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Non ti muovere

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-Blood pressure?.|- 100 over 40.
- Hook up an lV.|- How much cortisone?. - Three vials.
- Request an urgent hemogram.|- Blood type too?.
- Is Alfredo still in neurosurgery?.|- I saw him leaving.
Send her for a CAT scan,|disinfect her face first.
- Should I leave her backpack here?.|- Did you find an lD?.
No,|we got the info from her diary.
- Did you call her home?. - Yes, but|the machine picked up. I'll try again.
Alfredo?. Listen up.
Fine, I'll wait. Hurry up!.
- Is the doctor in?.|- He is carrying out a hemicolectomy.
Timoteo, can you come out?.
No, it is urgent.
What's so urgent?.
There is a girl downstairs|with a head trauma.
I found her planner....
There is your surname.
- What's your daughter's name?.|- Angela.
Come through.
One, two and three!
- Did you give her cortisone?.|- Yes, and a stomach coater.
- Alfredo?.|- He is on his way.
- Any internal injuries?.|- Maybe a shattered spleen.
- Haemoglobin?.|- Twelve.
- Hi, Timo.|- Hi.
- Is she ready?.|- Yes, they're prepping her.
- Let's see the CAT scan.|- It's inside. Excuse me.
This is the main haematoma,|just above the dura mater.
It can be easily reached.
We need to see how much the brain|is suffering. This I can't say.
- Then, this more internal area....|- She is going to die, isn't she?.
- We both know it, the head is|flooded. - We don't know shit.
I'll open, aspirate the haematoma|and then we'll see what happens.
- She's fifteen!|- Good. The heart is stronger.
She's not strong.
She's little.
Alfredo, we are ready.
Your secretary called,|she got in touch with British Airways.
They'll inform your wife when she|lands in London. We are ready to go.
- Sure you don't want to come in?.|- Yes.
Ada, should it happen,|make everyone leave,..
..unplug the respirator,|the needles, everything.
Give her back to me with some dignity.
And you should come and tell me.
- Shall I close?.|- No, leave it open.
When I say midnight,|it is midnight, not twenty past!
- A quarter past!|- It doesn't matter!
- The rule is midnight!|- The movie ended at midnight!
- Then go in the afternoon.|- I was studying in the afternoon.
- Were you?.|- Yes, with Alessia and Benny.
There's flour all over the kitchen,|you made cookies.
No, a cream cake, really good.|What a pain!
There's nothing to joke about, OK?.
I will not sit up waiting for you!|And your cell phone was off too.
- I was at the movies!|- Wherever! You are back at midnight.
My girl friends|go out every night.
- I don't care what they do.|- Dad, help me out here!
- You defend yourself just fine.|- Tell her how much I have studied!
- She did study.|- Were you here?.
- Yes, I was, I got back.|- At what time?. - I got back at..
- What?. You can't remember?.|- I can't remember...
- He cannot remember! That's great!|- Are you going to take me to London?.
Yes, as a reward! I'll take both|of you, you're the same age after all.
Come on, it's raining!|And no more lies!
Seven of diamonds|and 4 Scopas.
The highest deals. 7!
Good morning.|A glass of water, please.
- Is there no whole milk?.|- I don't know.
Is there a mechanic around here?.
There's Mario, other side of the road;|I don't know if he's open.
I go by it,|I can show you if you want.
Is there a phone booth|somewhere around here?.
You have to go back,|but I don't know if it works.
Everything gets broken here.
You can call from my place,|if you wish, I live nearby.
This way is quicker.
82, 83, 84, 85,..
..86, 87, 88, 89, 90....
Go home!
Welcome! Welcome!
Over there.
Would you like some coffee?.
- Well, thanks.|- Don't mention it.
A glass of mineral water.
It is warm, they have just brought it.|I have cold vodka, beer...
- But the vodka is colder.|- Vodka.
- Are you a doctor?.|- Yes.
I have these marks on my face, see?.
A strong treatment is what you need,|an abrasive cream.
