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North To Alaska CD1

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& Way up north to Alaska &
& Way up north to Alaska &
& North to Alaska &
& We're goin' north &
& The rush is on &
& North to Alaska &
& We're goin' north &
& The rush is on &
& Big Sam left Seattle &
& In the year of'92 &
& With George Pratt his partner &
& And brother Billy, too &
& They crossed the Yukon River &
& And found the bonanza gold &
& Below that old white mountain &
&Just a little southeast of Nome &
& Sam crossed the majestic mountains &
& To the valleys far below &
& He talked to his team of huskies &
& As he mushed on through the snow &
& With the northern lights a-runnin' wild &
& In the land of the midnight sun &
& Yes, Sam McCord was a mighty man &
& In the year of 19-1 &
& Where the river is windin' &
& Big nuggets they're findin' &
& North to Alaska &
& We're goin' north &
& The rush is on &
& Way up north to Alaska &
& Way up north to Alaska &
& North to Alaska &
& We're goin' north &
& The rush is on &
& Way up north to Alaska &
& Way up north to Alaska &
& Way up north to Alaska &
& Way up north to Alaska &
& Way up north to Alaska... &&
31 ounces, and that's it.
31 ounces.
31, 16, 496, $496.
All right, Sam, that's $108,256.14.
Yay, Sam!
What's your pleasure, folks?
We've hit it big, and we're buyin'.
All this means is Jenny...
and getting her up here.
George, a wonderful thing about Alaska...
is matrimony hasn't hit here yet.
Let's keep it a free country.
You're going back on your promise, Sam.
I never break a promise.
Now you're a millionaire...
and you want to enslave yourself.
I can't wait to get enslaved.
Well, quit shakin'. I'll fetch her back.
Sam, darling!
Georgie Pratt, the lovin' limey.
No, thank you. I'm spoken for.
It's OK. Your virtue is safe.
Billy Pratt.
How you've grown.
I'm glad it's noticeable.
How old are you now?
- Not old enough. - I'm 20, ma'am.
You're 17, and you'll wait till you find the right one like I did.
What are you, my brother or my mother?
You might as well have some...
of what you're buyin'.
I always liked free liquor.
Hear you hit one of the biggest gold strikes around.
We'll know better when they get back from Seattle...
with the heavy digging equipment.
Folks, quiet down.
Shut up!
We'll drink to the twitchingest nose for gold...
in the territory of Alaska.
My partner, George Pratt.
And here's to George's fy-ance...
who's been pinin' away in Seattle...
for three years, waitin' for him...
to become a millionaire.
When are you bringing her?
Sam is.
That's like sending a rabbit...
to fetch lettuce.
Somebody's gotta keep you from jumping the claim.
Anyway, Sam's better at buying machinery.
I'll tell you something else he's better at.
I'm building our honeymoon cabin.
And Sam takes the honeymoon.
All right, you've had your fun.
I'll lay you odds George's first kid...
has a squint and a wrinkled brow.
Cuckoo! Cuckoo!
(Carnival Music Plays)
Go fetch.
Hey! Here's dames!
(Wolf Whistle)
Hey! Girls!
There's a whole shipload of girls!
Come on!
Not a bad fight, huh?
What I wanna know is...
who's gonna pay for this mess?
Aw, don't worry, greasehead.
It was worth it.
OurJenny has been vindicated.
Well, Clancy!
Thank you.
I better get steam cleaned and shaved...
before I get on that boat.
Don't you get drunk or arrested.
I gave you my promise.
I'll meet you on the beach...
with Jenny's ticket.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Oh, howdy.
I didn't expect to find...
luxuries of this nature out here.
Just come in?
Whoo! Boy, it sure is hot.
Say, didn't I see you...
about six months ago in Seattle?
Great town, Seattle.
I hated to leave...
but gold fever got me packin'.
The big fever.
Ha ha! That's all right. I'm Frank Canon.
Sam McCord.
That's a zinger... big fever.
Ha ha!
Forgot my soap. Be right back.
Where do you think you're going?
I wasn't doing anything!
Don't lie to me, you robber!
I saw you!
You skunk!
Leave me alone!
You stinkin' robber!
That sneakin' little rat...
was going through your clothes.
