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Subtitles for Wedlock 1991.

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Wedlock 1991

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Attention please
the Theatre of Diamonds will be closing in five minutes
Please complete your transactions and exit by the main doors
What do you think? Sam
Did you boost that
Of course not l paid him the twelve grand
What are you crazy?
You'd risk a job like this for a lousy necklace?
Come on, kids
You said enough
Over here
Hey, guys, next floor
One more up, sorry
l'm sorry, man
Hey, what the hell's going on?
Excuse me, get up!
Hey, come on, man, what's you problem?
That's what they get paid for let's go!
Sound the alarm
Don't touch anything until l say so
l said, wait!
l thought you said you found it
l didn't bypass it yet
Geez! Relax, we got time
Over here
Two-three-one-five-seven-five-eight- -- six-one-six-two
Okay, right
You're gonna be a rich bride
These'll be worth at least 25 million dollars
Let's get outta here
Yes, sir, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on
Come on!
They're supposed to be here
Where's your cap?
Screw the cap, take this
l thought we said no guns
Relax, buddy, we gotta look like real cops, right?
Keep it, stay close
Did you see them?
They saw us they ducked back inside
How many?
l don't know
Two? Two
Okay, you two take the roof
You three, inside
Okay, let's go
Let's go, let's go
Nice necklace
Our precinct won't let us wear anything but chains
That's too bad
Yeah, things are really laxed up at the Manchester Station, aren't they?
There is no Manchester Station
What the hell was that?
My God!
Officer down!
Go on, meet you there!
Get after them!
Go after him!
He's in a squad car, go get him!
Go! Hurry up!
Car one-twenty-nine pursuing suspect in police uniform in squad car
Driving East on Gabriel - --
He's heading north at the Olivos Tunnel
Bastard's got us banged into a wall and we can't pursue yet
Want me to go after him when l can?
l have a few people here who would like to meet him
Let's get a position, guys
Let's go
He's coming out any second now
Here he comes, take positions
Hold you ground
All right, here he comes!
He's not stopping! Fire!
Fire! Fire!
All right, move in
Yeah, who's in there?
What the hell's going on?
He rigged the fucking accelerator!
Goddamnit! Motherfucker, Son-of-a-bitch!
Where the fuck is he?
We're still looking!
Where the fuck have you been?
Foolproof, huh?
No cops, no guns, real easy in and out
No problem
Were you out of your mind setting off the alarm?
We almost got killed
Come on, at least you made it, lover
lt could have been a funeral instead of a wedding
Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, come on we gotta get outta here
Yeah, l stopped by the- --
by the way, Frankie, l got some more bad news for you
The lady's with me
Come on, Sam, don't fuck with me
Sorry, Frank, you never were very smart
You're making her say that, right?
Okay, blindfolds off!
Get a move on up here!
Come on, move your sorry butts!
Wipe that smile off your face
What do you think this is?
Get your sorry ass on that line!
Move it, sucker!
You, move!
Come on up here!
No guards, no fences
l wonder why everybody's hanging around
Quiet, fuckfaces!
Now it's your turn, hum?
What's a fetching female like you doing here?
l don't know how many guesses do l get?
Well, good morning
l'm Warden Holliday Welcome to Camp Holliday
The new jewel of maximum security institutions
All of you are not participants in an extraordinary new penal experiment
So far Camp Holliday has been one hundred percent successful
No one has ever escaped
Why? Because we've taken the responsibility off of our shoulders and - --
placed it on your necks
Our gift to each and every one of you
Although it may not make the Cartier catalogue
Nevertheless it has very real and practical purpose
Each one of these collars- --
is electronically linked to another prisoner's collar
lf they're ever separated by more than one hundred yards- --
We like to refer to it as Wedlock
So, you ask why not find out who your Wedlock partner is- --
and both of you run away
Because nobody knows who their partner is
You see the blue line running around the perimeter of the compound
That's the point of no return
Stay within that blue line
and you're always one hundred yards from everyone else in the camp
Everywhere you eat, sleep and work is within that blue line
You cross it, well, l think you get the picture
So you see, ladies- --
gentlemen, who needs fences? Who needs guards?
We got the best ball and chain in the world, your ass
Does it have to be so tight?
