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Nightmare (2000 Korean)

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"2 years ago"
Mi-ryoung is getting prettier.
She's getting quite popular now. She's been in several TV ads.
How could you?
I was hurt when you left for the US without telling me.
You haven't even written me in 2 years.
Which part of the US were you in?
I heard you were applying for grad school?
Yeah, advisor and my mom wants me to continue my studies.
How is everyone?
I haven't seen them for a while myself.
You left for the US,
Jung-wook has become a prominent lawyer,
Se-hoon is taking a break from school for no reason,
...and Hyun-joon... we don't really keep in touch.
Can I stay here tonight?
Do you have a place to stay?
You don't have any relatives in Seoul.
You're welcome to stay here with me.
She'll find me in no time.
I can't let down my guard.
I'm going to sleep.
I'm so sleepy.
I've run away.
Run away?
What do you mean?
She's always following me.
She...? Who do you mean?
Before I came here, I saw her at Se-hoon's studio.
What are you talking about?
Isn't Kyung-ah dead?
That's right...
Who are you painting?
Doesn't she remind you of someone?
Not really.
Have you had one of those suffocating nightmares?
She appears from nowhere,
...mounts me and starts choking my neck.
It's so real, I can paint her by memory.
But I can't seem to remember her face.
What about Hyun-joon?
I guess you don't know that he can't use one of his legs.
His knee continues to retain water.
His family assets were also liquidated in some fraud scheme.
He's a total mess.
Is it that bad?
Enough of that. What brings you here?
Do you know that Sun-ae is back from the US?
She was here a couple of days ago.
Did Sun-ae mention anything about Kyung-ah?
That Kyung-ah is...
Pursuing her?
In a crazed stare, you know what Sun-ae said to me?
Behind you, it's Kyung-ah...
She's glaring at you...
You saw Kyung-ah kill herself with your own eyes.
Sun-ae must have done drugs in the US.
You remember Kyung-ah... don't you?
Don't remind me of that bitch.
It was that piece-of-shit who made me a cripple.
My disability has earned me a filthy mouth.
Hey, No. 4! Wanna spend the whole night here?
Aw fuck!
Yeah, okay!
Great job. You're as good as they say.
Our company was on the verge of giving up.
- Anyway thank you. - Don't mention it.
Excuse me for a moment.
It's me.
Ah, Hyun-joon?
Hye-jin came by.
She was asking about Kyung-ah.
I thought you should know.
Yeah, okay.
Let's get together soon. I'll call you.
The women in these photo slides are victims of
...the 1979 serial murder case in Bronx, NY, David Berkowitz.
According to the FBI files,
...people who suffer from fear during a long period of time,
...experience extreme pleasure by being released from
...such paranoia through petty crimes.
The more serious problem is the sense of guilt
...spawned from such anti-social behaviors.
...They call for a higher degree
of bizarre murders.
Under the shades of the golden bell flower bushes, a pair of dainty rubber shoes.
Little baby gently...
Hi, I'm Hye-jin who transferred from Seoul.
I'm... LEE Kyung-ah.
Isn't she pretty?
I can smell flowers too.
- Sun-ae, smell her. - Hey, throw it away!
Don't touch any of Kyung-ah's things.
Find your most precious memory!
The study body is presenting this photo exhibition from the
...past, celebrating the new millenium!
We would appreciate your donations.
Photos from the past! From '97 '99, photos shot on campus! Now find your most precious
...memories. We will use your donations for the less fortunate!
Now enjoy the photo exhibition arranged by the student body celebration of the new millenium, and make a
...donation as well!
Hey, kitty.
How are you?
You've chased all the mice.
I'm Psychology major, class 96, LEE Hye-jin.
I'm the director of this rose garden as well as
...a work scholarship student at the botanical gardens.
I'm Early Childhood Ed. major, class 97, LEE Eun-ju.
Your intro is way overdue.
I've mistaken you for someone else.
Someone else?
Think about it.
It was only me up till now,
...until one day, music begins to fill this rose garden
...and a new fish tank appears.
This place started to become richer and brighter.
I could only read this as a prelude to love.
