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Subtitles for Nashville 1975 CD2.

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Nashville 1975 CD2

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Anything that comes in comes though me.
- Do you like it? - Yeah, it's great. It really is.
Dad's wanted me to do that all his life.
I'd be the last guy in the world to try and change your mind...
about something you don't want to do,
but I'd like to explain a couple things...
about what we're trying to do in this campaign...
before you discount it altogether.
And somehow the blood began to drain into behind her eyeball,
and the pressure caused her eye just to bulge out.
It was just awful-lookin'. Everybody thought she was gonna lose her eye.
We still don't know how it's gon' come out.
I don't know how you're gonna feel about this, but...
Walker thinks that you'd make a fine governor in this state.
He thinks the time's right.
He thinks the people of Tennessee love you. He knows they do.
He knows how you feel about them.
And he wants you to know that,
should the time come you want to run,
he'll be there with his organization to back you all the way.
Elliot Gould, Delbert and Linnea Reese.
- Mrs. Reese. - And Mrs. Dorster. Elliot Gould.
You gonna be at Opryland tonight?
Well, l... I hadn't thought I would be.
Well, I'm gonna be at Opryland tonight.
Well, sure, I'll be there.
Yes, I guess you will.
And that's when I'll give you my decision.
Well, thank you so much for thinking about it. Terrific.
- Is Haven around? - He's right around the corner.
Would you check and see if it's all right if we come?
I see him with other people. Thank you, Del.
- Do you want to be a singer? - Oh, l...
- Look at me. - I think everybody...
Dad wouldn't hear of it.
But you want to be a singer.
- I know him. That's Elliot Gould. - This guy?
- He's a well-known actor. - Oh, yes, with the curly hair.
Yeah. He was married to Barbra Streisand.
- He's grossin' real big. - You gotta be kiddin' me.
No. That girl that sang "People."
I just shook the man's hand like he was somebody off the street.
- Oh, Delbert. Bring him on over. - [Pearl Laughs]
- Yes, sir, I'll... - [Pearl] Oh, Delbert!
We all walk on the street, Delbert.
- [Triplette, Pearl Laughing] - [Haven] Oh, Delbert, Delbert.
Listen, you all come over. Haven wants to meet you right away.
I didn't realize who you were when we first were introduced here.
You wrote a song?
Yeah, I wrote one song in my life.
- I'd love to hear it. - You sure?
- Mm-hmm. - Okay.
The sound of her hello
Soft and tenderly
The way she lights my morning
With her smile
And when she says I need you
Oh, I really need you
It makes my life so worthwhile
'Cause it comes from the heart
Of a gentle woman
It comes from the soul
Of an angel from above
And I'll stay in the heart
- Of a gentle... - That's Elliot Gould!
Ha! It's Elliot Gould!
Well, let me meet the movie star!
- Lady Pearl, Elliot Gould. - Howdy!
- Haven Hamilton. - Well, how do you do, Mr. Gould?
It's so nice to meet you. Welcome to Nashville and to my lovely home.
- Elliot! Elliot Gould! - What brings you here?
- Oh, hello. Well, I'm just, uh... - Hello!
- You look marvelous. - Who is this?
- Another of your unexpected guests? - I'm Opal from the BBC.
Remember the Cannes Film Festival? No, of course you wouldn't.
- Is she connected with Mr. Gould? - No, she's not.
What are you doing... What am I doing in Nashville?
- Excuse me... - I'm doing this documentary...
Excuse me, but Mr. Gould does not give interviews.
I don't know who you are or what you're doing here,
but I will not tolerate rudeness in the presence of a star... two stars.
- We met at the Cannes... - Just take her, Delbert. Good-bye.
Mr. Hamilton!
- It's gonna be all right. Listen... - Who are you?
- Well, that's the price of success. - It certainly is.
[Announcer] Go get a Goo Goo, friends, and settle back...
for 30 of the goodest minutes in radio...
the Goo Goo Grand Ole Opry!