You'll get used to it
Oh, l've seen slug wounds in my time but how come you're still breathing?
Well, missed the lung, missed the spine missed the heart
You were lucky
l guess
Okay, you're alive
Remember, don't touch it don't even scratch it
And, if you try to remove this collar you and your Wedlock partner- -- boom!
Move! No women in the men's dorm
No men in the women's dorm
Men and women only meet at work meals and magic hour
Camp Holliday is a non-smoking prison
Anybody caught smoking and they get a day in the floaters
From this point on, you cease to have a name
You will be referred to by your color
Anybody using their real names gets a day in the floaters
Listen up, and remember your colors
Because l'm only gonna go through this once
Cardinal, amber, lime- --
l think it's funny
No joke
You, over there
You, you over there
Over there, son, over there!
You come up here
You, here
Hi, l'm Teal
Hi, Frank Warren
Your name's Magenta, fuckface!
l hear anything else again, the floaters?
l'd like to bury an axe in that asshole's brain
First you gotta find them
What's that?
New federal water meters
Bastard cut you off after two and a half gallons a day
Either gives you time for a shit a shave or a very short shower
Hey, you come here
Warden wants to see you
Come on
That was one helluva chase you gave the police
You almost got away
Too bad
Just think l would have missed all this
Oh, it could be worse
You could have ended up in one of those old prisons and - --
getting butt slammed by Bubba and his buddies
Lucky for me l'm in a place where they just blow your head off
Well, that's a necessary insurance policy
l'd rather go down on Bubba
l'm afraid those days are over, chum
You know, it's a war out there now
The battlefield's up here
and l got a brand new weapon
What? Exploding necklaces?
No, paranoia
We got you guys watching each other like hawks
You're not only prisoner's but guards at the same time
That's sadistic
Yeah, lucrative, too
You know, if l'm able to pull this thing off l'll be able to franchise Camp Holliday- --
across the country like they were taco stands
You're not just a sadist you're a greedy sadist
l understand how you feel
l be pissed off, too
lf my fiancee set me up and left me for dead
She got cold feet
But you got the last laugh, didn't you?
They thought they were gonna get away with all the diamonds
But you were one step ahead of them
Look, l got work to do
You got rid of all the diamonds before you met up with them
That was pretty clever but how did you know they were gonna doublecross you?
Holliday, do you want something or do you just love flapping your lips?
What did she promise you, a June wedding?
You must be psychic
l can't blame you though l saw her picture
Man, those lips, they could suck a man dry
Right now she's probably banging away at your buddy trying to figure out- --
where you hid those diamonds
l could kill you for a thrill
You're not that stupid
don't overestimate me
You're an electronics genius not a murderer
Where are the diamonds?
lf l didn't tell all the D.A.'s in the State of California
why would l tell you?
Because l'm your pal
You be my pal, and l see to it your time here goes smooth
have easy details, good food no hassles
but you fuck with me and l'll see to it
You got twelve years of pain and humiliation
That doesn't sound so bad
Mr. Magenta
Everyone has their breaking point
We'll find yours
Hey, whatta you want, huh? Whatta your want, huh?
So what about this Emerald guy?
Did you ever hear of the New York drug gang called the Executioners?
Well, they kicked him out for being too touch
He's chief trustee
What's a trustee?
Prisoners that help the guards keep us in line, they get some favors in return
You mean, they trust him?
Look, man, relax or you're never gonna make it
You don't know how good we got it
We're privileged to be here
Yeah, privileged that's the word l'd use
The food's good and the work's all right
And then there's magic hour
Oh? What's magic hour?
Every night from seven till ten - --
you and a partner of your choice get to jump bones at the 'Ranch'
Holliday thinks this releases prisoner tension
l've never been so relaxed
Do yourself a favor, give up
And l said, 'Fuck what'
Hi, l'm Teal, Lloyd Strathern
lvory, Tracy Riggs
What's his problem?
l heard you saw my little tracheotomy today
l got eyes everywhere
You got no eyes, no memory
You saw nothing! Nothing! Got it?
Yeah, l got it
Keep away from lvory, because she's mine!
lnspection! Everybody up!
Out of bed and on your feet!
