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Subtitles for Night Wish - End of Innocence CD1.

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Night Wish - End of Innocence CD1

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Shitty band, shitty equipment - No commercial potential!
The memoirs of Tuomas pt. XXV - "l'll never forget those pants!"
What makes Tuomas tick? What makes him write such songs?
What makes him write such lyrics?
Well...what could it be? Who knows.
l bet even Tuomas doesn't know.
lt's a small island? -Yup. -Damn it's nice!
No wonder this place is sacred to your family...
A true Finnish dream...
What could be better than an island of your own?
My musical career began at the age of seven -
when mom sent me for piano classes...
Going to an island with the first snow falling - great!
ln the music school l majored in clarinet and minored in piano.
l know the basics of musical theory, l can read notes -
and accompany with the piano.
There's a solar panel, you can power up your mobile there.
Then l joined my first band, a metal band comprising of -
local Kitee guys, Dismal Silence l think it was called...
That was my first band and also the first time l played keyboards.
lt was a new experience, because l think that piano-
and keyboards are two completely different instruments.
Listen, the whole forest whispers... - What?
The forest whispers with the rain!
So you could say that l started playing keyboards when l was 16.
l kicked the clarinet around for a while...
l played it in the army band for nine and a half months.
After that l haven't touched the thing... not a honk in 6 years.
My first real band to score a record deal was Darkwoods My Bethrothed.
ln 1996...or 5? 1995 it was.
This can't be for real...
l wasn't a proper member in that band either, -
l was asked to play the synth as a session musician.
l composed my first song at that time, too -
The outro for "Heirs of the Northstar"...
"A New Heaven a New Earth" l think it was called.
At the same time, we also started another project -
Nattvinden's Gråt, brain-child of Teemu Kautonen.
That's when we also met Mr. Wilska for the first time.
Teemu had a bit of a trouble with some of the vocals -
so the engineer Mr. Valtonen suggested that we call in this guy.
l finally found me a friend... my sonny boy!
Looks a lot like his father he does...
We eventually made two albums with Nattvindens Gråt.
So at the time l was in two bands -
but l always felt that l was not allowed to write any songs, -
l was just a hired hand playing the synth.
lt was OK in the beginning, but l always had the urge -
to write my own songs, that's the main thing for me.
There's some kind of a lever outside...
Then in the summer of 1996 - l was still in both bands -
we spent a night here on the island, right over there.
We sat around the fire, went to sauna -
and l came up with the idea of a project my own.
l didn't have the name "Nightwish" yet, but l had the concept.
Acoustic stuff, mood music, not Heavy Metal at all...
The artist is starting to get very pissed off!
Third and the Mortal, Theatre of Tragedy and The Gathering -
those bands were a great inspiration at the time.
l felt like trying something in the same vein myself.
l went to the army in July 1996, and during the first months -
l wrote three songs, "Nightwish", "Forever moments" and "Etiäinen".
ln December l booked a studio in Kitee -
and we made the three song demo then...
ls Wilska with you? We had some trouble with the boat.
Call us when you get here and l'll come and pick you up.
l can't remember exactly when Emppu came along -
l didn't know the guy so well at the time.
Jukka had known him for ages but to me Emppu was a new acquaintance.
l was told it would take ten pulls to start...
l also thought l'd ask Tarja Turunen what she thought about the idea.
l'd known her since the age of 13, we were in the same music class -
in junior high and played in the same jazz band...
She was a distant friend of mine.
lt's Taape's birthday! - Happy birthday, Tarja!
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you...
Did you congratulate Tarja on her birthday, Kimi?
Well, happy birthday to you...
Recording artist Paula... - Paula?
This toilet paper strip comes in handy when you have a pee -
You can wipe your tush with it!
Gen, Gen, Genghis Khan, enslaver of nations! Hu! Ha!
Gee, this is a good kit!
l can't remember if me and Emppu called her first, -
or if we just went over and told her that we had this thing...
lt only took five pulls...
Plus an additional five!
