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Wait Until Dark CD2

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lt's no good, Mike.
The doll. l can't find it.
Hold on. l just found another suitcase.
l just found another suitcase.
Any luck?
Well, just some papers.
And some letters.
Well, if any of them are from Mrs. Roat,|don't bother to read them to me.
Oh, they're from you, Susy.
You type very well.
l didn't know Sam was a hoarder.
Listen to me. We've got to face|the fact that Sam's in trouble.
We've got to find that doll.
lt's the one thing that proves|that Sam's connected with this.
But it's not here.|We've looked for it.
Well, now, wait a minute.|You're the one who told me.
You said that Sam brought a doll|back from Canada.
You said it's the same doll|that Roat described.
You went right down the line|and told me that it proved...
...that Sam and Mrs. Roat were connected.
And now Mrs. Roat's dead,|murdered right next door.
-Maybe l was wrong.|-That doesn't matter.
lf you thought that way,|the police will think that way.
Without the doll, it's a lot of ranting|and raving from those crazy Roats...
...but with it,|the police have a case involving Sam.
-Mike--|-Do you understand?
Mike, did you notice how l jumped|when Mr. Roat Jr. came in here?
-Have you been listening to me?|-For a moment, l thought it was the old man.
He had on the exact same shoes|as his father. New shoes.
And one of them squeaked a little bit.
-You probably didn't notice.|-No, l didn't.
And another thing, it's winter.
-lt's dark early now, isn't it?|-Yes.
Then why has everybody been|playing around with the blinds?
-What?|-Mr. Roat did it.
And Sgt. Carlino did it too.
ls that police car still outside?
l'll check and see.
-Yes, and they're looking this way.|-See their faces, the policemen in the car?
-Not very well. lt's pretty dark.|-Try. This is important.
-Why?|-ls one of the policemen Mr. Roat?
-ls it?|-No.
No, it isn't.
There'd be a radio inside a police car,|wouldn't there?
Yeah, l suppose.|What are you getting at?
Sgt. Carlino fiddles with the blinds...
...and immediately, the police phone|and ask to speak to him.
Then Mr. Roat Jr. fiddles with the blinds,|and Carlino calls him.
No, l don't think the police|work like that. lt's too cops and robbers.
Mr. Roat's story and Sam's|don't go together.
And l've been forgetting something|very important.
-What's that?|-That l know Sam...
...and l don't know Mr. Roat.
You've got to get this through your head.|lt's what the police think that counts.
lf we wanna help Sam,|we've gotta find that doll--
-But it isn't here! lt isn't here!|-lt must be!
-lt's got to be in this safe.|-But l told you, it couldn't be.
-And why not?|-Because it isn't ours. Not really.
The woman who had this apartment|wanted to sell it to us when we moved in.
When we convinced her that we|didn't want it...
...she locked it and deliberately dropped|the key down the drain outside.
-Susy, you're making that up.|-l am not. Why should l?
-Be careful.|-Why should l?
On second thought, l don't suppose|l'd open my safe in front of a stranger.
Have l been treating you like a stranger?|l wish the doll were in the safe.
lt is your problem, isn't it?
Yours and Sam's. You have to do|what you think is best for him.
Where are you going?
To pick up my things at the apartment.|l can't miss the last plane.
-You said you'd stay.|-Sam will be home soon.
Will you give me a phone number?
What phone number?
Where you're going,|in case l find the doll.
l'll phone when l get there.
Give me the name of your friend|so l can call lnformation.
Well, yeah, l may have it|written down someplace.
-Here it is. Can you remember it?|-Yeah.
-Cl2....|-242. That's like ours. Go on.
Thank you.
Five, nine.
-Where's Roat?|-Who knows?
Out beating up old ladies.|How goes it inside?
She's something, man.|She is really something.
You're on next. Give her a minute,|then push her as hard as you can.
Really push. Keep hinting at|that safe and the doll.
lf it's in there and she can't open it,|she will after you've gone.
What about Roat Jr. from Scarsdale?
Yeah. What about him?
Who's that?
lt's only me, Susy.
Thank goodness.
When l got upstairs, l found l'd left|a stick of butter in the bag.
Do you remember the man who was|here when you brought the groceries?
-Which one?|-Not Sam's friend. The other one.
