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Subtitles for New Guy The 2002.

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New Guy The 2002

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:54.16,00:00:59.64 Subtitles made by[br] 00:01:01.16,00:01:04.64 I hear you're having troubles.[br]No wonder! Look at you. 00:01:06.28,00:01:10.16 You wanna change your life[br]so you come to hear the story. 00:01:10.32,00:01:13.56 High school popularity ain't a contest,[br]it's a war. 00:01:13.72,00:01:16.40 Dizzy Harrison[br]is its greatest casualty. 00:01:16.60,00:01:18.92 See, his story[br]is really my story. 00:01:19.12,00:01:21.68 Because behind[br]every so-called hero... 00:01:21.88,00:01:26.52 a little pissed off dude[br]that don't get no credit! 00:01:29.52,00:01:31.20 We have to go back a ways. 00:01:31.36,00:01:35.92 Even as a small child, Dizzy Harrison[br]had his own particular style. 00:02:14.04,00:02:17.76 As you can see, I didn't[br]have a lot to work with. 00:03:06.84,00:03:08.48 I hurt myself! 00:03:08.68,00:03:11.28 Things didn't get any[br]better from there. 00:03:11.52,00:03:16.32 As the years went by,[br]he got taller, whiter, skinnier. 00:03:16.76,00:03:19.00 First day, senior year. 00:03:19.20,00:03:22.72 And we're gonna be[br]the top dogs. 00:03:29.48,00:03:32.64 -I wish I'd drowned this summer.[br]-We all do, Kirk. 00:03:32.84,00:03:35.56 We'll always be Blips. 00:03:35.76,00:03:38.16 -Blips?[br]-We're barely on the radar! 00:03:38.36,00:03:43.00 -Not this year. We're seniors now.[br]-I'm with Dizzy on this one. 00:03:43.20,00:03:46.48 It's never too late[br]to make a change. 00:03:47.16,00:03:49.88 Full metal jacket. 00:03:50.28,00:03:53.12 Dad, put those away! 00:03:53.32,00:03:54.76 You're such a dork! 00:03:54.96,00:03:56.92 I say we bail.[br]Home schooling? 00:03:57.12,00:04:01.60 -My dad could teach drinking.[br]-Nobody bails, bands stick together. 00:04:05.84,00:04:10.28 Guys, relax. Music has[br]the power to transform. 00:04:14.72,00:04:17.28 -There's some pain.[br]-Good luck, son! 00:04:17.48,00:04:20.68 Yo, Blip? Little help? 00:04:25.04,00:04:27.24 I'll never get used to that. 00:04:28.64,00:04:30.84 Can anyone help me? 00:04:31.32,00:04:32.96 Get out of the way! 00:04:37.44,00:04:42.52 -You're not going to talk to her.[br]-That is Tina Ass-good, man! 00:04:42.68,00:04:46.36 Like a wood elf versus Al'Kabor.[br]You'll get power leveled! 00:04:46.52,00:04:49.32 We're not playing EverQuest,[br]we're on earth. 00:04:49.52,00:04:51.44 Speak for yourself. 00:04:51.96,00:04:53.92 I'm going in. 00:04:55.96,00:04:57.36 Take that. 00:05:00.00,00:05:01.52 I know I can do this. 00:05:01.72,00:05:03.80 -Tina![br]-You are? 00:05:04.00,00:05:05.80 Dizzy. 00:05:06.00,00:05:09.32 -You gonna help me, or what?[br]-Yeah! 00:05:10.64,00:05:12.84 You got to know your.... 00:05:15.40,00:05:16.76 It's very technical. 00:05:16.96,00:05:21.80 A Blip is talking to Tina Osgood.[br]Look at my boy! 00:05:21.96,00:05:26.24 Didn't they tie you up last year and[br]make you wear rubber breasts? 00:05:27.28,00:05:29.52 You remember![br]That's really sweet. 00:05:29.72,00:05:34.16 I imagine God having an ass like that.[br]Did that sound gay? 00:05:34.36,00:05:37.24 I've been thinking,[br]we're seniors now... 00:05:37.44,00:05:40.72 ...and maybe sometime, if you[br]wanted to drink coffee... 00:05:40.92,00:05:42.80 ...near me... 00:05:43.80,00:05:45.20 ...I would pay. 00:05:45.40,00:05:47.12 -Truthfully?[br]-Yeah? 00:05:47.32,00:05:50.16 -You're not my--[br]-Type. 00:05:50.88,00:05:53.28 You know those moments[br]when a man makes... 00:05:53.44,00:05:55.84 ...a decision that'll change his life... 00:05:56.04,00:06:00.00 ...and he steps up to become the hero[br]he was meant to be? 00:06:00.20,00:06:02.28 This ain't one of those moments. 00:06:02.96,00:06:05.12 I thought about this type thing. 00:06:05.32,00:06:08.92 To be honest,[br]you're not my type either. 00:06:09.08,00:06:10.72 Did you think that'd work? 00:06:10.88,00:06:13.88 No, but I thought it was[br]worth giving it a shot. 00:06:14.04,00:06:17.00 You know something? 00:06:17.20,00:06:20.04 Yo, freak![br]What are you doing? 00:06:20.24,00:06:22.56 Talking.[br]Innocent conversation. 00:06:22.76,00:06:25.80 Innocent? Then what's this? 00:06:28.60,00:06:33.68 -Oh, my God! That's disgusting![br]-Loser, nice pup tent! 00:06:33.88,00:06:35.92 We need to cover you up. 00:06:40.44,00:06:42.08 What is this? 00:06:42.28,00:06:44.48 Mrs. Whitman! It's my.... 00:06:44.92,00:06:47.72 It's mine now! 00:06:48.48,00:06:52.24 Is this a weapon? You can't bring[br]loaded weapons to school! 00:06:52.44,00:06:55.64 You're tearing the skin! 00:06:57.84,00:06:59.68 My deal! 00:06:59.88,00:07:03.16 I'm showing this to Principal Zaylor. 00:07:03.36,00:07:04.92 Cut it out! 00:07:28.36,00:07:31.68 I know what you're thinking.[br]It's not medically possible. 00:07:31.88,00:07:35.68 But let me ask you this.[br]Are you a doctor? 00:07:36.20,00:07:40.64 I have good news.[br]Your son's condition is treatable. 00:07:40.84,00:07:44.96 What condition? The fact[br]that I can pee around a corner? 00:07:45.16,00:07:46.20 Watch your mouth. 00:07:46.36,00:07:51.20 He can't help it. What's wrong[br]with Dizzy, in medical terms... 00:07:51.40,00:07:54.68's called Tourette's syndrome. 00:07:55.64,00:07:57.48 Tourette's syndrome? 00:07:57.68,00:08:01.08 -Are you out of your fucking mind?[br]-Language, son. 00:08:01.28,00:08:05.24 You won't cure him with force,[br]Papa Bear. 00:08:05.48,00:08:09.44 It's going to take a lot of hugs[br]and a lot of drugs. 00:08:09.68,00:08:13.96 Only take one of these a day.[br]Nice pack. 00:08:21.20,00:08:22.60 There he is. 00:08:22.80,00:08:24.40 Diz? 00:08:25.08,00:08:29.36 They gave me these pills for my[br]Tourette's, but they're not working. 00:08:29.56,00:08:32.80 Come on, it's not that bad. 00:08:33.28,00:08:35.32 Not that bad? 00:08:35.52,00:08:37.16 At least as Blips... 00:08:37.36,00:08:39.16 ...we were invisible. 00:08:39.32,00:08:42.52 You break your dick in front[br]of the whole school... 00:08:42.72,00:08:45.56 -...people remember that.[br]-His life is ruined. 00:08:45.76,00:08:47.72 I mean, I'm an idiot. 00:08:47.96,00:08:51.12 I'll never be able to go back[br]to school again. 00:08:51.32,00:08:53.96 I need more of these pills. 00:08:58.84,00:09:03.92 How can you be depressed with all this[br]beautiful church music playing? 00:09:24.12,00:09:26.12 Yes, yes, yes! 00:09:27.00,00:09:31.80 Thank you, brothers and sisters[br]of the Sunshine Gospel Choir. 00:09:32.00,00:09:35.40 Very stirring.[br]Very hip. 00:09:35.60,00:09:38.12 -Amen![br]-Yes, yes, yes. 00:09:38.28,00:09:42.76 Now, do the rest of you young[br]people know what else is hip? 00:09:42.96,00:09:46.88 Sexual abstinence.