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Now Or Never 2003

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Marco Tannuri, also known as Bushy, thanks to the bush of his head,
came out ofthe Mompracem at 6,
after speaking forthree hours to a certain Eva Melanti.
Bushy had never spentthe night talking to a girl,
so he wasn'tgoing to forget Eva
nor the moment when he opened the door of our LeftWing Youth Centre.
When l came to Pisa, four years ago,
l had a couple of questions that needed answering:
Why is there something, not nothing?
ls life just a complicated kind of carbon chemistry?
That's why l chose the Physics faculty.
l had managed to get into the famous Normale University
accepting the strict rules:
taking all the exams in four years and keeping a very high average.
Those years flew by, locked up in my room at the campus
submerged in my subject-matter.
Comrade, tonight there's a debate on the south-eastern masses...
A Kazakh comrade is taking part... are you coming?
Now that the Panther days were over,
the student movement was in a state of confusion.
The old ideological groups had started recruiting members again.
The old tough guys were nostalgic for the Berlin Wall,
like it was in the films. The good on one side, the bad on the other.
The only value scale for the entire world population
is the one determined by the P-P-P system.
What's the P-P-P system? lt's the P-P-Ptriangle.
The two P's at the base are power and profit, right?
They both push up
arriving at the top ofthe triangle, the third P,
which is pubic hair! The driving force behind everything.
Why am l wasting my time explaining this to you?
- Let's go and take the exam. -Yes. That's what you want, anyway.
This is Doveri, my neighbour.
The price l had to pay for accommodation in the centre.
On that day, June 24th 2001, l had my lastexam,
the launching pad for a brilliant dissertation on
''Random non-linear phenomenons''.
Can l go first?
No, l'll go first 'cos you're like Rubbia.
-Whereas l don't know anything. -You always get through in the end!
Because l did a good intelligence job, dear Jachia.
l get on with it, l pay attention to these things.
PlRACY LeftWing Youth Centre
Look, just the man we needed! You're coming to the meeting, right?
Maybe you'll invite us to one of yours at Digos.
You look a bittense, a bit stressed.
Are you excited because we are here too?
Are you paid to keep the order or to make trouble?
Who's she? You've gotan assistant?
Shall we start or not?
The gentlemen want to know if we have any explosives, Molotovs...
- l've only gota Kalashnikov! - Biri only has a Kalashnikov...
Biri, are you a comedian?
He wants to be like you. Let's go in so the sheriff can go.
- Hey, Ringo! l'm watching you. - Right, honey. Watch me.
- Bye, blondie... - Let's geta coffee.
- Maccaretti is grilling him. - How's long he been there?
This is not an exam, it's an onanist bullshit.
Who is it?
-Wait a moment. - l'm going fora walk... call me when it's my turn.
Hold on, guys!
The rector said he couldn't give us a place until September.
- September? - Did you expect it straight away?
But did you tell him it was forthe social forum?
Bushy, we're dealing with a politician here
and when you mention the word Genoa to them, they shit their pants.
Alright, the name and the place is a problem.
We have to be easily identified,
We need a symbol in order to be easily identified, so ''Red Star''...
''Red Star'' was alright30 years ago!
-Can l finish? -A new movement, a new name!
l spent three years thinking about her. And now she was here again.
< Viola had been like the Big Bang for me.
lt was my first month in Pisa
and one of Doveri's dreadful dinner outings.
An old man is crossing the bridge
and he sees a man drinking the Arno water.
He says, ''Stop, you're mad! You'll getcholera!''
''l'm Albanian, l no understand.''
''No, l said: The wa-ter-is-cold. Drink-it-slow-ly.!
- How can you get in Holland with no money? -You get on the train
and ifthe ticket inspector comes, you say you're broke.
-Won't he ask for your l.D.? - l've never had l.D.
He'll tell you to get off.
lf he's kind, you'll stay on. lf he's horrible, you'll get off.
And you wait for the next train.
What is it? Aren't you coming?
l read today that goldfish have no memory.
They experience everything as it were the first time.
Well, they're always in that glass bowl though...
What's thatgot to do with it?
l think you should let things sweep you away.
l need to meet new people and change places all the time.
