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No 3 Limited

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Number 3
With having a drinking,
the life of Virginia Woolf and a wooden horse...
Hey! A poem doesn't suit for a girl working in a bar.
Cut the crap, and sit beside me.
Are you the manager?
What the fuck is wrong with the girls working here?
Winter in 1992
Yo, you guys stay calm for couple days, got it?
Yes, sir.
Don't worry. lt's no big deal.
Our boss will go talk to 'Axe' and solve this out.
Ninety, Ninety-one Ninety-two, Ninety-three.
What kinda poem do you even have to underline when reading?
This is such a beautiful poem.
Honey, do you love me?
Hell, no.
Hey, do you even know what love is?
Love means trusting someone more than 90%.
And honestly l don't trust you that much.
Well, then how much do you trust me?
That's it? /Hey, at least it's more than 50%.
Yo, do you think l would ever trust anybody more than 49%?
l don't, l don't trust anybody.
lf you become a disable, then l know l would go for some other guy.
So, please be careful. l'm so worried about you.
Who would want to get hurt?
Hey, you know a swan? Yeah, what about it?
A swan looks very elegant on the surface of water.
But, you know what it does under the water?
lt moves its body like crazy.
That's a life.
lt's not a joke, huh.
How the hell did you guys take care of the boss?
l'm so sorry, Madam.
How long does it take to recover?
The thing is...
He is no longer in a serious condition.
Here, brother.
Here, Madam.
Well, l don't think l'm ready to be a widow.
You must save him.
We know Axe's gang did this to him.
We can't take this anymore.
Let's kick their asses.
Well, how can you assume that they did it?
Then, who else?
Probably, because Tae-Joo bit up one of their heads.
lt's not time to pay back.
Since our boss is in a coma, we should rearrange the group.
No, no, it's all my fault not taking care of our boss properly.
You are the only one who can lead us right now.
lsn't it right?
Stupid idiot! l told you to get rid of him at once.
The room number is 306. Don't make anymore mistakes.
Hello? What...
What the?
Hey, back off!
Come. Shut it!
How's thing going out there?
Fucking crazy, man.
Did you bring the money?
Yo, where the fuck did you hide the boss?
l was the one who told you someone's planning to kill the boss.
You don't even trust me now?
lt's better not to know.
Tell me, or you'll die.
Hey, it's over.
Even if our boss recovers, it's too late now.
All the members are with me.
What can he do by himself?
So, enough of that bull shit. Tell me where he is?
Fuck you!
l heard he was in the same orphanage as you were.
Take him away.
Tae-Joo, fine. You won.
He became conscious this morning.
Pull me up.
l need to suppress the coup detat.
Take a lesson. This is when the hidden card is needed.
He's my hidden card.
This one is a diamond ace.
Both you guys are.
l would never lose my money
with these two aces.
lt took exactly two months to clean them up.
His nickname is 'ashtray'. Hey, you know why?
No, boss.
Show him.
Money, won, cash...
Fucking money. l'm so sick of it.
Yo, it's over now.
l'm number two since yesterday.
Number two? What's that mean?
lt means that l'm the second highest one in the group.
lt's like l got promoted in a company.
So what? You are still a gangster.
You don't have to work at the bar anymore.
Yeah. l'll take care of you from now on.
l'll make pretty good money.
Oh, by the way,
the boss gave me a condo as an award.
Honey, you know how l feel now?
You will have this kinda feeling more often, you'll see.
l love you.
Right now, how much do you trust me?
Huh? Come on!
Spring in 1997
Huh? Asshole. Bastard!
All you guys know is how to bit up people, stupid.
You guys should learn some more.
At least, a foreign language or something.
Yo, asshole.
Who do you think you are talking to? Huh? lt's me, Tae-Joo Suh.
What the fuck. l said Tae-Joo Suh!
Where the hell did you spend all this money?
lt's more than 2 million won?
Gosh, you're starting again?
l told you that l bought a suit.
Watch how much you spend.
Do l look like l have a machine to make money or something?
lt's a health food. You seem to have nightmare every night.
l heard it's because your kidney is weak.
Who the fuck is Rimbaud?
As the moon rises tonight, l feel the chill.
l do miss Rimbaud.
You feel the chill?
Who the fuck is Rimbaud, the one you are missing?
What? He's a famous French poet.
He's as famous as Alcapone, get it now?
lt's so childish, isn't it?
l can tell that you do a lot of reading.
Yeah, l do read most of the best sellers.
l see that you copied others' writings.
Even though everyone, you know,
everyone does copy these days,
a poet must not do that.
Come close.
Look at my eyes.
What did you feel just now?
