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Nip Tuck 1x08

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Previously on Nip / Tuck:
I don't think I can let myself be vulnerable with a man that I can't have.
Who says you can't have me?
This is out.
Just because we're smoking your shit doesn't make me your bitch.
It's Shabbos. I'm not allowed to make fire.
Make fire. And what else, invent the wheel?
There are rules of conduct laid down centuries ago...
by the wisest men in the Sanhedrin.
Have a little respect and light my bong, Shabbos goy.
That's a Gentile who does the work we're not allowed to do on Shabbos.
Driving, carrying, cooking--
Can you have sex?
Depends on how you interpret ''no plowing.''
I don't get it. You think God's gonna be pissed at you for lighting a match?
God won't give a shit. But I will.
Look, if I follow the rules...
l'lI live a happy life...
and l'lI survive.
That's how come we've been around for over 3,000 years.
Because, for Jews, what's most important is, you know...
living righteously.
Henry, your ride is smooth.
I know. Hanukkah present from the folks.
There's definitely benefits to being a Shabbos goy.
I'm glad you feeI that way, because when we stop at the 7-Eleven...
you get to work the Big Gulp machine.
Man, I love this. I'm so down with this mofo shit!
Dude, you only like it because you're stoned.
You bitch.
Come on.
I think we hit a bird.
Let's go.
Mom's making French toast instead of nuking an Eggo.
ls it somebody's birthday?
I was feeling generous.
-Want to color? -Yeah, sure, honey.
How horrible.
Another war break out while we were sleeping?
Some girI got run over by a hit-and-run driver.
Right near your school, Matt.
Really? What does it say?
''The victim, Cara Fitzgerald, a 16-year-old junior...
''was found near death in a ditch behind CoraI Gables High School...
''by an unidentified homeless man.''
Who could run someone over and then leave the scene of the crime?
Matt, French toast?
Sure, yeah.
Miss Greco, telI me what you don't like about yourself.
My nose.
-Too big, too small? -Too much like my father's.
Miss Greco, not to be presumptuous, but it looks fine.
More than fine, Dr. Santiago. It's the gold standard.
AlI the big models possess the aquiline slope:
Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington.
Well, I'm guessing that Christy Turlington's father didn't rape her.
But don't feeI bad.
When I said I didn't feeI like it...
he'd give me money so I could buy more Barbies.
I thought that was love, you know.
-Did you report your father, Miss Greco? -When I was 14.
My younger sister Janice had the room next to mine.
She was seven then.
I heard him through the walls, whispering to her.
So I called the cops that night.
We went to foster care.
Are you currently in counseling, Miss Greco?
Why does that matter to you?
You seem very angry.
You seem like you haven't really dealt with this.
I've spent 12 years on a shrink's couch.
I'm sick of dealing with it.
Every day when I look in the mirror, I see that man staring back at me.
I want him carved off my face.
Miss Greco, l'd like to recommend a colleague of mine, Dr. Martin Hargrove.
Wait a minute. You're blowing me off? Why?
I think you have unrealistic expectations.
After you change your nose, then what, Miss Greco?
WilI you move on to altering your jawline?
Who the helI are you to telI me in what way I should properly heal?
How dare you judge me when you have no idea what it's like...
to have a dick you can't say no to forced on you for years?
Excuse me. I'm late for a surgery.
Dr. Santiago wilI show you out, Miss Greco.
Good afternoon, Mr. Shane. How are we healing today?
Dr. Troy told me not to take the bandage off, so I don't know.
-Sorry, you are? -Dr. McNamara, Dr. Troy's partner.
l'd really like him to do the follow-up, if you don't mind.
This has been kind of embarrassing for me.
I'm sorry. He's in surgery that went longer than expected.
He asked me to step in.
You had a birthmark removed, Mr. Shane?
Ugly and purple and shaped like an amoeba.
lt was on my balI sac. My fiancée hated it.
AlI right. Let's take a look.
Sorry. Caught a pubic hair there.
There's a pink mark.
That's normal. The laser made a scab which has fallen away already.
That's a sign you're healing properly.
The slight pigmentation that remains--
I was told this would be healed in two weeks.
You have a deadline?
The honeymoon. That's why I paid $5,000.
Well, there's stilI a mark there.
I want Dr. Troy.