Perhaps l'll wake up one morning and l'll change...
Change, but don't change this part.
That things sweep you away.
- l'm hungry. - Hungry?
- l don't know what your name is. - David.
Come up. l'll make you some pasta.
-We only ate two hours ago! - l eat when l'm hungry.
-Goodnight. - 'Night!
-Zapata Left Wing Youth Centre. - Excuse me, whatdo you think?
-About the name? - No, about my sister!
Did someone invite the secretagent or did he just walk in?
-Any ideas? -''Piracy'' is not bad.
-''Piracy'' sucks. - Maybe something to do with Salgari.
''The Tiger Cubs of Mompracem.''
After the 1990 Panther movement... the Tiger...
-After this bullshit, a decent idea. -Any other ideas?
Zapata LeftWing Youth Centre.
We have no other ideas, so Mompracem will do for now.
- Now we have to find a place. - How do we squat?
Eva, what do you mean ''how''? You go in and squat, right?
Five of us can't make a place a squat.
lf we go in then the police arrives, they'll slap us and send us home.
The meeting's over.
We have exams tomorrow and the day after we'll get jobs.
- l'm forsquatting in a place. -So am l.
Doveri, have you finished?
- ls Maccaretti still in there? - Maccaretti's just left.
You didn't call me?
l didn'tcall you for your own good.
- l completely forgot. - lt was my fault too.
Why are you so down?
We'll repeat the exam together l have to do thatanyway...
and we'll make sure this damn Maccaretti retires!
No, dad, l didn'ttake the exam,
..but l've got another chance and l'll finish this by July.
So, was it alright?
Listen, David, try and write a good dissertation
..because they'll be no more research done here in ltaly.
You may as well leave and forget it.
l've been a bit confused lately.
Fair enough but relax, take some time out, learn to observe things.
lt keeps you away from trivialities and it's important.
But it's like all l do is observe things...
Aweek later, l had my head in my books to make up for the false step
and to try and get a business class seat in an American university
to lie back in my chair lapping up praise and academic kisses.
Jachia, may l?
Those low-life friends of yours are putting on a show.
- Not today, Doveri. -What?
l had to lie to my dad forthe first time because of you!
Because of me, you'll go to hell for the first time!
- l want to graduate at Normale! - l'm just...
There's a party on the 20th. We celebrate the return ofthe Savoias.
You must come, DJ Sabaudo's playing.
-Can'tyou have a normal party? - lt's not an excuse to have fun.
lt's a cultural thing.
The new Left Wing Youth Centre opens today. You're all invited!
HolyMary! You're so pale and sickly!
You can't stay here rotting all the time, you're 20!
Do you only want to reproduce among yourselves, cloning each other?
-We've got to study. - There's time for studying.
We're having a meeting then a party tonight then united we'll fight.
- lf you have any ideas... -Can you keep the noise down later?
Noise? Sort your hairout and come too!
Go and get jobs! Do you want to starta revolution?
Are we going to get bricks and start building the Wall again?
-Where's this idiotcome from? -You're the idiot,
coming here acting the clown! -What the hell do you want?
What the hell do you want? Acting like a revolutionary...
-Go get a job! - Don't touch me!
And you don't touch me!
-Wait. -Just be grateful that l can't make trouble here.
lt was a mistake coming here.
But l thought l'd find some brainy people not fascists!
Doveri's not a fascist, he's just a bit of an idiot.
ldiots frighten me when there's a lot ofthem.
-Why were you there? - l live there.
- Too bad for you. -Sorry but l have to go and study.
Justcome and have a look. You came up with the name.
You chose ''Mompracem'' in the end?
l would come, but l've got an exam in July. l'll be thrown out if l fail.
That's in a month. Come tonight then go.
-What ifthe police come? -The police is there already.
-Won'tthey evict you? - Evictions take place on August 15th
or Sunday morning at six.
Let's go.
Wait a minute!
l've nearlyfinished, if only Bastiano would stop being a pain...
- This is damage to State property. - ls ltaly still a state?
- Relax, Bastiano! -My name is Antonio, okay?
