean, I wouldn't|put up with that.
I mean, you're either|interesting or you're not.
Ask him to decide.
- Can I write that down ?|- All right.
I'm either interesting|or I'm not. He'll shit a brick.
Hmm.|What if he says I'm not ?
He won't say|that you're not.
Trust me.
Okay, I did it.
I told Chaim|I wasn't moving to Israel.
Yeah, good.|And ?
I said what you said.|He can be a writer anywhere.
If I'm going to be in advertising,|I need to be here and not there.
And then he said ?
- I don't know. It was in Hebrew.|- Ooh.
But I don't think it was,|''You got it. See you next Tuesday.''
I don't know. I'd wait it out.|He'll call you.
I can't.|I better call him back.
Be strong.|He will call you.
Well, girls, been nice chattin'.|I gotta get back to work.
- Can I make you a sandwich ?|- No, l'm cool.
But thank you, anyway.|This was fun.
Aww !
Huh. This is good.
More insightful|than I would've thought.
This line doesn't feel|exactly right.
If you're thinking that line isn't|perfect, I agree. It needs work.
There's something not exactly|right about it, isn't there ?
I mean, it's not bad. It's|insightful, actually. It's just--
Well, what do you think|this woman's thinking ?
Uh, well, I--
Let's see.
Uh, she's thinking about|what she wants out of life.
What's she gonna accomplish ?|How's she gonna do all that ?
Women, you know,|they think about that a lot.
I mean,|surprisingly a lot.
They worry all the time|about everything.
You're so right.|How do you know that ?
Well, you know,|even I had a mother.
So maybe running gives her|time off from all of that.
It gives her something she can't|get anyplace else. Look at her.
God.|I want to be her.
She looks so free,|doesn't she ?
No one's judging her,|no boss to worry about,
no guys to worry about,|no games to figure her way through.
I like that.|No games. That's good.
That'd be nice in life,|wouldn't it ?
Okay, can I just think|for one second ?
- Take your time.|- Okay.
No games.|How do I get that in ?
She's running.|lt's early, it's quiet.
Just the sound of her feet|on the asphalt.
She likes to run alone.|No pressure, no stress.
This is the one place|she can be herself.
Look any way she wants,|dress, think any way she wants.
No gameplaying, no rules.|Games, sports, rules.
Games, sports, rules.|Playing by the rules.
Playing games versus playing--
Playing by the rules.|Playing games versus playing--
- Why are you nodding ?|- Because you're onto something.
- Am I ?|- Aren't you ?
Well, I was thinking about|a play on words.
Something about games versus--
I feel like|I was onto something good.
- Playing games versus playing--|- Sports ?
Yes ! Thank you.|Do you like any of this ?
A lot. I like the idea that you can|be yourself on the road.
I do too.|Did I say that out loud ?
No, I was just--
'Cause I was circling around|the exact same thing,
-which is great, we're on the same--|-Yeah.
Sorry, I'm not thinking straight.|My glands may be swollen.
Maybe they should be more swollen.|You're doing great. Nike. No games.
Just sports.
- Oh.|- You should write that down.
All right.
Did he come up with that,|or did I ?
Boy, can I be--
What ?
Uh, well,|can I be honest with you ?
Please do.
Before I came here, I heard you|were a tough, chauvinistic prick.
I didn't know you were|gonna be that honest.
- Sorry. I'm-- Sorry.|- No, that's all right.
No, that's okay. You must have|looked so forward to meeting me.
I was dreading it. I had this whole|other person built up in my mind.
Well, since we're sharing,|I heard a few things about you too.
Yes, I'm sure. I'm the ''man-eating|bitch Darth Vader'' of the ad world.
Really ? All right.|Well, nice to meet you.
That's not who I am at all.
Just for the record,|I don't think that's who you are.
I don't.
Thank you.|I appreciate that.
See, no games equals|embarrassing moment.
Don't fall for a guy at work.|Don't fall for a guy at work.
- Don't fall for a guy at work.|- Why ?
Why what ?
Why won't-- Why don't I just|work on these storyboards...
and then bring them back around|to you tomorrow if you're free.
I'm free.|Just call me anytime.
l'm flirting.|What's wrong with me ?
God ! I just looked at his penis.|I hope he didn't see me.
Oh, shit ! I just looked|at it again ! Stop it !
- Are you all right ?|- Fine. I got something in my eye.