That feeling your every single sense of body felt.
That delicate feeling.
Try to express that in a poet.
lt's the homework till the next class. That's it for today.
Mr... l'd like to read some of your works.
Can you recommend some of them?
How about the one called ?
Wow, was it a best seller?
Not at all.
But a poet must not focus on the sale profit.
l'd like to quarrel with a sense of emptiness.
crunching my soft soul.
Ah! l'd like to go for a war against vain fancy.
With tripping up, burying, cutting.
l'd like to plunge into that fluttering violet...
lt's a little too much, isn't it?
l was pissed when l wrote that.
Since you told me to be honest about my own feeling.
These are the bloody fresh words.
l do can feel your mind
from this poem.
l don't know. lt's getting really complicated.
What does this mean
by a purple field in the last phrase?
Well it is...
Be honest to your feeling.
A Poet should live an honest life.
What are you doing?
l can read your lonely mind from the beginning.
What are you doing?
Look at my eyes. Do you think l'm lying to you?
Please, don't do this.
A star drew the rosy tears between your ears.
A star fell into the deepest part of your ears.
With a rosy color of the world,
>From the neck to the waist,
The eternity is rolling its white light.
The ocean is bathing
your warm breast in pearl.
A man showed the black blood
on the mysterious right side.
What do you see from this?
Well, isn't it just an ashtray?
No! That's what the usual people think.
Me, l see a life from this.
The body has been burned and ripped a part.
This one looks kinda sad, and this one is very sexy.
Like this, you see something.
More than what other people can see from this.
That's what we need to have as poets.
Well, for some people an ashtray can be a weapon.
How can l have those kind of eyes?
You do have it already, Madam.
Don't call me Madam, please.
All the famous poets have their lovers.
Goethe had...
Rothe, Dante had Beatrice.
Who was Rimbaud's loved one?
Call me that name.
No. Let's not do that.
He was a guy.
ls Rimbaud that good?
He didn't have that good impression on me.
Well, how should l say. He's very detailed.
Very sensitive, detailed. He's so poetic, sis.
He leads me to the new world of life.
How long are you going to do this?
You guys gonna live together or something?
Nah, it's not going to be that long.
After you are done with him, take him over to me.
Then l will be a poet, too.
This is his poem.
Like mold on the oilpaper, my poor soul...
Gimme a break. Let's go.
Sis, you should see the world of poetry.
The world can look different.
Poetry? Huh, there are three things
that make me happy in this world.
Cash, Credit Card, and Sex.
Fucking bastards.
You guys are having fun,
when others are working so hard.
Hey, what the hell are you guys doing here?
Why are you kicking the doors?
Hey, the one you are fucking around is your wife?
lt's out of your business. Who are you guys?
Me? Your wife sent me here.
Zipper... l'm not going to give you a poor excuse.
Please, can you just let me go this time?
You know how Tae-Joo's like. He's gonna kill me.
Please? Just one time. l'll return your kindness.
You'd better get out of here quickly. He's coming.
Shit. Now?
He didn't do anything wrong.
You have no time. Get out!
Get in. Who the fuck are you?
l'm a poet.
A poet?
What? So what happened?
l thought l was going to die.
By the way, who were all those people?
They treated Ms. Park like a sister in law.
lt's true?
Forget about her and teach me from now on.
l've decided to quit my part-time job,
and will focus on the poems.
Hey, you think that would be fair?
That's not what l am saying.
l did realize that l shouldn't be doing this anyway.
Anyway, l want you to be responsible for my debut.
Actually, l don't even like the poems.
So, Rambo you can write the poem for me,
and we will work on something else.
l 'm Rimbaud, not Rambo.
And l'm not a player.
Let me just say one more thing.
Hyun-Ji has about a hundred brothers in law.
By the way, Hyun-Ji's husband is my brother in law.
People who almost killed you,
also can be my brothers, too.
So, if l say something to them,
you think they will leave you alone?
Well...who knows?
Probably, you will end up living on a wheelchair.
So, you mean your husband is
the top of that gangsters?
Only five lessons.
l won't bug you anymore then.
My kids are going to take care of this place from now on.
Well, they wouldn't take this.
What are you going to do then?
l'm just squeezed in the middle.
Don't worry about them.
lt can be over soon.
Shit, l can't just die here.
No way! Huck!
Why didn't you wait for the kids to go in with you?
There are more who got hurt.
l'm sorry, boss.
Be careful. We gotta be always tight.
Even if you relax just for a one day, you can get killed.
Your girlfriend is such a great wife.
She was with you for four days and nights.
Thanks for being alive.
Hyun-Ji, what do you think about having our baby?