It's sent your way by the makers of Goo Goo,
the goodest candy bar in the world,
and King Leo pure stick candy, the candy that roars with flavor.
Now a big welcome, if you please,
for the Goo Goo man of the hour, Tommy Brown!
I've been goin' down that long lonesome road, babe
And I've been doin' it for a while, yeah
I've been goin' down that long lonesome road, babe
Lookin' for a special smile
Now, I worked the bars
New York to Frisco
But I could never make it pay
You know how money goes
It slips right through your fingers
One more dollar One more day
The bluebird He has no money
The bluebird He has no kin
The bluebird He wears no time clock
He answers to the wind
- [Continues: Radio] - That's as far as I can take you.
- Okay, this is it, all right. - Yeah, all right.
- It's the new one! - Yeah, I know.
- It's the new one, all right. - Have you got the time?
Uh, yeah, it's, uh...
I shoved a hundred million quarters in that jukebox
I've served a barrelful of beer
Now I've listened to
Some troubles in my lifetime
I've seen a lot of grown men cry
You know that old tune called "Over the Rainbow"
Well, if the bluebird flies then why can't I
I'm Del Reese, and I'm goin' back to Haven Hamilton's group.
- Remember me? - This young lady's with me here.
I'm being interviewed by her.
And I really gotta go to the bathroom.
Time clock
He answers to the wind
He answers
The wind
Oh, yeah! Thank you!
Thank you, Tommy. Beautiful job, as always.
Say, Harold Weakly, have you been on vacation yet?
No, I've been busier than a puppy in a room full of rubber balls.
If you're like me, all that hustling and bustling makes you want...
to let the world go by while you enjoy a Goo Goo candy cluster.
Hey, Steve. She's with me.
- Excuse me. Can I help you? - Oh, I'm with these people here.
- Do you have a backstage pass? - They didn't need a pass.
You need a pass to get backstage.
- I never get enough - Goo Goo's the perfect cluster...
- I always want more and more - when you need quick energy.
- Even if we stay together - Any time is Goo Goo time.
- Our whole lifetime through - Pack Goo Goo in your lunch box.
I'll never get enough I'll never get enough
I'll never get enough of you
Go get a Goo Goo,
the South's favorite piece of candy for 62 years.
- You ready to do the song? - Right.
[Both] Go get a Goo Goo
[Harmonizing] It's good
I don't know about killin' 'em. They're already dead.
[Chuckling] They're lucky to be alive.
Haven Hamilton!
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Now, now.
Well, I want to thank you for that wonderful, warm welcome.
I'm sure you meant to share it with Bud Hamilton, my son, who's here.
Stand up, Bud!
[Audience Applauding]
Isn't he somethin'else?
Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed.
God bless you, and thank you so much for that warm welcome.
- How tall is that guy? - Who?
- Haven. - I'd like to do a treat for you.
- A brand-new song. - Don't ever ask him that, John.
Unpack your bags
- And try not to cry - [Audience Applauding]
I can't leave my wife
There's three reasons why
There's Jimmy
And Kathy
And sweet Lorelei
For the sake of the children
We must say good-bye
For the sake of the children
We must say good-bye
'Cause Jimmy's been wishin'
That I'd take him fishin'
His Little League pitchin'
Is somethin' to see
And Kathy's 13 now
She's my little queen now
And I've gotta see
Who her beau's gonna be
So unpack your bags
And try not to cry
- I can't leave my wife - That's funny, because...
Oh, look! Connie White! Connie White.
How are you, honey?
You remember you signed my album?
Well, thank you for coming to the show.
I have a song I wrote. I'll give you a call tomorrow.
We'll just chat, you know, and...
You remember what I wrote on the program? Will you remember?
- "I'm your friend. Connie White." - I like your dress.
I'm gonna get one too. But I like the gold one with the be...
You know, when you... when you have no waist.
