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Nos Miran

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This way. Careful, Sara.
Run, Sara!
They're over there.
You're late.|Did you bring them?
Come on, Juan, faster.
It's your turn.
You know what you have to do.
-Daddy...|-What is it, son?
Do you think when I grow up
I can be a policeman?
-Would you like to be?|-I think so.
Then what's the problem?
I don't know if|I could shoot someone.
Come over here.
I'm going to tell you|a little secret.
I've had this job|for 12 years.
And I still haven't shot anyone.
I've drawn my pistol many times,|but I've never had to shoot.
See? It's no big deal.
But you did save|Uncle Jose's life once.
-Who told you that?|-He did. He said
two thiefs had him at gunpoint|and were about to blow
his head off|when you showed up
and got them to give themselves up|in five minutes.
Yeah, but I only talked to them.|No shots fired.
Anyway, don't worry.|You can be whatever you want,
you'll see. Go on,|go play cops with your sister.
You and Jose make a great couple.
I often wonder, what if
he hadn't introduced me|to his girlfriend?
I was never his girlfriend.
No? He always says you were.
Well he's full of shit.
What were you two|talking about earlier?
Talking about?
You two were out there whispering|until I showed up.
Then you changed the subject.
Very clever! How do you know|we changed the subject?
I don't know.|Maybe because I'm a cop.
Or maybe you're a lousy actress.
-Aren't you going to tell me?|-No.
-It's a secret.|-You always say you hate secrets.
I know, but I promised Jose.
Promised Jose?
Are you two running off together|or what?
-I know ways to get it out of you...|-No, Juan, no!
Stop, please!
All right, calm down.
-I'll tell you.|-Right.
They're going to promote you.
-Jose heard that? Are you sure?|-Yes.
He talked to his friend|at headquarters.
He said you're on a list.|That you're up for something.
-Jose really is full of shit.|-Why?
Because it's not that. I've been|assigned the Barreiros case.
Who is he?
Sergio Barreiros.|Businessman, father of two.
Disappeared from his home|3 years ago
and no one's found a single trace|of his whereabouts.
End of story.
-It was in the papers.|-The case was famous.
The first year a ransom|was almost paid,
but it was later proven|unrelated to the case.
Since then, nothing.|He's still missing.
Why don't you ever
tell me things?
-Okay, what am I thinking?|-I don't know.
-Yes, you do.|-No, I don't.
I don't know...
-What are you singing?|-Who cares? Her daddy likes it.
-Her daddy?|-Can't you see him sitting there?
Charlie's the doll's dad?
Yes. But he's a mess.
He has no idea|how to raise children.
Of course not.|Charlie hates dolls, right Charlie?
You see? He nodded.
You still haven't done|what I said.
-I won't do it.|-Why not?
You're too young to see it.
No, you're just afraid.
I'm not afraid.|I don't want dad to find out.
-Then go to your room.|-Or what?
You know mom doesn't like you|staying in here.
Okay, I'll do it.
-But only if you stay put.|-Okay.
Police! Nobody move!
Don't worry,|Charlie says mommy likes it.
-Stay still, you two.|-Cut it out!
-Tell her, she won't stop.|-But you're older.
That's enough, old man.
What happened last night?
Last night?
I've told you not to sleep|in your sister's bed.
He was afraid.
You're lying!
He's always afraid. That's why he|pees himself and then gets in bed
-with me.|-You're lying!
You're lying!
-Look what you've done.|-What happened?
That's enough!
Laura, go change clothes.|Alex, let's go.
We'll talk later.
Can't you control them?
-Always fighting.|-I'm late.
Relax, I'll take them.
I don't want to be disturbed|this morning, all right?
Thank you.
Haven't they done
enough to find my husband?
You really think
-You'll find something new?|-Look.
It's been three years.
An investigation of this type|has to be updated.
We have new technical procedures|that can be applied.
-Technical procedures?|-Yes.
New methods to determine identity.
You think my husband's dead?
It's always been possible.
But is that what you think?
It's only a hypothesis.
Something we must discard
before choosing another path.
Tell me the truth.
What have you found?
Mrs. Barreiros,
I understand how you feel, but...
How I feel? Look at me.
What exactly am I?
