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Subtitles for No Blood No Tears 2002 CD2.

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No Blood No Tears 2002 CD2

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If I screw up, the pros will find out.
If they do, what can they do?
Hurry it up!
Their money is already stained,
so can they report to the police or what?
But many people can't suffer a big loss.
The business needs to run.
Also, I've been giving this a lot of thought.
It's better to exclude Soo-jin out of this one.
Cause I want to deal with this as safely as possible.
But you can't make it too suspicious.
Take this for example.
If a boxer changes his style suddenly,
then people will become suspicious.
It's better to fight like the matches before.
It's not that I'm saying this because she's excluded.
If we fix the games twice and it works out, let's stand on our own.
I'm sick of breathing and living with stinky dogs.
Move, I can't see.
Hey, I thought of this great idea.
I'll use you as a model and make a boxing diet video.
Doesn't it sound great?
That's what you think.
I said stop stomping around. The neighbor keeps complaining.
Who gives a shit.
Anyway, I'll make money selling the tapes,
and you'll debut as a real singer.
Don't you wanna be on TV?
I'll run my own gym.
It's perfect.
Start it.
Hurry and tail him.
Why did you turn it off?
I told you to get an automatic!
It was free, so think I had a choice?
Watch out!
You assholes, watch how you drive!
You said you're a good driver, but you almost killed us!
I never said I was good!
Yes you did!
It's easy to say for you since you don't drive a stick!
An automatic is easy!
At least we have a car.
Or else it would be like before.
How many days has it been, sir?
Since you're personally involved, people are mocking us.
Lots of other cases to solve, but we're chasing those punks.
Relying on intuition is good.
But it has to be done within reasonable limits.
It's the 21st century.
So my point is.
If you guessed wrong, what are you gonna do?
You probably want to arrest KGB your last year,
and have your face all over the paper or TV.
But I think you're wrong.
Think we can crack this case if we just tail them like this?
- Get out. - Pardon?
I said get out.
Get out, you bastard!
Freeze, it's the police!
Don't move!
Something big happened.
Shouldn't we ask for backup fast?
We can catch those leaves at any time.
What's important is the root.
I understand, sir.
You two go inside and come back here, okay?
It's the cops! Cops!
Captain, look! Over there!
I'll take over the wheel.
You ask for backup.
Bastard is still alive.
Attack him from all sides!
You're dead meat!
Calm down.
- We can split it in half. - You bastard!
Get out.
Arresting people for speeding now?
Bring that bag out too.
Shit, where the hell is she?
Really? I knew this would happen one day.
Anyway, catch Bulldog first.
It's up to you to rip him apart!
Or to shove his head in between his ass!
Just get the money!
They probably didn't get far.
Set up checkpoints at every major road.
Call all the police stations.
Tell them to search every hotel and bar.
It might take time to mobilize everyone on that scale.
Just give a decent reason.
Say it's the police chief's order.
We're in this together, but before you were too...
What is this?
What the hell are you doing?
Damn it.
Look at this asshole.
You asshole!
Damn it.
Wait a minute.
Wait. Wait...
Wait! Wait a minute!
There's a misunderstanding. Forgive me just once.
I did everything you told me to do.
Please. Please.
Asshole. Don't screw with me.
Hey, let's just hide it here first and go.
No one will think of it.
Isn't a great idea?
Just bring her to me now! Baldie will be back here tomorrow morning!
Yes, boss.
We'll do as you say. Okay.
- Watch carefully. - Bastard.
No more.
I can't go anymore.
We came this far, so how can you give up?
Get up.
We should charge into KGB's house at least.
Want to get us killed?
Hey, asshole. You said it would be easy!
Think I'm fooling around?
I did all the hard dirty work!
Doing it right is what matters.
Want your ass kicked?
Think you can talk shit to me?
Friends shouldn't cross the line.
Let go.
So you think you're right? Do you?
You pushed me?
Wait! My back!
Stop it, you bastards!
Stop that car!
Stop it.
Hey, wait!
Let's take that car.
There's only the two of us, so tell me.
What's going on?
No matter how smart you are, you'll never escape from me.
Whether a week or month, like the old days, somebody will call you.
From now, you and I can't step even one foot outside.
The battery's dead.
Tell me the truth.
If you're in it deep, then I can't help you.
This time Kim Geum-bok is in on it.
Even if you say you just went there to visit,
nobody will ever trust you.
This stuff really suited you.
Pretending to be a kind old man to get info was disgusting.
Stop talking nonsense!
I'm not the person you used to know.
I'm all washed-up and got back-stabbed by a young girl.
Until now,
I did everything you wanted,
and would've killed for you.
If you needed the money, you could've just taken it.
But why did you try to kill me? Why?
Calm down and sit first.
Don't patronize me!
Dumb bastard.
Know what's the sorriest thing in this world?
Being stupid.
People never change.
A guy who lives off his fist, keeps fighting.
A girl who lives off her body, keeps screwing.
They keep doing it to make it easier on them.
If you feel bad, find the bastard who's screwing your girl.
I was almost deceived too.
I kept you because you were too dumb to deceive anyone.
