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Subtitles for Nightmare Before Christmas The - Special Edition.

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Nightmare Before Christmas The - Special Edition

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[ Narrator ] 'Twas a long time ago,
longer now than it seems,
in a place that perhaps you've seen in your dreams.
For the story that you are about to be told...
took place in the holiday worlds of old.
Now, you've probably wondered where holidays come from.
If you haven't, I'd say it's time you begun.
Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween
This is Halloween This is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night
This is Halloween Everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbor's gonna die of fright
It's our town Everybody scream
In this town of Halloween
I am the one hiding under your bed
Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red
I am the one hiding under your stairs
Fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair
This is Halloween This is Halloween
Halloween, Halloween Halloween, Halloween
In this town we call home
Everyone hail to the pumpkin song
In this town Don't we love it now
Everybody's waiting for the next surprise
'Round that corner, man Hiding in the trash can
Something's waiting now to pounce and how you'll scream
- This is Halloween - Red and black
- Slimy green - Aren't you scared
Well, that's just fine Say it once, say it twice
Take a chance and roll the dice
Ride with the moon in the dead of night
Everybody scream Everybody scream
In our town of Halloween
I am the clown with the tear-away face
Here in a flash and gone without a trace
I am the ''who'' when you call ''Who's there?''
I am the wind blowing through your hair
I am the shadow on the moon at night
Filling your dreams to the brim with fright
This is Halloween This is Halloween
Halloween, Halloween Halloween, Halloween
Tender Lumplings everywhere
Life's no fun without a good scare
- That's our job - But we're not mean
In our town of Halloween
In this town Don't we love it now
Everyone's waiting for the next surprise
Skeleton Jack might catch you in the back
And scream like a banshee Make you jump out of your skin
This is Halloween Everybody scream
Won't ya please make way for a very special guy
Our man Jack is king of the pumpkin patch
Everyone hail to the Pumpkin King now
This is Halloween This is Halloween
Halloween, Halloween Halloween, Halloween
In this town we call home
Everyone hail to the pumpkin song
La la la la la la Halloween, Halloween
La la la la la la Halloween, Halloween
La la la la la la Halloween, Halloween
La la la la la la Whee
[ Bell Ringing, Cheering ]
- [ Cackling ] - Whee!
- It's over! - We did it!
- Wasn't it terrifying? - [ Both ] What a night!
Great Halloween, everybody.
I believe it was our most horrible yet.
Thank you, everyone.
No. Thanks to you, Jack.
- Without your brilliant leadership-- - Not at all, Mayor.
You're such a scream, Jack!
You're a witch's fondest dream.
You made walls fall, Jack.
[ Big Witch ] ''Walls fall''? You made the very mountains crack, Jack.
- The deadly nightshade you slipped me wore off, Sally. - Let go.
- You're not ready for much excitement. - Yes, I am.
- You're coming with me. - No, I'm not!
[ Groans ]
Come back here, you foolish--
Ow! Oh. Oh!
Ooh, Jack, you made wounds ooze and flesh crawl.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
[ Mayor ] Hold it! We haven't given out the prizes yet.
Our first award goes to the vampires...
for most blood drained in a single evening.
Our second and honorable mention...
goes to the fabulous Dark Lagoon Leeches.
[ Dirge ]
Nice work, Bone Daddy.
Yeah, I guess so. Just like last year.
And the year before that, and the year before that.
- [ Gate Opening ] - [ Gasps ]
There are few who deny
At what I do I am the best
For my talents are renowned far and wide
When it comes to surprises in the moonlit night
I excel without ever even trying
With the slightest little effort
Of my ghostlike charms
I have seen grown men give out a shriek
With a wave of my hand
And a well-placed moan
I have swept the very bravest off their feet
Yet year after year it's the same routine
And I grow so weary of the sound of screams
And I, Jack the Pumpkin King
Have grown so tired of the same old thing
Oh, somewhere deep
Inside of these bones
An emptiness
Began to grow
There's something out there
Far from my home
A longing that
I've never known
I'm the master of fright
And a demon of light
And I'll scare you right out of your pants
To a guy in Kentucky I'm Mr. Unlucky
And I'm known throughout England and France
And since I am dead I can take off my head
To recite Shakespearean quotations
No animal nor man can scream like I can
With the fury of my recitations
But who here
Would ever understand
That the Pumpkin King with the skeleton grin
Would tire of his crown If they only understood
He'd give it all up if he only could
- [ Gasp ] - Oh, there's an empty
Place in my bones
That calls out for
Something unknown
The fame and praise
Come year after year
Does nothing for
These empty tears
I know how you feel.
