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Nobody Someday

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'For the last ten years, I've been doing this.
'I'm living a dream, a supposed dream. '
May the force be with you always.
'Everybody sees what I have and wants it.
'When I was a kid, I saw what people in my position had and wanted it too.
'I'm struggling to find bits about it that I enjoy.
'The money is fantastic. '
That's the only thing that's great about it at the minute.
I've been looking at it being, "This is the dream. You're living the dream."
I think I'm waiting for me to enjoy it because I'm supposed to be.
# I'm a gigolo, I'm Joseph I'm a satellite of song
# I'm everybody that I know And being known for being wrong
# And if I'm not mistaken This is my heart breaking
# I'm a man who threw it all away
# Destiny is calling Telling me to be boring
# And I don't care anyway Gonna be nobody someday
# Gonna be nobody someday
# I'm the demon that you fear I'm the joker, I'm the thief
# I'm a lonesome cowboy ridin' I'm the Indian chief
# Got to watch my figure Boy, if I get much bigger
# They'll stick a pin in me And I'll blow away
# But I get richer While they take my picture
# Taking my soul away Gonna be nobody someday
# Gonna be nobody someday #
- Hello. You all right, man? - Yeah. How are you?
Yeah, I'm really good.
'lt's impossible to avoid Robbie Williams in Britain.
'The 27-year-old from Stoke-On-Trent is the country's biggest popstar.
'His face stares out from magazine covers, and his songs are instantly familiar. '
I'm thinking of getting the band back together.
'We started filming together at rehearsals for his tour,
'which was being organised by tour manager Andy Franks. '
'lt's built around Rob. Rob is a changing person at the moment. '
Nobody has seen much of him since Christmas.
So everyone is filled with trepidation as they're not sure how he's going to be.
- Hello, darlin'. - You all right, darlin'?
'That's not negative. We're not worried, but he's going through changes. '
Trying to do that in front of a lot of people and perform regularly is difficult.
It has a lot of effects. He's a person we want to make as comfortable as possible.
If he's happy, then the tour becomes a successful tour.
# If you wanted me to love you
# Let me give you validation
# Nice tits, nice arse No class, no conversation
# Oh daddy...
Stop. Stop.
On the answer lines, can they be shouty? Can everybody do 'em?
I don't know if you're aware, a few of you are,
I've stopped drinking and taking drugs, and...
We're going to be in a...
A lot of you have been around me before when I stopped, only to see me start again.
I don't know if I'm going to keep it up this time, but I want to.
I really want to. I don't want to drink or take any drugs again.
I want you to know that around me in confined spaces, when I can't leave,
say on planes or in tour buses...'s increasingly difficult for me to see you all pissed
and to see you all doing whatever you do.
I'm an alcoholic, and I'm a drug addict.
Alcoholics and addicts want to drink and take drugs even though it kills them,
or makes your and my tour hell to be on.
I'd like never to do it again. We shall see what happens. That's it.
Even though I said, "I don't want to be on this tour", I love you all.
You're all marvellous. I feel so much love when I'm around you.
It's just a shame we have to get on stage.
# I seem to spend my life Just waiting for the chorus
# Cos the verse Is never nearly good enough #
'He's growing up, finding his inner self. '
He wants to make a change, which is difficult in this business.
A lot of people get into it so they can have as much drugs and sex as they can.
Turning their back on that while putting up with the business is difficult.
# I wish you love #
'I didn't know much about Robbie before I made this film.
'Just the usual tabloid speculation.
'You know the kind of stuff: love life, eating habits, bank balance and so on.
'Could a film get beyond that, show us the real Robbie?
'We met a few times. He said nothing was off limits,
'he had nothing to hide and wouldn't interfere. '
'I wondered why he wanted to be involved in an honest film about himself. '
'There's so much written about me that I'm not in control of. '
At this point in my life, I would say 99 percent, if not 100 percent,
"This is me at this part of my life."
If people don't like this, then I'm fucked.
This is me right now.
There's no airs or graces. This is how I feel.
This is what I'm about. I'm a bit boring.
And that's OK.
I wanted something out there that goes, "This is it. This is what Robbie is."
'Off to Europe with a boring, sober popstar
'and his travelling circus of 65 people.
'An incredible amount of hard work and dedication goes into
'putting Robbie on stage in 15 European cities.
'At every venue, 46 tons of equipment have to be erected
'and then dismantled a few hours later.
'This might be pop music, but it's also a big business.
'A successful tour fills venues, sells records,
'and keeps the accountants happy.
'The venue for the first gig: Stockholm. '
Whatever juice it is that gets you to get on stage -
whether it's to be liked, to sing these songs you believe in,
or to make a lot of money - the juice is gone, whatever it is.
That's the most scary thing.
'I'm in fear. I've got to get up on stage tonight in front of 10,000 people.
'I don't know if I'm burnt out. Do I need time off to come back and enjoy it? '
I've never enjoyed it. I've never enjoyed anything about it.
'I came to a gig that was put in place here.
'lt must be about two years ago, and it was in Sweden. '
I stood at the back, looked at the audience, and went, "I'm not going on stage.
"I'm going home."
I can't do that again.
Fred, you OK?
'The definition of insanity is
'repeating the same thing and expecting to get a different result. '
That's what I'm sat here with today.
I know that I'm going to get on stage tonight, and I'm not going to enjoy it.
They're not gonna know, in the audience.
Follow Rob.
OK, ladies and gentlemen, we're in Stockholm.
Let's make this the best rock'n'roll show they'll see this evening.
OK. Elvis, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
The courage to change the things I can.
- And the wisdom to know the difference. - Thank you.
Go out and kick ass!
Go, go, go!
# Suck his dick
# Mighty dick
# And
# Swallow #
I wanna see those hands!
When the chorus comes in, I want you all to go bouncy, bouncy!
Are you with me?
# Hell is gone and heaven's here There's nothing left for you to fear
# Shake your ass, come over here Now scream
# I'm a burning effigy Of everything I used to be
# You're my rock of empathy, my dear So come on
# Let me entertain you #
'I start off with "Let Me Entertain You".