- I use lots of oil, but...|- That's no good.
Try this.
- Thank you.|- You are welcome. - Well, thanks.
Pino! Turn up that fan!
My God!
- Someone was looking for me.|- Yes, I was. Good morning.
I have a Volvo estate.|It stopped, it switched off.
- And what can I do?. - You could|look at it, I waited an hour....
Pino, crank up the fan!
Doctor, your stuff is flying off!
This one's on me, doc.
Mind if I use|your phone again?.
Go ahead.
- Thank you.|- Welcome! Welcome!
Hello?. Hello?.
Hel --
Did you get through?.
Help! Help!
Welcome! Welcome!
Hi, honey.
You're home late.
I had a tricky operation.
These are thank-you-notes|for your dad's funeral. Sign them.
This is the madman|who read the poem, isn't it?.
He seemed sincere.
Funerals offer the perfect chance|to appear sincere.
Why were you crying?.
I was crying for you.
I wasn't sad.
- Want to go out for dinner?.|- Whatever you want.
No, whatever you want.
- Then, let's stay home.|- OK.
Do you want to go for a swim?.
- Yes.|- Good! I'll slip on my bathing suit.
Aren't you hot?.
- Good!|- Kill it! Stop!
Come to the table,|dad's home.
I am fed up, for fuck's sake.
I am fucking fed up..
..with you, with what I see|from this window,..
..with this sauce.
I'm leaving!
You can have it all: the house,|the furniture, him, everything.
I can't take this misery anymore!
Timoteo, come on!
What took you so long?.
Raffaella called,|Giusy's birthday is tonight.
- I thought we were staying at home.|- I know, love, but..
..I couldn't say|that I had forgotten.
You could have said I was tired.
Once you're there, you'll have fun.
You don't even have to drive,|Raffaella is picking us up.
Come here, ladies, the knife grinder|and umbrella man is here.
We sharpen scissors, knives,|we repair gas stoves.
If your stove smokes,|we will fix it, ladies.
We have spare parts|for your gas stoves, ladies!
We fix umbrellas! If you have|a broken umbrella, we fix it!
- What's your name?.|- ltalia.
Look, ltalia, I am sorry,|I wanted to apologize.
- I was drunk.|- I have to go now,..
..or my frozen food will melt.
- I'll help you.|- No, it's not heavy. It's not heavy!
Do you go whoring?.
And you?.
Yes, once in a while.
Let me know when,|so I'll pay your wife a visit.
Yes, once in a while.
The CAT room has been ready|for three years, waiting to be tested!
The same or different ones?.
Makes no difference.
Everyone goes on|about the quality of life,..
..but the ones better off|are the mice in the kitchen!
- Why do you go there?.|- To pray.
Some fucking question!
Those who peddle themselves|in clinics can confirm it.
- Right, Manlio?.|- #Sorry, Alfredo!#
Sorry if we're not all|as immaculate as you. Sorry.
- Did you get some groceries?.|- Of course, some salad, fruit...
- When are you coming?.|- I'm on-duty at the hospital.
You managed to skip another birthday.|Water the plants.
- Bye, love!|- Bye, love. Good night.
Are you hungry?.
I'll make you some spaghetti.
Let's have a baby.
- Are you kidding?.|- No, have your lUD removed.
I don't believe in it.
In what?.
In the world. In this world.
Because it is polluted and violent?.
Elsina,|give me a better answer.
I wouldn't even know how to hold|a newly born, I'd be afraid.
- And why do you want a child?.|- Because....
Because I'm an orphan.
Because I want|to see a kite flying.
We're fine like this,|stop whining. And pay!
Come on! Eat this!
- Come on, eat!|- Your mum has gone bloody gaga.
Go, go to uncle Timoteo.
Elsina, shall we buy|this house?.
Gipsy! Gipsy! Gipsy! Gipsy!
Gipsy, did you get hurt?.
Limoncello, anyone?.
He was sick last night,|maybe he ate a rat.
