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Subtitles for No News From God.

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No News From God

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History has proved us right, and you know it.
It's never proved anyone right. History's a...
...deaf man answering questions no-one's asked.
Parole, parole, parole.
History never lies, Lola, and... trust someone who can't... you. -Who do you mean?
Remember: God wishes all ills to cease, but he can't do it...
...which means he's weak, or else...
...he can do it, but doesn't...
...which means he's evil, or he doesn't...
...or can't, so he's weak and evil and therefore is not God.
Unde malum? I know Epicurus, his ideas are...
...interesting, but no good to me.
A trilemma always leads to intellectual paralysis...
...he can't be weak or strong, or good or bad.
He can't be anything.
-I don't understand you. -I assume you know your bible.
-Lola, I'm a professional. -Right, then. Exodus 3.1 4.
''And God said unto Moses: I AM...
Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel...
...I AM hath sent thee unto you.''
No, it was:
He spoke in future not in present, God is... come. It's my only hope. -Come on, that...
...might get your intellectual friends into bed, but it's...
...simpler than that, you're all like the olive in the dry...
-...Martini. -Necessary but not unessential?
-Right. -Where are you going?
-We have an appointment. -OK.
I'm afraid you've lost the battle.
-Perhaps. -In any case, Lola...
...why go on fighting?
-I do have my principles. -I was afraid of that.
Things are not good...
...I don't want to lie to you.
In the last years the number of incorporations for...
...merits has been low, and I don't think it'll change.
If it continues like this, we won't keep going long...
...we must accept the rebels' victory.
No, I haven't. With the time...'ve been here, you should know nobody has.
Sorry, I'm a little nervous.
I've tried to, I swear, nobody knows where he is.
They say he's tired, depress...
...almost defeated.
But we must not be afraid, they are just rumors.
We must solve this problem.
I have good news. We have a request.
-From who? -From a mother.
What a success, Lola, they've been crazy.
No more applauses.
They stop clapping.
Lola, they've been clapping for 10 minutes.
-What else do you want? -They weren't 10 minutes.
Good evening, Lola.
-Sorry for the interruption. -I didn't know... were here, you should have told me.
-I would have sent... -I arrived at the end.
But the last song is fantastic, it's so romantic.
-Do you like it? -Yes.
It's the first time I sing it.
Tell me, don't you think they stopped clapping too soon?
No, people loved it, they love you.
I don't know. The first day...
...of a tour is always the most difficult one.
Lola, I'm afraid you have to cancel...
-...your next presentations. -Why?
A lady asked us to save the soul of his son.
-Did you win? -No.
Since you left, I haven't won anything.
Many, I've come back, but if you lay a finger...
Many, Many, Many!
I'm glad you're back, Lola.
Well, having done our duty to our grandparents...'s back to the 21 st century.
Aren't you hungry?
I went to the doctor's.
He told me not to box again.
Wait, I'll get it.
Dear nephew, I need to ask you a favor. I know we haven't...
...met in a long time. Your cousin, Carmen.
Don't say you don't remember me!
I'm your cousin, Carmen.
You've changed, haven't you?
-How about a kiss? -Sure.
Let me give you a hand. Come on in.
My cousin Carmen. She'll stay for a few days.
Easy... I didn't mean to frighten you.
Incredible how you've changed.
Who'd have thought it was same person... in this photo?
It isn't the same person.
That was fifteen years ago.
Many used to show me how to box, didn't you, cousin?
Elbows tucked in at the sides.
Did you forget what I taught you?
Stop fooling around!
The doctor told me not to box again.
There's something wrong with my head.
Christ, Many, I'm so sorry!
I really wanted to see you box again.
Fucking hell!
Where shall I put it?
-In the album. -Where is it?
On the sideboard.
Put it in the green one.
There's room at the front.
You won't last five minutes.
Elbows tucked in at the sides, don't forget.
In case you hear your responsibles to say...
...I'm absent for illness or tireness...
...use this key and follow my instructions.
Jack Davenport.
How's my mother?
The last time I saw her, she was fine.
