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Nip Tuck 1x01

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Tell me what you don't like about yourself.
My brother would like a new nose.
He's also interested in a new jaw line.
He has severe acne scars, as you can see.
He would like those removed, please.
And my brother's very self-conscious about his hairline.
The Rogaine...
it didn't work.
-I'm sorry. Alejandro, is it? -Yes.
I'm not comfortable having you speak for your brother...
when he's the one requesting such extensive surgery.
Mr. Perez, maybe you could talk to me about--
My brother doesn't speak English.
I'm sorry. I don't speak Spanish.
You live in Miami, and you don't speak Spanish?
Take a Berlitz class, man.
Ass implants. What will they think of next?
We need to switch.
There's a potential patient in my office I don't understand.
Feel him out. See if you suspect BDD.
Will do, partner.
-You put this in wrong. -I'm sorry?
This implant. You put it in upside down.
You save my ass again.
And hers.
Wanna talk about the real reason you came here?
And do me a favor, when you answer, drop the no hablo English bullshit.
lt doesn't add to my confusion about your predicament.
lt only highlights your own. I'm a doctor.
What you tell me during consultation is confidential.
I prefer to let my money talk.
Nice alligator.
$20,000, according to your website. That's your fee.
Funny, isn't it?
How certain things from Colombia have that pungent aroma...
that can stink up a room.
Coffee, for instance.
And, of course, there is the cartel money.
I'm not Colombian.
My brother and l...
we are Argentinean.
Mr. Perez, if you were Argentinean...
I wouldn't recommend porcelain veneers.
It's the only South American country with fluoride in the water.
One last time, why are you running?
I was with the boss' girl.
Mr. Perez, you cad.
I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this.
I don't think this guy's got BDD. His expectations aren't unrealistic.
He doesn't want to look like Tom Cruise.
He's just divorced and wants a fresh start.
Señor Perez...
Single or doubles?
Doubles. I'm meeting my boyfriend.
Can I buy you a drink?
I don't drink.
May I buy you an appetizer?
I don't eat. I'm a model.
How about one for the road?
No, thanks. I have to operate tomorrow.
Are you a doctor?
Plastic surgeon.
Bread, Rembrandt Toothpaste...
mayonnaise, Wolfgang Puck pizzas....
I'm gonna fire the gardener.
Hedges in front are lopsided. Looks like he trimmed them drunk.
Maybe Julia should fire him.
She's better at this sort of thing.
Are you finished, honey?
Take me back to bed, Prince Charming.
Don't you have to explain last night to your boyfriend?
He's not a fiancé or anything like that. He's just a bouncer at Level.
There are advantages to having a bouncer boyfriend.
You never have to wait behind a velvet rope.
You think a girl like me has to wait?
Like last weekend...
my girls and l, we went to that new club, Rendezvous...
and the club owner says to me:
"Right this way, ten."
The perfect 10.
That's what he calls me.
Booked any covers yet?
I'm only 21 .
I got lots of time.
Of course, it takes a lot of discipline and work to get there, to be perfect.
You fix the flaws, you could absolutely be a 10.
Well, what am I now?
You're an eight.
An eight?
You're also 26. You should have worn sunscreen.
But with a light peel under the eyes, you could look...
Even so, you're a very pretty girl, Kimber.
I don't wanna be pretty.
I wanna be better.
I want to be perfect.
I haven't booked anything in two months.
Tell me.
All right. You got a lipstick?
Beauty is symmetry.
Your right eye is half a millimeter higher than your left.
We could fix that with a malar augmentation.
It's a cheekbone enhancement.
I give you BOTOX here and here.
That should provide a good lift. You lrish?
That explains the slightly flat boxer nose.
We could shave the cartilage...
give you that Christy Turlington thing.
And the breast could go one size bigger, a low C...
and you could finish off with some abdominal....
Could finish off with some abdominal lipo.
Pretty much.
These are your problem areas.
Am I really this ugly?
I was Homecoming Queen.
Don't be upset.
Let your shortcomings and flaws fuel you.
Let them push you further than you ever thought you could go.