- Good, isn't it? - lfit doesn'tcollapse on you...
lt need shit lots of work... why don't you join in?
You could read the press release, itsucks...
-Yes, but l've never done one. - No one here's ever done any of this.
Good old Biri!
Alright, l'll give ita go.
-Tell me whatto write. -Write something about us squatting
or about ltaly and yourfeelings. You must be outraged about it.
That was exactlythe point.
Was l outraged? l hadn't thought about it.
Guys, this is David.
- Let's go. -Wait, let me finish. - No, come on. He'll finish it.
Vanna, he'll be working on the press release with you, okay?
- lt makes no sense. -You mean it's badly written?
No,just that l don't understand the language you've used.
- Re-write, if you want. -Will Luca like it?
Let's see if l like it first!
Sorry, maybe l wasn't clear.
Actually l think it's crap too. Maybe we should start again.
-Any ideas? -All l can think of is something Kipling said.
- But it may be irrelevant. - Didn't we say to start again?
lt was something like...
''lf you are able to wait and you'll never tire of waiting,
if you can avoid exchanging lies with lies, hate with hate,
if you can contrast the joy of life with the misery of power,
if you prefer the Left Wing Youth Centre to a suite atthe G8,
if you can rebuild broken dreams with worn out tools
and if the only questions thatarise when it's time for action are:
When, if not now? and: Who else, but me?
then the world, and everything in it, will be ours!''
- lt was good, right? - lt sounded false and rhetorical.
Vanna, excuse me...
l was joking.
-What does these questions mean? - The seventies are over!
-Thanks for telling me. - Stop it.
Guys, the pizzas are here.
l liked the press release.
- l had the image of a clock in mind. -What?
ln Florence there's a clock where the hands move anti-clockwise,
there's no reason
why the hands should move in a clockwise direction.
- l thought it was a good image. - David, you're off your head!
You're alright for the Mompracem, everyone's got a screw loose here.
- Now what's going on? - lt's time to eat, then we'll see...
Our student from Normale likes his drink, doesn't he?
He's been saying he wanted to leave all day, look at him.
ls this the first time you've been so out of it?
No. l went off my head fora girl once.
l thoughtabout her for three years and l didn't even know her.
- Like Luca. - Fuck off, Biri!
-Are you okay? - l'm fine.
Hold on.
My glasses!
Sorry, l can't do it.
Are you okay?
-Where are you going? - Out.
- Do you want me to come? - l'm only going next door.
- How did it go? - He nearly threw up on me.
- Can l sleep here? My head's... -Justdon'tthrow up on me.
l was walking, feeling sad and depressed. The sky was white.
Then l saw your eyes and then l became the rain.
lt was like millions of drops
that wanted to come out of my hands.
l'm prickling all over. Every time l see you l became like the rain.
These drops wantto come out ofhere.
Sorry, but l have to go,
My sister... gets angry if l'm late.
- Tell your sister to go to hell. - l can't.
See you tomorrow.
Get up, quickly!
Whatthe hell are you doing?
Whatthe hell are you doing?
My glasses!
Slowly, slowly. Be nice to him, he's comedian.
Slowly, slowly... stop!
Calm down!
Get your things, we're going to the police station.
Behave or it'll take longer.
You two! Get in the car!
Come on, get in the car.
-Are we going bytaxi? - l'm putting the meter on now.
Letgo of me!
You could've let us stay a couple of days, at least.
Next time don'ttake over State property.
- There weren'tany council ones. -There are.
-The nearest one's 20 km away. - Do you want it near my place?
Let's do it atyour house!
Do you have to do this in summer? Why not in September orOctober?
Vanna's trousers look good on you.
l have to get outof here, l fell asleep by mistake!
One at a time. You'll have your photos and fingerprints taken.
- Calm down! - Can't l make a phone call?
Listen, fatty! This is Pisa, not Los Angeles!
What's so funny... you good-for-nothings!
-You did a shit job with the door. -What the hell do you want?
Go and be a referee, what a shit job! - Racist! Fuck off!
We getevacuated and you act the fool too?
-Get the lighter and let's set fire to it in protest. -What?
You play with a rag ball, that's it! Well done!
Francesco Proserpio.
