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Nowhere To Run

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- Are you okay?|- Yeah, go check on the car.
- Buddy, are you okay?|- Fine. Thanks for asking.
Now get your goddamn hands off me|and open the door.
My Ieg !|
It's broken !|
Come here.|
You know the routine, oId man.|Hands behind your back. WaIk!
My Ieg ! My arm !|
- Which is it, your arm or your Ieg?|- Your face.
- Come on, Iet's go.|- Take it easy.
Let 'em aII go. Do it!|
SteaI the car . . . Go to heII.|
Let's go, come on.|
I toId you I'd get you out.|
It shouId have been me in jaiI,|not you.
Do you forgive me?|
- I forgive you, BiIIy.|- I'm gIad, man.
I couIdn't have that hanging over me|for the rest of my Iife.
BiIIy . . .|
- You think that ought to hoId you?|- And some whisky.
I wouIdn't seII meat without whisky.|What are you doing up here?
- Hunting.|- In a suit?
- What kind of hunting?|- Pink fIamingos.
The police have rounded up|12 of the 18 escaped prisoners.
The six unaccounted for are to|be considered armed and dangerous.
You ever see|any pink fIamingos?
No, sir, never have . . .|and never wiII.
- Are you sure?|- Yes, sir.
How much?|
- Do we have to go to bed?|- Yes.
Thanks for Ieaving me this mess.|
And you didn't make your beds.|
Mummy, can we get another dog?|
We'II see, honey. Night-night.|
- You too, paI.|- Goodnight, Mum.
SIeep weII.|
- Who named God ''God''?|- God did.
God named God ''God''? Why didn't|he name himseIf Tom or CharIie?
Can I put some saIt on this?|
It's okay.|
It's okay, it's aII right.|
- That's the dynamite again.|- Yes.
- It's okay. Eat your breakfast.|- Where's the saIt?
- It doesn't need any saIt.|- Come on, just a IittIe.
Did you move the saIt shaker?|I don't beIieve this.
E.T. took it. He did !|He was here. I heard him Iast night.
- E.T.'s make-beIieve, honey.|- He is not. He was here.
- Mookie, stop making things up.|- I'm not!
"WorId's greatest dad."
Sam, it's Billy. l wish l was there|to split all that money with you.
l guess if you're listening|to this, it's all yours now.
You deserve it for being in prison|all that time because of me.
l wonder where l'm headed.|
Either way l've got a 50-50 chance|of meeting Elvis.
How did you like the suit?|Lay low and stay out of trouble.
Sam ... l'm glad l knew you.|
Come in!|
Come in, Lonnie.|I want you to meet Mr. Dunston.
- Lonnie PooIe.|- He'II be organizing security . . . .
. . . and surveying.|
- Don't mind me.|- Mr. Dunston knows our situation.
- How are things with Mrs. Anderson?|- I think we'II work it out.
We need her parceI|and the Lewis pIace next to her.
It's 1 20 acres, right in the middIe|of the whoIe deveIopment.
What's your security training,|Mr. Dunston?
- CIeveIand PoIice Department.|- Why did you Ieave?
- Pick a card.|- Take it.
Go on, pick a card.|
You got it? Put it back in the deck.|
This Anderson woman,|are you fucking her?
None of your damn business!|Who is this guy?
I didn't mean anything by it.|I'm sorry.
- Was that your card?|- No.
I must be sIipping.|
Lonnie, why don't you|go back to work?
Good to meet you. Sorry about that.|
I'm not too optimistic|about our young friend's success.
Some of these Iandowners|can be hard nuts to crack.
Then we use a hammer.|
- That was nice.|- It was.
- Has he come to see you again?|- I don't want to taIk about this.
They're bIasting at the Braemer's.|Turning the whoIe thing into a Iake.
Yeah, my whoIe house shakes.|So what?
These peopIe . . . when they want|something, they can pIay rough.
What are you saying to me?|I Iive here.
- They don't scare me.|- You're something, you know that?
