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Not One Less CD1

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Teacher Gao!
He's washing his hair.
Wait here.
Teacher Gao!
The substitute is here.
Where is she from?
She's from Wei village. Her name is Wei Minzhi.
She's in the classroom. I'm leaving.
-Stay and eat. -No, I have to go.
-How old are you? -Thirteen.
Only thirteen? Where did you graduate?
From Wei Village Primary School.
What did the Mayor tell you?
He told me that your mother is dying and that you need to go home.
I'll be your substitute for a month.
We have 28 students from first to fourth grade.
You haven't been to high school. How can you teach them?
No one else will come.
There 's no one else?
I've been everywhere, no one will come.
This is a remote village, far from everything.
No one wants to come.
We had 40 students, but 10 already quit.
She's too young to teach.
It's only for a month.
You have to go. What can I do?
Is this the best you can do?
It's just for a month.
Figure something else out.
Okay, how about this?
You don't go.
I'll send her away only if you don't leave.
Tell me what you can do.
What can you do?
I can't hear you. What can you do?
-I can sing. -You can sing? Sing a song.
Go outside. Close the door.
Go ahead.
"Our country is a garden
"The lovely birds in our garden
"Sing for our country
"Sing for our leader Mao
"Make the sky blue again
"And lead us to victory"
You sing too softly. The first line was wrong.
Sing with me:
"Our country is a garden
"Our country is a garden
"The flowers there are beautiful
"The flowers there are beautiful"
Practice this song...
...and memorise the lyrics, then teach them to the students.
-What other songs do you know? -None.
You can't sing one song all month.
What else can you do?
-Can you copy text? -Yes.
Copy one chapter a day.
Write it out clearly.
And write it neatly.
After you finish, let the students copy it.
See that pole?
Dismiss the class when the sun hits that nail.
What if there's no sun?
If the weather turns, let them go early.
But if it rains really hard, don't let them go.
After a hard rain, that river is deep.
You must see the students home.
What if they finish early?
Let them go outside and play.
Don't let them fight.
After they play, have them copy text again.
I'll be gone for a month.
Excluding four Sundays, how many days is that?
Twenty-six days.
You get one piece of chalk a day.
One piece of chalk per chapter.
Copy the lesson.
Don't write too small.
They won't be able to see it. It's bad for their eyes.
But don't write too big. It wastes chalk.
You have one piece of chalk a day.
The words should be as big as a donkey's droppings.
About that size.
We're a poor school. There's not much chalk available.
Here's one pair. Two pairs, three, four...
...five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten pairs.
Is that enough?
-One more. -Still missing one?
Twenty-six in all.
Come in here.
This is the teacher's room.
Your work desk.
Do your work here. There are books and ink.
You sleep here.
If the bed's too small, extend it with the chair.
Let me introduce you. Zhang Mingxian.
Zhang Mingxian is the class president.
Jiao Jie, Zhang Huike, Tian Xuewei, Ming Xinhong.
These three girls sleep with you at night.
The two boys sleep out there.
Prepare your meals in the kitchen. You'll find food and a wok.
You'll eat together.
Teacher Gao.
What is it?
What about my 50 yuan?
What 50 yuan?
The Mayor said he would pay me 50 yuan.
Then ask him for it!
If he promised you 50 yuan, ask him for it!
-He told me to get it from you. -To ask me for it?
I don't have any money. I haven't been paid for six months.
All we have is some chalk.
-He told me to ask you for it. -Ask him, then! I've got no money.
-Do you get up to pee at night? -No.
Then you sleep on the inside. I'll sleep on the outside.
Do you know Wei Chunzhi?
No reason.
-Where is she going? -Running.
-At this hour? -She doesn't want to wet the bed.
Nonsense. You wet the bed.
It's true. She runs more than 5 kilometres a day.
We don't run. Why don't we wet the bed?
She sweats so that she won't wet the bed.
-We don't sweat and we don't wet the bed. -That's what she said.
Teacher Gao.
Let's get going.
-I'm still worried. -What for?
It's only one month.
Mr. Mayor!