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
You've come back.
- I had to. - For this.
Shall we, then?
That's twice this month you've slipped deadly nightshade into my tea and run off.
- Three times. - You're mine, you know.
I made you with my own hands.
You can make other creations.
I'm restless. I can't help it.
It's a phase, my dear. It'll pass.
We need to be patient, that's all.
But I don't want to be patient.
[ Barking ]
No, Zero. Not now.
I'm not in the mood.
[ Barking ]
All right. [ Bone Cracking ]
Here you go, boy.
[ Growling ]
[ Barks ]
[ Snoring ]
[ Groaning ]
Mornin', gents.
- [ Groaning ] - [ Humming ]
[ Humming ]
[ Bell Rings, Screams ]
[ Humming ]
[ Bell Rings, Screams ]
Jack? You home?
Jack, I've got the plans for next Halloween.
I need to go over them with you so we can get started.
Jack, please, I'm only an elected official here.
I can't make decisions by myself.
Jack! Answer me!
[ Screaming ]
- [ Groaning ] - He's not home.
- Where is he? - He hasn't been home all night.
[ Groans ]
[ Yawning ] Where are we?
It's someplace new.
[ Barking ]
What is this?
[ Gasps ]
[ Wind Gusting ]
- Whoa! - [ Barking ]
[ Whistle Blowing ]
What's this? What's this? There's color everywhere
What's this There's white things in the air
What's this? I can't believe my eyes I must be dreaming
Wake up, Jack! This isn't fair What's this
What's this, What's this There's something very wrong
What's this, there's people singing songs, what's this
The streets are lined with little creatures laughing
Everybody seems so happy Have I possibly gone daffy
What is this What's this
There's children throwing snowballs instead of throwing heads
They're busy building toys And absolutely no one's dead
There's frost in every window Oh, I can't believe my eyes
And in my bones I feel the warmth
That's coming from inside
Oh, look, what's this They're hanging mistletoe They kiss
Why, that looks so unique Inspired
They're gathering around to hear a story
Roasting chestnuts on a fire What's this
What's this in here They've got a little tree How queer
And who would ever think And why
They're covering it with tiny little things
They're covering it with tiny little things
They've got electric lights on strings
And there's a smile on everyone, so now correct me if I'm wrong
This looks like fun This looks like fun
Oh, could it be I got my wish What's this
Oh my, what now The children are asleep
But look There's nothing underneath
No ghouls, no witches here to scream and scare them or ensnare them
Only little cozy things
Secure inside their dreamland
[ Sighs ] What's this
The monsters are all missing and the nightmares can't be found
And in their place there seems to be good feeling all around
Instead of screams, I swear I can hear music in the air
The smell of cakes and pies are absolutely everywhere
The sights, the sounds They're everywhere and all around
I've never felt so good before
This empty place inside of me is filling up I simply cannot get enough
I want it Oh, I want it Oh, I want it for my own
I've got to know, I've got to know what is this place that I have found
What is this
Christmas Town?
- Hmm. - [ Train Whistle Blowing ]
- This has never happened before. - It's suspicious.
- It's peculiar. - It's scary.
- Stand aside. Coming through. - [ Growls ]
[ Grunts ]
We've got to find Jack!
There's only 365 days left till next Halloween!
Is there anywhere we've forgotten to check?
- I looked in every mausoleum. - We opened the sarcophagi!
I tromped through the pumpkin patch.
I peeked behind the Cyclops' eye.
I did, but he wasn't there.
It's time to sound the alarms!
[ Alarm Screeching ]
[ Screeching Continues ]
[ Brew Hisses ]
Frog's breath will overpower any odor.
[ Croaks ]
[ Belches ]
Oh! [ Coughing ]
[ Coughing ] Bitter!
Worm's wart. Wh-Where's that worm's wart?
[ Scientist ] Sally!
Is that soup ready yet?
Ah. Coming!
Ah, what's that? Worm's wart!
Mmm! [ Sniffs ]
And frog's breath.
Wh-What's wrong?
I-I thought you like frog's breath.
Nothing's more suspicious than frog's breath.
Until you taste it, I won't swallow a spoonful.
I'm not hungry. Oops.
You want me to starve.