[br]Can I get an amen on that? 00:09:47.08,00:09:48.40 Amen! 00:09:48.60,00:09:52.00 -Glory hallelujah![br]-Glory hallelujah! 00:09:52.20,00:09:55.68 -I said, glory hallelujah![br]-Glory hallelujah! 00:09:55.92,00:09:58.40 Glory hallelujah! 00:09:58.92,00:10:01.00 Ladies and gentlemen... 00:10:01.20,00:10:03.60 ...brothers and sisters... 00:10:03.80,00:10:07.00 ...I'd like to talk to you[br]all about sex! 00:10:07.20,00:10:11.20 -The devil's middle name, sex![br]-Amen! 00:10:11.44,00:10:16.12 Do you know what the best form[br]of sexual abstinence is? 00:10:16.32,00:10:17.76 Being me. 00:10:17.96,00:10:21.40 -Can I get an amen?[br]-Amen! 00:10:21.60,00:10:25.12 Do you wanna talk about some pain?[br]Let me hear you! 00:10:25.32,00:10:28.72 -That boy's got the spirit![br]-He's an idiot! 00:10:28.96,00:10:34.16 Has a member of the opposite sex[br]ever told you you're not her type? 00:10:34.36,00:10:36.80 Let me hear you shout amen... 00:10:37.00,00:10:42.44 ...if you ever had duct tape ripped[br]off your naked buttocks! 00:10:42.64,00:10:48.20 Let me hear you shout amen if you[br]ever had your manhood right-angled... 00:10:48.44,00:10:53.24 front of the[br]entire congregation! 00:10:53.44,00:10:56.40 Now let me hear you shout[br]amen up high. 00:10:56.60,00:10:59.52 -Amen![br]-Let me hear you shout amen! 00:10:59.72,00:11:04.04 Diz was in pain. He was in trouble.[br]He needed guidance. 00:11:04.24,00:11:08.56 He's about to get a lesson in bad,[br]from the best in the business. 00:11:11.96,00:11:15.12 What happened to Paco? 00:11:15.32,00:11:20.00 -I got no answer to that question.[br]-Back up. The new man is mine. 00:11:20.16,00:11:23.08 Not the crazy eyes, Luther.[br]I was just messing. 00:11:23.28,00:11:25.00 Been looking at my Janet? 00:11:25.20,00:11:27.36 No. No way. 00:11:30.52,00:11:35.72 Eighteen years and 41 days,[br]it's me and you, baby. 00:11:38.76,00:11:41.32 Okay, I'm scared. 00:11:43.32,00:11:44.80 Guard? 00:11:45.92,00:11:48.40 Relax, white boy. 00:11:48.64,00:11:52.32 What'd you do to get in here? 00:11:52.52,00:11:57.40 I'm not really sure. I've been[br]heavily medicated lately... 00:11:57.60,00:12:02.92 ...and the last thing that I remember[br]is my dad dropping me off at school. 00:12:03.12,00:12:05.60 -You in high school?[br]-Yes. 00:12:07.52,00:12:11.16 I still get chills thinking about it. 00:12:11.36,00:12:12.88 Fish sticks! 00:12:14.64,00:12:18.20 I've officially become the[br]biggest loser at my school. 00:12:18.40,00:12:21.00 I don't think I'll[br]be going back there. 00:12:21.24,00:12:23.16 It's okay. 00:12:23.36,00:12:24.84 I know what you mean. 00:12:25.56,00:12:29.44 -I see that.[br]-I was the bitch at the last prison! 00:12:29.64,00:12:33.60 I remember, they strapped me[br]to a chair with duct tape... 00:12:33.80,00:12:36.72 a dress.[br]-With makeup? 00:12:37.84,00:12:40.88 -And fake rubber breasts.[br]-Rubber breasts! 00:12:43.56,00:12:45.44 My brother... 00:12:45.64,00:12:48.36 ...come on over here and sit down. 00:12:48.80,00:12:51.04 A high school... 00:12:51.24,00:12:53.12's a lot like prison. 00:12:53.32,00:12:55.72 Bad food, high fences. 00:12:55.88,00:12:59.68 The sex you want, you ain't getting.[br]The sex you getting... 00:12:59.84,00:13:01.80 don't want. 00:13:02.00,00:13:05.56 I seen terrible things. 00:13:05.76,00:13:11.00 Yesterday, an 80-year-old[br]librarian broke my penis. 00:13:11.72,00:13:13.12 You win. 00:13:14.28,00:13:16.12 How did you change things? 00:13:16.36,00:13:20.92 I got myself thrown out of the last[br]prison and I started fresh here. 00:13:21.12,00:13:22.72 That worked? 00:13:22.92,00:13:24.92 Watch this. 00:13:30.48,00:13:31.88 Wow! 00:13:32.08,00:13:36.56 That's what I gotta do.[br]Switch prisons and start over. 00:13:36.72,00:13:39.80 You gotta tell me what you[br]did to get kicked out. 00:13:39.96,00:13:42.44 The first thing I did... 00:13:42.68,00:13:44.80 broke all the rules. 00:13:44.96,00:13:47.04 I can break all the rules. 00:13:47.24,00:13:53.24 -Then I started acting crazy.[br]-Yeah! I can act all crazy. 00:13:53.44,00:13:58.40 I grabbed a broken mop handle and[br]snapped it across the warden's butt. 00:14:03.24,00:14:07.48 I don't have to do this alone.[br]Let's all get expelled together. 00:14:07.68,00:14:10.72 -That's okay. You can go.[br]-What about you, Glen? 00:14:10.88,00:14:13.92 No, I talk big, but I'm[br]not as tough as I look. 00:14:14.08,00:14:16.24 Okay, here we go. 00:14:18.24,00:14:20.52 What are you thinking, Mr. Harrison? 00:14:20.72,00:14:26.16 You know, you're right.[br]What am I thinking? 00:14:28.20,00:14:31.36 Everybody, the answer[br]to number 23 is Guam. 00:14:31.60,00:14:35.00 -Thanks, Broke-wood.[br]-Mr. Luberoff? 00:14:35.20,00:14:38.56 Plenty more where this came[br]from at finals time. 00:14:41.64,00:14:46.60 My Lord, Dizzy! Cheating, bribery?[br]Those are grounds for expulsion! 00:14:46.80,00:14:49.64 Or an obvious cry for help. 00:14:58.04,00:14:59.72 What's Broke-wood doing? 00:15:24.28,00:15:27.28 That's Principal Zaylor! 00:15:33.52,00:15:35.52 You're a fighter! 00:15:35.76,00:15:36.92 Try this! 00:15:37.12,00:15:41.64 Shit it! Shit it![br]Say mercy! 00:15:45.00,00:15:49.12 You're almost[br]at the head of the class! 00:15:54.20,00:15:56.56 And, cut! 00:16:01.88,00:16:04.48 This is the part of my job I hate. 00:16:04.68,00:16:05.92 Expelling people? 00:16:06.16,00:16:09.40 No, silly. We're going[br]to double your medication... 00:16:09.60,00:16:13.76 ...increase your therapy,[br]and you may have to stay another year. 00:16:13.96,00:16:16.44 Loser, how's it hanging? 00:16:18.76,00:16:21.44 That toilet-cam[br]was your best work ever. 00:16:21.68,00:16:25.00 Looks like I'm stuck here[br]for the rest of my life. 00:16:29.52,00:16:31.04 Or am l? 00:16:35.04,00:16:39.88 -Hey! Hey![br]-What are you doing? 00:16:42.68,00:16:44.00 Halt! 00:16:44.80,00:16:48.00 Did you just break that mop?[br]Give me that! 00:16:48.20,00:16:49.76 Yes! 00:16:50.52,00:16:54.72 You destroyed school property.[br]You're expelled. 00:16:54.92,00:16:56.52 Yes! 00:16:58.32,00:17:01.80 -I did it. I busted out.[br]-I knew you had it in you. 00:17:02.00,00:17:04.76 -Ready to be Luthercized?[br]-Preach, my brother! 00:17:04.92,00:17:09.04 I'm gonna take you[br]from bitch to bull. 00:17:15.56,00:17:19.16 You wanna get a reputation[br]at your new school... 00:17:19.40,00:17:22.36'll have to crack[br]open heads, day one. 00:17:22.56,00:17:25.60 Find the biggest, baddest cat[br]and whup his ass! 00:17:25.80,00:17:31.96 -Make sure everybody sees him go down.[br]-Everybody sees him go down. Got it. 00:17:33.64,00:17:37.36 You know, some people are born[br]with that knowledge. 00:17:37.84,00:17:39.92 -Like Barclay.[br]-Who's Barclay? 00:17:40.12,00:17:43.32 He's the bully at my last school. 