Mr. Mayor!
Stop the car.
Mr. Mayor!
-What is it? -What about my 50 yuan?
Teacher Gao said he doesn't have it.
You ran all that way for this?
I thought something bad had happened!
You do your job, we'll pay you 50 yuan.
Wei Minzhi, you look after the students.
More than 10 students have already dropped out.
I don't want to lose any more.
The Mayor promised you 50 yuan. He'll make sure you get it.
If all the students are here when I get back...
...and not one less, I'll give you an extra 10 yuan!
Okay, but you have to pay me.
If the Mayor doesn't pay you, I will pay you 60 yuan.
Wei Minzhi, why are you sitting here?
The students are running wild, and you just sit?
What about class? You're supposed to teach!
No more nonsense. It's time for school.
What time is it? It's almost noon!
-Let's get started! -We haven't raised the flag.
We're supposed to raise it on Mondays.
Raise the flag!
One, two, one.
Stand straight! Turn left!
Stand straight! Turn right!
Begin flag-raising ceremony!
-Sing the national anthem. -Wait!
There's no flag. How can you sing?
-Zhang Huike, where's the flag? -Teacher Gao has it.
Teacher Gao is away.
-But it's still here. -Go and get it.
How can you sing without the flag?
Raise the flag and sing the anthem.
Ready? Begin!
"Rise up! We are no man's slave
"Let's build a new Great Wall with our bodies
"In times of danger, the Chinese people
"Will fight to their last breath
"Rise up!
"The united Chinese people
"Brave the enemy's bullets and march ahead
"We brave the enemy's bullets and march ahead"
Be quiet!
Teacher Wei, come in.
Come in.
You are the teacher. Come here.
Get in here.
Teacher Gao's mother is sick.
Very ill.
He is taking a month off. I've found you a substitute.
Her name is Wei, Wei Minzhi. We will call her Teacher Wei.
-Say, "Hello, Teacher Wei." -Hello, Teacher Wei.
-Say it louder! -Hello, Teacher Wei.
She's not a teacher. She's Wei Chunzhi's sister.
She's not a teacher. She's Wei Chunzhi's sister!
-Who is Wei Chunzhi? -She lives near my aunt!
So what? lf I say she's your teacher, she is!
No, she's not a teacher!
Farthead. Call her teacher!
-Do it! -No.
Come here! You're asking for it!
-Call her teacher! -Teacher Wei.
-I can't hear you! -Teacher Wei!
No more nonsense! Pay attention and study hard!
Especially you, Zhang Huike!
No more trouble from you.
If you cause any more problems, you'll get it from me!
Why is this table broken?
What about the money I gave Teacher Gao?
He used it to buy chalk.
He bought chalk.
Well, never mind.
Start the class!
-Copy the text! -We don't know this.
We can't.
Teacher Gao said you have to.
We haven't learned this.
No one is leaving this room.
What are you doing?
I'm going home.
Why aren't you copying the text?
-I can't. -I don't care.
-I can't do it. -Go back to your seat and sit down.
No one leaves till the sunlight hits that nail.
Those are Teacher Gao's orders!
What do you want? Go back inside!
Zhang Huike is causing trouble! Why don't you do something?
You should do something. You're the teacher.
I can't do anything.
But you're the teacher!
There is nothing I can do!
Why are you out here? Go back inside!
I was writing. Zhang Huike is bothering me.
Do something!
I told you, there's nothing I can do.
Do something about it! I'm a student. I can't do anything!
-He's too troublesome! -But you're the teacher!
Who knocked the desk over?
Zhang Huike.
-Not me. -He did it.
He was playing around.
He knocked over the chalk! I heard a noise.
He was chasing me and he kicked my leg!
He pushed me!
I didn't push you!
-He did! -I did not!
Come and clean up the mess!
I didn't do it!
If you didn't, who did?
-You have to. -No.
-Are you going to come here, or not? -No.
You're stepping on the chalk!
-I didn't do it. -Pick it up.
Get up!
I didn't do it.
Don't crush the chalk!
Don't step on the chalk!