An old man like me, who hardly has strength as it is.
Me, to whom you owe your very life.
Oh, don't be silly.
[ Slurping ] Mmm! See?
[ Gulping ]
Did anyone think to dredge the lake?
[ Yawns ] This morning.
[ Barking ]
- Hear that? Shh. - What?
- [ Barking ] - Zero!
[ Barking ]
[ Kids Cheering ] Jack's back!
Yea! Jack's back!
[ Mayor ] Where have you been?
Call a town meeting and I'll tell everyone all about it!
- When? - Immediately!
[ Bell Ringing ]
Town meeting! Town meeting!
Town meeting tonight!
- [ Snoring ] - [ Mayor ] Town meeting!
Town meeting tonight!
[ Clown Horn Honking ]
- [ Honks Horn, Chuckles ] - [ Gasps ]
Listen, everyone.
I want to tell you about Christmas Town.
[ Bats Screeching ]
There were objects so peculiar
They were not to be believed
All around things to tantalize my brain
It's a world unlike anything I've ever seen
And as hard as I tried I can't seem to describe
Like a most improbable dream
But you must believe when I tell you this
It's as real as my skull and it does exist
Here, let me show you.
- [ Gasping ] - Ooh!
This is a thing called a present
- The whole thing starts with a box - A box
- Is it steel - Are there locks
- Is it filled with a pox - A pox How delightful, a pox
If you please.
Just a box with bright colored paper
And the whole thing's topped with a bow
- A bow - But why
- How ugly! What's in it - What's in it
That's the point of the thing Not to know
- It's a bat - Will it bend
- It's a rat - Will it break
Perhaps it's the head that I found in the lake
Listen now You don't understand
That's not the point of Christmasland
Now pay attention
We pick up an oversized sock
And hang it like this on the wall
Oh, yes, does it still have a foot
Let me see, let me look Is it rotted and covered with gook
Um, let me explain.
There's no foot inside but there's candy
Or sometimes it's filled with small toys
- Small toys, do they bite or explode in the sack - Do they snap
Perhaps they just spring out and scare girls and boys
What a splendid idea This Christmas sounds fun
I fully endorse it Let's try it at once
Everyone, please Now not so fast
There's something here that you don't quite grasp
I don't know. Do you get it?
Well, I may as well give them what they want.
And the best I must confess I have saved for the last
For the ruler of this Christmasland
Is a fearsome king with a deep, mighty voice
Least, that's what I've come to understand
And I've also heard it told that he's something to behold
Like a lobster Huge and red
When he sets out to slay with his rain gear on
Carting bulging sacks with his big, great arms
That is, so I've heard it said
And on a dark, cold night Under full moonlight
He flies into a fog like a vulture in the sky
And they call him
Sandy Claws [ Laughing ]
[ Cheering, Whistling ]
Well, at least they're excited
But they don't understand
That special kind of feeling
In Christmasland
Oh, well.
[ Howling ]
There's got to be a logical way to explain this Christmas thing.
You've poisoned me for the last time, you wretched girl.
- [ Slams ] - [ Groans ]
[ Bells Chiming ]
Oh, my head!
The door is open!
- Hello? - Jack Skellington!
[ Scientist ] Up here, my boy.
Doctor, I need to borrow some equipment.
Is that so? Whatever for?
I'm conducting a series of experiments.
How perfectly marvelous.
- Curiosity killed the cat, you know. - I know.
Come on into the lab and we'll get you all fixed up.
Hmm. Experiments?
[ Jack ] Zero, I'm home.
Interesting reaction.
But what does it mean?
[ Body Hits Ground ]
You can come out now if you promise to behave.
- Oh! Gone again! - [ Glass Shattering ]
[ Birds Squawking, Chirping ]
[ Crowing ]
Something's up with Jack Something's up with Jack
Don't know if we're ever going to get him back
He's all alone up there Locked away inside
- Never says a word - Hope he hasn't died
Something's up with Jack Something's up with Jack
Christmastime is buzzing in my skull
Will it let me be I cannot tell
There's so many things I cannot grasp
When I think I've got it then at last
Through my bony fingers it does slip
Like a snowflake in a fiery grip
Something here I'm not quite getting, though I try I keep forgetting
Like a memory long since past
Here in an instant Gone in a flash
What does it mean What does it mean
In these little bric-a-brac
A secret's waiting to be cracked
These dolls and toys confuse me so
Confound it all I love it though
Simple objects Nothing more
But something's hidden through a door
Though I do not have the key
Something's here I cannot see
What does it mean What does it mean
What does it mean
- [ Snoring ] - Hmm. Hmm.