'Good song, but I'm bored of it. '
"Old Before I Die" - Crap.
"Strong" - Crap. I hate the chorus.
"She's The One" - I hate that one. It's not my song.
And so on and so on.
I get on stage and beat myself up every night.
One hand in the air!
Two hands in the air!
Bounce, come on y'all! Bounce!
# Let me entertain you
# Let me entertain you
# Come on, come on, come on, come on
# Come on, come on, come on, come on
# Come on, come on, come on, come on
# Come on, come on, come on, come on
# Let me entertain you
# Let me
# Entertain you
# Let me entertain you
# Let me entertain you
# Let me
# Enter-tain you
# Let me
# Enter-tain you #
All right!
'They were as cold as the ice rink we were in.
'Sweden's only just started buying my records.
'There was 10,000 there tonight, and I've only sold 40,000 albums. '
A lot of them only know "Rock DJ" and "Love Supreme".
"Love Supreme" went well.
I'm on the stage, and the first five or six numbers I hated.
I asked them all to stand up.
They stood up, and it got better.
But I come offstage, and I'm just sad. I'm just sad.
You said to me earlier about hating it
and you've lost the juice. Are there times on stage when you're enjoying yourself,
and you just throw yourself into the performance?
No. No, not at all.
# Let me entertain you #
'I can't stand the way I perform.
'I want to be David Bowie and lggy Pop, and I'm more like Norman Wisdom.
'lt's like a Tourette syndrome of pantomime movements
'that I can't stop myself doing.
'I've created this front from a long time ago that gets on stage
'and won't let 10,000 people know that he's having a bad time.
'They enjoyed it. They loved it. That's the most important thing. '
All right!
I've been trying to get clean and sober for four years.
Booze and drugs worked for me when I was 19. They were my crutch.
They gave me the confidence and the escape that I needed.
They filled in all of the blanks.
It hasn't been like that for five years.
But still there's this underlying thing in my brain, my belly, or my conscious
that says, "If you do it this time, it will be fine.
"Go on, just one more hit. One line, then bed."
- The devil over your shoulder. - Cheeky half. A cheeky half.
Amazing how it's made to be your friend.
"D'ya fancy a cheeky half?"
"What, of that stuff that makes me feel like shit for four days
"till I have to do it again? Yeah, go on then, I'll have a cheeky half."
I only want to get laid if I'm drinking. I only can get laid if I'm drinking.
It's a lot easier if you're pissed.
And, er...
I've done a lot of sleeping with a lot of people.
Especially in my teenage years.
It seems that everybody I sleep with these days sells their story.
I do a lot of comparing myself to other people.
Considering I'm this rockstar/popstar...
...I don't do half as much as my mates that are "normal".
I can only have a relationship with another human being if I'm sober.
If I am not sober, I cannot let love into my life.
I will not accept somebody coming in and loving me.
I wouldn't know how to love them because I'm a selfish, self-pitying fool.
We met him a few times.
It's different every time.
Sometimes he's friendly and wants to give us all hugs, but sometimes he's...
- He's moody. - You want to stay away from him.
- He's in a bad mood. - We've definitely seen both sides of him.
It's understandable if he wants to be left alone.
He must be around people all the time.
'The circus had moved to Copenhagen.
'Only in Scandinavia would the fans be so thoughtful, speak perfect English,
'and be so open about their feelings. '
It sounds stupid, but when he's near,
I'm very insecure. I can be very secure,
but I get a feeling in my body that I cannot get anywhere else.
'Three days into the tour,
'and I get another example of how different celebrity lives are.
'Most people who fancy a kick-around go to the local park.
'That's not an option for somebody as recognisable as Robbie Williams.
'A pitch has to be booked in advance
'and transport arranged for him and his security team.
'Even on the outskirts of Copenhagen, the paparazzi can sniff an opportunity. '
'Everywhere I go, within 20 minutes, from nowhere paparazzi will appear. '
Every time I see them, I want to smash their faces in.
'All of the press, the tabloids have to be filled with something.
'lt's my mug that it's filled with most of the time. Can't cope with it.
'On the street, a paparazzi will come up to me.
'The public go, "Leave him alone." They know what the paparazzi are about.
'But at that same picture they go, "Oh, there's Robbie. Shoppin'." '
"There's Robbie comin' out of his 'ouse. There's Robbie goin' into a coffee shop.
"There's Robbie goin' to the bank. There's Robbie goin' to the park.
"Ooh, there's someone Robbie shagged. Ooh, he's done it again next week, look."
I can't cope with it. I really can't.
Half of my time is spent wondering how to get out of all this.
Thank you.
OK, you got your picture. Let's go. Bye-bye.
I don't buy the tabloids. I don't want to know anything about them.
Okay Magazine, Hello Magazine -
all of them bastards with their fucking stupid, cunty magazines.
'Celebrities are hardly ever alone.
'There's always someone helping to organise things. Life, for example.
'Robbie's little helpers include David Enthoven, his manager,
'and Josie Cliff, his personal assistant. '
'My job is to manage Rob's diary,
'record company commitments, personal commitments. '
Then go to Paris for a day to do the TV, in and out on a private plane.
Do you still want to go in a plane or in a helicopter?
- You said no to helicopter. - No to helicopter. Plane.
'lt's a question of making sure
'that on a week-by-week basis everyone gets what they want. '
- Then you're going... - It's my sister's birthday.
- Will you go up? - Might do. I don't know.
'There's a fine line between getting on with someone and still doing your job. '
Although we're friendly, and we're friends, you can't...
There's always the underlying reason of why you're there.
That's because I'm paid to be there and to do the job I do.
'But you could never relax too much and think,
"'lt's a great job, and I'm hanging out with Robbie Williams."'
It's not like that. If you think like that, all your planning will fall by the wayside.
Something will go wrong, and you'll be out on your ear.
'He says, his teeth hurt.
'You have to make sure he goes to the dentist before we go away.
'lf he wants a housekeeper, you find them for him.
'The security people we found. Make sure there's food in his fridge.
'Absolutely every element. It's part of keeping him happy.
'lf he's happy, he's working. If he's working, the record company are happy.
