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Nowhere to Hide

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Park Joong-Hoon
Ahn Sung-Ki
Jang Dong-Kun
Choi Ji-Woo
Written and Directed by Lee Myung-Se
Please, I need one more month.
This old man thinks I'm an idiot.
Want us to suck our fingers for another month?
What are you?
Woo from Homicide Division, Western Precinct.
So what?
Think it's okay to hit the elderly? No sense of humanity?
So what? /So what?
If you want your money back, try doing it politely, fuckers!
So - what?
That's what!
Freeze! It's the police!
Nowhere to Hide
Men were killed and 1 passerby injured at downtown's 40 Steps...
police have determined gangland wars for control of drug trafficking...
crackdown on entertainment quarters with arrests for questioning...
Happy New Year!
You guys think it's New Year's 365 days of the year?
Hey, big brother! Ever the skillful hand look at that knife move.
Doing good business these days? - I don't know anything.
Right, you haven't had much education.
I don't need a name.
What kind of bastard is he?
Is he from Cholla-do? Kyongsang-do? Mungchong-do? Who the fuck is he?
Does he have spots? Bug eyes?
Some catchy nickname? - Here, have a drink.
Sorry, but I don't smoke or drink.
I swear I don't know anything about this one.
Oh, shit.
What's wrong with you?
Think this is a cops and robbers movie?
A light... please.
I told my sick wife I'd step out for just a minute to get aspirin...
...but it's been 3 days since...
I said I'd be right back. - It's my wife's birthday today.
Oh, okay.
My children reported that their dad is missing.
Please let me go home to eat and sleep. - I'm going home now.
Hey, Kim!
I really don't know a thing.
Day 5
We combed the 5km radius of the crime site every day as if we looking for lice.
We were anxious to find this nameless criminal...
...but were left empty-handed.
I need life insurance to ride in a car with you!
Korando plates 3903, pull over.
Let's keep going.
Isn't that Fishhead, the guy you caught last year?
Real name Kim Songgu. Jailed 5 times for drug trafficking violation
of the psychotropic drugs control law.
Big changes since he was put away last year.
He's got a new car.
Even if he's's just an overnight stay in the free world.
His real home is prison.
Should I go in? Everyone knows you.
It looks like the money ghost has him.
Spending money like water.
No drug deals going on, no suspicious looking characters.
Let's go.
Better to be on time tomorrow than waste time here.
Wasting time is what detectives do.
Did I wake you up?
Did Yera do well at the school recital?
I'll be late. Don't wait up for me.
You know that stake-out is Woo's hobby.
Let me go!
Come with me!
I paid you, didn't l? You bitch!
Fishhead! You fucking punk!
Come here.
Come here.
What are you running for, fucker?
That's enough, Woo.
Want your pay docked again?
Be nice! It's been a long time since we've seen each other.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Then why run away?
Who says I'm running away? I'm a busy man, you know.
Hey, look here.
If you can't break a chicken's neck the first time, it'll flap around.
Don't stare at me, bastard!
I'm sorry, sir.
After you've killed someone?
That wasn't me! I just run drug errands...
It's not me! - Then who is it?
Someone I don't know. - Who's this someone you don't know?
I don't know his name.
It's Meathead! I'm sure of it.
Impound his car, give him a urine test, then follow me.
Hey, Meathead.
Meathead! - Who's that?
Who do you think? I'm a cop, you bastard.
I'm here to arrest you, fucker.
On your knees, fucker!
That kid is going to cause real trouble someday.
Woo wants to slug it out so bad...
that woke up once with a sword in his hand.
I've broken teeth before but he's even meaner than I am.
So were you there?
No, sir.
So were you there?
Conversation isn't going to get us anywhere.
Think these bastards have just a few misdemeanors?
This one's an expert.
Let's go dig a grave for him at the public cemetary.
Who was at the scene? - I don't know, sir.
"l don't know, sir.","No, sir."
You didn't kill him, did you? - No, sir...pardon?
You guys know how to hurt people.
But not the other way around.
You have to get hurt to know what it feels like.
Don't stare!
Out with the lights!
It's not good to smoke but I'll let you have one.
Turn away in front of elders.
Am I being set up again?
So were you there? - No, I wasn't.
Tell a lawyer you were beaten.
If I cared I wouldn't be a detective.
So you weren't there? - I told you so.
Oh, you were there? - Yes.
Then, who was there? - I told you I was alone.
So you weren't there? - I told you so.
