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Nick of time

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Los Angeles is next. Los Angeles is next.
Attention, please. Amtrak train number 771,
Amtrak train number 771 is now arriving at track number 9
from San Diego, Solano Beach, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano,
Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Fullerton and Commerce.
Now arriving at track number 9, The San Diegan.
Keep your eyes peeled. Sharp.
- OK, OK... - Porter! Porter!
Attention in the station, please.
Paging Ms Joan Beary, please report to Amtrak station services.
Ms Joan Beary...
What you doing? You know you can't skate in here.
This is George. Where you at?
Get your ass outta here. What you doing in here?
Come on, you're leaving your bags.
That one. Right there.
No. Hates his wife.
- Damn! - Man, I hate rollerbladers.
Skateboarders I don't mind, though they dress like idiots,
but when I see rollerbladers, I want to grease the front of my car with them.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Lynn, honey.
Lynn. Don't run off, now, sweetpea. Stay close to Daddy, OK?
- We made it. - We made it.
What about them? Right there.
- Too old. - Them?
You've no idea. Leave it to me. I know people. Is my job. I'm a people person.
What are you looking for, huh?
- I'm looking for them, right there. - Where?
Oh, yeah. I see.
Honey, I gotta make a phone call. Can you see a phone anywhere?
Hey, come on, you. Didn't you ever see anybody kiss like that before?
On TV.
You never saw your mum and me kiss like that?
Listen to me. Is all right to talk about it. You know that, don't you?
All right. Tell me, you never saw your mum and me kiss like that?
- No way. - Not once? How did you see us kiss?
Thas it? That little peck of a kiss?
Honey, you missed a whole lot of kisses. Come here.
Oh, God, honey. Daddy's late. We gotta go.
- Look. He'd do anything for her. - Young love.
Fuck me. Foreigners.
Frogs. They copy our jeans, but didn't help us in Kuwait.
- Look at that. - Hi, Mr Conners, Gene Watson...
Give me that little teddy bear, huh?
One second. Hey!
Hey. Honey, come here. Come here, sweetheart.
You stay away from her.
Come here. Sorry about that, sir.
- I want the teddy. - Stay close.
Some guys on roller-skates. I'm running late, but l'll get there as soon as I can.
- Yo, punk. Check this out. - Get outta here. Leave her alone.
Bye. You ready, sweets?
Les do it. Oops!
You see...
Thas why you should always wear a helmet.
You never know when you're gonna fall down, right?
- Right. - Come on. Les get outta here.
Watch your step. Come on.
- Is perfect. - Perfect.
- Can I see some identification? - Excuse me?
- ID. Can we see some? - Sure. Sure. Driver's licence all right?
- Fine. - Whas the problem? Oh, those guys...
- You're from Santa Maria? - Yes.
- Where's that? - North, near Lompoc. Why?
Come with us, sir.
- Whas going on? - Don't cause a ruckus.
- Come with me. - Ma'am, l'll take my daughter.
Don't worry. My partner's good with kids.
- You stole that. - No, I confiscated it.
- There's a difference. - No, there's not.
- Whas going on? - L'll explain.
Officer, whas going on?
Get the front seat.
Into the van, Mr Watson, thank you.
Les get your seat-belt on. Always wanna wear your seat-belt. Right?
- I want my daddy. - He's right there.
- Daddy's here. - We're Daddy's friends.
Thas right. A policeman's your friend. Isn't that right, Daddy?
- Daddy? - Thas right. Police are our friends.
I have an appointment. I'd like to know whas going on.
- This is the jack. Say, "Hi, Jack". - Hi, Jack.
- And this goes in this little hole. - Let me do it.
- Is loud. - Les get down to business.
- Who are you people? - Pay attention, Mr Watson.
And your daughter won't be hurt.
Honey, come to Daddy.
Mr Watson, you're not paying attention.
Your daughter's life depends on you. Do you understand?
- Do you understand that? - Yes.