Lori's just walkin'
She just started talkin'
And "Daddy"'s the first word
That she ever said
So unpack your bags
And try not to cry
I can't leave my wife
There's three reasons why
There's Jimmy
And Kathy
And sweet Lorelei
For the sake of the children
We must say good-bye
For the sake of the children
We must say good-bye
For the sake of the children
We must say good-bye
Thank you. Thank you.
He's got the entire galaxy on the back of his shirt.
And now I'd like to do a special old favorite,
the song that got me started in this business that's been so kind to me,
a song you've loved through the years...
and one I'm sure you're gonna love tonight.
"Keep A-Goin"'!
Thank you.
Well, if you strike a thorn on a rose
Keep a-goin'
And if it hails or if it snows
Keep a-goin'
Ain't no use to sit and whine
'Cause a fish ain't on your line
Bait your hook and keep a-tryin'
Keep a-goin'
[Audience Clapping Along]
When the weather kills your crop
Keep a-goin'
Why, it takes work to reach the top
Keep a-goin'
[Solo: Steel Guitar]
[Haven] Well, now, Wilton's goin'!
Come on, Wilton! Let's hear it for Wilton!
- [Audience Applauding] - [Solo Continues]
- I think Joe's gonna be goin'soon. - [Solo: Fiddle]
You gettin'ready, Joe?
- Yeah, Joe's goin'. - [Solo Continues]
[Haven] Now everybody's goin'!
And if the doctor says you're through
Keep a-goin'
Why, he's a human just like you
Keep a-goin'
Ain't no law says you must die
Wipe them tears from off your eye
Give ol' life another try
Keep a-goin'
[Radio] Ain't no law says you must die
Wipe them tears from off your eye
Trust the Good Lord up on high
He'll help
Keep a-goin'
Keep a-goin'
Yes, sir!
Well, thank you. Thank you and God love you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
We want to send very special wishes and greetings to Barbara Jean.
I know most of you read...
that she collapsed out at the airport.
She's in the hospital. She's in Vanderbilt Hospital recuperating.
Barnett tells me that she really cried real tears...
because she couldn't be here with you tonight.
But I hope you'll send some letters and best wishes and prayers to her.
That's Vanderbilt Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee, 27322.
And you tell her Haven told you to write.
Now, as a special stand-in for her,
we have her dear friend Connie White,
who got out of the dentist's chair this morning...
where she was having some root canal work...
and came all the way out here to sing for you.
Miss Connie White, who's a friend not only of Barbara Jean's...
but a friend of yours and mine.
A wonderful singer in her own way...
Miss Connie White!
- [Audience Applauding] - Come on out, Connie!
- Hi, Del. How are you? - I want you to meet John Triplette.
You look so good. Wonderful!
Isn't she lovely, folks? Isn't she beautiful?
He's gonna do some things.
We'll talk about it later. Nice seein' you.
Well, who do we have here?
- What is your name, honey? - Paul Harris.
Paul Harris. He's 13, he says.
And what's your name, honey?
Last time I saw a dress like that, I was headin' to the junior prom.
[Connie] You boys havin'a good time tonight?
Girl fell out of the car.
I want you to study real hard,
because remember, any one of you can grow up to be the president.
Well, I'd like to go to Memphis
- But I don't know the way - [Audience Applauding]
And I'd like to tell you how I feel
But I don't know what to say
And I'd love to go to heaven
But I forgot how to pray
So just help me keep from
Slidin' down some more
When I tried to get back to him
I got lost on the way
I'd like to start again tomorrow
But I, I don't know what day it is
And I'd sure like to love you
If you'd show me the way
And just help me keep from
Slidin' down some more
Well, I don't know what it's like out there
But in here it's gettin'darker
I got a lot of things to share
But it sure is gettin' late
Well, I'd like to give you all I got
But I don't know what that is
And I'd like to take you with me
But I don't know where that is
And I know there must be somethin' someplace
And some way to live
So just help me keep from
Slidin' down some more
Just help me keep from
Slidin' down some more
Some more
[Audience Applauding]
I know you love me
When I'm happy
And I know you love me when I shine
But will you love me
In the mornin'
When the baby makes you get up
One more time Thank you!