I don't mean to be a horse's ass, Dr. Troy...
but, you know, it has been a little traumatic for me.
You're the only one I want handling my penis.
Mike, you're the only man who's ever said that to me.
Very nice. Slight pinkness, but that should fade in a matter of weeks.
You made a promise. Two weeks, you said it would be gone.
It's my honeymoon, remember?
-She hates giving me head. -And you're gonna marry the bitch?
Yeah, just don't telI my girlfriend.
What's that?
Bleaching cream. Twice a day, for a week.
lt ought to take care of any redness that remains.
So, by my honeymoon, no sign of the scar.
Or your money back.
Here she is. ''Fitzgerald, Cara.
''Founding member of the Christian Fellowship Prayer Club.''
According to the paper, there were no eyewitnesses.
-God was a witness. -I mean, who could identify us.
We have to go to the hospital and find out what she knows.
Maybe you'd like to feel the soybean oiI implant.
It's lighter than the saline.
That's exactly what I'm looking for, something lighter.
Now what do we do?
I got a couple of ideas.
-God, you smelI good. -You're alI I think about.
-Really? -Really.
I wanna get the implants.
The door's closed. We don't have to pretend.
No, really. I've decided I wanna get the implants.
Who are you?
I'm Matt.
I'm Matt McNamara.
I'm Cara's mother, Kate.
I don't know you, Matt. Does Cara?
We're friends.
How did you and Cara meet, Matt?
I'm in the Prayer Club.
Cara founded that club.
I thought she couldn't find anybody else to join.
Has she...
woken up?
Not since the accident.
She's not responding.
The doctors say, on a coma scale, she's a six.
I don't understand that, but the doctors say it's almost a blessing.
She is breathing on her own...
and she's not in any pain.
She's not on any medication?
No, that's against our beliefs.
We're Christian Scientists.
Didn't Cara telI you that at your Prayer Club meeting?
So this would be what she'd want.
Sometimes she struggles with her faith...
as I did when I was her age.
The acne, you know.
She wanted to try the Proactiv, but we couldn't do that.
And I would telI her, ''Sweetheart, the light in you is so bright.
''That light wilI one day bring someone into your life...
''that wilI like you for who you really are.''
And in you walk.
God bless you, Matt.
How badly was she hurt?
There are 14 bones in the human face. Did you know that?
According to the doctors, she broke 10.
When they found her in the ditch, her face was so swollen...
that it didn't even look like a person.
She wilI get better.
I know it.
WilI you pray with me?
Dear Heavenly Father...
thank you for sending Cara's friend, Matt, here today to rally her spirit.
It's such a blessing.
Please help Cara to heal in the manner that you see fit.
And, Father...
please help them find the monster who did this to her.
Mrs. O'Hara, after looking at your chart, I have to say I'm a little confused.
You decided not to have breast reconstruction during your surgery.
You then came in for a consultation and again decided against implants.
Now you suddenly want them.
Has something in your life changed recently that's led you to this decision?
I agree that the implants aren't necessary.
So you're against the surgery, then?
No. It's Mrs. O'Hara's choice. It's her body.
I think, and I've told her this...
that she looks spectacular with or without breasts.
No one's ever said that to me before.
Not even your husband?
Jim wasn't very communicative.
Unlike the person you're seeing now?
I didn't say I was seeing anyone.
I'm sorry. I jumped to the new-partner- new-set-of-pressures theory.
For many women, breasts are the root place of sexuaI confidence.
That's right. I would agree with that.
I am dating someone.
No, it's more than that.
I'm in love with him.
It's the first time in years I've felt this alive.
And after the chemo and the pain...
and the living death...
I want to embrace these feelings with every ounce of my being.
I wanna make love to him with the lights on...
without worrying about racing to a lamp because I'm self-conscious.
I don't wanna edit one minute of my life.
Don't do it for him.
No, I'm doing it for me, Sean.
He's having an affair with her.
-Why would you assume that? -Because of their interaction.
She admitted in the room that she was in love with him.
-Sean's not the cheating kind. -That's not necessarily true.
70°% of alI men cheat. The statistics are astounding.
No, I'm disturbed by this.
A plastic surgeon giving his mistress implants...
so that she can be more sexually uninhibited with him.
Don't you find that unsettling?
Wait a minute. Who am I talking with? Of course you wouldn't.