Sorry to wake you, gentlemen
But l'm looking for a very brave man
Someone here has decided to take the ultimate risk
One of you has bad the guts to challenge my rules
And l thought you were smarter than this
They're not mine, l don't smoke
Then maybe you could tell me whose they are?
Well then, possession is nine tenths of the law
And the law around here says you go to 'floaters'
Well, thanks for the cigarettes Next time don't forget the matches
Promise me you won't die in there asshole
l'd hate to miss my shot!
l'll do my best
l was hoping it wouldn't come to this
No you weren't
Magenta, you're gonna love this
No lights, no noises, no nothing
Couple of hours from now you're gonna be banging on these walls
kicking and screaming to get out of here
By tomorrow you're gonna feel like you've been in there a week
The day after it's gonna seem like a month
There is one way out of all this you know?
Where are the diamonds?
Gee, l , l , l know l put them somewhere l'm sorry
You non-comformists are all alike Emerald?
Move it!
How long is this ride?
Oh, an hour, a week, a month Figure it out
Hi, Frank, do you remember where those diamonds are yet?
You must like it in there
Hey, how you doing?
Hey, Teal
How you doing, man? You all right?
Get me outta here
Get me outta here
Thanks, man
Just wanted to say hello
Oh, goddamn son-of-a-bitch
Ready to talk to Holliday?
No! l can't, stop it!
You still with us there, Frank?
How long?
Are you having a nice day?
Listen, pal, you're not looking too good
Listen to me
l could get you out of there in five seconds
All you gotta do is tell me where the diamonds are
North North?
Yeah, North Pole, ask for Santa
You were right
He's one tough little bastard
No, no, no, no, he's in the infirmary till next week
Okay, we'll do things your way
Everyone thought you were dead
Do me a favor, pretend l am
Gee, Magenta, you'd make coffee nervous
Hey, pal, l'm really sorry
You are dead, fuck!
Listen, man, l couldn't help it
Break it up! Goddamnit!
You're making friends fast, Magenta
Now clean this up
Be seeing you
Come on, baby, l got something for you
You show them something? Come on, we'll walk over here
Yeah baby
Come on
What could be so important?
l know who my Wedlock partner is
Geez, congratulations, goodbye
And l know who your Wedlock partner is
ls that it?
You're not very smart, are you?
You're my Wedlock partner
Bullshit! How do you know?
One of the guards, l have my ways
Well, l'm sorry, l don't feel like risking my life- --
on information some guard slurped into your ear in the middle of a poke
Listen, l've gotta get outta here and l can't do it without you!
What you got a date or something?
Yeah, l got a wedding to go to
Let's get outta here
Let's get these collars off
Come on, we can be together
Can l be frank with you?
You couldn't turn me on if l had a switch!
You got a real problem with women pal
Thanks, all the ones l know are still breathing
l thought you might wanna apologize about last night?
Yeah, l'm sorry l wasn't clear enough
Stay the fuck away from me, please
Now, what?
l told you, she's mine
She's all yours, l didn't touch her!
That's where you're all wrong, pal
Puce saw you both at the Ranch
You don't understand
All we did was talk, tell him
Tell him!
Now l'm gonna have to kill you
Kill her, she was the one who invited me over
You guys wanna mangle each other do it the right way
Settle it in the yard
Tomorrow, morning, fuck!
l'll see you
You were better off in the floaters
l was better off engaged
Ninety to one odds and nobody's making a bet on your
Teal, you've been a real pal
ln case l don't make it through tomorrow
l have a friend who's holding something for me
l want you to give him a call and he'll take care of you
The diamonds?
Come on, man, it's no secret
lt's been all over TV
None of your accomplices got any of it?
l panicked after the job
Dropped the diamonds off at my friend's place
Figured l could pick them up later
Then l got shot
That's too bad
Well, where can l find this friend of yours?
What's that?
lt's a little equalizer for tomorrow
All these have a transmitter
And l'm gonna see if l can attach this little thing to Emerald's collar
lt will amplify the signal and it'll shatter his eardrum
Here, try it
No, man, it's all right, l trust you
lt's only a tiny travel
l just want to see if it works, come on
Ah, it works! lt works
Jesus, l didn't trigger it yet
What are you so nervous about?
