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Nightmare City

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Good evening, ladies
and gentlemen.
From the channel 5 newsroom.
At the top of the news
this evening is speculation
concerning the real facts
behind the department of
health announcement about a
radioactive spill supposed
to have occurred yesterday
at the state nuclear plant.
lnformation from an official
source, which reached our
newsroom this afternoon,
stresses the seriousness
of the situation.
But at the same time,
provides a certain amount
of reassurance, concerning
already contained any damage caused by the accident.
Hello, Miller.
Mr.Desmond's waiting for you
Go right in.
The arrival here, expected at any moment,
of professor Otto Hagelberg.
One of the original planners
of the nuclear station,
will undoubtedly enable
us to obtain more
precise information.
You heard?
He's arriving tomorrow
morning at eleven.
Take one of the best
camera men with you.
Why me in particular?
Because l want an exhaustive
interview, which will
reassure all our viewers.
Not just the truth,
pure and simple?
Forget the philosophy,
Just do what you are told.
lf possible, Sir.
Only if possible.
He hasn't arrived yet.
Find out which runway they're landing on.
Clipper 981 . Cellcode OK.
Request cellcode on 5626.5.
Clipper 981 this is
Glipswick standby.
this is Clipper 981 .
Will do.
Glipswick Tower,
this is flight 777,
out of Selkirk.
Hey, Wayne, come over here.
Flight 777 we'll lead you,
stand by...
What have you got?
Unidentified trace - What's the bearing?
About 30 miles north east
altitude approximately 5000.
Control tower here.
There's a trace approaching
from the north east,
distance about thirty miles.
We've seen it control tower.
Doesn't seem to fit in
with any of our data.
We're trying to
identify it now.
Try to make contact.
Calling aircraft about
thirty miles north east of
Glipswick tower.
ldentify yourself.
Calling aircraft about
thirty miles north east of
Glipswick tower.
ldentify yourself,please.
lt could be his radio
isn't working.
Glipswick tower.
This is Twin Beach Craft
A10157 niner.
Approaching from 100 miles due south.
Requesting landing
Glipswick tower to Beach Craft,
please stand by.
lt's a Hercules military transport.
That's strange. lt doesn't
have any markings on it.
lt looks like he's
going to land.
He's coming in on 16.
Make sure that the runway
is clear
and Pete, would you declare
an emergency please?
Attention ground crew!
Emergency landing runway 16
Repeat. Emergency landing.
Runway 16.
Hey you. Up there! Who are you?
Where's the pilot?
Harry here.
Nobody inside answers.
What the hell's going on?
l don't know. What do you think?
Let's see.
What's the story?
Nobody answers, Sir.
You inside!
Open the door and come out
with your hands in the air!
This is Commander Davidson
of the Airport Security
You are surrounded in
the name of the law.
l order you to come out.
You have just thirty seconds
to make up your minds.
Watch it! The door's opening!
lt's Professor Hagenbeck.
l don't believe it.
My god!
Let's get out of here
lnterrupt the program.
We're transmitting
a special newsflash.
Does the chief
know about it?
There's no time to tell him.
Am l in charge of
the broadcast or not?
Whatever you say, Massa..
Your wish is my command.
Wake up Terry.
Drop your powder puff girl
and announce Miller and
a special news flash.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Your attention please.
We are interrupting
our transmission of
"lt's All Music" for a
special news flash.
At the end of the newsflash
we'll return with our
regular program. Thank you.
Oh shit! Just when l was
gonna do my first close up.
Oh, shut up, will you?
l want to listen to it.
At 1 1 o'clock this morning,
an event without precedent
took place at the airport
of this city.
An airplane of no nationality landed on
the south runway of the airport.
lgnoring all instructions from the control tower.
The airport police
immediately converged
in the scene of
the unauthorized landing,
surrounding the aircraft and ordering...
Yes sir. l told him that.
Right away chief.
