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[ Narrator ] The future:
The polar ice caps have melted,
covering the Earth with water.
Those who survived have adapted...
to a new world.
[ Gargling ]
[ Metal Clangs ]
[ Whistles ]
Bad luck, English.
But the Slavers are producing a good grade of poxy these days.
Cost you a handful of dirt-- or maybe that wind chime.
- What are you doin' here ? - Just waiting.
Take your hand off the sail.
Take it off !
l've seen your boat before. Haven't seen you.
Took it legal.
Previous owner was dead on the tiller when l found it.
You had another hour before l traded up again.
[ Laughing ] Just improving my means.
- Well, l owe you then. - No, thanks.
l got all the supplies l need. Just came from an atoll.
Eight days east, if you're interested.
- Two drifters meet, something needs to be exchanged. - l know the code.
But l'll give you this one for free.
Nothing's free in Waterworld.
Ha-ha. Yeah.
Ha-ha. Yeah.
Just enough wind to get away clean.
[ Drifter ] Forget the bag.
lt's not worth it. You'll never make it with your sails down.
Hey ! [ Laughing ]
[ Gobbling Sound, Laughing ]
What can l say ? [ Laughing ]
- Joe, he's goin' for it. - What the hell ?
Never seen that before.
Here we go ! Go ! Drive ! Drive !
Faster ! Faster ! Whoo !
Come on ! He's gonna get it ! He's gonna get it !
- Pick her up ! - Get it ! Get it !
[ lndistinct Shout ]
[ Curses ln Hindi ]
Oh, no !
[ Shouting, Gunfire ]
[ Screaming ]
lnbound ! Straight out from the gates.
Flag's down, drifter. We got enough traders.
[ Murmuring ]
Open the gates !
[ Man Coughing, People Chattering ]
[ Man ] Bones to berries.
Veins to vine.
These tendons to trees. This blood to brine.
Too old she was.
This woman does leave us, recycled and enshrined...
in the presence of Him who leads us.
[ Boys Chattering ]
- [ Boys Complaining ] - What is that ?
You know me ?
l know what you are.
Good. Then you know if you look for trouble while you're here,
you'll find more than you can handle.
You got two hours.
l'll only need one.
[ Boy ] He's comin' over here.
- Me. - You each get one...
if everything's here when l get back.
- Pure dirt. - [ People Murmuring ]
3.2 kilos.
How'd you come by so much of it ?
Another atoll 30 horizons west of here.
Where'd they get it ?
- They didn't say. - [ Man ] We heard about that place--
that they was all killed.
- That's why they didn't say. - Smokers ?
Maybe Smokers, maybe Slavers.
So what's the word ? We tradin' or not ?
We'll tally it like, uh, pure hydro.
Works out to... 62 chits.
[ Coins Clanging ]
l want twice that.
[ Onlookers Murmuring ]
- l just want one sip of hydro ! - No, not 'til you tell me.
She got inkings on her back. l seen her.
They say if you read the marks on the child,
they'll lead ya all the way to Dryland.
- Dryland's a myth. - Some still believe.
They say the Smokers even got an eye out for her.
Well, then, we'd better keep it to ourselves.
- Help you ? - Yeah.
- Where's the store ? - You found it.
You don't have much.
You the man with the dirt ?
- One more. - Make it two.
A man this rich will buy for a fellow outwater, l'm sure.
That's an interesting pair of boots you got.
- Trade ? - No.
Enola. Hey, what are you doing ?
- No, you can't do that. - l need another piece. l want to draw some more.
l'll get it to you. Just stay in the back.
With all those chits, you could order up a bath.
- Have you ever had a freshwater bath ? - Why are you talkin' to me ?
Just being friendly.
- ls that a tomato plant ? - Yeah.
You have a keen eye.
Saw one in a picture. How much ?
Half your chits.
- l'll take them too. - Take what ?
- You bought everything. - l'll take them shelves.
So, what did you see out there in your 15 months ?
- Such as ? - An end to all this water.
Askin' the wrong person.
- The one they buried today ? - Uh-huh ?
She found the only end there is.
l've got a proposition for you, Mariner.
- l'm not staying. - We're not asking you to. All we want is your seed.
We can look to our own for impregnation,
but too much of that sort of thing gets... undesirable.
When she's pregnant, you go on your way...
with all the supplies you need.
You don't have anything. You're dying.
No man stays out that long and turns down a woman.
- He's hiding something. - Maybe he's a Smoker spy.
[ Whistles ]
When the elders say so, you can leave,
and not before.
- Mutation ! - He's a mutant !
[ Screaming ] My hand !
[ Screaming ]
[ Man Shouting, lndistinct ]
Throw the nets !
[ Crowd Yelling ]
[ Screams ]
By what right--
You pay me to keep the peace.
This isn't it.
- He has killed one of ours. - He was defending himself.
- He needs to be destroyed ! - Kill him. Let's kill him. - That may be,
but not here and not like this.
[ Boy ] What is it ?
lt's tied. l can't get it off.
Open the gate.
[ Laughing ]
[ Humming ]
ls it a map ?
- You'd tell me if you knew, wouldn't you, Enola ? - Mm-hmm.
- What are you drawing ? - l don't know.
Helen, look. Look at the prodigal child's latest vision.