My husband disappeared 3 years ago.|He didn't take the car,
or pack a suitcase,|not even a note.
He simply vanished from this world|without a trace.
You really think you can imagine|how I feel?
I need you to do something.
And keep this whole thing|as quiet as possible.
-No problem.|-Right.
We need to exhume a body.|Almudena cemetery.
And another thing.
I need a list of all calls made|from these numbers
between May and June.
-Three years ago?|-Yes.
Talk to Telefonica.|They must keep copies of the bills.
Find out who|the numbers belong to.
-Sergio Barreiros?|-Yes.
-They re-opened the case?|-Yes.
His home number,|his office and his cell.
If he did plan it all,|he'd have made preparations.
I'll get right on it.|Thanks for taking me on this case.
One more thing.
I need missing persons info.
Missing persons?
Unsolved cases in Spain|the last ten years.
Regardless of age and sex.|Anything you can come up with.
-You understand?|-If you want
missing persons info,|I'll show you right now.
-Right now?|-Come with me.
Sure, why not?
This way.
This is it.
From 5500 to 5723.
Missing persons.
Back to 1970,|which is more than you need.
We were trying to identify a|dead woman by the river last year
when I found this.
All kinds of stuff.
Photos of them at all ages,
their families, personal objects...
Enough to reconstruct their lives|up to the day they disappeared.
Who could do something like this?
Come in.
-What is it, Munoz?|-The files have been transferred.
-What about the video tapes?|-Video tapes?
The inventory mentions|two drawers of video tapes
-dated 1995.|-His last year in service.
They were kept aside|in a special file with
audiovisual material.
Have them bring it all.|Anything they find.
One question.
Did you ever meet Medina?
I saw him around,|at headquarters downtown.
But we never talked much.
It's just that
I read what happened|before he was committed.
Why would he do it?
I don't know.
I suppose he'd already|lost his mind.
Ever thought about what|would happen if I were gone?
I guess I expect it,|but I prefer not to think about it.
No, I don't mean getting shot.
Imagine you wake up one day|and I'm gone.
You call the station|and no one knows anything.
Nobody's seen me,
the car's parked in front...
Days pass and|there's no sign of me anywhere.
-Why would I even consider it?|-Why?
Because these things|happen everyday.
But people don't just disappear.|There's always a reason.
I wouldn't be so sure.
What's going on?
Julia, people disappear|for no reason every year.
With no explanation.
Normal people like you and me.
I don't mean just ten or fifteen.|Here in Spain
more than a thousand cases|in the last 20 years.
The files are all|on my desk.
You wasted no time with|the Barreiros case.
It wasn't me.
Someone collected all this material|a few years ago.
His name is Medina.
Jose Medina.
He kept all his work hidden,
working between cases,|even on vacations.
He never stopped.
Why don't you talk to him?|He could help.
He's not a cop any more.
No? Where is he?
He went crazy.
He's in a hospital.
-Inspector Garcia?|-Doctor Pazos...
I was just told you wish to visit|one of my patients.
-Yes, Jose Medina.|-Ah, the police officer.
-I have a few questions for him.|-That's fine,
but I should warn you|not to expect much cooperation.
Good afternoon.
''Decomposition of the body...
In reference to decomposition,
it follows a phenomenon|related to something known as
cellular transubstantiation.
Molecular disintegration|of the body
and posterior regrouping,|yet not on a tangible,
physical plane,
but rather an abstract dimension
of thought.
A sort of spatial geometry
of the invisible|that exists nevertheless''.
Did you hear what I said?
These are your notes.|Can you remember?
It would take me hours to read.
Pages and pages of it,|seemingly unrelated to policework.
Do you understand?
Anything at all?
Your doctors think you're aware|of what happens around you.
If that's the case,|please give me a sign.
This man doesn't talk.
You knew exactly what you|were doing with all that stuff.
You weren't insane, not at first.
You were looking for something.
I think you found it.
I need to know what it is.
What is it?
What is it?|You want to say something...
Go on, try to speak.
I can help you. I can finish what|you started, but I need your help.
Do you understand me?
They're... watching.
They're watching?
What does that mean?
-I said to leave us alone.|-I'm sorry.
I didn't think you'd mind.
That's all you'll get out of him|anyway.
He's been repeating that|for years.
Purgatory for the missing.