Oh, you were there? - Yes.
Then, who was there? - I told you I was fucking alone.
Certificate of Commendation
Did you enjoy your meal?
Isn't the ramen broth delicious?
Another bowl, Detective Woo?
Want to live with me forever?
In place of my wife who ran away?
Why isn't he calling?
If he's caught think he'll chase you for life with an axe?
It's better to help us catch him quietly.
If we cops go digging around...
he won't be able to show his face to friends and family...
for the rest of his life.
Have a smoke.
Helping us will spare him from one more day of running.
Sun bursts and it's the day that I've come back to town.
Coming back with dreams, I'm coming back to town.
Go ahead and run off or stab me with a knife.
You think I'd do something like that?
Why not just charge me with a driving violation?
Talk to him as if nothing's wrong.
Yongbae, bring 30,000 won to the SK gas station.
A mace gun is perfect for me.
Nice and safe.
What's up with that a slowpoke? What the hell is he doing?
Are you sure he will show up? An hour past already.
If he shows up I will block up with my car,
you go ahead and break his front window with a bat.
I miss my old days working in a police stand.
There was this teahouse waitress when I was in Youngkwang.
She used to delivered morning coffee wearing this hot miniskirt
that I can almost see her underwear.
Drinking it with an egg in it, gosh,
it made me I'm the king of all.
I don't see ain't money in my pocket but bundles of wanted lists...
That's what makes money to us. What can we expect more?
Others go home and spent great time with their small family
While our thoughts are all over with criminals.
A detective is like a shit!
If we don't take the criminals in who will do instead?
Thanks... Yongbae? - Yes?
Undo the handcuffs, fuckers! Did you see me in the act?
Meathead, you bastard! I'll kill you!
Listen to what I say, shithead.
You've been arrested on suspicion of murder and assault.
I don't know why I have to say this to a bastard like you.
You have the right to a lawyer and the right to silence.
And...I can't remember the rest, fucker.
If a judge asks make sure you tell him you were given your full rights, ok? Fuckface?
Were you at the 40 Steps murder scene?
Response: Yes.
Who was there?
The sound of the typewriter at daybreak is like a lullaby to a detective.
Day 6
Urgent Search for
Main Suspect Chang Sungmin and Five Others lnvolved in
40 Steps Murder
Specification of Long-distance calls
It's all quiet here are you sure someone's here?
Let's just grab something to eat and do some sauna.
Let's draw off. If we poke now,
we might blow up our only connection.
Also what if they find out we did it without any warrant, that's even worse.
Chief says we go for it even we pissed off.
Honey, someone's here to see you.
What? You don't pee?
Road pissing is stated in Article 1 clause 17, Minor Offense Law. Fines will be 40 dollars!
Aren't you getting any tension?
Who is it? Honey, see who it is.
Can you open the door a minute? - Who is it?
Why do you leave trash in front of someone else's door?
We'd never do something like that.
Come take a look and see if I'm lying.
That couldn't be true.
Where's Chang Sungmin? - I don't know.
Who are you men?
We don't look like cops? - I don't know.
"Honey, see who it is" - Who did you say that to?
I thought that man was a burglar. It's because I'm afraid by myself.
Are you Kim Juyon? - I don't know.
Is your name "l don't know"?
You fucking idiot, are you making any sense?
Where's Sungmin?
I don't know who that is.
Miss...we have evidence.
With enough red marks on this to start a fire
think we believe that you'd talk to someone that you don't know?
Think we'd say
Sorry for entering with our shoes on?
Very sorry to surprise you
and then go?
You don't know the situation.
Are you really 26? Haven't you grown up yet?
Keep this up and you'll spend your life making prison visits.
I don't understand what "l don't know" means.
Let's try talking about this.
Nobody knows we're here. It's not in the newspapers.
We came quietly.
Fuck, where is he?
I really don't know.
Hello? You have the wrong number.
Hey! Sung Min is...
You were lying about Sung Min fled after he collapsed his business, weren't you?
You knew that bastard is murderer.
We fled ten days ago promised me to come back
and also made me to believed his wife is sick.
Don't try to piss me off and listen carefully. You know who the hell he is, don't you?
You know what kinda bastard he is, don't you?
Fifty officers are looking for him out there.
Is Sung Min coming today?
Could I have a cigarette?
How did you become a detective?
Me? I...well...
There isn't a job I haven't tried since I was a kid.
Delivering gas, waiting tables.
Hurt my fingers working at a handbag factory.