[ Chuckling ]
- How soon before we can leave ? - l don't have any idea yet where we can go.
l haven't figured out the tattoo on her back.
l'm a stupid man. The answer's right there.
lt's just beyond me.
Maybe he knows.
Oh, yes, l see. They are webbed.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten digits. That's wonderful.
They tell me, too, that you have gills.
lsotropic gills. Are they merely vestigial or are they functional now ?
My name is Gregor. l've just come to pay you a little vi-- vi--
Oh, my God. [ Laughing ]
l'm sorry. l'm not laughing at you.
l'm excited. Your gills. They're functional.
lcthyus sapien. You can breathe in the water.
How deep can you go ? Look, l'm only here...
because l want to learn more about you.
[ Spitting ]
You don't like humans very much, do you ?
l can't say that l blame you. But tell me:
- Are all of your kind as bad-tempered as you are ? - [ Slamming Cage ]
- l have no ''kind.'' - Oh, fish rot.
l'd be surprised if there weren't others, and if there aren't,
there will be eventually.
Anyway, l've come here because l need to ask you a question.
Where-- Where did your dirt come from ?
ls it from Dryland ?
Do you know what this is ?
The ancients-- They did something terrible, didn't they ?
To cause all this water. Hundreds-- Hundreds of years ago.
lf l tell you, will you open this lock ?
l haven't a key.
- There's a mooring cleat down there. - What ?
- Good as any key. - A mooring cleat ?
l won't hurt anyone. l'll just leave.
- l'll be right back. - [ Man ] Gregor !
What's your business there ?
- Move along ! - l'm not a brave man.
lf you know anything about Dryland, please tell me. Please !
Don't let it die with you.
No, no, no, no. Stop !
[ Man ] Gregor ! Move along !
[ Elder ] After considerable deliberation of the evidence at hand,
it is our decision that this mute-o...
does, indeed, constitute a threat.
Therefore, in the interest of public safety,
he is hereby sentenced to be recycled...
in the customary fashion.
l'm sorry.
Bones to berries.
Veins to vines.
His tendons to trees. His blood to brine.
Too strange for life he was.
This mute-o now does leave us,
recycled and entombed,
in the presence of Him who leads us.
Smokers ! Dead out of the sun !
To your posts !
[ Confused Shouting, Screaming ]
[ Woman ] Oh, my God ! Oh, my God !
- Kill ! - There !
[ Screaming ]
[ lndistinct Shouting ]
We are safe behind these walls.
- Aren't we ? - [ lndistinct Shout ]
- [ lndistinct Shout ] - Let me out !
Let me out ! l'll fight !
[ Shouting Commands ]
Give me the key to the city now.
Let's go ! Let's go ! Let's go !
Floor it ! Floor it ! Floor it !
[ Woman Screaming ]
Swab it ! Swab it !
Goddamn ! More ammo !
[ Smoker ] Break down the door !
[ Screaming ]
- My God ! - [ Screaming ]
[ Woman Thrusting Spear ] Ha !
[ Screaming ]
We'll have this atoll in no time.
Crank it ! Crank it !
Look !
[ Men Shouting ]
Look out !
[ Gunfire, Shouting ]
Oh, no !
You get that goin' ! Fill 'em up !
[ Smoker Yelling, Atoll People Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
- [ Gunfire ] - [ Gregor ] Helen, come quickly !
Helen !
[ Man Screaming, Gunfire ]
You're not supposed to go yet !
lnfernal machine !
Gregor. Gregor, wait !
Helen, l tried. There was an accident. l can't make it stop. Hurry !
You can make it if you try. Run ! Up those stairs. Run ! Quickly !
- Wait ! Wait ! - l'll throw you a rope. Run quickly !
- Throw the rope now. Run, Enola. - Slow down ! Wait !
- Throw the rope. No ! No ! - Wait !
- [ Enola ] Gregor, don't leave us ! - Oh, no !
l'm sorry ! lt was an accident !
Helen ! Enola ! Helen, l'm sorry !
Shoot him. Shoot him.
[ Man Screaming ]
lf l let you out of here, you're taking us with you.
Enola, get down.
Here. Get over here. Get down.
Hurry ! Come on !
Get the gate.
[ Gunfire ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Man ] Run !
[ Groaning ]
[ Mariner ] Hurry up !
Kamikazes. Come on !
[ Engine Revving ]
[ Atollers Screaming ]
That made a hole.
[ Gunfire ]
Find her ! Get the girl !
There !
Go get that guy ! Go ! Kill him !
- Wow ! - Enola !
- [ Grunting ] - [ Gunfire ]
- [ Mariner ] You're too slow ! - Run to the other side.
- [ Gunfire ] - Come on !
- [ Shrieks ] - Grab on ! Hold on, hold on.
- [ Gunfire ] - [ Craft Shuddering ]
l'm stuck ! l can't make it through !
- Let her go ! - [ Gunfire Continues ]
Just drop her !
Turn the wheel. The wheel ! Turn it !
[ Gunfire ]
That ! Come on ! Push it !
- l am ! - Hurry ! Now pull !
Push it ! Push it hard ! Push it hard !
Okay, okay ! Now pull this ! Pull this !
Pull ! Pull it ! Hurry !