Heaven and hell on Earth,
all around us,
sharing the same space|on different planes of reallty...
Our senses aren't ready|to see or touch them.
Only by starting over,
by learning to see again,|as If we were children.
What was that?
I want to say something|before you go.
Spare me the complaints|about Julia...
No, no.
It's not about that.
It's about your work.
What about it?
You know I try to stay out|of your business...
Yeah, but not today.
I think you should stop|what you're doing.
What is this?
You know what it is.
Nothing good can come of it.|For everyone's sake,
you'd better stop.
Mom, I'm a cop.
Cops can't just change jobs|overnight.
That's not how it works.
Tell them the truth.
The truth?
And what is the truth?
Once a week, like clockwork.
Not only the last months.|It went on for quite a while.
-And?|-It belongs to
a professional.
Expensive, dinner not included.
Looks like a regular customer.
It could be a lead.
I don't think so. This ''Pamela''|is still working. Same cell number.
Well, I'll have to talk to her.
-Any news on the cemetery?|-Not yet.
What the fuck are they
waiting for?
What is it, Munoz?
The order's pending.
I heard from the 4th floor.
It's pending approval,|but it was set aside.
Send me those reports as soon as|they're ready, all right?
Another thing. You can leave|the autopsy results on my desk.
I've been waiting 3 days for|a court order to exhume a body.
You're telling me!
I had to wait a week for a search|warrant after they lost the request.
I told you not to fuck with me.
I'm getting sick and tired|of your threats.
Then let me do my job.
Look, Juan. I have nothing to do|with the processing of court orders.
You're the one blocking this.
So cut the crap.
I told you, those orders|have nothing to do with me.
And if they did,
I assure you I'd be in no hurry|to exhume some bum with cirrhosis
just because some asshole|who likes headlines
wants to play with DNA tests!
That guy could be Barreiros|and you know it.
Somebody fucked up the whole case.|They didn't even bother checking.
You could be right.
And in a few days you'll have|your order and we'll find out.
Until then, why don't you relax
and focus on doing your job?
That's an order, you got it?
Yes, sir.
Over here. Here it is.
This is it.
Don't look at me like that.|There's no other way.
Of course there is!
You can ask the judge again.
They can't lose the request|every time!
Okay, I'll file another request.
But only if I'm sure I'm right.
Pass me the hammer and chisel.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe we're doing this.
A sample obtained like this|isn't admissible.
-It isn't?|-No.
If the DNA says|this guy is Barreiros,
not even God will question it.
That's how things work,|and you know it.
And what if it isn't him?
If it isn't, then he's a nobody.|If he's a nobody,
no one will care.
Step aside.
Move over.
Give me the flashlight.
The scissors.
Give me the fucking scissors!|We don't have all night!
There, I've got it.
It's mine. Let's go.
Julia... Julia!
Wake up!|We have to get out of here.
-What's wrong?|-Get dressed, I'll get the kids.
Alex, Laura, come on.|We have to leave.
What's wrong?|Why don't you answer me?
-Yes? Who is it?|-I thought you'd be there.
You said to call right away...
-The DNA results?|-This isn't an everyday thing.
Normally the results take 3 days,|but since it's for you...
-Is it Barreiros?|-No.
-Don't say that.|-No doubt about It.
The profiles are|completely different.
These samples are different people.|It was only a possibility anyway.
Yeah. Just a possibility.|Thanks.
Give me a list of bookshops|that specialize in antique books.
What do you think?
They're genuine.
The paper, the ink,|the printing press...
Loose pages from first editions,
torn out by some madman...
Where did you say you got this?
I didn't. Do you know|which works they're from?
Some are obviously famous works.
Among bibliophiles, of course.
This for example|is undoubtedly a page
from the Flemish edition
of ''Ars Magna lucis et umbrae''
by Atanasius Kircher.
Shame about the stamp.
-It's worth much less now.|-What are they about?
They're almost all in Latin.
Optical contraptions...
Old superstitions about mirrors...
What superstitions?
Things like this.
They call it the ''witch mirror''.
If correctly invoked, supposedly
the shadows of the dead|will appear on its surface.
Why are they kids?
I don't understand.
The engravings.
They're full of children.
In hermetic philosophy|children represent initiation.
