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Subtitles for Nightmare on Elm Street 3 A - Dream Warriors.

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Nightmare on Elm Street 3 A - Dream Warriors

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE]A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3 : Dream Warriors [AUTHOR]Squirrel ( [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 0.8b [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:03:18.64,00:03:20.16 Are you crazy? 00:03:20.21,00:03:22.04 You'll wake up[br]the whole neighborhood. 00:03:22.08,00:03:23.98 -Hi, Mom.[br]-Don't "Hi, Mom" me. 00:03:24.01,00:03:25.54 What are you still doing up?[br]lt's past 1:00. 00:03:25.58,00:03:29.54 -l thought l'd wait for you.[br]-Well, l'm home. 00:03:29.58,00:03:31.52 Now you can get to sleep.[br]Come on. 00:03:31.55,00:03:32.71 Andale. 00:03:34.39,00:03:36.29 l'm really not tired. 00:03:36.32,00:03:39.09 Kristen, don't start with me.[br]You know what your shrink said. 00:03:39.13,00:03:40.75 He's full of it. 00:03:40.80,00:03:42.46 l'm not going to let you[br]get me into an argument. 00:03:42.50,00:03:44.06 Now get to sleep. 00:03:44.10,00:03:49.40 Mom, l'm still having[br]those awful dreams. 00:03:49.44,00:03:51.70 Elaine,[br]where do you keep the bourbon? 00:03:52.74,00:03:56.04 l'll be right down.[br]l've got a guest. 00:03:56.08,00:03:58.17 And you don't want[br]to keep him waiting? 00:03:58.21,00:04:00.04 That's right. l don't. 00:04:02.65,00:04:03.81 Good night. 00:04:54.27,00:04:58.76 One, two,[br]Freddy's coming for you 00:04:58.81,00:05:03.27 Three, four,[br]better lock your door 00:05:03.31,00:05:07.94 Five, six, grab a crucifix 00:05:07.98,00:05:12.85 Seven, eight, gonna stay up late 00:05:12.89,00:05:17.55 Nine, ten, never sleep again 00:05:17.59,00:05:22.03 One, two,[br]Freddy's coming for you 00:05:22.06,00:05:25.76 Three, four,[br]better lock your door 00:05:25.80,00:05:29.90 Five, six, grab a crucifix 00:05:29.94,00:05:34.84 Seven, eight, gonna stay up late 00:05:34.88,00:05:37.14 Nine, ten... 00:05:49.19,00:05:51.68 Hi. What's your name? 00:05:51.73,00:05:54.79 Kristen. What's yours? 00:05:57.40,00:05:59.39 What is this place? 00:06:01.64,00:06:04.16 l got to go now. 00:06:05.31,00:06:07.04 Wait, little girl.[br]Don't go in there! 00:06:08.94,00:06:11.07 Little girl? 00:06:53.49,00:06:56.32 This is where he takes us. 00:06:57.36,00:06:58.35 Come on. We're going. 00:07:09.70,00:07:11.43 Freddy's home. 00:08:13.57,00:08:15.93 Put me down. You're hurting me. 00:09:31.71,00:09:34.51 And in local news, two more[br]teenage deaths have occurred... 00:09:34.55,00:09:35.78 both suicides. 00:09:35.82,00:09:37.84 County health officials[br]are at a loss to explain... 00:09:37.89,00:09:39.95 this alarming trend. 00:09:39.99,00:09:43.72 Nothing like a little[br]cheery news to start the day. 00:09:43.76,00:09:47.72 Doc, l got a new theory[br]about all these suicides. 00:09:47.76,00:09:50.73 Don't hold back on us, Max.[br]We need all the help we can get. 00:09:50.77,00:09:53.17 lt's fucked-up chromosomes.[br]Think about it. 00:09:53.20,00:09:55.76 All their parents dropped acid[br]during the sixties. 00:09:55.80,00:09:57.27 lt beats Simms' theory. 00:09:57.31,00:09:59.93 She thinks it's sex,[br]drugs, and rock 'n' roll. 00:09:59.97,00:10:02.57 Shit.[br]That's what keeps people alive. 00:10:03.58,00:10:05.51 Hi, Taryn. 00:10:05.55,00:10:08.24 You don't look so hot, kid.[br]Are you getting some sleep? 00:10:09.95,00:10:11.08 l didn't think so. 00:10:11.12,00:10:12.25 Good morning, Dr. Gordon. 00:10:12.29,00:10:14.15 Good morning, Jennifer.[br]How are the burns? 00:10:14.19,00:10:15.82 Regular, menthol, ultra-light. 00:10:15.86,00:10:17.32 They're healing up nicely. 00:10:17.36,00:10:21.32 l've been good. When do l get[br]my cigarette privileges back? 00:10:21.36,00:10:23.42 Don't hold your breath. 00:10:24.17,00:10:26.33 -Phillip.[br]-Hey, Doc. 00:10:36.04,00:10:37.34 How is he? 00:10:37.38,00:10:38.87 He's cooling down. 00:10:38.91,00:10:40.85 lf he continues having[br]these outbursts... 00:10:40.88,00:10:43.15 l'll have to have him[br]isolated permanently. 00:10:43.18,00:10:44.74 Don't worry.[br]lt won't come to that. 00:10:45.89,00:10:48.98 l read the report[br]on the new staff member. 00:10:49.02,00:10:50.55 What did you think? 00:10:50.59,00:10:54.53 l don't understand why[br]some grad school superstar... 00:10:54.56,00:10:57.09 is being treated[br]like a seasoned pro. 00:10:57.13,00:10:59.83 She's doing ground-breaking[br]research on pattern nightmares. 00:10:59.87,00:11:03.83 We don't need any outside help.[br]l know these kids. 00:11:03.87,00:11:06.90 l don't want some hotshot[br]taking chances with them... 00:11:06.94,00:11:08.64 just so she can get published. 00:11:08.68,00:11:11.74 Dr. Gordon, Dr. Simms,[br]to examination, stat. 00:11:14.62,00:11:17.18 This is ridiculous.[br]l know my daughter. 00:11:17.22,00:11:19.02 She's just trying[br]to get some attention. 00:11:19.05,00:11:20.88 l won't play one of her[br]little games with her. 00:11:20.92,00:11:23.55 Suicide attempt.[br]Just down from Country General. 00:11:23.59,00:11:24.99 -What's her name?[br]-Kristen Parker. 00:11:25.03,00:11:27.65 She was fine[br]until we tried sedating her. 00:11:31.87,00:11:33.53 She tore her stitches out. 00:11:33.57,00:11:36.23 Kristen, we want to help you! 00:11:37.34,00:11:38.57 Hold her. 00:11:43.44,00:11:46.35 l'm Dr. Gordon.[br]l want to help you. 00:11:49.68,00:11:51.48 Be careful, Max! 00:11:52.39,00:11:53.85 Back off, Max. 00:11:53.89,00:11:57.05 Kristen, put the scalpel down. 00:11:57.09,00:11:59.39 Nobody's going to hurt you. 00:12:02.70,00:12:06.83 Five, six, grab your crucifix 00:12:07.94,00:12:12.80 Seven, eight,[br]better stay up late 00:12:13.17,00:12:18.08 Nine, ten, never, never... 00:12:18.11,00:12:19.55 Never sleep again. 00:12:27.02,00:12:29.15 Where did you learn that rhyme? 00:12:42.67,00:12:44.26 Tell me about the kids. 00:12:45.47,00:12:49.27 Well, they're survivors[br]in a way. 00:12:49.31,00:12:51.34 They're all severely[br]sleep disordered-- 00:12:51.38,00:12:53.97 insomnia, narcolepsy,[br]bed-wetting. 00:12:54.02,00:12:55.85 But the nightmares[br]are their common thread? 00:12:55.88,00:12:58.72 Right.[br]They share a group delusion-- 00:12:58.75,00:13:01.28 a boogieman,[br]for lack of a better word. 00:13:01.32,00:13:02.98 They're so traumatized... 00:13:03.02,00:13:05.15 they'll do almost anything[br]not to sleep. 00:13:05.19,00:13:06.63 Anything? 