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Subtitles for Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud.

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Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud

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How are you?
Your mother.
I'll put her on.
I can't talk now. I'm late.
I'll call you back. Bye-bye.
I liked the earrings.
See you tonight.
400 yellow and 400 green.
2 hours Monday, none yesterday, 3 today.
And Saturday.
3 on Saturday.
And tomorrow?
I don't knowyet. Call me at 8.
I don't know...
He won't do a thing.
Once I had him go for an interview.
He waited five minutes then left.
He thinks he's above it?
I guess.
How long has it been?
Almost a year.
Try giving him a push.
That doesn't work. He undermines everything.
He just doesn't care.
What does he do all day?
He rarely goes out. Just for the paper.
He stays in. He watches TV.
Waiting for you.
I'm not sure about that.
Another coffee?
Two more, please.
When do you work?
In an hour.
I want to showyou something in a shop nearby.
It's Pierre Arnaud.
I thought you were away.
I got back two days ago.
I was going to call you. Sit down.
You know each other. Pierre Arnaud, Nelly.
- You met... - At your birthday.
- On the boat. - My 40th.
- That was... - Two years ago.
A cognac.
How is Tayeb?
I have to call him. I'll be right back.
He has to pick up the kids.
Two years ago, your hair was shorter.
Or lighter.
We saw each other once, from far away.
I forgot my change.
Do you see Jacqueline often?
Pretty often.
And you?
Once in a while.
I've known her for...
I like her a lot.
She does me the pleasure of confiding in me.
She's in good form.
I think so.
That's not for us.
Are you still married?
- His name is... - Jerome.
Jerome, that's it. Good sense of humor.
Insolent, but in a nice way.
You danced. It was quite a show.
We were both drunk.
Are you happy?
Not too many worries?
You were in publishing, with Jacqueline.
Yes, but...
the company ran into trouble.
They hired me last, so...
Yes. Times are hard.
In fact, they always are,
but your generation was supposed to get off easy.
I've found odd jobs, here and there.
It's none of my business,
but is it a large amount?
Six months of rent, plus other stuff.
Don't take this wrong...
Perhaps I could be of help.
No. Thank you...
If you're having problems.
There's no reason.
You don't know me. I wasn't trying to...
I know that.
I'd like to.
Why not?
Pay me back when and if you can. It doesn't matter.
Thank you, but no.
Are you angry now?
It was an honest offer.
I hope so.
Did you get through?
Everything all right?
He was a judge a while ago.
Then he went into business. Big business.
Have you known him long?
For over fifteen years.
I had an affair with him.
It wasn't passion, but instant friendship.
I was depressed back then.
For once, I felt that someone was listening.
- It's nearby. - I'm in a rush.
Two minutes.
What did you talk about?
It was short, you know. But not boring.
He's a strange guy. Delicate, civilized.
But did you notice his eyes? He doesn't miss a thing.
It's the black one. What do you think?
It's nice.
Not too tight-fitting?
Come see.
You finished early?
We had to close.
We ran out of bread.
''Copy Top'' called.
Should I call back?
He said to come at 9.
Can I help?
That's okay.
I bought ham, grapes and walnuts.
I saw.
Guess what happened today.
Guess what happened to me.
I was in a caf with Jacqueline.
A guy she knows sat with us.
At one point, we were alone.
I don't know how it happened, but he offered me 30,000 francs.
Given the circumstances, I said yes.
He wrote me a check
which I put in the bank.
The back rent is paid.
No more debts, no more overdraft.
Everything is fine.
Who's this guy?
Jacqueline's friend. Actually, an ex-lover.
An old man. Very nice.
You knew him before?
Sort of... from sight.
Was it a gift or a loan?
I'll pay him back if I can, but it doesn't matter.
He doesn't care.
Good news, huh?
Not hungry?
Does she have a lot of friends like him?
I'm just kidding.
What do you expect me to say?
It's too late to object.
What else is new?
A guy came by at 4. A door-to-door salesman.
He was peddling encyclopedias.
I listened. He felt like talking.
He kept you company.
I'm leaving you.
We're breaking up.
I can't go on like this.
Do you understand?
Is this really what you want?
Then you stay here. I can...
I'd rather leave.
I'll manage.
Under the table?
I'll pay you back someday.
No you won't!
Yes I will. I owe you this money.
Don't be stupid.
I'm happy to do this.
It's more satisfying than gambling it away.
You owe me nothing. I want that understood.
What will you have? A liqueur?
A cognac?
Another one.
Do you come here every day?
I like walking.
I change neighborhoods and watch people.