David Jachia, born in Modena...
And now?
Film this. Look what they did!
ls it true drugs were found? They're talking about peyote.
Anything to say about this eviction?
l don't believe we've been evicted. You can't evict ideas.
As leader ofthis movement, do you think this fight will last long?
We're all leaders here. We'll go to Genoa and we'll never stop.
- Maybe we should talk? - David, we'll meetwith the others, tomorrow.
Social law calls forclarification in a case like this, right?
l reckon we can ignore the law.
You want a lift?
Relax, l've been reported seven times and l'm still alive.
- l don't know what that means. - lt's a pain in the ass...
and we'll end up paying 200.000 liras, or something...
- lt's worth it in the end. - Even Pennac says it:
the best screws are during a revolution, huh?
Screwing during a revolution is no good for you in the end.
My brother got his girlfriend pregnant during the Panther movement.
- Did he regret it? - lt's the only good thing that's happened to me.
Just think...
Guys! Don't you have anything to do?
No, Pietro. We haven't slept a wink.
lf we'd locked ourselves in properly the police wouldn't have got in.
Perhaps it's for the best. Now everyone knows what Mompracem is.
We return the insult with something that will end up in the papers.
You'd better puta job advert in there.
lf you keep acting the idiot like me, you'll get in trouble!
We don't want to starta revolution.
We want to change things slowly. We're on a roll, we're unstoppable.
You'll be all work and family in five years' time.
-You got the time wrong. Try again! - Fuck off!
- l've got other problems now. -Shut up for once then!
How did you end up going round with my brother?
Forget it, it's stupid really.
Come on, tell us.
- Because ofViola. -What?
Sorry, Luca, l was following her...
You took over a Youth Centre for a screw?
Worse. He went after one and then got hold of another one.
Great! Good ability to adapt, that's an importantquality.
Well, it's not really...
more ofless!
- Sorry, Luca. - More or less?
Luca, l reckon it'll be mayhem here fora few days.
That's alrightfor me, l can sleep in the bath tub too.
-Why don't you ask daddy? - l'd rathersleep in the station!
That's your problem!
-Why don't you stay at my place? -You sleep atthe campus.
l can sleep in Doveri's room. We'll squat in another place, right?
-Are you sure? - No problem.
Can you hearthat, David?
- l knew he'd bring her... - How did you know? Are you mad?
- He's a bull. - l'm asking you nicely!
David, shall l tell you about your latest adventures?
You wanted to be a radical and you got reported to the police.
Then you wanted that girl butyour boss is screwing her in your bedroom.
You see how the power-pubic hair link works all the time.
Doveri, fuck off!
lf you getcaught tell them Leoni is your lawyer, right?
lt's the only way to avoid getting beaten up with a plastic bottle.
lf they hit you on the head, you'll faint and be out ofthe game.
lf you meetthe Nazis, curl up like a baby and get beaten.
- Shit! l'm all dirty... -You've got more eggs, right?
Go, it's the police!
Did we getaway?
l think so, l can't hear anything.
Shit, l'm all filthy.
So am l.
Shall we go?
Maybe we should waita while.
l know a shortcut because l used to live here.
l know, l took you home once.
-When? - Three years ago, after we had a student dinner party.
Did we kiss?
No, we didn't.
Let's go.
That's it, shit! lt's what's written there.
''Once the omelette's made, the eggs are broken.''
lt's law number two in thermodynamics,
matters tends to dissolve.
For Mompracem, it means once a step has been taken there's no going back.
- ls it a good title for the press release? -Why not?
Otherwise there's another concept that says:
''A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil causes a hurricane in Texas.''
We could be that butterfly flapping its wings, don't you think?
Yes, it's just that... l wanted to apologize.
-What for? - For before.
l didn't remember you from that night.
Don't worry, l wouldn't have remembered myself either.
But l remember everything.
You were with a guy who was very patient with you.
Well, back then l was a bit...
l used to disappear, so he lost his patience.
But you're back with him now, right?
-Are you going outwith Vanna? - Boh!
- lt's no big deal. - No big deal.
- Luca! -Am l interrupting you?
No, we were talking about the press release.
l've been calling you for ages! Turn your phones on!