- [ Gunfire ] - Enola, jump.
- Look at me. Jump ! Now ! - Okay !
Well, excuse me ! Did l say anybody could leave before the battle was over ?
- Did l ? - No ! No !
Well, do somethin'. l hate sails.
Hey ! Can you steer ?
Can l trust you ?
Answer me this, somebody. Why is that boat still firin' ?
- What's that cousin's name ? - Chuck.
- Hey, Chuck ! - [ Smoker Leader ] He's pulling him right into us.
Maybe he doesn't answer to ''Chuck.'' Call him ''Charles.'' Charles !
Stop him ! Stop him !
[ Screaming ]
Charles !
Adios, cousins.
She's here somewhere. Keep lookin'.
[ Screaming ] Stop it !
- What you got ? - Couple of heartbeats over there. Aren't sayin' much.
lf you'll notice the arterial nature of the blood comin' from the hole in my head,
you can assume that we're all havin' a real lousy day.
So here it is: l need to know about that tattooed girl.
First one that tells me lives.
- l saw a girl. l saw, l saw-- - lt was-- Sh-She had a big tattoo on her.
[ lndistinct ]
You won. Start over.
l saw a girl. l'm not sure,
but l think she got on that boat with three hulls.
but l think she got on that boat with three hulls.
- The boat that cost me a thousand G's of go-juice ? - Yeah, the mute-o's boat.
- Mute-o ? - Yeah. He got these slits here.
Like-- [ Laughing ] Like fish gills.
He wasn't really a man.
A fluke of evolution.
Oh, l'm sorry. A fluke of, uh--
- Evolution. - l know !
- No ! No, you said you wouldn't kill me ! - Did l say that ?
- Witnesses, anybody, did l ? - Yes, yes, yes ! You said--
- You said it. - Oh, l may have.
l may have.
- [ Gasping, Screaming ] - [ Gunshot ]
We get to the 'Deez,
tank up that sky boat; send it out on patrol.
We gotta keep an eye out...
for that ichthy-freak.
You been there, haven't you ?
Dryland ?
You know where it is.
Yeah, l know where it is.
And, uh-- And we're going ?
You and l are.
The kid we gotta pitch over the side.
- What ? - My boat's tore up.
l'm takin' on water.
l'd be lucky to get half a hydro ration out of that.
You know-- l said l won't drink.
For 12 days ?
No. lt's better one of you dies now...
than both of you die slow.
Wait. Wait.
We saved your life. We got you out.
No, you got me out so you could get out. We're even.
She can cook. She can fish.
- So can l. - Then take my necklace. Take my necklace.
- l got better ones below. - No, look !
After what you went through back there on the atoll,
l can understand why you would want to.
But she's a child.
[ Enola Humming ]
ls there something else then ?
Enola ! Go below.
Yeah. You said so yourself.
Been out there a long time.
Couple hours ago, l was potential dirt to you.
- We're not like that. - You all are.
Know what l was really thinkin' ?
Why l don't drop both of you in my wake right now.
You got nothin' l need.
You're taking us to Dryland.
Killing's a hard thing to do well.
- Believe me. l'm not the one to start on. - Both of us !
How long you plan to hold that on me ?
As long as it takes.
- Okay. - No !
Let me out of here !
Where the hell are you ? Don't you touch my child.
Come here ! [ lndistinct Shouting ]
[ Groaning ]
Okay, now don't move, okay ? There.
Ohh. Oh, lookin' real good, yeah.
There. There.
All done.
Now, there may be some small problem in depth perception.
Well, it better not screw up my short game.
- Well ? - [ Smokers ] Looks good. l like it. Yeah.
- l like it better than your real eye. - Much better.
- What do you say, Toby ? The truth. - Looks like shit.
That's why l love children. No guile.
lt does look like shit.
And it feels like cold shit !
Deacon ? What--
l'm sorry. l-lt's just that there's a problem in the pit.
Maybe you should come.
- Let's drive. - [ Chattering ]
The pit. Don't bother with the scenic route.
[ Deacon ] Drive !
Hey, it's drivin' better.
Get off !
Get over there. Get out of the way.
All right, all right, all right. Okay, okay.
You guys are great. Bless all you cousins over there.
Keep up the good work. Growth is progress. Growth is progress.
Somebody ! Hey, up there !
Take it off !
- Yes. - Your Deaconship.
Hello. Good morning. Or night,
whichever the case may be.
- What is it ? l'm a busy man. - l thought you should know.
We're down to exactly...
four feet, nine inches of black stuff.
- [ Spitting ] - Thank you, sir.
- How many G's is that after refinin' ? - Maybe three refuelers.
- We'll burn through that in two lunars. - Sweet Joe !
Will somebody please tell me what's happened to this place ?
We outgrowed it.
All right, the only thing that is important is the tattooed girl.
We don't spare any go-juice findin' her.
We don't waste it anywhere else. You cancel all those tractor pulls...
and all that stuff until later.
You got it ?
Dryland is the mother lode.
[ Laughing ] On your toes.
- Hi. - Move.
Enola ! Enola, come here !
Come on !
Enola, come over here.
Hey !
- What are ya doin' ? - Decorating your boat. lt's ugly.
- Where did you get this ? - From down below.