I assumed it must be the new work scholarship
...student who must be a romantic male with
...a major crush on me.
Oh dear, you must be disappointed.
But I'm grateful you made this place so beautiful.
This is only for the rose garden directors.
When I graduate,
you will be the next director...
Go, Hyun-joon, go!
So you're missing class for this?
Hyun-joon was in the papers. He's cuter than a movie star.
You can't be serious.
Haven't you told him yet?
Tell him?
Don't even mention it.
He doesn't see me as a woman.
Such an idiot.
You'll see. I'll make him like me.
You want me to tell him?
How was I today?
You're always the best.
You're better than the homerun king.
You always say things I want to hear.
someone who has a crush on you...
...have you
...ever experienced love at first sight?
This is my first time.
Who is she?
Since she doesn't know me, I guess she's a freshman.
Yeah, mystical. She's truly mystical.
See you later, okay?
We've called LEE Eun-ju here by the earnest request
...of Hye-jin.
We acknowledge the significance of our club rules,
...but we also respect Hye-jin's opinions.
This is the true face of 'A Few Good Men.'
How do you know her?
She's her, my dream girl.
Now, please relax and answer our questions.
Jung-wook! You think you're interrogating her?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Fuck! The elevator's not working. I had to walk up 5 floors.
Oh, Eun-ju...
We all have something in common.
Best friends are not just the property of men.
Women have them as well.
She's my best friend, but she has one major fault.
Her sincerity makes her so vulnerable.
Doesn't it, Sun-ae?
You're the best, Hye-jin. Thanks.
Um, Se-hoon's a film director in the making,
...always shooting our every move.
Apart from hassling me from time to time,
...he's a good guy.
No one's more beautiful than she!
A sexy star of the future, our black hole,
He's the most brilliant student in the history of our school.
The pride of 'A Few Good Men,'
...a kind brother and the guardian angel of peace,
...the future leader of judicial order.
Hey, you've made me into something too big.
This guy will hit more home runs than McGuire.
He carries one thing I envy most,
...true masculinity!
Thanks, should I explain my impression of her.
Anyway, it's always good to greet a newcomer.
I feel we'll become good friends.
I'm glad to have met you all.
This is the first time I've met anyone who
...has been so nice to me.
Especially, Hye-jin is like an old friend.
What brings you here, Hyun-joon?
To see Eun-ju, why?
I envy Sun-ae.
She has a great boyfriend like you.
Who said that? Sun-ae?
What I love most is baseball.
But, I've met...
someone who I could love more than baseball.
I thought a lot about how I should tell you.
This isn't right.
Sun-ae is in love with you.
So, you've got the lead role?
Yeah, for a weekend drama.
I guess it'll be hard to see you from now on.
So enjoy me while you can.
Something wrong Sun-ae?
- Wounds of love. - Shut up! I'm not in the mood.
Tell me everything later. See you.
Okay. Congratulations!
Don't you find her strange?
Every time I look at her, she seems more creepy.
Get out of the way!
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
Are you okay, Sun-ae?
Are you okay?
You're not hurt, are you?
The cat hasn't come lately, has it?
I'm worried, it looked sick.
- Welcome. - Yeah.
See you later.
Why? Aren't you going with us?
Something has come up at home...Sorry.
It's been a while since we all gathered...
Alright then. Come by the studio even if it's late.
What are you staring at? You'll strain your eyes.
Uh, nothing.
The producer is just stupid. It's not your problem.
I know. I'm trying to get over it.
I just want to know why.
Mi-ryoung, I have something to ask...
about Eun-ju.
Something bumped into the car.
This is great!
This is raw material, hard to come across.
This is my kind of thing!
Stop that!
I can't believe you can fool around in this situation!
Let go...this is art.
Stop it!
Did you see the cat's eyes?
Didn't it look different from any other cat's?
As if it were cursing us...
Cats are notorious for having their revenge.
What are we going to do?
Mi-ryoung, I'm sure you saw its eyes.
Stop talking about the cat!
Jung-wook, do you have any grudges against cats?
This is the first time I've ever seen you this angry.
Everyone has their own b ad luck sign.