00:17:43.48,00:17:47.48 He might be born with it but with[br]my insights, street smarts... 00:17:47.64,00:17:52.48 ...and knowledge of every action[br]movie, we're gonna perfect it. 00:17:58.96,00:18:01.64 Don't worry about that.[br]Happens every day. 00:18:01.88,00:18:05.80 Same cat. Never gets away.[br]Come on. 00:18:06.52,00:18:11.60 First thing you do is gouge the dude's[br]eyes out so he can't see to fight. 00:18:11.80,00:18:14.92 Hey, this kid's in high school. 00:18:15.12,00:18:19.40 Then you're going to want to fight[br]dirty. All right, set your feet. 00:18:19.60,00:18:21.56 Spread your palms. 00:18:22.28,00:18:23.56 Tiger Claw! 00:18:23.76,00:18:26.68 Are you sure it's not Tiger Paw? 00:18:29.28,00:18:33.32 Tiger Claw![br]Now you're ready! 00:18:34.08,00:18:37.80 Just watch my hands. 00:18:43.60,00:18:46.88 Grab some rope.[br]You gotta build some muscle. 00:18:47.08,00:18:49.80 You act like you can't get up there. 00:18:50.00,00:18:52.88 Motivation is on the way. 00:18:53.08,00:18:56.08 Yes, indeedy, feed the needy.[br]There you go! 00:18:56.28,00:18:58.40 Luther, what are you doing? 00:18:58.60,00:19:02.20 -Get up there! That's it.[br]-What's that burning? It's me! 00:19:05.20,00:19:07.84 Just roll around.[br]You'll be all right. 00:19:08.08,00:19:11.52 If you can't act tough,[br]you gotta look tough. 00:19:18.12,00:19:19.96 Butch up, girlie-pants! 00:19:20.12,00:19:21.20 -Got a sec?[br]-What? 00:19:21.40,00:19:24.08 Phone call for you, warden. 00:19:24.88,00:19:27.08 My wife again? 00:19:34.92,00:19:37.72 I'll never get tired of that. 00:19:39.36,00:19:42.20 You talk the talk,[br]you gotta walk the walk. 00:19:42.36,00:19:44.68 Otherwise, you'll be lined in chalk. 00:19:44.88,00:19:47.72 Let me introduce you to somebody. 00:19:50.56,00:19:52.88 The Funkmaster. 00:19:55.04,00:19:58.24 Somebody, give me a beat! 00:20:05.04,00:20:06.32 Them crazy eyes? 00:20:06.52,00:20:11.52 Like someone hits you in the head and[br]your eyes almost jump out your skull! 00:20:11.68,00:20:12.68 Try it! 00:20:12.84,00:20:16.28 This is the "Brother,[br]where my money" walk. 00:20:16.48,00:20:18.00 Where it at? 00:20:18.24,00:20:22.12 About to bust a cap.[br]About to bust a cap. 00:20:23.08,00:20:26.08 Flare your nostril up![br]You gotta open them up. 00:20:26.28,00:20:30.00 So everybody can see the rocks,[br]the boogers up in there. 00:20:37.00,00:20:39.20 Loosen the ass. 00:20:39.88,00:20:41.72 That's too loose. 00:20:41.92,00:20:46.40 They'll play you like a bitch, you[br]gotta hit them with the bitch first! 00:20:46.60,00:20:49.24 Like, "Who's the bitch now?" 00:20:49.44,00:20:51.40 Watch this. 00:20:56.72,00:20:59.48 Try it. Try it! 00:21:04.80,00:21:07.52 Who's the bitch now? 00:21:09.96,00:21:13.88 Half Brad Pitt Fight Club, half Anne[br]Heche If These Walls Could Talk. 00:21:14.08,00:21:15.96 For your student l.D. 00:21:16.64,00:21:18.40 Your new driver's license. 00:21:19.36,00:21:22.04 This one's for the Player's Club. 00:21:28.68,00:21:29.80 That ain't right. 00:21:30.00,00:21:34.48 Really cock it! You know what[br]I'm saying? Cock it! Fire! Cock it! 00:21:34.72,00:21:37.76 Shoot the gun! Shoot the gun! 00:21:40.60,00:21:43.76 Tiger Claw! 00:21:53.64,00:21:55.92 Dude, pretty nice. 00:21:57.32,00:22:00.04 Now you ready for your new prison. 00:22:08.48,00:22:11.72 Mascot, you dropped your bagpipe. 00:22:11.96,00:22:13.92 Thank you. 00:22:14.12,00:22:16.12 Suck on that, pal! 00:22:16.32,00:22:18.20 Tuba midget! 00:22:21.20,00:22:22.36 Have a nice day! 00:22:22.96,00:22:25.48 This place is a zoo! 00:22:25.68,00:22:27.84 He did say 1 2:30. 00:22:28.08,00:22:29.96 So where is he? 00:23:13.52,00:23:15.32 What the hell is that? 00:23:32.04,00:23:34.12 Good luck, kid. 00:23:34.48,00:23:35.88 Flip him! 00:23:37.48,00:23:39.88 Back in the truck! 00:23:48.56,00:23:49.92 Is that... 00:23:50.16,00:23:51.76 ...Diz? 00:23:55.24,00:23:57.72 Oh, my God! 00:24:02.76,00:24:05.24 He's got kind of a... 00:24:05.44,00:24:09.64 ...Brad Pitt thing going there. 00:24:14.12,00:24:16.84 From bitch to bull, baby. 00:24:22.96,00:24:28.08 I saw a little Anne Heche there too.[br]Does that sound gay? 00:24:28.28,00:24:33.52 "Find the biggest, baddest mother in[br]the yard, and knock his ass out." 00:24:36.52,00:24:41.44 Lift your knees, maggots! Maybe we'll[br]win one sorry-ass game this year! 00:24:41.68,00:24:42.84 I'm gonna puke. 00:24:43.08,00:24:47.76 Use it. Keep looking[br]at the horse's ass and run! 00:24:58.44,00:25:00.12 Biggest and baddest. 00:25:05.08,00:25:06.88 More cheer, less pole dance. 00:25:07.12,00:25:10.16 Don't want guys stuffing[br]bills down your panties. 00:25:10.36,00:25:11.60 What panties? 00:25:22.52,00:25:24.56 Don't I have a dreamy boyfriend? 00:25:24.80,00:25:28.12 Make sure everybody[br]sees him go down. 00:25:29.44,00:25:31.12 Careful. 00:25:31.92,00:25:34.16 You mind if I sit down? 00:25:34.36,00:25:35.56 Wrong level, bitch. 00:25:35.80,00:25:38.16 Bitch, say what? 00:25:43.64,00:25:46.16 I think we got[br]a serious problem here. 00:25:46.36,00:25:49.24 If it's you, there's no prob-- 00:26:15.76,00:26:18.04 Dude, what's with you? 00:26:18.24,00:26:21.32 Who's the bitch now? 00:26:28.36,00:26:32.08 You guys might want to come[br]scoop up your friend. 00:26:33.96,00:26:35.72 Shit! 00:27:04.36,00:27:05.92 Oh, God! 00:27:11.00,00:27:12.36 What are you doing? 00:27:12.56,00:27:17.12 Knocking you into the hall[br]and me into the history books. 00:27:18.12,00:27:21.00 Who's the bitch now? 00:27:29.28,00:27:32.44 You've gotta be kidding me! 00:27:54.20,00:27:56.52 Don't go that way. 00:28:10.72,00:28:12.40 Help! 00:28:22.68,00:28:27.20 Who's the bitch now? 00:28:32.88,00:28:34.20 Coming through! 00:28:34.40,00:28:38.32 Look out! Coming through![br]Take your hat off in school! 00:28:46.12,00:28:49.52 Let's have a round of applause[br]for Conner Maguire. 00:28:49.72,00:28:50.76 Everyone? 00:28:50.96,00:28:54.40 Come on. Everyone?[br]You! 00:28:54.60,00:28:56.72 Come on.[br]Don't be shy! 00:28:58.56,00:29:00.84 Stop it, all of you! 00:29:05.00,00:29:06.20 Hello, son. 00:29:06.44,00:29:11.52 I told you last time, you start[br]something, you're what? You're gone! 00:29:11.72,00:29:15.36 Well, my friend,[br]looks like it's last call. 00:29:15.56,00:29:16.68 Last call? 00:29:16.92,00:29:19.72 He didn't start it.[br]I did. 00:29:22.96,00:29:26.76 -Who the hell are you?[br]-I'm the new guy. 00:29:36.64,00:29:39.76 -How's the nose?[br]-Shut up! 00:29:42.76,00:29:45.76 Look at that freak,[br]sitting on top of the tower. 00:29:45.92,00:29:49.84 -Move![br]-We should unroll the welcome mat. 00:29:50.04,00:29:51.80 I should go kick his ass. 00:29:52.00,00:29:54.60 I've dreamed of dating[br]the expelled guy. 00:29:54.80,00:29:57.08 Expelled guys rock! 00:29:57.28,00:29:58.60 Later. 00:30:01.04,00:30:02.52 Later. 