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Ninja Scroll

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We lost 300 gold pieces, thanks to your meddling.
I can't go back empty-handed.
You won't have to go back completely empty-handed. Bite?
Is it true they hired you for only twenty gold pieces?
The sword we stole was a treasure given to them by the Shogun.
And they'll only pay twenty pieces to get it back?
You fool!
They're a poor, small clan.
Trying to swindle 300 gold pieces for a sword is asking too much.
You're the fool.
- Shut up! Damn you!
Looks like a nasty storm's brewing...
Can't waste my time here!
Hello there.
That was one terrible storm!
It sure was! The roof got blown off and scared my wife so bad...
that she went into labor.
It was really something.
That's your seventh kid, right?
No, my ninth.
You must really love your wife!
Isn't that Sakichi's daughter from Shimoda Village?
What's wrong with her?
Are you sick?
All dead in Shimoda.
Plague... A great evil force has come.
Don't go near her!
This area's off limits! No one goes through!
This highway's closed until the epidemic is over.
What is it?
Sir, my scout saw a strange group of men...
ride toward Shimoda Village late last night.
It might have something to do with this epidemic...
so I came to tell you, Chamberlain.
Meaning what? That they spread a plague...
as they passed through the village?
Preposterous! Don't even waste my time!
Something's fishy.
Let it alone.
Yes, sir. l just thought I'd tell you.
On second thought, we can't.
This is the order to all of you in the Koga ninja team.
Go to Shimoda Village and find what really happened.
One more thing. If any of your people get infected...
Understood, sir.
The first group will follow the Shirakawa River from the north.
The second will cross Taro Pass from the west.
You'll reach Shimoda Village in about an hour. Understand?
Hikoza saw them. There were only eight. No match for us.
Our real enemy is this epidemic disease.
Hardly worth it.
Why are you here?
You intend to leave me behind, Hanza?
You have your own duties, don't you?
Poison tasting is very important. Don't forget that.
While our lord is away from his domain, the work isn't necessary.
Until he returns... l am one of the Koga ninja!
But it is too dangerous.
You all could be killed out there.
How can l...
just sit and wait here alone?!
Kagero's gotten even more beautiful.
All the more reason to pity her.
It's her destiny. She must hate it.
Enough. Where are Hikoza and the others?
They were right behind us. I'lI have a look.
Hey! What are you doing?
What the...?!
Damn you!
Kagero, get back and tell the chamberlain!
While you still can!
Shut up, and perhaps I'll let you live just a little bit longer.
Don't think that I wouldn't mind raping a dead girl.
That's better.
I'm busy here. Get lost!
Didn't you hear me?
The highway's out and I had to make a detour, but now I'm lost.
Can you tell me how to get to Kakio?
My best hat!
I warned you to get out.
Forget it. Once I get rid of this meddler...
I'll take my time killing you.
What's wrong? Sorry you didn't run when I told you to?
No, just thinking... About your body.
Your body can't be rock hard everywhere!
Move it!
You are indeed a sorry sight. But no need to pursue him so.
I'll kill him!
No, you shan't. Don't forget our mission.
Consider my word as Lord Gemma's order.
Shall we go?
Who was that freak?
Forget it. I don't want to see him again, anyway.
I'm grateful to you. l am Kagero of the Koga ninja.
Jubei. Kibagami Jubei. Are you all right?
I don't need your concern!
The town of Kakio is in the west. Our paths part here.
Who is it?
Kagero of the Koga. There's trouble.
What's wrong?
Twenty ninja led by Hanza attempted to infiltrate...
Shimoda Village a little while ago. They were wiped out.
Really? All of them? Who killed them?
A very formidable opponent. Beyond that, I cannot say.
Useless, all of them.
And you're the only survivor?
Until we learn who he is and what he's up to...
we can't risk sending our men to that plague village.
is THIS way!
Ow... Okay, it's out of your system. Are we even now?
Not yet. I still owe you.
That's just excessive.
If we keep this up, one of us is going to die.
"One of us?"
There's no reason we should kill each other.
If you're not going to end this...l will!
Like hell!
Strange skill you have. But it can't hurt my body.
Seems that way.
What's wrong, monster? Your skin's starting to crumble!
Splendid! Your sword flew swift as the wind itself...
and slashed your enemy like a cyclone's touch.