- I'II see you.|- I won't give up my home.
E.T. , is that you?|
How come you didn't|throw the baII back?
- Did you come from outer space?|- No.
How come you've got a gun?|Are you a bad guy?
- You Iike boobs?|- Sometimes.
I think they're totaIIy gross.|
My name's Mike, but everybody|caIIs me Mookie. What's your name?
- See you tomorrow, Sam, okay?|- I may not be here tomorrow.
Don't you know how to start a fire?|
You have to Iet the air get in|or it's not going to burn.
- Are you going to cook something?|- A steak.
Let me have it.|I'II cook it for you.
- Do you have to ruin everything?|- I can be here. Don't boss me.
This is my sister Bree. This is Sam.|I'm going to cook him a steak.
- My dad used to Iet me cook.|- You don't remember that.
- You were too IittIe. Mum said.|- I remember.
- Where's your dad now?|- Dead. He had a nurdism.
An aneurysm !|Don't you know anything?
- He's in the cemetery.|- He is not.
- Mookie? Bree?|- We've got to go. Bye, Sam.
- Don't teII anyone you saw me here.|- Why not?
- He doesn't want us to, aII right?|- I want to teII Mum.
- If you do, I'II say you smoke.|- I do not.
Mummy . . . What happened to him?|
Get away!|
Mum, who are these guys?|
Stay down !|You're scaring my chiIdren !
- Get out of the truck!|- Leave them aIone.
- Who the heII are you?|- The parking attendant.
Come on.|
Stay here.|
- Who are you?|- He's my friend. His name is Sam.
Are you just going to Iet him|stand there?
- What are you hunting?|- Dear . . . mostIy.
Dear is out of season.|
- Yeah . . . and jack rabbit.|- We've got Iots of rabbits.
- There's no hunting on my property.|- I'm mostIy camping.
I don't aIIow camping, either.|
- Who were those men?|- Come on, kids, up to bed.
- Can't we stay up a IittIe whiIe?|- No, Iet's go.
- We didn't say goodnight to Sam.|- Say goodnight and Iet's go.
I'II be right up.|
- Where are you from?|- Quebec.
What do you do there?|
- What difference does it make?|- It's an innocent question.
I'm a Iawyer.|
- Where did you Iearn to fight?|- Law schooI.
- Who are those guys?|- Poachers, I suspect.
Thank you for the coffee.|
Goodnight, ma'am.|
You can sIeep in my barn|for a night or two, if you want.
No, thanks.|
- You can hunt here aII you want.|- You don't aIIow hunting.
- I changed my mind.|- You're afraid they'II be back?
- Forget it.|- Wait! How much?
How much for the barn?|
- You don't have to pay me.|- Are you sure?
Out of the way!|Bree, I've toId you about that.
You know not to run in front|of the truck. It's not funny.
I'II be right back.|
Hi. I thought|you might want to wear these.
- Who the heII are you?|- A friend of CIydie's.
- What's your name?|- Sam.
- Have you got some I . D.?|- Sure.
- Lonnie?|- I'm naked.
- It doesn't bother me. Who's this?|- What are you doing?
He's my cousin . . . from Quebec.|
- He toId me he was your friend.|- My third cousin.
What's wrong? This is ridicuIous.|Put the gun down.
Can I taIk to you a second?|
- Do you want some more?|- Yeah . . . thanks.
Can you pass the salt?|
The oId bike in the barn . . .|I wouId Iike to buy it.
- How much wiII you pay for it?|- I don't know. 200?
- 300 . . . take it or Ieave it.|- I'II take it.
- Are you going to go away on it?|- I'II have to fix it first.
It's too broken to be fixed.|
He's got a big penis.|
- He does!|- He was in the pond washing.
He's got an average penis.|I saw it.
- AIready?|- That's enought about penises.
- Are you going to sIeep in her bed?|- That's enough.
No one's going to sIeep in my bed|except me.
Did you change your mind?|You want to heIp me?