00:30:02.76,00:30:04.96 You're not going over there. 00:30:05.20,00:30:06.28 I wasn't. 00:30:06.48,00:30:09.00 Now I am.[br]Later. 00:30:12.76,00:30:14.92 She just dissed you. 00:30:15.12,00:30:16.84 Dude, shut up! 00:30:24.92,00:30:27.96 Hey, new guy.[br]Got a name? 00:30:30.80,00:30:32.80 Harris, Gil Harris. 00:30:33.00,00:30:36.44 I'm Courtney, that's Carmen,[br]that's Danielle. 00:30:36.60,00:30:39.56 How do you like our[br]little slice of paradise? 00:30:39.72,00:30:42.00 I gotta tell you... 00:30:42.24,00:30:44.92's nice to be somewhere[br]without bars. 00:30:45.12,00:30:46.60 You were in jail? 00:30:46.76,00:30:49.60 Did they give you a[br]full body cavity search? 00:30:49.76,00:30:53.28 Forgive my friends.[br]They get shy around strangers. 00:30:53.48,00:30:56.40 My fault, I talk too much. 00:30:56.60,00:30:58.20 That's hot. 00:30:58.88,00:31:02.68 There's a party tonight at my house,[br]if you can come. 00:31:06.12,00:31:07.88 I don't make plans. 00:31:10.40,00:31:12.08 Not my style. 00:31:50.24,00:31:53.16 We love you, Rocky Creek![br]We're here all week! 00:31:53.36,00:31:57.48 We love Texas and we love you too! 00:31:57.68,00:31:59.60 So I'm guessing it went well? 00:31:59.76,00:32:04.68 In 1 0 minutes, the first 1 8 years[br]of my life completely changed. 00:32:04.84,00:32:07.56 -They bought it?[br]-Things have changed. 00:32:07.76,00:32:10.80 You made it to the 50th[br]level of Kunark. 00:32:11.00,00:32:14.80 Better. I got invited to a party.[br]Dizzy Gillespie Harrison. 00:32:14.96,00:32:20.32 -Excuse me while I do the bugaloo![br]-Whoa, slow down, funky white boy. 00:32:20.60,00:32:23.44 Did they invite you,[br]or Gil Harris? 00:32:23.64,00:32:29.48 Listen, the point is nobody stuffed me[br]in my locker or singed off my ass hair. 00:32:29.68,00:32:31.00 -Please.[br]-No offense. 00:32:31.16,00:32:35.00 Are you saying these chicks party[br]on a school night? 00:32:35.20,00:32:36.68 Courtney does. 00:32:40.04,00:32:45.24 That is without doubt the sluttiest[br]girl I have ever seen! 00:32:45.44,00:32:48.52 -I know. Isn't it great?[br]-You have to do her. 00:32:48.76,00:32:53.16 And while you're with her, think of me.[br]Okay, that sounded gay. 00:32:53.36,00:32:56.80 Courtney is expecting Gil[br]at the party tonight. 00:32:57.00,00:32:59.68 She's right, how would[br]Gil Harris party? 00:32:59.84,00:33:03.72 The question is, how would Gil[br]get jiggy with this chick... 00:33:03.92,00:33:06.88 ...and make her say,[br]"Who's your daddy?" 00:33:07.08,00:33:12.40 -While respecting her as a woman.[br]-Diz, you ready for this? 00:33:13.36,00:33:17.52 -My dad loves this bike more than me.[br]-That's not true. 00:33:17.76,00:33:21.36 No, it is.[br]He wrote it in my birthday card. 00:33:24.68,00:33:26.60 So please be very careful. 00:33:27.64,00:33:32.16 This is a vintage flat track[br]racing bike. 00:33:32.36,00:33:33.76 It's very powerful. 00:33:34.60,00:33:37.20 You have to know what you're doing. 00:33:37.40,00:33:38.84 Stand back. 00:33:39.56,00:33:41.52 I'll start it for you. 00:33:57.52,00:34:01.40 Remember, I won't always be around[br]to do that for you. 00:34:09.28,00:34:12.24 Courtney got Tony Hawk[br]to come to her party? 00:34:17.36,00:34:19.60 There's nothing cooler than that! 00:34:28.36,00:34:29.80 That dude's crazy. 00:34:34.96,00:34:37.80 Hey, man! These are Dockers! 00:34:38.12,00:34:39.56 I made it. 00:34:41.40,00:34:42.56 Bush! 00:34:45.60,00:34:46.60 Hey! 00:34:46.96,00:34:51.96 -Courtney, you see that lndy 360?[br]-Tony, please. 00:34:52.92,00:34:56.72 Randy, did you see that lndy Three?[br]I could do it again. 00:35:06.16,00:35:09.00 Have any trouble finding the house? 00:35:10.96,00:35:14.32 Well, aren't you the strong,[br]silent type? 00:35:14.52,00:35:17.96 -Well, l....[br]-Wanna come upstairs with me? 00:35:19.52,00:35:22.36 Wanna make out with me? 00:35:24.68,00:35:27.76 Wanna take my clothes[br]off with your teeth? 00:35:28.72,00:35:31.52 Okay, you talked me into it. 00:35:32.96,00:35:34.60 Aren't you coming? 00:35:35.56,00:35:36.68 Almost. 00:35:36.84,00:35:40.80 -Courtney is such a slut.[br]-You dated her for two months. 00:35:41.00,00:35:42.84 It was four. 00:35:52.64,00:35:54.60 Hey, new guy. 00:36:04.56,00:36:07.04 You wanna dance, new guy? 00:36:20.40,00:36:22.72 Know why I like it out here? 00:36:23.52,00:36:27.76 -The view?[br]-No, because of all these people around. 00:36:28.28,00:36:32.88 Doesn't it turn you on, knowing[br]we could be caught at any moment? 00:36:33.56,00:36:37.56 Yeah, well, that does[br]make things interesting. 00:36:38.00,00:36:39.60 Wanna make out? 00:36:40.16,00:36:41.28 Okay. 00:36:41.92,00:36:43.96 I forgot something. 00:36:47.04,00:36:49.32 Ready for dessert? 00:36:50.84,00:36:52.16 Gil? 00:36:55.08,00:36:56.44 Hello? 00:37:00.96,00:37:03.68 -What's the matter?[br]-I can't believe it. 00:37:03.92,00:37:08.56 -What happened?[br]-Gil blew me off. 00:37:08.76,00:37:11.52 -Sucks to be you.[br]-Carmen, put it away. 00:37:11.72,00:37:15.56 Honey, I knew that boy was trouble. 00:37:16.88,00:37:20.72 I know what you're thinking,[br]"He's too good-looking for me." 00:37:20.92,00:37:24.28 Hola, habla ingles? Hello! 00:37:25.76,00:37:28.80 -Where'd you come from?[br]-Exercising. Got a problem? 00:37:29.04,00:37:31.12 No, it's cool. 00:37:31.36,00:37:36.40 -What does that hit: lats, tris, bis?[br]-These are bat-curls, for the abs. 00:37:36.60,00:37:39.28 Cool! Did you really blow off Courtney? 00:37:39.48,00:37:40.68 You can tell us. 00:37:40.92,00:37:44.52 -You blow her off?[br]-I didn't exactly blow her off. 00:37:44.76,00:37:46.44 Stop right there. 00:37:46.64,00:37:51.92 Any dude who disses Courtney must date[br]the most outrageous women on earth! 00:37:54.20,00:37:58.00 -Hey, what can I say?[br]-"What can I say?" You are the man! 00:37:58.24,00:37:59.88 You are the man! 00:38:00.08,00:38:04.96 I say you're a fraud.[br]I don't think you've been with anyone. 00:38:07.92,00:38:10.00 Yeah, you're right. 00:38:10.16,00:38:11.48 She's not just anyone. 00:38:17.00,00:38:19.72 -This babe's got it all![br]-Yes, she does. 00:38:19.92,00:38:23.12 I bet she knows how[br]to make a guy happy! 00:38:23.28,00:38:25.80 I'd love to stay and chat... 00:38:26.00,00:38:28.36 ...but Josefina's waiting for me. 00:38:29.04,00:38:31.36 You're not going anywhere. 00:38:32.04,00:38:35.40 Don't make me do crazy eyes. 00:38:41.08,00:38:45.24 Josefina. Exotic! Me gusta Josefina! 00:38:45.40,00:38:48.00 Guys! Don't you see[br]what's going on here? 00:38:48.16,00:38:51.40 Yeah, to get chicks,[br]we gotta work on our abs! 00:38:51.56,00:38:53.28 Let's go. Come on! 00:38:54.04,00:38:57.04 -Come on, up.[br]-Ready? One, two.... 00:38:59.20,00:39:02.20 I got it! Check me out, baby![br]Bat-wings! 00:39:02.56,00:39:05.88 -Hey, chump change, get down![br]-Bat-wings, baby! 00:39:06.16,00:39:07.36 Watch, everyone! 