He was no match for you. Why don't you join me?
Your skills will be of great help for me to fight the likes of him.
You're joking. Who'd want to fight a monster like him again?
You act as if you have a choice. They won't leave you alone.
You've just killed one of the Eight Devils of Kimon.
You didn't beat him by yourself, though.
That Koga ninja woman... lnteresting technique she uses.
Lord Gemma. Everything is proceeding as planned.
It arrives from the Shogun of the Dark by six tomorrow evening.
Very well. Write to him in return.
"We return in three days. There's nothing to worry about".
At once.
Isn't Tessai back yet, Zakuro?
Benisato went to look for him. We're all alone.
Yurimaru... I've always loved you.
I don't need your love.
You're of no interest to me. Now go and stand watch.
So, it's true.
May your dreams be pleasant ones in Gemma's arms.
However, Yurimaru, Gemma makes love to both men and women.
Do you know he makes love to Benisato?
Apparently not.
Where are you headed, stranger?
No place in particular. You?
I'm looking for somebody, and you look exactly like him, so...
Strangers can look alike. I'm Kibagami Jubei, a wanderer.
It was most certainly your face.
Tessai was able to make an impression of it.
His death is your fault.
Weave your spells on someone else!
A cast-off skin.
She shed it like a snake and escaped.
A gang of freaks, one and all.
You've no obligation. I just didn't want you to die yet.
Who are these Eight Devils of Kimon?
A group of ninja who work for the Shogun of the Dark.
You know of the Shogun of the Dark?
He wants to rebuild the House of Toyotomi, the ex-ruler of Japan.
He has 16 lords behind him and is trying to expand his influence.
The most dangerous enemy of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
His power is supported in the shadows by the Eight Devils.
What are they up to here in Mochizuki?
That's what I came here to find out. It's a tough job.
Why don't you work for me, for 100 gold pieces?
A Tokugawa spy wants to hire a ninja?
I'm afraid I have no choice. It's an emergency.
Only I managed to make it here to Mochizuki.
The Eight Devils killed everyone else in my party on our way here.
I need your help by all means!
You'll never get away from them.
You'lI have to fight them sooner or later.
Join me. You can kill two birds with one stone, right?
I don't think so. Now why don't you just leave me alone?
I see. Too bad.
Such a pity...
Such a young man, throwing away his life like this.
You're stubborn.
No, what I speak of is literally of life or death importance to you.
You see, the point of that throwing star was poisoned.
It won't kill you instantly, but in a day and a night...
when it starts to work, nothing can stop it.
Unless you get the antidote. And only I know what it is.
Work for me and I'll tell you the antidote along with the...
hundred gold pieces when the job is done.
You're bluffing.
I speak the truth.
Tell me now. What's the antidote?
Not until you work for me. Kill me and you've killed yourself.
Now you'll need the antidote for yourself.
Poor boy... You've so much to learn.
That isn't the one that hit you.
I threw THAT one away.
Kibagami Jubei... You've lost...amateur!
My name is Dakuan. How do you do?
So, Benisato...
This man, Kibagami Jubei, is a remnant of the Shogunate's spies?
Why didn't you kill him?
Someone interfered.
No excuses!
If he's a government spy, he'll show up here soon.
Be sure to kill him next time!
I don't need your advice to do that.
Yurimaru... I'll tell Gemma about this in bed. Do you mind?
Not at all.
There's something I've been wondering.
Are you, by any chance, the ninja who killed...
the chief retainers of the Yamashiro clan five years ago?
He was supposedly a master swordsman, like you.
The retainers who were killed had gorged themselves with gold...
they secretly dug out of a hidden mine.
The ninja must have killed them by order of the lord...
who wanted to report to the government about the mine.
Because if the government found the hidden gold mine first...
the lord would have lost his fief.
But does that ninja know that after the retainers were killed...
the government received no report about the mine?
Why? If a government spy like you knows all that...
then why don't you do something?
No... Even the government can't move without definite evidence.
Our spies tried many times to infiltrate the clan...
to find evidence, but none returned alive.
The Shogun of the Dark...
He stopped them by using the Kimon ninja.
Why is the Shogun of the Dark helping the Yamashiro clan?
Simple. He wants the gold mine for himself.
Do you know how he found the gold mine before the government?