00:13:09.26,00:13:12.56 We lost a kid a month ago[br]to Fairview. 00:13:12.60,00:13:14.57 l don't know where[br]he got the razors... 00:13:14.60,00:13:16.30 but he cut off his own eyelids[br]to stay awake. 00:13:16.34,00:13:18.07 Oh, God. 00:13:18.11,00:13:20.04 Shook the kids up pretty badly. 00:13:20.88,00:13:24.17 By the way, that was great work[br]with the new patient. 00:13:24.21,00:13:25.58 Pretty smooth for an intern. 00:13:25.61,00:13:28.74 l have had some experience[br]with pattern nightmares. 00:13:30.22,00:13:31.85 l've got to get going. 00:13:33.49,00:13:35.42 Let me help you. 00:13:38.63,00:13:40.29 -Thanks.[br]-You're welcome. 00:13:42.70,00:13:45.60 Now, be sure[br]that you check in with Max. 00:13:45.63,00:13:47.86 He'll give you[br]the whole twenty-five-cent tour. 00:13:48.80,00:13:50.90 l'll see you later. 00:13:50.94,00:13:52.41 Oh, Miss Thompson... 00:13:52.44,00:13:53.57 You can call me Nancy. 00:13:54.54,00:13:55.80 You call me Neil. 00:13:55.84,00:13:59.30 What was that nursery rhyme[br]all about? 00:13:59.35,00:14:02.25 lt was just something[br]that the kids say... 00:14:02.28,00:14:05.28 to keep the...boogieman away. 00:14:29.94,00:14:31.14 Anyway, that's group therapy. 00:14:31.55,00:14:34.28 This whole wing[br]is devoted to the program. 00:14:36.48,00:14:37.85 l guess...yeah. 00:14:37.89,00:14:40.35 You can use this office[br]for the time being. 00:14:40.39,00:14:41.95 This will be fine. 00:14:42.66,00:14:44.68 l'll have you set up[br]in your own space... 00:14:44.73,00:14:46.56 by the end of the week. 00:14:46.59,00:14:48.82 The patients' rooms[br]are down this way. 00:14:54.20,00:14:57.57 This is Phillip.[br]We call him "The Walker." 00:14:57.61,00:15:00.57 -Why is that?[br]-Because l sleepwalk. 00:15:00.61,00:15:03.13 A perfectly normal event[br]that our illustrious staff... 00:15:03.18,00:15:05.87 loves to theorize about[br]endlessly. 00:15:05.91,00:15:07.54 Phillip, this is Nancy. 00:15:07.58,00:15:10.88 Hi. Welcome to the snake pit. 00:15:12.09,00:15:13.14 Thanks. 00:15:14.79,00:15:16.09 Nice work. 00:15:16.12,00:15:17.85 They really ought to be carved[br]out of wood... 00:15:17.89,00:15:19.62 but they won't let me have[br]a knife. 00:15:21.36,00:15:22.95 l might, you know... 00:15:27.84,00:15:31.64 This lump over here is Kincaid.[br]Take a good look. 00:15:32.37,00:15:34.97 He gets himself thrown in[br]the quiet room so often... 00:15:35.01,00:15:37.53 you probably won't see[br]a lot of him. 00:15:37.58,00:15:42.52 l do it so l don't have to look[br]at your ugly face all the time. 00:15:42.55,00:15:43.95 l love you, too. 00:15:43.99,00:15:45.25 Nice meeting you. 00:15:49.32,00:15:52.35 They're really good kids,[br]but don't let them fool you. 00:15:52.39,00:15:55.69 They're dangerous--[br]to themselves and to each other. 00:16:03.64,00:16:04.83 Hi, Joey. 00:16:07.31,00:16:09.04 Why, thank you. 00:16:10.14,00:16:12.20 -Hey, Marcie. How you doing?[br]-Great. 00:16:12.25,00:16:15.44 These going to "C" Ward?[br]l'll walk you down. 00:16:16.42,00:16:18.04 See you later, Joey. 00:16:26.53,00:16:29.36 Mrs. Parker, was Kristen[br]acting any different? 00:16:29.83,00:16:33.43 Did you notice anything strange[br]before she made the attempt? 00:16:33.47,00:16:35.59 Kristen specializes[br]in strangeness. 00:16:35.64,00:16:38.07 l've spent thousands[br]on psychiatrists. 00:16:39.84,00:16:41.81 Did she always have nightmares? 00:16:41.84,00:16:44.78 No. They've gotten worse since[br]l took away her credit cards. 00:16:45.88,00:16:47.35 l'm serious. 00:16:47.38,00:16:49.41 l don't know[br]what you want from me. 00:16:49.45,00:16:50.58 Just some answers. 00:16:50.62,00:16:52.61 Other kids are involved,[br]not just Kristen. 00:16:52.65,00:16:54.64 All good kids, smart kids. 00:16:54.69,00:16:58.15 l'm sorry to hear that.[br]You're the experts, not me. 00:16:58.19,00:16:59.96 lf l had any insight[br]into any of this... 00:16:59.99,00:17:02.02 l would share them with you,[br]believe me. 00:17:02.06,00:17:03.53 l'm sure you would. 00:17:03.56,00:17:05.56 Excuse me.[br]l have to get downtown. 00:17:05.60,00:17:07.76 l'll need to get her things. 00:17:07.80,00:17:11.29 l had them packed[br]in a suitcase. Teresa. 00:17:13.04,00:17:15.77 l'll get them.[br]Please, l don't mind. 00:17:15.81,00:17:18.51 lt's the first door[br]at the top of the stairs. 00:22:21.32,00:22:22.98 You. 00:22:23.02,00:22:25.71 Oh, my God. Run! 00:22:28.26,00:22:30.66 Get us back out, Kristen![br]Do it now! 00:22:48.91,00:22:50.54 l used to live in this house. 00:22:50.58,00:22:52.55 That's just a house[br]l dream about. 00:22:52.58,00:22:54.74 Have you ever done that[br]before... 00:22:54.78,00:22:58.08 pulled someone into your dream? 00:22:58.12,00:23:02.25 When l was a little girl,[br]like four or five... 00:23:02.29,00:23:05.38 if l had a nightmare,[br]l'd always bring my dad in. 00:23:06.53,00:23:08.02 The dreams[br]would always get better. 00:23:09.33,00:23:11.82 He used to tell me about it[br]the next day. 00:23:12.33,00:23:14.49 He used to think[br]they were his dreams. 00:23:15.34,00:23:17.24 When did that stop? 00:23:18.24,00:23:20.71 When l was still a kid. 00:23:20.74,00:23:23.57 My folks got divorced,[br]and after a while... 00:23:23.61,00:23:25.48 l just thought[br]l imagined the whole thing. 00:23:26.55,00:23:28.31 l guess l didn't. 00:23:28.35,00:23:30.37 lt's an amazing gift. 00:23:31.42,00:23:34.79 The man in my dreams,[br]he's real, isn't he? 00:23:38.96,00:23:40.52 He's real. 00:23:41.76,00:23:43.73 OK. Group's in session. 00:23:43.76,00:23:46.13 Straight talk only in this room. 00:23:46.17,00:23:49.07 Today l'd like to start[br]getting us acquainted... 00:23:49.10,00:23:52.33 with our new staff member[br]Nancy Thompson. 00:23:52.37,00:23:53.74 Let's make her welcome. 00:23:56.91,00:23:58.67 You've already met[br]Phillip and Kincaid... 00:23:58.71,00:24:00.08 and, of course, Kristen. 00:24:00.11,00:24:04.18 How about the rest of you tell[br]Nancy about yourselves? 00:24:05.82,00:24:08.81 Will, how about you first? 00:24:08.86,00:24:11.12 Hi, l'm Will Stanton. 00:24:11.16,00:24:13.89 l've had a little accident,[br]as you can see... 00:24:13.93,00:24:15.66 ended up in this chair. 00:24:15.70,00:24:19.69 Accident, my ass.[br]You said this was straight talk. 00:24:19.73,00:24:23.83 So he took a jump. He wasn't[br]sticking needles in his arms. 00:24:23.87,00:24:28.40 Save it, Kincaid. Jennifer? 00:24:28.44,00:24:30.34 l'm Jennifer Callfield... 