When I was a waiter I was fired for being a slob.
My dad finally said to me...
You'll end up a gangster with all that strutting around...
better for you to become a policeman.
So here I am.
So do detectives swear a lot and bash people around?
Judgements are made by judges.
Lawyers make the excuses.
Ministers do the forgiving.
Detectives do the catching, whatever it takes.
Hey, Kim.
I brought you some ice cream.
You angry?
This is Juyon. Please leave a message.
It's Hye-Young. Feeling better? Call me.
It's me.
That's Sungmin, right? - I'll be there in an hour.
See you later.
How many more minutes? - Fifteen.
Did you call the others? - I did.
...temperatures will fall and a typhoon is predicted...
Kim, Woo.
What time did he say he was coming? - Is he really coming?
Is that for sure?
Sungmin left a message. - There's no time.
I'll stay here with Kim and Sleepy.
Viper, you stay outside and grab anyone leaving.
What's this? The door is unlocked.
Freeze, Chang Sungmin!
Freeze, Chang Sungmin!
What are you doing here waking all up!
Don't you have any nights? What the hell are you doing here again!
Grandma it's nothing.
Who told you to take picture of here? Is it chief?
Did you pay the photographing fee?
I will call that slut right away!
He sucked up all the fee, and never gives a penny...
Nimble Murderer Versus
Futile Police Pursuit
Day 20
Please remove the vehicle of lnchon 2 rl 5205
from Trouble Dealing Office...
Yes, Detective of West Police station.
Now accepting Foreign Language Examination in the peace section, security team 2 section.
Anyone who is appling for the test, please send an application to the security team 2 section.
You want to start with us?
Take your hands out of your pocket! This is not your bedroom!
Stop sucking my ass and
stop repeating "Yes, sir"!
You sprayed oil first.
Say something that's true.
That bastard was there, and I know it for sure.
Anyone who lost one's property,
it's now keeping in a night security division.
That son of a bitch, run and go hide!
Even rolling back my eyelids I will find you wherever you are.
We'll have to suck in that poker game case, too.
If you can smell it something constantly poke in,
Until we get some confession.
This time it's newspaper. They are now afraid because of TV-broadcasting.
We must get Sung Min in this room!
I don't want anything but Sung Min! I want him handcuffed!
Today's evening conference is at six. Dismissed.
A bastard like that should have his dick cut off.
How could he rape a fourteen year old?
Off with your clothes, punk.
You bastard, off with everything!
This bastard has the big feet of a thief.
The only thing big on that bastard are his balls.
On your knees, bastard!
Hey, let him go! - What?
The victim doesn't want to press charges.
Put on your clothes.
Hurry, you son of a bitch!
Should we rip your mouth open to get you to talk?
Look at her shake her head.
Man or woman, anybody who wears a hat is strange.
Want to get in trouble with me?
I've hit old men. Even company bosses.
Is Sangchul your boyfriend? - No.
It's only been a week since we've met.
You went on a trip together after just meeting him?
How can she go away with a man she hardly knows?
Is she out of her mind? - Are you also Sungmin's girlfriend?
No. - Who is she then?
She's with one of Sungmin's thugs.
Where is that bastard? - I don't know.
We split up when we got back to Seoul.
Who brought her in?
You bastards, try bringing the right person in.
Who told you to wear dress shoes?
Cops don't wear dress shoes.
A cop has to be ready to run. Too bad if your shoelaces are untied.
A detective is someone who chases and catches the man.
Don't even think of going home tonight!
Wasting time is what detectives do.
It's already been 4 days since we began this stakeout.
Think Sungmin has just one girl? Juyon treats him like a king.
Can we start the car and get the heater going?
Want to advertise that we're detectives on a stakeout?
Hey, Woo.
I'd like a bowl of hot beef soup with steam rising...
sprinkled with red pepper...
and garnished with lots of scallion...
and a big dollop of hot rice thrown in...
and kimchee piled on top.
To die for.
The Chief says to bring in a guy named Om Hyunsu.
Do we have a warrant for his arrest? - Who is he?
A drug dealer who knows Sungmin.
He's been indicted a few times.
Now? - Yes.
Hey Sleepy, don't fall asleep!
Do you know what this is?
It's lucky money.
I got it from an accident victim and then ironed it out.
As long as you have this you're set until retirement.
Coming back with dreams, I'm coming back to town.
Sun bursts and it's the day that I've come back to town.
My exhausted body on the run, that's all I've got.