She has trouble getting about, but she's as chirpy as ever.
I haven't seen her in 7 years.
I know...
Does she mention me?
No, actually she doesn't mention you.
After you left, she never did it again.
What's the matter?
Lola, if you've done something bad to somebody you...
...really Ioved, how would you get her to forgive you?
-By talking to her. -I can't. She doesn't live here.
You could write a letter.
I've never written one.
Then do something to make her feel proud of you.
Something to show you've changed.
Then she'd forgive you.
How would she find out?
Sooner or later she'd find out, don't you worry.
-Are you sure? -I'm sure.
And what could I do?
1 ,400.
Always the same. Because of her, we'll be out 10 min. Late.
Hello. This is our new floor supervisor, Carmen Ramos.
She'll be in charge of cashing up.
Christ, she looks like a model!
Just a minute, will this count as overtime?
I wish it could, Antonia, but the wage agreement...
...doesn't count inspections as overtime.
The sooner we start, the sooner we'll finish.
So let's go.
She's too attractive, Eduardo, too attractive.
I know, but her references were excellent.
And she's the only one who'd take half the normal salary.
Don't you think her skirt's too short?
But neither you nor I are her husband.
We're just her bosses.
It's my first day and I won't bore you with speeches.
I know you're tired and want to go home.
But before you go, I'd like you to share a thought with me.
If our workmate Lola can ring up almost twice as much... anyone else, then something's wrong.
We have no alternative but to try and find out what it is.
Well, girls, I won't keep you.
Good night and see you all tomorrow.
-Good night. -Well done, Lola.
Got to keep up with things, Lola.
Fucking hell...
Sorry, ma'am.
I saw it in a newspaper and thought you might like it.
Go on, help Lola lay the table.
I don't like to see women doing nothing.
Into the kitchen with you.
I'm going...
What's this?
Tijuana, I KO'ed him in the fifth.
Many... that's all over now, okay?
You have to think of the future.
Sure, but the future's not what it was any more.
These people want to talk to you.
Sorry to bother you but it's urgent.
If you've come to offer him a match...
It's nothing to do with boxing.
Would you like a drink?
Thanks, but we had coffee downstairs.
I can't pay you now. You'll have to wait until tomorrow.
I'll call the police.
Don't bother.
Does it turn you on?
-What's the matter? -Easy...
-Many! -Let's go.
Many, Many, Many!
-You bitch! -I can manage...
I can manage...
Your husband owes me over 5 million pesetas...
...without the interest.
I didn't know... I haven't got that much money.
Mortgage your house.
It's rented.
Then ask for a loan on your salary.
All right, I'll do that.
I'll ask for a loan...
I'll give you 15 days.
Banks are so slow.
I'm only doing this for you.
I'd given up on Many.
I'm disappointed on him.
He might have done well as a boxer if he hadn't...
Daddy, daddy, look!
It's their first communion next month.
Go and change. You might spoil those dresses.
My lovely girls!
Fifteen days. Okay?
Everything okay?
Yes, it's all sorted out.
I'll ask the bank for a loan to pay off your debt.
See how those kids put their heart into it?
Maybe some will get to the top.
How come you owe that money?
They gave me some stolen jewellery to sell off...
-And? -Well, I sold it...
...but went and spent the money.
What did you spend 5 million on?
-On things. -What things?
If you hadn't gone, I wouldn't...
You've got to change, you know. And a lot.
-Let's go. -No, wait.
It's nice here.
I've got you a job at the...
...supermarket as a security guard.
-Will I have to wear a uniform? -Of course.
Why don't you tell your cousin to go somewhere else?
No, I can't do that.
She's my cousin and I'm her godfather too.
-Is she really your cousin? -Who else she might be?
Oh, sorry, I didn't see you come in.
Lola wanted me to put the bag away, carry on if you want...
No, I was just playing around.
It's not the end of the world.
You knew you'd have to give it up.
Start thinking of you and Lola.
She's so happy about it.
It's like a liberation for her.
Many... it's okay, for Christ's sake.