Why? All of a sudden?
l was thinking about it when l got stabbed.
l should leave something behind me before l die.
Well...never mind.
l am sorry.
Sorry about what?
Number 24, the title is .
He is thirty. l feel dizzy after having a shot of him.
Wind is hitting on the windows out there with the sasimi.
Running around, the fucking crazy moon.
l am twenty-nine, the sex is over.
There's no more food, boss.
Rabbits, snakes, roots...
We have lots of food out there.
Raw food from today.
Bul-Sa gang, 'Bul' means no, 'Sa' death.
lt means you are like a fire, and never die.
Fidelity, Faith...Sasimi, sasimi...
Get a tattoo.
Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, a hundred.
Are you the prosecutor?
My name is Tae-Joo Suh.
lt's great to meet you here.
l heard a gangster lives here. l guess that's you.
Do you have a business with me?
No, just to say hi.
lt's pretty good in this area.
There's a nice park, clean area.
How old are you?
Born in 62, the year of a tiger.
l know the gangs pull up their ages.
Born in 64, the year of a dragon.
l was born in 62.
Well, it will be easier to talk to you.
Oh, yes.
l will treat you as a big brother from now on.
Screw you!
l never wanted a gangster as a brother.
Don't try to be smart.
l am more educated than you,
and l know more.
Yes, brother.
What the fuck are you guys doing here?
You think you are in a gangster movie or something?
What the hell do you guys think you are doing in the beginning of the new century?
No wonder you guys are
called as jerks.
What the...
Yo, this is the famous...
Get me off.
Listen, starting tomorrow you guys wait outside of the park.
l just bought an apartment here working for ten years as a prosecutor.
But if you guys fuck around here every morning,
how would l feel?
You, come here.
You'd better pick the butts before l put you in the jail.
Who's that? Brother.
Huh, he's so fuck!
Yes, boss.
Miss Kim, let me talk to lawyer Park. Come in!
Did you meet him? What's he like?
He's not easy.
l think the threat won't work.
Who's that? Let me use my ashtray.
Go on.
Yes, there was a meeting with Watanabe.
He wants us to hurry up taking over the hotel.
lt seems there's a lot of pressure on him.
Mr. Choi is not back from the US, huh?
Yes, boss.
lf we had used Ashtray,
this would never happened.
We trusted Tae-Joo too much
and they think we are joking or something.
Hey, you gotta see
when we need Ashtray or not.
Bigger the problem is, more quiet we should work.
Last time, those kids in Dae-Jun...
How long did they get a sentence?
15 years, boss.
Oh, really? Did that happened?
Don't you even read the newspaper?
You gotta know how the things work out there to be a gangster.
Oh, not to you, Miss Kim. Let me talk to him.
Hah, Hello. Do you know Dong-Pal, a prosecutor?
Oh, l see.
Ah, yes, it will be nice to know more about him.
OK, l will visit you later this afternoon.
A fucking asshole.
He's called as a 'nuclear weapon',
famous for killing all the gangs around.
Study, man.
Well, you know l don't like studying much.
l always tell you guys,
Do at least half as much as Tae-Joo.
Since he learned Japanese during his extra time,
l do let him take care of the hotel project.
21st century is coming up!
On the newspaper this morning,
Mafias are... What's that called, lnter...
lnternet, boss?
Yeah, they are getting more people through the lnternet.
Everything is going around so fast these days,
and what the hell are you holding on to Ashtray for?
You know the lnternet?
lsn't that an international police?
That's lnterpol.
And this is an inter-phone! lnter-phone!
Come on, don't you even know that?
Huh, not to you, Miss Kim.
Who? Why the hell did Axe called me for?
Get to the point, what is it?
lt's about the hotel project.
Why would you step into that?
Relax, man.
Huh? l'm not trying to step into anyone's business.
Couple days ago,
the prostitute keeper called me.
He's quite famous in that area.
He said he signed the hotel contract with
some other keepers together.
They bought it for about ten billion won.
l heard you guys wanted to buy it for nine billion won.
So, what now?
Have some of this, this is the best.
You eat it.
Hey. Both of us, we grew a lot comparing to the old days.
l'm Number two in Axe gang, and you are the number three in Do-Kang gang.
Fuck. Who the fuck says l'm number three?
l am number two, shit.
But you kinda got pushed back since you get stabbed.
Excuse me?
l have all the power, though.
What's the difference between number two and three?
Number one takes everything anyways, doesn't it?
Yo, we didn't order this.
lt's a service to our customers.
Let's give this to one of us.
We've been eating this same shit for more than two weeks now.
l'm so sick of this.
Be patient.
What's the balance in the account?
