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Shit, you're so fuckin' dumb, Zap.|I got the keys!
I... I zapped it.
Zapped it.|That's all you ever do, huh?
Zap things.
You're real dumb, huh?
This is my place.
You show us round|and we lose no time, OK?
I need it.
You'll get it, baby.
Get a move on.|I'll start without you.
This'll stop them messing us about.
I need it.
It's coming ! Just cool it!
Get a move on, Coyotte.|For Chrissakes!
Fuck it!
The light!
Are you guys nuts?
What are you shits after...
apart from trouble?
Is that your old man, Coyotte?
It's not you?
We need a fix.
Going to shoot your baby boy?
Is that it? Come on !|My name's Rico. My name's Rico!
Go for it, Zap, go for it!
Make it good, Zap.|Make it good, huh?
It's gonna be good, Rico!
It's gonna be good !
None left?
Can it!
Out! Hands behind your back!
Put your legs apart. More!
Full name.
Here's a word of advice, cutie.
Just play it cool.|I don't think this bullshit's funny.
Maybe we should wait...
Cool it. I know|what these jerks are like.
It's all for show.
Concentrate.|Put your name and first name.
My name's...
After considering the St-Denis case,|we find the accused guilty...
of the wilful murder|of Georges Henri...
Grégoire Andersen|and Michel Terlin...
all three law-enforcement officers.
In reply to the question|of extenuating circumstances...
the jury has replied|in the negative.
Therefore, the accused is sentenced|according to article 304...
to life imprisonment.
With a 30-year minimum|before review for parole.
Court adjourned.
Let go...
you asshole!
Cut it out.
Let me go...
Hold her!
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
You can't do this.
I don't wanna go like this.
You gotta tell my mother.
She's been told.
So why ain't she here?
Why ain't my mother here?
Can't we wait a bit longer?
She'll come and fetch me.|My mother'll come and fetch me.
What's your name?
Nice name.
Where's it from?
A song.
What's it about?
is this Heaven here or not?
No... But...
it could turn out to be.
You died Saturday at 5 p.m.
The prison doctor confirmed...
suicide after an overdose|of tranquillizers. You're buried...
in Maisons-Alfort,|row 8, plot 30.
Titi... That's Titi !
I work, say...
for the government.
We've decided|to give you another chance.
What do I do?
Learn to read, walk, talk,|smile and even fight.
Learn to do everything.
What for?
To serve your country.
What if I don't want to?
Row 8, plot 30.
Can I sleep a bit|before I decide?
I'll be back in an hour.
Where's the way out?
Straight ahead.
Who're these shits?
Nobody move!|It's OK!
The hell it is!|Nothing's OK!
Open the door!
I can't open it.
Tell them to open the door!
They won't.
I'll blow your brains out.
It's not loaded.
Forget it.|Get off me!
Cool it.
Right, get back to your desks.
Rule 1 , the first bullet's not for you.
That'll clip your wings.
Made your mind up?
That's good.
Fill that out.
If I don't make it?
You'll make it.
We'll start with an easy program.
It's like a typewriter keyboard -|letters and figures.
That's the mouse. There's a roller|under it to move the arrow.
If you press here,|you can make drawings.
Go on then.
There. Gently.|That's good. Gently. Gently!
Bring the arrow back now.|Back up to the corner.
Bring the arrow back here.
Very good.|Now press here.
There you go.
These are the firearms we use.|First, the simplest of all...
the Beretta 93R, 9mm automatic,|20 shots maximum.
The barrel towards the target.
Before learning the correct stance,|get to know the tool.
Target at 10 m.
Used one before?
Never on paper.
Nice and round.
Can't. My leg hurts.
Never mind.|We'll try a reflex exercise.
An easy one.
Get ready.
Now I've taken up my guard.
I want you to try to hit my face.
Next class.
Sit down there.
My dear girl...
you don't look much now-|chewing gum...
but if we work hard together|and if fortune smiles on us...
we'll be able to make you|into a human being.
An intermediary|but necessary step...
before becoming|man's perfect complement...
a woman.
Do you like it?
Can you give me|a definition of grace?
I'm not smart.
Smile then.|That'll be a good start.
Smile when you|don't know something.
You won't be any smarter|but it's nice for others.
Allow yourself to be taken over|by the faint fragility...
which will make|your face beautiful.
A smile.
A smile...
is surface sweetness.
Almost a mood.
Shall we fix the wig?
How's it going?
I wish it had gone.
A sense of humor.|That's a good start.
Made friends?
I get on well with my mouse.
When do we go for a drink?
Not just yet.
No rest in this factory?
That suits you.
I'm going to be 20 next week.
Can't I have just|a bit of leave...
if you trail me?
How's it going?|I've a great program to try out.
Let's open it, huh?
"One white mouse...