It's nothing,|a disinfectant will do.
Are you a doctor?.
A surgeon.
Do you own this house?.
It was my grandfather's, but he sold|it before dying. I have to leave.
I'm sorry.
I'm married.
I came to tell you that|I won't be coming anymore.
Don't worry.
Keep your head tilted back.
Don't worry.|Why do you worry so much?.
Do you fuck|strangers regularly?.
I have to go to work.
What do you do?.
Italia! Italia!
- Hello?.|- Timoteo?. - Yes.
I was told that|a family member had an accident.
- Yes.|- Is it Angela?. - Yes.
- What did she do?. - She fell off|her moped. They are operating.
What are they operating on?.
Her head.
- Are you in the hospital?.|- Of course.
What do they tell you?.
- When are you back?.|- I'll leave in 1 0 minutes with BA.
OK, Raffaella will come|and get you at the airport.
What about her helmet?.
- It wasn't fastened.|- What?.!
Why didn't she fasten it?.!|Angela! Angela!
Honey, calm down.
- Timoteo, love... Iove...|- Yes.
Tell me she is not dead.|Swear it!
- I swear.|- Swear it on Angela.
I have to leave sooner,|they asked me to make..
..a small introductory presentation|to the convention. Yes.
I'll just come back|next Saturday.
Yes, say hi to Giusy, your folks,|Raffaella, everyone.
Bye, love.
- Hi.|- Hi.
- Where did you go?.|- To work.
What do you do?.
I clean hotel rooms.
I'm a seasonal worker.
You are coming with me, aren't you?.
To the convention.
And what would I do|at the convention?.
I have nothing to wear.
Wear your panties,|you look great in panties.
- I made you some gnocchi.|Shall I cook them?. - Thanks.
From '85 to '87 we did 76 supra-pubic|radical prostatectomies..
..with lymphadenectomy|of the obturator and iliac nodes.
The histological study showed that|42% of the patient was carrying..
..a prostatic carcinoma locally|advanced, status T2, T3, N0,..
..average Gleason score equals to 6.|Survival, free of recurrence,..
..that is with PSA inferior to 0.04,|was 94....
- Is it working?.|- I think so.
....was 94% after three years|on a random sample of patients....
You can't just tell me now!|It has been a week....
No, you have to shut up!|That's enough!
Why the fuck do people have kids?.
Enjoy your meal, madam.
Hi, honey.
- Hi.|- Hi.
- What's that?.|- A report.
How was the convention?.
Useful, but not essential.
- Was Manlio there?.|- He gave a great presentation.
- How was your room?.|- What?.
Your room.
Really nice.
What else do you want to know?.
I have to finish this report.
I don't feel like it,..
..but I have to.
Aren't you coming to bed?.
Keep me.
Come when you want,|once a month, once a year,..
..but keep me.
You have a long life line.
There's a cut in the middle.
Make a fist,|let's see about children.
There's one, actually two!|Well done!
Well done!
- Let me see yours.|- Don't worry, it's very long.
Weeds never die out.
You know what my mum|used to call me?.
- What was she calling you?.|- Weedy.
I love you, Weedy.
Don't play with me, or I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
Oh! Oh!
#The final countdown!#
You can do more than cutting!|7 to 2! Italia, you suck!
You play!
No spinning allowed!
Italia, shall we go to a disco?.|Pino told me that....
What's up?.
- Did you get your period?.|- I am not well. I don't know.
- What's wrong?.|- Take me home.
What's wrong?.
- ltalia, what is it?.|- Take me home. - What is it?.
Take me home.
No, it's OK. The placenta has come|detached slightly, but..
..the embryo is alive.
I'd hospitalize her,|this lady needs some rest.
- What do you wish to do, ma'am?.|- I'd like to go home.
The lady will sign for the release.|Margherita, can I have a form, please?.
- No, let's hospitalize her.|- No!
- What should I do?.|- Hospitalize her.
Fine.|Margherita, Vasodilan and glucose.
Good night, doctor.