You never walk around Paris? You have no spare time.
I'm not into that.
Time is a luxury.
You should travel.
I used to, but a long time ago.
Do you ever get bored?
Sometimes I get nervous, but...
That's normal. It's part of life.
Boredom is humiliating.
When you feel it coming, it's unpleasant.
So you have no time.
I feel like I waste my time.
You're still allowed to.
One other thing:
can you use a word processor?
Of course. That was my first job.
I'm trying to write a book.
I'm no writer. It's my memoirs. Exotic stuff.
I once was a judge in the islands.
By chance,
I mentioned it to an editor. A young guy. Dynamic.
To my surprise, he was interested.
So I started, nose to the grindstone.
Now I have a first draft that needs tidying up.
I'd hired a very nice woman.
Very efficient, a real stickler.
But she was bored stiff
as she typed away. So we parted
on good terms, but earlier than expected.
And you want me to take her place?
It won't take all day long.
If you can spare me two hours here and there,
at your convenience.
I can manage that.
I'd like to help you... in order to...
Don't start that again!
That's not the reason.
You'll be paid like the other woman.
And if you get bored too, just tell me.
We can always try.
Give me the pillow.
Turn off your light.
Leave the door open.
You don't mind it here?
No, it's perfect.
Straighten up before going to sleep.
When should I call for the studio?
Early tomorrow. It's a sublet. They go fast.
It's not expensive.
You call. You knowthem.
I already did. Just confirm it now.
Goodnight. Sleep well.
You too.
Are you okay?
You look it.
I've been in your shoes plenty of times.
But when you decide, there's no holding back.
When do you start?
That's nice, isn't it?
Does he live alone?
Yes, he and his wife are separated.
He lives in a big apartment.
They have two kids, but he never sees them.
I can't find my briefcase.
In the closet.
No, it's not. What are you doing here?
Saying goodnight to Nelly.
You have 30 seconds.
How about on the shelf?
I looked.
It's nowhere.
Are you staying long?
No, not too long.
Too bad.
Are you getting divorced?
We'll see.
Can I sleep with you?
I'd like that, but will you be able to sleep?
Benedicte, I said 30 seconds.
Leave Nelly alone now!
- Goodnight. - Goodnight, darling.
I'll do it, Madeline.
This is impressive.
I have to get rid of them. There are too many.
They're taking up room.
Milk or lemon?
What do you think?
I wanted to use it once and erased everything.
It's easy. You want to see?
It's a typewriter with memory.
That's what's scary. A memory without memories.
No, I'll trust you.
This is it. There's a lot of it.
I see...
Some is typed, some handwritten.
I write legibly but I've changed and added things.
I'd prefer to dictate.
I know it still needs work.
Things to be cut.
I want your suggestions and your criticism.
You won't offend me.
Excuse me. Can you tell me what it's...
I wrote a synopsis for the editor.
It would be best that you read it.
The Leeward Islands are in Polynesia?
When were you there?
My first post, after the war.
It's where they send young judges, and unfortunate elders
of dubious value.
A sort of tropical exile.
A ''high proficiency judge''...
It means nothing.
It's the story: a young fool, full of lofty ideals,
thinking himself justice incarnate,
is parachuted into an earthly paradise where no one gives a damn.
A sort of travel story.
An initiatory one.
In the style of a violent deflowering.
Shall we begin?
Does the light bother you?
Is there a reflection on the screen?
I'm fine.
Once it's dark, the lamp should be strong enough.
You may begin.
You suddenly appear so...studious.
''I had never left France.''Period.
''A wandering father had soured my taste for travel.'' Period.
''I countered his transitoriness, my mother's bane,
''by taking the bench as a judge,'' - comma -
''sedentary by nature.''
She'll get it. New paragraph.
''When I learned of my first posting,'' - comma -
''I looked for the name Ururoa on an atlas,
''but it wasn't to be found.''
I looked for the name...
''I looked for the name Ururoa on the atlas,
''but it wasn't to be found.''
I said not to disturb us.
It's Madame, Sir.
Yes, hello.
How are you?
I'm fine. No, I'm just a bit...
I sent you the document. Just sign it.
No, I can't sign it for you.
Lucie, I told you.
Of course I told you.
Call Wagner. No, I won't call him anymore.
If you have to come, you'll come.
Me too. Goodbye.
My wife.
Jacqueline must have told you.
We've been separated for 20 years.
Our shared business interests allow her
to keep nagging me.
She lives in Geneva
with a charming man
whom I respect greatly,
and who knew howto watch and listen to her.