See, it's not working, let me see
You Wedlock is not live
Don't be ridiculous, man
Where can l find this friend of yours?
What's his number?
Either Holliday made a mistake
Or you - --
No, you got me all wrong
You are an informant!
l'm gonna get killed today
Tonight's the night he kill me
l'm not- -- l'm gonna get killed today!
l'm not gonna get killed today
l'm gonna kill today!
Wouldn't want an unfair fight, would we?
l am gonna get killed tonight
Look, l, uh - --
Kill him
When you gonna stop it?
Just a little bit more
l'm so scared
He's gonna strangle him
He's not gonna strangle him, he's gonna...
Get the ambulance!
Get ready to fly
Oh, shit!
Okay, okay, it's over!
Get me some trustees over here! Get him back!
Back for the dormitory, get back
You get this man to the infirmary now!
You, too!
Okay! Now!
Now! Back!
All right, watch it
Watch it, watch it!
Okay, okay
Hey, what are you doing?
What's it look like?
Are you crazy? Go back!
No way!
We're gonna die!
You're my Wedlock partner, oh, no!
Let's go
l can't believe we're still alive!
You should have believed me
The last time l trusted a woman l needed six hours of surgery!
Let's get these things off
Oh, yeah, just a screw driver and a pair of pliers and off they come
l know about electronics
Anyway, from now on, just stay close
Yeah, just don't get too close
Took the words right outta my mouth
Oh, shit! What? What?
Watch it!
Why do l get the feeling you know where you're going?
Can't say
Easy? Oh! Oh!
look out!
Where we gonna go now?
Come on
We're getting them
There they are
We're gonna jump
no way
Frank! No!
Okay, but you better make up your mind quick!
Because you got a nice neck!
Wait for me!
Come on, Tracy
Come on!
Hey, Tracy?
Come on! Wake up!
Son-of-a- -- get off!
Get off me!
Well, so far, so good
My men have reported that they've crossed the river
but they real question is that will he lead us to the diamond
l know the guy, he was my best friend
Back in the Colombian War We were the boomer kings
l covered his ass while he defused the mines
Kind of relationship that builds lifelong friendship, right?
Right, unless of course you're talking about 25 millions dollars
And we are, which reminds me partners l've had to renegotiate my deal?
l'm going to need more than a third l need half
ls that so?
ls this, supposed to be some kind of deal breaker, George?
Well, you can put it that way
Yeah? l'd rather put it this way
Sam? What?
You're entirely too excitable
Now listen carefully
l get one half or l detonate Ken and Barbie's Wedlock collars- --
then nobody gets the money
So, you can do it from here, huh?
Like a thunderbolt from God
Now, are you with me so far?
You're willing to risk 25 million dollars?
Are you willing to risk 25 million dollars?
Hey, you guys, men and their toys
Stop it!
Half is good
Look at me!
Half is good
l was just kidding
Me, too
Forty million suitcases in the road
and you steal the one that's headed for Bangladesh!
lt's just a joke, do you know what those are?
lf l hear one, l'll let you know
When we hit the Coast we'll head North
What if l wanna go South?
We'll still go North
l'm cold, l'm hungry and l feel really stupid in this!
Yeah, right!
l'm not going any further until we get some real clothes
We need some money
Let's go in this place
She's free, see if you can keep her busy
Hi, can l see some of your crystal?
Yes, sir, l can show you some over here Sir, l think you'll like
l'd like to show you these
These are really special to me
They buzz me every time l walk by
l'd like you to see if this might be something that you feel
Please choose
As you know, each crystal is a magic energy caught in solid formation
Oh, are you feeling something from it?
Oh, l think that might be a very good one for you - --
because l sense that you're drawn - --
That's a terrific necklace
l'm getting a lot of energy from it
A wedding present
How much is this one?
That is thirteen hundred dollars
Thirteen hundred dollars?
lt's a life-flow experience waiting for you to have
Honey, it's a rock
As the drought enters its sixteenth destructive year
the cost of water continues to skyrocket
M'm, you know, Frank, this is great
Anything about us on the news?
Not yet
- -- put the American dollar on the endangered species list
Not only has it drawn a record flow against- --
Frank, what are you doing in there?
l'm brushing my teeth, okay?