I've read these Christmas books so many times
I know the stories and I know the rhymes
I know the Christmas carols all by heart
My skull's so full It's tearing me apart
As often as I've read them something's wrong
So hard to put my bony finger on
Or perhaps it's really not as deep as I've been led to think
Am I trying much too hard
Of course, I've been too close to see
The answer's right in front of me Right in front of me
It's simple really Very clear
Like music drifting in the air
Invisible but everywhere
Just because I cannot see it
Doesn't mean I can't believe it
You know I think this Christmas thing is not as tricky as it seems
And why should they have all the fun It should belong to anyone
Not anyone, in fact but me
Why, I can make a Christmas tree
And there's no reason I can find
I couldn't handle Christmastime
I bet I could improve it too
And that's exactly what I'll do
This year... Christmas will be ours!
[ Cheering ]
[ Mayor ] Patience, everyone.
Jack has a special job for each of us.
- Dr. Finkelstein! - [ Wheelchair Motor Whirring ]
Your Christmas assignment is ready.
[ Grumbling ] Dr. Finkelstein, to the front of the line.
[ Crying ]
What kind of noise is that for a baby to make?
- Perhaps it can be improved? - [ Vampires ] No problem.
I knew it!
Doctor! Thank you for coming.
We need some of these.
Their construction should be exceedingly simple, I think.
How horrible our Christmas will be.
No! How jolly!
Oh. How jolly our Christmas will be.
[ Gasping, Growling ]
- What are you doing here? - Jack sent for us.
- Specifically. - By name.
- Lock. - Shock. - Barrel.
Jack! Jack!
It's Boogie's boys.
Ah, Halloween's finest trick-or-treaters.
The job I have for you is top secret.
It requires craft, cunning, mischief.
And we thought you didn't like us, Jack.
[ Laughing ]
Absolutely no one is to know about it. Not a soul!
Now... [ Whispering ]
[ Jack Whispering ] ...tree...
...Christmas Town...
- [ Crunching ] - Ow! Hmm.
And one more thing.
Leave that no-account Oogie Boogie out of this!
Whatever you say, Jack.
- Of course, Jack. - Wouldn't dream of it, Jack.
[ Giggling ]
Kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws
- I want to do it - Let's draw straws
- Jack said we should work together - Three of a kind
- Birds of a feather - Now and forever
La la-la la la-la La la-la la-la
Kidnap the Sandy Claws Lock him up real tight
Throw away the key and then turn off all the lights
First we're going to set some bait inside a nasty trap and wait
When he comes a-sniffing we will snap the trap and close the gate
Wait, I've got a better plan to catch this big red lobster man
Let's pop him in a boiling pot and when he's done we'll butter him up
Kidnap the Sandy Claws Throw him in a box
Bury him for 90 years Then see if he talks
Then Mr. Oogie Boogie Man
Can take the whole thing over then
He'll be so pleased I do declare
That he will cook him rare Whee
[ Sinister Laughter, Munching Noise ]
[ Bug Screams ]
I say that we take a cannon aim it at his door and then
Knock three times and when he answers Sandy Claws will be no more
You're so stupid! Think now if we blow him up to smithereens
We may lose some pieces and then Jack will beat us black and green
Kidnap the Sandy Claws Tie him in a bag
Throw him in the ocean Then see if he is sad
Because Mr. Oogie Boogie is the meanest guy around
If I were on his boogie list I'd get out of town
He'll be so pleased by our success
That he'll reward us too I'll bet
Perhaps he'll make his special brew
- Of snake and spider stew - Mmm!
We're his little henchmen and we take our job with pride
We do our best to please him and stay on his good side
I wish my cohorts weren't so dumb
- I'm not the dumb one - You're no fun
- Shut up, I've got something Listen now - Make me
This one is real good You'll see
We'll send a present to his door
Upon there'll be a note to read
Now in the box we'll wait and hide until his curiosity
Entices him to look inside And then we'll have him! One, two, three
Kidnap the Sandy Claws Beat him with a stick
Lock him up for 90 years See what makes him tick
Kidnap the Sandy Claws Chop him into bits
Mr. Oogie Boogie is sure to get his kicks
Kidnap the Sandy Claws See what we will see
Lock him in a cage and then throw away
The key
[ Laughing ]
Sandy Claws, huh?