"ran into my house.
"I grabbed its tail|and made it wail !"
In 3 months,|she's screwed everything up.
Lost your touch?
She has potential.
I wonder what for, apart from|kicking and biting instructors?
Good agents take time|to train: 5...
6 years maybe.
Oh come on.
I'll give you 2 weeks.|After that, she's out.
Who are you?
I don't know.
But... You are...
What are you doing in my arms?
I don't know.
But now we've got this far...
Maybe it's just a dream.
Oh my darling.
You've made progress,|especially in dance.
In art too.
But in all the other subjects...
nix, zilch...
I'll be right back.
Happy birthday.
Blow them out.
They've given us 2 weeks.
I can't do any more after.
Not a thing.
Are you looking at my hands?
They were beautiful once.
Now, they give me away.
Did you go through this?
Let your pleasure|be your guide.
Your pleasure as a woman.
And don't forget...
There are two things|that have no limit:
femininity and the means|of taking advantage of it.
I don't believe it!
Not ready yet?
You're uptight, Amande.
It's five to|and I hate unpunctuality.
Waiting sharpens the appetite.
Put this on.
God, this hanger's ugly.
I have to finish work.
No way! That'll do!
Only for a minute.
You look beautiful.
Are we dining?
And why?
It's your birthday.
Your 23rd.
Hey, he didn't forget.
Amande, we have a guest.
I thought we'd have dinner...
Shall I go?
The usual, sir?
You know...
you can put your bag down.
Watch this.
Wait a minute.
Taittinger,|king of vintage champagnes.
To your future.
It's loaded.
Six titanium bullets,|plus an extra cartridge.
I don't get it.
There are 3 people behind you.|A woman and 2 men in suits:
a bodyguard...
and a VIP. You've 2 bullets|to kill him.
Then go down to the men's room.
In the end booth,|there's a small window your size.
It opens onto a courtyard.|A corridor leads to the street.
A car's waiting already.
You've 3 minutes.
Please wait until I leave.
Eddy, look down there.
Other side.
Stay there.
Coming !
Miss! Miss! Stop!
Open up!
There's trouble down here.
Open the door...
The window was walled up, Bob!
The window was walled up!
Of course it was...
You filthy shit!
Stop it, Nikita!
It's all over. You get out tomorrow.|You get out tomorrow!
You get out tomorrow!|You get out tomorrow!
Just calm down, goddammit!
We have to...
have to do this sort of exercise|before letting agents out.
You've worked well, Nikita.
and all these years.
I'll miss you.
I'll never kiss you again.
What category...
of mission is she for?
Still as ambitious...
Don't sit down.
6 months set-up time.|I want her for September.
I can't stand you.|I'd have let you die. So toe the line.
You won't be warned. Clear?
How many do I take?
3 at the most.
Marie Clément from Sarlat.|Nurse at the Salpétrière.
You're paid at the bank|opposite the hospital.
Passport, driving license...|And a bonus to help you out.
Your mission code name...
Good luck.
I'm scared.
The worst's over.
Second floor, sunny,|central heating...
and, lucky for you, it's vacant.
Are you in a hurry? Huh?
No, no, not at all...
Good 'cos my register's acting up.
The belt's broken too. So...
I've plenty of time.
That's good.
Push it over and we'll sort it out.
Hey, ravioli.
I'm slow. I've only been here 2 days.|It's really complicated.
Cookies.|Having yourself painted?
God, no tag! Can't be worth more|than 10 francs. Call it 10!
What time do you finish?
Six o'clock.
How about dinner?
10 francs!
It's not finished.
I'm embarrassed.|Usually, I do the inviting.
You've really confused me.|I don't know what to say...
Never mind. Eat.
Yeah, sure... eat.
It's really good.
Hey, something funny|happened this morning...
at the store. Really funny!
That neither.
I know, I'll eat while it's hot.
Don't start what you can't stop.
Sorry, I want you.
It'll get cold.
You were getting it!
I put the kettle on.
Yeah, you did fuck all !
Breakfast, highness. .
There. Shit, I'll be late!
Your highness slept well?
I'll invite Léon to dinner Saturday.
He's missing Britanny, poor guy.
I'll make crêpes.
You know how to?
We might go into business.
Doing what?
Designing boats.
- With him as the eraser?|- Hey, Léon's a nice guy.
I've seen more intelligent bananas.
Give him a break.
Why don't you invite your friend?
You made a friend|in a store, a blond...
didn't you? Last week?
Yes, but I don't know|if she's a friend yet.
This is your chance to find out.
If it doesn't work,|Léon will peel her bananas.
We get on well, huh?
We've been together 6 months now.
How come you never|bring people here?
No relatives, no friends...
Because I love only you.
There you go.
No! Tell him I hate his guts.
The George V bar, in an hour.