Stop playing around and getdressed. Quickly.
We'll wait outside for you.
From that day on everything became thrilling.
We thoughtabout the demonstrations.
''The tower is straight, the world is crooked.''
Luca planned the road blocks and protests.
Luca was the tiger ofMompracem, nothing scared him.
We're here to stop this today,
and tomorrow the State industries which cause civil wars in Africa!
We won'taccept staying cooped up in a Youth Centre.
We promise to keep causing a riot!
200 people turned up that night at the centre.
We were the talk ofthe town...
no one would evict us from Mompracem.
We had become powerful in justa few days.
-Are you crazy? -Why?
This is a multinational product, they cause damage in Africa.
What have you bought? You're destroying a continent here!
David, shopping is like voting: you have to choose.
-What did l do wrong? - Everything!
- They're so cheap. - Of course, slaves pick them!
Put it back, can't you live without pineapples?
- l feel a bit stupid. -You make me feel like a teacher!
- l wantsome Coke. - Either you steal Coke or you leave it.
-Will you steal it, David? -What?
Like this, take it and put it in your pocket.
Let's go.
Whatare you doing?
lf l weren't here to look out for you...
Can you see if our names are on the list, please?
- Frankino, are we on the list? - No, you're not.
So you may as well go.
Why should we go? Are we too well-dressed?
We could put our hair in plaits or paint our faces black.
Are you being funny? l don't want to argue.
- Don't make trouble on day one. -What do you want?
lt's nothing personal, butgo elsewhere.
First you invite us then you beat us up?
No one will beat you up if you don't act like a pain.
- Behave. -At least, apologize.
We're sorry about what happened and we hope you have a nice evening.
See you.
- l'm going to get them. - Don't... - l knowwhere they're going.
-This is all we need now. -Who the hell do you think you are?
We've just taken this place over and don't want to get kicked out.
You knowwhat then? You can all go to hell!
Let's go, Biri.
Wait a minute.
Go to theJubilee, not to Genoa...
So Frankino left us and things started the week before Genoa.
Everything started happening quickly.
The centre turned into a never-ending meeting.
Suddenly we were drowned in faxes, letters and phone calls,
contacts with organized groups and other unknown ones.
Mompracem became a workshop, a house, an aerial and a lightning shield.
''The countdown has started.''
''Genoa is ready to defend itself, awaiting the eight powers.''
''Five metre tall metal grills, held up by tubes fixed to the walls,''
''block the road exits which lead to the red zone.''
''This is the area that the anti-globalists will try to attack.''
This is the Carlini stadium, guys.
Most people will go there, even though it's dangerous.
l think we'll be safer in a camping site in the suburbs.
That's where the debates take place, we have to know what's going on.
So let's go there and get a beating.
Whatcan happen?
We'll start a demonstration there with the resistors.
We'll go towards the red zone and use plastic shields as protection.
lfthey attack you with armour they won't do a lot.
l don'tsee why l have to clean the loos.
lf you clean that mess, you can do anything.
- That's supposed to make me happy? - l'll help you.
How gross!
-Can l stay with you tonight? -What?
- l don't want to sleep here. -What about Luca?
-What about him? - l don't know if he'll be pleased.
- There's nothing wrong with it. - No, there's nothing wrong with it.
So can l stay or not?
Think about it.
Go outside and unload the beers, instead of doing nothing.
-You do it. - l haven't stopped all day.
- Get the stoneheads to help. -You tell them.
- Get the stuffforGenoa! -Who'll bring the barrels?
lsn'tanyone inside?
Come on, sleepy heads! Bring the barrels in. Now not next week.
- ls something wrong? - No, why?
l don't know.., you look tense. Are you worried about Genoa?
Worried? l can't wait to get there.
Neithercan l. l'm very happy to be here with you.
l'm happy you're here, too.
Wait a minute.
-Can l speak to you? -Whatabout?
ln private, though.
Okay, relax. She's coming.
You talk about Lagrange's theory, so she'll fall asleep right away
and goodnight, see you tomorrow.
- Luca! -Are you waiting for someone?
-Are you sure? - Of course.