About 140,000 won left, boss.
We'll try to get a job to get some money.
Gangsters are also called as burglars.
Which means we don't work to make money.
Be patient. We will get a project to do soon.
OK, in today's lecture,
l would like to mention about
the Hungry Mind.
lt means starving, H, U, N,.. anyway.
Well, l know so well that you guys are
living on the same food everyday.
Of course, you would want some good, fresh food. l totally understand.
This is one of the training, you know.
You know, why the Korean boxers are
not as good as before?
lt's because they don't have the hungry mind anymore.
Hungry Mind.
About twenty years ago,
they all won championships while living on Ramen.
Soo-Hwan Hong, he won a championship,
owing to Ramen.
Besides boxers, who Jung-Hwa Hyun...
She had Ramen, only Ramen
and in running, she won three medals totally.
lt's Choon-Ae Lim, boss.
You guys, wait outside.
Come in now.
Listen carefully what l say.
When l say the sky is red,
then it's red.
This, this is kinda yellow, but when l say it's red,
then it's red, huh?
When l call her Jung-Hwa Hyun, then, she's Jung-Hwa Hyun.
Whoever talks back to me
is betrayer, fucking betrayal!
You know what l'm saying?
l'll bit the fucking crap out of whoever does that to me.
Anyway, that...
Shit, where was l? Fuck.
You fucking confused me!!!
You were talking about the Hungry Mind.
Right, right, Hungry Mind.
That's what we need to be as gangsters.
You guys are soon to be famous.
Really, going to the expensive bars, riding Benz.
You will be in and out like it's your house.
l guarantee. Then you guys will
look back the time when we used to live on Ramen
catching the frogs, snakes...
Don't ever forget this time.
Never ever forget you can do everything.
Do everything as best as you can.
As l always say,
sleeping dogs won't get a bone. Never ever!
Mr. Bong, what are the guys doing there?
Are they performing such a fashion show?
Hey! Why did you turn it up?
Hey, these are your henchmen?
Mr. Bong, remember these fucking faces.
lt will be helpful when you make a roundup of that gang.
What is it?
A public prosecutor.
Huh, look at this breast.
Son of a bitch! Such a young guy. Sit down.
Son of a bitch.
So lovely design. When did you make it?
lt's a mark from an appenectomy.
Fucking asshole, do you think the body is for a drawing paper?
Son of a bitch.
Did you excercise a lot, right?
You are nothing when l hit you at one time.
Gangsters these days, just know working with daggers...
Real ability is nothing.
Ah, fucking feel my bowels urge.
Hey, you, l'd like to give you an advice.
Whatever you will do for the future, don't try to do it.
lf you had blackmailed other's money, pay it back all.
lf you had beaten others, cure them.
You, a public prosecutor, try hard to do whatever it is.
Fucking, l'm taken short.
Hey! You guys, you got a totally right decision!
Now prostitution is over.
What did make our henchmen feel sorry
for getting pocket money?
Without regrets, dispose the shop.
The recession such like this is the first time since the foundation of this country.
That prize and penalty system got us.
By the way, do l have to pay 300 million won in cash?
l told you l will pay it back by making it thousand times or ten thousand times.
For reigning this area, now 300 million won is the matter?
Taking power in this area? How?
Meet evil with evil. lt means beating out barbarians with barbarians.
Nowadays, what kind of times?
Fights between gangs result in bloody destruction of both sides.
Without those, this area is ownerless mountain, isn't it?
l'll enter the castle with my followers without bloodshed.
Then it will be over.
That the third party gains profit is the maxim from the Chinese Classics for this situation.
Hey, have you heard of 'an axe of a praying mantis'?
lt's likely to a rudely acting mantis
knowing its hands as an axe.
We also can say that a dog acting like a man with a walking stick.
What are pimps for? They cannot be.
Wait and keep watch, sir.
Here is a president Dong-Chul Yeom.
Who is he?
lt's me, but who are you...
Hey, hey, this son of a bitch.
What makes noise...
Get rid of this guy, it's ugly-looking.
Let me see the provisional contract carter for the hotel.
Hey you, if you have extra money,
help unfortune neighbors with it or what are you doing this?
We will spend this for a good purpose.
Anybody has objection? /No, no.
Since this time being, don't put even a step toward this area.
When you are caught while going around here,
you will have to get a white ring above your head like an angel.
Hey, you don't need to handle him so severely.
While doing like that, it'll be entangled when he get broken.
You, by using Ashtray rudely,
was it once or twice you made matters wrong?
You, do your own business well, son of a bitch!
Have you done anything well since you got broken by their clubs?
You get such a chicken breast.