It's a damn good offer.|No one eIse wouId offer you that.
I won't seII it to anyone eIse.|I don't want to seII it.
Mrs. Anderson,|I know your financiaI situation.
This might be indeIicate, but you|might not make your payments.
If you can't, the bank|wiII be forced to forecIose.
You bought into the bank.|They never used to do that.
It wiII take a month|to get the order to forecIose.
She'd get a Iawyer.|He wouId fiIe a writ.
That wouId deIay you months.|You wouId have to go to triaI.
If you don't want to seII it,|don't seII it.
- Forgive me . . . Who are you?|- My cousin Sam.
FrankIin HaIe.|I'm deIighted to meet you.
Thank you, Mrs. Anderson.|GentIemen, shaII we?
Astonishing, isn't it?|
One IittIe woman in a wheat fieId,|and what is she doing?
She's fucking us up.|
My proposed deveIopment|is one of the Iargest of its kind.
It represents a totaI investment|in your community of $1 biIIion.
What we're taIking about here|is naturaI beauty.
I must teII you,|this vaIIey of yours . . .
It's one of the most extraordinariIy|beautifuI pIaces I've ever seen.
My company wouId never dream|of desecrating such beauty.
But this town's Iand can be used|so much more efficientIy.
Everyone wouId benefit.|I'II guarantee you . . .
You aII shouId be ashamed !|SeIIing off your famiIy heritage.
BuiId your goIf course around me.|I'm not seIIing !
Let him speak.|He has the right to speak.
My dear sir, there's bound to be|opposition to a pIan Iike this.
But your eIected counciI peopIe|understand the wisdom of our ideas.
I don't care. I know about|the tactics you've been using.
- Nobody takes my Iand from me!|- It's okay, Tom.
- They can't make us seII.|- Are you sure about that, CIydie?
Let's go, honey.|
Sam! Something's wrong! Wake up!|
It's our neighbour's barn.|
Wake up your mum.|Say to caII the fire department.
- Are you okay?|- My husband's in there.
- Stay back!|- PIease, heIp him !
Let me heIp.|
Get that one.|
The gas tanks! They're going to go!
Move back!|
- God !|- The tanks are going to bIow.
Get back.|
Look, it's going to be aII right.|
- Did you get burned?|- No. I was Iucky.
Sam, are you going to go home now?|
- Are you going to stay?|- For a whiIe.
You're going home sometime,|aren't you?
I reaIIy don't remember my dad . . .|not Iike I say I do.
It's okay.|
You did good|in discovering the fire.
- I wasn't scared.|- I know.
I've been out here on my own|ever since my husband died.
I aIways thought I couId handIe|whatever came up.
Why am I teIIing you this?|I don't even know you.
Sam . . .|
- Is that your reaI name?|- Yes.
Sometimes you just get tired.|
I'II be okay tomorrow. Things|wiII be better in the morning.
- What's this stuff for?|- That's for the brakes.
- What about this?|- That's gasket seaIer.
- What kind of a car have you got?|- It's a motorcycIe.
- A what?|- A motorcycIe.
You're not from around here,|are you?
- Neither are you.|- That's right.
You're that Canadian guy who|puIIed Tom Lewis out of his barn.
- You're him.|- He saved aII the horses, too.
You did? Wow! That must|have reaIIy been something.
- What kind?|- What?
What kind of motorcycIe|are you working on?
A Triumph.|
They don't make 'em|Iike that any more, do they?
No, they don't.|
Let's go.|
See you.|Good Iuck with the motorcycIe.
- CouId I Iearn to drive this thing?|- I can show you right now.
I don't reaIIy want to know.|Just as you know what you're doing.
- Don't get caught.|- I thought the Iaw was bought.
- He was paid, but I'm not sure.|- It's not for you to worry about.
- Who's worrying?|- Good.
- Is that your card?|- Yeah. How did you do that?
- Mummy, is that your wedding?|- Yep.
Come on in.|Do you want some coffee?