In both cases their eyes are clean
and they can see things that|to other humans
remain hidden.
Interested in selling?
You think this might interest|some collector?
It's obviously stolen material.
But some people would pay|good money to get their hands on
even a few pages of these works.
Are you saying you have clients|that would use
all this to invoke the dead?
I'm sorry, but
I don't usually ask my clients about|what they do with their books.
It's bad for business.
What's bad for business
is trying to buy stolen material|from a cop.
Don't you think?
Isn't there some arrangement|we can make?
I need the names of those|potential clients.
Merciful Father,|by inviting us to Your son's
table You have given us a token|of Your love and forgiveness.
We ask Your help in avoiding sin|and in serving You with joy.
To Jesus Christ our Lord.|Amen.
Small crowd.
This mass wasn't scheduled|by the congregation.
What's the point|if it isn't for the congregation?
As a priest I'm obliged|to say mass everyday.
But the bishopric prohibited you|from saying mass in public.
I don't have a parish|assigned to me right now.
But tell me,
what is it you want? I imagine|you aren't here for the parish.
No, no.
-I need your advice.|-My advice?
What about?
About something related to
what we might call ''the beyond''.
I've nothing to say|on the subject.
And yet I've heard
that the dead have always been|a favorite subject of yours.
Am I right?
-Are you a believer, inspector?|-Yes.
I suppose I am.
He sits at His Father's side,|to judge both the dead and living.
-The dead...|-The dead.
We saw each other at the hospital|the other day.
I tend to the chapel there|once a week.
To keep an eye on him, right?|Are you saying you don't know
-who I mean?|-Listen carefully.
We all make mistakes,|I've made my share.
Some I'll pay for my entire life.
But I've never hurt anyone.
I warned him,|but he wouldn't listen.
Warned him about what?|What was he up against?
Look, that's all behind me now.|I'm not involved.
-You really want to know?|-I asked, didn't I?
I've learned that certain things|are better unknown.
-And what if someone finds out?|-Then he must forget.
-Forget?|-Yes. Like I do everyday,
with help from God.
You've lost your knights.
I'm going to tell you something
you should have been told|long ago.
Juan and I never had|the courage to tell you.
Probably because days ago|we both thought
it had been long forgotten.
Juan wasn't my only child.
Two years
after he was born I had a girl.
Sara disappeared.
It was November 2nd.
We never heard from her again.|It was like
she'd vanished in thin air.
Losing her caused me so much pain
that I thought I'd died.
A hundred deaths|would have been better
than having to suffer|the way I did.
But Luisa, why haven't|either of you ever told me?
What happened to Juan after|was almost as painful.
They were always
very close, and after that|Juan started saying
that he could see her|and talk to her.
We'd just started feeling|like a normal family again,
as if nothing had happened.
My husband suffered like I did,|if not more.
He became twisted|by the whole thing.
when Juan kept saying those things,|he...
The only way he could release|his pain was by punishing Juan.
-It's horrible.|-But Juan didn't stop.
He stuck to it.
I thought we'd all go crazy|if it didn't stop, so...
I did nothing to stop
the beatings.
Wasn't there another way?
What about the damage|you caused him?
I was sure he'd forgotten|all about it.
Now I see he hasn't.
I only hope that some day|he'll be able to forgive me.
-Come on, Sara. Please.|-I don't want to.
-It's just a game.|-Leave me alone!
Juan, Sara!
What are you waiting for?|Answer her.
Juan, Sara!
Come on home, we'll be late.
Get your sister|and come here this instant!
And put out that fire!
-We have to go.|-She stays.
But we have to go home.
-We never go home.|-We do whatever we want.
And now you can do the same.
We've chosen you.|Both of you.
To come with us.
We're leaving, Sara.
-You can't leave us now.|-Sara!
''In disagreement|with case assignments
and distribution|of scientific policework
due to inefficiency|of political superiors,
I am obliged to drop all cases|assigned to me''.
They're watching.
That's it!
It's backwards!
Filmed through a mirror!
What's this?
That's it.
That's one of them.
-Good evening.|-Evening.
Excuse me.
-May I?|-Jose.
What are you doing here?
I called and they said|you were still working.
Let's go have a drink.|I could use a break.
-It's 4 A.M.|-Really?