Mine just happens to be a cat.
I know...mine is this girl...
Let's stop this kind of talk, Sun-ae.
Now...shall we start the party?
What was that?
It must be a black out.
Is this bad luck day or what?
I know what's going on.
And that it will only get worse.
When I was little, I moved to the country.
I met Hye-jin there.
As I remember, it was a beautiful place.
But unlike its exterior,
...the village people seemed to have a chilliness,
...shutting out anything from outside.
The smell of blood is everywhere!
Cast yourself out!
Cast yourself out from her!
Evil spirit, leave her!
Cast yourself out from her!
That is so creepy.
So you're saying the child was possessed by a demon?
That was only the beginning.
What, there's more?
Stop it, Sun-ae.
We all have to know.
It's better than battling against something you don't know.
What do you mean?
Throw that cat away!
It was hurt, so I brought it with me.
Throw it out!
I'm sorry.
Things can't get any worse...
It's okay. Everyone's a bit sensitive at the moment.
Go on, Sun-ae.
Eun-ju's here, we should stop.
Eun-ju has to hear as well.
Cause now she's one of us.
The village people blamed her for everything that went bad
...and kept a distance from her.
Some even refused to sell anything to her.
Sooner or later... a huge accident happened.
Strange thing was,
...although the bus company made no effort to control
...the situation,
...the villagers' protests ended in one day.
And for the next three days,
...people with coffins walked the streets in a single line.
But no one ever mentioned anything about the girl
...who was the only survivor of the accident.
They were afraid of her deadly revenge.
You really think she got her revenge?
It could have just been an accident.
It was a type of jinx.
Latent fear that exists in closed societies...
What if she was somewhere around us?
Then we'll have to await death.
One more thing,
...Hye-jin's father died because of her.
Daddy! Daddy!...Daddy...!
Daddy, let go...!
After the incident, one has seen her since.
So you're saying all the bad things happening to us because of this Kyung-ah?
You're joking, right?
Who is she to say that she's among us?
This is all that I can say.
The rest, ask Eun-ju,,
...LEE Kyung-ah.
Is she telling the truth, Eun-ju?
Are you really Kyung-ah?
never forgotten you.
What do you want from me?
Are you going to get me now?
Do me a favor,
...l want you to
...get out of my life forever!
Hello, this is LEE Hye-jin.
Please leave your message.
It's me, Sun-ae. I'm scared Hye-jin.
Kyung-ah is staring at me. Please pick up the phone!
You can hear me, right!
What are you doing?
I've been working on this for three days.
If I were paid, I would do this.
Are you going out for a shoot?
This is the best time. See you later.
I can't figure him out.
I love your
Hurry up.
Kyung-ah's alive!
Kyung-ah is trying to kill me!
Hyun-joon, help me!
Please Hyun-joon!
Kyung-ah, the bitch...
Open up! Open up! Fuck! Open up!
'Kyung ah's revenge has begun'
This was in my mailbox this morning
It must be Se-hoon.
He called me last night screaming "Kyung-ah's alive."
Where is Se-hoon?
I don't know, but he may be with
...the girl he met last night.
- He never calls anyway. - Se-hoon, or Sun-ae,
...l can't believe they're doing this!
It's totally immature!
Calm down.
In fact, Sun-ae
was under psychiatric treatment in the US.
In the nut house...
She must have ran away during treatment.
How can you tell us now?
I really regret it.
I thought she would fully recover.
Sun-ae...blames herself for Kyung-ah's death.
This letter only proves she is still suffering
...from her guilt over Kyung-ah.
She believes that Kyung-ah will get her revenge,
...against all of us here.
Listen carefully.
Kyung-ah didn't kill herself because of us.
She just couldn't deal with the prejudice
...people had against her.
She just...couldn't bear it.
Yeah,'s best to forget about Kyung-ah.
What we need not digging into the past,
...but healing the present.
Before things get more difficult for Sun-ae.
Sun-ae was...
definately hiding something.
What was her motive for mentioning Kyung-ah again?
Okay. By the way,
...l have a favor to ask you.
I want to get dad's business back,
...but the lawyer's fee is too high.