Good. This is for you.
In it there's a picture of a woman and an itinerary. Is her itinerary.
- She is presently... You listening? - Yes.
She is presently at the Bonaventure Hotel. Is not far from here.
When you leave this van, you'll get yourself a taxi
to the Bonaventure Hotel.
Then you'll take this and kill the woman whose picture's in there.
Not just shoot her, kill her.
I recommend you empty the gun into her close up.
You got all that?
- You're out of your mind. - Whas your point?
- I will do no such thing. - Yes, you will, Mr Watson.
Don't worry. We'll take good care of the kid.
Is now 12.16. If the woman in the picture is alive at 1.30,
I call my partner, your daughter's dead.
- What if I don't call you? - I kill her anyway.
Hear that, Mr Watson?
Do you understand? Ls the woman in the picture, or your daughter.
- My God! - God can't help her. Only you can.
- Only you. - You're wasting time.
- Les go. - Honey, Daddy has to go somewhere.
L'll be back soon. OK? Stay with the nice lady.
Move it.
- Les test this. Are you on? - Read you.
You'll need some cash.
There you go.
L'll hang on to the wallet for the time being. You'll need these.
Cabs are that way. Get moving, Mr Watson. Time's a-wasting.
Les do it.
Where's my daddy going?
He's going to be a hero.
- Like "Power Rangers"? - Yeah, just like "Power Rangers".
Check you in about an hour.
You talk to a cop, even look at one too long, your daughter's dead.
- Get over there. Just do it. - Go ahead, sugar-pie.
Lynn calling Daddy. Come in, Daddy.
- Lynn. - I can hear you good.
- Can you hear me? - Yes. Where are you?
- Are you OK? - Thas enough. Daddy has to go now.
- Daddy, you have to say "over and out". - Over and out.
Look at your watch.
At 1.30 your little girl is dead. Say it with me. My little girl is dead.
Say it. Say it. Name it.
- At 1.30 my little girl is dead. - Unless you do what you're told.
You go do it.
Remember, l'll be watching.
I need to get to the Bonaventure Hotel.
- Bonaventure? - Know where that is?
I can see it from here.
- Amtrak? - Huh?
- What did you come in on, Amtrak? - Oh... Yeah.
Business or pleasure?
- Where did you come in from? - What?
- Where did you come in from? - San Diego.
Ah, San Diego. I thought about moving down to San Diego.
Is hard to make a living in this town. With short hops you can't make a dime.
- What do you think? - About what?
San Diego. Better opportunities there or what?
I wouldn't know. I don't live there. I just went down there for a funeral.
Somebody close?
- Excuse me? - Was it somebody close to you?
Yeah. Yes. It was my wife.
Well, ex-wife.
Soon-to-be ex. She wanted a divorce.
Listen, I've got a problem. I've got a really big problem.
Oh, yeah?
Maniac, what are you doing?
Sorry about that.
I'd like to hear about your problem, but the ride's over. Thas $3.50.
I hope your problem's got nothing to do with my $3.50.
No, no.
Are you writing a cheque?
- Thank you very much. - All right. Thank you.
I got you, sir. Right here.
- One for the airport. You free? - You betcha.
Public accountant? What do I need with an accountant?
Ben! Ben!
Coming on down, coming in.
Let it go.
Oh, shit.
Can you tell me where the Emerald Bay Room is?
Third floor, yellow stairwell. Follow the signs.
- Thank you. - No problem.
The governor and I have an enormous admiration for people like you...
- I'm sorry. You OK? - Yeah.
Sure? Nice body-check!
Anyway, is illuminating, is inspiring...
Excuse me, ma'am, is the thing over?
You didn't miss anything. The food, soggy pancakes...
- I guess the governor's gone. - Nice speech. Is always the same.
OK. Just check that itinerary and move along.
Is right here.
That says "lnvitation only".
You're a big donor to the campaign. Of course you're invited. They love you.
Thall get you in anywhere.