[ Laughing ]
It goes something like this.
[ ''Jingle Bells'' ]
How about it? Think you can manage?
A-one and a-two and a-three and a--
[ Slow, Dreary ''Jingle Bells'' ]
[ Laughing ] Fantastic!
Now, why don't you all practice on that? And we'll be in great shape.
Sally, I need your help more than anyone's.
You certainly do, Jack. I had the most terrible vision.
- That's splendid! - No! It was about your Christmas.
- There was smoke and fire-- - That's not my Christmas!
My Christmas is filled with laughter and joy...
and... this: my Sandy Claws outfit.
- I want you to make it. - Jack,
- please listen to me. It's going to be a disaster. - How could it be?
Just follow the pattern. This part's red. The trim is white.
- It's a mistake, Jack. - Now, don't be modest.
Who else is clever enough to make my Sandy Claws outfit?
- [ Mayor ] Next! - I have every confidence in you.
But it seems wrong to me, very wrong.
- This device is called a nutcracker. - [ Tapping ]
[ Lock, Shock, Barrel ] Jack, Jack! We caught him! We got him!
Perfect! Open it up, quickly.
- [ Gasps ] - [ Sniffing ]
That's not Sandy Claws.
- It isn't? - Who is it?
- [ Sniffing, Screaming ] - Bunny!
- [ Squeaks, Whimpers ] - Not Sandy Claws. Take him back!
- We followed your instructions. - We went through the door.
Which door? There's more than one!
Sandy Claws is behind the door shaped like this.
- I told you! - [ Choking ]
- [ Lock ] You knock it off! - Ow! Ow!
- [ Growling ] - [ All Gasping ]
I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, sir.
Take him home first! And apologize again.
Be careful with Sandy Claws when you fetch him.
- Treat him nicely. - [ Together ] Got it.
- We'll get it right... - [ Together ] next time!
You will be a decided improvement...
over that treacherous Sally.
Master! The plans!
Excellent, Igor.
[ Ticking, Chimes ]
[ Rats Squeaking ]
[ Gasps, Growls ]
This time
This time
Making Christmas
Making Christmas
Making Christmas Making Christmas
- Is so fine - It's ours this time
And won't the children be surprised
It's ours this time
- Making Christmas - Making Christmas
Making Christmas
Time to give them something fun
They'll talk about it for years to come
Let's have a cheer from everyone
It's time to party
Making Christmas Making Christmas
Snakes and mice get wrapped up so nice
With spider legs and pretty bows
It's ours this time
Altogether That and this
With all our tricks we're making Christmastime
Here comes Jack!
I don't believe
What's happening to me
My hopes My dreams
My fantasies
Won't they be impressed
I am a genius
See how I transform this old rat
Into a most delightful hat
[ Jack ] Hmm.
My compliments from me to you on this your most intriguing hat
Consider, though this substitute, a bat in place of this old rat
No, no, no Now that's all wrong
This thing will never make a present, it's been dead for much too long
Try something fresher Something pleasant
Try again Don't give up
Altogether That and this
With all our tricks we're making Christmastime
- This time, this time - It's ours
Making Christmas Making Christmas
La la-la It's almost here
And we can't wait
So ring the bells and celebrate
'Cause when the full moon starts to climb, we'll all sing out
It's Christmastime
[ Bats Squeaking ]
Kathleen, Bobby, Susie.
Yes, Susie's been nice. Nice, nice, naughty, nice, nice, nice--
There are hardly any naughty children this year.
- [ Doorbell Chimes ''Jingle Bells'' ] - Now who could that be?
- [ Together ] Trick or treat! - Huh?
You don't look like yourself, Jack. Not at all.
Isn't that wonderful? It couldn't be more wonderful!
- But you're the Pumpkin King. - Not anymore.
- [ Smashing ] - And I feel so much better now.
Jack, I know you think something's missing, but--
- Ow! - Sorry!
You're right. Something is missing, but what?
I've got the beard, the coat, the boots, the belt--
[ Together ] Jack! Jack! This time we bagged him.
- This time we really did. - He sure is big, Jack.
- And heavy! - Let me out!
- [ All Gasp ] - Oh, Sandy Claws.
In person! What a pleasure to meet you.
Wh-Why, you have hands!
- You don't have claws at all. - What?