00:39:08.04,00:39:11.88 That bike won't even start.[br]He trashed it when he landed. 00:39:12.08,00:39:14.20 Please start. 00:39:34.56,00:39:38.04 It's a full-time job[br]trying to save his butt. 00:39:43.20,00:39:45.56 I almost got laid! 00:39:46.12,00:39:48.04 Did he say, "brake"? 00:39:56.16,00:39:57.96 I almost got laid! 00:40:20.28,00:40:21.60 Waiting up for me? 00:40:21.92,00:40:24.80 -Yes, we are.[br]-We? 00:40:26.40,00:40:28.32 Hi. Hey. 00:40:29.56,00:40:33.64 -Dad, what is Miss Pierce doing here?[br]-Kiki's here to help. 00:40:35.56,00:40:37.80 -With what?[br]-An intervention. 00:40:38.60,00:40:42.08 We're surrounding you with love. 00:40:42.28,00:40:44.00 Now sit. 00:40:45.64,00:40:50.64 Okay. Dramatic change in appearance,[br]lack of communication... 00:40:50.84,00:40:52.92 ...altered patterns of behavior. 00:40:53.60,00:40:55.52 What're you on? 00:40:55.72,00:40:57.36 Is it crystal meth? 00:40:57.52,00:41:02.20 Is it the crank?[br]Are you riding the white pony, son? 00:41:06.28,00:41:09.36 No, I'm not on drugs, Dad. I'm happy. 00:41:09.56,00:41:13.28 For the first time in I can't[br]remember when, I'm happy. 00:41:14.60,00:41:20.16 It occurs to me to tell you that[br]denial is not just a river in Egypt! 00:41:20.36,00:41:22.92 Look, son, it's all my fault. 00:41:23.12,00:41:28.88 I was so worried about alarms going off[br]at work I missed the ones at home. 00:41:29.12,00:41:34.48 I'll make it up to you. I'm quitting[br]my job so we can be together 24/7. 00:41:34.64,00:41:38.32 -How will you pay the mortgage?[br]-I'll sell the house. 00:41:38.48,00:41:43.80 Dad, do not, I repeat, do not do that. 00:41:44.00,00:41:48.96 There's no way for you to understand[br]this. But when things get truly bad... 00:41:49.20,00:41:51.56 got to make a drastic change. 00:41:51.72,00:41:56.08 Completely revamp everything[br]in your life to get what you want. 00:41:57.16,00:41:59.24 I do understand. I'm not sick. 00:41:59.68,00:42:02.64 I'm revamped! 00:42:02.88,00:42:07.48 It's very sweet. Underneath[br]the Tourette's and the crank... 00:42:07.72,00:42:10.92 ...he still wants to be[br]like his daddy. 00:42:14.56,00:42:17.56 -I'm so on to you.[br]-You are? 00:42:18.48,00:42:23.84 You pretend you're not part of this[br]school, but you like being a badass. 00:42:25.36,00:42:29.04 -You caught me.[br]-And that's why I want to use you. 00:42:32.08,00:42:34.64 Okay, but only for a couple of years. 00:42:36.28,00:42:39.88 Come to the football game[br]this weekend. Nobody shows. 00:42:40.04,00:42:44.28 It's more acceptable to drink[br]and puke than it is to watch a game. 00:42:44.48,00:42:46.24 It's hard work, not caring. 00:42:47.44,00:42:51.04 If you show up, maybe some[br]of these other fools would. 00:42:51.20,00:42:52.60 I'm in. 00:42:55.60,00:42:56.80 What? 00:42:57.84,00:43:01.76 My grandmother's Albanian.[br]It means, I owe you one. 00:43:04.40,00:43:07.84 -What's that about?[br]-Just asking the new guy a favor. 00:43:08.04,00:43:10.48 What could you need from him? 00:43:10.84,00:43:14.16 Just things I'm not getting elsewhere. 00:43:40.68,00:43:44.00 Come on, East Highlands![br]Okay, ready? 00:43:50.96,00:43:53.84 Danielle finally dragged[br]you to a game. 00:43:54.00,00:43:59.16 I'm not at the game, I'm with you guys.[br]I just like to watch her jump around. 00:44:00.68,00:44:03.00 Yeah, right! 00:44:05.96,00:44:08.92 -Ride him, cowboy![br]-Will you shut up? 00:44:09.12,00:44:11.40 Man, that's not funny. 00:44:19.32,00:44:24.52 Come on, East Highland![br]Come on, people. Guys? 00:44:24.76,00:44:26.44 Hello? 00:44:31.88,00:44:36.04 One. One, two, three.[br]Two. One, two, three. 00:44:44.08,00:44:48.16 This is bullshit! We haven't[br]won in five years. Let's forfeit. 00:44:48.52,00:44:51.52 -We're dead anyway.[br]-Ten, hut! 00:45:02.64,00:45:04.44 He's out of his mind. 00:45:14.84,00:45:17.72 Dead? Did you say dead? 00:45:17.88,00:45:23.64 All this hoo-hah about being dead[br]and not wanting to fight... 00:45:23.80,00:45:26.04 a load of crap! 00:45:26.92,00:45:30.72 Did we give up when Pearl Harbor[br]was bombed? 00:45:30.92,00:45:32.80 Didn't that movie make money? 00:45:32.96,00:45:37.24 We didn't give up then, and we're not[br]going to give up now! 00:45:37.40,00:45:41.80 American high school students[br]traditionally love to fight! 00:45:42.00,00:45:47.12 All real football players[br]love the sting of battle! 00:45:47.32,00:45:50.52 The only thing we have to fear is... 00:45:52.12,00:45:54.44 ...fear itself. 00:45:54.60,00:45:57.84 What is wrong with you people? 00:45:59.04,00:46:03.92 Where's the hunger?[br]Where is the school spirit? 00:46:05.12,00:46:08.92 Washington High?[br]We're gonna beat them! 00:46:09.36,00:46:14.64 Lincoln High?[br]We're gonna beat them! 00:46:14.84,00:46:17.00 Harding High? 00:46:17.32,00:46:19.20 We're gonna beat them. 00:46:19.44,00:46:20.40 Yes! 00:46:22.64,00:46:27.52 -Let's do it.[br]-Let's do it! 00:46:36.72,00:46:39.32 That's my goddamn horse! 00:46:39.48,00:46:41.92 Hit them high, hit them low! 00:46:45.44,00:46:46.96 Break! 00:47:21.92,00:47:25.16 -Yes![br]-Touchdown! Touchdown! 00:47:25.32,00:47:27.84 How about that, Highlander fans? 00:47:28.04,00:47:32.56 That's our first victory[br]since the last Bush was president. 00:47:32.88,00:47:35.28 We won a game! 00:47:35.92,00:47:39.48 Can you believe it?[br]We actually won a game! 00:47:42.36,00:47:44.52 Go Highland! 00:47:50.68,00:47:52.40 What the hell's going on? 00:47:52.60,00:47:55.28 You're insane, but thank you. 00:47:56.76,00:48:01.12 -How'd you learn to say "you're welcome"?[br]-From an Albanian chat room. 00:48:02.24,00:48:06.76 -You're impressed by a guy on a horse?[br]-No, because he showed up for me. 00:48:07.64,00:48:09.08 Let's go. 00:48:11.32,00:48:16.20 -She just dissed you again.[br]-Dude, do you ever shut up? 00:48:20.72,00:48:24.96 -Most guys would never go shopping.[br]-Well, I'm not most guys. 00:48:25.16,00:48:27.76 You did say swimsuits, right? 00:49:35.84,00:49:38.20 Thank you! Thank you! 00:49:43.88,00:49:47.88 Sorry about that.[br]I been in prison a long time. 00:49:50.04,00:49:54.36 -Now this is real music.[br]-lf I listen to this, I'll get you? 00:49:54.56,00:49:57.32 That's what I'm talking about.[br]All right. 00:49:58.16,00:50:00.88 Danielle, I didn't see you come in. 00:50:01.84,00:50:02.84 Hey, Emily. 00:50:03.24,00:50:05.24 How's it going? 00:50:05.44,00:50:07.92 -Great. How about you?[br]-Great. 00:50:10.60,00:50:13.12 Hey, do you have the new Creed CD? 00:50:15.24,00:50:17.64 Yeah, I'll check for you. 00:50:20.04,00:50:24.96 -Who's that?[br]-Emily. We used to be friends. 00:50:25.52,00:50:28.60 -What happened?[br]-I started dating Conner... 00:50:28.80,00:50:32.44 know how things go.[br]-I understand. 