-Sure.|-What did he look like?
Kind of dumb-looking, l guess.
-You'd recognize him, wouldn't you?|-Yeah.
Get up on a chair|and look out the window.
There's a police car out there. Can you|see the face of the man inside of it?
There's no police car.
-Are you sure?|-Yeah, l'm sure.
There's no car out there.
Well, yes, there is, a kind of squatty|truck. Right by the phone booth.
Phone booth?|ls there anyone inside the truck?
Well, there's a man standing near it.
ls it the man who was here|when you brought the groceries?
l don't think so.|Susy, he's coming this way.
Watch out. He's looking|through the window.
-Can he see you?|-No, but he's still looking.
l think he's going. He's go--
You had it!
-l was only borrowing--|-We've got to hide it.
-Where is it? Give it to me.|-Under your feet.
l was only borrowing it.|That's why l brought it back.
Where are we going to put it? ln|the washing machine. Come. Help me.
How would you like to do something|difficult and terribly dangerous?
-l'd love it.|-Can you see the phone from upstairs?
-From mother's bedroom, l think.|-Good.
Go upstairs and watch that phone booth.|Don't take your eyes off it for a second.
Now, if anyone from the truck|goes in and makes a call... me as soon as they come out.|-Got it.
Just let the phone ring twice and|then hang up. Remember, twice.
-l know. Like a signal.|-Good girl.
Susy, if you need me for anything, just|bang on the water pipes in the corner.
-Who's that?|-Sgt. Carlino.
Quick, under the stairs.
l'll be right with you, sergeant.|Just a minute.
l'm sorry to keep you waiting.
l'm glad you dropped by, sergeant.
Some children were playing out back,|and l think they broke a window.
-Would you mind taking a look?|-ln here?
l think so.
There's nothing broken here.
Well, maybe in the bathroom.|lt's hard for me to tell.
There's nothing broken anywhere.
Look, Mrs. Hendrix, l understand|Mr. Roat called on you this afternoon.
Yes, he was here for a moment.
You've been looking for something, l see.
l couldn't find the garbage bags.
Do you know what l think?|You can't find that doll.
lt's not that. l couldn't|find the garbage bags.
No, the doll! The doll your husband|brought back from Canada.
-The doll he gave Mrs. Roat.|-My husband did not know Mrs. Roat.
l'm sorry, Mrs. Hendrix,|that's just not true.
Mr. Roat recognizes your husband|from a photograph his father has.
And old man Roat remembers seeing|your husband and Mrs. Roat together.
Now. Now, l wonder where|that doll can be.
-ln that big, black safe maybe?|-No, there's nothing in the safe.
There is no doll, and my husband|never knew Mrs. Roat.
He did, as a matter of fact, know her.|Now, if you don't open that safe...
...l'll get a search warrant and drill it.
lt'll take me less than 1 0 minutes|and before your husband gets back.
-Who are you phoning?|-The 6th Precinct.
l want to speak to Mr. Roat.
-Operator?|-Wait a minute.
Mrs. Hendrix, l'll get him.|l can get through quicker.
-Hello?|-Sixth Precinct, Carlino speaking.
Go ahead.
Is Mr. Roat Jr. still there?|Mrs. Hendrix wants to speak to him.
Hold on, l'll see.
lt's for you, Roat Jr.
-Hello? This is Harry Roat Jr.|-Mr. Roat, this is Mrs. Hendrix.
My lawyer has advised me...
...that if your father makes any more|accusations against my husband...
...he will have to take immediate action.|Do you understand that, Mr. Roat?
Yes. Yes. Right.|Thank you, Mrs. Hendrix.
Thank you.
That lawyer friend of yours isn't|going to stop me, Mrs. Hendrix.
Be right back. With a search warrant.
Must be the wrong number.
Like l said, l'll be right back.
And don't forget...
...don't leave this house.
-Hello?|-Mike, is that you?
-Yes, Susy. ls something the matter?|-I've got it. I've got the doll.
Where was it?
I'll tell you when you get here.|Can you come right over?
-l'll run all the way.|-Okay.
Oh, and, Mike? Everything's gonna|be all right now, isn't it?
Yes, Susy. Everything will be all right.
Carlino? No.
-Operator.|-Operator, the police. Emergency--
-Susy, it's me, Mike.|-You must have the wrong number.