Allright, um--|So, great.
So tomorrow will be--|That'll be great. I'll see you then.
- Uh, good work by the way.|- You too.
- You sure you're all right ?|- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Are you laughing at me ?
- Yeah.|- Good.
I didn't think anyone else|was still here.
- I didn't know anyone was here.|- What time is it ?
It's after 1 0:00.
- I didn't realize it was so late.|- I feel so alone.
Um-- I didn't catch that.|Sorry ?
- I didn't realize how late it was.|- And I'm glad you're here.
I'm stuck.|I feel so alone.
- You want a hand with this ?|- No, thanks. I'm okay.
Yeah, I'm not buying it.|What's going on ?
Well, I have an early meeting|tomorrow with Dan,
and I wanted to make it|later so I could be more prepared.
But then you slipped in there|and took the only time he had left,
which left me with|8:15 tomorrow morning.
It's fine. I'm just not|as ready as I wish I was.
- Sorry.|- You didn't do it on purpose.
I just don't want him|to be disappointed.
Hey, why don't we go through|some of these together ?
- Really ?|- I insist.
- Unless you're too tired.|- Oh, no.
- I'm not tired.|- Yeah, I can see that.
It's just so far beyond|tired at this point.
I've basically stopped sleeping|ever since I took this job.
- You have ?|- Yeah, it's weird.
I, um--|How do I say this ?
You don't feel quite|like yourself here, do you ?
No, I don't.|Not yet, anyway.
Plus, I'm mad|that I'm getting sick.
I never, ever get sick.|In fact,
you don't have to sit|so close to me if you don't want to.
No, come here.|I'll brave it.
So, where do we kick off ?
- Control-top panty hose ?|- Okay.
Personally, I think|they do the trick.
You've worn|control-top panty hose ?
- Did you put a pair in the box ?|- Seriously ?
Oh, yeah.
- You are full of surprises.|- Yeah.
No, no, no. I mean that|as a compliment. I love that.
- And how did you look in them ?|- Ooh. Hot.
My daughter and her boyfriend|walked in, and I got 'em on with--
And they said what when|they saw you in your panty hose ?
It was the turquoise Wonderbra|they noticed. Then, the nail polish.
The dress|you picked out is totally hideous.
- l'm not coming out.|- It can't be that bad. Come on out.
I look like a nun--|an ugly nun.
Why ? Because it's gray ?|Gray is the new black.
If he says he likes it,|I'll die.
Okay, next.
This, I love.
Thank you.|Next.
I think this is the one.
I like that--|No, I love that.
Okay, this is it.
Let me take a look.
Yes !|I look older.
This is great.|Oh, God, I need boobs.
Oh, I'll buy a padded bra|when he's not around.
I can't believe this is what I'll be|wearing the last night I'm a virgin.
- Or what I'll be taking off.
- Alex ?|- Hmm ?
I wanna talk to you about something|that's pretty important.
- I've never talked to you about--|- Oh, God.
He's actually gonna try|to be a dad.
This should be hilarious.
I realize I haven't been|the perfect dad.
Understatement of the|century. Can you pass the bread ?
Yeah, sure, sure. But that does|not mean I don't have the right...
to talk to you about--|about--
- About ?
All right.|You're a young woman now,
and you may be flirting|with the idea of-of--
Having sex ?
Um, can I get a lemonade,|please ?
Well, you know, boys and girls|think very differently about sex.
My hunch is girls just want guys|to like 'em and hang out with 'em.
Whereas guys--|And not all guys, allright ?
But most guys, they pretty much|just wanna have sex.
Okay, I'm--|What I'm trying to say here is,
I don't want you|to feel pressured...
- because your boyfriend's older.|- Please. Save it.
Mom had this talk with me|when I was, like, 11.
You're supposed to have sex when|you're in love and it's special.
- I know everything.
And Mom knows me for real|and knows my friends and Cameron,
so let's leave the parental|talks up to her, okay ?
- I promised Cameron I'd do it.|- Oh, jeez.
And also, let's not make me|part of this Nick makeover...
or whatever this new thing|you're into is, okay ?
- What new thing ?|- What new thing ?
This ridiculous new guy|you're trying to be.
Clowning around with me ?|Asking if we can make a salad ?
Watch Friends together ?
I mean, it's nuts|after 15 years of no relating.
I mean, come on.