She's been through cancer, now a separation.
This patient seems so fragile to me.
She's making a rash decision for the wrong reasons.
You want me to talk to him?
No, if I make an accusation that's unfounded, he could fire me.
Maybe you could feeI it out.
When he talks about Devon Greco...
casually mention the implants, and see if you sense anything.
Killer. Back up. Why would Sean talk to me about Devon Greco?
I bounced her case over to Hargrove.
She was very upset by your nonchalance.
She asked if there was another doctor here she could speak to.
So I made an appointment for Sean to see her on Friday.
Look, I'm gonna head to lunch.
Thanks for listening to me about Megan O'Hara.
But please don't telI him we had this conversation.
Of course not.
How dare you telI my partner that I'm having an affair with a patient?
I can't believe I was so stupid as to think I could trust you...
with even a moment of vulnerability. You're an asshole.
And you're an arrogant Ph.D. in a Prada knockoff skirt...
who shouldn't be spreading lies about my partner.
Or accusing me of being rude to a consult...
and then trying to bypass my executive decisions.
Who else did you unload on, Dr. Santiago?
The nurses? The janitor?
lf I discover you weakened the morale of this office...
with your unfounded gossip--
What, Sean? You'lI fire me? Are my accusations that unfounded?
You mind your own goddamn business!
This is my business! This patient is my business.
You have put me in a difficult situation...
and this is not the first time you've done it.
Let's take a break.
No, I am sick of the secrets, some of which are mine.
Let's just put it alI on the table.
I'm not having an affair.
I believe you, Sean.
I don't believe you because I know your marriage is in trouble.
You told me that right before your hand crept up my thigh under the table.
Fascinating late-breaking information here at the people's court.
When did this happen?
The day before I hired her.
And did you hire her because you were afraid she'd sue?
Lawsuits usually happen when people are fired after they sleep with the boss.
-ls that a threat? -Wait.
You slept with Grace?
lt won't happen again.
Goddamn it! Are you out of your mind? How could you do this?
Sleep with someone that rejected you?
Leave! Go home.
Just for today.
I don't want her here, Sean.
She's a troublemaker, and her shoes are cheap.
Shut up, Christian. Shut up and let me think.
lf Julia even suspected for a second I was having an affair, that would be it.
She'd file for divorce, she'd take the kids away from me.
I can't risk that.
That's why I would never have an affair.
Give Megan O'Hara the implants, Sean.
Schedule it.
I can't do that now after Grace's ridiculous accusation.
lt would look suspicious if you didn't do the operation.
Grace is obviously deluded, about you, about me.
You have my wholehearted support.
Excuse me. Your son is here to see you.
You said you wanted to do more pro bono work.
What's going on with you? I thought you didn't even know this girl?
I know her. I don't know her well.
I visited her in the hospital.
That story you read really got to me.
Somebody ruined her life, Dad.
Her mother's a fanaticaI religious person who doesn't believe in medicine.
Matt, the line that divides Church and State...
sometimes also applies to medicine and the patient.
You and I might not agree with her mother's beliefs--
When the bandages come off, she is gonna look like a monster.
I can't help her.
You can.
The alligator was removed from the swimming pool...
and taken to a reptile habitat in Key West.
ln other news, a Catholic priest was cleared of criminaI charges today...
after a physicaI exam failed to substantiate a claim...
that he had sexually abused 10 boys over the past 5 years.
The priest, Fr. MichaeI Shannon of the St. Augustine Parish...
proved his innocence, authorities say, when a genitaI examination...
failed to turn up a distinctive birthmark...
an identification alI the boys claimed...
as physicaI proof of their reported violation.
Fr. Shannon spoke to reporters this afternoon after his exoneration.
I want to thank everyone who stood by me through this terrible ordeal.
I want my accusers to know they are forgiven...
not just by me, but by God.
Now it's time for alI of us to put this behind us...
and to focus our attention on the reaI victims.
Those who have been abused by those in power need our prayers the most.
They are the most in need of healing.
Thank you.
Marking pen.
This surgery usually takes two hours, max.
She's been under for three hours.
-We should close. -Does the inframammary falI too low?
It's too low. I think it needs to be higher. Scalpel.
-Why? -I'm gonna do it over. It's not right.
What's wrong?
Are you sure it was him on the news?
lt was him. lt was him, and he lied.