Because somebody gave him the information.
Somebody who was the leader of the ninja of the Yamashiro clan.
I doubt that. He isn't in this world anymore.
No, he's still very much alive. And you'lI see him soon.
Himuro Gemma is the boss of the Kimon monsters.
Shh! Not so loud!
You can't trick me the same way again!
Don't be hasty. You'll soon know the truth.
But you must admit that you and he share a strange fate.
Stop! You'd kill your own friend?!
- The lord orders it! - As did our leader!
It's a trick! Now that we know the traitors' secret...
they want to get rid of us by making us kill each other.
This is a trap for all of us. Shinkuro, believe me!
Jubei... Forgive me.
His word...
is law!
I avenged Shinkuro and others myself. Gemma can't be alive.
We're getting close. This place is thick with ghosts and blood.
Beyond lies hell itself.
Heaven must have sent this mist to help us.
Where did he go?
Stinking, godforsaken mist!
How could he have dodged Shijima's claw?
Who are you?
I heard a voice chanting the sutra.
I was praying for the dead villagers.
Don't you know an epidemic is plaguing this village?
Poor soul! You'll never leave this village alive.
Here now, let us go to the land of Buddha together.
Have you seen a traveling monk here?
He'll meet Buddha soon enough. I'll send him there.
Such a benevolent nun...
Shit! Another cast-off skin!
Gone... He uses a strange technique...
As do you. Very strange indeed!
Answer me. Are there any others with you besides the monk?
Of course. And not just ten or twenty.
You can send a snake for each and it won't be enough.
All right! I'll tell you the truth.
There's two. One's the traveling monk. The other...
is right behind you.
Lose the snakes. Down to the last one!
You'll be dead soon.
Get rid of them!
Now it's your turn to answer.
What are you doing in this village? Talk!
Twice failed. Unforgivable.
I cast another line onto your neck, but you didn't notice.
In the end, just a foolish amateur.
Idiot! There's still time to suck the poison out!
Poison doesn't work on me. My body's immune to it.
I think I've cleared my debt to you.
Yes. You saved me.
Your name's Kagero, right? What are you going to do now?
That's none of your concern.
If it isn't, then what the hell am I doing here?!
I have to discover their plan.
By yourself? lmpossible!
They're too strong. Think this over.
Stay out of my way.
I've no reason to take orders from you.
Hold a moment, ninja woman of Koga.
My name is Dakuan. Why don't you join us?
This man is my trustworthy assistant.
I wasn't planning on helping a government spy.
Oh, quit complaining!
What do you say, woman?
Our aims may differ, but we three share a common enemy.
And three is mightier than one.
And I happen to have some information you don't know.
Such as who is giving them their orders.
I'll tell you on the way.
I need no friends.
But I may need your information.
Very well.
My, she's a lovely, sexy little thing, isn't she!
What's running through that twisted skull of yours?
Well now, that ninja girl could prove very useful.
She has a technique to poison the man she sleeps with.
The big guy you killed had been poisoned by her.
Anyone who makes love to her dies.
A perfect woman for this hellish world.
Your skill is as marvelous as ever.
No... He was able to kill a mighty ninja like Tessai.
Don't be off guard. It's possible he got away.
The four of you will check it out.
You're a cautious one, Yurimaru.
We have an important mission. We take every precaution.
I know, I know. Don't worry.
Then go.
Yurimaru, Benisato's death... How fortunate for you!
Only things he killed were the fish.
Good. Otherwise we wouldn't get our chance.
It's getting quite interesting, isn't it?
They poisoned the wells and killed the villagers.
And then blamed it on an epidemic disease.
This was their method of keeping the curious away.
They're planning something... very extraordinary.
I'd like to know what it is.
That's fine. Just don't get yourseIf involved too deeply.
It could prove fatal.
I see. Guide the others.
Run for it!
We can't outrun them.
So, the pollen is mixed with a sleeping potion.
But how long will it hold them back?
Why, you...!
You have to hold them off till Jubei kills him!
Do whatever it takes!
Call off your wasps!
I'm afraid you must beat me first.
You don't know anything, do you?
Do you think I ran in here to escape you?
No, I don't.
I have lots of questions for you, but no time to ask them.
No, just one thing. Tell me, is Himuro Gemma alive?
So what if he is?