Zhang Mingxian, write me a list of names. I'll take attendance tomorrow.
Did you hear me? Why aren't you writing?
I told you to write a list!
Teacher Gao said so.
When Teacher Gao comes back I'm going to tell him!
-Tian Xuewei. -Here!
-Li Lingyu. -Here!
-Sun Zhiwei. -Here!
-Li Shujun. -Here!
-Li Zhanqiang. -Here!
Speak louder!
Li Meiying.
-Li Meiying. -Here!
Wang Chunfei.
Copy the text!
No one leaves until I say so!
What are you doing?
Go back in and do your work!
Go back inside!
Go back.
Come back and copy the text.
Come back!
-I need to pee! -No!
I really have to go!
No way. You're lying!
I really have to pee!
I can't hold it!
I can't pee with you watching!
Go back and do your work!
Go! Back inside!
Go on and do your work!
Copy the lesson! No one can leave!
Time for the music lesson!
I'll sing and you repeat after me!
Follow the steps.
Listen carefully!
"Our country is a garden
"Our country is a garden
"The beautiful flowers in the garden
"The beautiful flowers in the garden"
Let's sing a different song.
It's called The Red Sun.
Follow me!
This is....
"Red sun, rainbow clouds
"Red sun, rainbow clouds
"I help Mother wash our clothes
"I help Mother wash our clothes
Sing it again.
"Red sun, rainbow clouds
"I help mother wash our clothes"
That's her.
Come here. Her name is Ming Xinhong.
Ming Xinhong? I hear you run very fast.
She runs over 10 kilometres a day.
Really? I want you to show me.
You see that house over there? I want you to run there and back.
You have to run fast!
On my count.
Ready? Go!
Good, very good.
-Tired? -No.
Ming Xinhong, Mr. Zhang wants you to go to a school for athletes.
-Do you want to go? -Yes.
I'll tell your parents tomorrow...
...and you can go.
-She can't leave! -Why not?
-Not one less. -Who said so?
Teacher Gao!
The school for athletes needs talent. This isn't up to him!
This is a good chance. It might not come again!
-No, she can't go. -This is my decision.
-Mr. Zhang. When does she leave? -Tomorrow morning.
We'll be waiting.
-Should I talk to her parents? -It's not necessary.
-Then I'll be going. -Can you take these students, too?
-They're very fast, too. -No, just her.
Ming Xinhong.
-Where's Ming Xinhong? -I don't know.
You don't know?
Not in here.
Not in the classroom either.
Wei Minzhi!
-Where did Ming Xinhong go? -I don't know.
She's your student!
I don't know.
-You've hidden her somewhere, right? -No.
Then where is she?
I don't know.
You're the teacher, how can you not know?
-Where are the students? -Right here!
One of them is missing.
-No one is missing. -Where is she?
-I don't know. -How many did you have before?
How many do you have now?
Go find her! They're here for her. You can't hide her!
-Go find her! -I don't know.
You hide her and you say you don't know! Why are you lying to me?
-I hired you. -I don't know anything!
You'd better tell me!
I don't know.
If you don't find her, I'll fire you!
Go find her.
I won't help you!
Come back, you! You'd better go and find her!
I told you I don't know!
Why are you doing this?
Teacher Wei.
Where did you hide Ming Xinhong?
Can we go find her?
This is a good thing.
Don't you see?
You think that Teacher Gao will blame you for this?
That won't be a problem. Teacher Gao is my friend.
I'll explain it to him.
You don't have to worry.
When he finds out what happened he'll be very pleased.
With the training she'll get, she'll win honour for our school...
...and for our city.
Zhang Huike.
Where did your teacher hide Ming Xinhong?
Tell me.
I don't know.
Are you sure?
No one can hear us. Tell me!
Where is Ming Xinhong? I know you know.
I don't know.
You don't know?
Tell me!
I don't know.
Why won't you help me?
Who do you listen to?
My teacher.
-Who does the teacher listen to? -You.
That's right. Your teacher listens to me.
So you have to listen to me, too.
Where is she?
Buy me two blue pens and then I'll tell you.
No problem!