Stop asking questions and offer some solutions.
We shaved incriminating evidence off a child molester's penis...
-and helped him get away with it. -We didn't know!
We didn't know! We thought she was a manatee.
We've acted wickedly. We've turned away from your good laws.
When a man commits any wrong toward a fellowman...
thus breaking with Adonai, he shalI confess the wrong done.
lt was a hit-and-run, Henry.
You think they serve kosher food in jail?
Jail? Why would we go to jail if we turn ourselves in?
We had marijuana in the car. That's 10 years.
-Nobody has to know about that. -They'lI figure it out.
We didn't kilI her.
This could alI go away if we just keep it cool.
-We have to keep a cooI head here. -You may be comfortable with secrets--
What's that supposed to mean?
I'm not! We have to telI someone what we did.
Are you forgetting patient confidentiality?
Bullshit! lf a person is a threat to themselves or others...
the point is moot. We're turning him in.
I don't care about jail. I'm turning us in.
No, you are not, Henry. Be smart.
Be smart, Christian. Word leaks to the media that we turned him in--
-Are you defending this monster? -I'm defending my family.
Word travels fast in our luxurious circle. You know that.
People see that we breached ethicaI agreements...
and suddenly customers don't trust us, and we go out of business.
I've a family to support, two children to put through college.
What about college, Henry?
lf a police record denies you medical school, wilI the world be better off?
We're not going to the police.
-We're going to the police. -And we'lI be called to trial.
The Church, with its bottomless pockets...
wilI investigate every mistake we ever made.
You think Liz wilI be quiet in a room fulI of lawyers?
She'lI lead them to the Everglades, and off to prison we go.
He raped boys!
We have to do something.
lsn't your dad gonna work on her face? lsn't he gonna help us?
We'lI calI the diocese and telI them what we did, anonymously.
And they'lI kick him out and report what he did to the police.
And it's their problem. We'lI be okay.
My dad's visiting her tomorrow.
We're gonna be okay.
Hello, Matt.
Mrs. Fitzgerald, this is my dad.
He's a doctor.
-Hello, Dr. McNamara. -Sean.
Matt tells me you're declining surgery for your daughter.
I've hired a practitioner. One of the best.
The environment at home is much more conducive to healing.
We'lI be moving her tomorrow.
Mrs. Fitzgerald, your daughter was in a serious accident.
Without plastic surgery, she'lI be permanently disfigured.
False evidence appearing real.
Mrs. Fitzgerald, you can't do this to her.
Cara wanted to fit in. You said so yourself. Now, you know how cruel--
Dr. McNamara, I respect your belief in materia medica.
Please respect my right as a parent...
to determine my daughter's course of treatment.
Put that down.
Dr. McNamara, please.
Mrs. Fitzgerald, the x-rays indicate...
that your daughter suffered severaI fractures...
which are encroaching on the optic nerve.
We're praying to heaI that.
Would you like to see if your prayers are working?
Matt, why don't you wait for me in the cafeteria?
No, l'd like to stay and support Cara.
Mrs. Fitzgerald, I'm very concerned.
The cheekbone compression has stopped blood supply to the optic nerve.
-lf we don't correct this with surgery-- -No. We'lI pray harder.
As much as I support your right to do that...
prayers won't stop your daughter from going blind.
She's gonna lose her sight?
ln less than 48 hours, if the blockage isn't repaired.
You have to let me, or my equivalent at this hospital, operate on your daughter.
No, this is an illusion. Please leave.
lf you don't agree to let me operate on your daughter--
You'lI what? Report me, Dr. McNamara? To whom?
l'lI have no choice but to submit an immediate petition...
and take medicaI custody of Cara.
You won't do that.
I love my daughter.
You can see that.
You won't do that.
So since we have medicaI custody...
does that mean we have to pay for her college?
Seriously, what happens after we patch this pumpkin?
We're now legally bound to supervise the operation and her recuperation.
You think it's a good idea to let him watch this?
lf I were a mechanic...
my son would wanna look under the hood with me once in a while.
I gave him the option. He was insistent.
I don't recalI Matty ever talking about this girl.
Me, neither. But I'm proud of him.
He's been so compassionate about her.
lf he didn't get involved when he did, she would have gone blind.
Did you calI them, the diocese?
-Got a machine. -Did you leave a message though?