00:24:30.38,00:24:32.61 and as soon as[br]l get out of here... 00:24:32.65,00:24:35.38 l'm going to Los Angeles[br]to be an actress. 00:24:35.42,00:24:37.61 l'm going to be on TV. 00:24:37.65,00:24:40.55 Yeah. "Lifestyle[br]of the Rich and Psychotic." 00:24:40.59,00:24:41.88 Screw you. 00:24:44.69,00:24:47.32 This is Joey. He used to be[br]a debater in school. 00:24:47.36,00:24:50.13 Now he doesn't talk much. 00:24:51.20,00:24:52.69 l'm Taryn White. 00:24:52.73,00:24:54.70 The only reason l'm in here... 00:24:54.74,00:24:57.43 is because[br]it's better than juvie hall. 00:24:57.47,00:25:00.67 Also because l'm going through[br]some very strange shit. 00:25:00.71,00:25:02.50 Your dreams? 00:25:02.54,00:25:05.17 Everybody has bad dreams. 00:25:05.21,00:25:07.70 Can l interject something[br]just to save time? 00:25:07.75,00:25:09.58 Sure, Phillip, go ahead. 00:25:09.62,00:25:11.52 According to our kind hosts... 00:25:11.55,00:25:13.95 our dreams[br]are a group psychosis-- 00:25:13.99,00:25:16.55 sort of a mellow mass hysteria. 00:25:16.59,00:25:18.29 The fact that[br]we all dreamt about this guy... 00:25:18.33,00:25:21.06 before we ever met[br]doesn't impress anybody. 00:25:22.60,00:25:24.09 So we go in circles... 00:25:24.13,00:25:26.93 making minimal progress[br]with maximum effort. 00:25:26.97,00:25:28.33 You won't make any progress... 00:25:28.37,00:25:31.34 until you recognize your dreams[br]for what they are. 00:25:31.37,00:25:33.10 And what are they? 00:25:33.14,00:25:35.37 The by-products of guilt. 00:25:35.41,00:25:39.35 Psychological scars[br]stemming from moral conflicts... 00:25:39.38,00:25:41.07 and overt sexuality. 00:25:41.11,00:25:43.88 Oh, great.[br]lt's my dick that's killing me. 00:25:49.89,00:25:52.95 Tell me what's supposed[br]to be happening again. 00:25:52.99,00:25:56.05 You're being attacked[br]by the bog demon. 00:25:57.36,00:25:58.83 Fourteen. 00:25:58.87,00:26:00.42 Doesn't count.[br]You got to say the words. 00:26:00.47,00:26:03.93 -This is stupid.[br]-Come on. 00:26:07.44,00:26:11.78 ln the name of Lowrek,[br]Prince of Elves, demon begone. 00:26:12.71,00:26:15.81 Good.[br]You conquered the demon... 00:26:15.85,00:26:17.37 but your horse[br]is sinking in the bog. 00:26:17.42,00:26:19.15 What do you do? 00:26:20.45,00:26:24.55 l go to bed, and get a new horse[br]in the morning. 00:26:26.43,00:26:29.26 How do l score that--[br]enchanted slumber or death? 00:26:30.86,00:26:33.59 All right, fellas. Lights out. 00:26:33.63,00:26:35.26 Aw, Max. 00:26:35.30,00:26:37.27 'Aw, Max." You know the rules. 00:26:37.30,00:26:39.33 Come on, Joey. You, too. 00:26:39.37,00:26:41.77 Every time[br]we get a good game going... 00:26:41.81,00:26:43.33 it's always, "Lights out." 00:26:54.29,00:26:57.31 -Good night, fellas.[br]-Night, Max. 00:27:01.56,00:27:03.09 OK, you get first shift. 00:27:04.16,00:27:05.93 Oh, come on.[br]l had it last night. 00:27:07.43,00:27:10.40 Good. Just remember,[br]keep your eyes open... 00:27:10.44,00:27:14.17 and one whimper,[br]and you wake me up, OK? 00:27:28.62,00:27:31.72 -This is nice.[br]-You never been here before? 00:27:31.76,00:27:35.25 No. l think it opened[br]when l was at school. 00:27:35.30,00:27:37.53 Best Thai food in Springwood. 00:27:37.56,00:27:40.80 Of course, it's the only[br]Thai food in Springwood. 00:27:40.83,00:27:43.30 Do your parents[br]still live around here? 00:27:45.07,00:27:46.80 My mother passed away. 00:27:46.84,00:27:49.37 She died in her sleep. 00:27:49.41,00:27:50.93 l'm sorry. 00:27:51.85,00:27:54.54 My father and l... 00:27:54.58,00:27:58.02 Things just seemed[br]to fall apart after that. 00:27:58.05,00:28:00.52 Sounds like a rough time. 00:28:00.55,00:28:01.89 lt was. 00:28:05.03,00:28:09.05 What if l told you that... 00:28:09.10,00:28:12.46 your patients[br]are in real physical danger... 00:28:12.50,00:28:14.33 from their dreams? 00:28:14.37,00:28:19.00 The nightmares are nothing but[br]a symptom of the real problems. 00:28:19.04,00:28:23.27 Then let's just eliminate[br]the symptom for the time being. 00:28:23.31,00:28:25.11 With Hypnocil? 00:28:26.55,00:28:27.77 That's right. 00:28:27.81,00:28:29.68 You want me to prescribe... 00:28:29.72,00:28:31.58 an experimental[br]psychoactive drug... 00:28:31.62,00:28:33.55 to a bunch[br]of suicidal teenagers? 00:28:33.59,00:28:35.78 Just until we get things[br]under control. 00:28:35.82,00:28:38.92 Dream deprivation is[br]nothing to fool with. 00:28:38.96,00:28:41.12 You have no business[br]taking it yourself. 00:28:41.16,00:28:42.79 l used to be like them. 00:28:42.83,00:28:44.85 l know what[br]they're going through. 00:28:44.90,00:28:46.26 So do l. 00:28:46.30,00:28:51.24 You told me they were survivors,[br]and they are. 00:28:51.27,00:28:54.50 But how much longer[br]they survive is up to us. 00:28:56.44,00:28:58.34 l'm sorry, Nancy. 00:28:58.38,00:29:00.68 The answer's no. 00:30:23.23,00:30:24.42 Phillip, wake up. 00:30:29.14,00:30:31.40 Have a nice stroll, asshole. 00:31:18.59,00:31:21.08 What? What are you doing? 00:31:21.12,00:31:22.61 Hey! Come on, man! 00:31:22.66,00:31:24.35 What are you, crazy? 00:31:27.13,00:31:29.03 Oh, shit! What's he doing? 00:31:30.03,00:31:32.23 Get help! Get help! 00:31:46.81,00:31:48.54 What's the matter? 00:31:53.45,00:31:56.15 Don't do it, Phillip! 00:32:04.53,00:32:06.06 God! Stop! 00:32:38.47,00:32:40.90 l want us to talk[br]about last night. 00:32:40.93,00:32:44.10 l want us to get our feelings[br]out in the open. 00:32:45.84,00:32:49.17 He wasn't strong enough,[br]so he got wasted. That's all. 00:32:49.21,00:32:51.91 That's all?[br]ls that what you think? 00:32:51.95,00:32:54.61 He couldn't hack it,[br]so he got nailed. Period. 00:32:54.65,00:32:59.02 Yeah. Big, tough badass.[br]How long will you last? 00:32:59.05,00:33:00.82 Longer than any of you. 00:33:00.85,00:33:03.82 Go ahead and fight.[br]That's what he wants. 00:33:03.86,00:33:04.82 Who? 00:33:04.86,00:33:07.19 Who do you think?[br]What does he want? 00:33:07.23,00:33:10.92 To turn us against each other[br]so we'll be weak. 00:33:10.96,00:33:12.90 -Horseshit.[br]-No, she's right. 00:33:12.93,00:33:15.56 We're all[br]missing the point here. 00:33:15.60,00:33:18.13 Phillip's death[br]was a sleepwalking accident. 00:33:18.17,00:33:19.33 Nothing more. 00:33:19.37,00:33:24.14 No. l could see him[br]up there...his face. 00:33:24.18,00:33:28.44 He was wide awake...[br]all the way down. 00:33:28.48,00:33:32.14 Then it was suicide.[br]Phillip quit. He gave up. 00:33:32.19,00:33:33.48 Joey says it wasn't suicide. 00:33:33.52,00:33:36.35 Listen to me, Joey.