Sam, that's my dad.|Come on, Iook at him.
- Why is Daddy carrying you?|- That's what the groom does.
He carries his wife off so they|can start their new Iife together.
- That's me!|- So IittIe.
I bet he was a good kisser.|
Yes, he was.|
It's very beautifuI here.|
It's the vaIIey of the Moon.|That's what we caIIed it.
Can you smeII the vioIets?|
There's no prettier smeII on earth|than the smeII of vioIets.
You're not used to aII this.|
- You're not married, are you?|- I used to be.
A Iong time ago.|
You miss your husband, don't you?|
Yes . . . there are days|when I miss him very much.
WouId you Iike to sIeep|in my room tonight?
You're a very speciaI woman.|
I'II see you tomorrow.|
- It's Iate, Lonnie.|- No Iater than it usuaIIy is.
- What's the matter?|- I just don't feeI Iike it.
Are the kids up?|What's the matter?
- Are you upset about the barn?|- It's nothing to do with the barn.
Then what's it about?|You have to Iet me know!
She won't be growing much here now.|
Son of a . . !|
Strike three. You're out.|
This is business, Mr. Dunston.|These things can be compIicated.
If I don't have her Iand by the end|of the week, I Iose my permits.
If I Iose my permits,|I'm out of business.
If you and your pissant army|can't persuade this woman to seII, -
- I may have to find|somebody who can.
- What did you find out about him?|- I know he's not her cousin.
Good, Lonnie.|
I don't care who he isn't.|This asshoIe is reaIIy bothering me.
I'm going to go out there and|persuade him not to stick around.
Listen, as a personaI favour,|give me first crack at him.
- CIydie's not here.|- I know that.
- I never saw your identification.|- I thought we'd been through this.
Put your hands up against|the barn door. Move!
Spread 'em !|
- Are you arresting me?|- Maybe.
- What for?|- I haven't decided yet.
Why don't you just Ieave her aIone?|
You're fucking it aII up!|For everybody's sake, just Ieave.
If you cared for her,|you wouId not be doing this.
What happened?|
Does this have anything to do|with what happened Iast night?
- Who did this to you?|- It was personaI.
Why do you do that?|Why don't you taIk to me?
Who are you?|
- Do you want me to go?|- Yes!
I don't know.|
I don't know what I want.|
And I don't know what I'm doing.|
- Hi, honey, where's your sister?|- She's pIaying. Where's Sam?
- He's stiII asIeep.|- He's not in the barn.
- He stayed in my room.|- AII night?
- AII right! Can I go see him?|- Let him sIeep a few more hours.
A few more hours?|What did you do to him?
Does this IittIe girI beIong to you?|
- Bree, what were you doing?|- He wanted to pIay with me.
He can puII a magic card|out from my ear.
- She was out running around.|- Do I know you?
Go inside.|
I'm surprised to see|that you're stiII here.
- No, you're not.|- Yes, I am.
If I see you near her|or the chiIdren, I'II kiII you.
You seem Iike a smart feIIa.|The woman isn't worth it.
When push comes to shove, you won't|be deaIing with the sheriff . . .
You'II be deaIing with me.|
I'II Iook forward to it.|
Me, too.|
- Au revoir.|- Yeah, for now.
The FBI just Ieft my office.|
- What do you want?|- I know who you are.
I'II do everybody a favour.|Leave . . . do it right now.
- I won't be abIe to heIp you.|- What about CIydie and this pIace?
You're making it worse for her|than it was ever supposed to be.
If you care for her, you'II go.|
I was a thief. There was a bank,|and a guard got shot.
- So you're a murderer.|- No.
A boy, BiIIy . . . I took him with me|on a coupIe of jobs.
The guard was going to shoot me.|BiIIy shot him, but I was taken.
Damn you ! You had no right|to come into our Iives!
- You have to go.|- You're going to Iose this pIace.
No, I am not.|I can take care of myseIf.
I was doing just fine|before you came here.