You sure do take your time about it you know?
ln sports the New York Mets sweep the series in four games straight- --
against the failing Los Angeles Dodgers
We are adults here
We could share the bed
No, we can't
lt doesn't work that way
All women are monsters, huh?
Just the one l pick
Well, did you get dumped or something?
So how's you end up in there, Frank?
Purse snatching?
One of life's little mysteries
Fine, if you don't wanna talk you don't wanna talk
Listen, since we're heading North l was wondering - --
if we could stop at Sterling City on the way?
Wait a minute
Who died and made you boss?
l did, go to sleep
go to sleep
We are gonna stop
Meanwhile police are still on the lookout for the convicts- --
who escaped this morning from Camp Holliday
They've been identified as Frank Warren and Tracy Riggs pictured here
Authorities suspect that they are still in the Jannville area
but have not yet uncovered a clue to their exact whereabouts
Frank, will you hurry up in there?
Would you yell a little louder They can't hear you in Cairl!
Attention, Frank Warren, Tracy Rigg
This is the Bay County Police
We know you're inside
What do you think?
Come on out with your hands raised
Oh, shit, what are we gonna do?
Should we make a run for it?
Oh, yeah, that'll work
You have a better idea?
We know you're inside to come out with your hands raised!
Give up, come on
Don't shoot! We're coming out!
Okay, come on out
All right, take it easy
Keep those hands up
Get them up high so l can see them
What the hell's going on here?
Cover me
My God!
Over here
Come on!
Atta girl
Come on!
Who in the hell was shooting at the police back there? Gimme that!
How should l know?
Attention, please
The nine o'clock bus will be leaving in approximately five minutes
Please purchase your tickets as soon as- --
Put it on
You get in line, l'll get the tickets
Attention, please, this is the last call for the- --
The next bus will be leaving in approximately thirty minutes
Follow that bus! Now, come on!
All right, take it easy
So don't be stupid! Stay within a hundred yards
Drive! Don't stop!
l can't it's traffic!
Gun it! Gun it! Go!
Go on!
Keep going!
Are you crazy?
Go on!
Okay, all right, don't let anything get between you and that bus
you understand?
Yeah, yeah
Where's it going anyway?
John Lennon Park
l've never been there
What's your rush? lt ain't going anywhere
Where's the park?
lt's up around the bend, you have to take a van
Sorry, pal, l didn't mean to scare you just kidding
Yeah? You could have fooled me
Hold it!
Hey! Don't close the doors yet! Hey!
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to the John Lennon Memorial Park
Before the park was dedicated in Mr. Lennon's name- --
Excuse me
Excuse me
Oh, no!
You look a little pale
How you feeling?
l swear to God
lf that collar doesn't kill you, l will!
Can l ask you a personal question?
Why were you in Camp Holliday?
Oh, l didn't know you were interested
Right Heroin
You, you were a junkie?
No, l was not a junkie
What happened?
l'd like to know
Yeah, just relax, will you?
lt doesn't really matter
l was engaged to this guy Michael Travis
He was great but his family didn't approve of me
Didn't have the right pedigree
Who the hell were they?
Just come big deal Senator for Connecticut
Didn't like the fact that l was only a waitress
We were gonna elope to Vegas
and then the night before we left
Two narcs broke into my apartment and found a pound of heroin
That's a lot of heroin, for one person
Tell me about it
Yeah, whoever put it there had enough power or political clout- --
to whatever to have me locked up as far away from his son as possible
Anyway, Michael's getting married this Saturday
l just wanted to see him so l could ask him how come- --
He never had anything to do with me again
But why were you in there?
l know they're not hanging around here man
They're probably half way to Mexico by now
Let's go
Come on, Chesterton said we have to sweep the ground
Oh, let's get the hell outta here
Let's check out the alligator pit
Say, boy, you better quit playing with me like that, l told you
Enjoy the show?
Thanks a lot
l oughta rip your collar off just to watch you blow
l'm sorry
A hundred yards no further
l know the rules
- -- right here
Yeah? Oh, hello, how are you?
l was worried about you
So where is he now?
Hey, hey, hey, you're getting all hysterical over nothing
So there was a little gunfire
That's nothing to get upset about
So, don't worry, it'll all be over soon
So, has he told you where the diamonds are yet?