Hey, you, son of a bitch.
Your brain gets full of ashtrays and shit?
Sir, you're saying too far.
This son of a bitch.
You dare to interrupt while a big bother is saying?
Forgive me, sir.
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry, sir.
Son of a bitch.
You, fucker.
Do you want to get a flat heart?
There is a biblical expression.
The bible says, ''A person that got prosperity with an ashtray must be washed up because of the ashtray''
Be careful.
Hello, wait for a second.
Sir, sir?
lt's Mr.Choi, a president of Pyeong-Hwa Hotel.
President Mr.Choi? Yes, this is Tae-Joo Suh. You've been getting well?
Huh, shit and have kept out of sight in America.
Nobody will get rid of your shit.
lf you don't be back in Korea by this weekend.
the problem would be more serious.
Mr. Choi, you have daughters?
Elder daughter is a college girl, younger daughter is a high school chicken.
People say it will be good to catch and make them hookers,
then pass them to a pimp in an unlicensed quarter.
You know well the guy called Yeom Jang-Yi.
Hey, what time is it?
Twelve thirty.
My goodness.
These days l only wish to sleep myself out, huh.
Actually a scamp can get a bread with doing nothing.
Hey, as l figured it out,
l'm working for twelve and half hours a day on average.
l have to control the ring, handle my district,
and have to settle an accident.
That's just like saying of a president of certain big company.
''My zone is large, and a bunch of things to do''
Come in on.
Madam, give me one bottle of Soju and a boiled eel.
Are you hanging around like this place? l looked through about your profile.
Night club business director, a business manager at a room salon.
You have about one hundred of followers.
ln 'Do-Kang gang', you are the No3?
Fucking, what a son of a bitch!.
l'm the No2. Don't bring up the business matters after working hours.
What the closing hour for a gangster?
l have one thing to ask you, please call me a scamp.
A scamp?
Yes, right.
Do you even know the meaning of that word?
ln chinese character, it means reaching the sky.
That is, communicating with God.
Gan-dar-bar, the name of God smelling only good fragrance
and flying in the sky.
you, however, only stink decaying with whatever you do.
you, sons of bitches, how come to be a scamp?
Just gangsters.
Do you have anyone died from being beaten by a gangster in your family?
Why are you picking on us all the time?
Because l hate you guys.
Do you know what do l hate like a fucking word?
lt's the saying that you must hate the offense, but not a offender.
What a fucking wordy trick.
Honestly, what the sin is sinful for?
The fucking sons of bitches who are the preparator are blame for the sin.
Are you thinking l'm a so easy mark?
While l have struggled to get this position,
how many guys do you think l have gotten rid of?
Honestly for us, just a few daggers
and a bath fee for followers are all we need to invest.
One hundred million won? Only if we send out our followers,
we can afford it in cash within one hour!
But, you know why we can't be millionaires?
lt's because of tax.
Fellows we are feeding...
do you think they are just one or two fellows?
The gold badges we put on them...
More than just a few!
Now l give you an advice, please behave yourself prudently.
Prominent nail deserves to be hit with a hammer for the first time.
Hey, you fucker.
Are you threatening an incumbent public prosecutor now?
You, are you thinking of me as a fucking nothing?
You always saying with the word, fucking, whatever you say!
Hey, son of a bitch. What did you say?
Let's have a round of fighting.
Let's make it for the beaten one to leave.
When l'm beaten, l will quit gangster work.
When l'm beaten, l will practice as a lawyer, got it?
This world is really filled with gangsters.
My son is a elementary school student in the second grade.
By the way, the fellows in the sixth grade
already organize a gang and pluck of money.
You know the name of gang?
Shit! lt's 'Bloodstained gang'.
Fuck, my son has already been fleeced as much as fifteen thousand won.
What a fucking shit world, isn't it?
l don't even have such a child.
Why am l hard on you?
The big one ran away after tearing a net,
and the small one is going in and out through the holes.
Easy with thornback's penis. That's the reason that l tease you.
Frankly speaking, you are not the only hooligans.
Submitting a bribe, offering a bribe, making a black money.
Those bitches who lean on their fathers,
and the fucking shits who lean on that bitch.
Living without working hard.
All that fucking assholes ...
They, they are the real gangsters.
l don't want a be a gangster.
l live with a praying mind.
l'm living hard as much as that old man.
So don't bother me.
You fucking bitch. Do anything you want.
But you'll surely pay back for that.
You're not doing anything, okay?
l won't take it anymore just sitting.
Do you know Do-Sik Kang?
He has a tattoo on his chest.
l drew it for him 5 years ago.
l have many subordinates, about 50.
lt's a piece of cake to assassinate, but l'm tolerating
to make it done quitely.
lf you want me to do it, l'll do it.
