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What Lies Beneath CD1

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OCR by ShooCat
Good morning, beauty.
Let's go, or we'll never|leave on time.
I'm totally ready.
Come on. I'll make you some waffles.
- Mother...|- Caitlin.
Hey, Cooper.
You want some breakfast too?
You want some waffles?
Good boy.
Look. They're at it again.
Christ, that's twice in...
When did they move in?
Three weeks. What's their name?
Feur, I think. Psych department.|Figures, they're all nuts.
She's awake.
We'll be quiet.
Quick and quiet.
I don't want to be either.
- When's she out of here?|- Norman Spencer!
All right, I can't stand|the rejection. I'm going for a run.
Hey, you okay?
Come on, Pooper. Let's go.
We'll have to leave by 11|if we want to beat the traffic.
Eleven o'clock.
You know, you can call me...
...whenever you want.
...l've known this day was coming|for a long time.
I have Norman, and the garden|and the new house.
You really don't have to worry.
- I'm just saying...|- Really.
I have to go.
Honey, if I don't get you out of here|quick, they'll make you enroll.
I'll call you.
- Bye.|- Bye.
Come home often.
Call your mom.
Beatrice, it's nice to meet you.
- You take care of each other.|- I won't go to a bar without her.
I'm just kidding.
Well, I almost made it.
What are you reading?
{y:i}"Genetic Repair Mechanisms|{y:i}in Eukaryotic Organisms. "
Eukaryotic. How is it?
Oh, a couple of...
...Swedish sailor cells just gang-|divided a virginal cheerleader cell.
Almost there.
- Lf you have to work...|- No, no. Just let me get this.
Okay, almost.
How's it going?
Great. I think we cracked it.
The prenatal thing?
Yeah, I targeted repair.
You are so brilliant.
Madame Curie, Jonas Salk...
...Norman Spencer.
How are you?
I'm fine.
I am. Yeah, really.
It's okay if you're not, you know.
To tell you the truth, I'm...
Yeah, I'm gonna get my life back.|Get some time for myself.
Some time for us.
Did a great job.
She's a good kid.
We did.
Just us now.
I know.
Want to fool around?
What is he doing to her?
- I guess they're making up.|- Wait.
Leave it open.
Think we can take 'em?
It's worth a try.
Do the brilliant Norman stuff|some more.
And speak up.
Mrs. Feur?
Are you all right?
He's so...
It's too much...
...and I can't...
I can't breathe.
And I'm afraid.
What? What are you afraid of?
That one day I'll just...
Is there something I can do?
Can I...?
I've never even met you.
I know. I'm sorry.
I've been consumed.
This fence...'s so...
I'm sorry. Listen, would you like|to come over for coffee, or...?
Oh, God, he's back.
I'm sorry. Please forget what I said.
I don't even know you!|Please!
{y:i}She sounded...
...terrified.|- Of what?
Of him, I think.
Did she say that?
More or less.
I want to go over there.|Let's go and...
- Why?|- To see if she's all right...
Honey, we're not going to march over|to our new neighbors and accuse them...
- That's not what I'm suggesting.|- Especially since they'll keep us up...
...with their sexual olympics.
What if something happened to her?
- Nothing will happen.|- I'd never forgive...
Honey, people argue.
People fight.
It's not our business.
- I've got to work tonight.|- I know.
This conference is the first|big preview of my paper.
I've just got to stay focused|a little while longer.
This is what I've been working for.
I just wish you could have heard her.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll call Harvey Tomes tomorrow|in the psych department...
...and I'll see what I can|find out about him.
Yeah, I promise.
Hey, lady!
What are you doing?
Looking for you.
What are you doing?
Just trying to drop off this|welcome thing for the new neighbors.
Not home?
Guess not.
- You are so good at this.|- Lf I were, I'd have done it weeks ago.
I gave my neighbors wine|that someone left at my house.
- Are you staying?|- Just came by to see how you're doing.
Good. I'm good.
Are you?