But not dumb enough to let your girl deceive you.
You also.
didn't know that you'd die by my hands.
You asshole.
- Is it okay there? - Don't worry.
I said there's no problem.
No one knew we took it.
We'll lay low for a few days, then slip away when things die down, okay?
This is the best way for now.
Don't worry.
Please come this way.
Let's go
Maybe you're right, but shouldn't we split up for a while?
Move around too much, then they'll catch us.
Not going far is the safest.
So don't worry at all, and just trust me.
You're better off with me than that beast.
The person you're calling is unavailable now. Please leave a message.
Sir, it's Pretty Boy.
Sorry I'm late calling you.
I brought Soo-jin to Daedong Motel.
Don't worry about the money. Also...
Are you ready now?
Shower first, okay? Shower.
Yes, captain.
It's Detective Choi.
A call just came in.
It's worth looking into.
Hey, they're leaving.
Call the boss.
It's not starting.
- Hurry and chase them. - I think the battery's dead.
But they're leaving.
The engine won't start.
What did I tell you before? I said not to listen to the radio.
No, you said not to listen that channel.
Go after them.
The car has to start first, idiot.
- I can't believe this. - This sucks.
I feel much better.
What's this?
Why are you dressed?
Let's have a beer first.
- Beer? - Yeah.
You should've told me before we came in here.
It would liven things up.
We just scored a big one. Come on.
Damn it. Look at this asshole.
Your hair's wet. Sharing the same room?
I just did what I was told.
Did it with Soo-jin or not?
They're still in the room.
Let's raid them first.
Now we'll find out who's smarter.
You bitch.
Is Pretty Boy good?
You bitch.
Look at this bitch.
Does it hurt?
Boxers can't headbutt when their hands are down.
It's a foul, you bitch.
This car is a piece of shit.
Hey, bitch.
So you never care about your man?
Say something, bitch.
Please leave me alone.
Leave you alone?
What for, you slut?
Freeze, you bastard!
You're caught red-handed, so don't move, asshole!
Drop the knife.
I'm gonna rip your crotch apart.
Damn it.
You can exercise your right to be silent. Yes you can.
Hey, where's that bitch, Gyung-sun?
- You? - Captain?
Chil-sung, what are you doing here?
What about you, captain?
That son of a bitch!
I almost got fucking killed.
You have two new messages.
Damn it.
What the hell?
Hello, boss.
Oh, hi.
This fucking sucks.
What do we do now?
Let's just go home.
Wait a minute.
Please wait.
Please stop it!
Let go!
What are you mad at me for?
You double-crossed me.
I left messages.
You're the one who turned off your phone!
Just in case, I'm leaving a message.
Don't worry about the money.
I'll explain it to you later. Things didn't go as planned.
I'm off Highway 33 at Daedong Motel in room 510.
Please get here fast.
Just in case, I'm leaving another message.
Just off Highway 33,
I'm at Daedong Motel in room 510.
Soon as you get this, come here quickly.
I can't slip out of here alone.
Why didn't you tell me before?
Ever give me a chance to explain?
I know you never trusted me.
Since we both live a shitty life,
we thought there would be nothing to lose.
But no matter how hard we try,
it would've been hard to deceive everyone.
And to be honest, I couldn't trust you completely.
Plus this new guy kept asking me to be his partner.
He couldn't fit into that lifestyle as well,
so he tried to use me.
So you prepared three bags from start?
If you were me, you'd have no choice, too.
Anyway, I convinced him to trust me to follow him.
Since he didn't know,
and if I got rid of him,
I thought you and me would be left in the end.
That's why bitches can't be trusted.
Hey, you fucking moron.
Pretty Boy was working for Kim Geum-bok.
Now what's your plan?
Just keep your mouth shut!
Damn it.
So you picked a taxi driving chick to help you?
This kind of job is something bitches can never do.
Let go of the bag.
I said let go of the bag!
Fuck you.
- Let go. - I won't.
- Let go. - I won't.
Let go!
Stop it!
You'd kill someone for it?
Why? I can't kill anyone?
I can't stand you now, so go with that bitch on three.
- That money's ours. - One.
- You rotten bastard! - Two.
Fuck you!
You hate me that much?
You bitch.
Screw this! What's taking so long?
So what now?
Becoming a singer with that face is worth seeing.
Driving a taxi with that face will get you a lot of customers.
I'm quitting that job.
Then what?
Think I'll make it to Onyang city with that car?
Why Onyang?
To find my daughter.
I'm at the end of my ropes now, so it's time to live with my girl.
Wouldn't starting a little restaurant help get us by?
There's nothing we can't do together.
Who said you're included?
So you've never heard.
No matter how small the store, it'll fail if you lose focus.
I don't think you're cut out for it.
But where will you get the money?
I'm still in tact, so I'll find a way.
Being in tact or not
gotta have some money to start anything.
Instead of doing that,
it would be faster if you became my manager.
I thought you needed surgery.
starring Jeon Doh-yun
Lee Hye-young
Jung Jae-young
directed by Ryu Seung-wan
executive producer Kang Woo-suk
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