- [ Growls ] - [ Santa ] Where am I?
Surprised, aren't you? I knew you would be.
You don't need to have another worry about Christmas this year.
- Wha-- Wh-Wha-- - Consider this a vacation, Sandy, a reward.
It's your turn to take it easy.
- B-But there must be some mistake. - See that he's comfortable.
Just a second, fellas. Of course!
- That's what I'm missing. Thanks. - B-B-But--
You just can't-- Hold on! Where are we going now?
Ho-ho-ho! No.
- This is worse than I thought, much worse. - [ Jack ] Ho-ho-ho!
- [ Voice Deepens ] Ho-ho-ho! - I know.
[ Santa ] Me on vacation? On Christmas Eve?
- Where are we taking him? - Where?
To Oogie Boogie, of course.
There isn't anywhere in the whole world more comfortable than that.
- And Jack said to make him comfortable, didn't he? - [ Shock, Barrel ] Yes, he did!
[ Santa ] Haven't you heard of peace on earth and good will toward men?
[ Lock, Shock, Barrel Laughing ] No!
Oh! This'll stop Jack.
[ Electric Saw Buzzing ]
[ Buzzing Continues ]
What a joy to think of...
all we'll have in common.
We'll have conversations...
worth having.
[ Laughing ]
- [ Santa ] Don't do this! - [ Laughing Continues ]
Naughty children never get any presents.
- I think he might be too big! - Oooh!
No, he's not. If he can go down a chimney,
he can fit... down... here.
[ Grunting ]
- [ Metal Pinging ] - [ Grunting Continues ]
[ Shouting ]
[ Squealing ]
[ Dice Shaking ]
Well, well, well! What have we here?
Sandy Claws, huh? Oooh, I'm really scared!
So you're the one everybody's talkin' about. [ Laughing ]
You're jokin' You're jokin'
I can't believe my eyes
You're jokin' me You gotta be
This can't be the right guy
He's ancient He's ugly
I don't know which is worse
I might just split a seam now if I don't die laughin' first
Mr. Oogie Boogie says there's trouble close at hand
You better pay attention now
'Cause I'm the Boogie Man
And if you aren't shakin'
There's somethin' very wrong
'Cause this may be the last time you hear the Boogie song
- Whoa-oh - Wah-ah
- Whoa-ho - Ow
- Whoa-oh - Wow
I'm the Oogie Boogie Man
Release me now or you must face the dire consequences
The children are expecting me so please, come to your senses
Ah, you're jokin' You're jokin'
I can't believe my ears
Would someone shut this fella up
I'm drownin' in my tears
He's funny I'm laughin'
You really are too much
And now with your permission
- I'm goin' to do my stuff - What are you going to do?
I'm gonna do the best I can.
The sound of rolling dice to me is music in the air
'Cause I'm a gamblin' Boogie Man although I don't play fair
It's much more fun I must confess
With lives on the line
Not mine, of course But yours, old boy
Now that'd be just fine
Release me fast or you will have to answer for this heinous act
Oh, brother, you're somethin' You put me in a spin
You aren't comprehending the position that you're in
It's hopeless You're finished You haven't got a prayer
'Cause I'm Mr. Oogie Boogie
And you ain't goin' nowhere
[ Laughing ]
[ Guffawing ]
[ Laughter ]
[ Laughter Continues, Chattering ]
[ Laughing, Chattering Continue ]
[ Cheering, Applauding ] Hurray! It's Jack!
[ Cheering ]
Think of us as you soar triumphantly through the sky,
outshining every star;
your silhouette, a dark blot on the moon.
You, who are our pride.
You, who are our glory.
- You, who have frightened millions into an early grave. - Ow!
You, who have, uh,
devastated th-the souls of the... living?
- Oh, no! We can't take off in this. - [ Crowd Groans ]
- The reindeer can't see an inch in front of their noses. - Phew!
This fog's as thick as, as--
- Jellied brains. - Or thicker!
- There go all of my hopes, - [ Crowd ] Oh!
my precious plans, my glorious dreams.
- There goes Christmas. - [ Crowd Groaning ]
- [ Zero Barking ] - No, Zero. Down, boy.
My, what a brilliant nose you have.
The better to light my way!
- To the head of the team, Zero. - [ Crowd Cheers, Applauds ]
- We're off! - [ Whip Cracks ]
[ Cheering ]
Wait, Jack! No!