[br]Phillip killed himself. 00:33:36.39,00:33:39.12 That's a cowardly thing.[br]That's an empty thing. 00:33:39.16,00:33:41.39 He let himself down.[br]He let all of us down. 00:33:41.43,00:33:44.42 lt was murder![br]Can't you understand that? 00:33:44.46,00:33:46.83 That bastard murdered him ! 00:33:46.87,00:33:49.03 l'm not listening to this. 00:33:49.07,00:33:51.83 How much longer will you go on[br]blaming your dreams... 00:33:51.87,00:33:53.57 for your own weaknesses? 00:33:53.61,00:33:57.47 How much longer will you keep[br]blowing smoke up our ass? 00:33:57.51,00:33:59.54 There will be[br]no repeat occurrences... 00:33:59.58,00:34:01.24 of last night's events. 00:34:01.28,00:34:05.01 Your doors will be locked[br]during sleeping hours. 00:34:05.05,00:34:08.11 We'll start a policy[br]of evening sedation. 00:34:08.15,00:34:11.68 Anybody tries drugs on me[br]will get his ass kicked! 00:34:11.73,00:34:14.59 You just bought yourself[br]a night in the quiet room ! 00:34:14.63,00:34:17.06 -Sit down![br]-Fuck you! You sit down! 00:34:17.10,00:34:18.29 Easy, Kincaid. 00:34:18.33,00:34:22.46 Nobody's putting me to sleep![br]Get away! Let me alone! 00:34:22.50,00:34:24.99 Ain't nobody[br]putting me to sleep! 00:34:25.04,00:34:27.77 l don't want to go to sleep! 00:34:27.81,00:34:29.54 l ain't going to sleep! 00:34:29.58,00:34:31.04 Stay in your seats. 00:34:32.25,00:34:34.58 We'll begin sedation tonight,[br]starting with him. 00:34:34.61,00:34:37.58 You can't.[br]They'll be defenseless. 00:34:37.62,00:34:39.61 That's precisely[br]what they need-- 00:34:39.65,00:34:42.75 some uninterrupted REM sleep[br]to release that negative energy. 00:34:42.79,00:34:45.59 l'm prescribing Hypnocil. 00:34:45.63,00:34:46.85 lt's a dream suppressant. 00:34:46.89,00:34:50.76 l know what it is.[br]l just can't believe it. 00:34:50.80,00:34:52.09 What has she talked you into? 00:34:52.13,00:34:54.46 Nothing. lt's my decision. 00:34:54.50,00:34:57.49 l want these dreams stopped[br]till we get some answers. 00:34:57.54,00:35:00.03 l can't allow that. 00:35:00.07,00:35:01.84 Then l'll go to Carver[br]if l have to. 00:35:01.88,00:35:04.67 He'll either back me up[br]or accept my resignation. 00:35:05.98,00:35:08.88 All right.[br]But if something goes wrong... 00:35:08.92,00:35:10.97 l'll make sure[br]that you're held responsible. 00:35:11.02,00:35:13.71 l mean that.[br]Fully responsible. 00:35:16.12,00:35:17.95 l can't believe[br]l just said that. 00:35:17.99,00:35:20.98 Can we get[br]the Hypnocil by tomorrow? 00:35:21.03,00:35:22.86 We're going to try. 00:35:23.56,00:35:27.86 l hope you know[br]what you're getting us into. 00:35:34.44,00:35:40.14 Ain't gonna dream no more,[br]no more 00:35:40.18,00:35:45.14 Ain't gonna dream no more 00:35:45.19,00:35:50.68 All night long, l sing this song 00:35:50.72,00:35:54.25 Ain't gonna dream no more 00:36:02.74,00:36:04.20 Girl, what are you doing? 00:36:04.24,00:36:06.67 -Watching TV.[br]-l can see that. 00:36:06.71,00:36:10.01 Why don't you read a book?[br]You watch too much damn TV. 00:36:10.04,00:36:11.17 Research. 00:36:11.21,00:36:14.51 Right.[br]You're going to be a TV star. 00:36:14.55,00:36:16.14 Wait and see. 00:36:16.18,00:36:18.65 lf Simms catches you here[br]after lights out... 00:36:18.69,00:36:20.62 she's gonna chew my ass. 00:36:20.65,00:36:22.05 l gotta stay up, Max. 00:36:23.39,00:36:25.12 Just tonight, please? 00:36:25.16,00:36:27.56 l can't handle the nightmare. 00:36:29.00,00:36:31.90 Not after Phillip. Not tonight. 00:36:39.81,00:36:41.33 l never saw you. 00:36:41.37,00:36:43.37 Thanks, Max. 00:37:04.36,00:37:06.73 Hi, sweet stuff. Good news. 00:37:06.77,00:37:08.60 Can't be good news,[br]coming from you. 00:37:08.64,00:37:11.54 -Pulled night duty.[br]-So? 00:37:11.57,00:37:15.34 So, got the keys to heaven,[br]baby. 00:37:15.38,00:37:18.00 -What?[br]-The dispensary. 00:37:18.04,00:37:21.41 l am talking[br]clean pharmaceutical high... 00:37:21.45,00:37:23.28 a night at Club Meth. 00:37:23.32,00:37:25.25 l don't do that shit. 00:37:25.29,00:37:27.91 Yeah?[br]What are those, beauty marks? 00:37:27.95,00:37:31.58 -Those are ancient history.[br]-Oh, yeah? 00:37:31.62,00:37:34.29 lf you're ever in the mood[br]for a history lesson... 00:37:34.33,00:37:36.56 l'm your teacher, understand? 00:37:36.60,00:37:41.56 Stay out of my face,[br]or l'll go straight to Max. 00:37:41.60,00:37:45.06 Who's going to take the word[br]of a crazy junkie chick? 00:37:45.10,00:37:46.47 Fuck off! 00:38:37.46,00:38:40.89 lt's silly to ask, but how many[br]of what did they kill? 00:38:40.93,00:38:44.69 Don't say that. l love animals. 00:38:44.73,00:38:47.86 l bought it red,[br]so l didn't know what it was. 00:38:47.90,00:38:49.66 Probably an artificial bird. 00:38:49.70,00:38:51.47 Ever go to acting school? 00:38:51.50,00:38:55.34 Not in the beginning.[br]l started on a talk show. 00:38:55.38,00:38:58.57 So you don't always say[br]you have to study? 00:38:58.61,00:39:02.07 l think you should[br]study, work... 00:39:02.12,00:39:05.14 then maybe you can make it. 00:39:05.18,00:39:07.38 -Can l ask you something?[br]-Certainly. 00:39:07.42,00:39:09.91 Who gives a fuck what you think? 00:39:24.14,00:39:28.94 One, two,[br]Freddy's coming for you 00:39:28.98,00:39:33.81 Three, four,[br]better lock the door 00:39:53.90,00:39:58.80 This is it, Jennifer--[br]your big break in TV. 00:39:58.84,00:40:01.71 Welcome to prime time, bitch! 00:40:27.67,00:40:30.93 Don't be ashamed, young man. 00:40:30.97,00:40:33.27 This is a place for sorrow. 00:40:34.27,00:40:36.21 What faith do you follow? 00:40:38.98,00:40:40.41 Science, l suppose. 00:40:41.71,00:40:43.20 Sad choice. 00:40:43.25,00:40:46.62 There are times when it doesn't[br]offer much comfort. 00:40:51.06,00:40:54.62 l've seen you before, Sister... 00:40:54.66,00:40:56.56 Mary Helena. 00:40:58.10,00:41:01.56 You do volunteer work[br]at the hospital. 00:41:01.60,00:41:05.20 From time to time,[br]when l'm needed. 00:41:10.01,00:41:12.74 l should have been able[br]to save them. 00:41:12.78,00:41:15.18 Only one thing[br]can save the children. 00:41:15.21,00:41:20.35 The unquiet spirit[br]must be laid to rest. 00:41:20.39,00:41:25.65 lt is an abomination[br]to God and to man. 00:41:31.93,00:41:34.09 Excuse me, sister. 00:41:36.44,00:41:38.49 What are you doing up here? 00:41:38.54,00:41:39.80 l was talking to... 00:41:41.54,00:41:43.20 To who? 00:41:44.61,00:41:46.54 Doesn't matter. 00:41:46.58,00:41:48.55 Are you ready to go now? 00:41:48.58,00:41:49.78 Sure. 00:42:00.63,00:42:02.15 Are you finished? 