Hey, what's going on here?
I caught someone going through his clothes.
I can't watch all the riffraff.
Cool down, mister.
My money's in this bag.
I'm sorry, but dishonesty...
always makes me see red.
No harm done. I'll buy you a drink.
I always insist on buying the first one.
The Canons have been like that...
as long as I can remember.
My father used to...
Ha ha ha!
What's the joke?
I was lookin' out for you.
That bum robbed me clean.
Just left my pants.
Strapped, mister?
I can get money from the States...
in a few days.
Won't hurt to lose a few pounds dieting.
Ha! I forgot!
Frankie's silver lining.
I almost forgot it.
I can get money on that little bauble.
You can get money right here.
Give you a couple hundred.
The diamond's worth 5,000, easy.
How much do you need?
There might be some delay...
in getting my money from the States.
Say 1,000.
Say 500.
You can't ask for better security.
Here's your 5.
Kind of foolish to trust a stranger...
with a hunk of diamond like that.
I can always tell an honest face.
I'm goin' out of town.
I'll be around when you get back.
What is this? Corn or whiskey?
Well, just ask for what you want, mister.
$5,000, eh?
Why, that crooked jeweler must have...
must have... switched stones?
Well, I guess that...
I guess that about makes us even.
Not quite.
Wonder what's happened to Billy.
He's probably attending a dance hall girl.
(Ship's Horn Blows)
Sam, Sam, wait a minute.
Here's your ticket...
and, uh... here's a letter toJenny.
It's kind of personal.
I won't look.
You know how it is after three years.
Here's her picture.
Look at those eyes, that smile.
The best part's missing...
The figure. Mmm!
Nature's masterpiece, I always call it.
I've listened to this for three years.
Pert near wore out lookin' at it.
Tell her I have to sit on the gold mine...
and I'm building the cabin.
You don't know whatJenny means to me.
All the gold in Alaska...
not worth a little finger.
You know how it is.
I never felt that way, but I'll believe you.
Hey, mister!
You for the Victoria Queen?
Shoving off, sir.
Sam, my whole life's in your hands.
I'll deliver it to you, partner.
You sure love that gal, don't you?
Yeah, I do.
More than...
More than even you.
See you in a month.
(Ship's Horn Blows)
(Concertina Plays)
I sure fooled you fellas.
Ha ha ha!
Boy, am I gonna make...
a big splash in Seattle.
You're gonna make a big splash here!
Everybody's trying to save me from everything!
That'll cool him off!
Ha ha ha! Thank you, Sam!
You should have waited till you were further out!
Aw, you fool kid.
Do I have to put a chain around your neck?
I'll be an old man...
before I learn the facts of life.
Sam McCord never did a crooked thing...
in his life!
Hey, mister!
What did he say about Sam McCord?
You got something to say?
Take it easy.
I'm Sam's friend. I'm his partner.
You are? Well, what do you know?
This is a small world.
My name's Frankie Canon.
Say, where is Sam?
Sam just left on the boat to Seattle.
My name's George Pratt.
This is my brother Billy.
This is an unexpected pleasure.
Join me for drinks and grub.
That's mighty friendly of you.
I'm a greenhorn in this town.
I was counting on Sam.
Just follow me. This is my lucky day.
Are you sure this is 799 Perry Avenue?
Yes, sir. This is 799.
Good old George.
Bragged about everything...
except that she was a duchess.
Miss Jenny Lamont live here?
Deliver all packages in the rear.
Trademan's entrance.
I'm no tradesman.
TellJenny I'm here from Alaska...
with tokens from George Pratt.
You are George Pratt?
No, I'm his partner, Sam McCord.
Follow me, please.
Where are you takin' me?
A gentleman to see you.
Me? I do not know this man.
What does he want?
I'm here as a representative of George Pratt.
Oh, him.
You'll be happy to hear...
I'm here to fetch you back for the wedding.
The wedding?
I'm sorry, it is impossible.
The engagement with George Pratt...
is long over.
This letter will explain everything.
At least, it ought to.
It took two weeks to write it.
What are those packages for?
Those are the presents for the bride...
and that's not all of them.
The important ones are back in the hotel.
But it is over.
I am married.
This... is my husband.
Show him the ring, madam.