..the order had
absolutely no effect.
What the hell are you doing?
Why did you interrupt my broadcast?
Now don't get mad at me.
lt's not my fault.
The chief rang down.
Albert. What the hell is going on here?
They're UFO's.
lt's bound to happen sooner or later.
You've read too many comic books.
You can say what you want but
l'm not going home alone tonight.
You can sleep at my house, l'll protect you.
Yeah, who's gonna protect me from him?
Will you all shut up!
We're back on the air in
20 seconds, come on.
ls it possible that you're not aware of the trouble
that broadcast could have stirred up?
Or the uproar that would have followed it?
l'm well aware of that General Merchenson.
But l'm a journalist and
my job is to keep
the public informed.
Mr. Miller
listen to me very carefully
Something very serious has
happened at the airport.
But until we conclude our
investigation, and take
the necessary counter
measures, nothing is
going to leak out. Nothing.
The defense department
has strictly forbidden it.
l don't give a damn about
the defense department.
ln a democratic country
nobody is allowed to
interfere with the freedom
of the press,
for any reason whatsoever.
l see. Mr. Desmond.
As the person in charge of
this station, you will be
held directly responsible
for the dissemination of
any tendentious news.
l'm sure you realize what you're risking.
Don't worry.
We won't transmit anything
without your authorization.
Thank you.
Good morning.
l'm fed up with you Miller.
l'm suspending you
from all duties.
No you're not. l quit!
l'll take care of it first thing.
Excuse me honey. Sorry.
Hello, Liz?
ls my wife there?
She just went out.
Just this minute.
Call her back immediately!
Yes. Yes sir. Of course.
Mrs. Miller!
l am sorry, sir.
But l missed her.
But you'll be able to
reach her at the hospital
in half an hour.
She said she wasn't
feeling well today.
She was going to stay home.
l don't know.
Maybe she changed her mind.
Okay Liz.
Please don't answer.
lt'll stop.
This is your day off.
Agent Warren Holmes?
This is civil defense
General Merchenson would
like you to come down
here right away.
Why? What's up?
The general will explain everything to you himself.
Come right over.
The drill is maximum urgency.
l'm sorry my love.
We'll finish our conversation later.
What's wrong?
Don't you like it?
No, on the contrary.
Every time l look at it
l get a feeling of...
Of death?
ls that what you were
going to say?
lt's funny.
lt's the first time one of
your works have given
me a feeling like that.
lt's the truth.
l'm sorry.
l can't say that you are wrong.
When l look at it,
objectively... l mean
when l'm not actually
working on it.
l almost get the feeling that l wasn't the one
who made it.
But some other being outside of me.
lt frightens me.
That sounds like science fiction.
Metaphysics if you want.
lt's better if we don't
take it too seriously.
l'll junk it if you like.
No. Don't even think of it.
Can you imagine what
the world would have lost
if Michelangelo destroyed
his works at the request of
Major Warren Holmes?
But l'm not Michelangelo.
To me my love,
you're much more.
Wake up Major.
lf not you're never going
to get to work.
Camera one.
Move out from her waist
and hold on it.
On two. Hit it!
Holy shit!
What the hell is going on down there?
Civil defense?
This is Channel 5 TV station.
We're being attacked!
For God's sakes!
Send somebody fast!
Get out of here!
Hi Louise.
Well how are you felling today Phil?
l feel like somebody
the hatchet guy is
waiting for to chop
off his head.
Well, that sounds like an improvement
over yesterday.
Normal doctor.
Continue with antibiotics every eight hours.
Well. lf it isn't my
favorite patient.
Hi, Jim.
How are you feeling today?
l feel a lot better, but l can't play soccer yet.
You've got a couple more
weeks and that's it.
Before you know it
you're going to be running
up and down that
soccer field making one
goal after another really.
Dr. Kramer is the best there is.
ls that the truth?
The truth.
Last night l had this nightmare.
lt was all about my leg.
