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Subtitles for Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Shohei Imamura 2001) CD1.

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Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Shohei Imamura 2001) CD1

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:01:15.57,00:01:16.66 What's his name? 00:01:19.41,00:01:21.38 Taro, if I remember correctly. 00:01:22.01,00:01:23.50 No surname? 00:01:23.81,00:01:27.44 We call him Taro,[br]or the "blue tent philosopher." 00:01:29.58,00:01:31.42 Philosopher? 00:01:32.35,00:01:34.69 He always read difficult books. 00:01:35.62,00:01:37.22 They'll be here in 5 minutes. 00:01:37.76,00:01:41.96 Philosopher they call him.[br]We'd better keep asking. 00:01:52.11,00:01:53.37 He's dead? 00:01:55.04,00:02:00.24 Poor deVil managed to surViVe[br]the scorching summer. 00:02:06.42,00:02:10.48 He was fine[br]the day before yesterday. 00:02:14.63,00:02:16.76 Did you get the dole? 00:02:19.30,00:02:23.10 I thought he'd last longer.[br]It's quite sad. 00:02:24.11,00:02:28.24 There wasn't much for him to liVe[br]for anyway, was there? 00:02:34.05,00:02:35.54 Let's haVe a drink. 00:02:42.76,00:02:44.49 To the memory of Taro. 00:02:46.23,00:02:47.25 Good man. 00:02:55.37,00:02:58.03 Taro asked me for a faVor. 00:02:59.01,00:03:01.10 He said he could trust me. 00:03:03.38,00:03:05.47 Apparently, many years ago, 00:03:05.98,00:03:09.35 he hid something in a house at Noto. 00:03:09.55,00:03:11.14 Treasure, right? 00:03:11.45,00:03:12.32 He told you? 00:03:12.52,00:03:14.04 That's his raVing. 00:03:16.96,00:03:18.08 Is that right? 00:03:24.70,00:03:25.79 Is he okay? 00:03:33.94,00:03:35.77 Sorry to keep you. 00:03:37.88,00:03:41.04 Did you receiVe a[br]superannuation payout? 00:03:41.12,00:03:44.41 No, I didn't.[br]The president went missing. 00:03:45.05,00:03:46.71 You haVe a family, though? 00:03:47.79,00:03:48.98 A mortgage? 00:03:49.09,00:03:53.96 I did but we had to sell the house.[br]For half its Value. 00:03:54.00,00:03:56.56 It's not easy looking for a job, 00:03:56.73,00:04:01.67 after being laid off[br]especially at your age. 00:04:04.04,00:04:08.10 I don't mind getting a lower salary. 00:04:09.14,00:04:10.80 I really need the job. 00:04:11.58,00:04:14.64 Thanks for coming. We'll be in touch. 00:04:17.05,00:04:18.28 Good luck. 00:04:18.32,00:04:19.48 Thank you. 00:04:39.21,00:04:40.40 Hello. 00:04:40.68,00:04:43.17 Hello? It's me. 00:04:44.21,00:04:47.81 Did you get unemployment relief? 00:04:49.05,00:04:51.31 Can you wire it right away? 00:04:51.49,00:04:55.39 I'Ve got a lot of bills[br]to meet this month. 00:04:55.86,00:04:59.05 Yes, sure. How is Kyohei? 00:04:59.13,00:05:02.12 He's fine. Did you find a new job? 00:05:03.40,00:05:09.50 No luck yet.[br]I had three interViews last week. 00:05:11.87,00:05:14.43 Get one before[br]your insurance runs out. 00:05:14.78,00:05:17.94 Otherwise we'll neVer get[br]back to Tokyo. 00:05:18.61,00:05:21.41 I know.[br]I'll do my best. 00:05:21.62,00:05:25.21 That's a joke. When haVe you[br]eVer done your best? 00:05:26.82,00:05:27.81 I'm sorry. 00:05:28.06,00:05:30.85 Don't groVel.[br]Act like a man. 00:05:32.03,00:05:34.55 Be sure to wire the money. 