Geneva is beautiful,
with its banks,
it's an unhurried pace.
Shall we continue?
Yes, where were we?
''...Ururoa on the atlas, but it was not to be found.''
''The crossing on the cargo ship
''lasted 45 days.'' Period.
Jacqueline said you don't live...
Because if you need a place to stay...
Thank you. I found one.
In fact, you're young, pretty, available...
Rest assured, I won't take advantage.
I don't see how...
Excuse me.
Certain desires never die.
Thank God I've outgrown that.
''I had a first-class cabin.
''I paid for the difference with my own money.'' Period.
''On the deck,
''I sipped strange cocktails
''mixed by stewards from Marseilles.''
''...mixed by stewards from Marseilles.''
New paragraph.
''I was 25, but was told I looked barely 20.''
Come here.
What happened?
She swallowed water.
Is the baby upset?
Why must you tease your sister?
She's the pain!
Can't you leave her alone?
She clings to me!
No, I just wanted to play with Sandrine.
You're not swimming?
My three laps exhausted me.
And a guy kept bothering me.
Look. It's Christophe!
When did you get back?
Three weeks ago.
This is Marianne. Nelly.
We met in Lisbon.
I've heard a lot about you.
Are you staying in Paris?
What about work?
I'll be at the Library again .
I'm going to swim. See you later.
How long has it been?
Since we've seen each other?
Four years.
Will you come for dinner?
That makes 6, 7, 8, 9.
I called Jerome.
If you want anything else...
I'll call.
You have the key.
Yes, Mom.
Jacqueline told you?
I was going to call.
I've sublet a studio. It's not bad.
That's the way it is.
It's been a while, but I never mentioned it.
If you don't understand, I won't explain.
Then tell him.
Whenever you want.
We'll talk soon.
''The fans broken, it was unbearably hot in the courtroom.
''Johnny, the bailiff, interrogated
''the witnesses in Maori.''
''Powerless, I presided over these people
''whose constant smiles kept telling me'' - comma -
''that I wasn't wanted.'' Period.
I'm coming.
I think it's pretty legible.
What page are we on?
My editor asked for the beginning.
Would you mind going?
I'll give you a key. You can come as you please.
Have you had a look?
All the books...
For the municipal libraries.
I'll have to catalogue them.
Some need to be indexed.
Then I'll pack them up.
You have first editions, and rare books.
Can you also take care of the catalogue?
Yes, but would you like to sell them?
I know some bookshops.
They'd be very interested.
Why not?
You're not keeping anything?
You reach an age where you read the same few books over and over.
Can you do it quickly?
It'll take a fewweeks. Goodbye, Nelly.
When should I start?
Whenever you like.
If you're in a rush, then tomorrow.
Good. I'll see you tomorrow.
He seems like a fine boy.
Thank you.
Have you known him long?
Is he a friend?
Pretty close.
That's all she'll say!
What can I...
You can talk about yourself.
But I do.
That's true.
They're hardly extravagant confessions.
Did you read it?
What do you think?
It's lively, isn't it?
Yes what?
I find it a little repetitive.
No, it's very different.
We knowthe courtroom atmosphere. I'd cut it.
Cut what?
All of this.
It would be more concise.
It sure would.
I find it rather savory.
I spent hours on that paragraph.
You don't find it funny?
Does the content or the style
bother you?
At least you're honest.
But how does it strike you? Is it smug? Dated? Both again.
And your description
of the natives is...
Colonialist? Say it.
Yes, maybe.
''Their innocence and craftiness...''
They're silly clich's.
Sometimes you get trapped.
Won't it be too dry now?
Okay. Cut it.
But pick it up here.
Excuse me. I'd forgotten.
Good evening, Pierre.
Good evening, miss.
I'm interrupting you.
No, come this way.
You won't look at them
but they exist. It's my right to come here.
You come because I let you.
You're pissing me off!
Pierre, don't get upset.
Everything I say makes you angry.
Look at these papers.
Try to understand...
Goodbye, Miss.
Thank you, Pierre.
Are you happy you butchered my text?
You're turning my tome into a brochure.
I thought you could take criticism. You wanted it.
Underneath your seeming flexibility
lurks a fearsome censor.
Could your puritanical rigor in fact
border on intolerance?
You noticed.
For me it's a sign of interest.
This is for Vincent Granec.
Who is it from?
Pierre Arnaud.
Oh yes. Come in.
- I'm bothering you. - Not at all. Coffee?
No thank you.
This way.
I'd lost hope.
Have a seat.
I thought he'd given up.
I won't read it now.