00:42:02.20,00:42:05.89 Yeah. l'm sorry.[br]l guess l'm not hungry. 00:42:05.93,00:42:07.16 That's OK. 00:42:12.24,00:42:14.73 That's pretty. What is that? 00:42:18.18,00:42:20.74 This is my Malaysian dream doll. 00:42:20.78,00:42:23.87 lt's supposed to bring[br]good dreams. 00:42:24.85,00:42:27.79 l could use some of that[br]right about now. 00:42:35.09,00:42:37.56 You know, l used to think... 00:42:37.60,00:42:39.33 l could do something[br]for the kids... 00:42:39.37,00:42:41.39 make some kind of difference... 00:42:41.43,00:42:44.34 but they're slipping through[br]my fingers, every one. 00:42:45.81,00:42:48.10 You're doing the best[br]you can for them, Neil. 00:42:50.14,00:42:51.27 Am l? 00:42:51.31,00:42:54.47 l'm running out of answers. 00:42:54.51,00:42:57.71 A patient sleepwalks[br]out of a high-security ward. 00:42:57.75,00:42:59.27 A girl alone in a room dies. 00:42:59.32,00:43:01.84 l can't believe[br]this is happening. 00:43:03.19,00:43:04.92 Nothing makes any sense. 00:43:08.53,00:43:10.46 Then maybe you're ready. 00:43:11.83,00:43:13.80 For what? 00:43:13.83,00:43:15.27 The truth. 00:43:16.30,00:43:18.13 Try me. 00:43:18.34,00:43:20.31 Only if you're willing[br]to put aside... 00:43:20.34,00:43:22.64 everything you've learned[br]and trust me. 00:43:23.84,00:43:25.50 Can you do that? 00:43:27.71,00:43:29.24 l can do that. 00:43:34.19,00:43:36.59 Straight talk only in this room. 00:43:36.62,00:43:39.35 -ls this group?[br]-Yeah, unofficially. 00:43:39.39,00:43:43.23 Soon there won't be enough[br]of us left to call it group. 00:43:43.26,00:43:47.16 Listen up, you guys.[br]Nancy has something to say. 00:43:48.27,00:43:50.67 l know who's trying to kill you. 00:43:50.70,00:43:53.67 Don't humor us.[br]We're not in the mood. 00:43:53.71,00:43:57.84 He wears a dirty brown hat. 00:43:57.88,00:43:59.87 He's horribly burned. 00:44:01.35,00:44:04.37 He has razors on his right hand. 00:44:06.95,00:44:08.18 Who is he? 00:44:09.46,00:44:11.89 His name is Freddy Krueger. 00:44:13.26,00:44:16.25 He was a child murderer[br]before he died. 00:44:16.30,00:44:19.32 And after he died... 00:44:19.37,00:44:21.20 he became something worse. 00:44:21.83,00:44:26.64 Six years ago,[br]he killed my friends. 00:44:26.67,00:44:28.44 He almost killed me. 00:44:28.47,00:44:30.20 Why is he after us? 00:44:30.24,00:44:32.54 Yeah. What did we do? 00:44:32.58,00:44:34.67 lt's not you. 00:44:34.71,00:44:39.41 Your parents, my parents--[br]they burned him alive. 00:44:39.45,00:44:42.44 And now we're paying[br]for their sins. 00:44:43.86,00:44:47.59 You are the last[br]of the Elm Street children. 00:44:48.79,00:44:51.73 Mom and Dad--[br]l mean, that's crazy. 00:44:51.76,00:44:53.32 They never mentioned anything-- 00:44:53.37,00:44:56.20 Sure. Parents tell[br]their kids that sort of thing-- 00:44:56.24,00:44:58.20 'Good night. Say your prayers. 00:44:58.24,00:45:01.26 "By the way, we torched[br]some maniac last night." 00:45:01.31,00:45:03.61 So what do we do[br]about this creep? 00:45:04.04,00:45:06.27 Kristen is the key. 00:45:06.31,00:45:10.54 She has a very special talent.[br]A gift. 00:45:10.58,00:45:13.38 l haven't been able to do that[br]since l was little. 00:45:13.42,00:45:16.91 -You did it the other night.[br]-That was different. 00:45:16.96,00:45:21.98 You never lose a gift like that.[br]You just forget how to use it. 00:45:22.03,00:45:23.86 How about it? Will you try? 00:45:25.97,00:45:28.93 All of you have[br]this inner strength... 00:45:28.97,00:45:31.87 some special power[br]that you've had... 00:45:31.90,00:45:33.93 in your most wonderful dreams. 00:45:33.97,00:45:38.21 Together, we can learn[br]to use that power if we try. 00:45:38.24,00:45:39.51 You sound like Peter Pan. 00:45:40.91,00:45:42.61 Remember, open mind? 00:45:44.52,00:45:48.39 Taryn,[br]would you pull the shades down? 00:45:48.42,00:45:51.79 We're going to try[br]a little group hypnosis. 00:46:02.54,00:46:08.84 l want you all to follow[br]this pendulum with your eyes. 00:46:08.87,00:46:10.60 Tune out everything else. 00:46:11.61,00:46:14.55 Nothing else exists[br]but the pendulum. 00:46:14.58,00:46:16.71 Take us there, Kristen. 00:46:17.72,00:46:20.78 Breathe deeply and relax. 00:46:21.99,00:46:24.55 Starting with your toes,[br]relax everything... 00:46:24.59,00:46:27.15 till there's no tension[br]left in your bodies. 00:46:29.23,00:46:30.79 Keep following the pendulum. 00:46:33.27,00:46:35.36 You find yourselves[br]getting tired. 00:46:37.14,00:46:39.80 Nothing would feel better[br]right now... 00:46:39.84,00:46:45.18 than a nice, long, deep sleep. 00:46:46.65,00:46:49.21 l'm going to count backwards[br]from five. 00:46:49.25,00:46:51.77 When l finish... 00:46:51.82,00:46:55.98 you will all be asleep. 00:46:57.02,00:46:58.79 Five... 00:46:58.82,00:47:00.55 four... 00:47:00.59,00:47:02.25 three... 00:47:02.29,00:47:04.32 two... 00:47:04.36,00:47:05.63 one. 00:47:18.58,00:47:19.94 Sorry. 00:47:19.98,00:47:22.50 That's OK. We'll try again. 00:47:22.55,00:47:24.41 Everybody take five. 00:47:31.29,00:47:32.69 l was willing[br]to go through with this... 00:47:32.73,00:47:38.03 for the kids' peace of mind,[br]but you'll have to face reality. 00:48:12.06,00:48:15.97 Joey, l just wanted to get you[br]alone for a second. 00:48:16.00,00:48:19.87 l mean, look, l really like you. 00:48:20.77,00:48:22.80 Do you like me? 00:48:22.84,00:48:24.31 l know this sounds crazy... 00:48:24.34,00:48:27.64 but l make up excuses to come[br]into the ward every day... 00:48:27.68,00:48:29.67 just to see you. 00:48:29.72,00:48:31.65 You're so cute. 00:48:35.19,00:48:37.59 Let's just try one more time. 00:48:37.62,00:48:40.75 lf it doesn't work,[br]l promise l'll-- 00:48:46.83,00:48:48.46 We're here. 00:48:49.47,00:48:53.00 -Where here?[br]-We're in the dream. 00:48:53.04,00:48:56.53 No, we're not.[br]We're still here in the group. 00:48:59.95,00:49:03.04 ln my dreams, l can walk. 00:49:03.08,00:49:05.28 My legs are strong. 00:49:05.32,00:49:08.38 ln my dreams,[br]l am the Wizard Master. 00:49:17.16,00:49:20.15 Try something, Kristen.[br]What can you do in your dream? 00:49:33.91,00:49:36.57 A perfect score.[br]The crowd goes wild. 00:49:38.88,00:49:40.01 Dig this. 00:49:45.52,00:49:47.62 Kincaid, please. 00:49:48.66,00:49:50.13 That's very unnerving. 00:49:50.16,00:49:51.99 Hey, check out Taryn. 00:49:52.03,00:49:54.26 ln my dreams, l'm beautiful... 