Who are you?
The guy who's gonna kill your daughter if you don't get moving.
Nobody heard a word I said. The mic was low.
- How much was that room? - We didn't pay.
Well, somebody did.
Make sure you have Melvyn pre-check the PA system.
This elevator's for the governor. Take the next one.
No, Franco. This is one of our biggest contributors. Look at the name tag.
Come on in, is OK.
Hi, Eleanor Grant, gubernatorial incumbent.
Is a mouthful. I love saying it.
Who scheduled lunch right after brunch?
We'll just walk through and get ready for the press...
- Governor? - Yes.
- I need your help. - What can I do for you?
- Is about my daughter... - Room for one more?
- I think so. - Is a pleasure, Governor.
Well, thank you very much.
You were saying...
Your daughter.
She just wanted me to be sure I got your autograph.
Of course! I wish everything were that easy.
I've got the pen if you've got the paper. How about that? Ls it precious?
Her name?
- Her name? - Lynn. Her name is Lynn.
I don't even keep a pad anymore.
Everything's gone so electronic.
Are you all right?
I know. Elevators make me queasy, too. Here.
Good luck. All right, here we go.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
She was right in front of you. Whas wrong with you?
Are you fucking with me? Get up there.
- The gun isn't loaded. - Is not? Give it to me.
You don't get chances like that.
Mr Watson. Thas the way life works. Turn around.
Now look at that.
You see that?
You will not blow the next one.
Hear me? All right.
Is loaded. Is ready for the hunt and so are we.
Sorry I hit you.
Breathe deep. Les go.
- I need a restroom. - Is that way.
You having a rough day? Down at the heels, as they say?
You don't see your face, you don't pay. What you need is a shoeshine.
- Thas pretty good. - I've done much better ones.
- You have? - Yes, l'll show you.
- I have much more colours at home. - Thas good.
Thas good, sweetie-pie.
Les go.
Shoeshine today. Take ten. Take a break.
Take a seat. Take a load off.
What you need is a shoeshine. Come on, take ten.
Take a break. Take a load off. Put the world in perspective.
- So are you a visitor? - No, I'm just visiting.
What do you do? Lf I may be so bold.
- Sorry? - What do you do?
- I'm an accountant. - Don't denigrate yourself.
Where would the government be without accountants?
They wouldn't know how hard they could squeeze us. Right?
Take tips.
Time was, a tip was between a man and his customer.
Not anymore. They've figured out a formula.
They take your sales and slap a percentile on them.
Somewhere between your lies and your bad luck,
they'll hit on the "mean amount", meaning "in the middle".
I think it means just plain mean.
You can have Scrooge wring a nickel over your palm,
or Daddy Warbucks dropping pearl stickpins, makes no difference.
They'll tax your behind according to that same formula.
- Doesn't seem right. - Hey, Mr Huey.
- How's it going? - Is a load, but someone must carry it.
Sir, sir. I need your help.
Whas that? You'll have to speak up.
There's a little girl in a van. She's my daughter.
I'm a little deaf in this ear. Between that and my wooden leg, I'm all messed up.
Compliments of the US Army Artillery Corps.
Listen to me.
A man and a woman were at the train.
They showed me a badge then took her away from me.
They took her because they want me to do something for them. She's in trouble.
You'll be out of here right away.
Please, I don't have much time. I need your help.
- He's watching me. - Who is?
The man.
You know, for a quality shoe, you can't beat a good wing-tip. It wears like iron.
You're a wise man. There you go. Two bucks'll do you.
- Got anything smaller? - Keep it.
- $20? - Is fine.
- What street is that? - Flower.
Go past the bar. Takes you right there.
Do me a favour.
If anything happens to me, remember the van.
She's in the van.
- Ten minutes, you get another chance. - Good. I've time for a drink.
All right. Make it just one, Mr Watson, wouldn't want to lose you.
- So where was I? - The governor's new regime.
Oh, yeah, she's dumping the good old boys faster than yesterday's papers.