Who was that? Who are you talking to?
Some children. They call sometimes|and say cruel things.
l don't suppose they mean it.
The doll, Susy, where is it?|Where did you find it?
That's the silly part. l don't know|why l didn't think of it.
-l should have remembered ages ago.|-That doesn't matter. Where is it?
-You'll think l'm such a fool.|-Susy, don't complicate things.
-Give me the doll, then Sam will be safe.|-That's what's important.
-lf anything happened to Sam--|-Susy, where's the doll?
l'll get it for you. Would you give me the|key ring that's on the nail by the icebox?
Are these the ones?
-You wait here, Mike. l'll be right back.|-Wait a minute. Where are you going?
To the studio. To Sam's studio.|That's where it is.
How do you know the doll's|at his studio?
Gloria just told me.|The little girl with the groceries.
She went over there to do an errand|for Sam, and she saw it.
-And heard it. lt played a little tune.|-Are you sure about this?
Yes, positive. lf it hadn't been for|Sgt. Carlino hounding me...
...l could have told you earlier.
Okay, Susy, fine. l'll go get it.
Where is the studio?
Just two blocks away, 78 West Eighth St.|lt's on the top floor.
And the desk is in the far corner,|away from the window.
lt's a big old thing with a roller top.
You know the kind l mean, with|cubbyholes and pigeonholes and--
-Yeah, l know the kind you mean.|-lt's in the left-hand drawer, the doll.
Gloria said so.
Susy, l'm gonna ask you once more.|This is no time for mistakes.
Are you sure the little girl saw the doll?|Are you sure this is all true?
l'm saving my husband's|life, aren't l, Mike?
l'll be right back. You stay put.
-Make a cup of hot coffee or something.|-Whatever you say, Mike.
Susy! Susy, it's me.
Those men who just went out,|who are they?
-Where are they now?|-Careful. Two of them went up the street.
-The one that looked in the window--|-Carlino. Yes?
Well, he's outside.|Guarding or something.
...the first thing we have to do|is stay calm.
l'm calm, Susy.
Yes, l know you are. l really know.|lt's the best thing l ever heard.
-Are they detectives?|-No, they're not detectives.
They're sure not detectives.
The one out on the street,|can l get by him?
-Not without his seeing you.|-Then l have to stay here.
-You've never really met him, have you?|-No.
You know the Port|Authority Bus Terminal?
lt's near 42nd Street. Take a taxi.|The driver will know where it is.
-42nd Street.|-Here. You'll need this.
What should l do?
Ask if the bus has arrived from|Asbury Park.
-Asbury Park. Say it.|-Asbury Park.
Meet every bus from Asbury Park.|Stay all night if you have to.
Sam will be on one of them.|Can you do that?
Of course. What shall l tell him?
Everything. All about the three men.|Sam will know what to do.
-As soon as you're safe, l'll call the police.|-Okay.
l wish something like this|would happen every day.
Oh, l'm a Girl Scout.|Wanna buy some cookies?
Sure you don't wanna buy|a few boxes? l get points.
Buzz off, kid.
Well, okay. Guess l better try to make|points with someone else.
No. No.
Oh, no. No. No.
They can't. They can't.
They can't do this. Please, Sam! Sam!
Oh, God.
All right, all right,|l'll meet you in the parking lot.
Okay, bad man.
Susy. lt's me, Mike.
How long have you known?
You've been to the studio, Mike.
-Oh, that's right.|-And there was no doll.
More fun still, there wasn't even a desk.
Poor Sam. He really ought|to have a desk.
But you don't know Sam|and about him needing a desk.
-Mrs. Hendrix--|-Susy. We're not strangers.
All right, Susy. Game time's over.|l want the doll.
-l'm afraid you don't have any choice.|-Oh, but l do.
-l do have a choice.|-No, you don't.
Damn it, you act as if|you're in kindergarten.
This is the big, bad world full of mean|people, where nasty things happen.
Now you tell me.
Look, Susy, you listen to me,|and you listen to me good!
l'm through playing around.
You give me that doll,|and you give it to me fast!
Give it to me!
Okay, Susy.
You win.
Sam didn't kill that woman, did he,|Mike? He didn't even know her.
He met her at the airport,|just exactly like he told you.