I've heard this is your doing. Thank you.
I'll see him in a minute.
Is it any good?
I don't have much distance, but I like it.
A strange man, with two lives.
First devoted to the law
then to business.
And when will I have...
We can finish in a month but...
He's in no rush.
It's your company... He's pleased with you.
Yes. So am I.
Don't feel rushed, but it's planned for March.
This is the first of the series.
Keep it.
Have we met before?
I doubt it.
Just a feeling.
Put her on.
Hello, how are you?
Yes, I saw it.
That sounds good.
Can I have your number?
Sorry, that's too much for me.
Nelly, come here.
Let me introduce you.
My daughter Isabelle, her husband.
Nelly, my patient helper in my literary endeavors.
Did you see Granec?
You'll see, I'm more concise. I learned my lesson.
I still have some corrections.
I'll let you work.
I'm staggered. This is quite a move.
Is this man...
Are you liquidating everything?
It's painful, but necessary.
They've become a terrible psychological burden.
You understand?
Do you, Jean-Marc?
But the Colmar Bible...
will you keep it?
I don't know. I doubt it. It depends on the price.
And on the market.
How are you, Madeline?
Fine, ma'am.
Would you like a scotch?
I have to stop by the clinic.
We better get...
I forgot. I have something for your son. It's in my room.
I've never seen him so worked up.
Making progress?
We are.
He's wanted to do this for ages. It's an old frustration.
It's never too late!
Next he needs an audience.
Why not? These books do sell.
And it keeps him busy.
You see him every day. Does he tire easily?
Does he take his medicine every day?
I don't know.
Maybe he didn't tell you, but last year he had...
Heart trouble. Nothing serious.
Not many pills, but he mustn't forget.
He seems fine to me.
An illustrated history of France.
You must remember.
It's chauvinism with pretty pictures.
We'll leave you to your work.
Okay, children.
Goodbye... Nelly.
Come for dinner sometime.
Of course.
Call us. I'm counting on you.
How odd. My daughter is now attached to my books.
She's always preferred magazines.
You provoke her, don't you?
I am spoiling her inheritance.
How did you find her?
She's pretty.
They do a lot of sports.
You know, tennis, boating...
A summer house on the Atlantic coast.
Do you go there?
I don't see them often. This was their autumn visit.
And your son?
He lives in Seattle, has two kids and works for Microsoft.
I'll be going. So long.
Tomorrow I'll bring a stationwagon for the crates.
Is 8 too early?
No, it's fine. See you then.
What was I saying?
Your son.
The opposite of Isabelle. He's unbending.
We agree on nothing.
We can't talk.
We ignore each other.
They're closer
to their mother.
How did it end with her?
You're curious today.
She's the one who left me.
You can understand...
Lucie and I once had great fun together, then one day
I became a monster.
I must have been in an acute stage of my ordinary misogyny.
I'm making progress.
Good for you.
Given my track record, it's a question of survival.
Hello, Vincent.
It's Granec.
Thank you. That's encouraging.
It's thanks to...
Yes, she's here.
Okay, I'll put her on.
No, nothing special.
Yes, okay.
What time?
I'll see you later.
He invited me to dinner.
Yes, I understood.
Did you speak for long?
He's a fast mover.
But that's good.
Should I have refused?
I really did like it.
The paradoxes of a world that vanished only recently.
And it's funny.
Did you know it's his second book?
He didn't tell you?
A pamphlet on international law. Very funny.
Translated into 7 languages. Sold very well.
I intended to wait a few days, but I had to talk to him, so...
So I... He must have been...
Me too.
Me too.
I didn't know if you'd want to come.
Yes, I wanted to.
I felt you did.
We always want to believe it's mutual.
Don't think I do this often.
It wouldn't matter.
Yes it would.
Your jacket.
It's nerves.
It's strange... I'm sure I've seen you before.
Maybe we met at some publishing thing.
Nothing like that. I'd have remembered.
Where do you live?
Just above my office.
Thanks for calling me back!
You were supposed to.
No, you were.
Then it's a misunderstanding.
Maybe. Will you call?
You promise?
You come here often?
It's nearby. Good, isn't it?
Let's have another.
A half bottle, please.
In a bakery.
You saw me in a bakery, near your office.
I was selling bread.
So you live alone...
I'll see you very soon.
I've met him only a fewtimes, but he seems seductive,
What did you do after?
He took me home.
And you spent the night together.
It was nice.
Very nice.
I'm not asking for details.
I'm very sorry, but I won't give in to jealousy.
Let's work a little...
For him, the perfect lover.
Where were we?