Who are you to talk about|relationships anyway ?
You never had a real relationship|with anyone in your entire life.
Look, l'm supposed|to meet my friends.
- So I'm gonna go, okay ?|- Sure.
Thanks for the dress.
She didn 't even finish her lunch.
Johnny-come-lately,|giving her advice ?
- Oh, teenagers.|- I think the talk worked.
- She's totally right.|- Move on, dude. It's over.
Now you've seen how|the cake is assembled.
The next time you admire a wedding|cake, you'll be able to appreciate--
Wow.|It looks so gorgeous.
- Fit, vibrant hair.|- Oh.
I hated being overweight. I always|wanted to be thin and pretty...
and wear cute little clothes.
lt built and it built,|and my health deteriorated.
And I couldn 't walk|and I couldn 't stand...
to even stand up at the park for|ten minutes while my kids played.
I tried sitting on the swings, and|the chains cut my hips and it hurt.
And I couldn't -|I couldn 't run and I couldn 't move.
And I was tired|and I wanted to be a good mom.
- What the hell's wrong with me ?
- Hello ?|- What am I doing ?
- Darcy ?
How did you know it was me ?|I didn't say anything.
I, uh, just sensed it.
Shit. I'm such an idiot.|I didn't think he'd be there.
- Excuse me ?|- I didn't mean to really call you.
I had your number here,|and I was thinking of you.
Thinking of calling you.
Obviously,|I did call you.
Oh, no, that's all right.|I, uh--
I was thinking about you too.
Well, here's to another|great idea.
- What, ''Let's meet for a drink'' ?|- Yes.
- Yeah ?|- Exactly what I wanted to say.
Sometimes I think|you're a bit of a mind reader.
But I don't have to be|a mind reader with you.
- Hmm.|- You always say what you think.
- I know. It's a curse.|- What--
- Are you kidding ?|It's a relief-- an enormous relief.
Do you know how rare that is|to actually say what you think ?
Do you have any idea how rare it is|for someone to actually like that ?
Trust me, this has not been|a great thing in my life.
My ex-husband didn't love me.|Let's just put it that way.
He didn't love you ?
Did I just say that ?
Oh, God !
Um, I meant to say ''it.''|He didn't love it--
that I spoke my mind.
If you wanna know the truth,|I'm not sure he did really love me.
- Ooh.|- There's a conversation starter.
God. A smart person would|just get so very drunk now.
How long|were you married ?
A little less than a year.
I've been divorced about nine|months now. We worked together.
- You know that, right ?|- Oh, yeah. I knew that.
- I heard it.|- Hmm.
- What was that like ?|- It was great in the beginning.
But it changed.|It became competitive.
Suddenly, the better I did,|the worse we did.
The price I pay|for being me.
- I know that now. No, truly.
- Oh.|- No, no, it's true.
Do you wanna know|all this about me ?
Keep going.
Well, that's why I needed|to get out there on my own,
as scary as it was.
I mean, not scary,|but, um--
Well, yeah,|I was kind of scared.
- Why ?|- I don't know.
I guess I wasn't sure|I could do the job.
I mean,|I thought I could do it,
but I'm finding Sloane-Curtis|a tougher place than I thought.
I'm sorry.
- I know you were up for my job.|- No.
- I'm sorry I'm the one that got it.|- I'm-I'm not. I'm not.
- I've learned a lot from you.|- Like what ?
Like what ? For starters,|you really love what you do.
- You really love what you do.|- Not as much as you do.
How can you say that ?|You're so great at it.
You're so great at it.
I think Dan's even wondering|why he hired me. Really.
I think the bloom|is definitely off the rose.
You wanna hear something|really great ?
I just closed escrow on|my first apartment ever.
Finally, I own my own place.
- What? I wish I was a mind reader.|- No.
I was just thinking...
how men like me|can get so screwed up.
I don't think|there are men like you.
If we kissed,|would it ruin everything ?
Listen to me.
I think...
you are one of|the great women.
I really do.
I'm sorry.
But I just meant to say|thank you.
I'm so sorry.
Well, I, uh,|guess I'll see you...
in, let's see,|three and a half hours.
Nick, may I just say...
you are an exceptionally|great kisser.
No, I mean|really, really great.
Well, I haven't had|this much fun making out since--
I've never had|this much fun making out.
Me either.
- Don't let this get weird at work ?|- No.