We walked to her place, it was just before Christmas...
l explained what l had in mind and asked what she thought about it.
She replied "sure", she was on right away.
Everything works like a dream today!
lt was to be a project, we'd just make demo tapes, -
maybe send them to record companies, -
but definitely no gigs or anything that serious.
Tarja said "absolutely" and agreed to sing the songs -
it would probably take her two days or so in the studio.
Before each gig we have to get our lucky tattoos...
Evil Ewo made this neat skull, and Marco, ever so friendly, -
wrote "right" here so l know which hand to hit with.
l should make this tattoo permanent and ask some expert what it means!
Paris! A close up of the Eiffel tower.
- We're at the top! - ln Germany!
Where are my fuckin' cigarettes? - Alles klar, wunderbar!
A lot of people say that one should move from a hick town like Kitee -
and see a bit of the world.
l've lived there for every single year of my life, -
and during the last few years l've often thought of moving to Helsinki -
or some other place. But now that l've toured the world with the band -
and by myself, l've learnt that l'm not missing anything here.
l could live here in Kitee for the rest of my life.
There's not a better place in the world.
Sao Paolo and Reperbahn, both worth another visit!
lt's too hot in here...
We then recorded the basic tracks with Emppu -
at the legendary Kiteen Huvikeskus Studio.
We also met Tero then, l didn't know him either before.
A roadie at work... - lt's a shitty job!
l feel a bit shy!
Tero, what was it like in Russia? - A bit on the shitty side...
A pissed-up trip, literally... -No, it was OK. Cool.
Surprisingly l can once again see your underpants.
What's this then? You broke a stick? -No, l didn't break a single one.
- Don't you try that on me..
Tero's being scrupulous with the cords...
- Situation normal, all fucked up...
Wrong hole... phase out conflict again.
Lucky bastard!
[Ewo-talk, unintelligible!]
Toni, production, Paris!
Actually l have a few here, l can write one for her...
Say something to the people of Finland! - What?
Wrong hole. - No way! -lt's phase out conflict again!
Some mascara... This is what l do for living.
This is the second night Ulsch got no beer and he's pretty pissed off...
-The fridge is full, grab as many as you like!
Just a few, 'cos otherwise it would be third night in a row...
Do you have a wisdom for the people of Finland this time?
Tommi and the piggie... - Tommi, any spanking tonight?
The piggie squeals!
What's the little guy's name? - Kurko.
We knew Tero vaguely, he had recorded some of our old demos.
So we went there to do the recording.
Welcome to the legendary Caverock studio!
Zoom there...
The studio where we've recorded all our four albums, -
the first we even mixed here. Looks like a sauna or a doghouse...
So should we listen to it again? - ...but you can get a good sound here.
Get a load of this... "- The peak of Tero's engineering career..."
Greetings, good folks.
Now it's just the cabin...
Line-in is 5 dB less.
Shit, it's...well, we'll get it right.
So, how are you doin'? - Tuning is what l'm doing...
A beer wouldn't hurt, you know.
Let's play this fast so we can go to the bar!
Go away, moron!
My apologies!
One bum note!
Just a moment please.
l wish the battery would run out already...
Tarja came and we went through the songs, checked the melodies...
lt was a shock when she started singing for the first time.
We had expected a tender young girl's voice, like Kari Rueslåtten -
but even at that stage she had a powerful, dramatic classical voice.
lt was a total surprise.
People often think that... that there was a conscious plan -
of how Nightwish would sound,
mix a little metal, atmospheric stuff, and put some operatic vocals on top.
But it was just a lucky coincidence.
So this is broke too? A fine day it is... bad karma!
We were just experimenting with those three songs, -
acoustic guitar, flute, synth, Tarja's vocals and nothing else.
That's what Nightwish was inititially to be all about.
Only Sumi the Finn can know about it all...
Sumi's in Germany... - Um. l guess he is then.
Sumi's in Germany. - Yeah, again!
We sent the demo to Century Media, Massacre, and maybe Spinefarm...
