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Subtitles for Nausicaa of the valley of Wind CD1.

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Nausicaa of the valley of Wind CD1

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Another village dead...
Let's go... This place will sink into the Wasteland soon, too.
1000 years ago, civilization collapsed,
and a ceramic fragment was hidden in the earth laid waste.
The ruined ocean came to be called the Wasteland, and, giving off poisonous vapor,
its forest of fungi spreads, until it threatens the existence of the declining human race.
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Ah! The path of an Ohmu...
It's still fresh...
The shed skin of an Ohmu...
What a perfect cast-off skin, the first. en si bon état.
Phew... Sounds good. Hah!
Oof... The ceramic sword wasn't enough. The Valley people will be happy.
I'm not worried, the materials to make a tool were here all the time.
An amazing eye...
I think I can fly back with this one...
Oof! Ah - got it - wow!
How light it is. Ha, ha...
Ah... The vapor is making the afternoon spores fall.
How beautiful !
A forest of death...
If not for this mask, my lungs would decay in five minutes.
Ah...?! Who?!
What could it be...
My heart is pounding...
Ah!! It's an insect gun! Someone is angering the insects.
Ah, sorry!
Over there!
An amazing cloud of spores...
An Ohmu!
It must be the owner of that shed skin.
It's no use running over that way.
Pay attention!
They answered! Come over this way!
What a splendid Ohmu...
To the windward side!
Ohmu - go back to the forest.
Beyond here is not your world.
Say, be a good boy.
In anger, you forget me...
You're not quiet.
The light turned the Ohmu's eyes...
An insect-whistle ...
Ohmu, open your eyes...
Let's go back to the forest.
It's woken up!
Oh...! The Ohmu will go back to the forest...
And with just light-bombs and insect-whistles, she quiets Ohmu...
Lord Yupa!
Nausicaa, you've grown.
It's been a year and a half! Father will be glad.
If not to thank...
You've become a fine wind-user.
No - not yet, Father says, but...!
Oh, yes... I completely forgot about this fellow.
Wow! A fox-squirrel. Nice to meet you!
This fellow was kidnapped by a bird-louse,
he's not much more than a baby... I ended up using my gun unintentionally.
Why did you anger such a large Ohmu?
Because he fainted, he didn't inhale the poison.
No, don't put out your hand that way. He's a good child, but rather violent.
Come to me...
Hey, don't be afraid...
Don't be afraid.
Say, you're not afraid, are you?
He was just scared. Heh!
Lord Yupa, won't you please give him to me?
I don't mind.
Wow! Thanks.
Eat shellfish! Tell me?
It's a mysterious power...
Heh, tired? Full of running!
Is everyone the same?
What's the matter...?
It's Father!
Father doesn't fly any more...
Jiru...! Because of the forest's poison...
Yes... The decision to live near the Wasteland...?
I must visit as soon as possible...
No... It would be really good for you to come...
Later on, right or wrong, I want you to look at something.
My secret room!
Tell noone, they would be afraid
I'll go and notify everybody.
Teacher, you hurry, too!
Lord Yupa!!
Would you please carry this?
I can't fly well, the air currents are disrupted!
Still, she reads the wind well.
Well - just a little further.
Oh! Lord Yupa! Welcome.
Oh, is everyone well?
Both water and wind run smoothly It's quiet.
Lord Yupa!
Everyone's well i hope ?
Wow, Lord Yupa.
We've been waiting for you, Lord Yupa. - Welcome back.
Princess! He's arrived!
Just a second.
Lord Yupa!!
Uncle Mito! Work hard, eh?
Tell us some more of those foreign stories again tonight!
Good. Turn it.
Looks good, doesn't it!
Oh - it's a real good one.
I'll see if we can get help putting it in first thing tomorrow.
So this is Toeto?
Lord Yupa, this is the child Toeto that was born this year.
Oh, let me see.
She's a fine girl. Reminds me of Nausicaa when she was small.
Would you please be this child's godfather?
So that a good wind will always blow for her...
I accept. I'll give her a good name.
Thank you.
Somehow, she'll grow strong like the Princess...
Talking about strength, the Princess is famous for it.
But it vexes me that she plays by the Wasteland.
But without that, i'd never found that shell !