Then it'll have to be coffee|from the machine. My treat.
Julia's worried to death.
You haven't been home|in two days.
She asked me to come see you.
That way you can spy on me.
What do you mean?
-You really don't know?|-No, I don't.
I found him.|Don't you get it?
I don't nor do I want to.|But if you did, I'm happy for you.
Goodbye, Juan.
I'll tell Julia to stop by
if she wants to see you.
Daddy, daddy!
Hey, kids!
-How are you two?|-Fine.
-What a reception!|-They've missed you.
-Where were you, daddy?|-Working, honey.
But soon everything will be|normal again, you'll see.
You two go sit on that bench|while I talk to mom, okay?
-Okay.|-Go on.
Thanks for coming.
I've been calling you for days.|Are you all right?
-I found them, Julia.|-What?
The missing people.|I know where they are.
-That's why I couldn't leave.|-Barreiros?
No, not yet, but look at this.|Look closely.
You see him?
It's the same guy!
He disappeared 15 years ago,
now he's on the street. And there|are many more like him on the tapes.
Look closely at his face.
At first they look|like normal people,
but now I can distinguish them|by their faces.
It's just a matter of time,|and patience...
That's why I couldn't stop.
But I can't show anyone yet.
-Those missing are on the tapes?|-Yes.
-Juan.|-It's like his notes said.
Somehow they're here among us,|sharing our space
in some sort of|alternative dimension.
They don't know if they're dead,|or why they were taken.
-Who took them?|-I still can't explain that part.
Then how do you know?
You won't understand.
Relax, Julia.
Don't worry. It's starting|to make sense to me.
You listen to me.
Making sense to you|doesn't make it true.
You still think I'm going nuts?
-No. You're tired.|-I hadn't felt this good in ages.
Juan, please.|Take a break and get some rest.
-Are you listening to me?|-It can't be.
I won't let it happen!
-Alex, where is he?|-Who?
-Where did he go? Where?|-Let go, you'll hurt him!
They're watching!
They're watching!
He'll never catch them.
You want to go play?|Go on, behave yourself.
Don't stop!
-Don't stop, Juan! Higher!|-Listen to her.
Do what she says.
-They asked you to amuse her.|-I said higher!
Don't stop, Juan!|Higher!
Higher, Juan!
More! More!
You have to push her
Come on, Juan!|Harder!
-Make her fly!|-Make her fly!
Yes! Make me fly!
Stop pushing.
-Why aren't you in class?|-I'm in trouble.
-Did you do something bad?|-No, the teacher hates me.
She says I distract her.
How do you do that?
Just by laughing.
You mean giggling?
No, like this.
She says it bothers her.
Are you laughing at her?
No. I told her that,|but she wouldn't listen.
Well, come with me.|I'm taking you home.
-It's not time yet.|-That's okay.
We have an errand.|Go tell your teacher I'm here.
-Go on, hurry.|-Okay.
-I'll wait here.|-Okay.
Laura, what happened|when I saw you the other day
shouldn't worry you.
-It was nothing.|-Mom says you're a bit
-nervous.|-She's right.
Sometimes adults|try to do too much
and we get nervous.
Is there anything
that you would like to tell me,
but not in front|of your brother?
You two are tight.
You two always play together
as if there were someone else|with you, right?
I don't know.
Are you sure?
Laura, think hard.
I've heard you talking|alone in your room,
and in the street as well,
and other times in the park|with your brother.
I've seen you both out there,|but not alone.
You pretend there's someone else?
It's like they're our friends.
And these friends|also tell you things?
Did they ever ask you|to do anything?
-Like what?|-Weird stuff.
Things you might not understand|so well,
but that seem wrong to do.
Come on, Laura.
You have to tell me.
You've no reason to be afraid.
Unless they're here right now.|Is that it?
Can you see them?|Are they scaring you?
It's just a game, daddy.
Pull over and buy me some candy.
Yeah, all right.
Hi, mommy.
-Are you all right?|-Yes.
Look what I got.
Give me that, it's mine!
Where were you?
I'm sorry, Julia.
I called everywhere|looking for you.
Don't you ever do this again.|Never!
I had to talk to Laura alone.
Your mother told me everything.
What they did to you|is disgraceful,
but it was a long time ago
and you're mixing it all up.