00:05:35.60,00:05:37.46 Look, I... 00:05:52.41,00:05:53.78 Head towards the riVer, 00:05:54.42,00:05:58.78 and just before the inlet,[br]you'll find a red bridge. 00:06:00.05,00:06:02.08 There's a house beside it. 00:06:04.79,00:06:06.99 It's coVered with trumpet flowers. 00:06:07.16,00:06:10.56 They're loVely,[br]you'll soon spot them. 00:06:11.67,00:06:16.19 Upstairs there's a window[br]oVerlooking the red bridge. 00:06:16.34,00:06:21.54 From the other side, the[br]Japan Sea and the Tateyama Range. 00:06:22.21,00:06:23.84 You hid it in there? 00:06:24.58,00:06:28.71 I didn't hide it.[br]I just forgot to take it with me. 00:06:29.18,00:06:32.02 Look, he's wet my gear! 00:06:32.22,00:06:36.28 Poor boatmen, they haVe[br]a schedule and a quota to keep. 00:06:52.17,00:06:56.20 I stole a gold Buddhist statue[br]from a Kyoto temple. 00:06:56.48,00:06:58.60 I hid it in a pot. 00:06:59.85,00:07:02.15 Why were you down there? 00:07:02.98,00:07:04.95 It was just after the war, all my 00:07:05.25,00:07:09.62 family had died in the air raids. 00:07:10.19,00:07:11.95 I was in shock. 00:07:12.63,00:07:16.89 I roamed around, stealing to get by. 00:07:18.07,00:07:21.16 Then I hightailed it out of Kyoto. 00:07:22.07,00:07:25.53 I went down to the end of[br]the Noto Peninsula. 00:07:27.14,00:07:30.04 I stayed at that house for a month. 00:07:30.95,00:07:33.24 You neVer went back for it? 00:07:33.45,00:07:38.22 One thing led to another[br]and I neVer did go back. 00:07:38.62,00:07:42.32 I can't stay in one place[br]for too long. 00:07:42.99,00:07:46.55 I didn't think the house[br]would'Ve surViVed. 00:07:46.83,00:07:51.77 But a pal was down there fiVe[br]years ago and he said he saw it. 00:07:56.30,00:07:59.40 It sounds like a noVel. 00:08:00.81,00:08:05.34 Why don't you go get it[br]in place of me? 00:08:07.62,00:08:09.48 You can keep it. 00:08:09.52,00:08:13.75 It'll easily sell for[br]oVer a million yen. 00:08:14.89,00:08:19.55 All I want is to know how it was. 00:08:19.89,00:08:21.19 Please do it for me. 00:08:24.07,00:08:27.26 Good.[br]We'Ve got a deal. 00:08:53.73,00:09:03.47 Warm Water[br]Under A Red Bridge 00:09:06.97,00:09:10.74 starring[br]Koji Yakusho 00:09:11.18,00:09:14.74 Misa ShimiZu 00:09:21.06,00:09:25.79 KaZuo Kitamura[br]Mitsuko Baisho 00:09:26.09,00:09:30.89 ExecutiVe Producer[br]Masaya Nakamura 00:09:31.20,00:09:36.73 Original Story by[br]Yo Henmi 00:09:37.27,00:09:41.73 Screenplay by Motofumi Togawa[br]Daisuke Tengan, Shohei lmamura 00:09:42.08,00:09:46.84 General Producer[br]Naoto Sarukawa 00:09:47.18,00:09:50.74 Music by Shinichiro lkebe[br]Editing by Hajime Okayasu 00:09:51.09,00:09:53.95 Production Design by Hisao Inagaki[br]Photography by Shigeru Komatsubara 00:09:53.99,00:09:56.72 Lighting by Hideaki Yamakawa[br]Recording by Kenichi Benitani 00:10:02.36,00:10:06.80 Produced by[br]Hisa lino 00:10:07.07,00:10:12.73 Directed by[br]Shohei lmamura 00:10:23.62,00:10:28.72 Excuse me,[br]is there a red bridge around here? 00:10:28.99,00:10:32.39 Go down that way,[br]you'll see it oVer the riVer. 00:10:32.49,00:10:34.48 I see.[br]Thank you. 00:10:59.25,00:11:02.62 Excuse me.[br]Perhaps you can help me. 00:11:03.69,00:11:05.09 Excuse me? 00:11:07.86,00:11:11.06 I'm looking for[br]a red bridge near here. 00:11:16.97,00:11:21.53 This way?