We have nothing|to be embarrassed about.
We made out.|You and I made out.
- And if I may, it was--|- Sexy as hell.
God. That's just what|I was about to say.
But I think I said it first,|I think.
- Oh, no, you did.|- Oh.
Um, well,|all right, then.
Oh, I'm a grown woman.|Just say it.
Do you want to come back|to my place ?
Say it !|Do you want to come--
Good night, Darcy.
Good night.
Good night.
What am I doing ?
It's okay. Okay.|Here he comes.
- Lola ?
I know I haven't|heard from you.
Lola, how long|have you been out here ?
Just a few... hours.
Nick, you said that|you wouldn't hurt me.
And then you slept with me, and then|you didn't call me for six days.
So that, in the world of me,|that's torture.
I mean, we have this totally|unbelievable, life-altering sex,
and then|you just disappear.
I mean, you-you-you|stopped drinking coffee !
Lola, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay, because|I figured out your little secret.
- You did ?|- It's so obvious.
How else would you know|the things that you know ?
- It wasn't obvious to anybody else.|- Nick, come on.
You're so sensitive.|You're so aware of my feelings.
You're so tuned in.
You talk to me like a woman,|you think like a woman.
Nick ! Come on ! Admit it.|You're totally and completely gay.
- I am ?|- You're not ?
Oh ! I mean, if you're not,|you gotta tell me.
Based on the other night--|Just put me out of my misery.
Are you or aren't you ?
Say you're gay. Then l'm not nuts.|l'm not undesirable.
Not rejected by another guy !|Say it ! Say you're gay ! Admit it !
I'm gay.
How gay ?
Oh !|I'm as gay as it gets.
You're gonna make some guy|very happy someday.
Oh, from your lips.
God, I hate that|I'm crying.
Well, look it.
If things should ever change|in that department--
- You'll be the first to know.|- You promise ?
Oh, yeah, I promise.|Come here.
Oh, boy.
-It was very nice meeting you, Nick.|-And you.
Thanks for pep talk, yes ?
You two just|take care of each other.
- And thanks for the yarmulke.|- Oh, no problem.
- You wear it well, yes ?|- Happy trails, kids.
- Isn't he great ?|- Darcy !
I need to talk to you.
Uh-oh, look at him.|I knew it. He is weird about it.
This is not about last night.|It's about the Nike meeting.
And I honestly believe|in my gut...
- that you should make the pitch.|- Oh, God.
-I guilted you into this last night.|-No, no.
- It would be better if you did it.|- No, no, no.
This is your baby.|You've gotta do it.
I gotta go meet and greet|these folks. I'll see you in there.
- It's not my baby.|- Yes, it is.
I predict no one will even know I'm|gone until the files start to build.
It could be days.
And then someone|will finally ask,
''Where's the geek in the glasses|who carries all the files ?''
Do either of you two know what|the story is on this Erin girl ?
- Miss Lonely Hearts ? Who knows ?|- Yeah.
Ooh, I know.|She's been here two years.
She tried to be a copywriter|but got turned down.
- So she got stuck as a messenger.|- What fool turned her down ?
You did, sire.
Well, did I ever|meet with her at least ?
I don't think so. As I recall,|you told me to ''blow her off.''
Well, I wanna meet|with her now.
The kid's got something.|She's kind of funny.
This is your lucky day. I just saw|the Nike group get off the elevator.
All women. Your specialty.|Come on. I'll walk you up.
I hate what I'm doing to Darcy.|I hate it !
I'm gonna write her|a long letter, confess everything.
- You're doing Darcy ? Since when ?|- No !
I said I hate what|I'm doing to Darcy.
- Men are stupider. It's true.|- Will you stop it ?
- They are.|- ''They'' ? Are you a woman now ?
Oh, I wish. A woman wouldn't have|screwed over the woman she loved.
No, they don't think that way.|And another thing.
- This thing about penis envy.|- Yeah.
Not true. No.|They don't envy it.
Half of'em|don't even like it.
You know who has|penis envy ? We do.
That's why we cheat|and screw up and lie,
because we're all obsessed|with our own equipment.
- You ready ? Okay.|- Yeah.
You don't stand in front|of a mirror before a run...
and wonder what the road|will think of your outfit.
You don't have to listen to its|jokes and pretend they're funny.
lt would not be easier to run|if you dressed sexier.