But it's a pity you couldn't try for the championship.
But such is life...
Yeah, such is life...
I'm the greatest, I'm the greatest, I'm the champ.
I'm the champ, I'm the greatest.
I'm the champ, I'm the champ.
Leave him alone.
-He's a poor wretch. -Not that wretched.
Some have been damned for a lot less.
But he's going to change.
I doubt it. He won't have time anyway.
Either those cops or boxing will kill him.
I don't know why you bother.
I pity you.
You remind me of my father.
That's nice. He must have been a nice person.
Very, but it didn't do him any good.
And talking of nice people, can I give you some advice?
Of course.
For a woman, being nice isn't very useful.
Between you and me, it just isn't sexy.
Sure, but it's very chic.
There are very few left.
Keep trying, you might convince me.
I always liked boxers.
Not in my in-laws' village...
Why did you agree?
Because my mother-in-law went on and on.
I'd have said no to mine, I know how to handle her.
Is there something wrong?
We're not used to eating with bosses.
-No, don't go. -I'm just...
...other worker like you, girls.
-Has anyone seen Lola? -She's not in yet.
She's on the afternoon shift.
Oh yes, she told me so at home.
She's my cousin, you see.
Actually, my cousin's wife.
But I'm staying with them.
She didn't tell us.
She keeps to herseIf.
She didn't tell me she'd been at university for a year either.
-She's Iever... -If she's so...
...clever what's she doing here?
She doesn't want her husband to feel small.
That's pretty stupid, isn't it?
She always made me suspicious.
It's romantic. Carmen...
I can call you Carmen, can't I...?
-Sure. -I'm pregnant.
Will they fire me?
They can try over my dead body.
I'm a woman too, you know.
Lola, before I forget, I spoke... the manager and he says Many can start right away.
Her husband's going to be a security guard.
What's on the agenda today?
First, the check-out girl who's pregnant.
Make sure the special offers are in a prominent position.
When her attendance gets bad, fire her.
Another reason. We don't fire pregnant women.
I want a constant watch kept here... stop them eating the yogurts, they don't...
...even finish them. Anything else?
The check-out girls want you to see their union rep.
-What do they want? -A pay rise.
-That's not possible. Next item. -Sorry, but...
...they hinted at action if their claims weren't considered.
There are plenty of other people out there.
No mass dismissals. The shareholders are...
...good Christians and don't like adverse publicity.
We must fire the rep, it'd frighten the rest.
But remember what happened in Barcelona when we fired...
...the packers' rep. They went on strike and...
...we lost a month's sales.
No, no, women always stick together...
Well then, we can only negotiate.
Negotiate? Negotiate what?
There's nothing to negotiate.
We have to find a solution.
Sir, I think I have a solution.
Have you? What is it?
''Egonomics.'' The economic analysis of emotions...
I'm writing to my mother.
The other idea was too complicated.
Come on, hurry up.
-Lola? -What?
Where did we meet?
In Bilbao, after a fight.
And when did we get married?
Five years ago.
That's not right...
Many, we got married on May 9, 1997.
-So 97, 98, 99... -If you say so.
The thing is, it feels like we've only been married a week.
Many, no. Stop it. Do you want to be late on your first day?
Hey, Many.
This is worse than boxing, right?
Forget the other night.
Come on, I was only obeying orders.
That girl... who is she?
-My cousin. -Christ!
She's a real cutie.
Do you mind if I shag her?
I'm only joking.
She doesn't like guys.
So keep an eye on your wife.
Ignore him, he studied psychology once.
Take care.
Remind your wife about the money.
And watch her, my partner might be right.
May I stay up and watch TV?
They're showing a good film.
I was murdered the day before the première, so I didn't see it.
Do what you want but next time knock first.
Good will is what we should show to solve the problem.
I've read their letter and a pay rise is only an excuse.
What they really want is attention.
We need them to feel part of our project.
Sometimes we forget that a little affection...
...human warmth, is worthier than any pay rise.
So I've made a decision.
Fire the rep and get round them.
Tell them we need them.