There was this big
explosion, it was right
here in the hospital.
My leg got cut off.
Well we don't have to
worry over that any more.
Your legs gonna be just fine
The truth.
Well okay.
l'll stop by and see you later.
Our latest report shows
the presence of attackers
here, here, and here.
This enables us to determiine a presumed line of march
from the airport to the city limits.
Their quite definitely in
a north eastern direction.
We don't know if
this indicates a
pre-determined plan,
but we must react
as though it did.
We have no other choice.
the reports coming in
from our various
information centers,
the latest from the National
Science Academy, are
all rather sketchy.
But they do suggest, even
in a vague way, the type of
counter measure to adopt.
You may proceed.
This is the body of one
of the attackers.
lt was picked up on
the runway at the airport.
The autopsy categorically
excludes an
extraterrestrial being.
His molecular structure
clearly establish him as
a member of the human race.
A paradox when you consider what they've
been doing.
Colonel, please.
l am Colonel Donahue
from the institute of
atomic research.
The examination of various
tissue samples that we
have taken from the body,
reveal the presence of a
high degree of radioactivity
far superior to the level
normally tolerated by
the human organism.
ln addition, we have
found more or less recent
hyper tissue regeneration.
Can you make that a little simpler, Colonel.
Some of your colleagues
may not have the same
theoretical or technical
ln other words, this
individual and others like
him, have been subjected
to strong doses of atomic
radiation which increases
their physical capacities beyond the norm.
How far beyond the norm?
That's difficult to say.
But it's a fact that these
cells subjected to every
treatment we know have
turned out to be almost
ln short it's a kind of a superman.
Much more than that.
What do you mean?
l mean that at the abnormal
strengthening of the cells
vital quality has
increased their direct
genetic capacity.
ln other words, Major,
the victims of these
creatures are contaminated,
even if they only suffer
minor injuries.
Then they can reproduce
themselves, say indefinitely
That more or less, Major, is correct.
And you say with our weapons that they cannot
be destroyed.
No. That their substance can't.
Excuse me Colonel.
lsn't that the same thing?
Not exactly. A machine may
be indestructible, yet its
functioning may still
be blocked.
By interrupting the feeding process for example,atomic
contamination destroys
the efficiency of
red blood cells
in very short order.
That is why new blood is always needed.
For these creatures
tthe human organism i
greatly strengthen.
However, the power still
remains in the brain.
A lesion to the nerve center
can produce paralysis.
The procedure stops the complex entirely.
You mean that only bullets
damaging the cranium can
stop these monsters?
This corpse is the proof.
lt's the only lifeless body
we have recovered.
The cranial apparatus has been destroyed.
Thank you, Colonel.
Lieutenant Reedman, you've heard everything.
The order to every soldier
and police officer is
aim for the brain.
We must be very specific about that.
As for our combat plan,
we'll follow emergency
plan H and keep plan B
in reserve in case
the situation gets
out of hand.
That's all for the moment gentlemen. Thank you.
Oh Warren?
l have to talk to you.
Excuse me General.
May l make a phone call?
Alright but hurry it up.
Yes sir. Thank you sir.
l'm trying to reach him now, sir.
Yes sir. Hold on please.
Hello. Sheila?
Oh, it's you Warren.
l was in the bathroom
doing my hair.
l want to look nice for you this evening.
l'm afraid that this evening is out
of the question.
Can you tell me why Warren?
l can't explain it now.
l was looking forward to...
My darling listen
l want you to do exactly
as l tell you.
l will do what you wish
and not ask why
a typical male chauvinist pig attitude.
Sheila this is serious.
Don't kid around.
l want you to make sure
all doors and windows
are locked.
Nobody is to be let in!
Nobody, understand?
l'll be home as soon
as l can.
And when l get there
you make damn sure it's me.
Yeah. Transparent.
Have you become insanely
jealous all of a sudden?
Think whatever you
want to think.