But, look at me, a Castle Uncle,
so worried I can't sleep at night
And if there are Ohmu shells there, don't say it's bad to play in the Princess's Wasteland...
And that's true. I was rescued, too, wasn't I ...
Saved by a naughty child...?
This valley is good...
Whenever I come here, my heart is calm
How were your travels this time?
A terrible thing...
Two countries in the West have been swallowed up by the wasteland, again ...
The Wasteland is steadily expanding.
But where it goes, it has the unlucky shadow
of a hunger for warfare...
Why doesn't it take up residence in this valley...?
Because here we are protected by the wind that blows from the sea.
The poisons from the forest can't reach the valley...
How about it, Yupa ?
Won't you eventually settle in this valley?
With me in this condition... Everybody would be happy ...
You're wrong.
Yupa is a man who is destined to continue searching.
Destiny ...?
Grandma, what do you mean by "search"?
Didn't you tell Nausicaa?
Look : It's that tapestry on the wall, I believe.
Although I can't see it any more,
I think it's the Lord in the left
"That person, wearing a blue robe, shall stand in a golden field..."
" order to forge again the lost bonds with the ground..."
"At last they will lead everyone to an Earth of blue purity..."
Lord Yupa, I believed that it was only an old legend.
Grandma, you upset us with these silly things.
I guess it's a woman's way.
I only hope to solve the riddle of the Wasteland...
As I see it, we, the human race, are destined to be destroyed as a race, swallowed by the Wasteland...?
I want to see that and judge by myself.
I wish I could help Lord Yupa.
What, Mito?
It's Goll He says there's something in the wind.
It'll be dawn very soon, won't it... I'll go at once.
Thanks for telling me.
It's a fair tempest...
Something strange...
There it is again!
It's a plane.
Why a plane, in a borderland like this...
What's happened?
Lord Yupa! It's a plane.
- A plane?! - It's coming!
It's big!
It's a big Tolumekian ship!
The way it flies is strange...!
He tries an emergency landing.
Goll! Get me up!
Princess! That's crazy!
I'll guide them to the coast!
They've turned around!
Yes - it'll go!
What a thing to do...!
Leaving the Wasteland, they killed insects.
Raise your rudder!!
You'll crash!! Redressez !
Raise your rudder!!
- He crashed - Princess...
It's the seaside cliff! Let's go!!
Move it, let's go!! Hurry up!!
It's that girl! She's alive...!
The Valley of the Wind... Don't speak.
am Lastelle, from Pejite...
The cargo... Burn the cargo...!
- The cargo? - Please ... Burn it ...
The cargo - I see. It's all right. Everything already burned.
That girl... She's a princess of the royal house of Pejite.
It's an insect!! A ushiyabu is alive!!
Goddam! It's calling its friends!
It can't fly because it's hurt.
Bring your guns here!
It's no use! If we shoot, it'll call more of its friends!
I'll kill it on the spot!
We can't kill a ushiyabu with a simple gun!
Well, how, then?
- Mito - bring Mehve. - Yes!
Return to the forest... It's OK! You can fly.
That's a good boy.
- Princess! - Thanks
She did it!! That's our Princess! Who knows what could have happened
if we had killed only one of them...
An ohmu ?
Found it! Come on!
Here it is.
There were spores on that ship after all.
They aren't giving off poisons yet.
All in one effort.
Yes. If even one remains, it'll be a disaster, won't it.
What do you suppose this lump is ...?
It didn't burn in that fire, did it...
Well, everybody, we'll return to the investigation of this thing later.
Let's go help them burn the spores.
Be careful.
Really, what a troublesome thing to transport.
Mito... look here.
It's moving... Just like it's alive...
Lord Yupa, this is...
In the midst of my travels, I heard an ominous rumor...
It said that a monster from the ancient world had been excavated from beneath the city of Pejite, where it was sleeping.
A monster from the ancient world?
It's a Giant Guardian.
A Giant Guardian?!
You mean, the ones that burned the world in the Seven Days of Fire...?!
This thing ...!
The Giant Guardians must all have been completely fossilized...
But the fellow continued to sleep underground for 1000 years.
Now that you mention it, this fellow really have human form.
Tolumekia is an evil military state in the far West...
It's good that the captives from Pejite are dead... I'm uneasy...
Take care of the traces.
What is it...