That they're as important as you or me.
Good will.
A great idea.
It may be true that good will moves mountains, but...
But what?
Do you know the story of the Good Samaritan?
It's one of my favourites.
Then you'd agree with Mrs. Thatcher that... would remember him today if all he'd...
...had was good will. Because he also had money.
-What do you mean? -Tha same... the Good Samaritan.
I want to combine money and good will.
Do you mean give them their pay rise?
Not all of them.
Actually just one...
The union rep.
And I think we should make her supervisor.
No, no. I'll never do that.
She's a revolutionary.
She should be fired, not rewarded.
Firing her would be a mistake.
And all revolutionaries are conservatives at heart.
Once established, they run out of steam.
Well, you may be right...
But who shall I fire?
We have to fire someone to serve as an example.
No problem. Fire this one.
But this is our best empIoyee.
The kid at the top of the class is never popular. Fire her.
No-one will stand up for her.
It won't cause any problems.
All right. I'll think about what you've said...
...and let you know my decision.
This dish will eat up all of us.
She'll cause a lot of trouble.
She's full of venom.
-Do you think so? -Yes, I really do.
That's a pity.
But her idea's brilliant, isn't it?
Yes, but here, all the good ideas should come from you.
Can someone pass me a band, please?
What's the matter?
They're going to fire people...
The letter we sent.
Please, stop talking about politics all day.
They can't fire people for that.
And if it's only rumors...
Don't you believe it, then?
They won't fire you, so why should you care?
I signed it too.
Stop pretending, Lola.
We all know you're the personnel officer's cousin...
...and she lives with you.
Our husbands are out of work too, you know.
Antonia Jimenez, to personnel, please.
So we shouldn't listen to rumors?
''Mother, I'm living in Madrid. I'm married now.
My wife's called Lola and she's very clever.
She's been to college.
Cousin Carmen is staying with us.
I fought in the Spanish championship in 1999.
I now work in a supermarket.
Your loving son, Many.''
What do you think?
Fine, but you didn't say sorry.
You're right.
That's it.
Many, why's your mother mad at you?
-Something I did... -Tell me about it.
What for? It's not important.
It happened a long time ago.
That doesn't matter. Tell me...
I took money she'd saved for my brother's education.
I wanted to be a boxer, but she wanted me to work...
I needed the money to get on...
Go and post it then.
Hi, Lola, is Carmen here? We're going... dancing.
Yes, she's in her room.
Gee, you look nice.
Do you think I look nice?
Yes, if you like it.
Don't wait for me.
See you.
Sorry, but I needed to see you...
...downhere, I was drowning.
Don't worry, why is it so urgent?
I want you to replace me.
Why? You're doing it all right.
No, I'm not doing it right, I lost interest and...
It's about her, right?
I feel strange things.
I'm very confused.
You must replace me, you must...
...send another agent or we will lose Many.
I can't. The truth is...
...there's nobody else. I can't replace you.
The old ones don't know what to do down there.
-And the new ones? -They don't work.
Most of them are here because of objective conditions...
...not for their own merits.
They don't integrate, they just watch TV...
...and eat hamburguers. They are a disaster.
Are we so bad?
Worse than that.
And my audience?
There's no other choice, Lola.
Keeping this is very expensive.
And to tell you the truth, it's not easy.
If we don't have a radical change, we won't...
...resist more than a year.
You must get Many to come with us at any price.
But Many is just one soul. I don't know how...
Do you know the story of Cleopatra's nose?
Yes, sure, if her nose...
...had been 2 cms longer, the history...
...of Earth would have been different.
If Many's soul is in our side...
...even though it seems insignificant...
...maybe we could save us.
And don't ask me why, I won't know what to say.
Trust me.
If you want Many, we must change the rules...
...if not, it can't be done.
Sorry for the interruption.
We would be really happy if you sing something.
We miss you very much.
Well, what can I do.
-What are you looking at? -Me?
...I work at a supermarket.
Your son, Many.
Plese, forgive me.
Please, forgive me.
Did you post the letter?