I was wondering...
if you could take this case.
Money isn't the issue here, you just can't be
...sentimental about something like this.
Whoever takes the case, it's a no win situation.
Tell dad to give up. The law can be quite cold.
It's you that is more cold than the law.
I'm sorry. And you're not well.
After this Sun-ae business is cleared,
...l'll open a place for you.
Don't treat me like an imbecile!
I'm not asking you for anything anymore.
You are aware that $50 thou. isn't a small amount.
Of course will be difficult to get a good lawyer with this money,
...but this is as far as I can go.
As I told you before,'s better to give up.
You'll be lucky to get anything with this.
Are you still seeing Mi-ryoung?
I guess you're committing infidelity.
I'm not an expert on this, but, is adultery...or something like that, right?
Se-hoon, the fucker has recorded everything.
The psycho.
He even recorded the death...of Kyung-ah.
My sister-in-law has a good heart, as good as her looks.
I've never achieved anything in life, there's nothing for me to lose.
But you, you have achieved so much.
You're really pushing it.
I heard you are representing dad's rivalling company.
How could you do such a thing?
What do you want from me?
That's your job to figure out.
It's your specialty.
If people find out, it is the end for all of us.
Now, let's make a decision.
Who wants to speak first?
Who is it?
Who is it?
Cut it out! You think you can scare me?
I didn't know you could stoop this low.
Is that what they teach you in court these days?
Or did you get it from convicts?
Alright, the deal's off.
But I'm sure the police will listen.
Or should I go to your wife first? Fuck!
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
I think he died right before we were here.
Why are you here?
What did you do?
What are you saying?
You're not thinking I did this?
What about you?
Don't think, just get the videotape.
We have to get out of here, alright?
Where is the tape!
Where is it!
I can't take it anymore. I'm leaving.
Get a grip of yourself!
Our life depends on this, okay?
Hurry and find the videotape!
Who could have done it?
When Se-hoon and Hyun-joon died,
...there was always a woman.
Given all the facts, there is only one suspect.
Sun-ae is confused.
She has lost all ability to control herself.
Sun-ae couldn't have done such things.
She was scared.
...whether Sun-ae is the killer or not,
...she may as well be in danger.
If she comes to you, me,
Don't turn the lights on.
What's wrong?
The bitch is here.
She is waiting for me.
I don't see anyone.
Can't you see her?
Over there...
She's sitting on the swing!
Get a grip of yourself!
Look! Look carefully!
No one's there!
What is wrong with you?
Kyung-ah's dead!
No she's not.
She killed Se-hoon and Hyun-joon.
Now she is after me.
If that is true, why is she killing other people?
Kyung-ah died because of me.
That night...
when Kyung-ah died...
Kyung-ah is coming!
Don't open it!
Sun-ae... one's here!
What is it?
Kyung-ah tried to kill me.
It really was Kyung-ah!
...l can't live like this, I'm scared!
Not you now. Wake up!
It seems like she is at my feet!
First Se-hoon, then Hyun-joon, now it's my turn!
You're just terrified by the two deaths.
Cancel all your schedules and get some rest.
You'll feel better.
You're staying with me tonight, right?
I can't be by myself. I am going crazy with terror.
Please..l beg you.
It's my wife's birthday today.
I see.
You're so self-centered.
You were the same when Kyung-ah died.
Even when the boys were killed...
I have you all figured out now.
- We're finished. - Mi-ryoung...
Don't worry about Kyung-ah...
if it gets out, that will be the end of me as well.
Get out!
Why is this happening to us?
Who's next?
Is it Kyung-ah as Sun-ae says?
I'm sorry, Hye-jin...
It's all my fault.
I should have protected you.
KIM Se-hoon, PARK Hyun-joon, JUNG Mi-ryoung.
They all seemed quite close...
Did you suspect anything?
Like strange behavior before someone dies...
You take illogical approaches to a case, don't you?
You're Mr. CHOl, lawyer in practice?
Sometimes this can be quite accurate.
When Se-hoon died,
...there was an old man who witnessed the scene.
More shocking...
are the eyes of the deceased.
So tragic.
Look at the eyes.