When you stop striving for perfection, you might as well be dead.
Have you...
noticed anything different?
Like what?
I don't know. It's silly.
But ever since I nursed Annie...
I kind of feel that my boobs are disappearing.
Do you think I should consider something?
Aren't you past all that stuff now?
I forgot.
I should just cut to the chase and have my uterus bronzed.
I didn't mean that.
Let me see.
You've seen them.
Okay, let me see.
Let me just see. Come on.
For your age, gravitationally, they're exactly where they should be.
By the way, I told Annie she could adopt the gerbil...
that her kindergarten teacher's trying to unload--
Sean, didn't you hear me last week?
I specifically told her she couldn't bring it home.
What's the big deal? It's not like a puppy. lt makes messes in a cage.
It's still shit, Sean. And that's more shit for me to clean up.
Come on, Jules.
It's not like you're Mia Farrow tending to 10 paraplegic kids with polio.
You've got two...
and a gerbil...
and a maid.
It's manageable.
What you reading, Matt?
Dad, you asked him that same question two days ago.
Matt's reading about alligators for his science fair project on....
What is it again?
On the vanishing Everglades ecosystem.
Of course, Dad asked me that same question two days ago...
because Dad never listens to anything I say.
Alligators? Sounds interesting.
And scary.
Yeah, they are.
Did you know that at the turn of the century...
settlers dying of starvation used to use dead human bodies as bait...
to lure alligators so they could eat them?
But the funny thing is the gators wouldn't bite. They'd attack.
Then they'd just spit the bodies out.
Why would they spit them out?
Turns out gators find the taste of human flesh...
sort of boring.
But did I tell you that one time...
the settlers saw a wild boar fall into the water...
and the gators went berserk.
lt turns out that pork is the gators' version of the Big Mac or some shit.
This is not appropriate breakfast conversation.
And watch your mouth.
Annie, I told you, when you're around Daddy...
please don't speak in a language he doesn't understand.
We live in South Florida, Sean. English is the foreign language.
Good morning to you, Mr. Sean.
Anything extra you'd like done today?
No, Julio.
Keep up the good work.
God. It's beautiful out here, huh?
It's perfect weather for skipping school.
I want you back by third period, Matty. We agreed.
Here, I wrote you a doctor's excuse.
Listen, and thanks for the medical consultation stuff.
When can we schedule an operation?
Killer. Slow down.
Like it or not, we have to talk to your dad about this.
You're under 18. He has to sign the consent form.
Yeah. He'll never go for it. He's such an asshole.
Don't you call your father that.
You don't know how lucky you've got it.
Besides, your dad is not an asshole.
Robots can't be assholes.
-You're gonna let me drive? -Yeah.
That way, I get to drink.
This is my Joey last year.
He made the tennis team.
-And after the accident? -lt was no accident, okay?
I'm sorry. I'm still reeling, you know.
Can I see the current pictures, please?
-How many grafts has he been through? -We had to stop at five.
He needs three more.
Shitty HMO.
-Miss Michaels, l'd like to help, but-- -Please don't say no.
Can't we make some kind of an arrangement or something?
Like a layaway plan or something?
Miss Michaels, it's not the money. It's the time.
We're booked solid for the next six months.
I understand.
lf I wanted something silly or stupid...
like a goddamn boob job, something you can make a quick buck on...
maybe you could squeeze me in.
Miss Michaels, I'm gonna give you the number of Dr. Michael Lewengaard.
Screw you!
I already went to him.
He blew me off, and then he recommended you...
and that's why I'm here.
Congratulations on your fancy expansion, Doctor.
Looks like you're doing really good for yourself.
And thank you for your precious time.
The next time you've got some little size 4 on your table...
and you're giving her liposuction she really doesn't need...
you think of my Joey...
and what you could have done for him.
Shame on you.
So check out this bombshell.
Julia tells me this morning she wants her breasts done.
lf you're thinking conflict of interest, l'd like to volunteer.
Still have a crush on the missis, do we?
For the record, l'd like it to show that I dated her first...