Get her a nightgown, please.
Why didn't you tell me|you were pregnant?.
I didn't know.
- What's your name?.|- ltalia.
Who are you calling?.
An important "cancer"?.
At least, take your shoes off the bed.
I operated on this|patient's breast 2 years ago.
There are too many risks,|we have to terminate it.
- Is she within time limits?.|- Yes.
Why not the hospital then?.
Excuse me.|Manlio, I'm going home.
- Bye.|- Bye, Timo.
Bye, Martine, good night!
Why do women watch porn films|until the end?.
- Why?. - Because they hope|he'll marry her in the end.
- Do you want breakfast first?.|- No, no, thank you.
At reception, there is a room|booked in your name.
A close friend of mine|will handle it all.
- Don't worry.|- Don't worry.
- Shall I call you tonight?.|- Yes.
- What happened?.|- The heel broke.
Maybe I'd better|have breakfast.
I will not take you in there.
I'd cut off my head for you,|but I won't take you in there.
Let's get out of here.|Let's go, let's go!
I will be in Berlin at 1 2: 50 p.m.
She's going to Berlin!
She has a friend there,|a German writer, very smart.
German and bisexual.
I, on the other hand,|got a poor wretch pregnant.
It happens, my dear lady.
- Goodbye, best wishes.|- Same to you.
- Who were you talking to?.|- No one.
Send me a postcard.
- A what?.|- A postcard. - All right.
- Bye.|- Bye.
- Who's that?.|- It's my dad.
- Is he alive?.|- I haven't seen him in ages.
How come?.
He was not a family man.
- 33.|- 33.
- 33.|- 33.
Take a deep breath.
Another one.
It's a boy, I can feel it.
You can feel it, right?.|What can you feel?.
- Your mother?.|- She was Albanian, she's dead.
Brothers?. Sisters?.
- All older than me, in Canada.|- I'd like to see your village.
There's nothing to see.
There was a nice church,|but it got levelled by the earthquake.
Why do you ask about my village?.
To know where you were|when I didn't know you.
Where were you?.
You're fine, fit as a fiddle.
I was in fifth grade.
I saw this dress|at a market stall.
Rayon with red flowers.|It was a Saturday.
I roamed around, but kept going|back to look at that dress.
A man was there|folding t-shirts.
"Want to try it on?. ", he says.
I tell him I have no money.
"It's free to try", he says.
So I got into the van, and tried|the dress on behind a curtain.
The man comes behind the curtain|and starts touching me.
"Do you like the dress?. ", he says.
But I can't move,.. I stand still|as he touches me.
He's all sweaty afterwards.|"Don't tell anyone!"
And he gives me the dress.
I've never told anyone before.
I'm going to tell everything|to my wife tomorrow.
Hi, honey.
- Welcome back.|- Thank you.
- How did it go?.|- They have all deteriorated so much.
- I'm making chicken curry.|- Peter?.
He's fine.
- I'm making lamb curry.|- Chicken or lamb?.
With curry.
Look... hem...
- Are you hungry?.|- Yes.
It's ready!
- Too much curry, huh?. A little?.|- Yes, a little.
It's good.
I didn't have time to post it.
What is this?.
It's true.
Or Angela.
Do you like it?.
We have to give her adrenaline!
- What is it?. - There's a problem|with her pulmonary ventilation.
- Heartbeat?.|- 40.
She's haemorrhaging, then.
Can you feel my hands, Angela?.|Can you feel them?.
I won't let you go!
I won't let you go!
With each push, I'll bring you back.
With each push, I'll bring you back.|With each push, I'll bring you back.
I'm holding on to you.
When you drink tea, remember?.
When you do your homework,|remember?.
When you sing,|do you remember when you sing?.
But please help me,|my brave little girl.
Help me!|Tell me I'm still worth something.
Don't move.
Where are you?.
She's stabilizing.
Welcome back, sweetheart.|You are still here.
You are still here.
- Stay.|- No, I'll go out.