[br]Thank you Very much. 00:11:36.56,00:11:37.65 The red bridge! 00:11:55.98,00:11:57.31 Taro... 00:11:58.61,00:11:59.91's still here! 00:12:08.29,00:12:10.48 I'm going shopping. 00:14:22.56,00:14:27.96 Wait! The boxed lunch. 00:14:28.16,00:14:29.46 I don't want it. 00:14:47.92,00:14:49.31 Excuse me. 00:15:40.87,00:15:42.03 Anyone here? 00:15:49.51,00:15:50.70 Anybody home? 00:16:24.75,00:16:28.08 Sorry.[br]I tried the bell... 00:16:30.65,00:16:32.71 May I help you? 00:16:42.00,00:16:45.90 Grandma.[br]You really shouldn't smoke in here. 00:16:47.03,00:16:49.06 It's too dangerous in here. 00:16:52.61,00:16:55.13 I think this is yours. 00:16:56.41,00:17:01.11 I found it at the supermarket,[br]but you droVe off. 00:17:01.52,00:17:06.18 I saw the car outside,[br]so I thought maybe you liVed here. 00:17:08.72,00:17:12.66 She gaVe me this fortune prophesy,[br]"Luck cometh!" 00:17:24.17,00:17:25.80 Thank you. 00:17:28.14,00:17:30.70 Would you like some cheese? 00:17:31.68,00:17:33.01 Come on up. 00:18:01.61,00:18:03.37 The upstairs windows. 00:18:03.78,00:18:06.54 One of them oVerlooks the red bridge. 00:18:07.05,00:18:11.28 From the other side[br]of the house you can see 00:18:11.32,00:18:13.34 the Tateyama Range across the Japan Sea. 00:18:38.45,00:18:40.24 I'm here from Tokyo. 00:18:43.28,00:18:45.01 I'm on Vacation. 00:18:46.39,00:18:49.36 Kind of a delayed summer Vacation. 00:18:54.23,00:18:56.72 Utensils for making Japanese cakes. 00:18:57.43,00:19:00.06 You would'Ve seen more downstairs. 00:19:01.77,00:19:04.36 The shop was quite prosperous. 00:19:04.91,00:19:07.57 Until Grandma became senile. 00:19:09.08,00:19:12.91 A few kind tea master[br]still order from us. 00:19:13.58,00:19:15.91 Somehow we get by. 00:19:19.12,00:19:21.55 European peppered cheese. 00:19:24.83,00:19:30.06 This is the cheese. The one you saw. 00:19:37.97,00:19:41.70 They mix cream[br]and pepper into goat's milk, 00:19:42.51,00:19:44.98 then some pine nuts and paprika. 00:19:45.61,00:19:50.48 I think these little crimson spots[br]are red peppers. 00:19:57.26,00:19:59.62 Do you do that all the time? 00:20:01.13,00:20:05.53 I think it would go Very well with ice. 00:20:37.73,00:20:39.70 You saw me shoplift the cheese. 00:20:40.87,00:20:45.67 Then you saw the puddle of water. 00:21:04.93,00:21:06.76 You must neVer tell anyone... 00:21:08.03,00:21:09.33 ...about the water. 00:21:11.57,00:21:13.66 It's so embarrassing. 00:21:16.97,00:21:18.56 The water? 00:21:34.15,00:21:37.78 It's cold, hot, and it feels so good. 00:22:05.99,00:22:07.08 Water! 00:22:09.49,00:22:11.46 It's welling up. 00:22:15.40,00:22:17.16 The water! 00:22:17.30,00:22:18.59 Water? 00:22:33.41,00:22:36.44 Grandma is downstairs... 00:22:44.06,00:22:45.85 I'm so ashamed. 00:22:48.23,00:22:50.13 No, no! 00:22:51.70,00:22:53.29 ForgiVe me. 00:22:56.64,00:22:58.87 It's neVer felt so good. 00:23:00.87,00:23:04.00 Here it comes. 00:25:00.79,00:25:04.25 They'll soon dry out.[br]It's not like it's urine. 00:25:06.40,00:25:10.17 Honestly,[br]I'Ve neVer Vented so much before. 00:25:12.11,00:25:14.37 A first for me, too. 00:25:52.75,00:25:54.51 I bet it was a shock. 00:25:57.32,00:25:59.11 It was so unexpected. 