Well, that stupid lunkhead George!
Pinin' away for three years for you.
He never laid a finger on anybody...
just holdin' himself for her.
$1 million?
Is this...
Is this true about the strike?
Sure, he struck it.
A lot of good it'll do him...
sittin' on a pile of gold...
moanin' for his two-timin' fiancée.
$1 million?
I never met a woman yet...
that was half as reliable as a horse.
Please, sir, this way out.
The back door.
I never use it.
Another thing about Alaska...
The polar bear.
He can go six months without any attentions.
After six months...
a polar bear gets a little nervous...
and starts clawin' his fellow animals to death.
It's the same way with gold miners.
Oh, yeah!
Reinforcements, that's what we like!
Plenty of reinforcements.
Keep 'em comin'!
Sit down, missy.
I still have one unoccupied knee.
You have a snooty look, missy.
I don't like dames with snooty looks.
One female today broke my partner's heart.
You're not helping me forget it.
I'm sorry your heart is broken.
We're good doctors, aren't we, girls?
Not my heart, George Pratt's.
Broken right down the middle by a fickle dame.
Let me be your doctor.
I should have seen...
you're not the kind of man...
that'd let a woman break his heart.
You're too tall and too strong.
That accent. Where did you get it?
Sorry you don't like my speech.
I didn't say that.
Is it put-on or natural?
But it's natural. I'm French.
Yes, she is French.
Pipe down. I'm tryin' to think.
Real French, eh?
Not like phonies we get in Nome?
I'll give you $50 for a straight answer.
Girls, he's all yours.
Good night, monsieur.
Mess-soor! That does it!
Hey, hold on. Where are you going?
Let go.
Snooty, too.
George will like that.
Let me go. You're hurting me.
I want to talk business.
Good night, ladies.
Here you are for being nice girls...
and showing your legs.
March 'em out, Irving.
Thank you.
And, Irving, tell the management...
I'm through shopping for the night.
You've got a lot of drinking to catch up on.
French... the real thing, just like you.
I'm savin' a life, that's all I know.
Maybe, but you don't make any sense...
which is all right...
because if you're too drunk to talk...
we'll do something else.
Perfect. You sound like a wife.
I don't consider that a compliment.
I'm on your side, lady.
That's my only politics... anti-wife.
Any woman who makes one man miserable...
instead of a lot of men happy...
don't get my vote.
Sit down.
Thank you.
What's your name?
I'm called Angel.
Sounds dangerous. What else?
Michelle. Michelle Bonnet.
And you?
Sam McCord.
Sam McCord, I drink to you...
because I can always tell when I like a man.
First by my fingers.
They get warm.
When he's willing to act like a gentleman...
for a few minutes.
Do you know, when I was leaving before...
I was only pretending.
I was going to come back and try again.
Look, I've got a proposition to make.
Have you ever been to Alaska?
Oh, no, too cold for my type.
I'm from New Orleans, where it's always warm.
You're about the right size.
You have second sight, I see.
Try this on.
Don't you think...
there is too many distractions?
But if you wish.
I meant just try it for size.
Mr. McCord, you're wasting your time.
I'm selling, not buying.
How would you like this stuff free...
and half a gold mine to go with it?
Just say the word.
What word?
Just a little old yes, and it's yours.
You're fooling me.
I was never more serious in my life.
I'm savin' a human being...
best pal a fellow ever had.
Nobody's ever given me...
anything as nice as this before.
A Frenchy broke George's heart...
a Frenchy can fix it.
I'll tell you a secret.
I'm shaking from head to foot...
because it finally happened.
Instead of jumping into the bay...
I'm jumping into a gold mine...
and, mister, am I going to jump!
I mean, you really want me to go...
to Alaska with you?
Just say the word.
Yes, yes, yes!
Come right this way, Mr. Nordquist.
He's right in here.
Sam, come up for air!
Lars Nordquist, you old coot!
How are you?
I'm fine. How are you?
Shame on you...
hangin' around a place like this.
Where else will I hang around...
when I'm looking for Sam McCord?
I heard you hit gold in Alaska.
I'm so happy for you!
You hit pretty good here, too.
This is... What's that last name?
Michelle Bonnet.
Angel's easier.
This is Lars, my old loggin' boss.