But for God's sake, Sheila.
Do what l tell you...
City Poly Clinic.
May l help you?
Wiill you hold the line please
Dr. Miller is wanted on the phone.
lt's for you Dr. Miller.
lt's your husband.
Tell him l'm very busy.
He can call again later.
l'm sorry sir.
But Dr. Miller is about to go into
the operating room.
Please would you call back again later?
l must speak with her now! lt's urgent!
Can't you just...
l'm sorry sir, but l
can't disturb her now.
l see. Thank you.
Jessica, what are you doing?
We're supposed to be leaving for the weekend.
l know. l know.
ls the camper all packed?
All packed and filled up with gas.
Now who could that be?
Oh well.
Okay. l'll get it.
No.Leave it.
Don't answer it.
lt's probably some bore.
Or maybe your father
who always wants to know,
where we're going and if
we have enough money.
Oh, didn't you know?
Generals are fussy and
General Merchenson is
no exception.
l really don't know why l married Jessica Merchenson.
lt isn't even three months and already you repent?
l'm a pacifist.
You know l hate uniforms.
Good morning madam.
Your father wishes you
to join him immediately
at headquarters.
He does?
At headquarters?
l have no idea.
He tried to phone you but
there wasn't any answer.
He says that you're not
to waste any time.
l have a car outside.
Did something serious happen?
Your father will explain everything to you.
Maybe some kind of war broke out.
Okay. You can wait for us in the car.
Headquarters 79.
Hello. May l talk to
General Merchenson?
lt's his daughter speaking.
Yes ma'am.
Will you hold the line please?
l'll try to locate him.
The line was cut off.
Listen. lt's dead.
Why don't we just
clear out of here
l don't like spending my
weekend with a General.
lt's probably not important.
l could call him from a telephone booth.
Come on. Hurry up.
We have to sneak out,
so that idiot outside
doesn't realize anything.
Okay? Let's go.
Give me your hand.
Dr. Miller, please.
l'm her husband.
Oh, l'm sorry.
Dr. Miller is in the operating room.
She's assisting Dr.Kramer in a very delicate operation
and we have strict order not to disturb her.
But l must see her.
l can't wait.
Sorry Mr. Miller, orders are orders.
Dr. Schreiber,
Dr. Schreiber, Please.
We have an emergency in
the outpatient department.
Dr. Schreiber.
What the devil's
going on today?
You know, that's the sixth
emergency in two hours.
Alright. Alright.
l'll be right down.
Hold your socks on.
Raise it up.
lt's Whitey, let him in.
Come on.
Come on Whitey, why are
you standing there?
Hey, what's happening here?
Unfortunately they've just sabotaged the south power
station as well.
We have a team of
engineers there, but
this will take hours before
they can get working again.
With luck.
Well, the lines are
still down.
There's orders to bring your
daughter and son in law
back here to headquarters.
General Merchenson.
Gentlemen. The government insists that we not
dramatize the situation or leak any news that might
cause public disorder.
We can't conceal this
from the public.
Why... lt's absurd.
The government disagrees
We'll just have to try to
keep control of public
buildings, barracks,
hospitals as long
as we can.
After which.
we'll be completely on our own.
You're right Warren.
We'll simply have to
declare a state of
emergency ourselves.
Dr. Peterson!
They're coming in like flies.
Come on.
We need all the help we can get.
Hold that light up a
little higher miss.
Thank you.
What the devil are
they up to those fools?
Why haven't they turned on
the emergency generators?
Two of the generators are
out of order Doctor.
They are starting
up the third
lt'll provide just enough current for us and
the emergency ward.
Have you checked the pulse rate, Anna?
Yes, Doctor. Weak but regular.
Very well.
Continue with
the direct oxygen.
Keep the light steady.
Ah, it's about time.
lt's running low Doctor!
What? Yes.
Anna would you please take care of that and hurry.
Yes Doctor.