00:26:02.59,00:26:06.42 The supermarket?[br]Same thing? 00:26:06.46,00:26:07.45 Yes. 00:26:08.96,00:26:11.93 It wells up inside me. 00:26:13.70,00:26:15.79 Until I become full. 00:26:17.77,00:26:19.40 I can feel it. 00:26:19.71,00:26:21.50 All the way up to here. 00:26:28.32,00:26:33.95 When you fill up like that,[br]then you shoplift? 00:26:36.76,00:26:42.29 Yes, I can't stop myself.[br]I haVe to do something wicked. 00:27:09.02,00:27:10.79 All of them? 00:27:12.63,00:27:14.92 You shoplifted all this? 00:27:15.40,00:27:17.12 There's more. 00:27:18.77,00:27:21.26 But I'Ve eaten all the cheese. 00:27:29.98,00:27:31.27 These foibles of mine, 00:27:32.15,00:27:33.77 do they disgust you? 00:27:34.78,00:27:35.87 Not at all. 00:27:37.78,00:27:39.08 Really? 00:27:43.72,00:27:45.05 How can I put it? 00:27:46.96,00:27:48.52 More surprised, I suppose. 00:27:52.13,00:27:53.79 That's good. 00:28:00.84,00:28:05.00 But still,[br]I'm a perfect stranger. 00:28:06.91,00:28:09.04 What if I were a crook? 00:28:11.08,00:28:13.81 I know you're not. 00:28:14.15,00:28:16.75 How can you be so sure? 00:28:17.52,00:28:22.76 Grandma neVer giVes bad people[br]her fortune predictions. 00:28:24.10,00:28:27.40 You just said she was senile. 00:28:28.10,00:28:32.66 She still thinks the local shrine[br]is paying her to write them. 00:28:32.84,00:28:35.17 She writes until she[br]drops from exhaustion. 00:28:35.48,00:28:39.41 She's amaZingly accurate. 00:28:43.75,00:28:46.69 Mine said,[br]"Good will come." 00:28:47.42,00:28:50.08 I'Ve been "unlucky" for ages, 00:28:50.29,00:28:52.16 but now I'm "for the better." 00:29:06.24,00:29:08.33 Your pants are dry. 00:29:15.25,00:29:17.11 I got another one. 00:29:17.38,00:29:18.58 It's got some pull. 00:29:38.64,00:29:40.44 He's scaring the fish away. 00:29:42.28,00:29:43.83 Who is he, anyway? 00:29:43.88,00:29:46.21 An athlete at that punk college. 00:29:46.48,00:29:47.64 I knew that! 00:29:50.58,00:29:54.35 The training shows.[br]See how well he casts. 00:29:54.49,00:29:56.08 No need to be so impressed. 00:29:56.99,00:29:59.89 He should know the rules here. 00:30:00.39,00:30:02.45 You go tell him. 00:30:02.66,00:30:04.39 Why me? 00:30:04.73,00:30:06.16 You're the oldest. 00:30:06.73,00:30:09.67 You're always boasting[br]about going to America. 00:30:10.17,00:30:17.30 But at the moment, the enemy[br]is not American, he's African. 00:30:25.12,00:30:26.88 That's a good haul. 00:30:28.49,00:30:30.08 Some big ones. 00:30:44.00,00:30:45.83 Hey, you! 00:30:46.47,00:30:48.44 How many times you[br]gotta be told? 00:30:48.94,00:30:51.34 You can't use a net here. 00:30:51.81,00:30:54.47 I don't understand Japanese. 00:30:58.48,00:30:59.85 Fuck off! 00:31:00.55,00:31:03.92 You gotta pay to use a net here. 00:31:11.63,00:31:13.12 Cheapskate college! 00:31:15.17,00:31:19.37 They giVe you Africans[br]athletic scholarships. 00:31:20.34,00:31:25.68 But they don't feed you properly![br]How are you going to win? 00:31:25.88,00:31:28.78 Better go back to Africa. 00:31:32.85,00:31:38.42 He came all the way from Africa,[br]let him haVe a few fish. 00:31:39.33,00:31:41.42 What's that? 00:31:41.86,00:31:45.59 I'll pay for him,[br]if it's not too expensiVe. 00:31:45.80,00:31:47.66 And how much do you reckon? 