Hello, Mr. Lars.
Shake hands. Your wife ain't lookin'.
How is Lena?
Still hittin' you with rollin' pins?
She's slowing down.
Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!
She's crazy to see you again.
What are you doin' in Seattle?
The whole gang is here...
for the loggers' picnic.
We heard you were in town.
Everybody starts hollering...
"You can't have a picnic without Sam."
Come on!
Well, uh...
Go on, Mr. McCord.
I'll give you my address...
in case you want to see me again.
The name is Sam, and we're goin' to Alaska.
Pick up your trousseau, and let's go.
I don't know where to begin.
Let's start here.
Oh, it's such a lovely suit, Sam...
and it fits so perfectly.
Everything... the shoes, the hat.
I hope I look all right.
You look great, eh, Lars?
Sure, sure.
What's the matter? You lost your laugh.
No. Ha ha ha!
Sam McCord!
Ha ha ha!
You crazy Sam! Ha ha ha!
That's my wife.
I bet you I know where Lars find you.
Some crazy, no-good place.
I told Lars, "You go find Sam...
"but you don't fool around...
"with any of those fancy girls.
I split your head open..."
Who is that woman?
Lars, I told...
Wait, Lena. That's my friend.
I brought her along.
She's no friend. I know!
Stop that howl. Show some manners.
I want you to meet my friend Angel.
Come on, she won't bite.
Go on.
My old friend Lena Nordquist.
How do you do, Mrs. Nordquist?
There's nothing to fear.
She's half-human.
Ha ha ha!
It looks like a very nice picnic.
I'll just sit down on the grass.
You ain't sittin' on any grass here.
You don't have to say any more.
No, you don't have to.
Where are you going?
Where I belong.
You belong with me.
I thought we were invited to a picnic...
not an uprising...
of nutty wives with war paint...
which I'm not interested in attending.
We bid you good-bye...
and are sorry you find us unfit...
to sit on your lousy grass.
Lena! He's leaving!
Sam, wait a minute.
You're pigheaded, no good...
but you can't help it...
just because no decent women...
look at you for two seconds.
If you care to stay, it's all right.
Her, too.
Well, that invitation's kind of uncordial.
I got a bad temper.
Well, so have I.
How about you, Angel?
Well, uh...
I'm kind of hungry, Sam.
We got lots to eat.
Barbecued pork, if you like it.
I love it.
Thank you.
Where do you think you're going, Mr. Nordquist?
What'll you have, a wing or a leg?
The apple.
All the men in the log-rolling contest...
please report to the committee now.!
Are you taking part in any games?
If there's a wife-strangling contest...
I might join that.
Ha ha ha!
All wives are the same.
Someone comes near their husband...
and off they go like burglar alarms.
Well, what I can't stand...
is when people look down on others...
who aren't doin' 'em any harm.
Sam, you cannot change the world...
and it's so nice here...
and that's enough.
You're good medicine.
Thank you.
but not too much, eh?
Be right back.
Don't you remember me?
I'm Ollie the logger.
Please go away.
I was going to come see you tonight.
No. I said please go away.
Nobody's looking.
I said go away!
Go away!
Ha ha ha!
Let me go!
Brought you some coffee, too.
Thank you.
Sit down?
Wasn't that man a friend of yours?
Sure. Still is...
or will be when he sobers up.
Why did you do it, then?
Habit, I guess.
A fella gets sore and...
Haven't you had a fella fight over you before?
Over me, yes...
but never for me.
Well, I guess I got sore, that's all.
Why did you get sore?
How do I know?
A fella gets sore, that's all.
Works it off, that's all.
Hey, Sam!
Sam, Jensen is so drunk...
he can't enter the pole-climbing contest.
You got to help me.
I got a bet with Oscar!
Me, too!
Climb a pole, or I lose my shirt!
I haven't had spurs on for who knows how long!
It'll be like yesterday!
Or early this morning!
You might still lose your shirt.
I'll take a chance on you.
You ever seen a man climb a pole?
Looks like I'm hooked.
Sam, come on!
(Band Plays "Camptown Races")
You're not going up there!
How do you think I used to make a living?
Look out for my boy Sam!
It's a fine thing you done to an old friend.
You could have told me she was your girl.