Let's go to bed.
Many, did you post the letter or not?
-No. -Why not?
Because of things on my mind, you know.
Are you coming to bed or not?
No. Just tell me why you didn't post it.
I suddenly remembered how my mother always...
...loved my brother more than me.
If you don't come, I'll put the bag away.
Sorry, sir, I didn't hear you.
I'm sorry if I frightened you.
I had to be sure it was you. We have to be careful!
Of course. What's the matter?
Problems, problems... Now this is...
...strictly confidential, OK? Between you and me.
There's a plot hatching in hell to replace me.
-Who are the traitors? -Some of the Council members.
They say I'm old-fashioned.
They want a new management model and...
...change the rules to suit them.
-That'd be terrible! -I know. That's why...
-...I need your help. -I'll do whatever you ask.
-I've always hated traitors. -I know. That's why I chose you.
The bastard! Look, I need to speak to...
...our cousins.
Tell your agent I need to speak to... Marina D'Angelo.
She'll understand. And about the boxer...
...forget his soul and concentrate on his body...
...just his body. Do whatever you need just... make sure he doesn't have any accidents. Okay?
-Yes, but... -If he died...'d be catastrophic.
-Understood? -Yes, Sir.
If everything turns right, I'll take you to circle number 10.
-Oh, Sir. -Yes, but...
...take real care of the boxer, it's very important.
Can I ask you a question, sir?
-Yes. -Why is the boxer... important? He's just a normal sinner.
I know, but sometimes, apparently unimportant things...
...can bring about drastic changes. Did you... Pascal at school?
-Yes, yes... -And his speculation...
...on Cleopatra's nose and all that?
-Yes... -You did? Well...
-Goodbye, sir. -See you.
Goodbye, sir...
Excuse me. I'd like to talk to you.
And I'd like to talk to you.
I was wrong about who to fire.
Maybe so, but it's too late now.
Lola, I have to talk to you.
Well? Have you got it off your chest?
Can we talk now?
Let's try and act like professionals.
-I was only obeying orders. -That's what they all say.
You really are like my dad.
Don't be so prudish.
A rebellion's broken out in Hell, to stop it...
...we need to save Many's soul. My boss wants... talk to one of your people... Marina D'AngeIo.
And why aren't you on the rebels' side?
I never liked being used.
By those in power? I know the story, I'm not that old.
How do I know you aren't using me?
-You have my word. -That's not enough.
Then you'll have to risk.
We need your help and you need ours.
But, Jack, it's you who's got a revolt on his hands.
But if they win, you disappear and that'd be a disaster.
-Come on. -I don't understand...
...why our survival interests you so much.
A question of balance. Once the hawks kill the doves...
...they'll start killing each other for lack of food.
But there's something else, isn't there, Jack?
Yes, they want to change the rules.
I don't understand.
Besides the fact that they...
...want to get rid of me, they have a plan.
So far, Hell's been a fair place.
Yes, Sir.
When the judges send a new inmate...
...we don't care if he was a pope, a king...
...a cleaner or a banker. They all do their time.
But if they win, everything'll change, a rebellion of...
...the rich is the most dangerous of all.
How will the inmates tolerate such thing?
Those bastards have got ready for years. They've created a...
...worId of moral puppets conditioned by TV, a kind of...
-...evil Disneyland where men... -And women, Jack, women.
Sure... where men and women, of course, where...
...they feel no guilt for their actions, no responsibility...
...for what they do. And I will not tolerate it!
Centuries ago I rebelled against another...
...tyrant and I don't regret it.
And, young lady...
...I'm prepared to lose it all so that you...
...and others like you can fight me and...
...choose between what I represent and you defend.
The choice must exist.
Because I cannot exist without you nor you without me.
The choice must exist, even when it's...
A move made in the dark?
A move made in the dark... Do you remember...
...that night?
Sit down, and don't drink any more.
Jack, what do you need?
I need the boxer's soul...
...through his own choice, should go to you.
I could present it as a threat to our survival.
That'd be dangerous...
...and bending the rules.