- l want to speak to you. -Go ahead.
-You know the film ''Jules and Jim''? - No.
There are two friends who care abouteach other.
Jules is with a strange girl, like Viola, and loves her a lot.
He loves her and his friend so much that he makes them get together.
Good, isn't it? But l've always hated Jules.
- l don't want to end like Jules, alright? -Yes.
- Do what you want but leave her alone! -Whatare you saying?
l don't know. She's making me paranoid.
Sorry, l don't know what's wrong. Who am l to talk to you like this?
Excuse me for a second.
Doveri, leave it. See you tomorrow, l'm staying in tonight.
Why are you shouting? l'm here.
What happened?
We've got an exam on the twentieth!
lf you get distracted, it's over.
Have you got a light?
- That's Rat. - He's the drug dealer.
- He'd better go from here. -Why did Viola speak to him?
Whatare you doing?
- Hey, that's Rat! - He's been here fortwo days.
Well? Get rid ofhim!
- Luca! -What are you doing?
- Do you want a spoon for a dose? -Just one jointthen he'll go.
- Notwith this bastard. - lt's not up to you.
l'd just like you to think about what you're doing sometimes.
- He's a junkie, can'tyou see? -You're a pain in the ass!
Relax. l'll have a joint then l'll go.
-Who told you to speak to me? - Hold it, Luca!
- Fucking bastard! -What are you doing? - l'll kill you!
Want to kill him? You said, ''No trouble in here!''
l've seen junkies since l was 13. You wantto teach me something?
Sort out your personal problems before you come back!
lt was just another pathetic scene, that's all.
The other night it was my fault.
l'm turning into a fool, l can see it and l can't help myself.
- l wanted to say sorry. - Never mind. l'm leaving for Genoa.
-Why now? - l want to get there early.
-Who'll deal with this place? - There're three days to go.
You can handle it.
Bye, dickhead.
l found out you're in charge, at the Red lndian camp.
Shit, well done. These things give you satisfaction.
Why don't you let the cowboys in though?
- Doveri! -Are you nervous?
You should be happy, David. lt means they're scared of you.
lt was the secretservice.
They set the exam on the same day Genoa starts.
-Ah, ah! - Now you're getting on my nerves!
- l wanted to apologize for the other night. - lt was forthe best.
- l acted like a coward. -They're waiting for you at the meeting.
- Guys! - Let's begin!
Does anyone have any suggestions
on how we could get to Genoa?
We can take the train and get off at Brignole.
You think you're funny but when they attack you, you won't laugh.
l think we should start learning how to defend ourselves.
Let's practice in the square in Pisa.
Let's show people how we defend ourselves.
- Let's show them we've get nothing to hide. - Good idea.
Then we can put a video on the Mompracem web site.
We can set up a camera for who wants to answer the question, ''Why Genoa?''
Because recently the pharmaceutical multinationals
have reported an lndian company that produces anti-Aids medicine
for 350 dollars instead of 10,000. How will lndians pay for treatment?
lf we don't go to Genoa, on TV they'll talk about what they eat,
the ties they wore...
lt's terrible living in this world, where the three richest people
match the wealth of the 48 poorestcountries puttogether.
We want tell the governments that the world is not for sale.
This video thing is bullshit.
The G8 people look like they're in the 19th century with their banquets,
hanging the offenders. They don't see what's going on outside the door.
lt's now or never!
- lf we can knock you down, you'd better not come tomorrow. - l'm not.
- l have my exam on Friday. -What exam?
lt's my final exam. lf l miss it, l won't graduate at Normale.
- Butwe've been getting ready for a month. - l'll take the exam at 9.
l'll take the train at 10. l want to be part ofthe action.
- No, Viola! lt's the last one! - No!
Give me that beer! lt's the last one!
Viola, it's the last one!
Give me that beer!
-What are we doing? -What we feel like doing.
- But you're going out with Luca. - l know.
-That's not my problem. - But l think it's my problem, too.
What then?
l don't know.
Goodnight, then.
- Get this car outofthe way! - l don't care aboutthe car!
We're almost ready to go. We have to stick together.
Biri, get a move on or we'll miss the train!