- No wonder they're howling. - They'd no idea she'd turn into a liberal.
They're pissed, huh?
She's turned her office into the United Nations. They're gonna make her pay.
Fuck with this bunch, they'll blow you away.
Thas right.
Right. The only people not on her staff are those still lost in the rainforest.
Who are these people? They don't represent you and me.
You'll wake the baby.
We have what they call a "Mexican stand-off".
Now, the thing you've got to ask yourself is, whas behind the seat?
A.22 would go right through it.
Even a button will deflect a.22, so it could get screwed up
somewhere along the way and miss the target.
What about a.38?
A.38 will drill straight unless it hits metal.
Then ill bust up into little pieces. Ill keep going.
But ill get slowed down.
How's about a.357?
Thall go through the seat, her, the dashboard...
Shit, ill go through the entire engine before it even knows it hit anything.
Ill end up in some pedestrian three blocks away.
What do you think? What is my poison?
Is a comfort to know you've got the cojones to pull that thing out.
Whether or not you've got the balls to pull the trigger, we've still gotta see.
Close the door. Is hot outside.
He's coming back in.
I got him in the cross-hairs.
- Excuse me, where's the pool deck? - Fourth floor. Take that escalator.
Take positions near the stage.
Keep your eyes open. Les have a safe day.
You got it.
- Do you have metal in there? - My keys.
May I see them? Thank you.
Sir, I can take you down here. You don't have to wait.
Sir. Yes, you. I can take you down here. Come on down.
OK, you're done. You can move on.
Right here.
- Sir, they're all in place. - Check the entryway over here.
I know what you're thinking.
You're like a worm on a hook, wiggling around thinking you might get off.
- What would you do? - She'd be dead. Do as you're told.
You do it now.
Whoa, what are you doing?
- Officer. - Yeah.
There's a plot to kill the governor.
If you don't believe me, check that man. He has a gun.
So do you, Mr Watson.
- Got this under control? - Yeah.
- Sure doesn't look like it. - Well, is under control.
Well, it better be, 'cause I'm running out of these.
I should throw you after that walkie-talkie, but I'm giving you a break
'cause you're amateur.
- Gentlemen? - Yeah, thanks.
Have a cracker, Mr Watson. Thank you.
You got spunk.
There was this guy,
big guy, lrish-ltalian, red face, black hair, jolly son of a bitch.
Nobody could make me laugh like him. Made a science out of collecting jokes.
Closed more bars together than I could count.
He was a pal.
I loved the crazy Mick. I'm not ashamed to say that, but he was a fuck-up.
He had this image of himself. He thought he was a con man.
Always trying to shave the edge. He was nickel and dime.
L'll always miss him. Tell me why.
- Tell you why what? - Tell me why I miss him.
- He's dead? - Thas right.
- But tell me why. - How do I know?
Tell me why he's dead.
- 'Cause you killed him. - Thas right.
He fucked up once too often, so I put a bullet in his eye, two more to be sure.
Now, that was somebody I loved. I loved him.
But I got the call, I put him down like a sick animal.
So if you got doubts about whas gonna happen
if you don't deliver, let me tell you something.
L'll make gravy out of your little girl,
just to season that black lrish cocksucker's meat.
You do what you're supposed to do.
You do it now.
May I have your attention, please.
Les give a warm welcome to the honourable Tom Bradley.
- Hi. - Hi.
Are you feeling better?
The elevator, you weren't feeling well. Better now?
Oh, yeah, much better, thanks.
I give you now, my friend and yours,
Governor Eleanor Grant.
You know something, my wife always said I had a problem trusting people.
Thank you, Tom, for that lovely introduction.
- You can trust Eleanor Samara Grant. - Yeah.
Well, I'm going to trust you.
- You're going to trust me. - I don't understand.
Listen, I don't want to hurt you, but my little girl needs your help.
She's going to die if you don't help me.