00:50:32.60,00:50:36.16 Come on, you're not the type[br]who'd drop your friends. 00:50:36.36,00:50:38.56 -Time to go![br]-I'm shopping here! 00:50:38.76,00:50:43.20 You've been listening to this song[br]for hours! You're squatting! 00:50:43.56,00:50:48.88 Listen, bro, I've had a bad day,[br]so squat on this, pukeface! 00:50:49.04,00:50:52.72 -That's it![br]-Seth, you're not a bouncer anymore. 00:50:52.88,00:50:55.72 -You've moved up.[br]-Who can toss her better? 00:50:55.92,00:50:58.92 -Would you relax?[br]-Come on, I'm sick of this! 00:51:02.28,00:51:05.12 -Diz, you made it![br]-Perfect timing. 00:51:05.28,00:51:08.56 I thought you never check[br]the EQ message boards. 00:51:10.04,00:51:12.52 Gil, do you know these people? 00:51:19.92,00:51:21.28 No. 00:51:28.88,00:51:30.28 Let's go. 00:51:44.72,00:51:49.60 We've found a pair of balls.[br]Wait, there's a name here. 00:51:50.52,00:51:54.00 Dizzy Harrison, pick up[br]your balls and scrotum. 00:51:54.20,00:51:57.84 That's balls and scrotum,[br]at counter five. 00:51:58.08,00:52:00.48 You know what? I have all these. 00:52:01.56,00:52:04.44 That's my microphone! 00:52:05.12,00:52:08.32 Oh, no. Please don't! 00:52:14.68,00:52:17.52 Harris, get your punk ass in here! 00:52:25.32,00:52:29.92 -What are you doing here?[br]-You stole my horse, maggot! 00:52:32.08,00:52:36.48 You know the penalty in this state[br]for stealing another man's horse? 00:52:36.68,00:52:38.60 Death? 00:52:38.88,00:52:40.72 This isn't lraq, son. 00:52:40.92,00:52:44.68 But I can tell you,[br]it's probably a hefty fine! 00:52:44.84,00:52:46.76 You know what this is? 00:52:47.76,00:52:51.64 It's a bill for manure clean up,[br]resodding the football field. 00:52:51.80,00:52:56.36 To top it off, somebody urinated all[br]over Mrs. Campanella's rose garden. 00:52:56.56,00:52:58.48 That was me, sir. 00:53:00.04,00:53:02.68 And you wanna know something else? 00:53:04.04,00:53:06.64 It was all worth it! 00:53:08.28,00:53:10.64 Come here! Come here! 00:53:13.60,00:53:18.20 That was our first victory in five[br]years, and it's all because of you! 00:53:18.76,00:53:22.16 I love you more than my own[br]good-for-nothing son. 00:53:22.36,00:53:24.32 Sit down, take a load off. 00:53:25.84,00:53:30.56 We got a homecoming dance coming up[br]in a month and it has been the most... 00:53:30.72,00:53:34.64 ...God-awful experience for everyone[br]involved. Right, coach? 00:53:34.84,00:53:38.48 You have any ideas on how we might[br]turn this thing around? 00:53:41.80,00:53:44.32 -Good music.[br]-Music! 00:53:44.96,00:53:45.96 Hey. 00:53:46.12,00:53:49.28 That is a fantastic idea, son.[br]You see that? Hey! 00:53:49.52,00:53:51.44 What kind of music? 00:53:51.60,00:53:56.32 The only music worth being called[br]music. I'm talking about the funk. 00:54:17.68,00:54:19.60 Hello, singing? 00:54:19.76,00:54:22.16 We can't play funk[br]without a bass line. 00:54:22.32,00:54:24.12 Or black guys. 00:54:24.28,00:54:26.92 We'll find someone.[br]We don't need Ditz. 00:54:27.08,00:54:31.60 Oh, you don't? So somebody else[br]is getting you paying gigs? 00:54:32.20,00:54:34.76 We headline at homecoming[br]in two weeks. 00:54:34.96,00:54:38.40 -Someone talking to us?[br]-I don't hear anything. 00:54:38.72,00:54:41.12 It's Diz.[br]What's wrong with you people? 00:54:41.52,00:54:43.68 I was an asshole at the mall. 00:54:44.08,00:54:45.76 World-class asshole. 00:54:45.92,00:54:50.32 They're scouting me for Asshole[br]Olympics. I'm carrying the torch. 00:54:50.72,00:54:53.20 Come on, you guys, I'm sorry. 00:54:53.52,00:54:56.16 I got no good excuse for what I did. 00:54:56.52,00:54:59.16 It's not easy being the big bull. 00:55:00.04,00:55:03.36 You're the big bullshit![br]Gil's the big bull. 00:55:03.52,00:55:05.08 Yeah, but that's me. 00:55:05.24,00:55:06.28 Is it? 00:55:06.44,00:55:10.96 So, what makes you any different[br]from any other high school thug? 00:55:41.36,00:55:42.84 -Quit it![br]-lt wasn't me? 00:55:43.00,00:55:44.52 -Then who was it?[br]-Him. 00:55:44.68,00:55:47.72 Hi, guys. Ed Ligget.[br]Tuba! 00:55:48.04,00:55:51.88 The marching band is collecting[br]bottles for the homeless. 00:55:52.16,00:55:54.96 Ironically, taking away[br]their only job. 00:55:55.16,00:55:57.36 Any donations would be appreciated. 00:55:57.72,00:56:00.44 You know what the homeless need? 00:56:01.12,00:56:02.20 A midget. 00:56:02.60,00:56:04.48 Why would they need a midget? 00:56:04.64,00:56:05.88 Shut up! 00:56:07.68,00:56:09.64 Hey! Quit it! 00:56:18.04,00:56:19.08 What a throw. 00:56:30.32,00:56:32.28 Little Ed, are you okay? 00:56:32.44,00:56:35.24 Yeah, I'm from a rodeo family. 00:56:37.76,00:56:40.08 You remembered my name. 00:56:40.96,00:56:42.44 Come on. 00:56:51.84,00:56:55.64 -What's Gil doing?[br]-He's taking him up the tower. 00:56:56.04,00:56:59.12 Ed Ligget's gonna get[br]his little ass kicked. 00:57:12.72,00:57:14.16 Who's that little dude? 00:57:18.88,00:57:20.40 Hey, Conner. 00:57:20.60,00:57:23.16 What did Ed ever do to you? 00:57:31.20,00:57:33.12 All right, freak. 00:57:34.08,00:57:36.84 We don't call people that here. 00:57:39.68,00:57:41.48 Danielle? 00:57:41.64,00:57:44.60 She's going down there with the geeks! 00:57:46.72,00:57:49.04 -Emily.[br]-Danielle. 00:57:49.20,00:57:52.44 -Look, Emily....[br]-I know. 00:58:01.80,00:58:04.52 -You backed him instead of me?[br]-Caught that? 00:58:04.68,00:58:07.92 Bullshit! My girlfriend's[br]supposed to back me up! 00:58:08.28,00:58:11.36 You're right.[br]Your girlfriend should back you up. 00:58:11.52,00:58:13.04 Find one. 00:58:15.04,00:58:18.20 I don't need you![br]I could have anyone! 00:58:20.48,00:58:21.92 Look, man. 00:58:22.08,00:58:25.12 I'm sorry me and the guys[br]pissed in your tuba. 00:58:25.32,00:58:26.80 You did? 00:58:26.96,00:58:29.56 -Yeah.[br]-I thought it tasted funny. 00:58:39.32,00:58:41.52 Another win for the Highlanders! 00:58:44.04,00:58:46.40 Mark's gonna help you pass trig. 00:58:49.24,00:58:51.52 You don't remember me, do you? 00:58:51.68,00:58:55.36 "Stop! Please![br]Your ass is crushing my head!" 00:58:55.56,00:58:58.44 Oh! Was that you? 00:59:00.84,00:59:02.12 Highland wins again! 00:59:11.08,00:59:13.64 Damn! That's what I'm talking about! 00:59:18.32,00:59:21.80 I'd like to introduce you[br]to a few old buddies of mine. 00:59:21.96,00:59:23.48 Hi, I'm... 00:59:24.08,00:59:25.12 ...Hawk. 00:59:25.32,00:59:27.28 And I'm... 00:59:27.88,00:59:29.68 ...Apache. 00:59:29.84,00:59:32.96 -Hawk, Apache and l--[br]-Were in prison together. 00:59:33.16,00:59:34.48 Mostly in the shower. 00:59:38.20,00:59:41.00 Can you just smell the playoffs? 00:59:42.16,00:59:46.20 Before I met Gil, I'd have looked[br]at you and walked away... 00:59:46.40,00:59:49.28 ...wiggling my ass[br]to show what you missed. 