The shopkeeper has offered you his daughter
''to distract me from his trial.''
Did you accept?
Be patient. They were easily irritated.
I explain it all here.
Where are my glasses?
On the table behind you.
Are you okay?
Not really. Excuse me.
May I?
Where does it hurt? Here?
No, higher up.
To the right.
Do you want a massage?
Do you know how?
I'm told I'm good.
Take off your shirt and jacket
and lie down.
You don't have an osteopath?
He died three months ago.
I found an acupuncturist, but he's on vacation.
It comes from here.
This is going to hurt.
Let her taste it.
It's older than you.
It's a 1961 .
There are more waiters than customers here.
That explains the prices.
You saved my life, so that ruled out MacDonald's.
You lied to me.
About spending the night with Vincent.
If you had, you wouldn't have said so.
You're the one who said so.
You seemed adamant, so...
Well I was wrong.
Do what you want with boys of your age.
He and I serve different purposes.
I have no reason to lie to you.
And no desire to.
I feel free with you.
Be careful.
I know you're no saint.
But I never imagined meeting anyone like you.
It's gone beyond work.
You're part of my life now.
Stop it...
We'll talk later.
He's a banker. The Paris-Taiwan connection.
Yet a hard-line European.
It's odd. For me, you're that young, naive judge.
I can't see you as a businessman.
You're intrigued.
But I was one.
They say you were fearsome.
Fearsome? No more than any other. No less, either.
But you made money.
A lot?
You don't regret it.
Not at all.
You mind my asking?
Once back in France, I got one assignment, then another.
But it didn't seem real anymore.
That's when I realized how utterly unimportant I was.
At first,
business was an escape,
then it became a game.
Were you married then?
Lucie wasn't against it.
She saw me get sucked in.
Not to criticize Lucie,
but she didn't mind the material benefits.
Mostly, I liked how it was a game,
though it could get ugly.
We really behaved like cannibals.
It had its poetry, but it doesn't leave you a better man.
Your presence here has little effect on the average age.
Our duo seems to fascinate them.
They're bored.
They must think...
That I'm some kind of whore.
Or rather, a gorgeous, courageous professional.
You waited?
I couldn't find a taxi.
You're soaked.
I like the rain, but I'm a little tipsy.
I had dinner with Arnaud. We drank Sauternes.
You wouldn't have called otherwise?
Maybe not so fast.
I couldn't fall asleep.
- You live... - Here.
I thought twice. Maybe you weren't alone.
There's always that risk.
I got lucky.
What year was it?
1961 . Chateau Yquem.
I thought of someone.
He works in photocomposition.
I'll call him.
Arnaud's book won't last forever.
I know.
Take care.
I'll call you.
Where is that going?
Besanon. Just history books.
Tomorrowwe'll do the suburbs.
What do you think? Is it okay?
Nothing to cut?
No, nothing. On the contrary.
It's different. More serious.
Yes, that just happened.
You can't always keep your distance.
I hope our editor will agree.
You can explain it to him.
Your mother.
Hello? What is it?
Who told you?
Where is he?
Of course I will.
I'll call you back.
What is it?
It's Jerome.
Who told you?
My mother called.
I guess the caretaker told her.
Taking a walk?
I want to smoke.
I'm supposed to walk a little.
Sit down.
How do you feel?
It's all so stupid. I went to a party.
I drank too much.
I couldn't sleep. I took a pill - nothing happened.
I took two more. With the alcohol, I passed out.
The caretaker found me on the floor.
Then the fun started: mouth-to-mouth, ambulance, etc.
But I'm fine now.
What are you...
You seem...
When she called, I thought...
That I wanted to do away with myself?
Come on. I like your mother but she tends to overreact.
Did you think that?
Thanks for coming so fast.
But don't start feeling guilty.
Are you doing okay?
I started work again.
Computer-generated images. It's fun.
That's good.
Laurence, this is my wife.
How are you?
I should be asking you that.
I hope you haven't read it.
Great! I wanted to buy it.
It's perfect.
Five years together,
and now he's someone else.
Someone I don't know.
He told me some story. Maybe it's true.
I felt totally out of place.
He made me feel tongue-tied.
It wasn't revenge. He's not petty.
Then she came in.
You can't stop him...
But I don't knowwhat he felt.
He was happy to see you.
You left him. Don't start up again.
You want to go?
''I left before the rite began.'' Period.
''On the beach, I sought refuge in an ostracism
''tacitly imposed on me.''
This is pure garbage!
Let's get to work.
''Seeking refuge in ostracism'' doesn't work.
What would you say?