-and passed off my sloppy seconds to you. -Screw you.
One date, and she didn't let you kiss her.
She thought you were too smooth. My wife's perceptive.
You're not. A lot goes on in your family you don't even know about.
lf my son was getting brutally razzed at school...
l'd have picked up on his changed behavior.
Matt's having trouble at school? He told you this?
He's torn up. I guess he was showering in gym...
and some tough guys were laughing at him, calling him anteater.
Basically, he's self-conscious about his dick...
and he wants a circumcision.
He doesn't need a circumcision. That's a vanity operation.
We're in the vanity business, Sean. It's what we do.
Appearance is everything to a kid. It's how you fit in.
Snip, snip, he feels better about himself...
and you, sir, can make that happen. How cool is fatherhood?
I'm not doing anything to my son's penis or my wife's breasts.
I don't want my family infected by what we do here.
What else do we do here other than make people feel better about themselves?
What we do here is let people externalize the hate they feel about themselves.
Which is why I want to hire a full-time psychologist.
To screen people better.
Great, and let's do yoga in the lobby.
Since BOTOX went wide, it's like a factory in here.
No discernment, no caution.
This is a business. A very good business...
that is on the verge of setting us up for life.
Well, maybe I don't want to be in this business anymore.
Our patient's comfortably in twilight...
ready to be carved up like a Christmas ham.
Let's do it.
You're shaving too deep.
It's fine.
Do you want it fine, or do you want it perfect?
He's on morphine. There's no pain.
He'll be up and around at the hospital by week's end.
Transport ambulance just arrived.
You can ride with him to Dade County if you want.
What's with the mask?
A new breakthrough.
It's polyurethane lined with pulse magnets.
They bring constant rejuvenating blood flow to the surface of the skin.
Dr. Sean, excuse me.
I forgot to ask.
Does the $300,000 cover everything, or is the hospital stay extra?
What's up?
Where'd you hide the extra Perez money?
You want to play accountant, go check the corporate account.
I'm putting that money back into our company.
It's drug money, isn't it?
I don't know. I didn't ask. Neither did you.
-Excuse me, Dr. Troy? -Yes?
The architect is here to show you the marble samples for the steam room.
Steam room?
Our recovery unit addition now has a marble steam room?
I didn't approve that. I wasn't even consulted.
That's a ridiculous, unnecessary expenditure.
You stay out here and moralize.
l'd love to listen, but I have a business to run.
My daughter's getting married next month.
That's why I'm here.
I'm gonna freshen up the eyes a bit.
Wedding photos are forever, you know.
Going bigger?
Mrs. Grubman, right this....
-Julia. -Hi.
To what do we owe the pleasure?
Sean's having a professional sit-down with Matt to talk about the....
So I heard.
Tough stuff.
Seems Dr. Spock did not write a chapter about....
Thanks for talking to him last week.
Everybody needs someone in their life who'll listen, right?
Dr. Troy, I have a 3:00 appointment.
It's now 3:15.
Have me over to the house one of these days.
I miss my family.
Yeah, l'd like that.
So would the kids.
And now all my attention is turned to my favorite patient.
I know you say that to all the girls.
Tell me what you like about yourself.
Look, Dad, I'm grateful that you're treating me like an adult.
But if we have to do this, can we skip the psycho-mind-probe stuff?
Your mother and l thought a lot about this topic.
We didn't give you a circumcision because you were six weeks premature.
Your little fighting body didn't need the stress of an operation.
I could've handled it.
Why did you go to Christian with your concerns instead of me?
Because he's cooler than you, and he listens to me.
I don't get that "father knows best" bullshit from him.
He treats me like a man.
Matt, I'm gonna make an appointment with a psychologist.
I apologize we don't have one on staff here. We should.
What? Why?
You've never bowed to peer pressure before.
I think something's going on.
Look, I just want it, okay?
I don't want guys talking trash about me.
Women don't like it when you're not cut. It's the smell or something.
Even though I keep it clean.
So feel free to skip the hygiene lecture.
Are you having sex with girls?
Not with girls, Dad. With Vanessa.