Who was it?
The hospital. I'm on duty.
Got a light?
The Régina basement,|in an hour.
Don't move.
Legs apart.
Put that on.
What do I do now?
You wait.
Room service, good morning.
Certainly, sir.
What do I do now?
Go home.
Is that all?
Bob speaking.
How are you?
Fine... I'm just fine.
I wanted to congratulate you.|I'm glad the first job went well.
Have you settled in?
Yes, really well.
I have a fiancé.
Great. I'm glad|everything's going well.
I have to go now, Marie.|Good luck for the next.
I'd like you over for dinner.
I'd be delighted.
Uncle Bob?
Come in. She's in the bathroom.
Let me help you.
You shouldn't have, for the flowers.|Champagne was a good idea.
I'm really pleased...
to meet you. It's...
I haven't met her family before.
The others aren't worth it.
I'll put it in the fridge|before it gets cold.
Delicious. Really.|Wonderful, fine, light...
Stop. I'll never be able to match that.|One last compliment, OK?
I haven't seen her|for a while. She's...
She's radiant. I'm sure|that's thanks to you as well.
My charm's really deceptive.|It's not immediate.
It can take 10 or 15 years.
Tell me, what was she like|when she was little?
No, Marco.
When she was 8 or so.
Marco, you promised!
It's him I'm asking,|Marie, not you.
See, I can't even ask questions.
Do I ask you things?
No, but I wish you would.
I love you all the same.
See, she's a brick wall.
So people say.
At 8, she was so pretty.
She had golden hair in a pigtail.
There was a cousin called Caroline.
Only Caroline could touch|her pigtail. No one else.
She wore a ribbon...
and always had white dresses.
I only saw her when the family|rented a farm in summer.
With the cousins and neighbors,|there were 20 kids...
always causing trouble together.
Marie had her speciality.|She imitated frogs.
She'd squat by the pond|and jump into the mud...
going "croak, croak".|That cracked the other kids up.
She'd come back...
soaked to the skin,|but always with the same excuse:
"I slipped", she'd say|in her quiet little voice.
That's just like her!
Has she told you what I do?
No. See, I can't ask her questions.
I work in a travel agency.|I'm one of the partners.
Two tickets to Venice.
An engagement present.
I don't know what to say.
Don't say anything.
Acajou, acajou?
I feel rough.
Mind the step.
This way!
Oh no, not the gondola, Marie!
Not the gondola,|not the gondola...
from... Venice!
I want you.
Me too.
I'm thirsty.
Me too.
I'm hungry.
Me too.
Copy-cat! Undo my skirt!
- Right away.|- It's undone.
No, take it off.
Here, hold this.
We'd like some San Daniele ham,|a portion of cheese...
and 2 bottles of water.|We get thirsty after sex.
She's crazy.
What did he say?
He has the same problem.
It's all OK then?
Don't move.
The bathroom cabinet|has a secret compartment.
Fine, make that|a green salad then.
They're out of ham.
Call the management.
I want a bath.
Relax and wait for room service.
Joséphine, in position.
First items under the sink.
Assembly completed.
Open the window.
There's no fucking handle!
I don't care!
Know what I'm thinking about?
That day at the store. Your beauty.|I thought life's a bitch...
I'll never have a girl like that...
to share my life with.
I can't believe I'm saying this...
The white boat on the canal...
with a driver in a blue shirt.
To the left, there are 2 people|outside a door.
Take aim on them...
and get ready.
We're awaiting orders.
Can we talk?
OK but stay there.
I know questions piss you off.
I don't know what's up...|what shit you've been through...
to put you in that state.
But I've got an imagination, OK?|And I imagine the worst.
The worst would be a relief.
Who is it?
Room service.
Hello, sir.|Beautiful day, isn't it?
Weren't you out of ham?
OK, it's no big deal.
How many targets?
One but double.
What's he like?
I haven't been informed yet.
My name's Roberto|if you need me...
Yeah, Harry Vederchi.
Target visible in 10 seconds.
Which one of them is it?
I haven't the data yet.
The target, dammit!
The woman.
The woman in brown.
For Chrissakes!
The woman.
The fucking woman!
What's up? Why don't you reply?
You promised not to come in.
I know, but I heard a noise...
I spent 15 minutes at the door.|You could have replied !
You didn't hear me, huh?
This'll keep you going.
Hot chocolate. Cake.
Interested in my vacation?
I know you and your sadistic games.
You're sick, Bob.|I need to tell you that.
Your job's a sewer for you.
I'm happy to see you.
I miss the time when I had you|to myself every day.
An ambassador,|leaving in 5 months.
Get him before he goes.|It's your mission. Choose your team.
You've 5 months. The Boss wants|a clean, smooth job.
I thought of you.
Always on 2 jobs at once, huh?