Help me.
''Exclusion'' neither.
I don't know.
There must be a word in French!
The right word!
You have no ideas?
You don't care.
I do. What do you want?
If it's not clear, say so. That's all.
And you?
No, I didn't call them.
I told you to accept it as it is.
That was five years ago, Lucie.
It's the best you'll get.
Did he get tests done?
Listen, I hope...
Me too.
Pain in the ass.
Where were we?
You found ostracism...
I wrote it on a piece of paper.
You're complicating things.
I'm not. I just want a modicum of rigor.
If you don't, and if it bothers you...
I'm starting to feel that you're out of it.
You're lagging.
- I don't think so. - Believe me.
I can't work with someone who yawns and comes in late.
I explained why.
We've made no progress!
Don't blame it on me.
We're in a rut! Don't deny it!
I don't give a shit about this book!
If you only knew!
No one will ever read it!
Let's just stop and let it sit, if you're tired.
Do you think you're my nurse? I'm not tired!
If that's all you can say, keep quiet.
You're above it all.
You used to talk and have opinions.
You split hairs about commas,
you even opened up to me.
Nowyou're silent again. Opaque.
You run off
to see your croaking husband.
What ever happened to him?
Dead or alive? Total mystery.
He's fine, thank you.
I'm glad. Finally...
Otherwise, she's a clam.
Live your little life.
She once felt indebted. She overdid it.
That's over now. A total blank!
You're being awful.
Look at you! Planted there like a vegetable!
Stop it! Who do you think you are?
You pay me to work, not to tell you my life story.
You should tell me it.
All you do is complain. About me, your book...
Your wife who dumped you.
Your kids who reject you.
I'm not here to listen to a wailing old fart!
Great. Go get screwed.
I can't come tomorrow.
The day after?
Are you okay?
Look in here too.
Okay, thanks.
The outlining is a good idea.
I like it. It's original.
But the color isn't...
We can fix that.
I try spacing out our meetings as much as I can.
We barely cross paths.
I give her the work, and then I go.
But not seeing her is worse.
She's in here, all the time.
So I'm keeping busy.
You're suffering.
At least you're feeling something.
Better late than never.
I never made you feel that way.
You wouldn't have enjoyed it.
She's attached to you.
You think so?
Now I don't care that she's seeing someone else.
Do you know him?
I had dinner with him once.
I found him...
Here comes your better half.
How did you find me?
I had you tailed.
So it's you!
But don't let it get you down.
- Hello, Miss. - Hello. He's not in.
No problem. I wasn't expected.
I happened to be in the area.
Tell him Dolabella stopped by.
If you don't mind, I'll leave a note.
I can feel change in the air.
Please, don't stop for me.
Will we be able to read it soon?
I don't know.
Pierre is lucky.
You brighten up his old walls.
He'd grown used to solitude. I'm happy he's enthusiastic again.
You're lucky too.
He's a remarkable man.
A true humanist.
He can teach you a lot.
Have you known him for long?
He's my oldest friend.
I'd rather be his friend than his enemy.
But we all have our dark side.
It makes things more interesting.
May I have an envelope?
Please give this to him and I'll bother you no more.
Good luck.
Stay as you are... so fresh!
Who was he?
I don't know. He comes and goes.
I found some pictures in a book.
That must be his wife.
She wasn't bad looking.
Can I help you?
No, I'm fine.
I'm sick of working.
Howwas your interview?
I start in two months.
I saw Jerome again.
He likes his job.
He said you're divorcing.
I didn't know it was so serious.
Do you remember
when I introduced you?
What about these?
That crate, there.
How's it going with Marianne?
We get along well.
She changed my life.
It's what you wanted.
I'm thrilled.
The pay isn't great.
I don't care. You didn't force him?
He's not a do-gooder. He called me back.
Sorry, I promised Jacqueline.
Have you met Vincent?
- Can we help? - No thanks.
In fact you haven't met.
You're ridding Pierre of his books.
You're publishing his.
You lived in Lisbon, right?
I was just there. It's beautiful.
Where is Jacqueline?
There was a problem.
Where's Mommy?
In the bathroom.
I'll be back.
Come in and close it.
What's wrong?
It's all right now.
What is it?
Tayeb's ex-wife.
He sees her twice a year.
The Pope's!
He claims she trapped him. How easy...
Maybe. What do we know?
Oh, please.
He told me as he gave me a pair of earrings.
You find it funny?
He's honest. He told you.
What trust!
Imagine what it's like.
I feel so dumb.
He loves you. He proved it.
That's proof all right.