Yeah, Spinefarm too. 3 or 4 places, and we didn't receive a single reply.
We also sent it to Soundi magazine's demo review, we have it here...
ls it just the legendary one where it said...
"No commercial potential!"
"ls this really relevant in its atmospheric ambitions?"
The first ever newspaper article on Nightwish.
Note the pitch: "Finland's Gatherinki has been found!"
The day after l got out of the army we went into the studio.
We did a seven song demo -
which later became the limited edition of Angels Fall First.
- So that was the first demo with the whole band? - Yes.
And then you went on tour with Nattvinden's Gråt?
- With Wish and Babylon Whores.
And when you came back we heard that we have a record deal.
- Have you gotten any, boys?!
There's this funny story... When we embarked on the tour -
Ewo had with him a boxful of demos sent to Spinefarm.
Something like 600 demo tapes which we listened in the bus for 2 weeks.
We'd insert the tape, gave it 20 seconds, and if it failed to impress -
We'd throw it right out of the window.
Tuomas didn't have the guts to play his tape to Ewo,"He'll never like it..."
We prepped him for like 3 hours, "We go in the bus you put in the tape..."
He finally managed to open his mouth, "Uh, we made this demo..."
We were listening to Carpenter, Ewo sat smoking and drinking Lonkero
And in true Ewo fashion he pondered "Mm.. let's give it another spin..."
"Mm.. maybe we can work something out..."
Tell it now to the good people of Finland!
We had a gig in Bischofswerda, Ewo still had some 200 tapes left.
That's when he lost his nerve:
"l've had it with this shit!" and he hurled the box -
right on down a hill smack in the middle of a highway -
and just like in American movies the demo box crashes down, -
and instantly a huge truck comes - wroom - and levels the contents!
So l wonder if there's still time to impregnate a mare?
l still have some credit left..
Hot stuff!
Check out the goons - the goons have a couple of bags.
Which department? - Department of poo!
"We were out last night with the boys, l drank a half of Koskenkorva -
and Jussa drank the other half and Terssi too drank a half, -
and we were all, like, so drunk!"
"And we didn't a sleep wink that night and in the morning -
when we woke up we had a terrible hangover!"
So it goes. Seems like Tero won't be here tonight.
The album came out in November 1997.
At that point we also found our ambitions, -
something that came characteristic of us -
A healthy, naive will to prove ourselves, to really go over the top.
That's when the acoustic stuff gave way to a more bombastic style.
Not only an average keyboardist but also a tolerable mechanic!
"The scent of a woman was not mine"
lt's simply not possible to begin a song with a line like that! Fuck!
This song's a knife in his back...
lt's not possible l wrote that!
What were you thinking at the moment? - l really don't know!
l stand behind all of my lyrics except that one - it simply doesn't work!
Well, the lyrics to Elvenpath are quite hilarious too...
"Trivial high hopes... a rural band...from Kitee.."
There were a few reasons why we went more "metal"...
We all liked heavy metal...
Jukka, Emppu and me all have a metal background, that's where we come from.
And it might have been boring to do just acoustic stuff after a while.
Tarja's voice was also too dramatic, too bombastic for that atmosphere.
So we figured we'd make the music more bombastic, too.
We first visited Spinefarm after we had signed the deal.
We were pretty quiet boys when we walked in!
"Here's Ewo" -"Hi!" - "Go sit over there somewhere!"
Now there's a tour poster! Mega-bueno-iglesias-poster!
l saw a huge Children of Bodom Something Wild -poster on the door -
and l wondered when we could have such cool posters, too!
This is the Potaskavaara Gym...
After the album came out in the end of October 1997 -
we still had doubts if this is ever going to work live.
That year l moved to Kuopio to study environmental sciences.
One of the greatest moments in the history of Nightwish -
is when l listened to the singles chart on the radio one Sunday-
and heard that Carpenter had risen to number 15...
lt felt better than the later platinum album for Century Child.
Cold shivers ran down my back as l listened to the radio.