I'm going to protect you|and the kids.
I don't care what happened.
I'm worried about|what could happen now.
Listen, Julia.|I could see my sister.
I'm absolutely certain.
Alex and Laura can see them, too.
For them they're|as real as we are.
-Did Laura tell you that?|-No.
But she knew exactly|what I meant.
She tried to convince me|it's just a game.
They have her lying already.
That's how it always begins.
-What are you doing?|-Drawing. Know who that is?
-Your teacher?|-She's a witch. And she hates me.
Because she called dad?
She didn't call him. He came|because he wanted to talk to me.
It's her fault he found out|I was in trouble.
What did you talk about?
He wanted to know|about our game.
-Did you tell him...?|-What?
-About Charlie and the others.|-Relax. He doesn't know.
You should have told him.
He wouldn't like it.|Besides, I can't tell.
Remember? It's a secret.
If we tell anyone|they won't come back.
But Laura, it's just a game.
There's nothing wrong with it.
Poor Alex. You've never|been able to see them.
You just imagine they're there.
You just made them up.
To keep us company.
Of course.|What else could they be?
Julia, the school's on the phone.
How are the kids?
I understand.|Thanks for calling.
What is it?
There was a fire at the school.
It was in a teacher's office.
Poor girl!
She must have been terrified.
Go pick them up.
The school's bringing them.
-Where are you going?|-To find Juan. I have to see him.
You never know.|He won't even talk to me.
He keeps where he's going|a secret.
Sometimes he spends hours|locked in his office
without answering the phone|or coming out at all.
Go in.
What's all this?
I can try him on the car radio|if you want.
Though lately|he's always got it turned off.
Tell me where to find Medina.
I don't know why I'm here.
All I know is that
since my husband came|to see you,
my whole world is about
to cave in.
I need to know why.
I need help understanding
what's happening to us.
You know, don't you?
You know what I'm talking about.
Help me, please.
Help me.
They're... watching.
Who's watching?
Who's watching?
-It's no use. That's all he'll say.|-Who are you?
Someone who might be of help.|Come with me.
Some people get diseases|or have accidents
and they die before|completing the cycle.
They're not ready|for the beyond
and their energy resists|transformation.
Somehow they remain present|among us,
joined to this world,|unable to participate.
They become eternal spectators|in a world where
they can no longer take part.
''They're watching''.
Yes. They watch us constantly.
They still feel hate,|envy...
Hate for what they've lost.
So they use us,
those of us who see them,|for revenge.
Why revenge?
Because they're dead.
They toy with them|and destroy them.
It makes them feel powerful,|almost alive.
You don't believe me.
I don't know.|I don't know what to believe.
They made him do it.
He killed his own son.
What are you saying?
Medina! His son|was only six years old.
You didn't know?
He locked himself in with him|before burning the house.
On a day like today,|5 years ago.
The elephant's gaining on|the cheetah
and he catches him!|He's winning!
The horse tries to catch|the cheetah,
the cheetah tries to catch|the elephant,
but the elephant won't let them...
Yes, I'll get him.
Juan, get the phone.|It's Julia.
Juan, pick up the phone!|It's Julia!
Are you all right?
What Is It? Where are you?
I was talking to that priest.
Do you believe me now?
Juan, they're our kids.|Please never forget that.
That's all I think about.
We'll find a way. Somehow.
-But together. You hear me?|-Yes, I hear you.
I know about the cop's son.
But that doesn't concern us.
I can't talk right now.
Come home when you get off work.
I'll be waiting.
Why are you talking like that?
What's wrong with you?
I told you already.
This isn't a good time to explain.
Juan, you're scaring me.|Are they with you?
Can you see them?
Goodbye, Julia.
I have to hang up.
You guys come with me, okay?
But daddy,|we haven't finished dinner yet.
That's all right. Come with me.
I want you to remember:
whatever happens,
whatever I do|is for your own good.
Do you understand?
-Daddy, what are you doing?|-What are you doing?
This is to protect you.
What are you doing?
Come on.
Come with me.
-Where?|-To your room. Stay there for now.
-It's not their fault! They're kids!|-I'm not blaming them.
Then let them go.
I can't. Upstairs!
Please go in your room.