No wedding in white for us.
Marry an old man like me.
You'd have liberty, security and... austerity.
Come on out now.
I am coming.
It's harder on me.
You look good.
I've stepped back.
So have I.
I have no comments about the last batch.
You reassure me.
But I never see you.
We have a go-between.
I never thanked you. You sent her my way.
Not with that intention.
You're not sorry.
She could have done worse.
But I thought you were a confirmed bachelor.
So did I.
Another drink?
Your whole life has changed.
Do you want to know my intentions?
That's none of my business.
We haven't discussed a thing.
It's an adventure.
That's the beauty of it.
Do you still need me?
No... Thank you, Madeleine.
Madame called to confirm...
I know...
I'll see you on Monday.
What were you saying?
The part about your letter of resignation.
''It sat on my desk for several days.
''One day I reread it and tore it up.''
It's good, but it happens too fast.
Maybe... yes.
You seem elsewhere.
Yes, excuse me.
Do you want to stop?
No, I'm a little...
I mentioned the man who lived with my wife in Geneva.
I didn't want to bother you with this...
He died a few days ago.
He was just buried.
You didn't go?
What would I have done?
I bear no grudges. It's beyond that.
But I feel very strange.
Do you understand?
I think so.
Lucie is coming tomorrow for a few days.
What were you saying?
What goes too fast?
Yes, it might be interesting to...
Excuse me.
I'm busy working.
Did you get my note?
Sorry, I didn't call back.
Anyway, I was in Honfleur.
I couldn't get to the bank.
Can you come back tomorrow?
What time?
End of the morning.
A little earlier?
If you prefer.
See you tomorrow.
Who is he? Mr. Dola...
Yes, he stopped by...
You had to endure him.
How do you find him?
Pretty weird.
So you've know him for years.
I have.
He's a sort of... survivor.
What did he survive?
The years I did business.
The fun and games were the nice side.
Sometimes it was like a snare.
It can make you
a different person.
Once I worked with Dolabella.
He got me in the business world.
He used to be a lawyer. He was clever and charming.
Very naive too.
We struck it rich in real estate, making Paris ugly.
We really did trust each other.
Then everything collapsed. Via the company,
and behind my back, he was embezzling funds.
It became a big scandal.
Everyone sued us, from the State to small-time investors.
I was exhibit number one.
You fought it...
Yes, and I was quickly acquitted.
He could have got off better too. People do worse things.
But let me finish.
You'll see what I'm capable of.
I was cleared. I could have given up.
No. I had to destroy him,
finish him off, wipe him out for good.
Covertly, methodically, I pitted banks and judges against him.
I was hungry, vehement.
Soon he had nowhere to turn.
Stripped of his rights, bankrupt,
and sentenced to 3 years in prison,
he no longer existed.
And I felt nothing.
Isn't that heinous?
Why did you tell me this?
There's more to me than you know:
lousy father, lousy husband...
interested in others only of late.
There's that too.
That dirt.
Did you tell your wife?
I never told anyone.
Maybe you felt humiliated.
Or maybe it's murkier.
After prison, he left France.
Reportedly dead.
Two years ago, he popped back up.
He rang at my door.
He was a human wreck.
He stared into my eyes.
I thought he'd come to kill me.
He'd come for money.
He gambles. It keeps him busy. So I give him money.
That's why he comes. For his weekly cash allotment.
Is he blackmailing you?
He thinks he is.
He shows me compromising documents.
They're childish forgeries.
I've ended up sharing a strange camaraderie with him.
Before you, I thought his visits entertained me.
Let's stop working today.
Enjoy the day.
It's nice out.
Baroli's book is doing well.
There are more articles to come. I'm happy.
It's in all the bookstores.
Can I have the check?
I visited an apartment yesterday.
It's nice. Rue Vintimille. Three rooms.
One big one. It needs work, but...
You should go see it.
I didn't know you're looking.
Not avidly. It's just a good deal.
You don't seem...
Vincent, I don't know...
We're fine the way we are.
You don't want to live together.
My mistake. Sorry.
I don't want that now.
I can't lie about it.
I like howwe see each other...
Stolen moments.
Stolen from whom?
Maybe you love your husband.
I'm searching.
living together as a couple
may not be...
Good for me either?
I'm sorry.
I'm happy as things are.
Stick to yourself. It's more comfortable.
Call it what you want.
Or call it fear. What are you scared of?
Stop it, please.
We'll keep on seeing each other just like now.
I'll be honest with you too. Let's call it quits.
I want to go.
Let's take a walk.
You go.
Go on.
It's Nelly.