00:31:49.07,00:31:52.37 Shintaro, don't. 00:31:53.37,00:31:54.57 No fighting with outsiders. 00:31:58.14,00:32:04.38 You listen up![br]We got rules around here. 00:32:05.05,00:32:09.51 We stock this riVer with fingerlings.[br]It costs money!! 00:32:09.72,00:32:11.21 LeaVe him be. 00:32:11.36,00:32:12.69 Women should shut up! 00:32:12.86,00:32:17.06 What are you doing here? 00:32:18.13,00:32:22.59 I just thought this was a good[br]place to stay. 00:32:23.10,00:32:24.90 Looking for work? 00:32:26.54,00:32:27.70 A job? 00:32:29.94,00:32:31.81 You'Ve got a good body. 00:32:33.05,00:32:34.95 But no cash. 00:32:38.08,00:32:41.54 One of our pals is in hospital,[br]it's his liVer. 00:32:41.99,00:32:44.39 Picked it up from some slut. 00:32:44.69,00:32:49.39 You know, hepatitis C or B.[br]I'm buggered if I know. 00:32:49.60,00:32:51.79 He went all yellow, like a banana. 00:32:51.83,00:32:54.10 That's 'cause she was a student. 00:32:54.30,00:32:56.39 They're the most dangerous. 00:32:57.04,00:33:01.10 Anyway, we're short a man.[br]You want to try? 00:33:02.28,00:33:04.74 I'Ve neVer done it before. 00:33:04.78,00:33:08.04 We use fixed nets.[br]It's like factory work. 00:33:08.98,00:33:11.18 We urgently need a man. 00:33:11.82,00:33:15.19 It's for two or three weeks[br]at the most. 00:33:15.96,00:33:19.62 You'Ve got 30 seconds.[br]We're going to karaoke. 00:33:20.43,00:33:21.45 If I pass muster. 00:33:21.49,00:33:24.55 Good. I'll talk to the boss. 00:33:25.93,00:33:28.40 He's my old man. 00:33:30.07,00:33:32.06 No place to stay? 00:33:33.27,00:33:38.23 There's one place, a dump,[br]the food sucks, no clients. 00:33:38.28,00:33:39.61 The Badger Inn? 00:33:40.55,00:33:42.84 But it sure is cheap! C'mon. 00:34:10.04,00:34:13.64 Tomorrow at 3 a.m.[br]Don't be late. 00:34:15.11,00:34:16.34 Thank you! 00:34:21.82,00:34:22.95 Wait! 00:34:27.56,00:34:29.86 Why did you hire him? 00:34:31.83,00:34:33.73 You didn't notice? 00:34:35.33,00:34:37.56 He showed sympathy for that African. 00:34:38.50,00:34:39.60 So? 00:34:40.44,00:34:44.21 People like that[br]tend to be serious workers. 00:34:45.28,00:34:47.61 Are you serious? 00:34:50.02,00:34:53.21 But he sure is handsome. 00:34:54.49,00:34:58.51 You eVer cheat on me again[br]and you're dead! 00:34:58.69,00:34:59.59 Watch the road! 00:35:16.01,00:35:20.57 What?[br]Are you hungry already? 00:35:24.62,00:35:26.38 That man who came today? 00:35:28.29,00:35:32.62 He won't come back.[br]He's from Tokyo. 00:36:10.43,00:36:11.66 It's coming. 00:36:13.57,00:36:14.86 It's Venting. 00:36:34.25,00:36:35.88 I'm so embarrassed. 00:36:38.49,00:36:40.62 It's neVer been like this before. 00:37:01.25,00:37:02.34 It's coming. 00:37:35.92,00:37:39.32 Dinner's ready.[br]Are you coming? 00:37:39.85,00:37:40.94 Yes! 00:37:45.29,00:37:47.28 Are you a friend of AiZawa's? 00:37:48.16,00:37:49.13 Who's AiZawa? 00:37:49.40,00:37:53.42 By the red bridge.[br]The place with that monster bird. 00:37:53.63,00:37:56.23 They used to be confectioners. 00:37:57.20,00:37:58.14 Sak*. 00:37:58.54,00:38:00.00 They made good sweets. 00:38:00.61,00:38:03.60 I'm not a friend,[br]I just dropped by. 00:38:04.28,00:38:09.27 After she went senile,[br]that youngster moVed in. 00:38:10.22,00:38:12.41 Are they related? 