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Subtitles for Warriors Of Heaven And Earth CD2.

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Warriors Of Heaven And Earth CD2

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-One-Eye! -Sir!
We'll charge them first. Lead the caravan into that gully.
As good as done, sir.
Ma Gun, raise the rope!
Leave him to me!
The caravan's cut in half!
Keep moving!
Follow me.
Go on in.
-Guard the entrance to the gully! -Yes, sir!
Di Hu, grab the reins.
Old Diehard, you go on ahead.
Di Hu, quick, into the gully!
Baldy, you next!
Block the way in!
Once through the narrow gully...
...we slipped into a dense poplar forest.
Lieutenant Li led us to a secret underground cemetery.
He wasn't sure if the bandits knew of it.
But everyone understood that for now there was no other choice.
He pretends not to recognize me.
Maybe he just never imagined that I'd turn up with Sir Lai Xi.
Or maybe he's just uncomfortable with the fact that I'm a girl.
The cave is damp. Take a skin to sit on.
Sir, who's that man?
The imperial agent.
-Wu! -Wu, don't!
We've still a long way to go.
Sir, rest over there by the fire.
Where could they be hiding?
Wherever they are, they'll need water soon enough.
The Gobi Desert lies east. There's no water there.
South is the icy plateau controlled by the Tibetans.
There are cannibals in the mountains.
And to the north, 1 8-Mile Fortress.
-Go poison the Bitter Well. -Yes, sir.
Tell the Turks to set up checkpoints on every road... 1 8-Mile Fortress. -Done!
Don't you think there's something odd about the bandits' persistence?
It is a bit strange.
They cut off the caravan in the middle.
If their goal was robbery, well, they've got half the goods already.
They're surely not after the Buddhist texts.
They cut it in half to isolate the last four people.
Back at the outpost, An pushed us to hire his men.
He wanted to buy out the caravan as well. It's as if he knows what we have.
It seems that way.
There's got to be something we don't know about.
Could it be this miniature pagoda?
I'm awake. I'm listening.
Tell us the truth.
What else is there besides the Buddhist texts?
Nothing! I've told you everything.
If you don't tell the truth, we'll turn around and go home.
-Brother. Brother! -Tell us the truth!
I told you. Just a few pieces of silver. Nothing else.
That's hardly worth all this fuss!
-Brother. -Didn't you see?
-We've lost a man for this! -Brother! Brother!
Tell us!
Little monk...
...I am the emperor's emissary.
You can trust me, can't you?
This is what everyone wants.
The relics of the Buddhist saint Sakyamuni.
The western regions are steeped in Buddhism.
With this, all the Buddhist kingdoms could be controlled.
The Turks have to be behind Master An.
Di Hu.
You've earned this.
You'll grow up to be a great fighter.
But now, go home.
Uncles, my deepest gratitude!
-Zimo! -Sir!
Take 1 0 camels and hurry to Bitter Well.
Use all your guile.
Let them think we were there looking for water...
...and are now forced to head to 18-Mile Fortress.
-Poison two camels at the well. -Understood.
-Where is the poison? -Master An already poisoned the well.
-We'll meet at the usual place. -Yes, sir!
-What do we do then? -Yeah.
We've got two roads left.
One to the north, one to the east.
At 1 8-Mile Fortress imperial couriers will be waiting for us.
But the Turks and the bandits might have killed us all already.
The relics will fall into their hands. East of the desert lies an isolated fort.
-It's 10 days' travel from here. -But without water we'll never make it.
There's an underground river in the desert.
-I stumbled on it 11 years ago. -That's bullshit!
-Now isn't the time to tell stories! -Really! I've seen it!
It saved our lives.
I don't think he's kidding.
-Did you drink from it yourself? -I did!
And you're sure you can find it again?
If you trust me...
-...I'm willing to bet my life on it. -You're on!
Sir Lai Xi, if we don't find the river...
...not everyone's going to make it.
I won't let you die before we reach the capital.
In the desert, it's beyond your control.
Not necessarily.
Little monk, if we don't make it out of here, this Buddhist treasure....
My mind's eye has seen the capital.
I've seen the temples there.
I've seen the relics seated on the Lotus Throne.
Please ask Buddha to protect us.
-Do you all understand? -Yes.
Sir, they're on the way to Bitter Well.
-How long will it take? -About two hours.
Brothers, let's go.
-Are you really a criminal? -What?
What do you think?
What was your crime?
Did you kill someone?
Sometimes killing isn't a crime and not killing is.
But the court executes murderers.
Don't unload the camels. We'll be heading south shortly.
-Ma Gun, light a fire. -Understood.
Have you met him before?
Are you going to kill him?
It's my duty.
So not killing can be a crime too.
Rest up. We've a long journey ahead.