I'm sweating, shaking,|and about to piss my pants.
- Eat these, they're warm.|- Stop! I can't eat anymore.
Shall I wrap them up for you?.
You have a fever.
There he is!
A life without kids is like|stew without meat! Well done!
I'll be an aunt!
I can't quite picture the baby.
It'll be beautiful, like you.
Maybe it'll be a girl,|ugly like you.
Last night I dreamt|it was born without feet.
By the next scan,|it'll have feet, don't worry.
- Good morning, doctor.|- Good morning.
- Hello.|- Oh, Alfredo! - Excuse me,..
..I wanted to ask you|if you can cover my shift tonight.
- You could've just called.|- Well, I live nearby.
Know that aneurysm case?.|He died from complications.
- A cardiopatic, wrong tests.|- It happens to us all.
They made me sign the form.|I'm being reviewed.
That's the procedure,|you know that.
Ada left me.
She said I'm cruel,|that I spoil everything I touch.
We're all cruel,|some more, some less.
Are you cold?.
A bit.
Here it is, the galloping horse.
They're paging you.
Who's next?.
I waited so long for you.
Why didn't you at least call me?.
I am sorry.
Have you changed your mind?.
- It's not what you think.|- What, then?.
What is it then?. Tell me then?.
- What is it?.|- Please!
Do you want to leave me?. Tell me.|Do you want to leave me?.
Tell me if you want to leave me.|Do you want to leave me?.
I have something to tell you.
- Hi, Timoteo.|- Hi.
My wife is not well.
What does she have?.
I don't know.
You're a doctor|and you don't know?.
Good morning.|The captain and his crew..
..welcome you|aboard flight AZ 354....
- I am getting off.|- Sit down! We are moving!
- I'm having a heart attack.|- I'll call a doctor. - I am a doctor!
- Sit down! What are you doing?.|- I am his doctor.
My raincoat!
- I saved your life!|- Why, will it crash?.
Not any more, you can't get off|the ones that crash.
Fuck the convention!
I like surprises,|like blow-jobs in elevators.
I'm in love.
Who is it?.
A woman.
What are you doing?.
It's bad for you.
I had an abortion.
- What did you say?.|- I had an abortion!
- You did what?.|- I did it!
- You did what?.|- I did it!
- I wanted it! I wanted it|- You would've changed your mind!
- Where did you do the abortion?.|- At the gypsies'.
You're nuts,|come with me to the hospital!
- I don't like hospitals.|- You have to come with me!
Why?. Why?. Why?. Why?.
Remember when I told you|about that man at the market?.
He was my father.
My father took advantage of me.
It's better this way.|I wouldn't have been a good mother.
On the mat, Angela and Aurora!
Why are you obsessed with judo?.
It's a good sport,|a good discipline: have to be fair,|respect your mates. It's a good sport.
She wants to do|synchronized swimming.
She's too clumsy|for synchronized swimming.
She fell down.
Get out of there!|Fight back, Angela! Come on!
You have to loosen up, sweetheart.|How many times I have told you?.
Judo is about taking advantage,|capturing your opponent's energy..
..and using it, in some way.|Instead you just lie there,.. are not aggressive, not vigorous.|A bit more cynicism when fighting!
You let go, it almost looks like|you do it on purpose!
I can't take it anymore.|I don't want to come here anymore.
I don't like judo, you understand?.
I'm not a boy! I'm not a boy!|I'm not a boy!!
What the fuck do you want from me?.|What do you want?.
I'm not a boy! What do you want?.|I'm not a boy!
Ssh... Calm down.
Enough already.|Angela will choose her sports.
Sorry, Angela.|Sorry, you're right.
You're not a boy,|you're a beautiful girl.
Hello?. Can you hear me?.
Can't you give me|any kind of information?.
It's the British Airways 1 1 : 30 flight.
Eleven thirty, yes!|Eleven thirty, yes!
There is sugar in.|Yes! Yes! Yes!
Fuck you, then!|There is no coverage. Hi, Timo.