Maybe you overheard me talking to Mom about her.
She's beautiful.
She's a varsity cheerleader. She can have any guy she wants.
And she chose me.
So you have had sex.
It's getting there, and I know she'll see it and hurl.
Matt, if this girl genuinely cares about you...
she's not gonna care about something as trivial as extra skin.
Trivial? This is my life, okay? This is not trivial.
Look, for once...
just give me something that I need.
How's the patient?
He's pissed. All they have is vanilla ice cream.
When our recovery spa center's done, we'll be serving fresh fruit smoothies.
-Where's your brother? -He was here 10 minutes ago.
lf you want me to do a follow-up, find him.
l've got another appointment in half an hour.
Why would your brother be on this floor?
Here, Mija.
The ice cream will make your tonsils feel good.
Are you the bogeyman?
l just wanted to give her my ice cream.
I didn't want it to go to waste.
-You okay, sweetheart? -Yeah.
-You sure? -Yes.
During our consultation...
your brother said he was with the boss' girl.
How old was she?
She was six.
We have a walk-in problem.
Miss Henry, you've got to calm down.
The contractions from your diaphragm have split five stitches.
ls Christian here? I want my surgeon to do this.
He is in the field with another patient.
I don't understand this!
I haven't heard from him since my operation.
I thought that we were gonna be together.
I think you're confusing Dr. Troy's...
pleasant and very thorough bedside manner with real emotions.
lf it's any consolation to you, honey, you're not the first girl he's done this to.
But at least you got a good set of tits out of it.
So heal in more ways than one and just go on with your life.
Liz, you're out of line.
No, Sean, you are out of line!
You co-own this business!
This reflects on you and your character! Wake up!
The construction workers ripped us off.
They took your computer, your Viagra paperweights, everything.
We weren't ripped off, Christian! I'm quitting!
I'm starting over before it's too late.
Are you at home? I'm gonna come over. We can talk--
It's my turn to talk now, Christian, okay?
The mute finally speaks.
So listen up!
Thank you for using your cock as a lure...
to get emotionally damaged women into our office.
That's a brilliant sales ploy!
Thank you for being so ruthlessly ambitious...
that you would gladly accept drug money. A business transaction, by the way...
that could lead the Feds to our front door.
Maybe you wanna have your license revoked.
Spend your 40s taking it up the ass in prison, but I do not!
I'm losing you.
Do not hang up on me! I'm just getting started!
Thank you for becoming so repugnant to me...
that I'm finally taking charge of my life.
What are you gonna do?
For 10 years, l've been consumed with transforming other people.
Starting today, I'm transforming myself!
ls it on? Okay, it's on.
Christian, tell our viewing audience what we're doing here...
on the night of August 25, 1987.
It's a momentous night.
We're getting your fiancé high for the first time ever.
And we're scrounging to pay for the overdue electricity bill.
See Sean count.
See Sean eat government cheese.
Okay, well, this is our one and only videotape.
Let's tell our audience what all this hard work...
and eating Ramen noodles 24/7, has been about.
Christian, what do you want out of your life?
What I want...
is a girl like Julia.
And a kick-ass practice with Sean...
where we make women feel better about themselves.
My specialty.
Well, we've certainly witnessed that.
Sean, what do you want?
I want you.
I wanna make people's lives better. I wanna make a difference.
Jules, give me the camera.
-Get over there. -I'm fat.
-Get over there. -Not like this.
You look beautiful.
I feel silly. Gosh!
-Jules? -Yeah.
-What do you want? -What do I want?
I'm sorry, sweetheart. I presumed you knew.
Liz told me he was setting up shop next to some fungus-ridden nail salon...
before she quit and left me with no anesthesiologist.
I think our boy's having a midlife crisis.
lf I find him screwing around, you have my word, I will kill him.
You think he's having an affair?
That was out of line.
I'm sure he's not. I mean....
You guys have always had a hot time between the sheets, right?
He told you that?
Used to tell me everything.
I miss him.
I miss him, too.
Have you seen the thing for the thingy? I can't find it.