I'm sorry. I apologize.
Now I'll ask you a favor.
Ja, what do you want?
Take care of Angel.
See no one bothers her.
Give me your hand on it.
Sure. I kick the stuffings...
out of anyone who get fresh with Sam McCord's girl.
I don't have to worry. You got a chaperone.
This way, Miss Angel.
Go! Sam, go!
The winner for Nordquist...
Sam McCord in 58 seconds!
Beer for everybody!
(Band Plays Fanfare)
We drink to Sam McCord...
the winner of the pole-climbing contest!
Wait! Wait!
You drunk to me four times already!
Make it five!
Let's drink to one of the finest ladies in Seattle...
Lena Nordquist!
Thank you!
Now let's drink to another fine lady...
You betcha!
Everybody drink to another fine lady!
Thank you, gentlemen!
And a big drink to Sam McCord!
Hold your horses!
I am still drinking to the other one!
To you, Angel.
thank you, Lena.
Thank you, Sam.
Come on, everybody!
You're falling behind!
Ja.! Fill them up!
We got lots more toasts to drink!
Yes, sir.
My goodness!
It has started!
Now we make another toast to the finest boss...
the loggers ever had!
He's always treatin' the loggers like gentlemen!
Lars Nordquist!
To the finest boss, uh...
the loggers, uh...
he will have to pass.
So now we call on the best logger...
that ever run away to Alaska, Sam McCord...
the Paul Bunyan of the pole climbers!
I'm afraid that the Paul Bunyan of the pole climbers...
will have to pass.
Don't be mad on him.
They were just having fun.
I will help you take care of Sam.
Thank you, Lena.
I'm sure I can take care of him myself.
Oh, yeah. Sure.
(Toot Toot)
Good morning.
What time is it?
Noon of a beautiful day.
This hotel's rockin'.
This is a boat!
Of course.
Where's it going?
Music. I still hear music.
The gramophone.
I moved everything from the hotel...
after I found the two tickets.
You came along.
You asked me. Don't you remember?
When I woke up this morning...
I felt something wonderful had happened to me.
I felt different... like I used to be.
Sam, you'll never be sorry.
I'll take such good care of you.
I can cook. I can sew...
Hold it, honey.
Hold it.
I, uh...
I remember, but...
not quite the same way you remember.
Is there anything wrong, Sam?
No, nothing wrong.
It's just, uh...
Are you sorry you asked me?
No, that isn't it.
Did I say anything to upset you?
No. You're fine.
There's some misunderstanding.
I thought I told you about George.
Yes. His fiancée left him...
and he's heartbroken.
Right. His heart is broken, not mine.
I thought you could help him...
not me.
I'm sorry I misunderstood.
Well, honest, I thought I told you.
You must have told me, but...
I heard something else.
I heard something nice.
I wasn't trying to hurt you.
I was trying to help. And George, as well.
I must have picked up some poison ivy...
on that picnic.
It's just a little painful.
I wouldn't hurt a kid like you for anything.
I thought you were all steamed up about going to Alaska.
I think I changed my mind.
I'd rather go back where I belong.
Let's have some breakfast, then we'll both feel different.
No... thank you. I'm fulled up, I guess.
Aw, come on.
I'll play you a game of red dog.
I'll spot you 10 points.
(Toot Toot)
She's not answering the door, Mr. McCord.
Should I slip it under?
No. I'll take care of it.
Is she eatin' good?
Yes, sir. I'm taking good care of her.
Take better care of her.
Good evening, Sam.
May I join you?
Come on in.
Sit down.
How have you been?
I have been thinking things over.
Me, too.
I'm sorry I was so ungrateful.
You had a right to be sore.
That was dumb...
dragging you along to help a pal over some bumps.
Let's forget the whole thing.
Besides, I don't want to be a cupid...
to any George Pratt.
Would he be very unhappy?
I'll get blamed for everything!
He found the mine, he saved my life...
and I let him down.
That's how he figures.
Is he older than you?
No. He's younger...
he claims.
Is he big and strong?
Fat or short?
No, but, uh...
And he is rich?
Yes, he is rich!
That's funny, my turning down such a man.
Please forget whatever I said before.
I'll be very glad to make George happy.
It's no good.