Because I sent him to hell before.
Is that so? Then I'lI have to be careful.
Unlike Gemma, I don't have the technique to reincarnate myself.
Fool! You've damaged the hive!
The second you come up for air is the second you die!
He's mine! Keep your hands off him!
What about the ninja girl and the monk?
My wasps should finish them off soon.
How far is he trying to run? What a poor loser!
Desperately stinging his body as they do so... Mushizo's lost.
Took his time about it, but he finally killed him.
Reincarnation? Did he mean Himuro Gemma's come back to life?
Reincarnation? I've heard about the technique.
You must control your flesh and blood down to the tiniest bones.
If your limbs or even your head were cut off...
you'd be able to rejoin them.
Reincarnation... That's a technique of immortality.
It can never be achieved by a human being.
It's terrible, but it seems Gemma can.
Anyway, the Kimon monsters are now all after you.
That means I can move easily.
If you're lucky, we'll meet again.
- Right. - Why did you join him?
He hired me... For 100 gold pieces.
You're a mercenary ninja? One who'd do anything for money?
You could say that.
But he suckered me into it. Trapped me.
I'll die of his poison in haIf a day.
He promised me an antidote along with the gold.
That's why I work for him. l can't back out now.
You'd better run for it while I divert their attention.
I can't do that. I'd owe you another debt.
Forget about any debts.
And I told you I don't have to take orders from you.
Besides, I'm ready to die any moment.
You don't have to convince me you're tough.
It's this humid weather!
I wish a storm would come and cool off that hot head of yours.
You're in no position to worry about me.
I remember...
They came on the night of that big storm...
Hey, where can I get a good look at this area?
How about there?
Keep looking!
There's a cliff in front of you! Stop!
Look out!
Fools! They got you so soon? We stilI had a lot to do.
The scent of blasted flesh, grilled to perfection...
Such a lovely smell.
That's enough. Let me go.
It's my fault I fell for their trap.
Shut up! Don't talk!
Let go of me! l don't want your help.
Grab the line!
Just gonna hang onto me all day?
I am Utsutsu Mujuro. I've been longing to challenge you.
He's here for me. Stay here.
You lured me here because I'm blind? ls that your plan?
If you want to kill me, then don't make a sound.
The only sound you'll hear is the sound of your own voice screaming.
I told you to stay back!
Your sight is your weakness.
Outta the way!
Would you give it a rest?! What the hell were you thinking?!
Why have you become so desperate to die?
Shut up! You're the one obsessed with repaying me for saving you!
You act like you've got some kind of death wish!
Is it because of your body?
Is it true the men you sleep with die from the poison?
Embrace me and you'll find out.
My body is saturated with poison.
It's so strong that a touch of my lips will kill instantly.
No one can touch me. Anyone who dares to...dies.
Did the poison twist your heart, too?
How dare you!
I hate people who don't value their own lives.
You've no idea... You couldn't understand!
The cargo from the ship that ran aground in the storm two days ago.
That's what they're after.
They butchered the villagers like animals for it.
Where does this road lead?
Lord Hyobu, is it true? That the Koga ninja who...
went to investigate Shimoda Village were wiped out?
But how...?! This is an emergency.
I'll take my men to the village immediately.
If this is serious enough to jeopardize...
the safety of our clan, we must move very carefully.
That's how small clans like ours can survive.
The ninja woman who survived is continuing the investigation.
Wait for her report.
You're tired from being tensed up all the time.
Get some more sleep.
Those wheel tracks lead to Kashima Harbor.
They're probably going to transport the cargo out by boat.
If I don't stop them...
the dead villagers and Koga ninja will never rest in peace.
I'll cooperate with you till the mission's over.
But if you insult me again, I'll kill you where you stand!
Listen well, you who labor for the Shogun of the Dark.
This mission could very well decide our fate!
This ship will reach the Mochizuki domain in a few hours.
We must retrieve the cargo at any cost!
Understood? At any cost!
The townspeople must have cleared out out fear of the epidemic.
One dead horse was enough to scare them all away.
So, you're still alive. I've been worried.
It's nice to see you, too.
They're waiting for a boat to transport the cargo.
Did you check what the cargo is?
No, I couldn't reach it. But I can guess what it is.
Actually, I guessed before l came here to Mochizuki.
What is it?!