I know you love me when I feel good
Love me every time I make you laugh
Turn that off.
- [Continues] - Okay. One more minute, darlin'.
- Right now. - She'll be through in a moment.
I want you to turn it off right now!
It bothers me.
It bothers me too, but I gotta listen.
I gotta go to the King of the Road and thank her for you.
- Thank her? - I gotta know what songs she sang.
You can ask anybody.
You can call. You can send flowers. You can send a message.
Come on. Don't get upset now.
You're makin' me ruin my nail polish job.
Do I tell you how to sing, darlin'? Hmm?
Have I ever told you how to sing a song?
That ain't the point. I know why you're goin' over there.
Don't tell me how to run your life.
- I been doin' pretty good with it. - You go... Wh...
Let's just calm down. We're both gettin' on each other's nerves.
You're goin' to the King of the Road so you can hobnob with everybody.
- So I can do what? "Hobnob"? - I ain't got no friends.
I gotta sit here in this goddamn hospital.
They're all gonna talk about how I'm a nut.
I ain't doin' no hobnobbin'.
Now whoa, whoa, whoa.
"Barbara Jean had another collapse."
You know what?
While you're at it, why don't you take her some of my flowers?
Are you through?
No, I ain't. Take her this nice black one. That'll cheer her up.
- Why don't you try these. - Are you through?
- And these. - I said, are you through?
And why don't you try these!
Are you through, I said? Are you throu...
Are you goin' nutsy on me? 'Cause I won't stand for that, Barbara Jean.
Huh? You havin' one of them nervous breakdowns again?
- Huh? - [Whimpers] No.
You coulda fooled me, 'cause it looks like you're ready for it.
Now, you just settle down and shape up. You understand?
The only reason I'm goin' over there is 'cause I love you.
I don't love to go over there and hobnob with them phonies.
Why do you make me raise my voice to you?
Why do you put us both through this?
You all right?
[Whimpers, Sobs]
Come on, now. Let's have a little smile for Barnett.
- I'm tired of this place. - Come on, now.
Now get up.
You help me, I help you. All right? Come on, now.
Come on.
Now, where's Barnett goin'?
Where am I goin'? Hmm?
- [Whispers] King of the Road. - Why am I goin' there?
[Whispers] To see Connie.
And why am I doin' that?
To thank her for singin' at the Opry.
- Now, who am I doin' that for? - You're doin' it for me.
That's right.
Now, I'm walkin' out now.
What do you say as I walk out? You say "bye-bye."
- Bye-bye. - Bye.
[Door Opens, Closes]
- Hello, Ben. - Hi.
Aren't they wonderful? So marvelous.
- [Continues] - I'm really upset.
Wh... What are you upset about?
She's really late.
- Well, she's not that late. - No, she's late.
- Thank you. - He's right over there.
[Connie] I thought you were very, very good tonight.
[Haven] Thank you. Thank you so much.
She sounded beautiful. She looked beautiful.
Well, Sue, I didn't expect to see you.
- I want you to meet Julie Christie. - Well, excuse my back.
- Welcome to Nashville. - [Triplette] Doctor Zhivago.
- She the one who got off the train? - Will you be here a while?
- No, just passing through. - Oh, please sit down.
- Have a drink with us. - We're not staying.
You're English, aren't you? I could tell.
- This is Connie White. - Hi.
- This is such a coincidence. - I'm Del Reese.
[Haven] I was talkin' about the Christy Minstrels just this mornin',
and now we have Julie Christie here.
- I met you with Peter Finch. - Oh, yeah?
- You won't sit down and stay? - No, thank you.
- Julie has a friend at the Exit Inn. - I hope your stay is very nice.
I hope you'll remember what film facilities we have in Nashville.