Let me try for a week.
No dice.
It's what you wanted.
I changed my mind, the same as you.
Why, Sam?
I don't want you to get hurt, and... I like you.
Is that a reason to get rid of a girl?
It's one of the best.
You're a nice kid. I don't want to put you on the spot.
What kind of a spot?
Two men and one girl on top of a mountain...
is trouble.
It's not smart to import it.
Let's call it a boat ride.
I'll see you don't lose anything for having taken it.
You're right, Sam.
George would be unhappy if I fell in love with you.
Who knows? Maybe you'd feel unhappy...
if I fell in love with George.
So the best thing is...
I disappear from Alaska.
I'm glad you agree with me.
How can I help agreeing...
with a man who is so kind and honorable...
and so wise?
Good night, Sam.
Good night.
One at a time.
Good morning, Mr. McCord.
Have a nice trip?
No complaints.
It will take time...
to get your heavy equipment ashore.
I know. There's a personal matter.
Miss Bonnet.
Sorry to lose her.
You ain't losin' her.
She's goin' back to Seattle with you.
We're going to Kotzebue before returning to Seattle.
That's all right.
300 be enough for a return passage?
There's 500. 2 extra to keep an eye on her.
I'll watch her like a father.
Here's another 500.
Give that to her when she gets off at Seattle.
Sort of a refund from the company.
I got you, Mr. McCord.
They don't usually come that ladylike.
Hold it! There's one more!
(Wolf Whistles)
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good morning.
I thought you were staying!
I thought so, too.
Then something said, "Go ashore, Michelle...
and your fortune will be made."
Did that something tell you...
Nome is no place for a girl like you?
What is my kind of place?
I guess I been takin' care of you for so long...
that I forgot you can take care of yourself.
It was fun being looked after...
even for a little while.
I thank you.
You're welcome.
I guess I can see about a hotel room for you...
for a parting gift.
Won't you be coming into town from your mine?
Oh, sure. Once every six months.
Oh, I see.
I don't see George anywhere.
Ooh! When he hears aboutJenny...
he'll get hysterical and bust me in the nose...
or try to drown himself.
He's a nice guy. But aboutJenny, he ain't normal.
That's the trouble with being in love.
Even drowning is a relief.
Very funny. Stay out of this.
Of course.
Hey, Sam!
You stay right here.
Breezy! Where's George?
Up at the mine.
He wants you to bring Jenny, as fast as you can.
There's been claim jumping and cross-filing!
Him and Billy are sittin' on that claim with loaded guns.
That bad?
Been killings, too.
I was cross-filed last week.
George give me a job...
to help you haul that stuff off to the mine.
Here are the invoices.
Wait till they beach the equipment.
I got to go to the hotel for a minute.
Bag's just inside the door, lady.
Thank you.
You got $4.00 change.
Forget it.
We're all filled up. Beat it.
Hi, Mr. McCord.
A room and a bath for the lady.
Everything's gone.
Where else could I get her a room?
Try Phil's livery stable.
They turned it into a hotel.
I'll talk to Bish. He's the owner.
Everett Bishop!
Over here, Sam.
Bish, I want...
What kind of an outfit is this for a proprietor?
I'm not the proprietor anymore.
One queen did it.
One lousy queen.
You lost the hotel?
I had two aces back to back.
This guy had one queen showing.
It was the last draw.
Would you bet a hotel or not?
One queen.
Who pulled that third queen?
One lousy queen.
I'll paint you a skinny one.
Just don't paint her rear end like a bass drum.
I'll paint a pancake.
Sam, welcome to the Royal Palace Hotel!
I'm rejuvenating the place.
I'm introducing art to Alaska.
Along with dealing off the bottom?
We're both rich. Why do we have to quarrel?
If you both would like a room...
I'm out. The room and bath is for Miss Bonnet alone.
I'm sure I have just what you wish.
I'd like to wipe out our past disappointments.
As your friend, Miss Bonnet is a guest of the house.
I'll take care of your luggage.
That guy annoys me.
You ever seen him before?
You don't know him?
Watch out.
Don't let him try to sell you anything.
I'll keep my money in my shoe.
It's for your own good.
A crook is bad news for everybody.
Thank you.
I appreciate your concern.