No, he doesn't trust me
He doesn't trust anybody
Look, Holliday, l'm getting tired of this shit!
You told me all l had to do was get him outta prison
not hauling him around the whole Goddamn State
Hey, hey, relax
You're my insurance policy
Now, listen, you're going to be contacted by a couple of people, Sam and Noelle
Well, who the hell are they?
They're the ones who shot the police officer at the motel
You're gonna hand over the diamonds to them so they can take your collars off
A deal's a deal, l promise
Yeah, right
Holliday, you are a lying, cheating son-of-a-bitch and if you think l'm- --
l'm, l'm fine, dad, l'm fine l can't tell you here l am right now
but l wanted you and Mom to know that l'm okay
l'll call you back when l get a chance
l gotta go
Whoever made these did a great job
So be careful, we're still hot
We can explode at any time
lf l can get my hands on the right tools l can defuse them
You can do that?
l used to be in the Navy
Disarming mines was part of my job
And here l thought you were just a career criminal
Well, it wasn't really part of the plan
l wanted to set up a diving school
Then, Sam, a buddy of mine introduced me to this beautiful woman - --
and she tells me how to do it
A simple job, real neat, diamonds!
ln and out, real easy
l said no, she said yes
She could be very persuasive
Then what?
She shot me and ran off with my beat friend
No way- --with the diamonds?
No, the diamonds are somewhere
Where? Safe
All right, let's check out here
Maybe they're not looking for us
And maybe Boston will win the World's Series
Where we going?
The roads are being watched
We'll get a boat, we'll go West
Then sneak up the river to Bonnadale
Good, we can stop at Sterling City on the way
Get the lines off!
Plenty of fuel, nice fresh air, we should be able to make it in less then 2 hours
Aren't you forgetting something?
Michael's wedding, Sterling City We gotta stop there
We don't have time
Frank, it's right on the way
All we wanna do is get these collars off then you can do what you want
We are going to stop there!
No, we're not
Frank? What?
This is no time to be fucking around!
Get into the boat!
l'm staying in here till l drown or you promise we're going to Sterling City
What do you wanna see him for anyway
You like being humiliated?
Oh, that's good coming from a guy who was shot by his own girl friend
Get in the boat! Please
Jesus! For god's sake!
Okay, fine
We'll go to Sterling City
Promise? Promise
They're heading West
Let me see
Hey, she's not bad looking
Cuter than me?
She's much cuter
but your teeth are sharper
Are you sure you wanna do this?
What do you expect to get out of it?
The truth
Satisfaction, it's a woman thing
Would you still marry him
Meet the right guy marriage can be a great institution
l just got out of an institution
That's his sister Melanie
lt's all right, l'll sign us in
Do l know you?
Yeah, Michael and l used to used to steal software together
Excuse me
Jesus, Tracy!
l know this seems like a really bad time Michael, but l just have one question
Young lady, l'm sorry, but the service is- --
Where the hell have you been?
Michael, what is this all about?
Deborah, l have no idea what this is about
l didn't know frigid debutantes were your type
The person - -- oh God, forgive me
Deborah! Let go!
How come l never heard from you
Michael? Why didn't you call me?
Why didn't you write to me?
Let her go, Dad
Goddamnit, you owe it to me! Now tell me!
l didn't know where you were
They had me sent to prison, you jerk!
Prison? You didn't say anything to me about prison!
Now, Michael, listen, she's hysterical She doesn't know what she's saying
Dad, shut up, Dad
You knew about this?
You gotta believe me
l loved you
it wasn't me, it was, it was Dad
He said he was gonna give you some money- --
and that you were gonna go away
You son-of-a-bitch!
Get her out of here!
Oh, my God!
Excuse me!
We'll take the express
l gotta- --
Don't go! No, don't go!
We're gonna die without each other
Now what?
l'm sorry
Come on
We have to stop that guy
l'm wedlocked to that guy up there
And if we're separated l'm gonna blow up!
Oh, yeah, marriage'll do that to you
Goddamnit, call the police!
l'm an escaped prisoner from Camp Holliday
They'll tell you about the bomb
Camp Holliday? lsn't that singles resort down in the Bahamas?