OK, l'll help you. Let me just get Mr White. He's our head of security.
No, everything's fine, just take a walk with me. Right this way.
As it is, this is not the life I want for our children, for myself and for you.
I'm putting the gun back in my pocket,
but don't try anything, 'cause is still pointing at you.
Just pretend nothing's happening.
My daughter's been kidnapped.
They say they're going to kill her if I don't kill the governor. I don't want to.
- Les talk to security. - No.
We can't talk to security, they're involved.
I don't see how they could be. They're handpicked.
Well, how did I get in here with this?
I don't know.
If you don't help me, the governor will be dead.
- Please, trust me. - Is a little hard in the circumstances.
All right then, here.
- Do you trust me now? - I guess l'll have to.
- Well, good. - OK, there's one person we can go to.
We can't. The guy following me has eyes in the back of his head.
If he sees I'm not here, my daughter's dead.
He'll think you're in the crowd until the end of the speech. Wait.
- We got about ten minutes. - You sure?
Yeah, I know this speech. Come on.
No, wait.
Hey, trust me. You asked for my help. Let me help. Come on.
- Listen, put that thing away. - Oh, yeah.
...control crime and prove that communities do belong to the people.
...and change a perverted system that lets us carry guns to school,
but forbids us to pray there.
Education is the key...
- Is he in? - Yes, ma'am.
Can we trust these people?
Is her husband, he's her campaign manager.
- Is there a problem? - We need to see you.
- Aren't you supposed to be downstairs? - We gotta hurry.
- Someone's trying to kill Eleanor. - What are you talking about?
We need people we can trust.
How do you know that?
Because I'm supposed to kill her.
- You're supposed to kill my wife? - Right.
- And you brought him to our suite? - I had to, Brendan.
Her security people may be involved.
- Is there a problem, Brendan? - You could say that.
- He says he's been hired to kill Eleanor. - Not hired, blackmailed.
- Who is this "they"? - I don't know. We've got to hurry.
They've kidnapped my little girl, your wife's in serious danger...
Just a minute.
On the strength of this story, you bring this man to Mr Grans suite?
You think that shows very good judgement?
I may be just a friend of Brendan, but...
- He brought a gun onto the pool deck. - What?
He got onto the pool deck with a gun.
How did he get past security with this gun?
- I'd like to know that. - Is it real?
- Do we know anything about it? - It looks real.
- May I see it? - The gun is real.
Well, it certainly looks real.
Whas your opinion?
You're supposed to be the expert.
Yeah, I'd say is real.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
- What are you doing? - Get her out of here.
God, what have you done to me?
You bastard!
You fucked up. You want me to kill your kid?
You want me to kill you?
Thas enough.
I said thas enough.
Don't let him get away.
- I killed you. - You fucked up.
No, please. Please, no.
Help me, Daddy!
Put him down, now!
- You nearly killed him, idiot. - Nearly doesn't count.
This is a nightmare. It was supposed to be clean and simple.
A high-powered rifle and is over. But no, you've got to get creative.
Drag some jerk off the street, stick a gun in his hand...
- What were you thinking? - Relax, would you? Ls academic now.
Should I have locked her in a closet?
They've been seen all over the hotel looking like loonies. Got 'em on video.
Ill work. Don't worry about it.
Come on, you. Up, les go. I want to show you something.
- I don't think we should do this. - Is too late now.
How do I explain a dead woman on my floor?
She's Eleanor's assistant.
She'll have been shot by the same gun, the same man,
some anonymous loser who went over the edge.
OK. Look at that.
Thas what it looks like. She was alive a minute ago, now she's dead because... wouldn't do as I told you.
Clean up. Come on, we've only a few minutes.
Look at that. Les go.
Every single promise made to us when we got that woman elected was broken.
I don't have to remind you who was supposed to keep her in line.
Hey, Albert. Let me use your phone for a second.
- I know how this is supposed to work. - Do you?
- I kill her, you kill me. - Quiet.