[ Whip Cracking ]
[ Cheering ]
[ Whip Cracking ]
Good-bye, Jack.
My dearest Jack.
Oh, how I hope my premonition is wrong.
I sense there's something in the wind
That feels like tragedy's at hand
And though I'd like to stand by him
Can't shake this feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend
And does he notice
My feelings for him
And will he see
How much he means to me
I think it's not to be
What will become of my dear friend
Where will his actions lead us then
Although I'd like to join the crowd
In their enthusiastic cloud
Try as I may it doesn't last
And will we ever
- End up together - [ Meows ]
No, I think not
It's never to become
For I am not the one
Ho-ho-ho-ho! Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!
[ Sleigh Crashing ]
[ Gasps ] Santa!
[ Gasps ]
Merry Christmas! And what is your name?
Merry Christmas! And what is your name?
- Uh, uh, uh, uh-- - That's all right.
I have a special present for you anyway.
There you go, sonny.
Ho-ho-ho-ho! Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!
[ Mother ] And what did Santa bring you, honey?
- [ Parents Screaming ] - Merry Christmas!
- [ Ringing ] - Hello. Police.
- [ Hysterical Screaming ] - Attacked by Christmas toys?
That's strange. That's the second toy complaint we've had.
- Ho-ho-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! - [ Laughing ]
[ Growling ]
- Huh? - [ Giggling ]
- [ Gasps ] - Oh, wait!
- [ Children Screaming ] - [ Quacking ]
- [ Quacking ] - Whoa! Help! Help!
[ Screaming ]
[ Man Screaming ]
[ Woman Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Sinister Laughter ]
You're welcome, one and all!
Where'd you spot him? Fast as we can, ma'am.
Police. I know, I know, a skeleton. Keep calm.
Turn off all the lights. Make sure the doors are locked. Hello. Police.
Reports are pouring in from all over the globe that an impostor...
is shamelessly impersonating Santa Claus, mocking and mangling this joyous holiday.
Authorities assure us that at this moment...
military units are mobilizing to stop the perpetrator of this heinous crime.
- Jack. Someone has to help Jack. - ...wherever you are,
- Where'd they take that Sandy Claws? - come back and save Christmas.
[ Sirens Wailing ]
[ Sirens Continue ]
Look, Zero, searchlights.
[ Gunfire Continues ]
They're celebrating!
They're thanking us for doing such a good job.
Whoa! Careful down there! You almost hit us!
- [ Zero Barks ] - It's okay, Zero!
- [ Barks ] - Head higher!
Are you a gamblin' man, Sandy? Let's play!
- [ Clanking Noise ] - Hmm?
My, my! What have we here?
[ Hacking ] Hmm.
[ Whispering ] I'll get you out of here.
Ah! Lovely.
Tickle, tickle, tickle. Tickle, tickle, tickle!
Tickle, tickle, tickle. Tickle, tickle, tickle!
[ Laughing ]
[ Shouting ] What? You try to make a dupe out of me?
[ Roaring ]
- [ Roaring Continues ] - [ Wind Howling ]
[ Screams ]
Who's next on my list?
Ah, little Harry and Jordan. Won't they be surprised?
- They're trying to hit us. Zero! - [ Barks, Whimpers ]
Merry Christmas to all...
and to all a good night!
[ Thud ]
[ Crowd Gasps ]
[ Howling ]
I knew this Christmas thing was a bad idea.
- I felt it in my gut. - [ Engine Starts ]
Terrible news, folks!
The worst tragedy of our times!
Jack has been blown to smithereens!
[ Weeping ]
Terrible, terrible news!
Attention. Attention, citizens.
Terrible news.
There's still no sign of Santa Claus.
Although the impostor has been shot down,
it looks like Christmas will have to be canceled this year.
I repeat, the impostor has been shot down,
I repeat, the impostor has been shot down,
but there's still no sign of Santa.
[ Whimpering ]
What have I done
What have I done
How could I
Be so blind
All is lost
Where was I
Spoiled all
Spoiled all
Gone all wrong
What have I done
What have I done
Find a deep cave to hide in
In a million years
They'll find me Only dust
And a plaque that reads
Here lies poor old Jack
But I never intended all this madness
And nobody really understood
Well, how could they
That all I ever wanted
Was to bring them something great
Why does nothing ever turn out like it should
Well, what the heck
I went and did my best
And, by God I really tasted
Something swell
Something swell
And for a moment why, I even touched the sky
And at least I left some stories they can tell I did
And for the first time since I don't remember when
I felt just like my old bony self again
And I, Jack
The Pumpkin King
That's right I am the Pumpkin King Ha-ha-ha!