You haven't figured it out?
It's something that has to do with your past.
It's gold, boy. Gold produced from that secret Yamashiro mine.
The ship ran aground during the storm...
Probably on its way to the Shogun of the Dark with caskets of gold.
Gold that's probably been hidden for the last five years.
If it reaches his hands, he'll be powerful enough...
to topple the Tokugawa government...
and plunge the country into another civil war.
We have to stop it at any cost!
Dakuan, someone's followed you.
Girl, what are you doing?!
I'm calling a Koga ninja bird that's in this village.
Calling a bird? What for?
It'll carry my message to the castle chamberlain.
I've discovered what they're after.
In two hours, his army will surround the town.
It's not as easy as you think.
The Mochizuki clan will probably pretend they didn't know.
The future of the clan is at stake.
This is a power struggle between the Tokugawa and the Shogun of the Dark.
If a small clan like the Mochizuki got involved, it will be smashed!
See nothing, hear nothing. That's the best course for the clan.
We'll find out soon whether or not the Mochizuki will move.
So, now what are you playing at?
The man you hired is going to die from your poison.
Tell me how to save him.
Amazing! You've fallen in love with Jubei, haven't you?
Fool! I'm only doing it to clear my debt with him!
I don't think so.
Imagine a ninja woman who believes she falling in love!
If you kill me, there'll be no saving him.
Yes, that's true, but your mission won't be accomplished either.
Damn it!
Calm down! That's the real cure for him.
If you want to save his life, there's no other way.
It's up to you.
Oh, no...
It must have happened when I went off for a moment.
She's most likely dead.
Well, we've got work to do.
We'll get no help from the Mochizuki clan.
Don't fall for their trap.
What if their ship comes while you're at it?
Let her alone! A dead ninja girl isn't that important!
Not important compared to the great mission?
You're as terrible as they are!
Fool! When you fight monsters...
you become one yourself or you can't win.
You damn fool boy! Go ahead! GO TO HELL!
Are you all right?
You're hard to kill. Woman, relieve him of his pain.
Yurimaru, report.
Lord Gemma, all three have been killed.
Idiot! They still live.
I'll kill them myself!
Stay where you are. Lure them there and kill them.
Never would I have imagined to see him here.
I look forward to seeing you again, Jubei.
I'm sorry.
Forget it. I take it the castle retainers haven't taken any action?
It's been two hours.
I see.
You knew it was a trap, yet you came to help me.
It was stupid. Why risk your life for me?
Because you're my comrade.
Yes. We've saved each other over and over since yesterday.
You're my comrade.
The Mochizuki clan is sitting this one out.
Your mission is over.
No, it isn't. I'm still in debt to you.
You can pay it back later.
Not if you're dead!
I'll repay it here!
What are you doing?
The old man told me how to counteract the poison.
"Kill poison with poison".
He said if you make love to me, you'll be cured.
Take me...
Why?! You'll die if you don't!
Why...? JUBEl!
We've been waiting! Load the ship immediately!
You! Well, l warned you, didn't l?
We're screwed. We'll never beat that many men.
I don't intend to let them go. We'll make our stand soon.
What are you planning?
When they finish loading the gold onto the ship...
go to the tower and ring the bell.
While they're distracted, I'll sneak onboard the ship.
When we're out at sea, we won't need any storm.
I'll sink it myself.
Very well.
By the way, did you make love to the ninja girl?
None of your damn business! Now get going!
Gemma... Where are you?
When I die, I'll take you to hell with me!
The Mochizuki clan made a move after all!
Ah, Kagero! You've done a fine job.
Hurry, before they get away! Where are the others?
Don't worry. We've got this place surrounded.
Then hurry!
Stop! It's a trap!
Fools! Sakaki Hyobu died two days ago.
I killed him personally.
Sir, please get aboard the ship quickly.
The retainers of the Shogun of the Dark are waiting.
Leave Jubei to me. Upon my honor, I will not fail.
Please grant me this one wish.
Very well then. Go.
Go away. You're a failure.
Don't hang around me anymore. You disgust me!
So, you are Gemma?
The Mochizuki clan suspect nothing, correct?
Yes. All is well.
You've done a splendid job. l admire you Devils of Kimon.
The Shogun of the Dark will be pleased.
Do you feel the agony, Jubei?