If you don't, security will. How do I escape?
Thas not my problem. Come back.
- How do I know you won't kill my kid? - Come back.
She'll be all right, you do your job.
- I'm supposed to trust you? - What choice do you have? After you.
Gene, look out there. You see the van?
- Yeah. - Come back.
- Yeah. - Do it.
Daddy! Help me, Daddy! No!
Son of a bitch!
Security, take the next car. Thank you.
- Do it again. - Daddy! No!
You've one last chance.
Half an hour, the kis dead. L'll kill her myself, rip her head off in front of you.
Come on.
Daddy, did you hear me scream? She told me to scream.
Did you hear me?
Oh, Jesus!
Next time, you damn well do it.
You want to babysit a screaming kid in traffic, you do it. He got the message.
Come on, step up. Give 'em a shine with that extra something.
Do your shoes a favour.
What you need is a shoeshine. Shoeshine, shoeshine today.
Hey, take ten, take a break, take a load off, put the world in perspective.
So what do you do, if I may be so...
- You got a complaint? - Remember me?
Yeah, the big tipper.
Listen, something's going to happen. When is over, you'll know what I meant.
What? The end of the world? Don't give me your crazy rap.
I'm not a bartender. I don't want to hear it. I raise a family doing this shit.
Get out. Big tip doesn't give you the right to crap in my ear.
You want change? Did you give me a $20?
Les get some privacy.
He's deaf.
- You wouldn't be kidding me? - No. Read that sign.
Is that right? Shine man, you can't hear me?
Well, lookee here. My customer quotient just got multiplied by two.
What about that? Forgive me. I didn't hear you approach.
Fact is, I'm deaf as a post.
You want a shine? You don't see your face, you don't pay.
Sure, give me a shine.
Les get out our itinerary. Hold that. Don't throw it away.
I'm putting your toy back in your pocket.
Is all wound up. Now, les check that itinerary.
- Right there. - 1.30, California Ballroom.
That gives you 28 minutes to get your shit together.
Let me talk to her again.
Forget it.
- Let me talk to her, or you can forget it. - Don't threaten me.
Id be a lot less trouble if you just let me talk to her.
- You're wasting time. - Come back.
- Yeah. - Put her on.
- What gives? - Put her on.
- Yeah, honey. - I'm tired. I want to go now.
- I know. So do I. - Can we go now?
Not yet, baby. Daddy has to do something first.
- To be a hero? - No, not to be a hero.
- I want you to remember something. - All right.
I'm doing it for you, no matter what anybody tells you, because I love you.
- All right. - Promise me?
- I promise. - All right, kisses to you.
No. Kisses to you.
Kisses to you.
You done yet?
- Two dollars, if it pleases you. - It does not.
I remember when it was two bits.
- 27 minutes. - Thanks for the tip.
Mister, what are you dragging me into?
- I'm... - Cover your mouth.
- What? - That screwball is watching, right?
- Yeah. - Don't let him see you talking to me.
- That your kid on the walkie-talkie? - Yeah.
They said they'll kill her if I don't do something for them.
- 27 minutes in the California Ballroom? - Thas right.
- What are you supposed to do? - Kill the governor.
I knew I shoulve gone home as soon as I got that $20.
- What am I supposed to do? - What am I supposed to do?
They have my baby. One wrong move, she's dead.
I don't know who to trust. Everybody's involved in this, except...
- Who? - The governor.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
I gotta do right by my little girl. I don't care about myself, as long as she's OK.
Look, I can't keep playing with these shoes. Ill look funny.
Go and get yourself a drink. Make sure Godzilla there follows you.
- What are you going to do? - I've no idea. Go. L'll get word to you.
- Stay out of it. Keep the change. - Yeah, don't think I won't.
I'm going to get a drink.
- Jack and Coke, please. - Jack and Coke.
I thought she was going to get out the violins.
I hear that "stop the violence" routine again, I'm going to shoot somebody.
Politicians. All the same.