Alfredo is the best,|shit personality, but he's a genius.
Plus at her age,|recovery capacity is impressive.
No signal|in this room either.
Remember that time.. stopped that plane saying|you were having a heart attack?.
"I'll call you a doctor."|"l am a doctor!"
"Where are you going?. "|"I'm his doctor."
When I left Martine,|she said:
.."At least fall in love for real|next time."
I have a Caesarean.
Angela will make it.
That little bugger of my godchild|will make it.
- Would you call us a cab, please?.|- No, it's near. Let's take a walk.
I think it's raining.
- How many months?.|- Nine. Nine months.
I'm at the end of the line. Yes!
I'm one week|overdue. Yes.
- Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?.|- Yes, it's a little girl. Very happy!
- A little scared?.|- No, no, I am happy.
- I forgot my credit card.|- Go get it! Shall I wait?.
No, there's hell of a traffic.|I'll be there straight away!
Italia! Italia!
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Go away!
Go away! Go away!|Go away! Go away!
- Go away! - I didn't manage|to tell you! I couldn't tell you!
- Why did you have your hair cut?.|- I got lice.
What's that?.
How pretty!
Is it a girl?.
I hope it didn't shrink.
No. Luckily, it is hand washable.
Just iron it and it'll be as new.
The day I had the abortion..
..I came by your house.
You were at the gate, but I didn't|come near because your wife was there.
You got out of the car,|carrying grocery bags.
You stepped back|and bumped into her.
She placed her hands|on her belly, low.
That's when I understood.
My life's always been like this,..
..full of small signs|that come looking for me.
You'll never forgive me, will you?.
God will never forgive us.
God doesn't exist, my love.
Let's hope so.
Let's hope so, my love.
What will you do?.
I have to give my house|to the building people.
Then I'll go back to my village,|then maybe to Canada.
- Do you speak English?.|- I'll learn it.
All right, goodbye then.
Timo!|Timoteo, I think it's time.
We're going to the hospital.
Oh, yes.
All right.
See you there, then.
A book...
- Who's Bianca?.|- My gynaecologist.
- Manlio?. - I preferred|to be looked after by woman.
He was a bit offended at first,..
..but then he understood.
- You didn't tell me.|- There is so much we don't tell.
So much hair!
So cute,|she looks like my sister, lsotta!
- Her nose is too small.|- But as a child she was very pretty!
- She looks like herself.|- There you go!
- I see Timoteo in her!|- Let's hope not!
She was born 90 minutes ago.|It's a little early for look-a-like.
Exactly! Timoteo,..
..what's important is that|she doesn't have your nose.
I can't sleep, I feel like|I went through the spin cycle.
Angela is pretty, isn't she?.
Very beautiful.
Are you happy?.
Of course.
- Do you have to go to work?.|- Yes.
I'll go home, shower|and then I'll go to work.
When will you be back?.
I am sorry. Did I wake you?.
No, no.
I was about to go.
To the station.
I'm leaving, I told you.
Hem... The baby girl was born.
- Is she pretty?.|- Yes, she's pretty.
What did you name her?.
Are you happy?.
How can I be happy?.
Don't move!
I can't live without you.
Sure you can. Sure you can!
Welcome! Welcome!
Don't worry!|Mummy will be back!
Shut up, Crevalcore!
Shut up!|Don't worry, mummy will be back!
Mummy will be back!
Fuck you!
I missed my train!
#Amori...|che non sanno stare insieme,..#
#..amori al limite della follia,|quelli che trovi e che non lasci piu.#
How long since you've been back?.
A long time.
You're a bit warm,|do you have a fever?.
Maybe we'd better|stop over somewhere.
- Ow!|- Ah?.
- Shall we stop over somewhere?.|- Yes, yes.
They must need a doctor|in your village, or not?. So, that's it!
Or I'll take you to Africa.
A doctor friend of mine|is a cardiologist in a madhouse!
We'll open a practice,..
..I'll turn you|into a first-rate nurse.