After that l went to walk in the park for two hours -
and l wondered "Oh my God what have l gotten myself into"
But that was only the beginning.
lf people bought the album, we thought we might try playing live -
maybe do a couple of gigs...
"Nightwish - a band from the better side of Helsinki city limits."
Didn't we organize the first gig in Kitee ourselves?
Yeah, a New Year's disco, a crowd of 400...
"People jubilant at a Disco concert"
"Everybody except drummer Jukka stood frozen on stage -
like they were in a high school auditorium."
l bet it was like that... - An exciting experience!
l had played there many times with my former bands -
But this was the first time we had an album out -
and people really came to check us out.
- Scary... - lt was frightening!
And then Lepakko, Helsinki, January 9, 1998...
l've never had such stage fright in my life, it was horrible!
l was about to faint, l had a strange taste in my mouth...
lt was living hell!
Even 5 hours before the gig, l've never seen you so messed up!
The gig was not that special, everybody was stiff as a corpse...
l remember the feeling when Angels Fall First charted, -
We did some gigs and people showed up, that's when it hit me:
There's something going on!
We got a huge surge of energy, and we really went for it, like -
let's practice like crazy and go all the way, write huge songs...
The result was Oceanborn.
"Tuomas Holopainen reveals that the sound will be huge!"
l'm a bit edgy today... - Have some booze! A tall one!
Check out Sheik Ali Hassan... Osama summer look!
Marco is actually a retired pirate captain...
Here we have a female singer, also a notorious lush...
Then we suddenly thought of Sami who had played in Nattvindens Gråt.
Like, why look farther than that...
Then Sami joined and... it was OK. lt clicked.
A nice little promo picture from 1998...
Guess which three band members just got out of the army?
l had the idea to have a contrast for Tarja's voice on two songs.
l'd learned from my mistakes and knew not to open my own mouth again.
For a couple of songs l wanted a more masculine feel -
and l had liked Wilska's voice in Nattvinden's Gråt, the sound of it...
His pronunciation, the way he growls and improvises...
l remember when Tuomas called and said he wanted "a contrast lout"
lt was probably the fastest studio session in my whole life.
"Come to the studio on Tuesday at 6... "-
"Here are the lyrics, there's the booth, there's the mike" -
ln three minutes Tuomas explained that the song should go - "like this"!
l think Devil took two takes...-
and with Pharaoh we wasted even three.
So l was in the Kitee studio for a total of 52 minutes.
"OK, that's it - thank you!" And then back to Savonlinna.
And a while later l noticed "Oops the album's hit the charts!"
The following gigs had some particular issues of course...
"For black l am and known throughout the world"
"One lord and king from the land of Prester John!"
"One lord and king from the land of Prester John!" maybe we'll tell it some other time.
Would be cool... - What? -A boat ride!
l have absolutely no recollection...
l've had it, just don't drown please!
Oh yeah, now l remember...
You can leave your shoes ashore. -No you can't! -Yes you can!
Don't rock the boat!
l'll tell you it will suck up water any time now -
...and that serves you just right!
Get out of the water now, the firemen are on their way!
This is not safe, these guys are up to no good!
l haven't even started drinking yet. -That's nice.
So are you like, drunk yet? Confess now!
This won't be on the DVD...
Yeah, l've masturbated twice.
These guys are going to get arrested...
The studio session for Oceanborn was living was horrible.
lt was fun recording Angels and Wishmaster, but Oceanborn and -
Century Child were extremely difficult in the making.
When you listen to it, Oceanborn is maybe the most technical one.
Yes, the most difficult songs we ever wrote...
Especially hard, too, cos we were sloppier musicians at the time.
We were definitely pushing our limits on that one.
Tempos got faster, hooks multiplied, versatility tripled...
We worked long and hard on that one.
lt was completely recorded in Kitee, except for the mix.
lt was the first album that was really rehearsed, and in a sense -
l consider it our first album, as Angels was sort of a demo.
At that point Stratovarius was a huge influence for everybody -
- and you can hear that on the album, too.