This is mine ! You don't touch anything of mine.
- l drew it for you. - You don't draw on anything. You understand ?
This is my boat. l got it the way l like it.
You take up space and you slow me down.
You know, she's just a little girl.
- She doesn't know your rules. - You wanna stay ?
You teach her.
Enola, what'd l tell you ?
You're not so tough. You know that ?
How many people have you killed ?
Ten ? Twenty ?
- You talk a lot. - l talk a lot 'cause you don't talk at all.
Now how many ?
- lncluding little girls ? - l'm not afraid of you.
l told Helen you wouldn't be so ugly if you cut your hair.
ln fact, you talk all the time.
- lt's like a storm when you're around. - Enola !
Hey ! What are you doing ?
- [ Enola ] Helen ! - [ Helen ] You bastard ! She can't swim !
Help me ! Helen !
Helen, help me !
Helen !
[ Sobbing ] Helen, help me !
[ Gasping ]
Helen ! Helen !
Hold on !
Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.
Oh, please, come back. Please !
Please ! Oh, please !
[ Choking ]
Hey ! [ Gasping ]
Hold on. Okay, almost...
Thanks. l swear,
Thanks. l swear,
if you ever touch her again--
You son of a bitch. Look at me.
You will go to bed that night, and you will never wake up.
- Shut up. - What ?
- [ Helen ] Smokers ? - Yeah.
Can't we outrun them ?
- [ Engine Humming ] - Not with my sail down.
- What are you thinkin' about ? - That's a nice touch.
That's them.
Don't hit the kid.
[ Cackling ]
Hey !
Coward !
[ Laughing ]
Fuck !
No !
[ Groaning ]
[ lndistinct ]
Cut it !
Come on ! Come on !
[ Yells ] All right. Okay.
[ Gunfire ]
[ Helen ] Oh, l'm really sorry.
l'm sorry. But you didn't give me much choice.
Oh, l know.
But you ran away. l-- What ?
What are you do-- No ! Please, no ! No !
[ Grunting ]
Don't ever touch anything on my boat again.
She said she was sorry !
That means you're supposed to say something back !
- Did you say somethin' ? - [ Enola ] Mm-mmm.
[ Deacon ] The child-- did he have the girl with him ?
- [ Pilot ] Uh-huh. - Seems to me if we launch now,
we can cut him down just about here.
- lf he doesn't change course. - Ah, it's not likely.
He's a wily one, that ichthy-demon.
Yeah, if he knows he's been spotted,
he'll expect us to expect him to change course,
which is exactly why he'll keep his heading.
The important question is, where's he heading ?
And does he know how precious his cargo is ?
l say that he's headed here, and we take him here.
[ Drifter Shouting ]
- Drifter ? - Mm-hmm.
- [ Shouting Continues ] - [ Helen ] Are we gonna stop ?
- Look at the flag ! - His flag's up.
l thought you all stopped for each other.
Well... maybe he has some food !
Don't find many who follow the rules anymore.
Well, make it quick. What's your business ?
You got any resin ?
Resin ? He's gotta be out of his mind. He's out of his mind. l don't have any resin.
- [ Babbling ] - You been outwater a long time, haven't you ?
Must be jokin' me, man. Resin ! You don't got enough.
How 'bout food ?
Could you say that again, please ?
- How 'bout food ? - Ah, yeah, food.
Yeah, that'd be good, eh ?
l haven't eaten in, well, you know, forever.
Which one of you two is a cook ?
'Cause l usually fall for the waitress. [ Chuckling ]
Like you said, l don't have much.
Now listen, eh ? [ Mumbles ] Let's see. What do l have to do ?
We can start with that wee orchard you got over there.
- [ Whooping ] - All right, hold it there.
- [ Mariner ] We can talk. - [ Drifter ] Fair enough.
[ Babbling ]
lt's a nice rod, isn't it ?
l like that rod. lt's a nice rod. [ Babbles ]
Got yourself a wee harem goin' here now, do ya ?
What you want for the women ?
We're not for sale.
Not for sale ? There's no such thing as not for sale.
''Not for sale'' ! Not for sale, eh ?
- Are they a pair or would you consider sellin' 'em separate ? - No.
Our business is done here unless you got some resin for sale you can part with.
l told you once already, l don't have it.
l-l-l don't have it. Don't have it. Don't have it.
Haven't seen neither for trade in lunars now. Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
l do have somethin' that'll make you change your mind.
Somethin' that you can't pass on. [ Giggles ]
l took it off an Atoller refugee camp.
The life savings of the entire clan.
Paper. [ Babbles ]
lt's paper. Have you ever seen paper ? Look at it.
Smell it.
l been savin' it for a special trade.
Don't you do it.
You know, maybe l'm talkin' to the wrong person here.
Whose boat is this ? ls it your boat or your boat ?
No. No, it's his boat. But he doesn't own us.
Half an hour.
[ Mumbling, Babbling ] Out of his mind somethin' there.
l got two pages in here, man ! l mean, l'd get half a dozen girls with this, you know.
Half an hour.
- You tradin' or not ? - Don't.
Shut up.
Forty-five minutes with the wee one right there.
l like to do the talkin', if you know what l mean.
No !
Fair. Come, come, come, come, come !