It's a Tolumekian ship. Everyone - to the castle!
Everyone! To the castle!
Father !
Hide, Grandma. I stay here.
Me too.
Princess !
How could you... ?
Nausicaa !
YOU!! Don't move !
If you move, this knife shaved from Ohmu shell...
..will pierce even your ceramic armor.
That man... is Yupa.
I've a question towards the army of Tomumekia
Last night, the people of this valley worked desperately to save your ship.
And now, they just end to bury your dead.
Even if it's near nothing,
the Tolumekian courtesy is to attack that country?!
If you start a war, you must give the reason why.
First of all, send a messenger. You must express a verbal message.
Nausicaa... Calm down, Nausicaa!
If we fight now, everyone in the valley will die...
We'll remain alive and wait for our chance.
That little girl ...!
Stop, Kurotawa.
What a rascal she is. She killed everybody...
Your admonition pains my ears...
Aren't you Yupa Mirald,
the lone swordsman of the borderlands?
Our objective is not a massacre. I want to tell you our tale.
Put down your sword.
Look ! It's the Princess!
To the words of Her Highness Kushana,
Commander of the borderland expeditionary force of the Tolumekian Empire!
We came to link the countries of the frontier areas ... build a safe world.
You are on the verge of being destroyed by the Wasteland.
Obey us, and take part in our undertaking!
Burn down the Wasteland once again, and this planet will revive!
Burn down the Wasteland, is it? We can't do that?!
In order to make the human race the masters of this planet again,
we have revived a miraculous power, on purpose.
To the people who obey me, I promise a livelihood where there are no more insects or forest poisons.
You will not raise a hand against the Wasteland!
Who is this old crone? Take her away!
Let her speak...
The Wasteland was born a thousand years ago...
Frequently, people came to try to burn down the Wasteland, since then.
But every time, a crowd of Ohmu came, maddened with anger,
trampling the earth and bringing great sorrow...
Destroying countries, swallowing up cities...
The Ohmu ran until they died of hunger...
In due time, the Ohmu's bodies decomposed, and the spores fixed their roots in the earth.
The grand earth is absorbed by the Wasteland...
You will not touch the Wasteland...
Shut up! I won't allow that kind of muttering.
My boy, what will you do? Kill me?
Y... you!
So kill me!
I'm old and blind. It's simple enough.
Like you killed Jhil.
Lord Jhil ?
What does she said ? How terrible! Even though Lord Jiru was an invalid!
Inhuman wretch! Murderers! Send them out!
Quiet them! Don't be lenient with the disobedient ones.
Wait, everyone!
Listen to me...!
I don't want anyone else to die...
Please understand, Grandma...
Let's obey these people.
Pretty nice valley, isn't it...?
I think the opposite.
Our orders are to transport the Giant Guardian to our native country as soon as possible.
It's impossible to carry out those orders.
Even the big ship is unequal to the weight of that thing. It crashed.
But... You can't be in your right mind to establish a country in this place...
And what if I do?
You prefer that this monster becomes the toy of these imbeciles in Torumekia?
Well, i understand quite well but...
I am nothing more than a simple soldier
I would exceed my authority with such a decision
Badger ...!
I will return to Pejite.
In my absence, pour all efforts into reviving the Giant Guardian.
Yes, ma'am!
Can you use this gunship?
Yes. It's a find.
Don't mistake about me.
I don't ask for your help.
But ...! Taking the Princess to Pejite...
Five hostages and food in the gunship...
I'll leave the selection of people to you.
Prepare for tomorrow morning's departure.
Thanks, about the hostages.
In any case, we... Please look. The rascals intend to take everything.
I am leaving this place...
until I get an opportunity to return secretly.
At any rate, see if you can stop those idiots from reviving it.
Nausicaa ?
Teto, where is your mistress?
Nausicaa, what does this mean?
These are plants from the Wasteland!
I gathered spores and raised them.
It's all right They don't give off vapors.
They don't give off poison ...!? Although the air in here certainly is pure ...
Why? Even this poisonous plant of hisokusari flowered.
The water in here is brought up from 500 meters underground by the big castle windmill.
The sand is gathered from the bottom of the same well.
In clean water and soil,...
I know that the Wasteland's trees don't give off poison
The soil is polluted!