Sun bursts and it's the day that I've come back to town.
Sun bursts and it's the day that I've come back to town.
Coming back with dreams, I'm coming back to town.
Sun bursts and it's the day that I've come back to town.
My exhausted body on the run, that's all I've got.
Sun bursts and it's the day that I've come back to town.
Om Hyunsu!
Down with the gun! I'll kill everyone.
I'll kill you all.
Don't cry. Want to die?
Put the gun aside. Mr. Om Hyunsu...
put the knife down and calm down.
Let's talk over a cigarette.
Don't come near me.
Okay. I said I understand.
Kim, hurry and have a seat.
I asked all the neighborhood people.
You have a very good reputation.
I came quietly since I figured we could get on well.
Put down that knife and let me have the kid.
I told your wife that you didn't pay a fine.
Let's go quietly.
First down with the knife.
If you keep on like this, you'll shame your wife, understand?
Woo, I shot someone.
It's okay to kill someone who's bad, isn't it?
It's just one bad guy eliminated from this world.
Are you listening to me?
Don't ever forget how you feel as long as you're a cop.
The most fucked job is a policeman more fucked is a detective...
and the worst is in homicide.
Who's there?
My big brother!
Why don't you have some more?
No, no. I just stop by.
Are you going home for New Year's this year?
Dad is hurt that you don't visit even on holidays.
Even if he doesn't say so.
You could at least call.
Isn't it time for you to get married?
Marriage? A guy who starved a rabbit to death?
A rabbit?
He graduated agricultural high school.
He didn't feed his rabbit so it died.
He's afraid he'd starve his own children to death.
Don't know if they'll fit, your hands are so big.
I bought these for you last Christmas.
Give them to your husband instead.
Take them.
Don't do that!
I told you to stop!
An unforgettable winter is passing me by like this.
Day 40
Kimbab...Iunchboxes... kimbab...
I don't see him.
Maybe that rat knows we're here and isn't getting on.
Those getting off at Myungju Station
please remember your belongings and watch your step as you depart.
Hey, mister!
A coffee, please.
Chang Sungmin!
This train will come to its last stop in 10 minutes
Day 72
It's me, Woo.
Can cops just barge in like this?
Think I'm here because I have nothing to fucking do?
Where is that bastard Sungmin?
I have nothing left but rage now.
I'll drag you into the station where you'll be fried alive.
I don't know. - What?
Think I'd say "l understand" and leave because you say you don't know?
Think I've come to apologize? I'm a tough one.
I'll beat it out of you.
Pretty scary, huh?
I'm not a minister or a teacher, right?
Those guys say nice things but I start and end with "fuck".
Don't you know us bar girls meet with lots of guys?
It'd be much faster to look in the bars.
You play and I go digging around in the bars?
Know what we're looking for in the big sea?
You know at least a fingernail more than I do.
I might get calls from him, but what's there to know?
I'm getting angrier by the minute.
At some point you're going to have a baby.
Pretend you have a child who ran away from home.
Still the same secret code?
To record a message, press 1...
press the 4 digit secret code...
to listen to messages, press 1...
the first message is...
Is that Sungmin?
No, it's not. It's a friend. - the message has been erased...
You bitch!
Being uncooperative?
Busy erasing that? Being cheeky? Bitch! You erased it.
It's Sungmin, isn't it? - Tell him. It's Sungmin, right?
I'm sure that's right. Right, Juyon?
Since Sungmin is mine, I have to be the one to catch him.
Want to talk about this all night long?
He told me to page him outside since we could be tapped.
Tell him you have a cold.
Whatever show you put on, do a good job.
Juyon was in high school theater. She even lost her accent.
Do what the detective tells you to do.
This is Daesong Store.
Where are you?
At 12:00?
My voice? I've got a cold.
The money's ready.
In a minute the phone will ring again.
Whoever that guy claims to be tell him that she came alone.
Son of a bitch.
His mother just died and he thinks of running off with a girl.
Probably before we got here. About 7 or 8'o clock.
She died of a sudden heart attack.
Who knows if she died in peace with a son like that.
Who's still over there?
We're all here now.
And two policemen over there.
If nothing happens in 30 minutes, join me at Sungmin's.
Hey, Kim.
I bought a teddy bear for Yera.
Did you see Sungmin's face splashed in the newspapers?
He's been caught.
And we're the ones who caught him.
But no matter how hard I looked our names aren't anywhere.
The newspapers have made those bastards into real stars.
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