No. My boat.
- Fair enough. Fair enough. Good, good, good. Aye. - Helen.
- Sit down. - Enola, just do as he says.
[ Chuckling ]
lt's been a while for me now.
Guess it's been more than a while, actually.
l've only got half an hour. [ Repeating ] Half an hour, half an hour, half an hour--
[ Mumbles ] Great, great, great--
[ Gasps ] Ooh ! You're so beautiful. Aye ! Anyone ever told you that ?
Give me that. What are you doin' ? lt's just a game.
Oh, l, um-- l, uh-- We was just playin'.
The trade's off.
l changed my mind.
Well, um-- Well, you can't do that.
l mean, a deal's a deal, eh ?
l just did.
Hey !
She's mine. Aye. No. No, no l own her. But-- No.
- Go on. - Get, get, get. Go, go, go. Good, good.
But don't go too far now. This won't take but a minute.
l hate this boat. l hate this boat !
You bastard.
You-- You're pretty stingy for a man who's got everything, aren't ya now ?
Oh-h-h. Ohh.
- [ Yells ] - [ Crashing ]
[ Drifter ] Ah, you bastard !
[ Banging, Crashing Continue ]
Where's me boat ?
Where's me boat ?
[ Mumbling ]
Help me to me boat.
Ow ! Me boat.
Me boat.
[ Helen ] What the-- No !
Never catch anything with this. lt's useless.
[ Helen Gasps ]
Look, l'm sorry. You were right about the pole.
You were right, but we have to eat.
Now l know you can hear me !
Now we can fish for ourselves. You show us what to do.
You must know how. Even you gotta eat !
You just sit there.
- What-- - [ Mumbling ] l don't know.
Happy now ?
[ Humming ]
[ Humming Continues ]
You don't like my singing, do you ?
Helen says you don't like my singing 'cause you can't sing.
- Ever try and listen ? - To what ?
The sound of the world.
- l don't hear anything. - That's because you're too loud,
and you're movin' around all the time.
Try sittin' still.
Eyeball ?
l wish l had feet like his.
Then maybe l could swim.
[ Burps ] Sorry.
Never met a person couldn't swim before.
l can't.
People say l was weird.
Maybe they were right.
Maybe they were right about you too.
Enola wanted to give you this.
And this.
She won't take it again.
You don't look much like her.
- Well, l'm not her mother, if that's what you're asking. - You act like it.
What are those marks on her back ?
Nothing. They're just fanciful things.
- Like what she draws ? - She draws what she sees.
She's like a mirror.
People on the atoll thought she was a--
Freak ?
Uh-huh. Yeah.
l just thought she was special.
l'm not givin' it to her. lt's just--
A loan.
Yeah. l'm not givin' it to her.
ls Dryland beautiful ?
You'll see.
[ Enola Laughing, Giggling ]
- Enola ? - [ Laughing ]
Enola, what are you doing ?
- Those monsters'll kill her ! - No, they're asleep now.
Hands around my neck.
Let the water tell your arms and legs how to move.
We're goin' down. Hold your breath.
- What is it ? - What is it ?
Barter outpost.
You said we'd get to Dryland today.
Today. Tomorrow. What's it matter ?
l need resin.
- What is that ? - lt's PortuGreek. Their own language.
Or so l thought.
There's my girl. Yeah.
Howdy, darlin'. Come on in here now.
- What's going on ? - Smokers.
What the hell ?
He's spotted us. Sound it !
Sound it ! Sound it ! Sound it ! Sound it !
Yahoo !
[ Helen ] Enola !
- [ Bullets Whizzing By ] - [ Grunting ]
Starboard side ! Now !
Get in the chair !
Watch it. He's clearin' the net.
Go to the helm.
- Get the centerboard ! - Centerboard ?
What centerboard ? l don't know what to do !
lt's too late. Over here !
[ Screaming, Yelling ]
No !
Gimme that rifle. Boy, if you wanna do somethin' right,
you've got to do it yourself.
[ Whispers ] All right.
- l winged him. - l say we load...
all the go-juice onto one boat and run the freak down.
You can't catch him in ten boats, and you wanna send just one ?
Well, l pray that you're jokin'.
Bring me the trackers.
He's hurt.
lt's not what you think. They weren't after her.
- l saw what l saw. - What ?
No more lies.
- [ Shrieks ] - What are the marks on her back ?
People say it's the way to Dryland.
Dryland's a myth !
No ! You said so yourself that you know where it is.
You did.
You're a fool to believe in something you've never seen before.
l've seen it. l've touched it ! Dirt that was richer and darker than yours.
lt was in the basket we found Enola in !
- lt doesn't exist ! - Well, how can you be so sure ?
Because l've sailed farther than most have dreamed, and l've never seen it.
But the things on your boat !
''Things on my boat'' what ?
There are things on your boat that nobody has ever seen !
What are these shells ?
And that reflecting glass ?
And th-the music box ? That--
Well, if not from Dryland, then where ? Wh-Where ?
You wanna see Dryland ?
You really wanna see it ?
l'll take you to Dryland.
Get in.
- Well, what about Enola ? - There's only air for one.
- Get in the water. - lt'll be all right.
Don't touch anything.
Okay ?
l didn't know.