'lt's the nature of the business. '
'The business being to sell as many records as possible for EMI.
I'm very happy to present you with the first gold record from Austria.
It took a while. I hope you excuse that.
It's OK.
'He's sold 20 million records worldwide.
'A lot of people make a good living out of Robbie.
'lt's in their interests that he remains a hardworking popstar. '
It's so great. Spain gold, Sweden gold,
Canada gold, Hong Kong gold, New Zealand... platinum times five.
More sheep than records there.
Today, I really don't feel like a drink.
I really don't feel I could put any cocaine up my nose,
take any E's or smoke any weed - I don't want to.
The compulsion to do all that stuff has been removed, today.
It might be back tomorrow. Stuff like this makes me drink.
Stuff like getting offstage and going, "I hated that.
"I'm going to drink myself into oblivion, spend all night up snorting cocaine."
Then I've got another show tomorrow. You're on that whole thing again.
You have to keep doing that and keep doing that.
'lt isn't there right now. If I look at it now, I've got nothing to worry about.
'Just dreading getting on stage this evening. '
# It's a beautiful day Don't let it slip away #
There has to be some part of it that he likes.
Even though it might be deep down and locked in the subconscious.
'The way that he's so at ease on stage,
'you've got to think there's something in there that's having a good time. '
But I know that he struggles with it. He finds it very difficult.
I believe him when he says he doesn't like it.
'We'll rock this one to the left, to the right.
'One, two, three, four. '
# We've got stars directing our fate
# And we're praying it's not too late
# Millennium
# Some say that we are players Some say that we are pawns
# But we've been making money Since the day that we were born
# Got to slow down
# Cos we're low down
# Run around in circles Live a life of solitude
# Till we find ourselves a partner Someone to relate to
# Then we'll slow down
# We'll fall down
# A-ha
# We've got stars directing our fate
# And we're praying it's not too late
# Cos we know we're falling from grace
# Millennium #
'I've always felt like the odd one out. I wanted everybody to like me. '
I found that before I could walk, I could dance, in my cot.
Before I could talk, I could sing.
It hasn't got any better since.
I found that if I did that, people smiled and paid me attention.
It also brought a lot of jealousy
because I could do that, and not a lot of other kids could and be clapped.
# Come and have a go If you think you are hard enough
# Do you think you're hard enough? #
'I got taught at an early age. If you open the door and let ladies through,
'and you say "thank you" and "please", it's good manners.
'I carried that on until now. '
I'm trying to be as well-mannered as I can be,
under an awful lot of pressure from a lot of cunts. Excuse me.
# And when we come We always come too late
# I often think that we were born to hate Get up and see the sarcasm in my eyes
# And when we come We always come too late
# I often think that we were born to hate
# Get up and see the sarcasm In my eye-eye-eye-eye-eyes
# Millennium #
# Rollin', rollin', rollin'
# Rollin', rollin', rollin'
# Rollin', rollin', rollin'
# Rollin', rollin', rollin' Rollin', rollin', rollin'
# Pushin' up, pushin' up, pushin' up #
'I haven't doubted Robbie's unhappiness in Stockholm.
'I expected the same in Copenhagen.
'But 10,000 screaming blondes seem to have put some lead back in his pencil. '
That was ace.
That was really, really ace. Acer than ace.
What was different?
The audience.
- So, it's all right being a popstar then? - Fuckin' ace being a popstar.
No better job.
Do you know what? If a few paparazzi take your picture, so what?
What's wrong with that? Nothing.
If you can get on stage and enjoy something like that.
On stage, I was thinking, "Fuckin' hell! You're gonna have to enjoy it now."
That was amazing. Fuckin' amazing.
I'm ace. Don't tell anyone, though.
- You were amazing. - How ace was that?
It's all to do with the crowd, cos Sweden was shit.
- We've had this problem before. - Yes.
Once the crowd get into gear, and you're off,
you could shit on stage, and they'd love it.
'Rock'n'roll mythology is all about excess.
'I'd assumed that being on tour meant
'leaving behind a trail of vomit and wrecked hotel rooms. ' the Uno Classic on Channel 5.
'Since he gave up the drink, Robbie's got a new kind of recreation.
'The inner circle drink mineral water and spend hours playing cards. '
'Oh, he's laid down a seven, classic Uno. '
Come on, somebody go out.
# I can do C, C, C, C, C
# Bar chord And I don't know what it's called
# Got that bar chord to the D Neil Diamond... #
'Robbie's a multi-million pound business,
'jointly managed by two veterans of the music industry.
'Tim Clark puts deals together and plans Robbie's future
'with his friend David Enthoven.
'While Tim's in the office, David goes on the road with Robbie and offers support. '
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Last night I thought it was going to be difficult, and it was a fantastic evening.
A really good evening. I'm happy with it.
And the record's selling well. From that point of view it's great.
And Robert enjoyed himself last night, so it was a great gig.
# Baby I'm crazy, but lady I'm lazy
# Amaze me
# Maybe I'm fading
# My mind's all jaded
# One, two #
'He's special. And his ability to show emotion really touches me. '
It's been a privilege to be part of the nurturing of him.
We haven't seen the real Rob yet.
He is emerging. That's what is really exciting.
He's just started. He's 27. It's nothing.
# I'm so superstitious So there's something you should know
# The reason I'm doing you is Cos your friend said no #
'This could have been Rob's last tour.
'He'd just started into stopping drinking again. He was frightened.
'He didn't know if he could perform again. '
# Baby I'm crazy
# But lady I'm lazy
# Amaze me #
If at any time, he and I on a personal level sat down,
and he said, "I can't do this any more. We have to stop it." It would stop.
I'm not going to allow the boy to be crucified
just for the sake of making money.
'As a celebrity, Robbie has to buy security.
'He's protected 24 hours a day by a team of ex-soldiers.
'All his movements are planned with military precision.
'When he wanted a game of football in Hamburg,
'members of the team had to do a recce. '
'We've come here today
'to look prior to Rob and everybody else coming here, '
to make sure all the facilities are safe and we know where everything is,
should there be an injury, press, fans, or any threat to Rob or any of the party.