It's to show I love you.
What a welcome! I'll try again.
There, that's much better.
From now on...
no more "Mr. Cashier". I resigned.
To make boats?
You bet!
It's taken care of.
Who taught you to smile?
You did.
I think we should move.
I thought something...|bigger might suit you better.
He's seeing his mistress there.|You're in for a two-hour wait.
Got a light?
Sorry, I got held up.
Maximilien Jedreck posted|in Paris 7 years ago.
He's keeping data|in the embassy safe...
waiting until he goes home.|Classic.
What sort of data is it?
All sorts: computing,|electronics, mechanics...
Who's the girl?
Anne-Marie. Together for 2 years.|She's an art dealer.
Seems safe enough.
We're not interested in him.
We're after the companies|selling the data...
and to get them, we need proof.
The proof's in the embassy safe?
Yeah and the keys|are in his pocket.
So we know where to look.
Relations are strained.|Go easy and don't hurt him.
Try to work magic, not havoc.
Shit, you scared me!
How do you smell so good|in a hospital?
Woman's secret.
Tell me about|these 3 months of nights.
Tonight's the last.
Damn paintings!
I'm to look after you.
Marie-Hélène, how do you do?
How do you do?
I won't be long.
That'll take some selling.
Who's it by?
A guy who was a pain in the neck|even before I carried his stuff.
What'll you drink?
So you work with Anne-Marie?
Sometimes.|Dad's gallery's near hers.
In the same street?
Yes, a bit further up.
A bit further up,|a bit further up.
Ah, I see.
Thank you.
After the Finnish gallery.
No, further up...
Your elbow!
Lie down.
It's time to sleep.
Christian, it's just|a housewife coming up.
OK, message received.
- Joséphine?|- Yes.
The ambassador uses a code|with his guards.
Yeah but we got it.
They changed it.
Surveillance just told me.
So we drop everything?
Hold on, I'll find out.
No, mission maintained.
What d'you mean?
I mean we're sending|you a cleaner.
It's my mission,|for 6 months...
Shut it!|Orders are orders!
Mission maintained|with maximum priority.
Fuck your goddam cleaner!
Shall we get out?
No, we wait and talk to him.
Maurice, who's coming up?
Calm down! Calm down!
I'll go.
Victor, the cleaner.
Over there.
Bring that one too.
And the driver?
In the trunk.
Go on then, talk to him.
Drop it, OK!|Maybe you've a better idea?
Victor,|we've got to talk first.
What are you doing?
Cleaning up your shit.
Fuck, he's not dead!
You're out of your mind!
Hold him down, asshole!
I've had it!
Come and help me.
Here, here!|I've had it!
Shut your mouth.
Calm down. Help me.
You go...
to the embassy!|Here're the keys!
Cut it out, asshole!
Yeah, I'll cut it out!
Stop it!
I'd better call for orders, huh?
Victor!|No, no, Victor!
I don't stop missions|in progress.
You'll make no calls.
We're going to finish this|or I'll burn your face off, OK?
I'd better come.
No, you'd better not.|Stay here. Give me an hour.
And just calm down.|Calm down.
See you in an hour.
You said an hour.
Time to clean up.
No! You're not cleaning|anything, Victor.
We'll just go|for a little drive.
The mission's not over.
Please, Victor.|I can't take any more of this.
Please, let's go!
Who's that?
I don't know.
Sir?|What's happening, sir?
Oh shit!
Let's get out of here!
They're ready.
Nothing's wrong.
False alert. Calm down.
They've shut the gate.|We can't get out.
We'll call back.
A quick drive|and we'll call back.
Please stop!
Move over.
Look at me, Marie.
My poor love.
They'll wear you out.
The job's too tough for you.
Look at your tiny hands.
They need protecting.
They mustn't get old.
Stop before it's too late.
Why do you say that?
I know everything, Marie.
There never has been|a Marie Clément at your hospital.
I also know about...
the stake-outs, the tailings...
the video cassettes.
Why didn't you say?
Because I love only you.
Thank you.
My little Marco.
You're the most beautiful|person I ever met.
The only one who helped me too.
Are you going away?
Got a little place for me?
You're better in a big place.
I love you.
Mathieu ! I'll go up first.
I'll call if there's trouble.
Come to shoot me?
Don't you think...
she's paid her dues?
Hasn't she the right to live?
Her life's been ruined.
I know all that.
But she ruined a life|a few years ago.
A policeman's.
Those are heavy dues.
She killed for you too.
It only counts when it suits you.
OK, Marco, you know|what it's all about now.
I'm listening.|What do you want me to do?
Protect her.
I'll try...
but she's in danger, Marco.
She took the embassy documents.
She's out of danger then.|I've got the documents.
She left you a note...
but I tore it up.
What did it say?
We'll miss her, huh?
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