00:49:55.93,00:49:58.66 and bad. 00:49:58.70,00:50:02.47 l could get into[br]a lot of trouble for this. 00:50:04.41,00:50:07.90 But l know you won't[br]say anything, will you? 00:50:09.15,00:50:11.28 Unzip me. 00:50:25.16,00:50:27.63 Do you like my body, Joey? 00:51:17.22,00:51:21.02 What's wrong, Joey?[br]Feeling tongue-tied? 00:51:55.42,00:51:57.36 What's happening? 00:51:57.39,00:51:59.29 -He's close.[br]-Who, Freddy? 00:51:59.32,00:52:00.48 He's heavy in the halls. 00:52:00.53,00:52:02.46 -Where's Joey?[br]-Freddy's got him. 00:52:06.63,00:52:08.93 Quiet, everyone! Listen. 00:52:16.41,00:52:17.40 The room's changing. 00:52:18.91,00:52:20.78 What the heck's going on here? 00:52:20.81,00:52:22.04 What's happening? 00:52:25.85,00:52:28.45 Get away from the wall. 00:52:33.36,00:52:34.72 Help! 00:52:48.67,00:52:50.61 Don't panic! Quiet down! 00:52:55.75,00:52:58.34 This isn't real! 00:52:58.98,00:53:00.14 Get us out! 00:53:00.95,00:53:02.58 Quiet! The door! 00:53:04.56,00:53:06.96 What's going on in here? 00:53:06.99,00:53:09.96 What's wrong with Joey? 00:53:13.03,00:53:14.33 Code blue. 00:53:14.37,00:53:15.66 Oh, my God. 00:53:23.18,00:53:26.24 He's in a deep coma.[br]There's nothing we can do. 00:53:26.28,00:53:28.54 This is inexcusable. 00:53:28.58,00:53:30.41 The session was unauthorized. 00:53:30.45,00:53:32.54 lt was purposely conducted[br]without my knowledge. 00:53:32.58,00:53:35.42 Unusual steps were called for. 00:53:35.45,00:53:37.75 ls that what l should[br]tell his parents? 00:53:37.79,00:53:40.66 l understand you prescribed[br]a highly experimental drug. 00:53:40.69,00:53:42.39 He's not in a coma-- 00:53:42.43,00:53:45.02 Your opinion[br]is of no interest to me. 00:53:45.06,00:53:49.16 Furthermore, you've created[br]panic among the patients. 00:53:49.20,00:53:51.10 That's not true. 00:53:51.14,00:53:54.59 ln four days,[br]we've had two suicides. 00:53:54.64,00:53:56.13 Now he's in a coma. 00:53:56.17,00:53:59.61 lt's safe to say your approach[br]has failed, entirely. 00:53:59.65,00:54:02.98 You're both relieved of duty.[br]l want you out today. 00:54:06.29,00:54:08.08 l'm sorry, Neil. 00:54:08.12,00:54:10.78 l'm afraid[br]you brought it on yourself. 00:54:10.82,00:54:12.29 For God's sake, Elizabeth... 00:54:12.32,00:54:15.29 will you please just try[br]to help the kids? 00:54:15.33,00:54:17.35 Will you listen to them? 00:54:17.40,00:54:19.19 Of course l will. 00:54:24.30,00:54:26.77 What are we going to do? 00:54:26.81,00:54:29.27 There's nothing that we can do. 00:54:29.31,00:54:31.30 lt's out of our hands. 00:55:10.92,00:55:12.32 Sister! 00:56:54.15,00:56:57.05 This is where it began. 00:56:57.09,00:57:00.32 This wing's been closed[br]for years. 00:57:00.36,00:57:02.59 What was this place? 00:57:02.63,00:57:07.09 Purgatory...fashioned[br]by the hands of men. 00:57:08.10,00:57:11.56 Twisted, lonely souls. 00:57:11.60,00:57:14.66 The worst[br]of the criminally insane... 00:57:15.81,00:57:19.57 were locked up in here[br]like animals. 00:57:19.61,00:57:23.31 This whole facility[br]was shut down in the forties. 00:57:23.35,00:57:25.25 Some sort of scandal? 00:57:26.59,00:57:29.05 A young girl on the staff... 00:57:29.09,00:57:33.68 was accidentally locked in here[br]over the holidays. 00:57:33.73,00:57:38.06 The inmates[br]kept her hidden for days. 00:57:38.10,00:57:42.47 She was raped...[br]hundreds of times. 00:57:43.67,00:57:47.63 When they found her,[br]she was barely alive... 00:57:47.67,00:57:50.64 and with child. 00:57:50.68,00:57:53.87 That girl was Amanda Krueger. 00:57:53.91,00:57:55.50 Her child-- 00:57:56.78,00:58:02.38 The bastard son[br]of a hundred maniacs. 00:58:02.42,00:58:05.88 Some say he was murdered... 00:58:05.92,00:58:08.02 though no body was ever found. 00:58:10.30,00:58:16.26 You said something before[br]about laying him to rest. 00:58:16.30,00:58:19.76 You must find the remains... 00:58:19.81,00:58:23.30 and bury him in hallowed ground. 00:58:30.15,00:58:32.34 Hallowed ground? 00:58:32.38,00:58:33.91 Sister? 00:58:36.42,00:58:40.88 lf your only faith is science,[br]Doctor... 00:58:40.93,00:58:45.42 it may be you[br]that's laid to rest. 00:58:47.77,00:58:49.89 Wait! 00:58:49.94,00:58:51.53 Sister! 00:59:10.66,00:59:12.78 Let go of him, you bastard. 00:59:17.63,00:59:18.79 Oh, my God. 00:59:30.91,00:59:33.24 l've got to go in.[br]We have no choice. 00:59:33.28,00:59:36.27 Getting yourself killed[br]won't help the kids at all. 00:59:38.15,00:59:40.17 Besides, we do have a choice. 00:59:41.35,00:59:43.48 Assuming your mysterious nun[br]is right. 00:59:44.49,00:59:45.79 l've heard weirder things[br]this week. 00:59:48.36,00:59:50.66 All right. Whoever she is... 00:59:50.70,00:59:53.63 she seems to know[br]more about Krueger than l do. 00:59:53.67,00:59:56.76 The question is,[br]what happened to his body? 00:59:58.00,01:00:01.06 They burned him to death[br]in his boiler room... 01:00:01.11,01:00:02.87 and they hid the remains. 01:00:02.91,01:00:04.38 Who would know[br]where they're hidden? 01:00:05.88,01:00:07.44 Only one man knows... 01:00:09.01,01:00:11.78 and it's time for him to talk. 01:00:15.99,01:00:18.58 You can't take Nancy[br]away from us! 01:00:18.62,01:00:19.99 She's all we have! 01:00:20.03,01:00:21.99 You're a sick girl, Kristen. 01:00:22.03,01:00:24.22 lf you want to get better,[br]you must trust me now. 01:00:31.90,01:00:34.17 Take her to the quiet room[br]and sedate her. 01:00:35.54,01:00:38.84 You stupid bitch![br]You're killing us! 01:00:46.75,01:00:48.88 All right, everybody.[br]Back to bed. 01:01:07.67,01:01:08.83 Hi, Daddy. 01:01:13.51,01:01:16.11 Well, if it isn't[br]my little girl. 01:01:18.95,01:01:20.98 My baby come to see her daddy? 01:01:22.85,01:01:24.58 lt's been a long time. 01:01:25.96,01:01:27.95 But you're here. Sit down. 01:01:29.29,01:01:32.46 What did l do to get so lucky? 01:01:33.20,01:01:36.26 l thought that you were[br]trying to forget me. 01:01:36.84,01:01:39.86 That's not true.[br]You're the one trying to forget. 01:01:43.98,01:01:47.43 l need your help, Dad.[br]Krueger's back. 01:01:52.55,01:01:55.95 Fred Krueger is dead. 01:01:55.99,01:01:59.29 You always had a little trouble[br]trying to understand that. 01:01:59.32,01:02:00.79 You know what he did. 01:02:02.99,01:02:04.46 He's doing it again. 01:02:06.23,01:02:07.66 She's telling you the truth. 01:02:08.47,01:02:09.66 l don't believe we've met... 01:02:09.70,01:02:12.43 and this isn't[br]any of your goddamn business. 01:02:12.47,01:02:17.57 We can stop him this time--[br]stop him for good... 01:02:17.61,01:02:20.67 but we need to know[br]where his bones were hidden. 