I know, Marina, but for God's sake, this is... unprecedented crisis.
Anyway, you owe me a favor. Remember '39?
What happened in '39, sir?
Yes, what happened in '39?
Sorry to intrude.
We can come in for a moment, can't we?
-You must think us tiresome. -You are.
It's about the bank...
We hadn't forgotten, now get out.
Of course, of course. Is this good?
They'll tell us tomorrow.
It's dry.
Then we'll talk tomorrow.
If I'd had my way, we wouldn't have disturbed you, but you...
...know how women are, mine wants...
...a new kitchen and without..., she won't let me into the house.
-Do you understand? -Of course.
But tell your wife she'll have her new kitchen.
And that she's married to a son of a bitch.
Though she probably knows.
No, remember what the boss said.
Not to touch the two girls.
What do you do?
-Businessman. What about you? -Businessman?
These spicks think they can do anything.
Some I.D.
He's Swiss.
I always hated businessmen, especially Swiss ones.
And are you a businesswoman?
Not exactly.
What are you looking at? Fancy me?
No, I don't want to forget your face... case we meet up again.
Really? And what'll you do when we meet up again?
Shag me?
Do you see this?
I'm going to stick it up your arse.
I'm sure you'd like it.
-I knew it was you. -Yes.
And that you were in trouble.
It's a great novel. It made me cry.
Me too.
Jack, we're too old to...
It can't be.
Whatever you say.
But don't forget...
...I'll be yours for ever and ever...
-...until Hell... -Until Hell freezes over.
I won't forget, Jack.
I won't.
Many! What are you doing?
Shouldn't you be at work?
I quit, Lola. I'm going back to boxing.
You can't do that. You heard what the doctors said.
They've never been in the ring.
And I don't like wearing a uniform.
-But Many... -Shut up, you!
I've signed up for a fight.
I start training tomorrow at 7. And that's it. Understood?
Talk to him...
Listen, Many. You can't box again.
Of course I can.
If you do, I'm leaving.
Where I come from, the ring is called...
''The brave man's stand.''
Up there, you're somebody.
Even when your opponent knocks you down.
But when you knock him down...
...when you knock him down, you feel like a god.
You wouldn't understand...
Of course I do.
But you could be killed.
So what?
Come on, Many, come on.
Tuck those elbows in, Many.
Keep your fists up.
Come on, come on. That's it, champ.
Left... two... left...
-Seven... -Come on, Many.
Move your feet at the same time, Many.
Give me five.
Don't be such a softie.
Now you get up here.
-It's okay, I'm not tired. -No. Get up here.
Be careful.
I won't hit him in the head.
Let's see who's the softie.
Let's see.
Come on, Carmen.
Many, Many!
What have you done?
You shouldn't have insulted him.
I didn't think I had.
Is it true that in Heaven...'re a prima donna? -Yes.
Do you have a lot of fans?
I can't complain...
I thought we should talk.
Go ahead.
I'm worried, ma'am...
...that it's going to be difficult for you to deliver.
Don't worry, we'll deliver it.
But I do worry. I worry a lot.
I know you've been fired.
So how will you be able to pay?
I'll pay.
-What? -I said I'll pay.
I hope so or your husband will have a bad time...
Perfectly. You've explained things very well.
Then there's nothing else to talk about. See you next week.
Very good, Lola.
You've got a big pair of balls.
I've had a lot of experience.
I've seen worse, he's just a beginner.
I know human nature.
I was a politician once.
How did you get to Heaven?
Those were other times.
Fuck it!
If they know I betrayed them, they'll stop me.
It's probably just a routine check.
Everything'll be all right.
-How did it go? -They gave me more time.
But they're beginning to suspect.
Go to bed, you fight tomorrow.
-Let's go now. -I'll go when I want.
Come now or I'll break your neck!
Touch me and you'll see.
What are you Iooking at?
Are you stupid or what?
You're a bully and a coward!
I'm sick of peopIe hitting me!
He's been acting strangely lately.
He's just jealous.
Come on, Many!