God can't help her, Mr Watson.
Say it with me. At 1.30 my little girl is dead.
...gravy out of your little girl.
...the guy who's gonna kill your daughter if you don't get moving.
- Sir, here's your Jack and Coke. - Thank you.
...bullshit because there is no such animal.
We are a nation of 240 million special interest groups and thas it.
You haven't paid for that.
Is on that special interest at the end of the bar.
Sir, sir. Don't make me call a cop.
Where is he?
- Did you lose him? - Shut up.
Les hope so.
Quick. Off with the shoes and pants. Trade with Gustino. Do as I say.
- What you talking about? - Don't worry.
No time to be shy, ladies. Do as I tell you.
Hurry up! Godzilla's coming.
Hurry up.
Come on, shut the door.
He's gone.
- This is lrene. - Hello.
Irene's going to help.
- Follow me. - Where am I going?
You said only one person you knew wasn't in this.
- You're going to see her. - What?
- You sure she's asleep? - She take a nap before her big speech.
- What should I say? - Ill come.
Try to stop this before it starts. Save us all considerable embarrassment.
You don't have to save me. I've nothing to do with it. I'm not giving you no key.
- I'm not going to do it. - Come on, lrene.
- Hi, Albert. How you doing? - Hi, how are you?
Thought I'd come by and clean up a little for you. Thank you.
- You deserve a nice, clean place. - Thank you.
Give me that. Thank you. How's everything? Working hard?
- Working hard. - Yes, I know how it is.
- How long you going to work here? - About 5.
- Really? See you later. - Take care.
I don't want to hurt you.
My security people are right outside. You wouldn't get very far.
If I wanted to hurt you, I would have.
- Thas some comfort. - I have a problem.
- I see that. - Is also your problem.
- I know you from the elevator. - Thas right.
- You were very nervous. - Guns make me nervous.
- Me, too. - We don't have much time.
Listen carefully.
Three lives depend on you listening very carefully. Do you understand?
Yes, I do. And I want to hear you. Just let me call my assistant, Krista Brooks...
She's dead.
- She's dead? How do you know that? - I saw her die.
- Did you kill her? - No.
Who did?
A very dangerous man that works for your husband.
Your husband works for someone else, and they want you killed.
I said I'd listen. I didn't say I'd believe.
You're telling me my people are plotting against me,
my husband wants to kill me, what do you expect?
I know. I don't blame you. I have no proof. But there's one way to find out.
- Try to cancel the last speech. - Don't call it that.
Is the last chance I have to kill you. Try to get out of it. They won't let you.
Try to change the schedule. You'll know I'm right.
Don't make that speech. Trust me.
I love it when pistoleros talk about trust.
I've never fired one of these, but I will if I have to.
9 minutes, Governor.
What is it, Governor? Whas wrong?
I had a really bad dream. I had a really bad dream.
- Well? - I don't know.
- What are you gonna do? - I gotta get back.
But what are you gonna do?
I'm going to do whatever I have to.
- Oh, man, we gotta go. - Come on, hurry, come on.
- Where is he? - Toilet.
- Is time. Is time now. - Relax, I got it under control.
- Where are we going? - Not very far, honey-pie.
Outta there. Mr Watson, time's up. Les go.
Outta there!
- Now you forgot... - What?
Wash your hands.
- Why you doing this to me? - I saw you with your kid.
I know you'd do anything for her.
I got faith in you. You're not just a regular guy. I know that.
You don't know it yourself.
Maybe thas why. Come here.
I chose you.
I know what I have to do. L'll do it. Les do it.
- Eleanor, we'd better head downstairs. - Good afternoon, Eleanor.
I've got a killer headache, and siesta hair,
I'm thinking of cancelling the speech.
- Well, is an important speech. - I'd say critical.
Course, is no business of mine.
Just another speech in a Tower of Babel so high, even Nimrod would be shamed.
Cancel and make my apologies.
- Won't you excuse us? - Yes.