The road doesn't notice|if you're not wearing lipstick.
lt does not care|how old you are.
You do not feel|uncomfortable...
because you make more money|than the road.
And you can call on the road|whenever you feel like it,
whether it's been a day...
or even a couple of hours|since your last date.
The only thing|the road cares about...
is that you pay it a visit|once in a while.
Nike.|No games.
Just sports.
- He nailed it.|- They hit a home run.
Where do we sign ?
Why are you not the happiest guy|in Chicago right now ?
You just did so great.
No, no, I didn't do so great.|We did so--
No, actually,|you did so great.
- You.|- You, me.
We did great !
Will you come with me someplace ?|I wanna show you something.
- I have something I need to finish.|- Please ?
Okay.|Here you go.
- Come with me.|- All right.
-Should I close my eyes or anything?|-No.
So, you see those top|two floors right there ?
I do.
- All mine.|- Wow.
Come here.
So this is my--
living room.
It's beautiful.
What are you thinking ?
You've got that look|you have sometimes.
Yeah ? No. I was just wondering|when you get to move in.
Well, they said|two weeks, so--
Okay.|This is the dining room.
- The fireplace works. Come here.|- Wow.
I can see elegant parties in here.|Waiters with caviar,
- you in a beautiful gown.|- You can see all that ?
Maybe you're naked and I'm the only|guest, but it'd still be elegant.
Okay.|So this is upstairs.
There's a second bedroom|or a future office or whatever.
- And this is my boudoir.
Your boudoir comes with|pretty decent music.
It does.
Where is that coming from ?
Let's turn up the volume.
So, where's your bed going ?
Uh, right... here.
So, if you had a bed,
we'd be dancing on it.
I like it here.
I like it here too.
No. I mean,|I like it here.
Believe me, we're|as excited as you are.
- Dan ? I gotta talk to you.|- Yeah ?
He'll be there. Bye. I gotta|talk to you too. That was Nike.
They're gonna announce to the trades|that we won the account.
I gotta hand it to you. You saved|my ass. You saved the company's ass.
Actually, Dan, I had very little|to do with saving anybody's ass.
It's Darcy you should be thanking,|that's what I want to talk about.
Darcy ? Please. I was there.|The girl didn't open her mouth.
Look, I'm a big enough man|to admit when I screw up.
I looked at the marketplace|and I panicked.
Nick, forgive me.|I want you to step in here.
No, no, no, no. Dan, you did|the right thing when you hired her.
I mean, she is the best creative|director I have ever seen, bar none.
- This isn't about-- She's adorable.|- Oh, yeah, she is.
- But this isn't about that ?|- No, no. Not like that. No, no.
Please. Look.
I've been doing|a lot of listening lately.
And I've decided...|I need to take a leave of absence.
I need to get away from here|and get some perspective on things.
What are you, nuts ? What is this ?|What do you mean ?
This is the biggest account|this company has ever landed.
Do you want me to have|nobody running the shop ?
What are you talking about ?|Darcy's here.
For somebody who listens a lot,|you don't hear so well.
I had a meeting with her today.|I sat her down.
- We had a talk.|- Oh, Dan ! You didn't.
- Tell me you didn't fire her.|- She didn't even put up a fight.
- Oh, Dan, no !|- Hey, she's gone, pal.
No, no. It's not too late.|Look, call her.
Tell her you need her back,|you made a mistake. Hire her back.
- Hey, calm down. I can't do that.|- Why ?
Because I talked to the board and I|told them I don't need her anymore.
- Oh !|- They offered her a settlement.
Besides, Nike says they want you.|You're what they bought.
- I got a delivery-- Can I--
Would you come out for one second ?|Let me tell you something.
My job is to deliver you.
Dan, Nike bought an idea.|It wasn't even mine.
Every good idea that they loved|yesterday came from her.
And if you don't get Darcy McGuire|back in here, and I mean pronto,
the board is gonna be|paying you your settlement.
This is all about|saving your ass, right ?
Save it.
Annie, get a hold of Darcy's address|and number as quick as possible.
- Yeah, sure.|- Where's the girl in glasses ?
Erin ? I don't think|she's in today.
- Did she call in sick ?|- I don't think so. Didn't show up.
Oh, where does she live ?
-Does anyone know where Erin lives ?|- Who's Erin ?
And then someone|will finally ask,
''Where's the geek in the glasses|who carries all the files ?''