All this time...
l didn't know.
Nobody does.
Can you get us outta here ?
l'd say there're two chances o' that.
- Hey ! - No way and no how.
Shoulda bought me that drink. Come on !
This way. Come on !
[ Men Yelling, Cheering ]
Proper introductions first.
l'm the Deacon.
[ Men Laughing ]
lf you don't recall the face, perhaps it's 'cause l didn't always look like this.
Now, ahem, l suspect she's somewhere real close.
So we can tear this boat apart lookin' for her, but l'd rather somebody tell me where she is.
And the first one that does that, lives.
And the runner-up-- Well, actually, there are no runners-up.
Oh, sweet Joe, l love this part.
Choose 'em. One, two. Live or die.
You know, personally,
l'd rather shoot the sperm-of-the-devil here.
Huh ? But you know somethin' ?
l don't think you're gonna tell me, are ya ?
Huh ? Too bad.
Come on, eh ? What do you say ?
She's not your kind.
You don't even have a kind.
lf you say it, he'll still kill us both.
[ Deacon Grunts ]
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
lf you don't tell me,
l swear to Poseidon l will torch your boat.
Refresh my memory. What happens when neither of 'em talks ?
- Never happened before. - Never happened before.
[ Sighs ] All right !
lf they won't tell us where she is, do 'em ! Both of 'em ! Kill 'em now ! [ Fires Gun ]
- No ! - [ Helen ] No !
So gullible ! Bring her here.
[ Men Cheering, Shouting ]
- Take and ye shall receive ! - [ Helen ] No ! Leave her !
So ends your daily sermonette ! [ Laughing ]
All we gotta do is figure out this map. Turn her upside down.
-Does that mean anything to you ? -No.
[ Deacon ] We'll figure it out back at the 'Deez. Back at the 'Deez, boys.
Careful with her. Careful with her !
- What about them ? - Do 'em both.
Torch the boat.
We have to go under !
No, l can't breath like you !
l'll breathe for both of us.
[ Man ] Whoo !
[ Enola ] Helen !
Helen, help ! Helen ! Helen !
My boat.
[ Door Opens ]
What is this ? Get those chains off her.
What are we, barbarians here ?
Goodness gracious. Sakes alive.
Come on. Outta here, you big, nasty animal, you !
Well, rub-a-dub-dub. [ Chuckles ]
You wanna come over here and sit on my lap ?
No ? Ahem.
How 'bout a cigarette ?
Nothin' like a good smoke if you miss your mom.
Never too young to start.
No. Well, l got somethin' right here l know you'd like.
Like to draw, don't you ? Huh ?
Huh ? Now they're yours...
if you help me with just one problem, all right ?
Now, ahem-- Now that tattoo on your back-- Ahem.
l've been told that, uh-- that's actually a map ?
lt's the way to Dryland.
Now we're gettin' someplace.
Could you teach me how to read that ?
Well, have you ever heard any of your friends talk about it ?
You know, like your mommy or your pet fish ? Did he say anything ?
You shouldn't make fun of him. He wouldn't like it.
Girl, l don't give a shit what he'd like. He took out my eye.
And if l ever see him again, l'm gonna cut open his head and eat his brains !
You think he'd like that ?
Can't kill him. He's even meaner than you are.
But he's not here.
And he ain't comin'.
And no one's gonna save you.
He'll come for me. He will.
Then you better tell me what l wanna know or he can see what's left of you...
in a goddamn jar.
We're going to die here, aren't we ?
Aren't we ?
After the atoll,
when l offered myself to you,
why didn't you take me ?
'Cause you didn't really want me.
Not really.
Have l been asleep long ?
l was dreaming.
lt's funny.
l always thought Dryland floated.
That it drifted with the wind. That's why it was so hard to find.
Why did you believe in it so much ?
Because we weren't made for the sea.
Got hands... and feet.
We're supposed to walk.
l miss her sound.
Don't you ?
[ Gregor ] Helen !
He-- No, no, no. Helen, up here. Above you !
- [ Chuckling ] - [ Helen ] Gregor !
[ Chuckling Continues ]
Smart thinking to burn your boat.
Without the smoke, l never would have found you.
Who's that with you ?
lchthyus Sapien, is that really you ?
l'll throw the rope down. You catch it. l'll help you climb up.
Helen. Where's Enola ?
Smokers took her. They'd have me too if it weren't for him.
My friend, thank you. Very human of you.
Go grab your things quickly. Quickly. Come.
[ Gregor ] You see ? Right down there.
There's several of us survivors. We'll just start over again.
[ Man ] You can't ask us to go get her !
[ Woman ] Enola's the reason we're in all this trouble.
[ Helen ] They don't have any reason to kill her. They need to find Dryland just like we do.
- Of course. - [ Helen ] lf the Mariner's willing to go, why not us ?
[ Woman ] lf he wants to go, then let him !
[ Woman #2 ] We don't want you here ! You or the girl !
Helen. The papers the Mariner brought you--
lt's the same language the tattoo is written in. They're numbers.
- [ Man ] Gregor, you're as crazy as she is ! - [ Woman ] We can't stay here !
We're wasting valuable time. More Smokers will come. We need to be moving now !
My friends, don't you see we need this child if we want to find Dryland ?