Nice to see you, Eleanor.
During a campaign, every speech is important.
This is free, prime-time coverage. We couldn't buy it.
- Why's he here? - Who, him?
- Yes, him. - I asked him here. I needed his input.
Things have changed. I thought you understood.
Eleanor, don't start. I understand things have changed.
I'm dealing with the repercussions, taking the heat for your broken promises
to people like him who helped get you elected.
Don't remind me.
Listen to me.
This speech or a half-dozen rubber chicken fundraisers. What do you say?
The truth...
The truth is I've got this lower intestinal habit, Brendan. I feel sick.
I want to cancel the speech.
This isn't like you.
You're a trouper.
Right, I'm going to get some Pepto.
Go make one of your patented tributes to the common person,
and we're back to Sacramento.
We can't lay down on the job now, whatever the polls say.
You want to blow off the Sacramento speech, thas fine.
But do this one, and les get out of the smog.
L'll do it.
Thas my girl.
I want to make some changes in that speech.
Would you send Krista in right away?
Oh, jeez, I sent her on an errand.
You sent my assistant on an errand?
Why do you keep looking at me?
- Is my job. I'm your babysitter. - I'm not a baby.
- You're a big girl? - No, but I'm not a baby.
Ladies and gentlemen, members of the press,
campaign volunteers,
and those of you who were looking for any excuse to take off from work...
Let me be the first to welcome you to this afternoon's campaign banquet.
Governor Eleanor Samara Grant.
What can I say about her that won't get me in trouble when I go home tonight?
Seriously, she is a woman who loves our great state.
I know you recognise her as a charitable and enlightened leader.
She actually united Republicans and Democrats in the assembly
to pass new laws to improve the lives of all Californians.
Charlie. Yo, Charlie.
Charlie, are you reading me? Charlie?
Charlie, are you reading me?
Cha... Shit, stupid radio.
Terry, the walkie-talkies don't work from here, too much concrete and stuff.
...California has ever seen!
I am honoured to present to you
our esteemed governor and my beloved wife,
Eleanor Samara Grant.
Gun! Get down, Governor!
Get a doctor! The governor's been shot!
They did it.
A bleeding heart makes a very big target, Governor.
My God!
Franco! Oh, my God. Are you all right?
It would be better if they put sleeves on these damn bullet-proof vests.
Is time. Do you read me?
I don't hear you. I'm going to go ahead now.
Hey! Hey!
Fuck with me, huh?
- Close your eyes. - Why?
- I have something for you. - A surprise?
You ask too many questions. You want the surprise or not?
Close your eyes.
Afternoon, ma'am. Hello, little girl.
- What are you doing? - Giving you a clean windshield.
- I don't want my windshield cleaned. - You just think you don't.
I know I don't want it cleaned. Get outta here.
Don't be like that.
I'm the Moses of dirty windshields leading you through the desert of dead bugs.
This is the last time. Get outta here.
I've already done it. You have to pay me now.
I ain't paying nothing.
You'll deny me a lousy dollar, after I've given you a clean windshield?
- Fucking A! - I don't think so!
- I think this is worth a dollar. - Give it to me.
L'll do better than that. You ungrateful honky, I'm gonna...
...whip your ass!
- Give it to me! - Get off me!
Daddy blew it.
Very good, Mr Watson, I told them I could make a killer of you.
You OK, honey?
Nothing like a good wing-tip.
You OK? You OK? You OK? You OK?
- I'm OK. - Baby.
I'm standing in the Bonaventure lobby.
Just minutes ago, shots were fired at Governor Grant. Police are just arriving.
Details of the assassination attempt continue to pour in.
This will be one of the most bizarre stories of the year.
Our sources are pinpointing a conspiracy which could point
as high as Brendan Grant, Governor Grans husband.
This is a bizarre case, and we'll give you any details as we get them.
Stephen Schuster, JBN.
Subtitle arrangement: Plavi-G Mai 2003
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