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National Treasure CD1

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you do not have to be aqui.
you do not have to see that.
single queria to know.
you must know history.
asi empezo..
it was the year of 1832…
in one night like this…
Charles Call.. was I complete surviving of the independence declaration…
also he comprised of one called secret society…
the Masons..
and it was about to to die.
desperto to the driver in the middle at night....
and I order to him that it took it to the house white to see Andrew Jackson..
because urgia to speak to him with the president…
I speak with.?
it never had opportunity.
the president was not.
but Charles tapeworm a secret…
asi that I take with the a the unica person who was ahi…
to the grandfathers of my grandfathers…
Thomas Gates.
as it was the secret?
a treasure.
a treasure… but alla of the unimaginable thing.
a treasure that habia be fought by hundreds of years.
by tyrants. Pharaohs… emperors.
warlocks.. and whenever he changed of hands crecia but.
but of sudden movement.
and perdio by but of thousand years.
until being discovered by crossed horsemen of first…
under the temple of king Salomon… sides the horsemen.
that they found it they creian that the treasure was too much for one single one.
even for the king.
they returned with the treasure to Europe.
and they put to him… The temple of the horsemen.
in the following years they removed it from Europe…
and they formed the called brotherhood. Free The Masons..
in honor to constructors of the Great temple.
the war comenzo..
for the era of American revolution.
the treasure habia be hidden again.
for that then ones already they habian united to the society.
to Washington… Franklin.. Paul Rivier..
all sabian that the treasure not debia to fall in the hands of the britanicos.
asi that designed one series of tracks and maps.
in order to know its location.
with time forgotten tracks were perdides and.
until single one I am.... and that was the secret that kept.
and it went what it gave the young person ..Tomas Gates..
Charlotte… the secret descanza with Charlotte…
who is Charlotte.?
oh… you are not done lost of nothing truth.?
Horseradish tree watches aqui.
the Masons left between we tracks…
like this.
piramide without finishing.
the eye that everything sees.
simbolos of the temple of the horsemen.
guardians of the treasure.
and they estan speaking to us.
ataves of this.
querras to say burlandose..
you know that he represents that dolar..?
all our fortune.
six generations of idiots.
after gold of idiots.
Patrick is not the money.
we go son. hour to go away.
you can despedirte.
we are horsemen?
you want to be one?
this good.
Benjamin Franklin Gates.
takings to have.
of the temple. the Mason.. and the Gates. family.?
I gave right of perpetual ownership it.
the right of perpetual ownership.
It thought about Hanson and Perry…
crossing this land with single dogs and a sleigh…
you you imagine it?
Circulos Articos today in day.
we are close.?
assuming that teoria of Horseradish tree this correct one.
and my model of location. we must be it.
but nonconfies in my… me rompio a tape in the morning.
it is bad augury.
then we give the return and we returned ourselves to house.
or we stopped ourselves and we threw aqui same.
O´Really.. you do not miss that small cubiculo of where we removed to you or if?
clear no.. that no.
¨Objetivo Alcanzado¨
so that we stopped?
crei that buscabamos a boat.
I do not see ningun boat.
this ahi..
it listens.
this is a lost one of time.
like terminaria a boat aqui.
then. I am not ningun esperto..pero..
podria to be by the properties thermal of the region…
and you would ubieran promouthful Hurricanes. that forces causarian…
and congealed the sea and soon derretirce..
and returned to congeal. giving like consequence semi-being accustomed to.
carrying the ship. just aqui.
that such beauty.
I am going to review the generator.
if not you ubieras appeared for two years.
and it did not believe history of the treasure.
I do not believe that ubiera found Charlotte…
the ubieras found. I do not have doubts of it.
for that reason you are the best one crazy investment jamas done…
to my it alleviates knowledge to me that I am not as crazy as they say.
like my father. or my grandfathers.
or my viz-grandfathers.
we go…
we are going to find a treasure.
if and it brings something to drink.
then if that murio well…
aqui is.
the cargo deck.
think that this in the barrels?
so that the captain east resguardaria barrel.
encontre something!
that it is?
they know that he is this?
a pipe of a Trillion of dolares.?
an unusual pipe.
go that she is beautiful.
it watches the detail in the fuze…
it is a pipe of millon of dolares..?