-Alright! Fuck you! You do it! -You always go over the top!
Get ready, guys.
The banner's the wrong way round!
David, the march can start!
Off we go, guys!
Hold the banners up! Music, maestro!
Let's go in the subway to get the train.
Get in the subway!
Be on time tomorrow or l'll kill you!
Good luck for your exam!
... the marchers started to move on, but the road is too narrow,
so we proceed slowly at a snail's pace, actually, we're not moving.
- How much have you done? - l'm on number five.
But l don't understand number two, three and four.
How come we're in this state? lt's the last call forthe lastexam.
What if l fail? A Physics degree is the same as the others.
What else will you do?
Anything, as long as l don't have to work hard to earn bundles of money.
Doveri, do you think we'll see each other again?
You'll go to Treviso, to an l.T. company.
We'll only meet up at the university reunion parties.
We'll be bald and they'll play happy music, like Mozart's requiem.
How sad.
You wantsome more coffee?
No, l'm going to take some uppers.
They don'tdo drug tests atthe university.
-Who's your examiner? -Maccaretti.
- Sign here. -What does ''Maccaretti - 15'' mean?
The exam's been moved to 3 p.m.
What? Give me Maccaretti's number, let's call him.
Calm down. His assistant's coming at 11.
- My exam's at 9! Like hell will l calm down.
- Fucking hell! - Don't make a scene.
What's the problem if we take the exam this afternoon?
l can't! l have to go to Genoa. All the Mompracem members are there.
And they need Sandokan?
They're doing an important thing. l don't want to be left out.
- Do you want to be leftout ofNormale? - l don't know.
Mompracem matters more to me than anything else now.
l don't know what to think anymore.
How long have you been friends ofthat lot? A month?
You won't remember their names in two years' time.
You'll remember you wanted to screw a girl,
and that she wanted to screw someone else.
So l stood still on those stairs, letting myself get carried away
towards the path that fate had decided was the simplest one.
Until l heard news about the first police attack.
From that moment, it was a race against time.
l could almostsee my mother's disappointed face
and hear my father's voice: ''David, whaton earth are you doing?''
But nevertheless, l was happy and l thought,
''At last, l've done something really stupid!''
Why did you get off here?
This train doesn't stop at Genoa. You'll go to France if you stay on.
- lt's notstopping at Genoa? - Genoa station is closed for the G8.
- How will we get there? -The coaches are running.
-What's going on? - lt's mayhem.
The police have attacked the rebels.
l'm very worried.
- There's no one here. - There's noteven a coach for Genoa.
-What's going on? - They're saying that those black block idiots
are wrecking the place.
''The clashes are very serious and the focus is taken away
from the discussions which took place on this first day of the G8.''
Guys, it's no go, no coaches are leaving.
- Let's wait a while. -We've waited all day.
That's it.
No one will believe this story.
There's a war going on 20 km away and we're in Disneyland!
Whatshall we do now?
''One billion dollars will be allocate to an AlDS fund.
And we're backto Genoa.''
''Unfortunately there is some terrible news:
the boy has died. We've confirmation from the red cross workers.''
''The boy was run down by a police van
in the area where most clashes took place today.''
l immediately thought one of my friends had died
and that even if it wasn'ta friend it was the same thing.
And so, having lost all hope of getting there,
l started walking towards Genoa.
l could leave you here, but the police are rounding people up.
They're taking everyone and we don't know where.
You can stay at the camping site with us tonight,
then you'll meet yourfriends tomorrow at the demonstration. -Yes.
l know you're pissed off. We got held up for three hours too.
-Another search! - Bollock!
Come on!
Keep your head down!
Look down!
Keep your head down!
Why have l been arrested?
Get undressed and put your personal belongings on the desk.
- Hi, darling, wantto have some fun tonight? -You bastard!
- How long do we have to stay here? - Have you looked outside?
Get undressed, stop asking questions.
- Do l have to take this off?. -Whata stupid question!
Take your chain off and put it in here with the rest.
We'll give you a beating!
-Why didn't you ask to go to the toilet? - Shut up, they're coming!
One, two, three, long live Pinochet!
Four, five, six, let's burn the Jews!