Yurimaru seems to have suffered some ill fortune!
How careless of him to have fallen into my trap.
Now he's the Queen of the Devils!
Let's go.
Don't die! Kagero!
I told you not to come.
I owed you a favor. Remember, Jubei?
It was the first time...
anyone ever treated me as a woman...
and not as a ninja warrior who was completely expendable.
I knew I would become more attracted to you if we stayed together...
but I needed that from you. Please, forgive me.
I'm sorry.
You were the only person who didn't care about my poison soul!
Whether for an antidote... or just from compassion...
I wish we could have made love just once.
I was not honest. l was weak.!
No! It's not over yet!
Jubei... I'm glad...l met you...
Gemma, with the gold's help, our dream will soon be reality.
"Our" dream?
Our great dream to topple the Shogunate...
and restore the reign of the House of Toyotomi.
You don't understand...
how we, the former retainers of Toyotomi, have suffered.
Now it'll be the Tokugawa who suffer the agony and torment.
We'll use the gold to buy the most advanced weapons from Spain...
and defeat the Tokugawa government.
That is the dream of all of us who work for the Shogun of the Dark.
What did you say?!
I said nonsense.
Hold your tongue! You're a mere ninja!
My dream is different.
The gold isn't going to the Shogun of the Dark.
We, the Devils of Kimon, will take the gold.
You impudent...!
I'll use it to organize the most powerful army of ninja ever.
And we'll rule the country with terror and power from the shadows.
Anyone who opposes me, Tokugawa or Toyotomi...
even the Shogun of the Dark himself, shall die.
Meaning the true Shogun of the Dark... will be me.
Well, now, you're here! l was just wishing you'd come.
I'm glad to hear that.
Of course.
Without your help, sinking a big ship like this...
would be impossible!
Ruin your plans?
Not at all.
What's wrong?
Fire in the hold! We're gonna sink!
Idiot! Put out the fire!
Impossible! It's a sea of flame!
Put it out! Fight it!
Move it! Move it!
Forget it! Run!
Master Gemma!
Pass this message to everyone:
"Abandon ship and hide yourselves I'll call for you someday".
- Now go! - Sir!
Jump for your lives!
Did you miss the flames of hell? ls that why you came here?
Kibagami Jubei...
I should've finished you with my own hands.
Stop your whining. It's too late.
You want to avenge the ninja girl Kagero?
She's nothing compared to what I'm going to lose with this ship.
Prepare to lose your life as well.
I won't kill you yet. Not before I make you suffer.
I'll make you pay for smashing my dream.
Your dream? That you were going to be the true Shogun of the Dark?
Don't make me laugh.
If you became shogun, you'd make this a world of devils.
If you enjoy their company so much...
then go back to hell!
I'll kill you...!
No one can kill me.
You of all people should know by now...
I am immortal.
Is that so?
If you keep coming back to life...
then I'll kill you as many times as it takes!
I can't die!
You seem to be rid of the poison, thanks to Kagero.
The combination of a poison-tasting ninja girl and...
a talented lone woIf worked out even better than I had planned.
Go away.
By the way, I'm sorry about losing Kagero. A real pity, that!
But for a scant few moments, she was able to...
be an ordinary girl and make love with you.
Was that part of your plan, too?
Exactly. To read and control people's hearts...
is the true secret of the ninja.
Still, only true sincerity can move the human heart.
A twisted old bastard like me couldn't do it.
You're a hell of a guy. l really admire you.
As promised, I'll be waiting in Edo with your 100 gold pieces.
Come and get it, if you're still alive.
That makes us even. Now never cross my path again.
You've beaten me. I thought I'd shut your mouth in Edo, but...
still, in your condition you likely won't even make it to the shore.
Everything will end just as I planned.
Come with me, let's go out to see the stars
Evening has only just begun
I don't want anything Only for you
To be at my side A smile on your face
A distant summer The two of us alone
Sitting on the beach we used to walk
Trying to retrieve the gentleness
That we left behind
A distant ballad sung to no one at all
I can still hear it even now
It embraces my wandering heart
Just like the cool night wind
Looking at you Only you
Saying things hard for us to say
Times may have changed But I know
My feelings are still the same for you
A distant ballad sung to no one at all
I can still hear it even now
It embraces my wandering heart
Just like the cool night wind
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