… it is not a track.
it leaves I see.
you do not break it.!
we are a step but near the treasure horsemen.
crei that habias said that the tesero was in the Carlotte.
that is lie. I said that podia to be aqui.
the temple and simbolos..
the leida legend…
it was affects…
and the key in silence…
without being detected.
in an iron store.
that Mr. Matloaf no he can defeder.
it is a riddle.
I need to think.
the leida legend…
it was affects…
that legend?
the legend of the temple of the treasure?
todavia affects the treasure.
… it cannot be.
legend… key.
there is something…
a map… the maps have legend.
the maps have keys.
it is a map. an invisible map.
that you mean with hair net.
an invisible map.
it was affected… can referirce to a death.
or to create or to reveal a certain effect.
combined with key in silence…
without being detecatada…
it implies that the effect of something indetectable is already detectable.
to less…
the key in silence podria to be…
they tamben I was ahi..
and I dive.
ahi is the map.
as I said. the 55 and Penn is a prison.!
or podria to be. that was the means primary of writing…
the pen is. solol a pen.
but then so that not to say single pen so that to say that it is of iron.?
so that it is a prison.
wait for. iron pen.
one does not talk about the iron of the pen it defines on which it was written…
iron. something signs. mineral. no.. something resolving was firm..
something that Mr. Matlock he could defend.
Timoty Matlock was the writer official of the congress.
he was caligrofago.. nonwriter.
and to make sure that the map was out of danger detras of a resolution was put.
that transcribio… one resolution....
that they signed 55 men.
the declaration of Independence.
we go. is no ningun map inbisible in the declaration.
he is something very astute.
the importance of that document aseguraria sobrevivenca of the map.
and you say that several Masons they signed it.
if. 9 insurances.
we will have to fix the way to examine it.
he is one of documents but important.
us they are not going it to render for to there be dew to him quimicos and to test.
that you propose… not it.
we can request rendered.
I do not create it!
Horseradish tree. the treasure of the temple of the horsemen are but the great one.
not wise it. of truth?
Horseradish tree listens… I understand your bitterness.
you do your whole life last looking for this treasure.
single to obtain the respect of the cientifica community.
deberias to enbarrar to them this treasure in its faces.
and I want darte opportunity to do that.
all we have our specialties.
noncreeras that mia single it is limited to write checks.
in my last life…
I lead certain I number of illegal operations.
if outside you. creeria in its word.
you do not worry.
hare all the adjustments.
I really need your aid.
I am not going to allow that you rob independence declaration.
in agreement. of a hour in ahead…
single seras mandadero.
that haras..?
you go to matarme.?
then you cannot.
it has but of acerjo… information that not tienes..y I if.
I am the unico that averiguarlo. can.
we have played poker together you know that I cannot do that.
it tell me what I need to know Horseradish tree.
or it will kill your friend.
callate Raily..
your work I finish.
he watches where these unemployed.
if you shoot small change to me this.
all we flew.
Horseradish tree.?
that it happens when you extinguish the Vengala.?
it tell me what I need to know Horseradish tree.
you need to know.
if Shawn can she catches.
good attempt.
Salt Shawn..!
Railly sees aqui..!
that it is.?
Mick you leave aqui…
Wards. Luke.. leave aqui.!
he is going to fly. vamonos of aqui.
. well vamonos.
before they see the smoke.
there is a village like a 9 miles of aqui..
this populated by wood dealers.
this good.
and now that we will do?
we will go to house.
quize to say to near Ian.?
it robbed the declaration of independence Horseradish tree.
we will stop it.
Building of FBI J. Edgar Hoover.
he is so dificil to think that somebody the independence declaration wants to rob.
FBI receives 10.000 false ones calls to the week.
they are not going away to worry about something that out of danger estan insurances that this.
anyone to which we request to him aid is going to give to us by crazy people.
and the crazy person who creates to us he is not going to be able to help us.
we did not need anybody crazy person… we needed to somebody almost crazy.
somebody obsessed?
somebody enthusiastic one!