This isn't a joke!
Randy, can you check out something for me?
Just wait one minute, is that him?
Let's get him!
Let's go, let's go!
Hey, hey, watch it!
No, no!
l'm gonna blow up any second you dickhead!
Hey, you guys, stop the elevator
The cops are looking for your girl
She's got a bomb around her neck!
Look out, she's got a bomb
She's got a bomb
Get up! Come on, spread out everybody and get down!
Jesus Christ! Come on!
Let's go!
Wait, l have an idea, stay right here
Where are you going?
l'm gonna get us to Bonndale
Come on
ls it my eyesight or am l getting paranoid?
Oh, my God!
this Noelle sounds like a real princess
She actually shot you three times?
She only had three bullets
Says here she ran off with your buddy Sam, what a slime
How do you get even with a guy- --
that double-crosses you and steals your woman?
Let him keep her
Food is bed and breakfast?
This should be interesting
Listen, we've been riding in the back of a truck all night
We didn't exactly get a whole lot of sleep
Don't ask, if l told you, you would never believe me
Just don't forget the tools, okay?
We'll be there
Bye, what a guy
Jasper, he's a buddy of mine
God, a real bed
How do you feel?
Better than l look
You look fine
Nothing, just tired
So what now?
You might- -- mean - --
l meant, what is our next move?
Well, we're gonna go to the brewery where Jasper works
and he is gonna pick us up at twelve
Does he have the diamonds?
Yes, but l told him that it's Sunday morning - --
and we needed some time to get a little sleep
Good idea
Shut it off
l'm thirsty, l'm gonna get some water Do you want anything?
No, thank you
Having second thoughts, Tracy?
Relax, didn't Holliday tell you to expect us?
You were his fiancee
Oh, you make it sound so romantic
Did he tell you where the diamonds are?
Whatta you mean no?
Now, look, all we want is the diamonds Do you understand?
Listen, sweetheart, it's just like Holliday said
As soon as we get the diamonds we'll take both your collars off
And everything is going to be fine
And you do wanna get those collars off don't you?
Listen, sweetheart
l don't know where the diamonds are
He hasn't told me anything yet
So you keep your eyes opened
And we'll be in touch!
That fucking bitch is getting outta line
l still want a hug
lt's almost over
ls something bothering you?
No, nothing
Frank, there's something l have to tell you
Tracy, hold onto that
lf you feel the same way as l do
Let's wait until this is over and then maybe do something about it
if we have time, all right?
Hey, Jasper
Look at this
You look great
Let me look at you
So man, l thought l'd never see you again
l can't believe you left L.A.
Man, come on, you knew l hated L.A.
The fucking brown air, brown trees brown oceans
The only green thing they got down there is fucking traffic lights
Besides, l couldn't afford the water
Why didn't you cash in on the loot?
Hey, man, it's gonna be for a lot more than 25 millions before l'd screw you
Seems to me half is fair, hum?
Twelve millions?
Jesus, l could open my own brewery, incorporate, go legitimate, pay taxes
Are you all right?
Yeah, fine
Come on
Show you how to make suds
This here is grains and malts
Down to that thing over there
And that thing, well, it's like grains and you know, and all that kinda shit
Yeah, it sounds very scientific
Yeah, man, well, l'm just a grain shoveler you know?
who gives a shit how they make it just as long as you get a buzz
You know what l mean, like really, you don't ask the buzz how he got there
Just be glad he knocks
Everything you wanted
l never heard of some of the stuff
Thanks, pal, l owe you one
Oh, no!
Jesus Christ!
So! l am flattered by the comparison Now, back up!
You didn't have to kill him
Sometimes you don't think about it you just do it!
Oh, like killing your best friend?
We thought about that, hi, lover
Noelle, darling, l'm so glad to see you
l never really got a chance to say, fuck you!
Oh, such an ingrate
We saved your life at that bungalow
Yeah, we've been your guardian angels
Oh, of course
lt's so simple
You guys let me escape l lead you to the diamonds
The whole thing is a set-up, brilliant!
So, how did you follow us?
Oh, no!
Nice job, sweetheart
You getting bad flashbacks, Frankie?
l mean, talk about your cosmic screws
Frank, l tried to tell you
Oh, shut up!