But... are you guys enough to cope with it?
l'll show you something.
Do you want to see our power?
lt's enough. Put it in.
Do you know what our desire is?
We want to succeed in a big robbery
and be on a top headline on a society section of the papers.
lt's like raging bulls.
But if, if things go wrong...
This is not the only chance.
Once you throw the card, you can't turn it back. Do you know that?
lf we fail, we will get the whole responsibility.
Anyhow, l'll never look back of me.
Don't... Don't worry.
Alright. Let's drink.
Let them have some meal.
l don't eat with my followers.
There is a chinese restaurant across the street. Go and get something to eat.
How much money do we have?
About 40,000 won.
Let's have just one last drink.
l can't live with this condition.
Hey, does 21st century start in January 1st. 2000?
Man.. lt's January 1st. 2001.
Wanna bet?
You freaks.
What makes difference?
Who... that such a guy.
He said that the world would be ended by year 1999.
Who the fucking ass?
Nostradamus did.
You are really smart.
Give me some cigarettes.
Oh. they are all sold out....
Hey man. Can l have some cigarettes?
lt's very noisy, you, young fellows.
Shut your mouth and drink.
Did you hear that?
You are pissing me off.
Fire! lt's a fire!
Spring rain, spring rain makes me cry.
Spring rain makes me cry.
You need more training. Pack up.
We are starting a hard training for 15 days.
Let's go to the mountain, mountain.
What's wrong with you? You were stabbed by a dagger,
beaten up by the young chicks.
l'm too shameful to go out, because of you.
Here l came, boss.
We've got all that nice bars.
Why a covered cart bar?
You might have been kicked out if it was a previous days.
Hey you...Shut your fuckin' mouth!
Whenever you meet,
you fight each other?
That leads our gang into chaos.
Step out for a while and keep an eye on those fucking clubs.
Hand over the Pyeong-hwa Hotel case to Ashtray.
Do-Sik, l'll finish that case.
How can you do it with that appearance...
And we need more extreme methods for manager Choi.
We need Ashtray.
l go back to home at 2 o'clock in the morning.
While l'm taking a shower,
my wife prepares some red wine.
We talk about the usual day.
Sometimes my son wakes up
and it changes into the family council.
Someday we talk
until the sunrise.
Have you ever greeted the morning
with the lover?
The light of the sun from the dark fog in dawn.
Don't you think that the happiness
comes from that tiny little things?
l want to have a baby.
You know... that l have a thread on my thing.
You can take those off.
lt costs only 2 million won.
l also want to see my baby as much as you.
So don't tease me.
So let's see him.
Oh, shut up. l'm so confused.
Why are you so nervous?
l've been doing this for 15 years.
l should be a number 1 at last.
ls that so important to you to be a leader of a gangster?
What...? A gangster?
Do you think l'm doing this only for my own happiness?
Are we living well?
Do you know how much l'm worried about you
waiting for you every night?
When a phone rings,
l get nervous whether you are safe or not.
Do you understand my feelings?
Do whatever you want. l can't bear this life!
What did you say? You can't bear it?
You! l have made a B-girl what you are now. But you can't?
You're nothing more than a gangster.
l... l'm scared too.
l also wanna quit.
l'd like to throw up everything
and live with you and our baby in sea-yard like everyone.
What am l doing? lt doesn't go as l think!
Do you know why there's no kid in the gangster movies?
Kids make them timid.
Once you get timid, it's over.
Do you know why there's no kid in the gangster movies?
There's no hope and vision to the gangster like you.
Got it?
Oh, shit.
Ah, l feel good to have an exercise.
Not bad.
Are you still keep doing your exercise?
You should be doing it. The body's our assets.
You have been disappointed by our treatment, right?
No, not at all.
Ashtray has finished the hotel case.
lt ended up with a contract of 9.5 billion won.
Sometimes Ashtray works.
Cigarettes, you know... when you saved me,
the cigarette we had was the best.
l can't forget that taste...never.
He's an idiot.
He does not have any mind of this world.
He is not a person to be a leader.
The guy named Dong-Pal Ma, is trying to investigate on us.
We can't beat him up,
nor, just ignore him. lt makes me sick.
lt's Young-Ji mushroom.
My wife sent it for you.
lt's done.
Go down.
l don't have any private feelings.
Don't blame on me.
Stop that fuckin' words, shoot me!
You should remember one thing.
Picking a feather doesn't mean that you've got the whole thing.
There are 1,100 public prosecutors in Korea.
And every year, there are 90 new prosecutors...
And investigation will go on...