- Yeah, sure. - Thank you. Good to see you.
- Have a lovely evening. Good-bye. - Bye-bye.
Nice to see you. Well, isn't that an honor.
- What a surprise. Julie Christie. - Who's Julie Christie?
"Who's Julie Christie?" She's a star. She's won an Academy Award.
- Oh! [Laughs] - No, I'm not kiddin'.
For one of those pictures. I don't know which one.
- She's done so many. - Isn't he a gem?
- He's got the worst sense of humor. - No, she's lovely.
Oh, come on. She can't even comb her hair.
Oh, you've got a Hal Phillip Walker button.
No, it's Kennedy. Isn't that rather ancient?
Strange. I thought that everybody in the South didn't go for Kennedy.
It's John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Well, he...
he took the whole South,
except for Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky.
And there's a reason he didn't take Tennessee.
But he got 481,453 votes,
and the asshole got 556,577 votes.
I just can tell. It's somethin'.
It's the way she looks at me.
It's that feeling you get that you know there's somethin' going on.
And if I do a performance when I'm too tired, it doesn't have...
- Hey, you all. How are you, Connie? - Hi, Barnett.
Now, the problem we got here...
is anti-Catholicism.
These dumbheads around here, they're all...
Baptists and whatever, I don't know.
[Stammers] Even to teach 'em to make change over the bar...
you gotta crack their skulls,
let alone teach 'em to vote for the Catholic...
just because he happens to be the better man.
[Laughs] Here, this is just somethin'...
somethin' that Barbara Jean told me to pick up for you.
- You shouldn't have done that. - I know, but she told me.
- I told her I shouldn't have. - Did you get the flowers we sent?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
As most of you might have noticed,
we have a celebrity with us tonight.
If we get our hands together, we might could get a song.
- Miss Connie White. - From the goodness of her heart.
- [Loud Applause] - What do you want, a few bucks?
You holdin' out for somethin' better?
You're a real sweetie pie.
Thank you very much.
That's what I love about this place. Can you see me?
I can't see you.
- That was a nice gesture. - I'm gonna sing something you know.
- What was a nice gesture? - Join me on the choruses.
Don't seem to be appreciated, do it?
- "Rolling Stone." - [Cheers, Applause]
Thank you.
You walked me, sweet Joshua
Down the country lane
You brought me, sweet Joshua
Where the roses grow so tall
You lay me down, Joshua
And you promised me your name
And after that
That was all
That was all
[Connie, Audience] Rolling stone, Rolling stone
- Gathers no moss - Who wrote that song, a kid?
And all I remember the next few days was...
I was just lookin' at that TV set and seein' it all,
seein' that great fat-bellied sheriff...
sayin', "Ruby, you son of a bitch."
And Oswald...
and her in her little pink suit.
But neither
Does it gather
Any love
Here's the best. Here's Vassar.
[Applause, Cheering]
And then comes Bobby.
Oh, I worked for him.
- Don't you think we... - I worked all over the country.
I worked out in California, out in Stockton.
Bobby came here and spoke, he went down to Memphis,
and then he even went out to Stockton, California...
and spoke off the Santa Fe train at the old Santa Fe depot.
[Gasps] Oh, he was...
a beautiful man.
He was not much like,
uh, John, you know.
He was more puny-like.
But all the time I was workin' for him...
I was just so scared.
Inside, you know? Just scared.
Haven, do you think we could get Connie out to the rally?
Connie White and Barbara Jean never appear on the same stage together.
Connie can replace Barbara Jean, but that's it.
As for Haven Hamilton, well,
I'll appear wherever Barbara Jean appears.
I got a good mind to take you outside.
With my wife in the hospital, you puttin' that shit on me?
- Calm down, enjoy the show. - [Woman Whispers] Barnett's angry.
[Connie] Walk with me, Joshua
- And I will say that I am lame - I think she's, uh...
I think she's having an affair here. I really do.