00:38:12.75,00:38:17.69 I don't know.[br]It's none of our business. 00:38:18.76,00:38:23.32 The old lady liVed alone there[br]for a long time. 00:38:23.76,00:38:25.29 All done. 00:38:27.17,00:38:31.00 It's not hot enough.[br]No taste, it's gone all yellow. 00:38:31.17,00:38:35.50 Hang on. Horse radish.[br]Where did it get to? 00:38:35.64,00:38:38.51 Horse radish powder...? 00:38:39.01,00:38:40.31 Swill, isn't it? 00:38:40.95,00:38:43.92 I'Ve put up with her cooking[br]for 35 years. 00:38:44.65,00:38:46.52 It's been hell. 00:38:46.69,00:38:48.02 What was that? 00:38:48.52,00:38:50.82 Here you are. 00:39:06.61,00:39:07.77 It's freeZing out. 00:39:11.18,00:39:15.77 It's started snowing,[br]no wonder it's cold. 00:39:19.79,00:39:21.05 I partake. 00:39:30.06,00:39:35.30 The factory next door made[br]another offer for the house. 00:39:38.17,00:39:41.50 Don't worry.[br]We'll not sell it. 00:39:43.48,00:39:45.94 What are you doing? 00:39:51.38,00:39:52.82 Aren't you eating? 00:39:55.09,00:39:59.11 God, can she giVe her reVelations[br]after dinner? 00:40:01.19,00:40:04.39 You'Ve made such a mess. 00:40:28.05,00:40:32.46 First winter snow[br]Trumpet flowers bloom unseasonally 00:40:33.26,00:40:36.39 Third of NoVember 00:40:47.81,00:40:49.40 The food sucks, doesn't it? 00:40:50.54,00:40:52.01 I got it down. 00:40:55.25,00:40:56.48 Feeling seasick? 00:40:57.68,00:40:58.98 I'm fine. 00:40:59.95,00:41:03.85 Just go easy.[br]You'll get used to it. 00:41:19.14,00:41:20.30 Take a rest. 00:41:20.51,00:41:21.97 No, I'm okay. 00:42:01.61,00:42:03.14 He's the spitting image. 00:42:04.45,00:42:06.94 I told you, didn't I? 00:42:08.05,00:42:12.01 But don't tell him.[br]It'd inVite bad luck. 00:42:42.02,00:42:45.62 Net fishing strictly prohibited 00:42:48.73,00:42:50.13 Don't stop! 00:42:51.93,00:42:53.49 Good work there, Ramin. 00:42:53.93,00:42:58.50 We'll get you in the[br]Biwako Marathon! 00:42:58.87,00:43:02.03 You can run all the way there! 00:43:03.08,00:43:07.07 That'd giVe you an appetite,[br]wouldn't it? 00:43:07.45,00:43:11.38 Nothing spurs you on[br]like an empty belly. 00:43:49.86,00:43:51.45 Better you don't. 00:43:52.69,00:43:56.68 Don't take it.[br]EVeryone will see you do it. 00:44:02.53,00:44:05.06 I only came to look. 00:44:06.81,00:44:09.54 Okay, sure. 00:44:13.58,00:44:17.24 I Vented so much. I'll be fine for a while. 00:44:18.58,00:44:20.31 Why are you here? 00:44:20.95,00:44:23.29 I'm helping the fisherman. 00:44:23.72,00:44:28.96 I started today.[br]I'll be staying around for a while. 00:44:31.13,00:44:32.10 I see. 00:44:34.47,00:44:35.66 That's good. 00:44:37.87,00:44:39.17 Wait. 00:44:41.07,00:44:45.01 Would you mind haVing[br]lunch with me? 00:44:47.28,00:44:50.65 I haVe to run an errand before noon. 00:44:53.09,00:44:58.05 But I'Ve got time for tea[br]at my place first. 00:44:59.73,00:45:02.66 I won't be long. Can you wait? 00:45:08.50,00:45:11.47 There are so many kinds of sweets 00:45:11.57,00:45:14.80 but it's the water that makes[br]them special. 00:45:15.37,00:45:17.74 Good water is a must. 00:45:18.74,00:45:21.54 But I ended up with more than[br]my fair share. 00:45:25.55,00:45:27.58 As long as you don't steal. 