I'll teach you everything.
You have to think about yourself.
That's how I think about myself.|I am doing that, for the first time.
Do you, ltalia, take Timoteo,|also known as Timo, as your husband?.
To love and respect him|for all the days of your life,..
..for better|and/or for worse?.
Until death do us part?.
Well then,.. the name of this wine,|this reheated soup,..
..and this pecorino cheese,..
..I pronounce you man and wife.
Thank you.
Thanks to you.
What's wrong?.
What's wrong, my love?.
My wife doesn't feel well.
Can you show us|to our room, please?.
Follow me.
You coming?. Come.
I love you.
Don't say a word, Ada.
Don't move!
What is it?.
- What is it?.|- My belly hurts.
What do you feel?.
I don't know.
Do you feel my hand?.
Ah?. Do you feel my hand?.
I feel nothing.
A hospital, help!
I need to do an ultrasound.
- Yes, but who are you?.|- I'm a doctor. Do you understand?.
Do you understand ltalian?.
Her belly's full of blood.
- What's going on?.|- He says he needs to operate.
Who are you?.
- Who are you?.|- I am a colleague, a surgeon!
Who has authorised you to be here?.|You can't do that!
- Watch the step!|- Are you mad?. It's risky, you can't!
Uncover everything! Come on!
Uncover everything!|Where are the instruments?. Where?.
They are here.
The medical cart!|The medical cart!
The medical cart, hurry up!
You know, Ada,.. a student|I was afraid of blood.
During the anatomy lectures|I would always stand back.
Then, one morning, in the loos,|I grabbed a blade..
..and cut myself here.|Left flexor tendon.
I waited to see my blood|dripping into the sink.
The time between|the cutting of the flesh..
.. and when it starts oozing|is quite special.
For a fraction of a second,|the wound remains white.
I did thousands of operations,..
..yet the moment of incision|still makes me a little dizzy..
..because that battle|I fought in that loo.. still alive in me.
As for the rest,..
..I've always done my duty,|you know that.
I don't know where|people who die go,..
..but I know where they stay.
I know where they stay.
I should've prayed for God to guide|Alfredo's hands and save my daughter.
Right, Ada?.
I only did it once, when I thought|I couldn't handle it.
I prayed for God to help me,|because if that person had died,..
..the trees, dogs|and rivers would've died with her....
I love you.
The one who loves you|is always there.
Before you.
Even before meeting you.
More, more.
How can l?.
- How can l?.|- Love.
- Love.|- Love.
- My sweet love.|- My sweet love.
- My love.|- My love.
- My love.|- My love.
What are you looking at?.
An abortion, they wrecked her.
- Pelvic peritonitis.|- Yes, a septic abortion..
..followed|by a poorly done curettage.
The doctor removed her uterus,|but it was useless.
- Poor thing, where was she from?.|- Around here.
- Were they engaged?.|- Don't know.
Thank you.
She's so tiny: a child's coffin|would have been enough.
Do you want to leave?.
Bye, my love.|Bye, bye, bye, bye.
Bye, bye, bye.
It's already sealed.
The stone will not be ready|before 1 0 days.
What should we write?.
Her name. Just her name
- What was her name?.|- ltalia.
- We are stitching her up.|- Her parameters?.
It took me a while, I had some|problems with the dura mater.
- Where are you going?. - A friend had|an accident. - You can't go in.
She had problems coagulating.
- Are you evaluating her?. - I asked|Ada to try and wake her up.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
Dad will remove the tarmac|with the laser. Don't worry.
There is a friend of yours outside.
Bleached goatee,..
..the face of a little punk.
But he seems nice.
Can you open|your eyes, sweetheart?.
Oh, my God!
How is she?.
She is alive.
Sit down.
I'll be right back.
Why didn't you|fasten your helmet?.
How many times have I told you?.
Tomorrow I'll have my hair cut,.. when your hair|grows back,..
..we'll get a picture of us|with short hair and sunglasses.
Like two jerks!
Good morning.
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