00:59:49.44,00:59:52.28 Yeah, well, the universe[br]is upside down. 00:59:52.48,00:59:56.32 And in a few minutes,[br]you will be too. 01:00:18.88,01:00:21.04 I finally understand the song. 01:00:52.36,01:00:53.64 Touchdown! 01:01:14.44,01:01:16.64 Unbelievable! 01:01:16.80,01:01:20.28 We're going to the State Championship! 01:01:21.36,01:01:24.24 The Highlanders are on fire! 01:01:30.72,01:01:32.56 Little spill. 01:01:33.04,01:01:34.08 Remember... 01:01:34.28,01:01:36.36 ...turn, don't burn. 01:01:41.96,01:01:48.24 I want you to know that when you go[br]off to college, me and this house... 01:01:48.96,01:01:51.04 -...roll with you.[br]-Dad. 01:01:51.24,01:01:55.40 Do not, I repeat, do not do that! 01:01:58.12,01:02:01.28 Just roll around, Dad,[br]you'll be all right. 01:02:16.28,01:02:17.72 We're closed. 01:02:17.88,01:02:20.20 Hey, it's okay. He's with me. 01:02:40.60,01:02:42.08 You're really good! 01:02:42.24,01:02:45.52 Best part of working here.[br]I ride the bull for free. 01:02:45.68,01:02:49.32 I get good tips for wearing[br]a bandanna as a shirt. 01:02:50.56,01:02:52.04 Watch it, hoodlum. 01:02:52.20,01:02:54.76 That's Estelle. She must like you. 01:02:54.96,01:02:56.48 Hi, Estelle. 01:02:57.72,01:02:59.20 Hi. 01:02:59.84,01:03:03.92 Don't mind Estelle.[br]She's like my big sister. She worries. 01:03:04.08,01:03:07.84 -What could she worry about?[br]-That I'll end up like my mom. 01:03:08.00,01:03:11.20 Working days here[br]and raising three kids by myself. 01:03:11.52,01:03:12.68 I didn't know that. 01:03:12.88,01:03:16.08 It's hard to keep track[br]of the white trash cliches. 01:03:16.52,01:03:17.48 I'm not worried. 01:03:17.92,01:03:19.28 -You're not?[br]-No. 01:03:19.44,01:03:22.16 -That's a relief. You want a pad?[br]-For what? 01:03:23.80,01:03:26.32 -Estelle![br]-Look. 01:03:26.48,01:03:29.68 If I can do what I've done,[br]you can do anything. 01:03:29.84,01:03:33.52 -I wish I had your confidence.[br]-Don't ever wish that. 01:03:33.68,01:03:36.84 Why? You know exactly who you are. 01:03:37.04,01:03:39.36 But you don't know who I am. 01:03:39.52,01:03:42.32 Before I came to East Highland.... 01:03:47.72,01:03:50.20 You get good distance[br]with the skinny ones. 01:03:50.36,01:03:51.72 Are you okay? 01:03:52.76,01:03:54.32 That's just it. 01:03:54.52,01:03:55.52 I'm not-- 01:04:00.60,01:04:02.60 They killed Paco. 01:04:02.76,01:04:04.52 -Paco?[br]-Paco! 01:04:18.80,01:04:20.56 Black Spiders. 01:04:36.40,01:04:39.60 -See this tattoo?[br]-I don't need to hear it. 01:04:41.08,01:04:44.84 There's things about me I need to tell[br]that you won't like. 01:04:45.00,01:04:49.00 It doesn't matter! Anything[br]in your past, I don't need to know. 01:04:49.16,01:04:52.00 Let's just think about now. 01:04:54.04,01:04:56.08 But I'm really Dizzy. 01:04:56.84,01:04:58.12 So am l. 01:05:00.12,01:05:02.12 She is going to college, punk! 01:05:02.32,01:05:04.96 Hey, lady, nobody's stopping her! 01:05:05.40,01:05:08.40 That's a buzz-kill.[br]Night, Estelle. 01:05:08.60,01:05:11.80 -Ready for State Finals?[br]-All I do is ride a horse. 01:05:11.96,01:05:15.08 I'm worried.[br]Those Drillers can be brutal. 01:05:15.84,01:05:17.52 The Drillers? 01:05:17.88,01:05:20.56 Rocky Creek High.[br]You know where it is? 01:05:20.72,01:05:22.44 I do. 01:05:23.40,01:05:25.36 Look, Danielle. 01:05:25.52,01:05:28.56 I can't go to that game.[br]I hate that school. 01:05:28.72,01:05:31.60 Wait a minute.[br]How can you not come? 01:05:31.76,01:05:33.72 It's complicated. 01:05:34.16,01:05:37.32 I hate it too, but if you don't[br]show up, nobody will. 01:05:37.52,01:05:39.68 Please, don't bail now. 01:05:42.08,01:05:46.44 Let's welcome our undefeated[br]defending State Champions... 01:05:46.64,01:05:49.36 ...the Rocky Creek Drillers! 01:05:49.52,01:05:52.48 And from East Highland High... 01:05:52.64,01:05:55.04 ...the Highlanders. 01:05:57.64,01:06:01.72 I can't believe those kilt-wearing[br]wussies aren't gonna show up. 01:06:49.08,01:06:50.48 Hold! 01:06:53.80,01:06:55.12 What's going on? 01:07:25.76,01:07:29.84 Kirk, you're falling behind.[br]Come on, hurry! Go, go! 01:07:39.28,01:07:44.08 What a miraculous, momentous occasion[br]in Highlander history, sports fans! 01:07:44.36,01:07:49.48 With eight ticks left on the clock,[br]the score is tied, 24 all! 01:07:49.64,01:07:52.00 The Drillers are at the 50-yard line. 01:07:52.20,01:07:54.68 There's only time for one last play! 01:07:54.84,01:08:00.24 If the Highlanders can stop the[br]Drillers, we're looking at overtime! 01:08:02.68,01:08:05.20 Who's that little dude? 01:08:08.80,01:08:11.68 -Let's go, Highland![br]-Let's go, Highland! 01:08:15.08,01:08:18.80 This is the biggest day[br]for Texas Five-A football... 01:08:18.96,01:08:21.00 ...since Johnson killed Kennedy! 01:08:30.04,01:08:31.40 Come on, Highland! 01:08:34.60,01:08:37.60 Highland! Highland! 01:08:38.88,01:08:40.88 You understand what's going on? 01:08:41.12,01:08:44.68 Their team isn't killing us,[br]their fans are! 01:08:45.52,01:08:48.44 Put your heads in the game[br]and concentrate! 01:08:48.60,01:08:53.64 We got a split left quick toss, 29[br]on one-on-one. Duncan gets the ball. 01:08:54.00,01:08:59.84 No way, asshole! Not Duncan! My team,[br]my game, my championship, my ball! 01:09:00.00,01:09:02.40 Just do your job,[br]and I'll do the rest! 01:09:06.80,01:09:08.04 Watch the back! 01:09:08.32,01:09:10.24 Red, 71, down! 01:09:10.56,01:09:12.24 Go, Rocky Creek! 01:09:25.80,01:09:28.48 Get out of here, Rocky Creek! 01:09:28.72,01:09:32.12 Defense! Defense! Defense! 01:09:55.92,01:09:57.20 Fumble! 01:10:06.92,01:10:08.44 Go! 01:10:23.68,01:10:25.80 Highland wins! 01:10:42.20,01:10:44.12 This is for you, son. 01:10:44.28,01:10:45.80 Thank you. 01:10:49.96,01:10:51.36 Go Highland! 01:10:57.76,01:11:00.44 No! 01:11:03.72,01:11:05.32 Is that...? 01:11:37.96,01:11:39.28 Hi! 01:11:44.16,01:11:45.80 Hey, Dizzy dipshit! 01:11:46.84,01:11:48.28 Where are you? 01:11:48.44,01:11:50.40 Yo, dipshit! 01:11:52.60,01:11:54.48 How you doing, buddy? 01:11:54.64,01:11:56.20 How's it going? 01:11:56.40,01:11:58.88 -Who is he?[br]-Just an old friend. 01:11:59.20,01:12:01.60 A friend of Gil is one of mine.[br]Travis. 01:12:01.76,01:12:03.16 -Lonnie.[br]-Pete. 01:12:03.32,01:12:06.48 Ed Ligget, tuba. How you doing, man? 01:12:09.88,01:12:12.12 -Better now.[br]-What's wrong with you? 01:12:12.32,01:12:16.08 -So I tossed a freak.[br]-We discourage name-calling here. 01:12:16.40,01:12:20.20 -What do you want?[br]-You stole my championship, asshole! 01:12:20.56,01:12:24.32 If you must talk like that,[br]I'll have to ask you to leave. 01:12:24.48,01:12:28.08 I'll leave as soon as I tell[br]the truth about your leader. 01:12:28.36,01:12:32.40 -We know he was in prison.