We're doing this anonymously, Christian, remember?
lt is so shocking to me, parents' disregard for their children's well-being.
Her mother, Devon Greco's father.
By the way, how was that appointment?
Devon Greco? She canceled.
May I help?
I saw on your patient form that you owned your own flower store.
Wrap for you?
-Trying to get in some girl's pants? -Trying to say I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You should put those in water.
Look, I didn't mean to be rude to you.
Well, you were.
Hey, I just sent you flowers. Give me a break.
And l'lI give you one.
You'lI give me a nose job?
I saw him, you know.
My father.
You were an asshole, but you were right.
When you wouldn't give me the operation, I realized, when was it gonna be over?
I have his hands, too, and one toe on my left foot.
I realized, what was I gonna do, make over my entire body?
lf I did that, he'd stilI be winning.
lt was never gonna be over...
untiI I made it be over.
So I looked him up.
Did you get what you needed?
That only happens in TV movies.
He just kept crying...
in his crappy studio apartment...
and saying he was sorry.
He was sick.
He couldn't controI it.
I thought I would cry...
and rage...
and get it alI out.
But I did nothing.
I felt nothing.
What would you have done if he was dead and you never...
got to confront him?
Why do you ask?
It's good that you got to deaI with him and what he did before he died.
Won the battle, lost the war.
Even when he dies...
there'lI be a dozen other bastards rising up to take his place.
And just like him...
they'lI get away with it.
Thank you very much for coming.
You had good time? You did good today.
You did very well. I was very proud of you.
And next week, you'lI be back?
You'lI altar boy next week? AlI right, that'lI be fun.
How do you feel?
Hung over.
Nervous. Glad I did it.
How do they look, doctor?
It's my best work.
So, I read this article...
that said people in a coma can hear everything you say...
even though they probably won't remember anything when they wake up.
I'm sorry I never noticed you before at school.
And I'm sorry you felt so alone.
I did this to you, Cara.
lt was me.
And I'm so sorry.
Dr. McNamara, Dr. Troy on Line 2.
Where are you?
The gym. I needed to clear my head.
Did you hear back from the diocese?
Not yet. Look, if I can't get someone on the phone by 5:00...
we'lI come up with another plan.
Don't worry, Sean. l'lI take care of it.
Good afternoon.
You may begin.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's been 22 years since my last confession.
These are my sins.
Twenty-two years?
That's a long time.
I've lost my faith, Father.
I've drank.
I've done drugs.
I've fornicated with women and discarded them like trash.
I've lost my soul.
The boys you raped...
wilI be saying the same thing in 20 years.
Did you know that?
I know that as a parent of one of my accusers...
it's hard to look at your own child and accept he's lied.
Children make up stories.
I'm not a parent.
I'm your plastic surgeon, Michael.
Remember me?
I've stopped.
I was sick, and I've stopped.
I haven't touched anyone in two years.
ls this a confession, Father?
I've repented in my own way.
God doesn't judge. Why do you?
Are you ready to make a confession, Father?
I have to live with it. I've done better.
When does it stop?
Are you ready to make a confession, Father?
Make your confession.
CalI the police and make your confession...
or I wilI leave you here to bleed out.
I know just which artery to cut.
I can't.
I'm afraid.
lf I go to prison, they'lI kilI me.
Did you really think you'd get away with it?
There was no other way.
After all, aren't you in the business of lies?
I want to stop.
I do.
But when I see the boys...
I feeI things.
Oh, God!
Forgive me.
I want them.
I have pictures.
You want redemption, turn yourself in.
Either way, you're going to jail.
Whether you go to HelI is up to you.
AlI right.
Christian, what have you done? What are you doing here?
-I can't do it, Sean. -You can't do what?
I've been praying...
to forgive, but I can't do it.
The authorities wilI deaI with him now.
Not him.
What did you do?
I let him touch me.
For years, I let him touch me.
Mr. Troy.
Your foster father?
He's dead and I thought that would end it. But it didn't.
Christian, you were just a boy.
lf he abused you...
it was his fault.
He had the power.
He's the one.
I didn't have anything when he took me in.
I wanted to be somebody.
He said he'd give me money...
if I let him touch me.
And I did.
I bought things.
I sold myself.
Oh, God.
I sold myself.
Oh, God.
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Non ti muovere
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