"Success knocked Nightwish out"
lt was definitely the biggest influence on Oceanborn...
The whole A-part you say? - Yeah, play the whole part...
Originally Ewo suggested Tolkki as the mixer, and l was "right on!"
Tolkki was a god at the time... Can't remember how it happened -
But in the end Karmila did it, and of course we were very pleased.
lt was sort of a culture shock to go to Finnvox and meet Karmila -
We'd heard stories, and he was sort of a god, too, especially for Tero...
and once again we were very quiet boys!
But we got on great - once we had gotten used to his sense of humor.
We decided that this is the guy who we want in the future, too.
This one? Yeah, but this is just the part...
Very good...
"A shitty sound"? No way, it rocks man! lt's heavy.
lt's hard'n'heavy, the sound of Paiste wailing.
OK...let's crawl through the first part then.
lt was pretty cool...
Screwed up!
We are a democratic band, we talk about stuff -
and we've never had many musical quarrels.
Usually we sort it out, but "Moondance" was an exception -
Emppu said that he definitely doesn't want the song included.
lt's the only occasion in our history...but l think it fits in.
Yeah, it's part of the album...
Country girl look...
l've never understood the maple-leaves-in-the hair-thing!
"The hardest metal of the year comes from Kitee..."
lt was a completely different kind of session...
The drums were recorded in a locker room of the Kitee sports hall!
lt was quite claustrophobic to play in a 3x3 m locker room -
All alone, doors closed...
The other guys were downstairs some 200 meters away -
and we communicated through a crackling headphones system -
Should we listen to it? - The session was totally amateurish...
lt was a learning process, a pain in the ass -
but well worth the trouble in the end.
A lot of people still think that it's our best album, The NW album.
"Nightwish is now priority number one for Tuomas Holopainen"
That summer we also started gigging heavily...
- A very nice summer. - Yes, sure was, nice crowds -
And we found out that this thing really does work.
Just warming up my fingers!
When did we do "Sleeping Sun" for Germany...?
We started getting a lot of foreign attention then...
lt was in the Fall the same year.
l was originally against the whole idea -
l was told that the song must be four minutes tops -
a hit formula, a big chorus, must be a ballad...
"Nightwish, Oceanborn - Masterpiece of Finnish Heavy Metal"!
"Show us your titties!"
Well, we had done a video for "Sacrament of Wilderness"...
Let's not talk about that. - We better not!
The legendary pigtail video...
We started getting a lot of foreign attention, especially from Germany.
Through Drakkar we got the chance to tour Europe supporting Rage -
Rage are on Drakkar, right? -Yup, they were.
lt was a mind-boggling experience...
lt was a good school, it made us musically a lot tighter as a band -
and it added to our own vision of the band, it did so much...
lt definitely gave us a lot of confidence as a band at the time.
At the time we were asking ourselves who we really are...
A bunch of clowns and some diva that escaped from the opera?
And they're playing heavy metal... what is this thing all about?
We were definitely searching for our identity as a band then.
Like, why does some guy in Austria come and watch us -
and see us bang away our greasy, Carelian heavy metal?
l was totally upset when l heard that Sinergy would support us -
on the European tour for Wishmaster...
Like, you have a support band that features -
Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala on guitars? They support us?!
And Marco Hietala on bass... - Yeah, even that...
"3 hands and 6 penises, call me a mutant"!
Okay, calm down guys...
Here's a wisdom, ye pole standeth one kilometer away!
Remember whence thou come from, and whose sons ye be!
Are you from pöksylandia?
There's the same girl again - See the Chärön guys?
For fuck's sake... Miss Orange Bosom!
lt's one of these situations where you really should -
have been there to make any sense of it...
Come over here! - Oh, Jasmine!
Eero did these.. - Not bad, looks very natural!
Got a light? Gimme light!
Uh, yeah, but where did l put my cigarettes?
ls this Ewo, the Ewo person?
- Can l have this pillow please?
Marco? - Yup? - A word to the wise, please?
l remember the feeling when Oceanborn was in the can.
l had the feeling l'll never be able to write another song.
l felt l'd given everything l got, all my creative energy was drained.