00:45:28.55,00:45:30.39 Only the stealing? 00:45:31.72,00:45:37.39 If you don't do wicked things,[br]I prefer more water to less. 00:45:39.93,00:45:45.03 I don't know how to explain it,[br]but that's what I like. 00:45:48.57,00:45:52.57 If you weren't a good man,[br]I'd stab you to death. 00:45:58.88,00:46:00.98 See the mullet! 00:46:01.72,00:46:05.52 This is where the riVer meets the sea. 00:46:05.69,00:46:08.56 That mixture attracts the fish. 00:46:10.00,00:46:13.83 Mullet, sea bass, parrot fish. 00:46:14.37,00:46:16.83 Maybe it's just good water. 00:46:22.37,00:46:23.81 I'm home. 00:46:30.82,00:46:31.71 Come in. 00:46:38.12,00:46:40.59 HaVe you had it looked at? 00:46:40.66,00:46:41.72 Looked at what? 00:46:44.03,00:46:45.50 The water thing. 00:46:46.73,00:46:50.19 I did see a doctor once.[br]He didn't belieVe me. 00:46:54.87,00:46:56.17 I can see why. 00:46:57.21,00:47:01.37 No one knows how much[br]I suffer when it happens. 00:47:06.82,00:47:10.26 Promise me you'll stop stealing. 00:47:13.93,00:47:16.33 If it does happen again, 00:47:19.16,00:47:20.83 I could help out. 00:47:26.81,00:47:28.10 Look at the time! 00:47:28.27,00:47:30.83 I'll go make sweets[br]for your work mates. 00:47:31.71,00:47:34.08 Those fishermen loVe sweets! 00:47:45.39,00:47:50.05 There's a closet off the room[br]with a View of the red bridge. 00:47:51.03,00:47:56.49 I put it inside a cheap pot[br]and stuffed it up the back. 00:48:29.00,00:48:30.23 What's wrong? 00:48:34.01,00:48:35.41 I'm looking for the toilet. 00:48:36.07,00:48:37.51 Use the one downstairs. 00:48:55.49,00:48:56.69 Hello. 00:48:57.83,00:48:59.09 Is that you? 00:49:01.10,00:49:03.09 Did you wire the money? 00:49:03.77,00:49:05.76 Sorry, I'Ve been busy. 00:49:06.51,00:49:09.24 We need it as soon as possible. 00:49:09.71,00:49:11.44 I'm not in Tokyo now. 00:49:11.98,00:49:13.10 Where are you? 00:49:13.28,00:49:17.34 In Toyama.[br]I'm at a friend's funeral. 00:49:17.52,00:49:21.01 That's all well and good,[br]but still... 00:49:21.15,00:49:25.45 I'll wire you half right away.[br]I'll send the rest from Tokyo. 00:49:25.86,00:49:30.39 I don't haVe much choice.[br]But don't let me down. 00:49:46.58,00:49:48.81 Mr. Sasano. 00:49:50.88,00:49:56.25 Here's your change from[br]the wire transfer. 00:49:57.36,00:49:58.91 Thank you Very much. 00:50:13.21,00:50:18.07 Come to Africa.[br]There are no loans and no lay offs 00:50:18.21,00:50:19.91 You can fish the riVers. 00:50:21.41,00:50:24.71 As a runner, I burn a lot of sugar. 00:50:24.95,00:50:26.38 Thanks for the sweets. 00:50:27.25,00:50:30.62 Our craZy coach allows only[br]water when training. 00:50:31.12,00:50:33.02 Japanese are not scientific. 00:50:34.26,00:50:35.85 Why did you come to Japan? 00:50:38.70,00:50:40.13 I haVe three wiVes. 00:50:41.40,00:50:42.26 Then I haVe... 00:50:45.37,00:50:47.27 EleVen children. 00:50:47.51,00:50:49.30 No, thirteen children. 00:50:49.61,00:50:51.34 I couldn't afford to feed them. 00:50:53.21,00:50:57.24 I'm going to run in the next Olympics. 00:50:57.45,00:50:59.94 I'll go home with a medal. 00:51:00.49,00:51:03.58 In 10 years I'll be president. 00:51:04.36,00:51:07.62 I'll appoint you as a minister. 00:51:08.16,00:51:09.86 I'll hold you to it. 00:51:11.43,00:51:14.87 Then I'll slaughter[br]all the other tribes. 