The soil of this valley is polluted.
Why!? Who could have done this to the world ...
You found out that, by yourself...!
Yes... I wanted to cure father's and everyone's illness ...
But ... Now this place will be closed.
I stopped water a little while ago, thus, they all should soon fade.
I... I'm afraid of myself...
I don't know what I would do on the blow of anger
But I don't want anyone else to die ...!
Princess !
All of us collected these for you... Chico nuts ...
For the Princess.
All of you...!
So many of them... I'll bet it was hard ...
Thanks ... I'll eat them with care ...
Poor Princess...
Hurry and get aboard! We're leaving!
Everyone - don't cry any more ...
It's OK. I'll come right back .
Hey, have I ever told you a lie?
Now leave, they will be soon dangerous here.
Promised !
Take care of the Princess!
Are we at Pejite yet?
My ass hurt...
The princess chose the hostages whom nobody will miss.
I see... Don't you think it's funny?
Why are we flying in a swarm like this?
No, it's not funny, it's as if they're frightened of an attack.
Under the clouds is a terrible whirlpool of vapors.
Don't move.
Enemy attack! The #2 ship is destroyed!!
Like I said!
It's terrible.
Defense perimeter! It's coming from below! Look out! That's a Pejite gunship!
Pejite ?
Shit - the #3 ship is destroyed, too! What's the corvette doing?! (We can't steer! We can't steer!)
What a fragile ship.
The rear-guard were caught up in it!
The barge wire ...!
Teto - hurry up!
It's no use - this one'll fall, too!
Princess !
Stop! Don't kill any more!!
Princess !
Hurry! Mito!!
Princess! It's no use!
- We might be able to fly! - What ?
- Mito! Hurry!! - Y.. Yes!!
Start the engine! We'll blast a door with the gun!!
Come on! Hurry!!
Hurry, get in!
Mito! Won't it go?
Start the engine at the same time as I fire the gun!!
Ready !
Fire !
Put on gas masks!
We'll follow the barge under the clouds and save the towed ship.
You...? Don't die, Teto...!
Sad world under our feet.
I had never seen a so dense vapor.
Rear seat! Look at your right! It's nearby!.
It can still fly?!
It's true! It really was!!
It's the Princess! Princess !
Everyone! Hang on!! I'll stretch a rope now!
The hook is broken.
Aerial training is impossible!
I don't want to make an emergency landing and being eaten by insects
I will die without the honors!
Calm down!! Throw out the baggage!!
Too late! Farewell!
Listen to what I'm saying!! Throw out the baggage!!
Rear seat! Cut the engine!!
Wh.. What ?
The engine noise is a hindrance! Hurry !
Y.. Yes.
Pr... Princess ! Wh... What ?
Princess, your mask!! You'll die!
Everybody! I'll save you for certain!
Believe me ; throw out the baggage!
Wh.. Whatever you say. Please, hurry, put your mask on!
The Princess is smiling... She'll save us.
Throw out the baggage! The bow is falling!!
Ignite the engine!
We'll look for a place to emergency land!
A little bit... entered my lungs...
Princess !
Is everybody all right?
Don't move!
Thanks, for a little while ago...
Princess ! Why save this kind of rascal...!
Sweet, isn't it... You thought I'd knee and thank you?
You don't know anything about the Wasteland.
This is not the human world...
If you use that gun, you don't know what will happen.
In the battle a little while ago, many ships fell in the trees.
The insects are angry. Look up above...
The big king Yanma is the watchdog of the forest. They will call the other insects together right away.
We must escape at once ! Hurry, the rope I prepared!
Mito! Repair the hook!
Don't move! I'll give the orders!
What are you frightened of? Just like a lost fox-squirrel cub, aren't you...
Don't be afraid... I just want you to come back into your own country...
They've arrived!
Quiet ! do not irritate them
This is an Ohmu nest!!
We're surrounded...
They're investigating us...
Ohmus ! I'm sorry !
Forgive us! For disturbing your nest...
But, look! We're not your enemies.
Princess !
It's alive? Wait ! Ohmus !
What's happening?
The Ohmu's eyes are bright red.
Princess! What do you think you're doing with Mehve?
When the water calms down, get out of the water at once. Wait in the upper sky!
If I'm not back in one hour, return to the valley!!
Princess !
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