We've moved from the hotel along the main road.
There are two main routes, and we've timed the journey
so that we know how long it's going to take,
what route to take, and a secondary route should we need it.
We've got here. We've got the address, and we know where we are.
We're going to have a 360-degree look around the area
so we know how many exits and buildings there are,
what facilities the buildings have, if there is a groundsman,
where the phone point is, what medical facilities they have.
The effort's worth it in the end, because then...
I'm looking around now, I can see a camera crew,
photographers can easily walk up there, take pictures.
It's easy access for the public, but we're in a secure enough environment.
How much distance between the fence and the hedge?
The hedge is up against the fence,
but you can see through the hedge and then through the fence.
I was thinking for long lenses.
It's no problem at all for them. They won't even need a long lens.
Our priority is to protect the client. Our job is prevention rather than cure.
If we're reacting to a situation, we've failed.
We're not pre-empting it and haven't done our background job.
That's the difference between us and a bodyguard.
If the worst came to the worst and we had to throw ourselves,
then we'd have to. But the situation would be dealt with.
'Despite the security arrangements,
'Robbie wants the German press to watch him play football. '
'I'm not a learned gent or a great mind.
'When I learn what my mind is for or what I'm great at, I'm going to be brilliant at it. '
But when I think about politics, disease, war, famine,
literature, poetry, the arts -
I feel this big. I've got no opinion. I don't know what to say.
This field, let's have people in the round circle.
'I was asked to review some records once.
'I can't review shit. Half way through it, I walked out.
'I was shitting myself. I didn't have an opinion about anything. '
I gave a rock'n'roll excuse that I was out, and I feel sick.
"I'm goin' fuckin' home", you know.
I was petrified because they were going to find me out as some charlatan
who doesn't know anything about music or doesn't have an opinion about music.
What a fuckin' beauty!
'I'm that wrapped up in myself,
'the only opinion I have about anything is about me.
'lt's a terrible opinion. '
The grades that I give myself throughout the day,
for doing this interview, getting on stage, talking to you, talking to that girl last night,
they're all below average, way below average.
"Could do better. Doesn't mix well with others."
What are you going to do in Hamburg?
I'm going to have sex with a prostitute.
Then I'm going to score some drugs, probably smack.
I'm going to get some methadone or whisky.
Easy night in, getting ready for tomorrow's show.
- What do you think about the weather? - All right, thank you, guys.
Guys. Enough, guys. Thank you very much.
Doesn't every band have this when they're on the road? It's normal for us.
Yeah, all right!
- That was so good. - Come with me to our next room.
'The average price of a ticket to a Robbie concert is £30.
'Multiply that by 10,000 people a night, and you need... Well, a nerdy guy.
'Someone like Tom Golseth. '
'On the tour, I'm the money babysitter.
'These tours take in a lot of money and spend a lot of money. '
My job is to make sure it doesn't get out of control on the spending side
and that we're not stolen from on the income side.
'lt is a legitimate business we're in.
'lf you had a business that was grossing a few million pounds a week easily,
'you'd want somebody to make sure that it's being watched over. '
I get off on the responsibility of that.
But when I look at Andy Franks, who has to manage all these people
'who are forgetting things, and he has to do so many people details... '
In there.
'I think, "I can put the computer away, put the money in the safe."
'I'm going to make it through the night without anyone calling."'
You've got 25 minutes.
Get outta here! Get outta here!
Do you mind? They're naked and leave the door open.
Bunch of perverts!
I wish I had a different title for my job. Everybody thinks,
"Oh, the accountant. The nerdy guy of the tour."
It's not terribly rock'n'roll,
but when it boils down to it, most people are here to make money.
# I fuck, I fuck, I fuck arse... #
# I fuck, I fuck, I fuck arse #
Just in case any of you were wondering.
I've never slept with a man. I've never done anything with a man.
The thought has passed my mind, but it always stops at his bits.
It's like, "Mmm! Ooh!
"Vugh! You've got one just like mine.
"And mine's horrible."
'You try everything once in life. I'm not discounting it.
'But it hasn't appealed enough for me to do it-yet. '
# Well
# So if you want to come and Make a stance, so when it's in your hands
# People show me love
# So if you want to come and Make a stance, so when it's in your hands
# People show me love
# If you're willing to change the world
# Let love be your energy
# I can't contain how I feel
# When your love shines down on me
# If you're willing to change the world
# Let love be your energy
# I can't contain how I feel
# When your love shines down on me #
I decided last night that fuck all this being ace, and nice and spiritual.
I'm 27, and it's not against the law to have a shag. So I did.
- She was a nutter. - Was she?
Mmm. Yeah.
- Was it the one who was in the bar? - Yeah. Bless her.
She wanted me to be her boyfriend.
It was funny, the madness that was going through her head.
I was like, "You know I'm not after a girlfriend, don't you?"
"Are you after a boyfriend?"
"Yes." "Me?"
"Why not?"
"Oh, you... You...!
"I don't want a girlfriend. Especially you, you nutter!"
I didn't say that, though. And, um...
Anyway. It's a madness that I'm attracted to.
Hello everybody.
Robbie, Robbie.
Oh, Robbie!
Sorry, sorry. Look, don't pull me. Let go.
# You said that when you die You'll walk with me every day
# And I began to cry and say "Please don't talk that way" #
Then we go... After "Take care of me", what's the bit about name?
I don't know the chorus yet. Do you think that's good enough for the verse?
It's fantastic.
I've just started playing the guitar.
I was trying to learn "Norwegian Wood", and it came out as...
...which is not "Norwegian Wood", but it sounds nice.
It's weird what you find when you're mucking about.
I come up with my first song.
This is the first real one that I've written the music to and the words.
It's about my nan.
My nan used to say to me all the time...
She would wrap me up in cotton wool, if she could do.
She couldn't bear me to be out of her sight,
to be playing with the big boys or doing anything dangerous.
"You're gonna kill yourself on that bike."
She used to say that she would come back
and look after me when she passed away.
She died a couple of years ago.
I missed the whole event
because it was too much to take on board.
She was an amazing woman that killed me with love.