Why does everyone|find that so surprising?
Because your only daughter|just left for college...
...who you're extremely close with.
I'd be tripping.
Oh, right.
You had a hell of a year too.|The move, the new house...
...the garden.
The car.
A minor setback.
Was that a year ago?
This week.
Wow. Now Caitlin.
Big stress stuff.
I'm a little tender.
Good. You're human.
And so far this week, my big task|is to take pictures of my roses...
...for the garden club.
Got here just in time, didn't I?
Brought you something.
It's Kambucha mushroom tea.
It soothes heartache|and promotes psychic wellness.
- Floriana suggested it.|- So you discuss me with your psychic?
No, and she's not really a psychic.|Just an enlightened spirit.
Like me.
That's worse.|You're gossiping about me.
Notice anything different?
Oh, my God. You bought it!
It's a beautiful thing, alimony.
You lose a husband...
...get a car.
- Think it'll help me pick up dudes?|- Absolutely.
I have to run. You take care.
Thanks for the tea.
- Norman!|- What?
Come here. You have to see this.
- What's the matter?|- Look.
What, Claire?
I thought I saw...
- l...|- What?
- I thought I saw something.|- Jesus Christ!
Hi, is Caitlin there?
Any idea when she'll be back?
You be sure to tell her I called?
Thanks, Beatrice.
Well, that's a first.
Cooper, come on.
Get your ball.
What's the matter?
Cooper, it's your favorite ball.
- Hello?|- "Hi."
{y:i}I'm stuck here for another|{y:i}couple of hours. Sorry.
{y:i}Unless you want me to come home?
No. No, it's fine.
{y:i}You sure?
Oh, absolutely. Take your time.
{y:i}See you soon. Love you.
Love you. Bye.
Fine. Have it your way.
We use different kinds.|Now we're using halothane.
Halothane? Is that a sedative?
It's a dissociative.
It paralyzes motor function,|but leaves her conscious.
She can't move,|but knows what's going on.
- Hi, Mrs. Spencer.|- Hi, Teddy.
- How long does that last?|- Five minutes.
- Sometimes three.|- Can it be used on all mammals?
Yeah, any procedure where you want to|get the patient immobile, pain-free.
Hi. What are you doing here?
- Are you okay?|- I...
I heard noises.
- What kind of noises? Where?|- At the house. I was scared.
- Did you call the police?|- No.
I'll have the police|check on the house while I'm gone.
Oh, great.
"Could you check in on my wife?|She's hearing voices."
Wait till that gets around.
I'll be in New Haven for the|conference. I want you to feel safe.
I do.
I'm sure it was just...
Did you call about the Feurs?
Oh, yeah.
Harvey says the guy's harmless.|Wouldn't hurt a flea.
Warren. Warren Feur.
What about her?
I know he told me...
I met Schumway today.
Who wrote that book you love.
They were doing some spiel|for the chemistry department... Bob Shine introduces us.
You'll love this.|He looks right at me...
...and congratulates me|on Spencer's Theorem.
He didn't know your father was dead?
He knew.
You're so sensitive about that.
- No, I'm not.|- You are.
You always overreact.
I'll have to watch that, won't I?
Was it Mary?
Mrs. Feur.
Warren and Mary?
Mary. That's it.
I'm gonna do some work.
Mrs. Feur?
Can I help you?
Oh, yes.
I'm Claire Spencer, from next door.
Nice to meet you.
I wanted to stop by and welcome you|to the neighborhood.
Thank you, but this really isn't|a good time. I'm running late.
Is your wife home?
No, she isn't.
When will she be back?
I have to go.
I'm sorry. It was nice to meet you.
{y:i}What's he doing?
Eating dinner.
TV dinner.
{y:i}That's bad.
{y:i}That's my shiatsu guy.
{y:i}Listen, call me back if he starts in|{y:i}on some serial-killer dessert...
{y:i}... like ladyfingers.
- You got it.|- "Bye."
Where did you go?