-ls that new art? -What?
No, I'm just....
I was watching an old tape.
To see how much your breasts have changed?
lsn't that why you changed your hair, why you want implants?
So that he'll notice you, want you again, like he did when we were young?
I just asked him if he thought I needed them.
So he could tell you you didn't?
You didn't get the response you wanted?
-Let me see them. -What?
I'm a doctor, Julia. I do over 300 breast augmentations a year.
More than double the number Sean does.
I'll be objective.
Let me see them.
Symmetry is perfect.
Sagging's minimal, despite two rigorous sessions of breast-feeding.
Tone is immaculate.
How's the sensitivity?
I can't recommend surgery, Julia.
Your breasts...
are perfect.
-Mom? -Yeah?
Uncle Chris!
Look at my new gerbil. I named him Frisky.
Put him down. I want you to give me a big hug.
Come here. Let me look at you.
Oh, God.
I don't want Annie to have to go to public school, Julia.
You have to talk to him. He listens to you. He always has.
You're his compass.
Well, I want a family...
and I wanna go back to school and be a pediatrician...
once you guys get the business established.
I just wanna be happy.
Mr. Sean, I did not see you, sir.
You need to hire another gardener. I just fired Julio.
No, Sean, you need to hire another gardener.
lt took me two years to find somebody...
who would actually show up every week, and clean the pool filter.
Next to giving birth, it's the most difficult thing l've done.
It's your problem.
We have mice.
That's not a mouse, Sean. That's Frisky the gerbil.
-lt escaped from its cage. -Did you try and catch it?
I would have, but I was too busy cleaning up the trail of shit...
it left everywhere.
Okay, what is wrong with you?
You take me for granted.
Did you think I wouldn't find out?
What are you doing, Sean? When were you gonna tell me?
I was waiting for the right moment.
How about last week when you screwed me...
but wouldn't kiss me? We could have talked about it then.
This is the right thing for me.
l've wanted to do pro bono work for a while now.
I'm gonna do that.
I saw this boy the other day. He's horribly burned.
I want to spend my time and my talent working on people like him.
Liz is coming. I mean, she also--
What the hell is it with people in this house...
throwing things at my head?
Finally, some passion! Congratulations!
You're not bloodless after all!
Do you know how long it has been since I have heard you laugh?
Since I have seen you be emotional about anything?
Jesus, Sean.
I haven't seen you cry since Matt was born.
I'm not gonna apologize for that. I'm a surgeon.
lf I get emotional, patients die.
I'm not one of your patients, Sean! I'm your wife!
And on your watch, a death has occurred...
the death of you and me.
This marriage doesn't even have a pulse anymore.
I know that.
And I'm sad about that.
Jules, I realize that we do need to fix something...
and it's not your breasts. We need to fix us.
I want us to be like we used to be. We had parity, equality--
How can we have equality when you don't even respect me enough...
to, at the very least, tell me you're thinking of walking away...
from everything we've sacrificed our lives for?
-Are we being completely honest? -Yes.
I guess I don't respect you like I used to.
Finally. Floodgates open.
What do you do with your days, Julia?
You shop.
You get your vagina waxed like some porn starlet.
You go to lunch with your girlfriends.
Sorry, that seems like easy street to me.
Yet when I come home, you're stone.
You don't show me any respect...
even though I think the life l've given you is pretty goddamn sweet!
You gave me nothing! I made this life with you.
Did you think this is what I wanted...
to be some Stepford doctor's wife? It's not.
Then change your life! Change it like I'm changing mine.
This isn't change, Sean. This is a whim.
You want change? How about my change?
How about me going back to college and getting my doctor's degree...
when Annie goes back to school next year?
That's my change. The change we've talked about for the last 10 years.
Apparently you've forgotten about that.
lf you think that I am gonna go back to the bottom...
and work two part-time jobs and settle my dream again...
so you can whistle your way through a midlife crisis...
you're horribly mistaken.
My God.
When was the last time we went to bed that you didn't hate me?
So I hear your marriage jumped the shark last week.
My condolences.
It's a nice place.