She'd got that much love for me.
When you go through puberty, you're going through that awkward stage,
you're resentful and you don't know what of,
you take it out on the ones you love.
I was angry with my nan because I could be.
I feel her about this last month or so. I feel her with me.
It's befitting that my first song should be about her.
# And now she lives in heaven
# But I know they let you out
# To take care of me And of all men the same
# The whole world knows my name
# The whole world knows my name #
'Today would be wonderful if I didn't have to get on stage.
'A - I haven't got the energy. B - I haven't got the inclination.
We've got a three runner - tonight, tomorrow, and the night after.
I'm in no shape to get on stage.
# Ba ba ba ba I've been left in the sea
# Ba ba whatever You and me
# I think I've forgot the words But nobody really cares
# Yo!
# I like to sleep beneath the trees
# Have the universe at one with me... #
Do the lbiza beat.
'lt's always been a battle, dragging myself on stage
'and getting through that dreaded fear of "They're all gonna get bored."
'Then I just shut off. '
# Every mistake I've ever made Has been rehashed and then replayed
# As I got lost along the way... #
I remember doing a gig here before, and the energy bouncing off me.
I didn't feel the energy tonight, apart from the last couple of songs
where they seemed to really enjoy themselves.
I got sad on stage.
I got really sad, but carried it off with aplomb.
# What a lovely holiday There's nothing funny left to say #
Sorry. I'm really sorry.
I forgot the second verse, the whole words.
I am Scheiße.
Ja. Ja.
Yes, Robbie is Scheiße.
I feel deflated now. I feel a bit sad.
I want to hide, do you know what I mean?
I want to get in my room and hide, but that's no good for me.
If I go in there alone, I need an adult to come with me.
'By the time we reached Düsseldorf,
'I thought everybody was relaxed about having us around.
'But Marv the security guy had a Pavlovian response to our camera. '
Marv, Marv.
That was great. It could even make the film!
That was how not to come into a hotel. We arrived this morning.
Rob arrived this afternoon. The general manager is lurking around.
Have a look. We'll have a look for the general manager.
He's finally on film - the only thing he's been interested in.
When the artists arrive, it's not a good idea for all you budding hotel managers to say,
"Do you mind if we do some photos with these press pigs outside?"
Now our artist doesn't want to stay in the hotel, which isn't good.
There's nowhere else to stay, so he has to. Sorry, Rob. See you later.
'Meet my li'I friends. Say hello to my li'I friends.
- That's eight, David. - Oh, shit.
- What have you got tucked in there? - Oh!
Bloody hell. What?
It's been ridiculous cards we've just been getting. Huh?
- Mmm. - Mmm? What? It was what?
- It was... - Oh, it was...
How much money have I taken off you at backgammon?
Unfortunately 1,500 quid.
He kills me at backgammon. I only get him when a pretty girl is behind me.
He loses concentration.
There was that night I was 6-nil up.
We sat in the Mercer Hotel in New York. Gwyneth Paltrow walked in.
I lost 10-6.
Honestly. She sat across there, and I was giving it...
20, 6, 7.
36, 43.
The crisis was that...
Oops, steady on. Leader coming.
No cameras while the leader's coming.
- This is my interview. - Are you doing an interview?
Not exactly. I'm explaining... Don't. I'll go shy now.
Go on, then. Explain what we're doing.
I was just saying, I went to the side of the stage to have a look.
There were five blokes dressed in cow coats with cowboy hats,
and some tosser with a video camera, saying,
"Ja ja, it's OK. We've told everybody. We're only filming here."
I told them they're not allowed. "We've spoken to the management."
Did I not say about the blokes in the cow outfits?
They're all right to film. That's my mate Cowsy and his mate.
Get the guys with the cow outfits back. They're OK.
- They're trying to milk it. - They are.
Pull the udder one.
Mmmooove on, please.
So, er... Stop it.
So they're not here any more.
- I'll give you a pat on the head. - Oh, that was heifer so good.
Elvis, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
- The courage to change the things I can. - A-ha!
- And the wisdom to know the difference. - Thank you very much.
OK, let's walk that walk, please.
Let's walk that walk. Walk this way.
Walk this way.
'I've been here before. '
Last time I was here, what was it?
# Relight my fire
# Thy love is my only desire
# Relight my fire
# Cos I need
# Your love #
Give me a chord.
I'm much better now.
# Send someone to love me I need to rest in arms
# Keep me safe from harm And pouring rain
# Give me endless summer
# Lord, I fear the cold
# Feel I'm getting old Before my time
# As my soul
# Heals the shame
# I will grow
# Through this pain #
Do you know this one?
Very good!
# Go easy on my conscience... #
When I left Take That, I was a fully-blown alcoholic.
I was a fully-blown drug addict.
I couldn't go into rehearsals without drinking a bottle of vodka.
I couldn't leave rehearsals without drinking myself stupid each night.
And then when I left, or was sacked, however you see it,
I didn't know what to do with myself.
# I will grow through this pain
# Lord, I'm doing
# All I can
# To be a better man #
'I had, or I believed I had, no other function than being in Take That.
'I wouldn't know, or I didn't think I had the wherewithal
'to carve out any career for myself. '
All I had was an ego, some money,
a bottle of booze, and dealers' telephone numbers.
'The amount of drugs that I was taking -
'you just want to eat comfort foods.
'I put on three stone, and I was sweaty all the time.
'I was unshaven. I was miserable. I didn't know my arse from my elbow. '
That year was a pitiful year.
My mum used to come down to see if I was all right.
She used to bang on the door.
I wouldn't let her in. I didn't want to see her.
I couldn't face her because I'd be off my face.
When we did inevitably meet up, it was always heavy tears and crying,
and me being remorseful, sorry and full of shame.
"What's happened to my beautiful baby boy?"
'That was when I got together with Dave and Tim.
'They saw something in me that I didn't at the time and believed in me. '
We'd read a lot about him, and I didn't really know what to expect.
In came this guy. He had a lot of charisma.
He was very overweight, very unhappy, sweating.
I kind of figured... I don't know, I figured he was pretty unhappy.
'He looked like a trapped animal.