[br]-Prison? Are you shitting me? 01:12:32.60,01:12:36.04 All right, buddy-boy![br]That doesn't fly around-- 01:12:36.88,01:12:39.28 Okay, you guys, back it up. 01:12:41.32,01:12:43.04 This is my fight. 01:12:43.48,01:12:45.64 Oh, baby! Come on, make my day! 01:12:45.80,01:12:47.48 Get him! 01:12:51.68,01:12:54.52 I'm gonna go rodeo on your ass! 01:12:54.68,01:12:57.92 Take this! And this! 01:13:16.36,01:13:18.16 I wanna know what you know. 01:13:27.28,01:13:29.48 Someone spread the word[br]about our band. 01:13:29.64,01:13:32.64 -That was us.[br]-But half of Rocky Creek is here. 01:13:32.80,01:13:34.40 What? How did they hear? 01:13:34.60,01:13:37.40 -Hey, guys. Check this out.[br]-Creed? 01:13:37.56,01:13:41.80 What idiot would fall for this?[br]There's a menu on the other side. 01:13:41.96,01:13:46.12 Anybody know where the VlP room is?[br]Excuse me, ladies? Hello? 01:13:46.80,01:13:48.60 Thank you. Who did that? 01:13:48.76,01:13:50.72 -Hey, fat-ass.[br]-Quiet, Billy. 01:13:51.44,01:13:53.12 Hi. 01:13:53.28,01:13:57.48 I didn't think I'd live to see us win[br]the State Championship. 01:14:04.28,01:14:05.60 Quiet! 01:14:06.64,01:14:08.24 Ladies and gentlemen... 01:14:08.44,01:14:10.64 ...Suburban Funk! 01:14:28.36,01:14:29.40 We can do this. 01:15:45.72,01:15:48.20 Ladies and gentlemen, Creed... 01:15:51.36,01:15:55.12 ...will not be here tonight.[br]Repeat, will not be here. 01:15:55.64,01:15:57.36 And drop curtain. 01:15:59.12,01:16:00.52 Cue. 01:16:01.44,01:16:03.72 Mrs. Whitman, it's my-- 01:16:05.88,01:16:08.36 -It's mine, now![br]-No-- 01:16:10.52,01:16:13.16 Yo, East Highland,[br]you know Gil Harris. 01:16:16.08,01:16:19.24 Hey, Rocky Creek,[br]you remember Diz Harrison? 01:16:19.96,01:16:21.20 Guess what, folks? 01:16:21.40,01:16:24.40 Gil and Diz are the same guy. 01:16:27.20,01:16:31.08 He made fools of you. You don't[br]believe me, ask him yourself. 01:16:31.88,01:16:34.64 Maybe for once, he'll tell the truth. 01:16:35.72,01:16:37.96 This sucks! What's going on? 01:16:38.16,01:16:40.56 -Hey![br]-Nora, it's all right. 01:16:40.72,01:16:42.36 I can handle this. 01:16:45.00,01:16:46.16 I can explain. 01:16:59.00,01:17:01.40 -Let the brother speak![br]-Luther. 01:17:01.56,01:17:03.72 Not just Luther. Spiders. 01:17:04.00,01:17:06.20 You play my kind of music. 01:17:10.52,01:17:13.68 Out of the way, Red.[br]I've been in the pen a while. 01:17:14.96,01:17:19.96 Everything you saw on that screen[br]was completely... 01:17:20.36,01:17:21.68 ...true. 01:17:24.60,01:17:27.04 They're right. I'm a liar. 01:17:27.24,01:17:29.32 I don't know what I was thinking. 01:17:29.48,01:17:32.72 Actually, I do know[br]what I was thinking. 01:17:32.88,01:17:38.04 I was trying to become something more[br]than just a blip on the radar screen. 01:17:38.24,01:17:40.00 So I made someone up. 01:17:40.16,01:17:42.36 Someone I thought you'd all like. 01:17:45.20,01:17:50.44 And all because I cared more about[br]what other people thought of me... 01:17:50.60,01:17:53.04 ...than what I thought of me. 01:17:53.60,01:17:57.76 But I bet I'm not the only person here[br]who's ever let that happen. 01:17:59.24,01:18:00.56 What is this? 01:18:02.12,01:18:05.40 -Broke-dick, Broke-dick![br]-Broke-dick, Broke-dick! 01:18:14.88,01:18:16.96 Better come scoop up your friend. 01:18:20.24,01:18:21.64 Move it! 01:18:28.60,01:18:31.00 Anybody got a staple gun? 01:18:32.44,01:18:34.64 Who's the bitch now? 01:18:35.08,01:18:38.44 -Diz! Oh, my God, you're bleeding![br]-My nose. 01:18:38.64,01:18:40.60 The crowd, they're animals! 01:18:40.88,01:18:45.28 No, animals are kinder. They don't boo[br]when they're killing something. 01:18:49.92,01:18:51.92 Diz, you are amazing. 01:18:58.44,01:19:01.92 -What was that for?[br]-Can't I appreciate you? 01:19:03.44,01:19:06.24 You're scaring me. What's going on? 01:19:06.44,01:19:08.20 You've inspired me. 01:19:08.36,01:19:11.84 I have to do something[br]I've wanted to do a long time. 01:19:12.04,01:19:15.28 I have to let somebody[br]know how I feel about him. 01:19:16.88,01:19:18.12 You know, Nora-- 01:19:25.04,01:19:26.68 Better than PlayStation 2? 01:19:27.96,01:19:29.44 Now it is. 01:19:30.68,01:19:33.92 -Yo, I guess it's me and you.[br]-And us. 01:19:34.08,01:19:35.52 And me. 01:19:42.16,01:19:43.92 Would you two get a room? 01:19:44.08,01:19:45.36 I'm sorry. 01:19:46.92,01:19:51.04 -I don't know what to call you.[br]-Broke-dick seems to be popular. 01:19:51.20,01:19:53.72 You're the biggest liar I've ever met. 01:19:55.00,01:19:57.44 You're right, I'm a liar. 01:20:02.48,01:20:04.76 They called me "Dan the Man." 01:20:04.92,01:20:06.08 What? 01:20:06.24,01:20:09.32 That was before I lost the braces[br]and grew boobs. 01:20:09.48,01:20:11.76 Then I became "Danielle the Body." 01:20:11.92,01:20:16.88 I dropped all the friends I had[br]because they looked like the old me. 01:20:17.04,01:20:19.00 And very selfish and mean... 01:20:19.16,01:20:22.60 ...but I just wanted so badly[br]to fit in. 01:20:24.48,01:20:25.88 Been there. 01:20:26.92,01:20:29.80 Do you even ride the motorcycle? 01:20:30.56,01:20:32.40 Yeah, actually I do. 01:20:32.56,01:20:36.52 But it usually takes a station wagon[br]or a bush to stop me. 01:20:37.44,01:20:39.12 So, what do we do now? 01:20:39.68,01:20:43.32 Don't ask me. The last plan I had[br]blew up pretty badly. 01:20:43.48,01:20:44.96 No kidding. 01:21:10.12,01:21:11.52 So you see... 01:21:11.68,01:21:14.24 ...I saved his narrow behind. 01:21:14.40,01:21:16.56 And he got to kiss the girl. 01:21:16.76,01:21:18.80 I hope that inspires you. 01:21:19.28,01:21:22.08 It has. It's taught me a lot. 01:21:22.44,01:21:27.12 It's easy for a man like me to forget[br]what most slobs will do to get a woman. 01:21:31.04,01:21:35.76 My fault, I talk too much.[br]That really did burn me, sorry. 01:21:42.44,01:21:43.60 Oh, God! 01:21:43.76,01:21:45.92 -You okay?[br]-No, he clipped it. 01:21:59.32,01:22:01.36 That's why I wanna use you. 01:22:11.96,01:22:14.80 -You staring at my Janet?[br]-No. No way, man! 01:22:14.96,01:22:18.56 Can we do that again?[br]He couldn't understand what I said. 01:22:22.60,01:22:24.64 I'm sorry, that sucked! 01:22:37.48,01:22:39.04 Look at that! 01:22:45.60,01:22:47.92 Don't yell for mercy. 01:22:52.00,01:22:54.36 Oh, God, I blew the line. 01:22:55.60,01:22:58.08 Check me out! Bat-wings! 01:22:59.40,01:23:00.36 Cut! Cut! 01:23:03.16,01:23:06.16 I need three gallons[br]of mineral water... 01:23:06.32,01:23:08.52 ...1 6 martini olives... 01:23:08.68,01:23:12.64 ...and enough hummus[br]to cover this beautiful girl's body. 01:23:13.20,01:23:14.20 You got that? 01:23:16.80,01:23:19.04 Who's the bitch now? 01:23:20.56,01:23:22.36 Hey, man. You got a smoke? 01:23:30.80,01:23:32.80 How you doing? 01:23:33.68,01:23:35.08 Better now. 01:23:35.24,01:23:36.24 Okay, cut.
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