You are going to be killed.
You're only a feather.
Your boss must have decided not to leave his gang with you order you to kill me.
l won't be regretting whether l die right now.
Because l tried hard even if it was a third class life.
Third class? Are you done with your will?
Chaos, n,1. the state of the universe before there was any order 2. disorder, confusion
Today, Japanese guests are coming.
They are very important friends.
So reserve the vip room and call some beautiful girls.
Oh, and the man named Watanabe likes an ascidian very much.
So buy some fresh ones.
lt's very calm as usual.
They conceived it surely.
lt'll be very hard to find it.
Are you leaving by tonight's plane?
Why aren't you going with your wife?
l'm going to call her when l'm settled up.
When you have a vacation for a year,
come back and take charge of the family again.
>From today, you're number 1.
Hey, step aside, step side.
Ah, this fucking people.
What's this?
This is the last chinese food that l'm going to eat.
After tomorrow l'm going to eat beef soup with rice
or going to jail.
Before we start our mission, l have something to tell you.
ln the past, there was a man named Young-Yi Choi, Young-Yi Choi.
He was the man who fought all over the world.
That man has broken several horns of the bulls. The horn of the bull!
His style is like this.
When he meets a bull...
''Are you a bull? You bull! l'm Young-Yi Choi!''
And then grabs that fucking horn of the bull
and beats it up by Karate, beats it up
until the horn brokes...
lt's same when he meets foreigners.
When he meets someone, ''Hey, Johnson?''
''You, you Robert Johnson?''
''l'm Young-Yi Choi!'' And he just walks forward
and steps like this.
So Johnson, Robert Johnson says.
''What the hell is this fuckin' shit?'' and then keeps away from him.
He'll surely keep away from him, and he'll be caught by him.
Then, yap! Look, look, the hand will go up like this.
Most people lift their hands like this
by a reflect action.
Then he grabs his hand.
What he says is ''You, you fucking bitch!''
''lsn't this your part of the body, uh?''
And then beats him up mercilessly, unconditionally.
Until he takes his arms off...
We need that merciless spirit, merciless, merciless.
We need that spirit.
Fucking bitch!
Why do they order an ascidian in a club.
l hate Japanese.
Junks. How dare to keep saying that our territory is their's?
There are two kinds of Japanese.
Nuts and Shits.
Oh, Mong ge deska...
Umm. Subarasii!
Ok, Congratulations on undertaking the hotel,
blessing my brother of touring Japan,
and hoping his success.
Let's have cheers.
Cheers! Cheers!
Frankly everyone is poet
in this small country.
ln this really small country,
there are 3,000 poets.
Among them,
it's hard to find a good poet.
when l read Park's poems,
something came up in my heart
and it made my body float.
Why? This is it. lt will do. lt'll be famous.
l got the feelings.
Miss Park, let's put out a book.
How could l?
You're welcome.
l already talked with Mr. Jang.
You have right to publish a book.
l even made a title of your book.
What was it?
<29, Sex is over>
Doesn't it sound too erotic?
Tae-Joo...Why are you here?
Who is your teacher?
Come 20 mins. later, alright?
Hey go out and look after for the bitches in the hall!
You, fucking freeks.
Do you have to eat lunch in here?
Even if l like money,
l don't want to work
with these Japs.
Because l hate Japs from the bottom of my heart.
You won't believe...
my great grandfather was a fighter for national independence.
When Dr. Bong-Kil Yoon threw his lunch basket.
he was carrying his lunch basket, too.
What are they talking about?
They are saying that they hate Japanese.
Hey. Japs. What are you staring at?
Don't say Japs. lt disturbs us.
Uh? You speak Korean, are you Korean?
He went to a Korean academy.
Hey! The man who scratched his face with a wash basin.
ls he your captain?
Translate this.
lf you stare at me one more time,
l will smack you with my ashtray.
What, what is an ashtray?
Just translate, you asshole!
>From now on you guys
don't use Japanese words.
Sa-si-mi is tool, Ok-ka-ne is money, O-ya-bung is a big brother.
Speak as l told you. Got it?
Just a moment. Na-bal is also a Japanese word.
Fucking hell.
lgnore, bury....
Cut it, cut it...
that's easy to remember and has some mood.
There must be a gang in his relatives.
Start fixing up. We'll go at the appointed hour.
lt's the last lesson.
Oh, there is your husband outside and....
lsn't it thrilling?
Please! Please! Stop it!
Are we animals?
Wanna die?
Do you know what would be happen if l scream here?
Don't you have to say goodbye to your boss?
How much do you trust me?
What are you talking about?
Tell me, how much do you trust me?