Hey. Yeah.|Did you get a hold of Darcy ?
No ? Keep trying. And when you get|a hold of her, tell her to stay put.
I'm coming right over. I just have|to make a little stop on the way.
Do you know where this is ?
Down the alley.
Just down the alley.
- Come on, Erin. Be there. Please--
Erin ?
Hello ?
No, no.
Dear Mom--
Mr. Marshall !|Mr. Marshall ?
Yes, Erin.|Yes, it's me.
- l'm sorry.
I really did not mean|to scare you. Okay ?
I just wanted to come|and see how you are.
How are you ?
Mr. Marshall, if you're here because|I didn't show up today, I'm sorry.
I was just about to call.|I swear.
No, I'm not here because|you didn't show up for work.
But I'm here--|Well, I--
I bet you're wondering|why I am here, huh ?
As a matter of fact,|I was just thinking that.
I was thinking, ''Why is Mr. Marshall|here in my bedroom ?''
You were...|thinking that just now ?
Yeah, in my head.
I must have water|in my ears or something.
But you're, you know,|not thinking anything now, are you ?
I'm thinking a million things.
Really ?
Because, you know,|usually I can, uh--
I can, uh--
You are thinking something|right this minute ?
Mr. Marshall, I am thinking|that you are crazier than I am.
I think--
I think I lost--
It's gone.
I'm back.
- I'm back.|- Mr. Marshall ?
Yeah ?
I'm sorry. Is there something|I can maybe do for you ?
No, Erin, uh--
Actually, I came here to see if|I could do something for you.
- For me ?|- Yeah.
See, the truth is--
The truth--
Erin, the truth is,
I'm glad I got here before you|did anything to hurt yourself.
What makes you think that|I would, uh,
do something|to hurt myself?
I just sensed it.
Really ?
You could sense that ?
Well, that's not--|That's not good.
Yeah. But the real reason|I'm here is because--
Well, here's the thing. The real|reason I'm here is because--
As you know|we have the Nike account,
and we have a job opening|in our team.
And Darcy McGuire and I,|we were just discussing--
really spitballing on who could be|great enough to fill that void.
Suddenly, your name popped|into my head, and I remembered...
that you once applied|for a job as a copywriter.
I thought I'd come down here and|see if you were still interested.
Didn't you try and meet with me|a while back ?
Yeah, I tried, but you were|unavailable, and then out of town--
Well, now I'm available.
And as you can plainly see|I'm in town,
so I'm here|to take that meeting...
if you're available.
I'm available.
I'm unbelievably available.
Hi, this is Darcy McGuire.
l'm not home right now,|so please leave a message.
- I'll get back as soon as I can.
Darcy ?|Hi, Darcy, it's Nick.
Uh, l'm standing right outside|your place here.
I sure wish I could find you,|get a hold of you.
Are you all right ?|I hope so.
Anyway, call me|when you get this.
I'm on my cell.|Triple five, 1-2-2-6.
I really need to talk to you.
Just making sure|you're not there.
You're not, right ?|No, I didn't think so.
All right, so call me, please.|Please.
- Darcy ?|- No, it's me.
Gigi ? Uh--|Is everything all right ?
- Are you back in town already ?|- No, not until tomorrow.
Alex called me three times|from a pay phone really upset.
Then we got disconnected. What's|the matter ? Isn't she at the prom ?
The prom.
Excuse me. Do you know|where Alex Marshall is ?
Little tenth grader ?|Brown hair ? About this high ?
I saw her in the ladies' room.|She's been there for, like, an hour.
Alex, are you in here ?
Alex, it's me.
What are you doing here ?
Oh, honey, I just--
You know, I can't believe|that I screwed up.
I wasn't there when|you left for the prom.
Yeah, well, that's not why l'm|in here, so you can just go, okay ?
Oh, boy, I feel awful.|Are you okay ? I mean, I--
Come on out. Let me see|how you look, at least.
- Come on.|- I look like crap !
I already took my hair out|and everything.
So, you know,|what happened ?
Well, if I told you,|you'd just freak out, so--
What have you got to lose ?|Try me.
Cameron and his friends,|they had this big plan.
They rented this hotelroom|and-and--
It was like a suite.
Basically, I promised him|that I was gonna--
I can't believe I'm gonna|say this to you.
I promised him that|I was gonna...
sleep with him|after the prom.