I've been aIone a Iong time.|
So have I.|
Clydie, l thought it might be|easier talking to you on tape.
But now l'm not so sure ...|
This is exceIIent, Lonnie!|
Why did you Iet him go? You'd be|famous now if you'd coIIared him.
Now isn't the perfect time to have|the pIace crawIing with state cops.
- Quite right.|- Lonnie, you're aIways thinking.
It shouIdn't be difficuIt to break|Mrs. Anderson's resistance now.
- I'II work on that right away.|- Thank you, Lonnie.
I don't care if he's Ieft town,|I stiII think he's dangerous.
Me, too.|
I think we shouId take|personaI charge of the situation.
- Hey, Pete. What's new with you?|- Nothing.
HeIIo . . . Excuse me.|
Does that bike parked out front|beIong to you?
- Did you restore it yourseIf?|- It just needed a IittIe work.
- Where are you from?|- Quebec.
- Did you drive it here from Canada?|- Yeah.
- You must be a good mechanic.|- Coffee?
Do you want anything to eat?|Today's speciaI is meatIoaf.
Or you can have|the rest of that guy's steak.
Clydie, l thought it might be|easier talking to you on tape ...
But now l'm not so sure.|
l can never change what l did,|no matter how much l regret it.
Mookie will hear things about me.|Most of them won't be true.
Please say goodbye to him for me.|
l never meant for anyone|to get hurt ... especially him.
Son of a bitch!|
Get a chopper up here!|
- What are you doing?|- Just Iocking up.
- We never Iock up.|- WeII, we're going to start.
Mummy, are you scared of something.|
I'm just being cautious,|that's different from being scared.
Kentucky Avenue.|
- Who has that?|- Nobody.
A six. Where am I?|
- Run !|- Go get the kids.
What do you want?|
Jack, use the stairs.|
- Bree, upstairs.|- Open the door, kid.
- I'II go get some heIp.|- You'II faII.
I've done it before.|
- Mum !|- Bree.
- The boy went out of the window.|- PIease, don't hurt my chiIdren.
- What's the matter?|- Lonnie!
Go find the other kid.|
I'm over here, jerk.|
Come on out, kid.|
Come on, son.|I wouIdn't hurt you.
- Sam?|- Stay here.
I'm going to kiII|that IittIe son of a bitch.
No more threats. No more buIIshit.|
You know what we're here for.|I'm not going to hurt her.
You stay in there, and no noise!|
I'm sick of this town !|I want to go home.
Now, sign the fucking contract!|Here's a pen.
- I'm sorry it had to come to this.|- Right here.
- very good.|- Go to heII.
Get out now!|
- This is my house!|- We can't Ieave before the fire.
- I can't take the risk.|- AI, if you wiII.
Watch her.|
Where is he?|
Get up!|
Leave him aIone.|
- Sam.|- Are you okay?
Just stay behind me.|
Au revoir, fucker!|
- CIydie!|- Sam !
- Don't come any cIoser.|- Let her go.
Don't even think of it.|
Throw the gun down !|Throw the gun down now!
Throw the gun down.|
- Bree.|- Mum !
- Put your hands over your head.|- I own haIf this vaIIey.
- There's an escaped convict inside.|- Turn around and face the house.
Go! You can stiII get away.|
Sam GiIIen ! The house is surrounded.|Come out with your hands up.
Why do they want you?|You didn't do anything wrong.
A Iong time ago, I did some things|I was not supposed to do.
- WiII they take you to jaiI?|- Yes.
- I don't want you to go.|- I've got to go.
Goodbye, Mookie.|
Goodbye, Bree.|
Are you coming back?|
I'II find a way. Somehow I'II find|a way to come back to you.
No matter how Iong it takes,|we'II be here.
I know.|
- I Iove you.|- I Iove you, too.
You saved a Iot of Iives here.|That ought to count for something.
Goodbye, my friend.|
Goodbye, Sam.|
You bastard !|Do you know who I am?
I know what you are.|
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