Jesus, Claire.
- What the hell are you doing?|- I was looking...
- Spying.|- Spying on Mr. Feur.
- How come you're not dressed?|- Dressed?
Dinner with Stan.
- Tonight?|- Tonight.
- We're going to be...|- Fashionably five minutes late.
Are you saying he murdered his wife?
Is that so ridiculous?|She was terrified...
...and now she doesn't answer|the door, but her car's in the garage.
Maybe she was out,|or in bed with the flu.
- Or maybe she was abducted by aliens.|- Who are you calling?
- Restaurant.|- We're not at the center of the bridge.
You can't get service|until the center.
I know we're not at the center.
There. See?
Well, that's a relief.
Hi, Stan.
Hey, Claire. Norman.
- Sorry we're late.|- It's my fault.
We just got here.
- Where's the new squeeze?|- Here I am.
- This is...|- Elena?
Oh, my God. Claire!
I don't believe it!
- This is...|- We know each other.
- Norman.|- Hello, Norman. How do you do?
Claire, look at you!
You look beautiful.
Here was this brilliant conductor|in purple bikini briefs...
...with no bangs...
...cursing his ass off in Finnish.
Oh, Claire.
I made an honest woman of her.
How long have you been in Vermont?
Oh, well, Norman grew up here.
Remember Beau Flynn, head of cardio|at the hospital? He was just sacked.
I just dropped her off at college.
He was involved in some stalking|incident. An intern, some girl.
We're getting so old!
They don't screw around|with that anymore.
- When did we last get together?|- New York.
- Of course. Right after...|- Right after Michael died.
- Michael who?|- Marlov.
Claire's first husband.
- Oh, the musician.|- Yeah.
You know, we all toured together.
Have you heard her play?
I would sit on-stage...
...during Claire's solo...
...and I mean, truly, I had tears|streaming down my face.
I mean, she's fabulous.
So why did you stop?
Well, one night, after a concert...
...I met a dashing, handsome...
...genius scientist...
...and three months later,|I was married.
Is that when you guys|moved up to Vermont?
No, we were living in Boston...
...when Norman was offered a position.
A position.
The DuPont Chair in genetics.
I see. So now you're teaching|at your father's school here.
I actually don't... much teaching anymore.
I run a research project.
Norman's father had this old stuffy...
- stately place on a lake.
- Which we're renovating.|- Practically gutted.
- No, we didn't.|- Yes, we did.
- Wait till you see it. It's beautiful.|- It is beautiful. You'll see it.
It's haunted.
Is it really?
Claire's hearing things.
What? What are you hearing?
I don't know. I heard...
...voices, whispering...
A picture fell.
You know, I completely believe|in all that.
You do?
I do.
Wait a minute.|Who do you think it is?
I know exactly who it is.
It's my old man.
He's pissed about us|dicking around with the house.
It's all right.
Calm down, Claire.
It's okay.
Whose idea was it?
Mine. His.
We both thought...
I didn't want to come here.
- Then why did you?|- He was worried about me.
- Your husband?|- Yes.
I'm sure he's hoping you'll pack me|full of Prozac or lithium... he can live out his life|in peace.
- Do you really think so?|- No.
Are you on medication?
No. Well, Valium.
For sleeping.
Having trouble sleeping?
When I get anxious.
Do you get anxious only at night?
No, I only take Valium at night.
For sleeping.
Why do you get anxious?
I don't know.
Why do you think|your husband's worried?
I don't know.
Because ever since Caitlin left...
Ever since my daughter left|for school...
...there have been...
I've been...
Why is this so hard?
Here. Have a fireball.
Thank you.
It's hard because I'm|a complete stranger...
...and you're talking about|incredibly personal things.
Besides, most people, when they|come the first time, are wondering...
...if I think they're crazy.
Don't worry. I'm required... have three sessions|before I can commit.
That was a joke.
These are good. They're hot.
There's a ghost in my house.
I saw her in the water, beside me... the bathtub.
What does she look like?