Did you kill her, Mike?
-No.|-Mr. Roat?
That isn't important.
lt hasn't got anything to do with you|or with Sam. lt never did.
lt was a whole separate thing|for me and Carlino and Roat.
-You don't belong to any of it.|-lt's different with Mr. Roat, isn't it?
l think it's more than the doll with him.
He said he wants to do evil things.
You don't have to worry about Roat.
Roat's dead.
He didn't like us, you know. Any of us.
So we had to get rid of him.|We flipped a coin. Carlino won.
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
What are you gonna do now, Mike?
Disappear. Like magic.
You're a good, strong lady...
-...Susy Hendrix.|-World's champion blind lady.
Oh, yeah.
You're all of that.
-And, Susy?|-Yes?
l want you to know--
What is it?
What are you doing, Mr. Roat?
Well, Susy--
Now all the children have gone|to bed, and we can talk.
-What are you gonna do with gasoline?|-Well, you just guess.
Now guess.
Please, no!
-All right!|-l thought that would save time.
l'll get you the doll.
Oh, that's a good girl.|Go to the head of the class.
lt's just a chair, Susy,|so you can sit down.
Did you know they wanted to kill me?
l did. l knew it even before they did.
They were awful amateurs, and that's|why you saw through them.
-l saw through you too.|-No, not all the way, Susy.
Even now, not all the way.
The lovely thing was the way|l let them set it all up.
All that silliness of meeting|in the parking lot, the whole thing.
They had comic-book minds, so we did|it their way, right until the end.
And then topsy-turvy.|Me topsy and them turvy.
-Where's Sam? Where did you send him?|-Clever, Susy.
-Where is he?|-He's on his way to Bellevue Hospital.
There was a message for him|when he got to Asbury Park.
One of those short, formal things.
Your wife has had a slight|accident, you know.
So he took the first bus|and is racing to your bedside.
So we don't have|too much time together.
-You killed that woman, that doll woman.|-l don't wanna talk about Mrs. Roat.
-Are you gonna give me that doll, Susy?|-l can't--
l don't believe you, Susy.
l can't! l don't have it anymore.
Look, what is that? Stop it!
Now, l'm not gonna|ask you again, Susy.
When do you wanna tell me where?|You're gonna tell me.
-l can't! lt isn't here!|-You're lying again.
-What is that?|-lt's just--
lt's just my hand.
Well, now.
Why don't we stand up?
l said, stand up.
Now, go into the bedroom.
Mr. Roat?
-Are you looking at me?|-Yes, Susy--
Don't touch that!
l have your knife, Mr. Roat.
And l've got the matches, Mrs. Hendrix.
No, no.
No, no, no! No more! No, no, no!
No! lt's out! lt's out. lt's out, l said!
Cut it out!
Try lighting your match now, Mr. Roat.
Throw your matches over to me. Go on.
Don't move. l still have your knife.
Pick up the cane.
Tap on the floor right where you are|so l know where you are. Go on. Tap.
Keep tapping.
Keep tapping.
Keep tapping.
Keep tapping.
Tap. Tap.
Well, Susy.
lt's all over.
Drop the knife.
And the matches.
Down we go.
All right.
All right, you can have it.|You can have the doll.
l'll give it to you|if you'll just go and--
-Yes, Susy?|-Not hurt me.
Say, "please."
-Please.|-No, that's not quite it.
"Please may l give you the doll?"
Please may l give you the doll?
You may.
The doll.
Catchy tune.
Well, Susy, now l want you in the bedroom.
-You said you wouldn't hurt me.|-Did l?
l must've had my fingers crossed.
Good girl.
Where is it?
Where is it?! Oh, God!
Wait! Wait!
You stay here. Do you understand?
All right, come on. Look out.
Here! Let me try.
Take it easy.
Don't waste your time.
Susy, where are you?
-Susy!|-You know this man?
No. Susy, for God's sake, where--?
Must be in the bedroom.
l tried. lt won't work.
All right, bring your flashlight.|l got some bulbs in here.
My God, where is she?|l'm gonna have another look in the--
God in heaven.
-Susy! Susy!|-Wait!
Over here, Susy.
l'm over here.
You're by the chair.
Great girl.
l'm over here.
You're doing fine.
Just fine.
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