I'm sorry. It's late.
No, come in.
I was reading.
Would you like a drink?
I can understand.
I don't know him well.
He closed up. It's normal.
He rushed things.
No, I was the awful one.
I could hear myself speaking, but...
I don't want to bore you with this. I already have.
I don't knowwhat to say.
With my track record.
I haven't had much experience recently.
We all want love, but when we find it, we pull back.
It scares us off.
You're tired.
I don't want to go home.
Can I...
Stay here? Of course.
There are plenty of rooms.
There's one in front of the bathroom.
You can't sleep?
I'll be going.
No, stay.
Just for a minute.
Come in.
You're not too tired?
No, I'm fine.
I'm very sorry...
You told me he wasn't well, but...
Yes, it happened suddenly.
How old was he?
That's young.
Was Isabelle there?
Yes, fortunately.
There was the service, the cremation,
all the formalities.
She was a great help.
You're unfair with her.
I know.
Do you want some tea?
How are you?
You seem well.
Yes, my frailty has hit its cruising speed.
So, no more books.
They're all gone.
No financial trouble?
The young woman who works with me spent the night.
In the guestroom.
What hotel are you at?
The Saint Simon.
Are you staying long?
A week.
I couldn't bear Geneva
and the house...
I understand.
I'll visit Isabelle's kids.
Let me showyou my pictures from Seattle.
How old are they now?
He's 12 and Paul is 9.
Did you call Wagner?
Everything's set. He was very nice.
I'll see him on Monday.
This is Nelly. Lucie...
I'm glad to meet you.
My daughter mentioned you. You're just as I imagined you.
That's a compliment.
Did you sleep well?
How is it coming?
We're almost done.
Does he mention me?
You're about to arrive.
You come in at the end.
Like a ray of hope.
I want to read it!
I better go.
I'll see you Monday.
No, Monday is Jerome.
The divorce.
Don't let it get to you.
- See you Tuesday. - Yes.
You're an early riser. So he's up.
His wife is there.
Lucie is...
He said to stop by, but...
Sorry, I have to go.
Go on.
Excuse... on second thought,
I'll leave a note with the caretaker.
Have a nice day.
You too.
How long does it last?
For them, not long.
Fifteen minutes.
You have no children
and you're sharing property acquired after your marriage.
You've reached
your decision mutually.
You have three months to change your mind.
Use them. You seem to get on well.
That's why we're divorcing.
Then have your lawyers file petitions for the divorce.
- How did it go? - Very well, right?
You went through one.
Mine was more frenzied.
There are all kinds. It depends on howyou go about it.
It's all here.
Are you okay?
No regrets?
It's best this way.
Guess what Marianne thinks.
That I'm still in love with you.
Did you reassure her?
I tried to, but she's pretty convinced.
Where can I drop you?
Do you mind?
You have reached Vincent Granec. Leave a message after the beep.
It's Nelly.
You're not home?
Am I waking you?
Can you come early?
Something unexpected has happened.
Nothing serious. I have to go on a trip.
I'll explain later.
See you at 9?
I'm late.
Tonight, but I'm not staying.
And the two sweaters.
Are you leaving?
We decided on the spur of the moment.
To take a long trip.
An odyssey.
First Geneva, then St Petersburg, Istanbul,
India, the Far East...
Countries where they don't kill tourists. All the way to Seattle.
Our son is there.
How long do you intend...
I don't know.
Several months.
I'm quitting my sedentary life.
And our habits.
Here's the end.
Read it, make cuts, but spare the sentences I like.
You'll recognize them. They're underlined.
Take your time.
Give the manuscript to Vincent. He knows.
My bank will wire you money over the next three months.
No, why?
And keep the key.
Come whenever you want.
A driver is coming for the bags.
You're leaving now?
The flight's at 1 1 :50.
Pierre, I don't see your black bag.
It must be in the bedroom.
This is all so hasty.
We were talking about it...
and decided the day before yesterday.
We'll see.
We first discussed this... 30 years ago.
You must find us ridiculous.
No, on the contrary.
We're doing it while we still can.
I hope we'll get along.
The taxi driver.
The bags are there.
I have everything. My passport.
- I'll go down. - I'm coming.
Goodbye, Nelly. Thanks for everything.
Goodbye. Have a good trip.
I took care of Dolabella.
If he stops by, don't let him hit you for money.
I'll write.
You don't have to answer.
I could have told you sooner.
Maybe. Yes.
Forgive me.
I thought of myself.
You'll be late.
Don't forget your bag.
We have a connection for Istanbul.
Your passport.
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