Put a Nagel print up on the wall and you're right back to where we started.
-Christian, I'm not coming back. -Yes, you are.
We worked too hard to get here. Although you won't admit it, you need me.
Just like I need you. I'm the salesman, the planner. You're the talent. We fit.
-We always have. -You'll do fine without me, Christian.
With your corner on the placebo surgery market...
you could easily find another partner.
You think a big change like this will be easy?
lt will not. You want a change? Great. Do the nip-and-tuck route.
Subtle, imperceptible shifts. lsn't that what you recommend to patients?
But don't think that you have the time or the patience...
for an entire life lift.
We're not 27 anymore. We're 40.
Brother, we're on the cusp of the American dream.
It's not my dream anymore.
Here. You left this when you were cleaning out your office.
The first dollar we ever made. It's romantic, isn't it?
I'll be keeping this as part of our settlement.
-What are you saying? -You signed a contract with me.
A corporation contract, and if you forgot, it stipulates...
that if the corporation is dissolved, which I see now that it is...
the disbanding partner has to buy the other partner out.
-I don't want anything but a clean start. -Tough shit. You pay up.
You've got one week, or I hire a lawyer and freeze your assets.
Then I come after your home, your pension, maybe Matt's college fund.
-You wouldn't-- -Try me!
Get a decent carpet in here.
Silvio Perez is scheduled to be released today.
You need to sign him out.
Let him rot.
Oh, God.
Mom, I'm going to go to Vanessa's after school, okay?
No, Matt, you're not. I need you to clean out the pool.
-But, Mom, I can do that when l-- -No, Matt, you're not!
I need you to clean out the pool. I'm sick of doing everything around here.
I am not gonna clean up your shit anymore!
Oh, God.
Yes, Mr. Troy?
Get over here.
Bring the good stuff? And it had better be good.
-We're paying you $1,000 a girl. -This is the best there is, ladies.
Where's your partner? I said I wanted two doctors.
There are 10 girls here.
l've done 10 women before.
I hate to do this up-front, Celia, but....
-You act like this is a drug deal. -lt is.
Let's see how you're healing.
Very nice.
Would you like to see?
-What did he say? -Good job.
The swelling is minimal. You're fine to travel. I'll go sign you out.
Dr. McNamara, my brother has a question.
Can you transform his waistline later today, like you did his face?
We'll pay you $2,000.
I'm just setting up a new practice.
I'm not completely equipped for surgery yet.
He wants a new waist? Tell him to knock off the Cheetos.
How about $20,000? Cash.
Money like that will certainly come in handy...
for a businessman starting from scratch.
-How did you hear about me? -Word of mouth.
-Don't lay flat for four hours. -English?
Tomorrow you'll be one hot bitch.
Hold on.
You mean hotter.
l've one more girlfriend waiting to see you.
Send her in.
Dr. Troy.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Escobar Gallardo, Celia's boyfriend.
I'm also the former boss of Silvio Perez.
-Didn't know you smoked. -Neither did l.
-What are you doing here? -Thinking.
-Thinking about what? -lf I should go through with something.
What's stopping you?
What you would think of me if I did.
Well, don't let me stop you, Dad. You go ahead and do it.
Almost all my friends' parents are divorced. Life goes on.
Your mom and I aren't getting divorced.
We're just taking some time apart.
I was contemplating a work-related matter.
Speaking of work, come on.
Since you fired Julio, Mom's making me sweep the pool.
I shouldn't have to clean up after your mistakes alone, right?
l've been gentle with you, my friend. I'm going to ask you one more time.
I know you operated on Silvio Perez.
You don't know shit!
We checked around town. Your colleagues all turned Silvio down.
But you were repeatedly mentioned...
by your colleagues as someone lacking ethics.
Someone who would take a child molester on as a client.
Silvio stole that money!
He stole my daughter's innocence.
You can understand my lack of patience.
He's in Dade County, under the name of Cordova.
Alejandro, you're not allowed to be in here.
My brother's very nervous this time, Doctor.
This room is not as soothing to him as the other one was.
He misses the plants, the art on the walls.