They have to be this long!
Okay, tell me first.
Give me the money first. Last time you didn't.
-I forgot last time. -I want the money first.
Okay. So tell me.
Don't trick me.
Ming Xinhong.
You are going to the city. Let's go.
Come on.
I can find someone else if you don't want to go.
-I want to go. -Then let's go.
Teacher Wei said to wait until Teacher Gao comes back.
I already told him. He said it's okay.
Mr. Zhang.
Mr. Zhang.
Let's go.
Where is she?
Come back!
Come back!
Stop the car, please!
She's a tough one. I've never seen anyone like her.
She's really good at taking care of the children.
It isn't like it used to be.
Keeping kids in school is harder than teaching them.
-Let's stop the car. -No!
If we stop now we'll never get away.
Mr. Zhang, she runs pretty fast herself.
Give it to me.
What are you two doing?
Teacher Wei, she wrote something bad about you!
I did not! That's my diary.
-That's my diary. -I'll read it to you.
Read it to me, then.
Zhang Mingxian! Let him read it!
I won't let him read my diary!
Who said so?
Just read it.
Step aside.
Step aside.
Zhang Mingxian, let him read!
Read it!
"I feel very sad.
"Two days ago, Zhang Huike...." Hey, she wrote about me, too.
"Zhang Huike was causing trouble and knocked over a desk.
"A box of chalk fell on the floor.
"Teacher Wei told him to pick it up, but Zhang Huike wouldn't listen!
"Teacher Wei pushed him, but he refused.
"Soon, most of the chalk was crushed on the floor.
"Teacher Wei doesn't treasure chalk like Teacher Gao.
"Teacher Gao always tells us the school has no money.
"We can't afford much chalk.
"He teaches us to treasure chalk.
"I'm the class president.
"I help Teacher Gao pick up the chalk.
"I know Teacher Gao wouldn't throw away even the smallest piece.
"I remember once I threw a small piece in the corner.
"Teacher Gao saw it and picked it up.
"He held it between his fingertips and used it to write one more word.
"The last stroke, he wrote with the chalk left on his finger.
"I feel very sad.
"A box of white chalk has become a box of black dust.
"If Teacher Gao knew he would be sad, too."
-Get up. -What?
I want to talk to you!
Can't we talk tomorrow? I want to sleep!
-Put on your clothes. -How about tomorrow?
Hurry up!
What do you want?
Say you're sorry to Zhang Mingxian!
You knocked over the chalk.
-Say you're sorry! -No.
Why should I say I'm sorry? I won't say it!
You have to!
-I won't say it! -You have to!
I want to go back to bed.
You aren't going anywhere until you say you're sorry!
-Say it! -No!
Say it!
Let me go to sleep!
You'll stand here the whole night!
I'll pay for the chalk.
-With what? -Money!
How much do you have?
-Is that enough? -How much is it?
-50 cents. -How much chalk does that buy?
A box of chalk costs 1 yuan.
Enough for 20.
I'm going to go back to sleep.
You stop causing trouble!
-Sun Zhiwei. -Here.
-Li Lingyu. -Here.
-Tian Xuewei. -Here.
-Li Jianmei. -Here.
Zhang Huike.
-Where is he? -His parents took him away.
-Wasn't he here this morning? -He just left. I saw him.
-Where did he go? -I don't know.
They told him to come home. His family was looking for him.
Zhang Huike.
Is Zhang Huike home?
Who's looking for him?
-Come in! -I'm his teacher.
-Isn't his teacher Mr. Gao? -I'm his substitute.
-Sit down. -Where's Zhang Huike?
-He went to the city. -By himself?
-He went with kids from the other village. -Why did he go?
-To look for work. -He's so young, what could he do?
Have some tea.
What can we do? Look at our situation. We're in a lot of debt.
He has to help us pay off our debts.
-He can't go to school? -No.
Where is he in the city?
Don't bother to look for him. He won't be back!
He has serious family problems.
His dad died young.
His mother is sick. They are in a lot of debt.
If he doesn't work, they'll never pay off their debts.
What can I do?