And like an hour ago,
we were on the dance floor|and I said,
''I'm sorry, Cameron.|You know, I'm just not ready.''
Good.|Good girl.
- Dad, come on !|- l'm sorry, l'm sorry. Go on.
Then he goes, ''Well, the limo,|the room and the tux,
it all cost me 400 bucks. ''
And I said,|''I'm sorry. I'm just not--''
And he cuts me off|and he says,
''I never should've asked a sophomore|to the prom. What a waste.''
Then two seconds later,
he goes and meets up|with his old girlfriend...
and starts making out|with her.
I mean, this disgusting slut|with a tongue ring.
And then they were|laughing and--
I just can't|go out there ever.
- Oh, honey, l'm so proud of you.|- Dad !
- What are you doing ?|- I'm sorry. I'm-I'm sorry.
But I am.|And believe it or not,
I know what it's like|to be a woman.
I mean, it's not|as easy as it looks.
You stood up for yourself. You know|how ahead of the game you are ?
Anyway, a guy that treats you like|that and talks to you like that,
- he's not--|- Worth my time. Yes, I know.
- It's true. He's not.|- He's a gameplayer, I hate that.
You are so much smarter|than me.
And look at you.
That clown made out with a girl|with a tongue ring over you ?
you look beautiful.
Take me home, Dad.
What am I doing ?|She's not in the refrigerator.
I wonder if it's too late|to go over there.
No, it's not too late. It's never|too late to do the right thing.
That's what I'll do. I'll go over|there and I'll do the right thing.
Hello ?
Uh, hi, it's me.|Oh, I'm glad I found you.
Can I come up ?
Darcy ?|I need to--
You need to what ?|It's 1:00 in the morning.
I need to talk to you.
So, you sleep here now ?
I thought I might as well give it a|try before I have to sell the place.
Sell it? You're not|selling the place.
Can't afford to keep it.|I don't have a job.
You know, you ought to try|returning some of your phone calls.
- You got your job back.|- Oh, do I ?
- You're a riot. You know that ?|- lt's true.
Dan told me so himself.
Why would he tell you that ? I|didn't do the job he hired me to do.
Even I don't blame him|for firing me.
Look, I'm, uh--|You can come on in.
I don't have any chairs,|but if you wanna--
What if I told you that...
you did everything|that you were hired to do--
everything-- but that|someone was sabotaging you ?
Picking your brain,|swiping your ideas and--
Well, you-- you never|even knew what hit you.
- How is that possible ?|- Oh, trust me, it's possible.
Well, who would do|such an awful thing ?
I would.
I was a dope|with a corner office.
And when you came with the job|I was supposed to have,
I mean, it didn't matter|to me that...
you were better at it than me|or you earned it more than I did.
As far as I was concerned, it was|mine, and I was gonna get it back.
So I took advantage of you|in the worst possible way.
Have you ever done that ?
Taken the wrong road and--|No, of course you haven't.
You wouldn't do that.|That's just--
Somebody like me does that.
And, uh--
The problem with that was that while|I was digging the hole under you...
I found out|all about you.
And the more I found out...
the more you dazzled me.
I mean, shook my world,|changed my life, dazzled me.
And guys like that ex-husband|of yours, he made you feel that...
the price you pay|just for being you...
is that you don't get|to have love.
Isn't that what you were|trying to say the other night ?
That you weren't complete ?|That you weren't really a winner ?
Everything about you--
how smart you are,|how good you are--
everything just makes me|want you even more.
Oh, wow.|Boy.
So it looks like I'm here|at 1:00 in the morning...
being all heroic|trying to rescue you,
but the truth is...
I'm the one that needs|to be rescued here.
I sure wish|I could read your mind.
Well, I was thinking that, um,
if everything you're saying|is true,
if I really have|my job back...
then I think you're fired.
Well, I never-- I never really|thought about it from that angle.
Well, not that|I don't deserve it. I-do-do--
I'm stuttering.
Now I feel kind of, uh,
embarrassed that I told you|I needed to be rescued.
But that's-that's fine.
That's it ?
I don't want that to be it.
I don't want that|to be it at all.
Then don't let a little thing like|me firing you stand in your way.
I didn't know|what to react to first.
Hey, news flash.
I took the wrong road.
What kind of knight|in shining armor would I be...
if the man I love|needs rescuing...
and I just let him|walk out my door ?
My hero.
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