National Archives.
Finery of Anniversary of National Archives.
it excuses.
the Dr Chase the side now Mr. Brown.
Mr. Brown.?
the name of my family does not have much respect in the academica area.
it thinks that it is noble man.
a very pretty man.
good afternoon horsemen.
Avigail Chase..
Paul Brown.
much pleasure.
much taste Bill.
in which I can ayudarlos.?
its accent… is of pensilvania.?
he is German.
she is not American?
if I am. single that not naci aqui.
it does not touch that please.
pardon… pretty collection.
the campaign pins of George Washinton.
it needs the one of 1789..
once encontre one.
you are very lucky.
he said to him to my assistant who it was an urgent subject.
oh if lady.
ire direct to the grain.
somebody robbed independence declaration.
it is truth.
I believe that I must put them in contact with the FBI.. already we were with FBI.
and they assured to us that it was impossible that outside robbed.
they are right!
my friend and I no we are so safe.
without embargo. if it gave us privilege to examine the document.
pudieramos to say to him if in reality is in danger.
that it thinks to find?
let us think that there is an inscription.
in the part of atras…
as I cosay?
asi is.
of that?
a map?
a map of that?
of the location of…
hidden objects.
and of great value.
a map of a treasure?
until ahi I listen to us FBI....
they are hunters of treasures… truth?
but well. protectors of treasures.
Mr. Brown. I in person eh seen back part of the declaration.
and I assure that the unico to him that there is… it is a writing that says.
Declaration of Independence Original.
4 of July of 1776. if.
and map is no ningun.
he is invisible.
ahi was where I leave us of to listen to the department of defenza.
from where they removed that it was an invisible map?
we found a pipe of 200 years with one inscripsion.
it was of Free the Masons.
I can see the pipe.
we do not have it.
the robbery great foot?
it was a pleasure to concer it.
the taste was mio.
in truth she is one pretty collection.
debio tomarce something of time to obtain it.
if it consoles in something a to you my if you convinced to me.
then no.
it was thinking… that so if we do it I publish in the Internet.
he is not as if tuvieramos a reputation that to take care of.
although I do not believe that that auyente to Ian..
180 years of search and I am on 3 feet to find it.
of all the ideals that are beacon to the United States…
there is one is heart of all.
when alla a length stretch of abuses…
it uses the patience. and it persists on the same object.
and reducira and vencera absolute nepotism.
and it is his right and his to have… removing to the government
and to take care of the future and its security.
people no longer speak asi.
your if.
I do not have idea of which you said.
it means that if something walks bad. and somebody has the ability to stop it.
it must take action.
I am going to rob it
I am going to rob independence declaration.
Horseradish tree!
this is something great.
it is prison.
to the great thing.
you know that wraths a prison truth?
if. probably.
that bothers a to him mayoria of people.
Ian dealed with robarla..
and if he obtains it. he is going it to destroy.
the fact is. that it stops to protect it is to rob it.
all this alreves.
I do not believe that have option.
Horseradish tree.
by God. it is like robateun national monument.
it is like robbing this… it is impossible.
it is not that not it must. not it can.!
it leaves you I prove it.
pon attention Horseradish tree.
I brought you to the library of the congress.
by that.? so that it is the great library but of the world.
but of 20 million of books.
and all say the same.
it listens Railly…
what we have aqui… is everything a madriguera of archives.
planes… you order of construction. line of I telephone.
water and drainage.
all this aqui.
when the declaration this in exibicion…
this surrounded by guards.
and camaras of video. and families of Neza..
and boys of the school.
and detras of the glass against bullets of one inch.
there is a pile of sensors of heat and movement.
that they activated if a somebody sercano gives fever him.
now. that when no this in exibicion.
boveda is lowered to one of four feet of thickness.
of concrete and steel…
that it has an insurance electronico and access biometr Co.
you know that to Thomas Edison treatment and failure but of dosmil times.
in order to desarrolar the filament of coal that pledges in the center.?
when I ask myself to him respondio..
he does not fail. encontre dosmil forms of not making a center.
but single he needed one in order to make work it.
the quarter of preservation.
disfrutalo.. walks.
you know so that it serves?
in order to make jams and jelatinas.?
no.. ahi is where they are cleaned. they repair and they conserve the documantos.
when they are not in exibicion or in boveda..
when they need something of work…
they remove it from boveda.. and in the corridor of opposite.
this the quarter of preservation…
the best opportunity for us or Ian to rob it sera during the finery…
cuado the guards they esten distraidos by the commotion.
and we will enter when alla less security.
good. if Ian..