You have to go find him.
Even if I find him, he won't come back.
Ming Xinhong left. Now Zhang Huike is gone.
Two students gone. What will I tell Teacher Gao?
You can't compare the two.
Zhang Huike needs money.
Ming Xinhong was recruited for her talent.
That's a good thing.
Zhang won't come back. He needs money.
Our village can't help him.
If we had money to give him he could come back.
-But you have to find him. -No.
-If you won't go, I will. -It's no use. He won't come back.
Can you get a truck to take me?
All the trucks are being used.
Then give me some money. I'll take the bus.
-I don't have any money. -You owe me 50 yuan. Give it to me now.
I can't give it to you now. I'll pay you later.
-But I have to find him. -He still won't come back.
Besides, you are too young.
You can't go to the city alone. I won't allow it!
You must teach our students. I can't let you to go.
Who'll teach the students?
I'll come right back. You teach them for one day.
How can I do that? I'm the mayor. I'm very busy.
I don't have time to teach.
You can't go.
-I have to go! -No!
-Give me some money. -I haven't got any.
How much are bus tickets to the city?
-10 yuan. -1 yuan.
How much?
-1 yuan? -No way!
How much?
Five and a half.
A child's ticket is 1 yuan. I don't know about an adult ticket.
An adult ticket is 3 yuan.
Really? 3 yuan? How do you know?
I went with my mother once.
Let's say it's 3 yuan.
A round trip ticket for me is 6 yuan... Zhang Huike's ticket is 12 yuan.
No, that's wrong.
He only needs a return ticket, 9 yuan in total.
Who has money?
We don't have any.
I'll pay you all back.
Come on. We only need 9 yuan.
Everyone has to chip in. Let's see what you have.
-I don't have any. -Take out everything you have.
Hand it to me.
This isn't enough.
Everyone must contribute 50 cents.
We have 28 students.
There are only 26 students.
Zhang Huike and Ming Xinhong have left.
Right, only 26.
If everyone chips in 50 cents.
That's 26 times 50 cents.
How much is that?
130 yuan.
130? With 50 cents from everyone?
No, that's wrong. 13 yuan.
That's enough. I only need 9.
Everyone must bring 50 cents tomorrow.
-Understand? -We don't have it.
That won't do. How can I get to the city?
How can I bring Zhang Huike back?
-No money! -Bring your money tomorrow.
-We could move bricks at the factory. -What for?
-We can earn money that way. -How much can we make?
1.5 cents for each brick. The factory's there.
-My family worked there before. -1.5 cents. That's too little.
So we'll move more.
How much would we have to move?
Zhang Mingxian, calculate on the blackboard.
One brick makes 1.5 cents.
Ten makes 15 cents.
Moving 100 makes 150 cents.
Moving 1,000 makes 1,500 cents.
How much is 1,500 cents?
15 yuan.
15 yuan.
No, that's not right! It should be 150 yuan.
15 yuan. You added an extra zero.
It's 15 yuan then.
15 yuan, that's enough.
-Let's go to the factory now. -Okay.
-Let's all go. -Okay.
-Why isn't anyone here? -The power is out.
-Where's the manager? -He's not here.
Teacher, the manager isn't here.
Let's go back.
We can't go back. We'll move the bricks first.
-He has to pay us when we're done. -What if he won't pay?
He'll pay us if we work. Let's go.
How can we pile them up like this?
-What can we do? -Put one on top of another.
Once we're done, he has to pay us.
What are you doing?
Who let you in?
You have to pay us.
-Who let you in? -We moved 1,000 bricks.
I should be charging you for damages.
We moved 1,000 bricks! You have to pay us!
-I have to pay you? -We moved them inside!
You broke most of them.
Who told you to do this?
You have to pay us!
I won't give you a penny! You pay me!
We don't work for free.
Get out.
Leave now!
-Pay us! -Leave!
-Just like a bunch of cackling birds! -You have to pay.
Pay you for what?
-For helping you move the bricks! -You broke most of them.
-Why do you need money? -Zhang Huike went to the city.
She needs the bus fare to bring him back.