Look, you got what you want
Will you just let us go?
Sorry, sweetheart, this one's personal
Don't you wanna make sure you have the diamonds this time?
You're gonna feel pretty stupid when you find out they're not in it
Got a question for you, Frankie
How does it feel to die twice?
l got the bag, Tracy, come on!
Where'd they go?
There! They've got the bag!
Can you make it?
Sure, no problem
Sam, here they are!
By the vats!
There's fucking vats everywhere
Over this way!
Hold on, Tracy!
Hold on!
The bag!
Frank, l'm sorry
No regrets, sorry, man
Come on, Frank
Whatta you gonna do now?
Please, Frank, l'm sorry, man
You son-of-a-bitch!
Frank, help me out, man!
Nowhere to run now, Lover
l'm sorry, sweetheart
lf you want me, you're gonna have to shoot my buddy here
Noelle, don't shoot!
This didn't work out very well did it, Frank?
Why did you do it anyway?
The money or Noelle?
Oh, man, she's awfully cute, isn't she?
You hit me, you bitch!
Sorry, honey, but l did it for the money!
Looks like she fucked us both!
Yeah, hey , do you want her back?
Oh, Frank
Come on, Frank
You're losing a lot of blood
We've gotta stop someplace now and take care of it
What is this place?
l don't know, abandoned Nuclear Power Plant?
What do you think?
l think l'm gonna faint
Hang in there, Frank
How's that?
That's fine
Are you okay? Yeah
Hey, you weren't kidding
Where are the diamonds?
Jasper fenced the diamonds for cash
The money is somewhere
What's all this stuff?
Some tools from the Aerospace lab
Damn, l can't do it! How you doing?
l can't do it!
Wait a minute, maybe you can!
You do it
No! No way
Come on
Get down here! We don't have a choice!
Here take this, pick up the lid
Now we're gonna take out the plastic explosive
but you gotta be very gentle
Don't unplug it or we'll blow up
l can't believe l trusted you
Look, lt was either go along with Holliday
or spend the next thirty years of my life in hell!
What would you have done?
Oh, l think you should have told me
Now, think about it, Frank What would you have done, l mean - --
l would have told you!
l would have- -- maybe
Will you shut up?
Well, since we got it out- --
take this, don't touch the bands
Clip it on the box
That one?
Yeah, okay
Oh, no, l - --
The thing with the wires, it's a blue wire
Patch it on the top- --the second one to your right
here? Yeah
The red one goes on the bottom The far left
No, it's okay, it's okay
lt's a temporary safe mode
What we're gonna do is disconnect the explosive- --
Follow the double wire
Get a good grip onto it
Don't touch me now Okay
Oh, we did it
Thank God, that's over
You gotta do yourself
Okay, eleven paces from the door
All right
Yeah! Oh boy!
Yeah boy!
Watch it!
Oh, great
Hey, this is for you
Oh, shit!
Mr. Magenta, Miss lvory
No hellos for an old friend?
How did you find us?
Oh, stupid, stupid, stupid!
Play with the dummies you gotta think like one
You had all the cards
Of course, l don't' like surprises
Well, you're playing in the big leagues, pal
Do or die, a lot of money on the line
Now, if you please, hand me those briefcases very slowly
You better check it
You check them
Smart for a change! Fencing the ice Thank you for saving us the trouble
Oh, it was nothing
l'd say that looks like about twelve and a half million each
Take your pick
Close it up, please
l'd love to stay and chat, but- -- are you coming?
Naw, you go ahead
l'll drive the truck down to Mexico after l settle a little score
Well, here save your bullets
What's that?
A detonator
They could have blown us up any time
l'm curious
Were you ever in love with me or was it always a setup?
Oh, you're so handsome and you were- -- a very decent fuck
but you fall in love way too easily
l'm trying to remember what l loved about you
lt was my ass
Honey, you had so many bad breaks Frank
l guess life isn't for everyone
You're gonna need the keys
You never were very smart, lover, were you?
Holy Moley
l never was very smart, but then l never wanted to blow up, Lover
What are you thinking?
Should we stay together?
Now we don't have to
Until death do us apart, that sort of thing?
l don't know, Frankie
You're no day at the beach
You're no picnic either
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