Gallic preservation..
it can be possible.
it can.
and we are entering…
Conduit of Security of the Archives.
ahi these.
the corridor…
that queria..
Quarter of Preservation.
ready to play.
I guard.
if you would creeran it…
this I arrive for you.
I hope that it is not of Stand..
For the woman who has everything. thanks to listen to… Paul Brown.
Avigail Chase....
consedido access.
Hello micky..
following the manual. he is always but safe.
they manten the vacuum cleaner in a level… ok.
that they have…
the heat sensor of declaration encendio.
that they do to him I diagnose I complete.
the evil plan works.
Safe horseradish tree. these in to do this.?
you listen to me.?
unfortunately if.
this all ready one.
it must give the return and to enter by the front…
it advanced.
that so. hello.
its invitation and one identification please.
that so you time?
not so badly.
it is hour.
for you.
Mr. Brown.
Dra. Chase.. that it does aqui.?
he is old buenota.?
as it is seen?
hize a donation of I complete minute.
a great one.
changing of subjects… thanks for its so wonderful gift.
if recibio..?
if, thanks.
normally nonhuviera accepted something asi..
but in truth it wished it…
good then you towards lack.
we go Romeo is hour of which you move.
me state asking on the engraving in the pipe.
hello. aqui you have.
Dr Harris… I present/display to him to the Dr Brown.
hello. that so.
who is the prim one?
permitame to take that to me.
so that he accepts this other.
that so a toast… by the high treason.
he is to which these men they faced when signing this declaration.
if huvieramos lost the war. you would huvieran them hung.
taken to cut.
ahh and my favorite. gutted and burned the internal organos.
this is by the man that wise that towards something bad.
in order to do what was well.
so that wise that was well.
good. good night.
good evening. good evening.
we go. we go.
but bond that works.
it frees.
I go by door 1..
tienes..30 seconds.
as it is seen.?
it works… works.
the second door. they have 90 seconds.
well fact boys.!
I am in the elevator…
I am going to extinguish camaras of ready monitoring. these?
5..4..3.. now!
Ben Gates.. now you are the invisible man.
dame arrives. letters of the password…
that you have to me?
I generate a listing.
but the probable ones.
a fried glove.
very golfista.. fargo levy....
gravy floe… valey frog…
ago fly.. also.
it sees fly…
r flight I go…
r volarye
forge. is not Valey.
I do not have it in the list.
that is presses twice the e..
granted access.
we already entered.
that so.
Horseradish tree these doing well!
Horseradish tree. answers…
you have.....
we have video.
perdi the video.
that? perdi the video.
I cannot see.
I do not see anything. nothing.
salt of ahi..
salt right now.
me it will take everything to it and it will remove it in the elevator.
of which hab… this heavy one?
door 3 in a minute.
it is Gates.!
that he was that.?
who shoots?
it has the damn map.
you follow ahi.? Horseradish tree?
I am in the elevator. Ian this aqui.
there was a shooting.
hatred to that type.
hello rebeca..!
you have Paul Brown in that list.?
please dacelo of my part…
this treating to rob that?
they are 35 dlls…
by this. if.
that expensive.
I do not put to him the price.
they are 32…
with 57..
we accepted VISA.
This it is alert Micky.. in level 3..
where these.?
where these? it lets speak.
it ignites the car.
Horseradish tree. the evil girl of the declaration this detras of you.
you are your!
that this passing Mr. Brown?
that he is that?
a memory.
it talks-off and subete to the car.
I cosay red… I cosay red. to there are a robbery.
it seals in building.
comunicame with FBI.