-lt was very comforting. -So what do you want me to do?
To let me sit in and be with him.
l've always been the one who could calm him down.
Look, if I'm there, he will be fine.
And I have no problem with the sight of blood.
Sorry, no.
We'll give you $5,000 extra.
Alejandro, put on your mask.
Dr. Troy, why didn't your partner come with you today?
I was looking forward to meeting him.
He's in San Francisco at an AMA convention.
Are there any side effects to the drug...
you pumped into my girlfriend's face?
-This BOTOX shit. -No.
BOTOX is a purified serum from the botulism toxin.
It's FDA approved. It's completely safe.
Then why after you gave my girlfriend BOTOX...
did you tell her not to lie down for four hours?
-We tell all patients that. -Why?
BOTOX works by paralyzing the muscles...
such as the forehead, which controls wrinkles, frown lines.
lf you were to lay flat, there's a possibility...
it could drift to areas you don't want paralyzed. Like cheeks.
Why would that be a problem?
Those muscles monitor salivary control, speech motor pattern.
lf the BOTOX drifts there...
you'd look like a stroke victim till the drug wore off.
-How long does that take? -Up to two months in some cases.
That's why I told Celia not to lie down. I was looking out for her.
lnteresting. That's very sweet of you.
Why are you protecting a child molester?
Answer me!
Why are you protecting a child molester?
Your partner isn't in San Francisco.
He checked Silvio Perez out of the hospital four hours ago.
They left together. Where did they go?
I don't know!
You don't know? Well, know this.
Alejandro, sit down.
Wake him up.
Your brother's gonna be fine.
Wake him up, or I'm gonna shoot both of you.
-lf I bring him out too soon, he could die. -Do it!
At 80, he's conscious.
Okay, stop. Come on, move!
Get back.
Silvio, listen. I have good news.
I found out....
Today I was told that my girlfriend is pregnant.
We're gonna have a daughter. She's four months.
That's good, right?
You'll never see my daughter.
I cannot risk it.
You're sick.
You have shamed our family for the last time.
I only wanted you...
to know this so you would understand...
and you would forgive me, please.
Goodbye, my brother.
Stop it. You'll kill him !
It's like that, or with a bullet to the temple! You choose!
One more BOTOX shot, Dr. Troy.
What should we paralyze next?
One last chance.
Your partner didn't go back to your office. Where did he go?
That looks painful, man.
Wait here.
It's your partner. I think we'll take this call.
I'm sorry. Dr. Troy is not available right now.
Sean, hang up!
Dr. McNamara, tell you what.
I'll let you speak to your partner...
if you tell me where Silvio Perez is.
Jesus Christ.
What happened?
I killed my brother.
I have a daughter, too.
You chose the right family, Alejandro.
Let's go.
Wait! What are we supposed to do with this body?
That's your problem.
We have to go to the police.
They'll believe us, right, Christian? Please.
This guy died of an anesthesia overdose.
It's shoddy medical practice any way you cut it.
I'll lose my medical license. So will Liz.
No. I am not going down for this.
I am not gonna have my entire life destroyed because you two screwed up!
Fix this!
So what do we do?
-Are you having a stroke? -BOTOX is kicking in.
Ten shots, all in muscles and motor control sites.
I'm gonna look like Kirk Douglas.
Why'd they give you the shots?
Because I couldn't tell them where Silvio was.
Because I wouldn't tell them where you were.
Do you mind telling me why we bought 12 goddamn hams?
Because alligators are finicky eaters.
Hopefully, they're gonna get confused and eat everything.
Then there won't be any trace left.
I was just thinking...
how I used to do the same thing with Matt when he was little.
Hide the peas in his mashed potatoes.
I didn't know, Sean.
When I booked the job, I didn't know.
I would never work on someone who could hurt our Annie.
I need to believe that.
I think we should hire a full-time psychologist to screen better.
And I want 20% of our client base to be pro bono from now on.
Let's clean out the trunk.
You're a little too good at this. You're scaring me.
Good. It's good you're scared of me.
Rip youyoup
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