And I just can't wait until next Halloween
'Cause I've got some new ideas
That will really make them scream
And, by God, I'm really going to give it all my might
Uh-oh. I hope there's still time...
to set things right.
- [ Gasps ] Sandy Claws. - Hmm.
You wait till Jack hears about this!
By the time he's through with you, you'll be lucky if you--
The King of Halloween...
has been blown to smithereens!
Skeleton Jack...
- is now a pile of dust! - [ Gasps ]
- C'mon, Zero! Christmas isn't over yet. - [ Barks ]
What's that you said about luck, rag doll?
- [ Sally ] Help! Help! Help! - [ Zero Snarling ]
- [ Sally Shouting ] - Shhh!
[ Oogie Boogie ] Seven!
It's Oogie's turn to boogie now.
- [ Sally Screaming ] - One... two... three... four...
- five, six, seven. [ Laughing ] - [ Screaming ]
[ Santa ] This can't be happening.
Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.
Oh! I'm feeling weak...
with hunger!
One more roll of the dice oughta do it. [ Laughing ]
What? Snake eyes?
[ Grunts ]
Eleven! [ Laughing ]
Looks like I won the jackpot!
Bye-bye, doll face...
and sandman!
- [ Sally Screaming ] - [ Laughing ]
[ Gasps ] What the--
- [ Gasps ] - Hello, Oogie.
J-J-J-Jack! But they said you were dead.
You must be... double dead!
- Oh! - [ Oogie Laughing ]
Well, come on, bone man!
[ Barking ]
Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo! Ha!
- Fire! - [ Bell Ringing ] - [ Gunshots ]
- [ Gunfire Continues ] - Ooooh!
[ Grunting ]
Jack, look out!
[ Gasps ]
So long, Jack! [ Laughing ]
- [ Laughing Continues ] - How dare you treat my friends...
- so shamefully! - [ Gasps ]
[ Whimpering ] No, no, no, no, Jack!
Now look what you've done!
My bugs! My bugs!
My bugs!
[ Squeaky-Voiced Bugs ] My bugs! My bugs! My bugs!
My bugs! My bugs! My bugs!
[ Squeaking ] My bugs! My bugs!
Forgive me, Mr. Claws.
- I'm afraid I've made a terrible mess of your holiday. - Bumpy sleigh ride, Jack?
The next time you get the urge to take over someone else's holiday, I'd listen to her.
She's the only one who makes any sense around this insane asylum!
- Skeletons, boogie men-- - I hope there's still time.
To fix Christmas? Of course there is!
I'm Santa Claus!
He'll fix things, Jack. He knows what to do.
- How did you get down here, Sally? - Oh, I-I was trying to--
- Well, I wanted to, to-- - To help me.
- I couldn't let you just-- - Sally.
I can't believe I never realized that you--
[ Mayor ] Jack! Jack!
- Here he is! - Alive! Just like we said!
[ Mayor ] Grab ahold, my boy!
Good news, folks. Santa Claus, the one and only,
has finally been spotted.
Old Saint Nick appears to be traveling at supersonic speed.
He's setting things right,
bringing joy and cheer wherever he goes.
Yes, Kriss Kringle has pulled it out of the bag and delivered Christmas...
- to excited children all over the world. - [ Snoring ]
[ Car Horn Honking ]
La la la la la la-la-la
La la la la la la-la-la
- Jack's back! - Jack?
- Jack's okay! - He's all right!
Jack's okay and he's back
- Oh, yea - He's all right
Let's shout Make a fuss
Scream it out Wheee
Jack is back now Everyone sing
In the town of Halloween
- It's great to be home! - [ Santa ] Ho-ho-ho-ho!
Happy Halloween!
Merry Christmas!
- What's this? - What's this
I haven't got a clue
- What's this - Why, it's completely new
- Must be a Christmas thing - What's this
It's really very strange
This is Halloween Halloween, Halloween
Halloween What's this, what's this
[ Laughing ]
Careful, my precious jewel.
My dearest friend if you don't mind
I'd like to join you by your side
Where we can gaze
Into the stars
[ Together ] And sit together
Now and forever
For it is plain
As anyone can see
We're simply meant to be
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