01:02:23.11,01:02:27.48 l've lost too much[br]over this already. 01:02:27.52,01:02:28.99 l'm through with it. 01:02:29.02,01:02:32.22 People are still dying[br]after all this time. 01:02:32.26,01:02:34.38 Stop running away from it. 01:02:36.86,01:02:38.92 You owe me. 01:02:39.86,01:02:41.76 lt was nice seeing you again,[br]princess. 01:02:41.80,01:02:44.29 Next time, don't... 01:02:44.34,01:02:46.20 don't stay away so long. 01:02:55.38,01:02:58.35 l'll be OK.[br]Just give me a minute. 01:03:02.12,01:03:03.28 lt's the hospital. 01:03:14.83,01:03:16.80 -Dr. Gordon?[br]-Taryn. 01:03:16.84,01:03:19.80 You've got to come right away.[br]Kristen had a total shit attack. 01:03:19.84,01:03:22.53 Simms doped her up[br]and put her in the quiet room. 01:03:22.57,01:03:25.74 Simms put Kristen[br]in the quiet room for the night. 01:03:25.78,01:03:28.14 -They sedated her.[br]-Oh, no. 01:03:28.18,01:03:31.15 She can't stay awake for long.[br]She's all alone. 01:03:31.18,01:03:33.65 Freddy's going to get her. 01:03:33.69,01:03:36.45 Just stay cool.[br]Help is on the way. 01:03:36.49,01:03:37.65 Just hurry! 01:03:37.69,01:03:39.16 l got to get there. 01:03:39.19,01:03:42.16 -You go. l'll get the remains.[br]-lt's no use. 01:03:42.19,01:03:44.82 l'll talk to him.[br]Make Simms understand. 01:03:44.86,01:03:46.99 She'll never understand.[br]l got to get to Kristen. 01:03:48.13,01:03:49.50 Be careful. 01:04:04.48,01:04:07.94 My name is Neil Gordon.[br]Pleased to meet you. 01:04:07.99,01:04:09.82 There, now we've met! 01:04:09.85,01:04:11.52 Now listen to me! 01:04:11.56,01:04:15.62 Maybe you don't care whether[br]Nancy lives or dies, but l do! 01:04:17.66,01:04:20.60 You and l are going[br]on a little scavenger hunt. 01:04:38.62,01:04:40.08 Please, God... 01:04:41.59,01:04:43.45 don't make me sleep. 01:04:54.67,01:04:56.33 What the hell are we doing here? 01:05:01.04,01:05:02.53 l won't be long. 01:05:53.83,01:05:55.19 What do you think you're doing? 01:05:55.23,01:05:58.29 Look, l'm sorry. 01:05:58.33,01:06:01.79 l really need this. l got... 01:06:01.83,01:06:04.27 l'll reimburse you. 01:06:04.30,01:06:07.17 You keep my driver's license.[br]l'll be back. 01:06:21.59,01:06:24.08 Max, l need to see Kristen. 01:06:25.16,01:06:28.22 -You don't understand.[br]-Save your breath. 01:06:28.26,01:06:30.16 Dr. Simms[br]gave me specific instructions. 01:06:30.19,01:06:32.59 No one sees Kristen,[br]especially you. 01:06:32.63,01:06:35.50 But, Max, she needs me.[br]She's in danger. 01:06:35.53,01:06:37.13 You got to believe me! 01:06:37.17,01:06:41.20 l really think you mean well,[br]but my kids been dying off... 01:06:42.11,01:06:45.74 and even without Simms' orders,[br]l wouldn't let you near her. 01:06:49.38,01:06:51.87 OK, Max. l understand. 01:06:51.92,01:06:54.28 Can l say good-bye[br]to the others? 01:06:54.32,01:06:55.51 l don't know. 01:06:55.55,01:06:58.35 lt'll be my last chance. 01:06:59.66,01:07:02.59 Five minutes.[br]They're in the TV room. 01:07:07.67,01:07:09.13 Where have you been? 01:07:09.17,01:07:11.14 There's no time. Come on. 01:07:11.17,01:07:13.54 -Where?[br]-Our last group. 01:07:28.49,01:07:29.65 ln there. 01:07:30.92,01:07:34.12 We knew nobody would ever[br]find it in that place. 01:07:36.56,01:07:38.76 l'm not sure[br]l can find it myself anymore. 01:08:09.69,01:08:12.66 lt's deep in the heart[br]of the place. 01:08:12.70,01:08:14.36 Take it slow. 01:08:31.22,01:08:32.88 Straight talk only in here. 01:08:33.92,01:08:35.39 What about Kristen? 01:08:35.42,01:08:37.35 We can't get to her. l tried. 01:08:38.39,01:08:42.02 l was hoping we'd have more time[br]to learn to use the dreams... 01:08:42.83,01:08:46.39 but Joey's in there.[br]Kristen's going in, too. 01:08:46.43,01:08:48.09 They need us. 01:08:48.13,01:08:51.36 We're trying to go in,[br]to link up? 01:08:51.40,01:08:52.89 lt's now or never. 01:08:52.94,01:08:55.87 l'm not going to kid you.[br]This is dangerous. 01:08:55.91,01:08:58.43 lf you die in this dream,[br]it's for real. 01:08:58.48,01:09:01.14 Nobody has to go in[br]that doesn't want to. 01:09:04.92,01:09:06.54 l'm in. 01:09:06.58,01:09:09.64 Me, too. 01:09:11.12,01:09:14.06 Let's go kick the motherfucker's[br]ass all over dreamland. 01:09:15.46,01:09:19.16 Remember, you have to stay[br]together whatever happens. 01:09:19.20,01:09:21.17 That's the only way[br]we can beat him. 01:09:27.54,01:09:30.53 All right.[br]Clear your mind of everything. 01:09:35.55,01:09:38.34 Picture yourself[br]in the quiet room... 01:09:38.38,01:09:41.18 the soft, white walls... 01:09:41.22,01:09:43.48 the total silence... 01:09:43.52,01:09:46.39 only the sound[br]of your heart beating. 01:09:46.42,01:09:49.55 Picture yourself there[br]with Kristen. 01:09:49.59,01:09:53.16 l'm going to count backwards[br]from five... 01:09:53.20,01:09:56.26 and when l'm done,[br]we'll all be asleep. 01:09:56.30,01:09:59.29 We'll all be in the quiet room. 01:10:01.67,01:10:02.83 Five... 01:10:05.34,01:10:06.44 four... 01:10:09.31,01:10:10.47 three... 01:10:13.35,01:10:14.51 two... 01:10:16.85,01:10:18.01 one. 01:10:22.86,01:10:24.33 l knew you'd come. 01:10:24.36,01:10:26.26 We wouldn't let you go in alone. 01:10:26.30,01:10:29.32 No way. We're a team ! 01:10:29.37,01:10:33.33 Listen, everybody.[br]Joey needs us. l can feel him. 01:10:33.37,01:10:34.96 Where is he? 01:10:35.74,01:10:37.21 How do we find him? 01:10:45.88,01:10:48.08 Stay in the middle of the room ! 01:10:50.96,01:10:52.29 Whatever happens, stay together! 01:11:09.74,01:11:12.57 You'll wake up[br]the whole neighborhood. 01:11:13.74,01:11:16.74 Why are you still up?[br]lt's past 1:00. 01:11:18.48,01:11:22.71 l just thought l'd wait for you. 01:11:22.75,01:11:25.09 Well, l'm home. 01:11:25.12,01:11:26.61 You can get to sleep now.[br]Come on. 01:11:26.66,01:11:27.75 Andale. 01:11:35.43,01:11:36.90 What's that for? 01:11:36.93,01:11:38.93 l'm just glad you're home. 01:11:45.21,01:11:48.24 Mom, l had the most awful dream. 01:11:48.28,01:11:51.25 Elaine,[br]where do you keep the bourbon? 01:11:51.28,01:11:52.77 l'll be right down. 01:11:54.05,01:11:56.02 Kris, l've got a guest. 01:11:56.05,01:11:58.54 l just don't want to be alone. 01:12:00.79,01:12:04.42 l said[br]where's the fucking bourbon? 01:12:06.70,01:12:09.10 You should listen[br]to your mother! 01:12:09.13,01:12:11.10 God damn it, Kristen,[br]you ruin everything! 01:12:11.14,01:12:12.83 Every time l bring a man home,[br]you spoil it! 01:12:12.87,01:12:16.60 You know what your shrink says?[br]You just want attention! 