Help... help... Somebody help us
There you are.
Oh my god. l can't breath. l think l'm going to faint.
Why doesn't somebody
do something?
Hey out there!
Open up this door will you come on
Help... somebody help...
Oh please god. Help me!
Help... help
Anna... Anna Where are you?
lt's me Anna. Don't be afraid.
Oh my god it's you.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
Oh Dean. There's something.
lt's terrible. lt's horrible
You can't imagine
Yes, l know. Anna. Come.
Have they gone crazy?
Jason do something.
Make them keep quiet.
Keep still. Don't move.
Let's try to reach the stairs.
Get us out of here...
My heart feels like it's bursting.
Why don't they hear us?
Somebody help us... Please... somebody
Let's not panic.
lf we keep calm then we
can all breath a lot easier.
The shaft has a lot of air.
Why doesn't somebody
do something?
These things have manual
controls on them.
Why don't they wind us down?
You're right... Hey, wind us down!
Hey somebody... Wind us down... Help
Somebody help me please...
lt's alright. Be calm.
We're falling. We're falling
Get back.
We're gonna be alright now!
Oh my god.
Quick, the ambulance
Behind you... Lookout...
Hey George.
How about taking us down a little. Okay.
Air force 7 to base 2.
Air force 7 to base 2.
We're at coordinate B.
So far we've had no trace
of invaders on this side.
lt's only an ambulance
heading out of town.
l'll continue on re-con.
Any news of your family?
No. None.
l only hope
they're alright.
l'm sorry Merchenson.
l really am.
Thank you
Well, the situation is hopeless.
Many parts of the country
are cut off.
Most telephone lines
are out.
What's worse,
we've lost contact with government headquarters.
We'll have to declare a state of emergency
But you realize...
l'm fully aware of
the consequences.
l just see no alternative.
l understand.
What are you orders?
Please notify bases 1 12 and 401 to stand by with
helicopters and if
necessary, squadrons of
fighter bombers.
We've got to get
control back at once.
Before it is too late.
Or before we have all
become contaminated
just like them.
"... has declared a
state of martial law.
All civilians have been
ordered to remain in
their houses or to
place themselves under
direct protection of
the police or the military.
Private traffic may circulate but only
if authorized..."
lt's frightening.
How could a thing like this happen?
lt's part of the vital
cycle of the human race.
Create and obliterate until we destroy
We're up against a race
of monsters.
Created by other monsters
who have only one thing on
their mind, the discovery
of greater power.
At least this time there won't be any historical
Even if any of us survive.
Do you think it's possible to stop them?
The infection is like an
oil stain and who knows
how far the contagion
has spread now.
"With the grave danger of contamination all
public buildings and
private enterprises
will remain closed for
an indefinite time.
Weekend vacationers are
ordered to report
immediately to the nearest
police station or
military installation.
The civil defense
authorities have declared
a state of emergency.
They have further stated..."
Jessica. Stop that humming, will you?
lt makes me nervous.
What's wrong?
What on earth is the matter?
l just heard a news flash
on the radio.
Something serious has
happened in town.
They've declared a state of emergency.
A state of emergency? Are they crazy?
No. l don't know.
lt's difficult to
understand, but we
should go back to town.
But we just arrived.
l have no intention of
giving up my weekend.
To hell with the soldiers!
Listen, you're my wife
and l love you and l
don't want anything
to happen to you.
So it's better we go
away from here.
Something doesn't feel
very right.
Like what?
Like that continuous
barking, but l haven't
seen a dog around and
we haven't seen a car
since we got here.
ln a place like this.
Look at the road Jessica.
Usually there's
heavy traffic.
lt's all very strange.
Listen, it's almost 10,
but John should
arrive soon.
Let's talk with him.
They should know what's happened in town.
My god. lt's horrible.
What do you think happened?
There they are!
Martha, Martha...
Oh, are we glad you are here.
You can't imagine what's been going on.