00:51:16.10,00:51:20.50 Chop off their heads, freeZe 'em,[br]then haVe 'em for breakfast. 00:51:25.21,00:51:28.98 It's just a joke. An African joke. 00:51:32.78,00:51:33.94 Ramin! 00:51:33.99,00:51:36.42 What the hell's going on? 00:51:40.33,00:51:42.19 See you, Minister. 00:51:56.88,00:51:59.17 It's a rare medical text. 00:52:01.91,00:52:06.18 Compiled from Chinese originals[br]1000 years ago. 00:52:06.82,00:52:12.02 The originals are all gone,[br]scattered all oVer China. 00:52:13.93,00:52:16.59 That Volume is a sex manual. 00:52:20.03,00:52:23.13 EVer heard of the Indian Kama Sutra? 00:52:23.80,00:52:26.27 Yes, I haVe. The one about sex. 00:52:26.51,00:52:29.20 What's the blue tent philosopher[br]up to now? 00:52:31.58,00:52:33.98 It's also instructional. 00:52:36.65,00:52:42.52 This was written by the[br]ancient Roman poet, OVid. 00:52:42.79,00:52:45.48 "Amores" or "LoVes." 00:52:47.16,00:52:50.09 Man's been a lecher[br]all through history. 00:52:50.73,00:52:54.83 The ruling class neVer had[br]to worry about surViVal. 00:52:54.97,00:53:00.73 They could deVote all their energies[br]to food and sex. 00:53:02.17,00:53:03.73 You know why? 00:53:04.74,00:53:06.51 They had nothing else to do? 00:53:07.08,00:53:12.11 No. Because that's been the[br]ideal life from ancient times. 00:53:13.85,00:53:16.75 SqueeZe what they could[br]from the peasants. 00:53:18.92,00:53:23.86 Then enjoy a degenerate life.[br]Does it make you enVious? 00:53:25.00,00:53:27.40 I can't eVen imagine it. 00:53:27.43,00:53:29.49 People today are all sick. 00:53:29.87,00:53:34.03 Too learned to honestly admit[br]to their desires. 00:53:35.11,00:53:37.60 You must like sex, too? 00:53:38.08,00:53:43.88 Forget all the triVialities[br]and throw yourself into lasciViousness. 00:53:44.62,00:53:49.58 Easy to say,[br]but I don't haVe the energy. 00:53:50.66,00:53:52.71 What about you? 00:53:53.53,00:53:54.82 What about me? 00:53:55.69,00:53:58.69 I couldn't deVote myself to lechery. 00:53:59.16,00:54:02.03 Too late for me.[br]I can't get a hard-on. 00:54:02.30,00:54:07.47 Look, eVerything else aside, enjoy life 00:54:07.81,00:54:13.37 while you can still get a hard-on. 00:54:14.05,00:54:19.48 It's no laughing matter.[br]Be serious about it. 00:54:52.35,00:54:53.37 Dirty old man. 00:55:46.91,00:55:48.30 Getting used to it? 00:55:48.97,00:55:51.07 Yes.[br]It's my 6th day today. 00:55:51.78,00:55:53.30 You learn fast. 00:55:54.98,00:55:59.75 What did you do?[br]Before your company went bankrupt. 00:56:00.29,00:56:02.31 A firm of architects. 00:56:02.75,00:56:04.05 Architects, eh? 00:56:06.52,00:56:07.82 That's classy. 00:56:08.59,00:56:14.05 So you graduated college?[br]You must be an intellectual. 00:56:15.10,00:56:20.83 I was in sales, I had to bow[br]and scrape to eVeryone. 00:56:21.61,00:56:23.16 That's why you're so humble. 00:56:23.48,00:56:24.41 Am I? 00:56:24.78,00:56:26.61 You haVen't said "no" once. 00:56:26.88,00:56:28.00 I doubt that. 00:56:28.78,00:56:31.11 Your type ends up regretting. 00:56:33.22,00:56:35.19 You haVe no criminal record. 00:56:36.32,00:56:38.02 Criminal record? 00:56:39.32,00:56:41.09 That worries my Dad.
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