Seven, eight, nine, l don't pity the black boy!
What's going on? l don't want to piss myself, but what do l care?
Theytook us to Alessandria.
They looked after us, gave us food and showered us.
The prison seemed like a hotel afterthe Bolzaneto death camp.
When l came out of the decompression chamber,
l knew that nothing would ever be the same again.
''The government had to ensure the G8 would take place.''
''The G8 took place, all the planned appointments wentahead.''
''The summit area wasn't affected, despite the various attempts...''
Don't worry about the exam at Normale.
l spoke to the dean, it can be sorted out.
- Don't worry. - l'm not that bothered.
Why don't you come home for a few days to rest?
Leave me in Bologna if you want, l'll take a train to Pisa.
Come offit! l'll take you in the car.
You mother will kill me, she ordered me to take you home...
Are you alright?
Do you want to talk about it?
Maybe in a while.
Thanks, dad.
-Are you sure? -Yes.
Alright, as you wish.
Finish what you have to do then come home at the weekend.
- Let me give you some money. -There's no need.
- Take it. - No, l'm fine.
You're about to make a mistake!
lt's the only thing we can do!
-What the hell's going on? -They want to wreck the place!
- Did you finish your exam? -What do you want?
l want to see you move your ass! Look!
Let's go and see what's going on.
- l'm not coming! -Who asked you?
- l'm notcoming either. - Look atyou!
-You look horrible! -And you make us sick!
Come on, David!
Look who's over there. Have you been crying to mummy?
Mummy, my shed's broken!
God! That dickhead really gets on my nerves.
-Are you sure it was them? - Of course.
Guys, let's go in, for God's sake. l've had enough.
1, 2, 3, long live Pinochet!
7, 8, 9, l don't pity the black boy.
You make me sick!
Let's go!
-Vanna, call an ambulance! - He has to go to hospital.
He'd better go to Leghorn, they'll recognise him here!
-Are you mad? -You went in first!
You stabbed an innocent bystander! You bastard!
You mean you're not involved? Are you running out on us?
Running out on what? There's nothing left now!
Well? l'm tough, aren't l?
l'm really sorry, Doveri.
What about your friends? Those bastards...
They even made you miss out on your degree at Normale.
Who cares about the degree, l'm just glad you're alright.
What are you going to do?
l don't know.
Have a holiday.
You look rough...
You need a break to...
Maybe l should letyou rest.
Thanks, David.
-Why are you here? - l was leaving.
Then l thought, l'll leave with the first person thatcomes to Mompracem.
Are you sorry l turned up?
Where's Luca?
l heard he gotcaught, they questioned him for 24 hours,
then released him. - Did you see him? - No.
What about the others?
l don't know. l just know that no one reported you guys.
Not even the one who ended up in hospital.
You were right, we fucked a big time.
You'll be the same in 10 years' time, still going around making trouble.
-And were will you be? - l don't know, it's a long time.
l'm going hitch-hiking in ten days' time.
l'll stop when l see a nice place. Like that one.
-You'd never do that. -You'd never do that!
- Let's climb in. -What ifthere are dogs?
- Dogs? Come on! - Look how dirty the pool is.
What are you scared of?.
While we made love everything seemed to wash away,
and all that remained ofthe hard work and the beatings
were the songs, the laughter,
the faces and names of my friends.
That was the last time l saw her. She did what l would have liked to do.
We wanted that moment to be the only memory of us.
We didn't want to see ourselves fade away.
That summer which was so different from the others.
l put my bag on my shoulder and set off,
trying to understand what choices l had made.
Reliving my experiences deep down l thought
that you can'tsay you've been young
unless you've risked your life.
l went back to Pisa in October and l took my last exam.
l got a job in a library.
l haven'tseen them in ages. Biri wentcrazy.
- He stayed in his house all summer. -And Luca?
Luca went to Bologna. He lives in a youth centre and runs the place.
He'll be in the papers next month.
He'll get arrested, considering how things are going. And Viola?
She asked me what l was going to do.
l told her l didn't know. l didn't want to go to America.
l wanted to stay in ltaly to try and change things.
Vanna smiled,
then she said she wanted to try too, to change things.
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