One at a time. What happened?
Zhang Huike went to the city. I have to find him.
We have to help our classmate.
-What school are you from? -ShuiQuan Primary School.
-Your teacher is Mr. Gao, right? -Yes.
How much do you want?
We've already figured it out!
1,000 bricks is worth 15 yuan.
We moved 1,500 bricks, so you owe us 22 yuan.
You're better at this than me!
I pack 10,000 bricks and only get 40 yuan!
You move 1,000 and you want 20 yuan!
What is one fourth of 40 yuan?
You have to pay us!
Out of respect for Teacher Gao...
...and since you're helping a classmate...
...l will give you 5 yuan. That's a lot.
It's not enough.
How much do you want?
You kids worked hard, but you broke most of the bricks.
I have to pack them over again.
I'd be better off to just pay you for nothing.
But we moved the bricks!
You have to pay.
Because of Teacher Gao, and since you're helping a classmate...
...l'll give you 15 yuan.
It's more like a donation, to support your efforts.
Teacher, I'm thirsty. Let's get something to drink.
I'm thirsty, too.
We have 15 yuan.
9 yuan for bus tickets, so we have 6 yuan for soft drinks.
-Here's the soda! -Don't push!
What should we buy?
-Sports drink? -The blue one.
-Coca Cola tastes good. -Never had it before.
-How much is a Coke? -3 yuan.
We have 6 yuan. We can only buy two cans.
-That's not enough for everyone. -Everyone gets a taste.
Two cans, then.
-Let me open it. -You don't know how.
Let me have some!
Let me.
My lips are numb.
Tastes strange.
Let the teacher have some.
Li Meiying.
Teacher, the ticket is not 3 yuan. It's 20.5 yuan.
It's 20.5 yuan.
It was 3 yuan.
I remember it was 3 yuan.
How much is a bus ticket to the city?
-Look at the price board. -Isn't it 3 yuan?
There is no ticket for 3 yuan!
What about before?
We've never had a ticket for 3 yuan.
Go look for yourself.
Go look again!
A bus ticket is 20.5 yuan. How much do I need?
We have 9 yuan. Who knows how much more we need?
-Raise your hand. -I know.
Can you calculate it?
-No. -Put your hand down, then!
Dong Dong, come here.
That character is wrong! You're missing a stroke.
It's "price" not "prince."
A bus ticket costs 20.5 yuan.
Multiply this by 3.
Equals 61.5 yuan.
We still need 52.5!
The factory manager told us that... moving 10,000 bricks we can make 40 yuan.
We need 52.5.
How many bricks do we have to move?
-Raise your hand! -Let me do it.
Jiao Jie, you do it.
You got it wrong.
Check it again.
It should be 250 yuan, not 2.5 yuan.
You made a mistake placing the decimal point.
It's done.
Moving 10,000 bricks earns 40 yuan.
52 bricks, times 10,000, divided by 40.
This substitute is not bad, she can teach mathematics, too.
130,000 bricks? That many?
Sure there isn't an extra zero?
We can't move that many!
Let's calculate the time.
Yesterday, we moved 1,500 bricks, and it took us two hours.
If we move 130,000, how much time do we need?
-I know! -Come on up.
Zhang Mingxian, you calculate.
Two hours to move 1,500 bricks.
How long do we need?
175 hours.
That's too much!
If we work eight hours a day.
How many days must we work?
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Nashan naren nagou (1999) - Postmen in the Mountains
Nashville 1975 CD1
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Nashville 1975 CD3
Nathalie X
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 2
National Lampoons Vacation 1983
National Security
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Nattens Engel 1998
Natural Born Killers
Natural City
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Navigators The
Navigators The 2001
Near Dark
Ned Kelly (2003)
Needing You
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Negotiator The CD2 1998
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Net The
Network 1976
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New Nightmare
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Ni Liv (Nine Lives)
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Night At The Opera A 1935
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No Good Deed 2002
No Mans Land
No Mans Land 2001 Limited
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No Way Back
No way out
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Nobodys Fool 1994
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Non ti muovere
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Normais Os 2003
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