'Trapped in his skin, not knowing where to go. '
Dave's been sober 15 years.
I didn't know anything about AA, NA, being clean or being sober...
...or wanting to sort your problems out. I didn't have any problems - I had cocaine.
As a person I felt a huge amount of empathy for what he was going through.
He'd been very successful, and he'd blown his life up.
I'd done exactly the same 15 years before -
been very successful and blown my life up.
It's not a pleasant place to be when you're in the midst of the explosion.
Normally, I used to go on these benders.
At 7:00 am, I'd the earliest train
to Stoke-on-Trent to see my mum.
I used to knock myself out
with sleeping pills and lager,
and arrive at the other train station
with one shoe off, one shoe on,
my shirt ripped...
I used to pass out at my mum's
until I was capable to go back to London.
'David came up one day. He followed me on a train a few hours later.
'He brought this package for a treatment centre
'and laid it on the table in the dinner room.
'I looked at it and was that scared by the whole thing. '
I grabbed Mum, looked her in the eye, and went,
"Mum, I'm going to go rehab."
She cried, and I cried.
I made a decision to go.
# As my soul heals the shame
# I will grow through this pain
# Lord, I'm doing
# All I can
# To be a better man #
'Despite Robbie's love/hate relationship with his job,
'the tour was going very well.
'Every venue was sold out, and the Europeans were enthusiastic.
'The momentum was halted temporarily as Robbie had to return to London.
'Robbie's rich and famous, but he still has to do fairly normal things in London.
'You're never likely to see him queuing at lkea,
'but being a popstar doesn't mean you can't buy a sofa -
'accompanied, of course, by security guard and personal assistant. '
Good morrow, sir.
Hello. Hello.
Look at this one, Rob.
Hello? Hiya, mate.
Did you withhold your number?
I'm sitting on a sofa. I'm in a sofa place in Sloane Avenue.
- Is that suede? - Yeah, that's...
I'll come by and pick you up if you want. All right, I'll pick you up.
See you. Bye.
- The suede's nice, Rob. - Nice.
That fabric's nice. Is this a foam cushion?
You just want to fall into it.
You want to go, "Ah!"
- You can make this into an L-shape? - Any size. That's the biggest one.
- Are they ten weeks? - Twelve weeks for special order.
What about for an ultra-special order, ultra-quickly?
- Maybe ten. - That's over three months, isn't it?
- We can go to lkea, buy one if you want. - No.
- It's something like that you want? - Yeah, exactly like that.
Choice made.
Brilliant. Really nice rug.
Very comfortable.
'I went to the dentist the next day.
'This dentist insisted on filling me up full of drugs -
'lashings of nitrous oxygen and adrenalin shots.
'I said, "Don't give me that nitrogen because it doesn't suit me."
She went, "We'll give you a low dosage."
I thought, "Should I have it? If I don't, I'm going to hurt."
I went under, and she's got this orchestra music going on in the back,
like "Carmina Burana" - something else, but as lush and big.
As I'm going under, the strings are going.
She's in my mouth, and I'm looking up at this white wall.
It's all going, "Nice shapes." And, "God, your assistant's gorgeous."
"Oh, have you got your tits on my shoulder? That's nice."
I'm thinking, "Oh, I should be going.
"This is a mood-altering substance. This is a mood-altering substance.
"I can't have this. Arrrghh..."
Half of me's going, "Take the mask off."
And the other half going, "Where can I get a bottle of that from? It's ace."
'So you won't see him at lkea.
'You won't see him taking old clothes to his local Oxfam shop. Popstars are different.
'They don't throw their old stuff out. They invite people to bid for it. '
'Lot two: a number one football shirt. '
950, 1000.
Is that all for this lovely thing? Is that a bid?
Sold to number 152. £1,100.
'I do charity work because it feels natural.
'I want to do it, and there is an element of, "Look, I'm being a good lad."'
"You're doing a lot of work for charity."
I cannot not do it.
Lot twelve: Robbie's lunchbox.
I'll start the bidding on this one at 420.
'I was reading journalists attacking celebrities for doing charity work.
'lt appals me, the way people get attacked. '
Say if they were doing it for their own back,
if they were doing it for their own ends, for, "Look at me, how great I am" -
so fuckin' what?
'They're doing it, which is more than the journalist bastards
'that are criticising it are doing. '
What have you done lately?
Do you know what I mean? You criticise people for doing charity work.
What the fuck have you put back recently?
Wankers. Ask yourselves that.
Fuck off!
Is that the guy there?
'The auction raised almost a quarter of a million pounds,
'including $27,000 which an enthusiast paid for the handwritten lyrics to "Angels."'
Thanks a lot, man. Thank you.
'Back in Germany, Robbie shared the hotel with Chancellor Schröder. '
- Happy with your accommodation? - No, I'm not.
The prime minister of Germany is staying here,
and he's got the room I wanted.
Come with me.
- Is Franksy out there? - Yeah.
Franksy, can you come in a min?
Can you come in? Look, can you see I've got my coat on?
- Yeah. - You see I've got my coat on?
I've had my coat on for 20 minutes. Shall I tell you why?
- Why? - Because I'm not staying here.
- Why? - You see this table?
- Yeah. - How high have they got to be?
- You said two foot. - Look at that.
I'm going to bend over while I'm here, and put my back out.
- Maybe... - Who's gonna sing then?
Look at this. Fire in here(?) Fire in here(?)
Ooh, am I burning my hands(?) No, I'm not. I'll tell you why.
- There's a coal strike. - Isn't that fuckin'...
We're in Stuttgart. Go somewhere near Stuttgart, get proper coal.
- They're shut. It's Wednesday. - What's this? A wafter.
It's a "Luftwafter". It's not wafting anything. There's no coal in it!
- Come in here. - No need to be like that with me.
- Call this a bath? It's a fuckin' bidet! - Oh, God.
Look at that. "Can we wash your bits, Mr Williams?"
- Get me the manager straight away. - "Can we wash your bits? Yes, we can.
"That's all we can do." Five birds are not gonna get in here.
Look where these chairs are from - World Of Boredom.