- l'm not goin'. - Nobody is.
[ Woman ] We've seen their smoke on the horizon !
- Know what that is yet ? - The numbers ? Yes, l think l do.
lt seems to be some ancient form of geographic location: latitude, longitude.
lt doesn't make sense, though. The numbers, they seem to be backwards or something.
- lt's upside down. - The world ?
The poles have reversed themselves ?
l've been mappin' the cities below.
The world wasn't created in a deluge. lt was covered by it.
- [ Man ] That's blasphemy ! - [ Helen ] No, it's true.
l've seen it with my own eyes. There is land. lt's right under our keel.
- None of it's dry anymore. - Some is.
Enola's been there. l know that now. l saw what she drew.
So that's why he's going after Enola-- to find Dryland.
l don't care about Dryland.
This is ridiculous. Going after the Smokers ?
He doesn't even know which direction they came from.
- [ Man ] l say let him go. - [ Woman ] We're better off without them anyway !
lf she's alive, l'll bring her back to you.
[ Woman ] Forget the mute-o, Helen. lf he brings her back, they'll kill us !
l can't stand it. We gotta go help him. l can't ask him to do this alone.
Oh, don't worry, my dear. You're not going to have to.
[ Deacon ] You got that tattoo figured out yet ?
lt would be easier if it was flat-- big and flat.
- lt needs to be flat. - What you got in mind ?
Well, you cut it off her back. You stretch it, mount it.
- Give us a proper look. - Take her down below until l holler.
Saint Joe, we're close.
After centuries of shame.
[ Scraping ]
[ Distant Shouting ]
[ Distant Laughter ]
[ Crowd Shouting ]
- They're gettin' ugly. - Don't l know it.
Announce me, cousin.
[ Crowd Chanting ]
- [ Microphone Popping ] - Hey. Here he is.
[ Crowd ] Deacon !
Rise up, brothers and sisters.
Turn your eyes and open your hearts...
to your humble benefactor,
your spiritual shepherd and dictator for life,
the Deacon of the 'Deez.
[ Crowd Cheering ]
[ Cheering Continues ]
- Look out ! - lt's mine ! lt's mine !
[ Confused Shouting ]
- Deacon ! - Wahoo !
Children. Children of the provider.
Citizens of the good ship. Please now, hear me speak.
- l've had a vision. - [ Man ] Yeah, we're tired of your visions !
What about the land you promised us ?
[ Crowd ] Yeah ! Yeah !
[ Deacon ] O ye of little faith.
l've had a vision so great...
that as it came to me, l wept.
- And in this splenditudinous figment of wonder, - ls that Bone's ride ?
- ls that blood on the seat ? - l saw--
And you know what it is that l saw.
l saw... the land.
[ Cheering ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Crowd Chanting ]
- Horse, that you ? - [ Engine Revving ]
Look, just bring it in slow, okay ? l don't have all day.
- [ Engine Revs ] - Horse !
Just bring it up slow.
l said slow ! [ Screams ]
Shouldn't be doing that. You're gonna get in trouble.
Ha. That's right.
You're not afraid. You've got your pet freak comin' to rescue you.
He's not a freak, and he can take you anytime.
He's killed dozens of people, and he doesn't have any mercy or anything.
He even kills little girls.
Haven't we all ?
lt's Horse.
- Find him. Find him ! - Come on !
- [ Crowd Chanting ] - Yes ! Yes ! Yes !
- Come on. - Gettin' nervous, aren't you ?
l don't get nervous.
[ Deacon ] And if there's a river, we'll dam it.
And if there's a tree, we'll ram it.
'Cause l'm talkin' progress here.
Yes, sir. l'm talkin' development.
- [ Man ] Yeah ! - For we shall suck and savor...
the sweet flavor of Dryland.
- [ Crowd Whistling ] - [ Enola ] Face is all red.
- [ Deacon Continues Faintly ] - Helen said with anybody that has a face that red,
he's had too much sun or too much to drink.
- All right, that's it. l'm gonna burn your face. - Almost time.
- [ Clanging ] - What's up ? - We're just talkin' about our friend.
- [ Doctor ] What's his name ? - [ Enola ] He doesn't have a name.
So death can't find him.
Doesn't have a home or people to care for.
He's not afraid of anything, men least of all.
He's fast and strong like a big wind.
He can hear a hundred miles and see a hundred miles underwater.
- [ Gagging ] - He can hide in the shadow of the noon sun.
He could be right behind you, and you won't even know it 'til you're dead !
Give it a rest.
He'll come for me. He will.
- [ Deacon Addressing Crowd ] We are the people-- - Yeah ?
- Well, l hope he does. - [ Deacon ] The Lord's creation.
Remember you said that.
[ Deacon Continues ] Look at us.
- Look at us here today. - [ Man ] Yeah !
Dryland is not just our destination,
but it is our destiny !
[ Cheering, Whistling ]
Find him. Find him !
How can l find...
this glorious place ?
And he said to me:
''A child shall lead you.''
A child.
- And behold ! - lt's time.
The instrument of our salvation !
[ Crowd Cheering ]
[ Deacon ] Our guide in the wild.
[ Deacon ] Our beacon in the darkness.
Turn her around, Nord.
She has shown me the path !