-What's the matter? -I came... help him and I've only made things worse.
You're an angel, not a nun.
And you're doing your work well.
You even got him to say sorry to his mother.
He didn't post the letter.
-Fucking hell! -At the last...
...minute, he remembered his mom loved his brother more.
-Are you the boxer's wife? -Yes.
He's come round, but there are problems.
-What problems? -I'll be frank.
He's living on borrowed time.
He's got a brain injury.
It could haemorrhage at any time.
You've been playing with fire.
Letting him fight was tantamount to murder.
I'm filling a report.
-Can I go in and see him? -Not now.
He needs to rest.
-Carmen! -What!
I know how to get the money!
Lola, with your methods, I don't think we'll get anywhere.
Just listen...
But I need permission first.
Then, what has happened?
If everything turns out fine, you won't sing again.
To tell you the truth, I was a bit old-fashioned.
You won't even can get the special note.
And if it goes wrong?
If it goes wrong, you know what will happen.
You know the rules.
It seems it might rain.
I advise you not to do it.
Come on, Marina... know I have to do it.
Don't you like the soup?
It's probably too salty.
Where are you going?
An interview for a job.
A job interview.
Lola, come here.
Sit down.
Many, I'm in a hurry.
I said sit down.
Not there. Here.
-Many, not now... -Here!
I've done some bad things...
...but I don't want to hurt you.
What do you mean?
If there's another man...
...I'll break your neck.
But if there's another woman...
...I'll kill the two of you.
You're impossible.
It's not that difficult.
It's your turn.
No, not like that.
What am I doing wrong?
Look, this is a gun.
Some people shit only for seeing it.
But a small number of people...
...only get scared if they think you'll fire.
-How do they know? -Your eyes.
They know by the look in your eyes.
Right. Now you.
No, that's no good.
No, not like that.
Look, Lola, I don't know what...
...will happen to you if we fall...
...but I know what'll happen to me.
I won't even be a waitress again. They'll...
...fuck me up and make me a housewife with...
...some bastard who treats me like shit for a 100 years.
So pick up that gun and think...
...of somebody you'd like to shoot.
Go on!
I've never wanted to shoot anybody.
I don't believe it.
Come on, look into your dark side.
Down, everybody! Come on! On your knees!
The money in the bag!
You, hands behind your head!
Think of your families. The money's not yours.
Get down! Get down!
Down, on your knees!
Come on, on your knees!
On your hands and knees, on your hands and knees! Down!
The tape, Lola!
Hurry up!
Hands behind your back!
Hello! How're things going?
How about you?
Well... know what they say...
...''It never rains, but it pours.''
Things'll pick up, you'll see.
I doubt it.
Your attention, please!
For security reasons, all doors of this mall are closed.
All customers please lie on the floor and...
...stay there until further instructions are given.
Have you robbed the place?
Christ, what a nerve!
Carmen, I took the bullets out... nobody'd get hurt.
Drop the gun.
Drop it.
Easy now or I'll shoot.
I've got one of them!
Come on, come on. Easy.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Come on.
I've got one of them!
If you move, I'll kill you.
Keep still.
Lola, what happened?
Lola, can you hear me?
It's nothing. It's okay.
Slide the gun over, Lola.
I can hardly move.
I've been shot.
I'm bleeding.
But you can't bleed.
You're an angel.
Christ... They're angels!
Not any more. I've been a mortal for the last hour.
You screwed up, Lola.
Slide the gun over. Come on!
I wanted to help Many. There was no other way.
Fighting evil with evil has serious consequences.
Our rules are very strict.
-Good luck... -Thanks.
What a load of crap!
What a load of crap.
Your lot will never get anywhere.
Now go. Try and escape.
Your rules are different from ours.
I already told you, I keep my word.
Go on, pick it up.
Money's only paper, but it stirs the same emotions as poetry.
A pity it always belongs to somebody else.
Isn't it? But things could be worse.
You know what they say...
...''Having money's like being blonde.
It's more fun.''
But it isn't essential.
Drop the gun.