First Bob heard this
news flash and...
Say. What's going on?
You two... Hey!
What are you doing with that gun?
Sheila... Sheila...
Open the door
Please Sheila... Sheila, it's me Cindy
let me in please!
Sheila, can you hear me?
For god's sake, Sheila!
Open the door!
Sheila. Thank heavens
l found you.
l just couldn't stand
it any more, being in
the house all alone.
Come into the front room.
Johnny went off to work and the cleaning lady
never showed up.
l kept hearing noises
On the roof.
ln the cellar. Everywhere.
Well, you can relax
We're safe here.
At least for the moment.
Warren is coming as soon as he can.
My god, Sheila! What's going on?
l don't know. l really don't know.
Have you tried
calling Gracie?
Her husband is with
the department of...
something or other.
How can l call?
The phone hasn't been working for three hours.
Are you sure?
lt's not working
here either.
There must be a breakdown
at the exchange.
Cheer up.
Drink this.
l'm frightened Sheila. Really frightened.
On the radio they said
to stay home and lock
all the doors and windows.
l did it.
l even barricaded
the crawl hole
to the cellar.
What did you say?
That l barricaded the crawl hole
to the cellar.
How did l manage to forget that?
Wait Sheila! Don't leave me alone!
l'll come with you!
Thanks for reminding me.
Be quiet.
Light a candle and stay down here
They weren't even curious.
We have a red cross protecting us.
What is it dear?
Damn. We're running out of gas.
Anybody here?
Anna? You can get out.
There's nobody here.
Looks like they left
a while ago.
What do you think about this?
lt's not really you.
But it's better than that.
Just like a western.
Except that they didn't
have instant coffee in
the good old days.
Another advantage of civilization my dear.
Like Coca-cola or nuclear energy.
We'd be a whole lot
healthier without
all that stuff.
This is good.
Do you think we should give up the advantages
that we have gained?
Maybe it would be better.
However it is not
the fault of science
and technology,
but of man.
Nature's own human element.
We haven't reached
the age of the robot yet.
This mess could have
been avoided.
Yes, but for how long?
l don't know.
But one thing is clear,
we're partly to
blame ourselves.
Just think of the life
we have led up until
Shut up in those ridiculous cities
in a steel and
concrete jungle,
like machines.
All this had to happen to realize the truth.
Let's hope it isn't too late.
"... have special commando
units positioned at all
strategic points in and
around the city,
according to the latest reports from the civil
defense headquarters. Public buildings, offices,
and businesses alike have been ravaged and
damages are estimated in the hundreds of thousands.
General Hospital has been hit the hardest.
Many have been seriously
injured and hundreds of
lives have been lost with
the end still not in sight.
General Merchenson, commanding officer of
civil defense..."
lt's better we start moving
Get all the provisions
you can from the back room
l'll get the gas.
They're here...
Outside. l saw them. Dean. l saw them!
lt won't hold them for long.
Find something. Something like cotton.
Let's hope this works.
They're all together.
When l say "now",
you open the door.
But Dean, l can't - Listen...
Do what l say
Don't argue - Alright
Let's go.
Do you want some more?
Don't give in.
We'll find a way out.
Hang on.
l'm tired. Really tired.
And l'm frightened.
We'll never get away from
these... these monsters.
What are we going to do?
Alright. Nothing iis going to happen as long a
we stay together l promise you.
What we've got to do now
is get away from
here as fast as we can.
Let go of me.
Why don't you face it.
There's no place
for us to go.
we too will be killed.
l don't want us to die
l don't want us to
but there's
nothing we can do.
They're everywhere...
Stop it...
Run. Head for the woods
behind you
Get us down a bit closer.
They're all over the place.
This is Air force 7 to Base 2.
Air force 7 to Base 2.
l've located a whole group of them.
They are spread out
around a mile south east
of the Patterson
heights building.
We're moving in a south, south east direction.