What's wrong, Tae-Joo?
Ah...You are the only one for me to rely on.
l'm in a big trouble.
A big trouble? ls there something wrong with you?
l can't live whole life struggling with those fights.
>From now on, l won't fight.
Sit down, sit, sit.
What's wrong with them? Do they have indigestion by the susie?
l'm really mad.
This guys are
insisting that Dok-do island be theirs
because Hongkong has been returned to China.
Hey, have you heard of these lyrics?
ln the southeast direction of Ulreung-do 48miles by ship.
Lonesome island, hometown of the birds.
170,000mē a crater.
Hey, interpreter, ask him who is the owner of the Dok-do.
He wants to know the owner of the Dok-do.
He's saying that it's Japan's district.
Ask him again.
l think you're not translating properly.
Again, He is saying that it's Japan's district.
Ask him one more.
Dok-do is not Korea's district.
Hey, l'll come and ask you again.
lf you don't want your head to be destroyed.
Just make sure that you know who's the owner of the Dok-do.
Son of a bitch, just get your ass down!
l need more lessons.
Jina, boss was looking for you.
Hey, what were you doing with Jina?
Oh, ya, l was talking about poems...
Oh, shit. You are pissing me off!
Hey, Tae-Joo.
Ah! That white guy, white bitch!
What is this? Turn it on.
Turn it on!
They couldn't stand for a while and kill each other.
Get the hell out of here.
Don't you feel sorry about it? Number one. You were eager to be in that place.
There's no number one in the world. We are all in third class.
You, Dong-Pal Ma and me,
and all the people are number threes.
Okay...l'll see you in the court.
Oh, and you will be summoned as a witness.
Okay, umm. You told me...
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Holy shit!
What a fucking manner!
Be careful. You dare to deceive me?
Offering a bribe will be added.
Murder, murder instigation, an attempted murder,
violence, cheating, threatening, tax evasion.
This year, you are 42 years old.
And plus 20. How old are you?
Your 20th century is over,
Do-Sik Kang!
How do you feel when you are betrayed to your truthful follower?
Tae-Joo Suh.
Do you think that he could see 21st century?
You were to kill Do-Sik Kang.
This is a very big case.
Holly world will be upside down.
But there is a problem.
Even if l want to treat you like gangster,
your required conditions are not satisfied.
The real gangs are running by money.
But you don't have that stuff.
So tell me who gave you the money.
Even a sword is right on my neck,
l can't tell you.
lf we tell you the truth, we would be killed by our big brother.
l mean it.
So you can't tell?
You bitches. You guys are assholes.
Conclude the case as a minor crime for not paying the bill.
Assholes! What do you mean assholes.
Can't you see our tools?
We were there at the risk of our lives.
Shit, charge them.
Ok, l'll tell.
No man!
Hey, shit, man.
We can't be treated as assholes of all that hard times.
Public prosecutor, if we tell you our sponsor, could you regard us as gangsters?
Of course. l'll do that.
By the way, your gang's name is 'Bul-Sa'?
With two...two balls and a knife that you have,
you gonna change the world?
ls that what you mean?
Don't you think that the life stinks?
That's what l feel nowadays.
Yes, he is a bad guy.
Threat, hit, cheat someone all his life.
l know he could not be forgiven of what he has done.
What l hate is not a sinner, but a sin itself.
Does it make sense?
So, what's the problem?
What do l have to do for you?
You must save his life.
Umm, even a beast repays kindness for saving its life.
You have to look after him, like your young brother.
Alright. So go in.
His really pity guy! No.
Very fortunate guy.
There is a girl
who loves him forever like me.
Shit, son of a bitch!
Make me sick till the end.
You say curses. How nice public prosecutor you are!
Auh, you are so great.
>From now on, l'll call you honey.
l'm sick of serving prisoner.
l want to get rid of him.
Could you take on me?
Let my hands free. Hey, don't you dare to move? you asshole!
He's Notradamus, you shit.
You idiot. Nosrdamus, Wanna bet?
Junks! What are you guys doing? We must be in hurry.
Hey, Mal-Bok!
There is someone who lied that the world would end in 1999.
That bitch! What's his name?
He is 30%like me.
lt's lucky that l look 70%like you.
Hey, change his name into Korean.
Jimmy? what is Jimmy?
Just make an oath and have an interview at the embassy.
Dong-Pal took your personal reference
and supported us in full activity.
l have something to ask you?
How much do you trust me now?
Hey, Hyun-Ji, don't you know yet?
lf l believe someone 51%,
that means l trust him 100%.
Come here!
lf l believe 49%, that means l don't trust him at all.
You guys look really same when you smile.
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