World Of Boredom. You sit down and you go, "Wwhh..."
- They're the wrong way round, sir. - Let's move them, see it it's better.
- OK. - See if it's better.
All right.
- There? - Oh yes, I see now(!)
Oh. It's made it much better.
- I quite like it here. - Let's put them back.
'I pulled a girl in Hamburg.
'She was lovely. She was just on Planet... Planet Fan!
'Apparently she said,
'Robbie was impressed with me.
"'That is why I'm going to his room."'
Part of me didn't want to do it, and part of me did.
My brain and my balls are like a warring faction. They really are.
No! Yes! No! Yes! No!
"Fuck it. All right then."
I said, "Do you want to come to bed?" And she went, "Yeah."
I went, "What?"
"Oh. Oh. All right then."
We went to bed, and believe it or not, we didn't have sex.
We went to sleep, kissed, did whatever.
I woke up the next day and thought,
"Whoo! Oh! What do I do now? "
Went into the other room, packed, thinking,
"Boys, get my bags so I can go. There's a girl in my bed."
I went back into the room to say goodbye. I said, "I'm going now."
She turned to me-and we'd hardly spoken all night-and she went,
"Robbie, what about us?"
He'll be five minutes.
# All the lonely hearts in London Caught a plane and flew away
# And all the best women are married All the handsome men are gay
# You feel deprived
# Yeah
# Are you questioning your size Is there a... #
Is everybody OK?
Well, so am I!
I'm not gonna let any fucker get on this stage
and stop YOU having a good time!
Let's go.
Come on.
Guy? Get everybody in your room.
- Do you want a pizza? - No.
So... I got pushed off stage.
It's OK. I don't know whether to laugh, cry, get angry, or get sad.
I don't want you lot to get sad. It was OK.
I fell off, and I banged my knee. It's all right. We got to the end of the show.
He was a nutter. I don't know what happened there.
I really don't.
Whether I offended him with my Liamisms or whether I've shagged his girlfriend...
All manner of things were going through my head on stage.
It's OK. I don't want the vibe to be down.
I can fucking milk that pity for however long you want me to.
I felt somebody push me offstage. It's OK. All right?
OK, cool. Thank you, chaps.
The guy had come through, come past the guy on the barrier,
passed on the stairs-the entry and exit point for coming along here.
Why didn't the guy stop him on the stairs?
He's gone past him and then past...
The guy at the bottom of the stairs.
It did happen really quick, but that's the point of having security there.
I'm so fucking angry, it's like...
It's mad that that could happen.
I spoke to the police. They hold him in custody. He's saying,
"It's not Robbie Williams, it's somebody else."
- It's a copy. - The doctor said, "This guy is..."
...mad. - Yeah.
I'm so lucky that I landed on someone's head.
I did. I'm unscathed. My knee's bruised, and my arm hurts a bit.
I got back up on stage and finished the gig.
I'm not saying in the true showtime adage of "The show must go on",
but I couldn't let him ruin the show for everybody else that was out there.
In the past, I've had stuff thrown at me, bottles have hit me in the head,
and I've just walked off stage and not come back on.
But I didn't that time. I stayed on till the end.
I don't know. It throws loads of things,
like "Is this fucking worth it?"
'He could have had a knife.
'He could have had anything. '
I don't want to mope into self-pity with it all,
but I'm genuinely scared.
Genuinely scared.
It's not just tonight I'm scared.
A huge percentage of my days I'm really fuckin' scared.
'Being attacked is on the downside of celebrity life.
'But by the next morning, Robbie seemed to be in reasonable spirits.
'With a break in his schedule, he decided to go and have fun. '
Have you been recognised?
- Recognised? - Here.
- Yeah. - On the slopes?
It's not a question of what's it like not being recognised.
I've been on the slopes where I've got goggles on, and I've been in the house.
That I've been enjoying.
I've no intention of going into town and being with a lot of pissed skiers.
I do a lot of that.
I'm really content here. I just...
I never think, "Oh, I've not been stared at. I'll go up for that last day."
You find yourself walking down the street and go,
- "Why do I feel all right?" - Yeah.
Because I've been consistently not gawped at for a few days.
# She's taking me places
# I should never
# Have seen
# She's showing me faces
# I should never
# Have been
# These are strange days We're living in today
# C'est la vie, I say I say, I say
# I hope I'm old
# Before I die
# I hope I live
# To receive Channel 5
# I hope I'm old
# Before I die
# But tonight I'm gonna live for today So come along for the ride
# I hope I'm old before I die
# I hope I'm old before
# Old before I die
# I'm hope I'm old before
# Old before I die
# Die, die, die, die
# Old before I die
# Who's dead? Who's dead? Who's dead? Who's dead? #
'The incident in Stuttgart had been traumatic for Robbie
'and for everyone else on the team.
'Security had been beefed up in Paris, but there was still tension in the air. '
Are you apprehensive about going on stage tonight?
What, after the other night?
I've not even thought about it. It's ten minutes to go on.
When I'm sat in the chair to go up through the middle of the stage
then I might have a momentary lapse in confidence.
But, as it happens, I'm OK.
I'm all right.
It was an amazing lesson in acceptance and tolerance the other night.
And I'm OK.
'I still don't know whether I want to do it for a living. '
No, I'm not apprehensive, up until you asked me.
And now I feel a tad... nervous.
It'll be cool. I've got a lot of soft heads to land on. the curtain doesn't come down. The music's starting.
We're sitting there, going...
"Curtain! Curtain!"
Then the curtain does come down, 10,000 people go apeshit,
and the platform goes, "No, not moving."
People were going, "Where is the band?
"What is going on? There is nothing on the stage."
'I'm sorry.
'We'll get this moving as quickly as possible. Thank you. '
Then the houselights go up. They put on dinner jazz, Renée and Renato.
Then they lowered us down.
With the houselights up and...
That was the biggest fuck-up known to man. Have you seen Spinal Tap?
That's ten times better.
You got to laugh, otherwise you're gonna bloody cry.
So much for the fucking beginning tonight, folks.
Let's rock!
You ready?