I enjoy the celebration?
God santo.
it does not say to me that…
by aqui.! damelo.!
by aqui.!
I have to you.
we cannot let it go. if we can. we go.
security by aqui.!
it hopes! .. it hopes.!
this is malo..malo..malo.!
traila with.
it sees.! it sees.!
you made my year happy.
that we will do when we reach them?
I am thinking!
so that it does not give me that document!
and wrath to house.
return. vuelta..vuelta..
oh no.!
being worth mother!
no.. if it falls. she takes the document.
acercame to her!
I have it.
it jumps!
they went away.
it does not matter… this is what we needed.
well..hecho Gates. well fact.
these good?
no.. those lunaticos.. these wound?
they are all lunatocos.. you are hungry?
you are well?
I continue bleeding. but estare. thanks to ask well.
then I am not well. those men have the declaration.
they do not have it.
time. this out of danger.
you can let shout?
you continue shouting.
and this beginning to bother to me.
so that it does not take the things but civilisadamente Dr Chase.
if this he is the true one. they who took?
a memory.
good serious pense that idea to have a duplicate.
I am that tapeworm reason.
in fact I am going to pay by both asi that must 35 to me dlls.
but the tax.
who were those men?
the men of that we spoke to him…
and you not us creyo.
we made the unico that podiamos to make to protect it.
that is idiot… deme that.
knows something? this shouting again.
and maldecia also.
perhaps that if me merecia.
ladies and horsemen.
ladies and horsemen. my name is Peter Seiguski..
I am the agent to position.
I want to assure to them that they do not estan in danger.
if they cooperate. we will leave this without frustrations.
identifiquenlos.. and they review to all.
including a of security.
if they are reuzan obtain you order.
if Adrews. agent. has something.
today it is not good day to titubear.
they gave tip us for days.
that somebody robaria declaracio of independence.
we have the name into that they informed.
nonhabrimos ningun file. not creimos them…
that so now?
map to reverso is no ningun of the independence declaration.
and there is no possibility of that somebody robs this.
also no.?
I said that everything to him truth was 100 %.
I want that ocumento Mr. Brown.
my name is not Brown is Gates..
asi that not him I said 100 % of the truth.
wait for a minute. you said Gates.
you are of that family. the one that has one teoria of conspiracy of the founders.
teoria is not one of conspiracy.
to say it asi.
you know retracto. to me. no they are mentirosos..
they estan crazy.
there is a copy of declaration in exibicion.?
if. but…
the guests know that something step but does not know that.
they gave him with a inmovilizador in the entrance and we found sockets
they gave some description the guards?
as? those that were down.
not habia guards patrolling ahi down.
then who shot.? and so that they do not venian together.
you cannot test quimicas in the declaration.
and less in a light truck in movement.
we have prepared a clean and sterilized atmosphere…
in truth?
we cannot return ahi.
so that no.?
this it is the type.
the Dr Herber.. said that the Dra. Chase I present/display like the Dr Brown.
not this in list of guests.
the one in charge of the store said that treatment to take a copy of the declaration.
without paying.
payment with card.
in the account of Benjamin Gates.
you used a card in order to pay!
they already have to us.
they are going to know your antecedents of all the life.
. sera the single question of minutes before they arrive at the door of my house.
that we will do?
we needed letters.
that letters?
it gives return to the right.
that letters?
you have letters original of Silence Matlack.
those also you robbed them?
they are copies of the original ones.
silence please.
like you obtained.
who it has the original ones.
now it shuts up.
so that you need them?
not him it can shut up or if?
let us make a treatment.
it will leave maintains this. but you it remains shut up.
Horseradish tree. already you know that you must do.
. the single thing that I want to think if there is another thing that can do.
I do not want to be pessimistic… but.
if it give account you that as much people we have persiguiendonos.
probably we have our own satellite already.
I take you like 2 seconds in decidirte to rob the declaration.
if. but never pense that diria personally to my father.
hey.. that he is not pleasant.
this good. if you want irte vetoes.