Well, I got to get out to the mine.
You will say good-bye before you leave?
I'll try.
No hard feelings?
No. Just something that didn't work out.
Too loony, as you say.
& Gold is where you'll find it &
& In the creeks or rivers &
& Let's all get behind it &
& And ossify our livers &&
Next time you mooch drinks, you're fired.
Take the lady's bags up to my suite.
Miss Bonnet.
Can I open the window for you, ma'am?
Mr. Boggs.
Miss Bonnet. Oh, that's wonderful.
Angel, it's been a long time.
Ooh, you're on to something big.
Come on. Tell Frankie all about it.
If you kept a diary...
Which, I'm sure, you wouldn't dare...
You'd read where it says...
you have no right to ask me anything.
Oh, now...
Angel, we've both got a lot to overlook.
You walked out on me.
I didn't walk.
I ran.
But no explanation...
Not even a wedding ring.
I got fed up...
fed up with being used.
Did you have to get rough?
You helped me to learn how. Remember?
Why the bellyachin'? It didn't hurt you any.
You're twice as beautiful as you were in New Orleans.
You've turned out to be a real Venus.
Don't I deserve a little credit?
Honey, it hit me big when I saw you. Right here.
It brought back everything...
those happy days... nights.
We're gonna start all over again...
on a grand scale.
So you're all hooked up with Sam McCord?
Keep out of it, Frankie.
I'm on your side.
It's hunky-dory with me if he gets his gold mine.
I have my own interests.
Sam is yours. The rest of the world is mine.
Fair split?
I'm just asking for old-fashioned friendliness.
It's all gone, Frankie...
like if it was never born.
You're straight.
I've told you.
I never would have imagined it.
You're in love with this big bum McCord.
Let me give you a little friendly advice.
It's no good. Don't change.
You know what love does to a dame?
It takes all the zing out of her.
That's respectability. That's the end.
I'm asking you sincerely, be yourself.
Don't wind up with kids hollering in your ear.
It's respectability.
It's no good for you.
Get out of my way.
No need to leave. I'm going.
Keep the room.
I'm a patient man.
What's more, I have faith in you.
Think it over.
If you ever need friendliness...
call for Frankie.
What's still out there?
Some pumps and the pipe.
Me and the big wagon won't follow you out for another day.
Just get it there.
Don't hang around town and get drunk.
I never drink on the job!
You can always start.
What's got into you since we landed?
You're as ornery as a bear with a skinned behind.
I'm sorry, Breezy.
Yaaah! Yaaah!
Get away from me, Tony, or I'll scream!
I want to get out!
And don't you lay a hand on me!
What do I owe?
What seems to be...
For that private suite?
Everybody knocks on my door!
I'm not part of the hotel service!
Don't stop me. I'm getting out of here.
That tinhorned Frankie?
The hotel is full of Frankies.
Well, I read her wrong.
A gold mine.
Where's that livery stable?
Are you crazy?
You can't sleep with horses.
Don't be insulting.
I'm sorry. I'm so upset.
I'll sleep on the beach. I'll sleep anywhere.
You'll catch cold on the beach.
I should have listened to you in the first place...
and stayed on the boat.
I was a fool, I guess.
Fine time to admit it...
after the boat has sailed.
I don't know what's the matter with me.
I'll tell you what's the matter with you.
You're a...
a hoodoo!
That's what you are. A hoodoo!
Get in the wagon.
Move over and quit bawlin'!
Where are you taking me?
To the mine!
What about the boat?
I'll get you back in time.
I could have been in his pants today...
if I only had a brain in my head.
I built that shack...
up where him and George Pratt's gold mine is.
If I had drank less whiskey...
and more water from that stream...
I'd probably have all that gold.
You lived in that cabin?
Did you stake a claim?
Nah. I just ran a trap line.
Then I pulled out because I almost starved.
Do me a favor. Kick me real hard.
You must have staked a claim.
Did you drive a stake into the ground?
Put together a pile of stones?
I wasn't interested in stones.
Maybe a couple of little stones?
You miserable drunk.
Except when I was cookin'...
I put a couple of rocks together.
That's a claim!
It's your gold, and it's your mine.
You think so?
Oh, absolutely!
You need a couple of drinks to help you think.
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