Those were shot right before autopsy
and everyone of them have the same afterimage.
We thought it was a mistake made during development,
but for each re-try, we had the same results.
Do you have any contact with your friend, Sun-ae?
2 yrs ago, she moved to the US.
I guess you didn't know she recently came back.
I think she was under psychiatric treatment in the US...
Sun-ae is...
either a dangerous character, or someone in great danger, I right? careful
Sun-ae might be framed for the murders.
We have to find her quickly.
Please let me go!
I beg you.
Just kill me.
Where have you been?
Where were you then?
You should have known we were doing wrong.
If it was anyone, it should have been you to forgive
You should have understood her.
Just for once...
Stop talking nonsense!
A detective came to visit us.
He seems to suspect you.
You can be blamed for all the murders, hear?
brings death even after being dead herself.
I would rather be dead, like the others.
I'm so scared, Hye-jin...
I'm so scared...
I'm relieved she is with you.
Did Sun-ae mention anything about the deaths?
She still believes it was Kyung-ah.
She was shaking in fear until she fell asleep just now.
Don't wake her. I'm on my way.
And Hye-jin...
from now on you must be strong, okay?
I know, Jung-wook.
I know what's going on.
And that it will only get worse.
When I was little, I moved to the country.
I met Hye-jin there.
As I remember, it was a beautiful place.
I want you to
...get out of my life forever!
What did l...ever do to you?
I just don't like you.
Bad things keep happening when you are around.
I'm just giving you the facts.
Nothing more...
Maybe certain things are left out...
Stop it! You're different from us!
Why is she different? What's wrong with you!
How do you explain everything that has happened here!
You son-of-a-bitch!
Stop it, now!
Stop it!
Stop it, stop it!
Stop it!
Let go!
Stop it, Eun-ju!
Let go! Let go! Let go!
Let go! Let go!
Let go!
I'm leaving. I didn't do anything!
I don't have any reason to stay here.
Stop crying you bitch!
No one leaves,
Stop acting like a baby!
It won't bring Eun-ju back.
She was bad news anyway. Many people died because of her!
We...we were just watching. Weren't we?
She just slipped.
We, we, we didn't kill her.
You think so?
You think the police won't find anything?
Even if we erased all clues, are we going to explain the scratches on her body?
What about the ones on us?
Listen carefully.
Kyung-ah reached for us when she falled.
She was asking for help.
If anyone finds out, it will be the end of all of us.
Now, shall we make a decision?
Who wants to speak first?
If we all keep quiet, nothing will happen.
Where is the videotape?
Tell me...where did you hide it?
I won't let you die before you tell me where it is.
You hear!
You can't die before you do... Okay?
Yeah, how about this scenario.
You're crazy from the incident.
2 yrs have been harsh on you.
As your friends started dying one by one, you decide kill yourself.
What do you think, huh?
We don't need to find the right place.
We're already there.
Sun-ae, are you alright!
Now you know, don't you?
Nothing has changed. Kyung-ah's death was by suicide.
You're crazy!
Of course Sun-ae and you, both have to die.
A friend's death drives Sun-ae crazy,
...she kills the rest...and commits suicide!
And will be the nutcase's last victim.
You've lost your mind!
Didn't you welcome Kyung-ah as one of us?
You were the one who cared after her most!
We all trusted you...
Yeah, keep it up, okay?
That will solve everything.
And if you are patient,
...everything will be back to where it used to be.
Hye-jin, you trust me... don't you?
You trust me, do! You do trust me!
If that's what you want, I'll kill you first.
You say I'm crazy?
I killed Kyung-ah. I killed the others.
...l'm not finished!
I'll kill you here.
Jump, like Kyung-ah did. Gracefully, beautifully...!
Stop it!
What are you going to do?
I'm still confused, I'm still having a nightmare.
If only we hadn't met Kyung-ah...
But we'll have to forget everything.
- It's all over. - Over?
It's not over.
What are you talking about?
We still have Sun-ae.
Don't say that filthy name.
Remember this?
How did you get that ring?
Matching rings mean something when they are together.
We will be together forever.
Once Sun-ae is gone...
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