No, you drop yours. Or I'll kill your friend and then you.
I don't give a shit.
Drop it or I'll kill you.
You won't shoot and you know it.
Maybe I will, maybe I won't.
It's up to you.
-Carmen, you're bleeding! -Let's go.
Hell's a strange place, Lola. I want to tell you something... case we don't get out of this: the ones...
...who pass sentence have a rare sense of humour, they...
...turn the rich into poor, the famous into nobody's.
If you're a gangster like me...
...they turn you into a woman.
They know how much it annoys us.
I meant to tell you before, but that's how it is.
Does it bother you?
I could be your mother...
I'll show you a picture of my mother. What do you want?
Put it away, son. Don't get involved.
Now I've told you.
What do you say?
It's weird.
This is the place where both thieves had left.
This is the supermarket...
...they left with a bag of money...
...the quantity is not known...
Where have you two been?
Getting you out of a mess.
Shut up, you whore!
Both thieves died in an assault with...
...the security forces.
Can you tell us the name of the women?
You sold us out, you bastard!
Shut up, you fucking whore!
Okay, champ, get the gun.
Lola, they're going to kill us.
Give me the gun.
You didn't say you were going to kill them.
-Think, Many. -I'm not very good at that.
Carmen, their guns. Get them, go on.
Now go, both of you.
Many, you're throwing it all away...
...and all for a woman who doesn't love you!
You never do what I say, do you, Lola? Leave!
If they do, we'll kill you.
Yeah, that's what I thought, but I'm a boxer, not a killer.
Now go!
Let's go.
He has made a decision.
It's the law.
Bye, Many.
Bye, Lola.
Why don't we settle this like men?
Come on, then. I'm the greatest.
I'm the champion.
Mother... mother...
-Do you know something? -No.
But they are taking long, I'm worried.
Me too. Nancy suspects something.
What do you think are his possibilities?
Fifty per cent.
His lawyers...
...have done a good job.
Besides, he has gotten a female judge.
He has lied to his mother...
...and he has hit many other women.
The judge won't like that.
Besides, the thing about the man who killed him.
It was a fight that wasn't planned.
It could be, but his lawyers...
...have blamed him.
I know you, you must have as behind all this.
You said so.
We asked the judge Munroe... apply the special Thermopilas clause.
The Thermopilas clause.
The total sacrifice, what a beauty.
And if I remember right...
...wasn't it the same judge Munroe the one who...
...applied it the last time on '59?
Exactly, I see you have done your duties, too.
Many's saved.
-He's with your lot now. -Good.
I hope he'll be happy there.
We're saved too.
We're angels again.
Well, we have to return the money.
Do we fuck! The money's ours.
We'll go and spend it, get drunk and go whoring.
Sure, you keep it.
Christ! Were you really a politician?
I don't believe it!
Something to remember me for...
Be seeing you.
Yes, see you.
Would you come with us, please, miss?
Why? What's wrong?
A matter of a stolen bracelet.
Now just tell us who your accomplice is.
-That's not possible. -Why?
Because I won't tell you.
That's up to you, but one way or another you'll tell me.
Look, just relax. Go home, help... your wife bath the kids.
I'm sure she'll appreciate it.
I assume you know the market you robbed...
...was a front for distributing counterfeit notes?
What do you say to that?
Well, you can depend on villains to never let you down.
They don't change.
Can you wait over there? Thank you.
Ticket to Geneva, please.
First class.
First class...
Cash or credit card?
Cash, honey.
I'm afraid it'll take five minutes.
The computer's playing up today.
I'm in no hurry.
Come on, Carmen, it's not that bad.
They only gave us three years.
We'll be out before you notice.
No, I'm out on Monday.
My briefs made a deal with the judge.
We have influence, as you know.
I'm glad.
I don't know when we'll meet again.
-Trust in fate. -No...
Fate's unpredictable.
I'll ask Marina to let me go and see you. She owes me a few.
When I go back, I'll be in Circle 10.
So what?
I'll be a man.
And if you don't like me?
I'll take the risk.
No alternative.
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