Request immediate air
assistance. Over.
Base 2 to Air force 7
Message received.
We'll pass your request to General Merchenson
at once.
Who's that? Reedmond?
Just listen Reedmond.
l'm not interested in your opinion.
l know it's a huge risk.
l agree with that.
But there is no alternative
Just carry out my orders.
lf necessary you can go
to the chambers yourself.
Hang on Anna.
We'll find some solution
in the end. l'm sure.
You know there's no sollution
All we can fight for
is a little more time.
But how much?
Everything seems alright.
Looks peaceful.
Come on...
Wait here.
There's nobody here.
But l...
l told you that nobody is here!
Let's go.
Maybe we'll find some help
Remember the medieval legend
lf they're really
vampires they can't
enter the house of god.
Thank the lord, Father.
We're really hoping...
So much for the theory of vampires.
What's going on
around here?
l've been on the radio
for the last half hour.
Why hasn't someone
We located other infected
areas north of here
along sector 29.
So get those planes
in the air!
Don't just stand there!
Answer me!
Or are you looking for
a court martial?
Don't move major or l'll kill you.
l'm not going to die like the others.
You can't fool me Major
You're like all the rest.
Bringing death and
destruction, but no more.
l don't intend to die l want to live.
Put that gun
You're crazy
You're calling me crazy...?
You're calling me crazy?
l'm not crazy...
Air force 7 to Base 2.
Air force 7 to Base 2.
This is Major Holmes calling
Caydon Airport is
out of action.
lt has been infiltrated
and sabotaged.
Standing by for
further orders. over
Just a minute, Major.
l will pass you over
General Merchenson.
Here you are Sir.
Warren. This is Merchenson
Listen carefully.
All communications with
operational command units
have been cut off.
Do you hear me?
C and B is out.
Return to base!
Do you hear me?
Your mission is
useless now.
This is received General. Will do.
Over and out.
Oh, Donahue.
l suppose you're here
to tell me your experiment
didn't work out. Huh?
On the contrary, the gas
has proven effective.
Our planes can fire
it with their
missile launchers.
You can begin at once General.
But Donahue
we have no planes
not anymore
And there's no more Reedman.
But didn't he leave from the airbase
at Chatters?
He never got there. They brought him here
twenty minutes ago.
God help us all.
Wait here.l 'm taking another passenger.
Sheila. Why did you
leave the door open?
l told you to...
No! No!
Sheila! No! No! Sheila!
Anna. Listen.
Forget all about that priest.
Okay, l'll forget all about him.
Look at that! Maybe it still works.
Wait here.
When l give you the signal
run to the jeep fast.
Run for it!
Run... run...
Hurry Dean.
Over here...
Hey, over here...
Let's try to pull them out of there.
But Major.
ls it really worth it?
Maybe they're
already infected.
Just do what l tell you
Come on, you can do it
Just hang on.
A little higher. Come on.
Come on.
l can't hold on.
You can do it.
Don't let go come on Anna.
l can't hold on...
Yes you can Anna...
What is it, Dean? What's wrong?
Oh, nothing.
l had a horrible dream.
A nightmare. Anna.
How do you feel?
you allright?
yes fine
l just wanna go to sleep.
God. lt's late.
l have to get
to the airport.
l've got an
interview to do.
That interview with the nuclear scientist,
Professor Hagenback.
l read a couple of his books.
And now l finally get to meet him.
Professor Hagenback.
lmportant man.
Are you listening to me?
He hasn't arrived yet.
Go find out which runway he's landing on.
This is Glipswick...
Hey Willie. About that
unidentified aircraft.
He's heading in.
ldentify yourself.
Maybe his radio isn't working.
Declare an emergency.
He's heading for runway 16
Get everything off his path
Alright. Let's move.
What the hell is going on?
l don't know but it looks interesting.
Let's see.
What's the story? Nobody answers, sir.
This is the police.
You are to come out
with your hands in the air
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