I do not go away without the declaration.
then either you you took it.
then not it perdere of Vista. asi that ire with you.
nonwraths with us.
if ire. no, not it haras.
if querias to leave atras me no you had said to me to where irias.
it frees!
that ching..
now already we have something.
are digitized letters. directed to publisher of the periodic one of the New England.
written in 1722..
and all of the same person. its humble servant. Silence Matlack.
so that this word excels?
so that it is important?
so that it is a name.
I have it..cuando B. single Francklin tapeworm 15 years.
him escribio 14 caratas privily to its brother.
pretending to be a called widow. Silence Dugu.
asi that was written by. Benjamin Francklin.
it seems that this good.
estacionate a a pair of blocks.
that as much time we will have?
at least a pair of hours.
I hope.
that we do with her. I have a little tape to cover the mouth to him.
nonsera necessary. metera she not in problems.
you promise not meterte in problems? if I promise it.
time, is peculiar.
this is what I have of Gates..
titleholder in American History…
titleholder in Ingenieria Mecanica…
and he has Naval training.
I ask myself that it wants to be when cresca.
we will not maintain focused in Gates.
I want that they look for.
compile one lists of friends and relatives.
but the near ones first.
I want to know who is…
where it is the celebration?
I am in jams.
this pregnant woman?
then if estubiera.. dejarias to your grandson in the cold one?
I see myself like embarrassed?
but bond that this no be by the one of ridiculo treasure.
take seat.
ponganse coways… ahi is something of pizza.. warms up I create.
I need letters of Silence Dugu.
if, one is the treasure.
and I drag them to this madness?
I ofreci.!
then decerta before of which you waste your life.
Pope is already enough.
if. surely. I am the familiar cook.
I have work. a house. surely social.
at least I had your mother by a little time.
also I had you to you. your that you have?
if it give the letters us. we will leave.
me descepcionas Horseradish tree.
then perhaps that it is the familiar legacy Gates..
children who descepcionan to its parents.
and llevate a your problems.
encontre the Carlotte.
the Charlotte.?
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Nausicaa of the valley of Wind CD2
Navigators The
Navigators The 2001
Near Dark
Ned Kelly (2003)
Needing You
Negotiator The CD1 1998
Negotiator The CD2 1998
Nell (1994)
Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud
Nest The 2002
Net The
Network 1976
Never Die Alone 2004
Neverending Story
New Alcatraz
New Guy The 2002
New Nightmare
New Police Story CD1
New Police Story CD2
New York Stories
Next Friday
Next Karate Kid The (1994)
Ni Liv (Nine Lives)
Nicholas Nickleby (2002).CD1
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Nick of time
Nicotina 2003
Night At The Opera A 1935
Night Flier
Night Wish - End of Innocence CD1
Night Wish - End of Innocence CD2
Night and Fog
Night and the City 1950
Night at the Roxbury A
Night of the Demon (1957)
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Night of the Generals The CD2
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Nightmare (2000 Korean)
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Nightmare Before Christmas The - Special Edition
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Nightmare On Elm Street 6 A (1991) Freddys Dead
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Nightwish - End Of Innocence
Nightwish - From Wishes to Eternity
Nikos the impaler
Ninas Tragedies 2003
Nine Half Weeks
Nine Lives (2004 I)
Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat The
Nine Months
Nine Queens
Nineteen Eighty Four - 1984
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Ninja Scroll
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Nip Tuck 1x12
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Nirvana 1997
Nixon CD1
Nixon CD2
No 3 Limited
No Blood No Tears 2002 CD1
No Blood No Tears 2002 CD2
No End 1985
No Good Deed 2002
No Mans Land
No Mans Land 2001 Limited
No News From God
No Way Back
No way out
Noam Chomsky Distorted Morality (2003)
Nobody Someday
Nobodys Fool 1994
Nocturne (1980 I)
Noi The Albino 2003
Noises Off 1992
Nomads 1986
Non ti muovere
Norma Rae
Normais Os 2003
North Sea Hijack 1980
North Shore
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North To Alaska CD2
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Nothing Hill Collectors Edition
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Now Or Never 2003
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Nowhere to Hide
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