# Me no bubbletious
# Me smoke heavy tar
# Me be grooving slowly where you are
# Notify your next of kin Cos you're never coming back
# I've been dropping beats Since Back in Black
# And we'll paint by numbers Till something sticks
# Don't mind doing it for the kids So come on
# Jump on board
# Take a ride, yeah You'll be doing it all right
# Jump on board
# Feel the high Cos the kids are all right
# I'm gonna give it all of my loving It's gonna take up all of my love
# I'm gonna give it all of my loving
# It's gonna take up all of my love
# I'm gonna give it all of my loving It's gonna take up all of my love
# I'm gonna give it all of my loving
# It's gonna take up all of my love
# Come down from the ceiling I didn't mean to get so high
# I couldn't do what I wanted to do When my lips were dry
# You can't just up and leave me I'm a singer in a band
# Well, I like drummers, baby You're not my bag
# Jump... on...
# Board
# Take a ride
# Yeah You'll be doing it all right
# Jump
# On board
# Feel the high Cos the kids are all right
# Jump on board
# Take a ride... #
Allons'y, allez, allez.
# Jump
# On board
# Feel the high
# Cos the kids are all right
# Oh, jump on board
# Oh, yeah
# Oh, jump on board
# Jump
# Jump
# Oooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
# Jump, jump, jump, jump
# Jump, jump
# Yeah, yeah
# Oh, oh, oh
# Oh, jump #
From the beginning of this tour - I've never enjoyed touring before -
I don't want this tour to stop.
'So many nice things happen to me. I failed to see them for so long. '
I've had my head stuck firmly up my arse. No shit.
"Ooh, it's miserable. Ooh, it's self-pity. It's this, that, and the other.
"Ooh, all these people, they want something from me."
Self-pity, self-pity.
I failed to see all the great bits about my life.
There are so many.
I feel so sick that I haven't seen it before.
'I'm on stage going, "I'm ace."'
And 13,000 people go, "We agree!" What's better than that?
'The first time I met Robbie,
'he told me how much he hated going on tour.
'The film could have been called "The Reluctant Popstar" -
'an examination of how celebrity and wealth don't make you happy.
'Then he started enjoying himself, and we needed a different title.
'He might become nobody someday,
'but with one gig left in Rotterdam, he's started to get some job satisfaction. '
'Elvis, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
'The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. '
'Thank you very much! Come on! '
Wave your hands if you're not with a man. Can I kick it?
- Yes, you can. - Can I kick it?
- Yes, you can. - Can I kick it?
# Me with the floorshow Kicking with your torso
# Boys getting high And the girls even more so
# Wave your hands If you're not with a man. Can I kick it?
# Yes, you can
# I got funk You got soul
# We got everybody
# I've got the gift Gonna stick it in the goal
# It's time to move your body
# Babylon back in business Can I get a witness?
# Every girl, every man Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
# Houston do you hear me? Ground-control can you feel me?
# Need permission to land
# I don't wanna rock
# DJ
# But you're making me feel so nice
# When's it gonna stop
# DJ?
# Cos you're keeping me up all night #
Bring it down!
# Singing in the classes Music for your masses
# Give no head No backstage passes
# Have a proper giggle I'll be quite polite
# But when I rock the mike, I... Right
# You got no love Then you're with the wrong man
# It's time to move your body
# If you can't get a bird But your best friend can
# It's time to move your body
# Now, I don't wanna be sleazy
# Baby just tease me Got no family planned
# Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
# Houston do you hear me? Ground-control can you feel me?
# Need permission to land
# I don't wanna rock
# DJ
# But you're making me feel so nice
# When's it gonna stop
# DJ?
# Cos you're keeping me up all night
# I don't wanna rock, DJ
# But you're making me feel so nice
# When's it gonna stop? #
Come on, you fuckers!
# Cos you're keeping me up all night
# Pimping ain't easy
# Most of them fleece me
# Every night
# Pimping ain't easy
# But if you're selling it, selling it, selling it
# It's all right
# I don't wanna rock
# DJ #
We're fucking great!
# But you're making me feel so nice
# When's it gonna stop
# DJ?
# Cos you're keeping me up all night
# I don't wanna rock, DJ
# But you're making me feel so nice
# When's it gonna stop, DJ? Whoo, whoo
# Cos you're keeping me up all night Whoo, whoo
# I don't want a rock DJ Whoo, whoo
# But you're making me feel so nice Whoo, whoo
# When's it gonna stop, DJ? Whoo, whoo
# Cos you're keeping me up all night Whoo, whoo
# When's it gonna stop, DJ? Whoo, whoo
# Cos you're keeping me up all night Whoo, whoo
# I don't wanna rock
# DJ
# But you're making me feel so nice
# When's it gonna stop
# DJ?
# Cos you're keeping me up all night #
'Now is a difficult time for me as an alcoholic.
'lt was always a reward -'
a reward for finishing the tour and doing well,
being a good little popstar.
Now I would normally reward myself with five grams of coke
and as much booze as I can stuff down my gullet.
I have to remind myself that I don't need to do that now.
It's all going to kick off around me now.
'Everybody that works for me now gets pissed. Good luck to them.
'I'll see them tomorrow with hangovers. '
And I'll go to the hotel, have a cup of tea and play some Uno. That'll do for me.
Ladies and gentlemen, you have been the best crowd I have ever had.
You've made a grown man cry.
'The issue of being cool - I'm not. I'm not.
'I'm a popstar, not a rockstar.
'The worst thing that affects me is if anybody says I'm irrelevant.
'I don't mind being uncool at all.
'I was from Take That. That's the band I was in. '
I'm a popstar. That's fine by me.
# I sit and wait #
After you!
# Does an angel contemplate my fate?
# And do they know The places where we go
# When we're grey and old?
# Cos I've been told
# That salvation
# Lets their wings unfold
# So when I'm lying in my bed
# Thoughts running through my head
# And I feel that love is dead
# I'm loving angels instead
# And through it all She offers me protection
# A lot of love and affection Whether I'm right or wrong
# And down the waterfall Wherever it may take me
# I know that life won't break me
# When I come to call
# She won't forsake me
# I'm loving angels instead #
'Amazing! '
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