01:12:52.48,01:12:53.97 ls that you? 01:13:48.40,01:13:50.53 Welcome home, Taryn. 01:13:51.80,01:13:53.27 Look familiar? 01:13:53.30,01:13:57.40 OK, asshole, let's dance! 01:14:12.29,01:14:14.88 Why should we fight? 01:14:14.93,01:14:17.39 We're old friends, you and l. 01:14:17.43,01:14:18.92 Remember? 01:14:22.43,01:14:24.49 Let's get high. 01:14:46.32,01:14:48.45 What a rush. 01:15:03.04,01:15:06.03 You guys? Where are you? 01:15:10.21,01:15:12.01 ls somebody there? 01:15:32.50,01:15:35.13 You look tired. 01:15:35.17,01:15:36.66 Have a seat. 01:15:37.74,01:15:41.20 No, thanks.[br]l'm fine just the way l am. 01:15:41.25,01:15:43.24 For now, maybe. 01:15:43.28,01:15:45.21 But when you wake up... 01:15:47.12,01:15:49.59 it's back... 01:15:49.62,01:15:52.09 in the saddle... 01:15:52.12,01:15:53.99 again. 01:16:01.57,01:16:03.66 My leg! 01:16:08.21,01:16:10.97 lt's the chair for you, kid! 01:16:11.01,01:16:12.53 l am the Wizard Master. 01:16:15.51,01:16:16.88 l am the Wizard Master! 01:16:26.89,01:16:31.19 ln the name of Lowrek,[br]Prince of Elves, demon begone! 01:16:40.57,01:16:44.41 Sorry, kid.[br]l don't believe in fairy tales. 01:16:52.75,01:16:54.58 Somebody? 01:17:06.36,01:17:07.80 What is that? 01:17:07.83,01:17:09.56 l don't know. 01:17:16.17,01:17:17.97 Yo. l thought l heard voices. 01:17:19.21,01:17:20.54 Kincaid, l could kiss you. 01:17:25.35,01:17:27.18 What's stopping you? 01:17:28.72,01:17:30.48 Cool. So where's Joey? 01:17:30.52,01:17:32.61 l don't know.[br]This place is a maze. 01:17:32.66,01:17:35.32 lt's time to stop guessin'[br]and start messin'. 01:17:35.36,01:17:38.56 Yo, Freddy, where you hiding,[br]you burnt-face pussy! 01:17:38.60,01:17:40.39 We should find the others first. 01:17:40.43,01:17:42.90 You think you're hot shit,[br]don't you? 01:17:42.93,01:17:44.42 Come get a piece of me! 01:17:44.47,01:17:47.10 Krueger, pussy! 01:17:48.57,01:17:51.04 l knew he was a little chicken. 01:17:51.08,01:17:52.41 Shit. 01:18:07.36,01:18:10.73 -lt's a door.[br]-But it doesn't go anywhere. 01:18:11.90,01:18:13.62 Yes, it does. 01:18:28.01,01:18:29.14 This is it. 01:18:29.18,01:18:30.77 Are you ready? 01:18:33.52,01:18:35.58 Let's snuff the sucker. 01:19:21.73,01:19:23.70 That's it. 01:19:24.70,01:19:26.19 The Caddy. 01:20:31.84,01:20:34.07 Going somewhere? 01:20:37.84,01:20:41.47 l said l'd show you where[br]the goddamn thing was. 01:20:41.51,01:20:42.98 l never said l'd stick around. 01:20:43.01,01:20:45.95 -We've got work to do.[br]-What are you talking about? 01:20:45.98,01:20:47.95 You're about to attend[br]a funeral-- 01:20:47.99,01:20:50.55 one that's long overdue. 01:21:54.35,01:21:56.98 Joey, look. 01:21:57.02,01:22:00.48 All the little piggies[br]come home. 01:22:00.52,01:22:02.15 Let him go, Krueger! 01:22:02.19,01:22:06.22 Your wish is my command. 01:23:31.18,01:23:33.15 He's never been this strong. 01:23:39.39,01:23:42.48 The souls of children... 01:23:42.53,01:23:44.43 give me strength. 01:23:51.34,01:23:53.13 Always room for more. 01:24:17.96,01:24:20.45 -What's that?[br]-What? 01:24:29.34,01:24:31.03 Listen. 01:24:36.75,01:24:38.74 Somebody else is out here. 01:24:43.09,01:24:44.25 We're alone. 01:25:21.29,01:25:23.45 Bury the fucking thing! 01:25:39.14,01:25:40.63 lt's really you. 01:25:44.31,01:25:47.94 l killed you once before,[br]you son of a bitch. 01:26:32.80,01:26:34.46 Let's try this way. 01:26:36.10,01:26:37.53 Kristen, can you pull us out? 01:26:37.57,01:26:39.40 They sedated me.[br]We're stuck here. 01:26:39.44,01:26:41.03 lt's a dead end. 01:26:42.44,01:26:44.07 What the hell? 01:26:48.18,01:26:50.20 Sorry to keep you waiting. 01:26:50.25,01:26:54.27 Perhaps if there was more of me[br]to spread around. 01:27:50.24,01:27:52.57 Wow. 01:27:52.61,01:27:54.08 Did l say that? 01:27:54.11,01:27:56.31 You found your dream power. 01:27:56.35,01:27:57.94 You saved us, Joey. 01:27:57.98,01:28:01.08 -You blew him away![br]-Put me down. 01:28:01.12,01:28:02.58 Are you OK? 01:28:02.62,01:28:04.21 l think so. 01:28:04.25,01:28:06.15 He's gone. 01:28:07.79,01:28:09.49 lt's over. 01:28:24.14,01:28:25.73 Daddy? 01:28:25.78,01:28:28.54 l've crossed over, princess. 01:28:31.82,01:28:34.01 Crossed over? 01:28:34.05,01:28:37.68 l couldn't go without[br]telling you how sorry l am... 01:28:37.72,01:28:40.78 for all the things l've done. 01:28:40.82,01:28:42.85 l love you so much. 01:28:44.33,01:28:45.85 l'll always love you. 01:28:46.83,01:28:49.49 l'll always love you. 01:29:02.08,01:29:03.64 Die. 01:29:20.26,01:29:23.79 You're mine now, little piggy. 01:29:48.89,01:29:51.95 Please, God, for the children. 01:29:52.00,01:29:53.49 For Nancy. 01:29:54.93,01:29:56.52 Ashes to ashes. 01:30:01.57,01:30:03.00 Dust to dust. 01:30:07.14,01:30:09.94 Lay this spirit to rest. 01:30:28.60,01:30:31.62 l won't let you die.[br]l won't let you. 01:30:31.67,01:30:35.20 l'm going to dream you[br]into a beautiful dream... 01:30:35.24,01:30:37.00 forever and ever. 01:30:48.59,01:30:50.85 'Trust in Him at all times. 01:30:50.99,01:30:53.22 'Pour out your hearts to Him... 01:30:53.26,01:30:55.22 'for God is our refuge. 01:30:55.26,01:30:57.16 'Hear my cry, O God. 01:30:57.19,01:30:58.66 'Listen to my prayer. 01:30:58.70,01:31:01.82 'From the ends of the earth,[br]l call to you. 01:31:01.87,01:31:03.80 'l call as my heart grows faint. 01:31:03.83,01:31:06.32 'Lead me to the rock[br]that is higher than l. 01:31:06.37,01:31:08.67 'For You have been my refuge... 01:31:08.71,01:31:11.90 'a strong tower against the foe. 01:31:11.94,01:31:13.84 "l long to dwell[br]in the tent forever... 01:31:13.88,01:31:17.18 'and take refuge in the shelter[br]of Your wings." 01:31:17.21,01:31:20.01 Even though we entrust Nancy[br]to the earth... 01:31:20.05,01:31:22.85 her courage and spirit[br]shall remain with us... 01:31:22.89,01:31:25.18 for the Lord God[br]has comforted us... 01:31:25.22,01:31:28.52 saying, "That whoever[br]finds his life will lose it... 01:31:28.56,01:31:32.69 'and whoever loses his life[br]for my sake, will find it. 01:31:32.73,01:31:36.10 "They shall live forever[br]in the glory of His kingdom. 01:31:36.13,01:31:37.96 'May the Lord bless you[br]and keep you. 01:31:38.00,01:31:40.87 "The Lord make his face[br]to shine down upon you... 01:31:40.90,01:31:42.87 'and be gracious to you. 01:31:42.91,01:31:45.40 "The Lord turn His face[br]toward you and give you peace." 01:31:45.44,01:31:46.74 Oh, my God. 01:31:48.41,01:31:50.61 You were his mother.
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