-Don't lock me in.|-Mom, you have to
believe in me.|You of all people should.
You think I'd hurt them?
They're my kids!
I'm trying to protect them.
I don't even know how to.
Juan, please!
Close the door!
-She won't answer.|-I'm scared!
Relax, he won't hurt us.|Mom will be here soon.
Lock it!
Where are you?
Alex? Laura? Are you there?
Don't open it. Here.
-Alex, Laura!|-What's this? Why did you take it?
-So he wouldn't have it!|-Who told you to?
-It was Charlie, wasn't it!|-He knew this would happen.
He said to defend ourselves.
Alex, why is this door locked?
Alex! Laura! Why is this locked?|Why did you lock the door?
Who's with you?
Open the door right now.|Open it!
Juan, open the door!|The kids!
I would never hurt you.
You know that, right?
Then why
are you afraid of me?
Why are you hiding?
You've no choice but to trust me.
I can't defend you from yourselves.
You have to believe in me.
Open the door!
Can anyone hear me?
What's going on?|Open the door!
Open the door!
Juan, open the door!
Someone open the door!
-Alex, Juan!|-I'm coming.
Open the door.
What's going on?|Where are the kids?
Upstairs in the bathroom.
Alex, Laura!
Thank God you're all right.
Where's grandma?
Luisa? Luisa!
Hello, It's Munoz.
Please call us as soon as possible.
It's urgent.
There's news on the Barrelros case.
Yeah, what happened?
-Juan.|-It's me. What happened?
He'd been beating her for years.
Finally she split his head open|with an ashtray.
She called her kids and|they decided to hide the body
to keep their mom out of jail.
A few days ago the youngest brother|told his girlfriend...
Wait, I'll pass you Matos.|It's Juan.
Sorry I didn't|let you know sooner.
Yeah, but we came as soon as|we heard about the false wall.
Yeah, but you know how it is.
I'll see you at the office.
Mommy, don't turn off|all the lights.
It's all right, go to sleep.
The kids are asleep.
They were so upset.
I gave your mom two pills.|She'll be out all night.
Let's go to bed.
Will you ever forgive me?
It was bad timing, that's all.|It's over.
They way they looked at me|in the bathroom.
They were terrified.
Even worse,|even I started wondering
if I was crazy.
Juan, listen to me.|If you're crazy, then so am I.
I just don't get it.
And I'm scared.
Scared that my kids|can see right through me.
How should I feel, Juan?
It's going away.
If I don't put the gun back|daddy'll be mad.
I have to or he'll be mad.
The key.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Is that you?
What have you done?
-Where's your sister?|-I don't know.
-Why are you helping them?|-I'm not helping anyone, I swear!
Don't listen to them.
It's a trick.
I can't see them or hear them!
That's a lie.
You're lying.
I know, because I was like you.
I did things they asked me to do.
But it's all a lie.|The truth is they hate you.
They hate all the living.
You're scaring me.
Where's your sister?
-Are you okay?|-Daddy shot at me!
-Where's your sister?|-She left.
What do you mean?|Where is she? Laura!
We've chosen you.|Both of you.
To come with us.
Don't you see?|It's too late to say no.
Go away!
I understand.
I just wanted to say that...
You don't need to worry any more.
Laura will be back.
They came for me.
It's over.
Drop the gun.
Please drop the gun.
Are these necessary?
You just shot at your own kid.
I need your help, Jose.
I've been trying to help you|all along.
But you wouldn't let me.
They were calling me.|I'm the one they want.
I should have gone with them|long ago, but I was afraid.
You think I understand|a word you're saying?
You can't understand.|I need you to trust me.
I can get Laura back.
I can get her back,|but you have to let me go.
I'm a cop.
I can't after what you did tonight.|You're my responsibility.
-Give me a few hours.|-No.
One hour. Give me one hour.
I saved your life. You owe me.
All right.
But if you're going somewhere,|I'm going with you.
Right. Uncuff me.
Unlock the other.
Hurry up!
Put them on. Quick.
On the wheel.
Give me the key.
What are you doing?
-You shouldn't know.|-Why?
Certain things are better unknown.
Where are you going?
You're wounded, Juan!
Unit 514...
Word just came In at central.|The girl's been found.
Take care of Julia.
A year after.
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