With Wishmaster l had felt like doing another one right away -
l had lot of ideas, and l wanted to make everything much better.
But after Oceanborn l was depleted, all empty inside.
lt's audible on Angels and Oceanborn, only on those two albums -
you can hear the genuine enthusiasm, the lost innocence -
that no longer can be heard on Wishmaster or Century Child.
Two years old, on a meadow near my home, when l was still innocent and blond!
Now it's completely different... - lt really is.
After the success of Oceanborn, we've just lost it, l've got to admit.
Do you think you can achieve it again? - l don't think so. No.
But you're still searching for it? - Of course.
Ouch, that looks bad... l wonder where that came from...
Just sweat it out there, pal!
...but on the Bless the Child tour l totally enjoyed myself again...
l mean, what's it called? Bless the Child? Century Child?
What the fuck is the album called? - Kantturakidi
No, what is it? Century Child?
"The big-handed girl in the waterfall" album!
We're skyrocketing, pal...
Marco, remember to smile in that direction.
Now we're rolling...
Holy fuck...
The morons are being catapulted into the sky!
Damn, this is a rush!
Waiting for it!
Here we go again!
The cable tightens...
The lights are flashing... This rocks big time!
Any second now...
This is insane!
We're really high now...
And now we'll take the plunge!
Your last words? - Goodbye!
Wishmaster and Century Child didn't have that feeling.
For me, as a songwriter, they were not easy ones to write.
They lacked the certain innocence.
Especially on the latest one it was extremely hard work.
l was thinking everything in the context of the whole album.
Horrible shit!
My grandmom used to rub noses so that only one eye remained!
Hi, it's me again...
The other reason for going to Kuopio was that l had to -
get some milk for the kids...
Guys, with freedom comes responsibility...
Tuned in "B"!
But you can never get back the feeling on the first two albums.
That's for sure.
Night Owl ready for action!
The toast is missing...
The Night Owl is a notorious broadcast that commences -
when the last bottle of Vodka or the last beer has been opened.
This is just the thing again!
Usually there's only two people awake, the rest are asleep -
and want their calm, that's when the Night Owl broadcast begins.
Nightstalker starts the camcorder, usually in Nightvision mode -
and then it's "This is just the thing again!"
This is just the thing again!
Here we go again...!
lt was like this - we screwed it!
We tried shooting his ass but our Tuomas is such of a chaste boy.
The best Night Owl show was on the bus trip back from St. Petersburg...
Everybody had passed out, and we went around -
painting people's lips red with a felt tip pen...
This is the Night Owl - this is is just the thing again!
This is the thing in its most pure and noble form!
And here we go.
Emppu the spotlight.
Fuck, l really can't figure out this money at all!
Have you seen the pipari cookies?
Century Child cookie. - Hot damn.
We also have a... Marco pipari!
Tarja pipari...
Jukka cookie... - Keppi cookie!
Emppu pipari... - The pipari of all piparis! guy!
What about Tommi's relation to oriental martial arts?
Go for it!
We've never had much success in Japan, we've never played there.
But we went to Korea - was it because of "Walking in the Air"?
Yeah, it was sort of a local radio hit. - So we went there after Wishmaster.
There was a 50.000 people festival, a free concert organized by the state.
The arrangements were absolutely top notch.
At the airport we wondered about all these suit-and-tie guys -
like is there a presidential visit or something...
But why are they surrounding us? They were our bodyguards!
We got into our minibus that would drive us to our hotel -
And suddenly these cars with flashing lights accompanied us.
The bodyguards sat there behind darkened windows -
they cut in in front of other cars to make way for us, -
one car ahead and the other behind, wedging through traffic.
And the hotel was a five-star paradise, too.
When it was time for the gig, we were supposed to play a full set -
as headliners for 50.000 people, but we had no sound check...
Two minutes before the gig we were told that it will also be live on TV
Then the schedule went awry, and we started wondering...
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