She looked like...
Only she had green eyes.
Any idea who she is?
Maybe. But I'd rather not say|just yet.
What do you think I should do?
Try to contact her.
Communicate with her somehow.|Find out what she wants.
What do you want me to do?|Go buy a Ouija board?
Are we hoping the ghost|will have to use the potty?
This is where she was.
This is where I...
...saw her.
That makes sense.
- Where did you finally find one?|- IKmart.
I think we're supposed to sit|in a protective circle, aren't we?
What's that for?
- Where did you get it?|- Never mind.
You stole her shoe.
You have to have something|of the dead woman's.
Says who?
Is that blood on it?
I don't know. Just place your fingers|on the message indicator.
We wish to commune...
...with the spirit...
"Wish to commune."
- Forget it.|- What?
No, this whole thing is insane.
I'm sorry.
What's her first name?
Mary Feur, Mary Feur...
We wish to communicate...
...with the spirit of Mary Feur.
Not much happening.
What was that?
It's flickering.
- Did you see that?|- Yeah.
...about our little sťance.
Norman doesn't need to know.
- I won't tell if you won't.|- It's just that...
...ever since the accident...
...he treats me like I'm this...
...fragile, loopy...
Well, I am seeing ghosts|in the bathtub, aren't I?
You did wrap your car around a tree|doing, like, 80.
He was pretty shaken up.
- We all were.|- It was an accident. A year ago.
I'm fine.
Of course you are.
You're just not much of a medium,|however.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Get some rest.
Did you pick up any dudes yet?
I have one in the trunk.
What do you want?
She's dead.
- Who's dead?|- You know damn well who's dead.
The Feur thing.
Listen to me.
He killed her and I'm not crazy.
Jody and I had a sťance in the|bathroom, and nothing happened...
...but when I went back there|she was there. She was.
Wait a minute.
You had a sťance?
- Are you angry with me?|- What?
- Maybe you resent how busy I've been.|- No.
You know what I've got at stake for|this paper. How important it is to me.
I can't help feeling that you're|trying to sabotage me, to hurt me.
Norman, this isn't about you.
Something is happening to me.
And it's not to get even, and it's|not some warped bid for attention.
Something is happening in our house,|whether you like it or not.
Claire, stop.
You're overreacting.
Don't tell me how to react.
- Will you keep your voice down?|- I will not!
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I am losing my mind.
But what if I'm not?
What if she died...
...some horrible death?
Can we please not do this here?
Oh, wow.
You think you're smart, don't you?
You think you got away with it.
Well, I know you killed her,|you murdering son of a bitch!
Don't give me that shit.
Your wife.
She's very upset. Forgive us, please.
I didn't kill my wife.
Are you all right?
Come on, honey.
Come on. Let's go.
I'm sorry.
You all right?
Oh. Yeah.
I'm fine.
What happened? Just now?
I just saw Norman's face.
He was so frightened for me.
How's your marriage?
Good. Really good.
We've had our moments, I guess...
...but he's a wonderful husband|and father.
I mean, sure, he can be obsessed|with his work...
...and sometimes it's like...
...that he doesn't see me.
Or, you know... I'm...
That there's something wrong...
...with me.
That can't feel good.
I see where you're going with this...
...but my marriage is fine. No.
I have had some kind of|empty-nest episode...
...where I saw...
...some things that weren't there.
Let's deal with that.|I'm willing to deal with that.
"Thought you might need this.|Love, Jody."
Mrs. Spencer.
I wanted to apologize|for scaring you like I did.
When I thought about|how it must have seemed...
Please. Let's just...
Claire Spencer.
Mary Feur.
- Would you like a cup of coffee?|- Very much.
{y:i}That day at the fence... seemed terrified.
I don't think I imagined that.
What were you so afraid of?
Have you ever felt so completely|consumed by a feeling for someone...
...that you couldn't breathe?
Thought that your time together|was so...
...passionate and consuming that you|felt physical pain when they'd leave?
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