Here. Have some water.
We get 10 mouthfuls a day.
He's already had his ration.
Let the bastard be thirsty!
We can't be far from the old river.
It's up ahead.
Go with him.
Ma Gun.
Sir, have a sip.
Save it.
Sir, look! Someone's coming.
I don't have to look.
It's Zimo.
The river bed should be here.
I remember there was a small hill nearby...
...not this old tree.
Where did the damn river go?
They couldn't have gone far.
-Give me some water. -I couldn't even give you piss!
But I saved two sips from yesterday!
You said I could!
-I don't remember. -You're denying it, you bastard?
-What? You're busting my balls? -I'll kill you!
Bastard! If you're going to start with me, you better not chicken out!
-Brother. Brother! -Come on!
-Relax! Let's see your sword! -Go ahead!
-There will be blood instead of water! -Get up!
Give me a real fight!
-Brother. -Get up!
He'd kill a brother for two sips of water?
-How much is left? -We can stretch it out one more day.
If they're not back tomorrow, we'll kill a camel.
Their blood's too thick.
We can't live on that.
If they can't find the river...
...we'll have to let the monk, Wen Zhu and Ma Gun leave first.
Save some water for them.
Ma Gun's kid ought to be allowed the chance to get to know his dad.
They have followed us for two days.
Well, you're clever.
I smell the scent of their tobacco in the air.
Sir, look. There's smoke.
There's a campfire up ahead.
Eighty miles, as the wind blows.
Call up the men.
I've been trying to place your accent.
I can't work out where you're from.
The officer killed in your mutiny was my friend.
We drew our swords at the same moment. He was a good swordsman.
Then how did you defeat him?
I used a short sword.
Speed and efficiency over length.
You can draw a short sword faster.
My teacher maintained...
...that it's handy for both offense and defense.
The others are back.
Old Diehard.
-Sit down. -Try and hold on.
-Did you find the river? -Old Diehard.
Brothers, we've got work to do.
Sir, watch your back!
Take this!
I owe you.
-You're safe from me for now. -You better not regret it.
-Wu, block them! -Yes, sir!
-Everyone here? -Yes!
-Wen Zhu? -I'm here!
They got me.
Damn! Pull it out!
-Bite on this. -Hold on!
It's not going to be easy.
Brothers, move the bodies away.
A few more hours in the sun...
...they won't be able to lift their swords.
She's burning up.
We need water badly.
Ma Gun, get back here!
Get back!
Let us handle this. It's not your turn yet.
Good man.
Don't go!
He's dead!
Old Diehard was right.
In death, he showed us the river.
The will of the gods.
It is the will of the gods.
Drive out the bandits!
In the face of this miracle...
...Master An and his men retreated.
Perhaps they thought heaven was on our side.
They gave up their chase and we soon reached Lonesome Fortress.
But we found little relief there.
It was a ghost town...
...just a handful of soldiers guarding the armory.
Bandits and Turks were still a constant threat.
Although everyone was exhausted...
...Lieutenant Li didn't allow us a moment's rest.
-Rockets! -Hurry! Get them out!
Get the battle-axes!
Can I help?
Little monk, ask Buddha to protect us.
Say your prayers.
Wen Zhu, the battle will be fierce.
I might not be able to look after you. Please take care.
I'm a general's daughter.
I'm not afraid.
Her father died at the battle of Frontier Pass.
We'll leave here alive, won't we?
Be careful.
If the Turks attack...
...put this on.
I know you're a good man.
I still don't know where you're from.
When you asked before, I didn't want to tell you.
I'm not actually of the Tang.
I'm Japanese.
Where's Japan?
To the east.
Many days by boat across the Eastern Sea.
It's a group of islands.
You came from there to hunt me down?
No, I was assigned to the Tang court.
Do you know how that works?
I was sent to the capital to study.
I was 1 3 when I arrived.
I studied sword and short blade.
Later I studied land, cavalry and maritime warfare.
You've been studying all this time?
I miss my family.
I want to go home.
Then you must. It's about time.
I can go once I've killed you.
The Turks are coming!
-Ready to go! -The fort's still ours! Go!
Let the oil barrels go!
Wen Zhu, the catapults!
Wen Zhu, ignite the rockets!
Secure the gate!
Get back!
Hurry! Everyone inside! Quick!
Ma Gun, you first!
You go first!
Zimo, come on!
Sir, wait for me!
Pay tribute to the men we've lost with prayer and song.
The will of the gods.
It is the will of the gods.
You're no longer needed here, Master An.
You may go.
No longer needed, you say?
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm going to kill him!
That's your business.
Nothing to do with us.
Raise the camels!
Raise the camels!
Raise the camels!
...I'm coming home.
Where are you going?
Back to the west.
I'm going with you.
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