[ Cheering ]
And before the holy-most moment is upon us,
let's sacrifice one to old Saint Joe.
And let's get this tub of shit up to speed.
[ Wild Cheering ]
Pull !
- Pull ! - Pull !
- Pull. - Pull !
- So which way we rowin' ? - l don't have a goddamn clue.
[ Laughs ] Don't worry.
They'll row for a month before they figure out l'm fakin' it.
But, um, wh-wh--
Oh, you want details. Well, l'm not tellin' these savages...
that we haven't solved the map yet.
l promised them results, and l'll get 'em if l gotta cut 'em out of her goddamn back.
Who is that ? Who is that ?
Maybe one of the spare rowers ?
Why aren't you rowin' ?
- lt's him. - lt is him.
You guys are in so much trouble.
Well, l'll be damned. lt's the gentleman guppy.
You know, he's like a turd that won't flush.
l want the girl.
You know, l thought you were stupid, friend.
- [ Gun Cocking ] - But l underestimated you.
You're a total freakin' retard.
[ Laughing ]
l want the girl. That's all.
Well, what on this screwed-up Earth makes you think you're gonna get her ?
You know what this is ?
l drop it, you burn.
- We all burn. - Now wait, wait, wait, wait.
Ahem. Let's not do anything rash here.
l mean, uh, are you sure she's worth all this ?
She never does stop talkin'. She never shuts up.
- l noticed. - What is it then ?
Huh ? lt's the map.
She's my friend.
Golly gee. A single tear rolls down my cheek.
l mean, you're gonna die for your friend.
lf it comes to that.
- He's bluffing. l'll kill him. - He's not bluffing. He never bluffs.
Shut up !
l don't-- l-l-- l don't think you're gonna drop that torch, my friend.
- Why not ? - Because you're not crazy.
No !
Oh, thank God.
[ Screaming ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Smoker ] Look out ! [ Screaming ]
Get him !
Let's go, goddamn it !
- [ Screaming ] - Don't just stand there ! Kill somethin' !
Was this your big vision ?
[ Screaming ]
Oh, yeah ! l've always wanted to drive this monster.
There he is ! There he is !
That's him ! There !
[ Shrieks ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Enola ] No ! Let go !
[ Explosion ]
[ Enola ] Let go !
- [ Enola ] Let me go ! Let go ! - [ Deacon ] Pilot !
- [ Deacon ] Pilot ! - [ Enola ] Let me go !
- [ Mariner Cocking Gun ] - Let go !
Let go-o-o-o !
[ Laughing ] You should've stayed underwater.
[ Clicks Twice ]
Oh !
Now you know how to fly an airplane ? You're lucky l do.
Ow ! Now you stop it ! You behave yourself now !
[ Explosions ]
- Oh ! - [ Mariner Grunting ]
[ Explosion ]
[ Explosion ]
[ Helen ] lt's going down.
- You can see it sinking. - Gregor, bring us right down on top of it.
- Hurry, Gregor ! - [ Gregor ] Don't worry.
[ Clanging, Rumbling ]
Enola ! Up here !
Grab on !
[ Gregor ] Are they on yet ?
- [ Gregor ] What is it ? - [ Helen ] l don't know !
No !
Gotcha ! l'm gonna rip your cute little lungs out.
[ Yelling ]
[ Enraged Shout ]
Pull ! Almost.
[ Helen, Gregor Laughing ]
[ Explosion ]
- [ Shrieks ] - [ Helen ] No !
- [ Enola Screaming ] - [ Helen ] No ! Enola !
Saint Joe. Hole in one.
- Helen ! - [ Helen ] No ! Enola ! - [ Gregor ] Helen !
Hey ! Hey !
Ohh. Oh, no ! Quick ! What are we gonna do ?
Hyah ! Hyah !
Tie this off.
- [ Gregor ] Hurry ! - Tie it !
- Got it ! - [ Enola ] Ah !
[ Screaming ]
Get 'em up now.
- [ Enola Grunting ] - [ Gregor Laughing ]
- [ Gregor ] Of course ! North is south. - What ?
- South is north. - l was swimming.
- l saw. - [ Gregor ] My friends.
My friends, look.
lf l take a bearing from the sun and reverse the coordinates on Enola's back,
then Dryland is that way !
[ Sea Gull Chattering ]
- [ Helen Laughing ] - lt's fresh !
All of this ! lt's fresh !
[ Helen Shrieks ]
[ Laughing ]
No ! [ Laughing ]
[ Helen ] Whoo ! Whoo !
l found something !
Maybe we should put them under the dirt.
l think it was their way.
[ Gregor ] They must have known they were dying.
[ Helen Laughing ]
[ Winding Key ]
l'm home.
- Where's the Mariner ? - He was outside.
Wait. Wait ! l want to show you this.
[ Birds Chirping Loudly ]
[ Hoofbeats ]
[ Whinnying ]
[ Birds Twittering, Chirping ]
First time in your life you got nothin' to say ?
Enola, l have to go now.
But you came back for me.
l like you.
Why are you leaving ?
- l don't belong here. l belong out there. - You belong here.
lt's too strange here. lt doesn't move right.
Helen said that it's only land sickness.
We're all feeling it. lt'll go away soon.
lt's more than that.
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