The child that we have made
- But I'll never let him mention - Oh, God.
- Your name - Are you off. You're way off.
- [Solo: Fiddle] - [Applause, Cheering]
You are way, way off.
Are you kidding?
[Tom] Some people take
And never give
- [Mary] I love you. - But all men die
And so must live
For a while
And life is short
- [Mary] I love you. - A precious gift
This thing we have
- Please don't let it drift away - I love you.
Honey, won't you let me be your friend
[Whispers] I love you.
[Whispers] I love you.
Honey, won't you let me try again
Honey, won't you let me be your friend
For another day
[Choir: Latin Hymn]
When we've been there
Ten thousand years
Bright, shining
As the sun
We've no less days
To sing God's praise
Than when
We'd first
And on the profession of your faith,
I baptize you, my sister,
in the name of the Father and of the Son...
and of the Holy Ghost.
I'm newborn again
Been a long time talkin'
'Bout my trials here below
Free grace Free grace
Free grace, sinner
Free grace Free grace
I'm newborn again
And He walks with me
And He talks with me
And he tells me I am His own
And the joy we share
As we tarry there
None other
Has ever
He speaks and the sound of His voice
Is so sweet
The birds hush their singing
And the melody
That He gave to me
Within my heart
Is ringin'
You know, my wife Esther is on the same floor with Barbara Jean.
- And He walks with me - Oh, and Esther and I had a son...
- And He talks with me - in the service too.
- Yes, sir. - Oh, not the army. It was the navy.
And He tells me I am His own
We lost him in the South Pacific. We don't know how.
- And thejoy we share - I'm sorry.
- World War II. - Yes, sir.
As we tarry there
None other
Has ever
- [Church Bells Tolling, Faint] - I'm wandering in a graveyard.
The dead here have no crosses,
nor tombstones, nor wreaths to sing of their past glory,
but lie in rotting, decaying, rusty heaps,
their innards ripped out by greedy, vulturous hands.
Their vast, vacant skeletons...
sadly sighing to the sky.
[Bells Continue Tolling]
The rust on their bodies...
is the color of dried blood.
Dried blood.
I'm reminded of...
of an elephant's secret burial ground.
Cette aire de mystère. Cette essence de I'irréel.
These cars are trying to communicate.
O cars, are you trying to tell me something?
Are you trying to convey to me some secret...
What... Excuse me?
Oh, excuse me.
I thought I was completely alone. How embarrassing.
Oh, you're a musician!
[Engines Roaring]
[Barely Audible] The economy's depressed, not me
- [Continues, Inaudible] - [P.A. Announcer, Indistinct]
You may say that I ain't free
But it don't
- [Engines Continue Loud Roaring] - [Smattering Of Applause]
Let's have some applause for Miss Maisie Hoy.
[P.A. Announcer Continues]
Miss Albuquerque?
[Smattering Of Applause]
Hi, Frog.
This is with gestures.
[P.A. Announcer] Miss Jill Brown on the track in number 78.
- [P.A. Announcer Continues] - [Engines Continue Loud Roaring]
[Vocal: Inaudible]
[P.A. Announcer Continues] The youngsters will be eligible...
to apply for a gas-powered mini-bike and a helmet.
You wanna talk about yesterday?
Get up, goddamn it!
You wanna talk about yesterday?
Do you wanna talk about yesterday or not? What, are you...
Shit. Come out of there!
You leave me alone!
Come out of there! Come on!
Look, I know what's... Come on!
For Christ's sake, what... Now, you...
What are you doing? Do you wanna talk about yesterday or not?
Oh, that's terrific. Hey, that's great. Hey, terrific.
Oh, thanks. My turtle. Thanks a lot.
Look, just relax!
Look, I know what's goin' on.
[Knock On Door]
Great. House detective.
Bill, hi. I'm John Triplette.
Am I early? I called you this morning.
Oh, yeah. The guy from TV. Come on in.
Just... We're just cleanin' up here.
[Chuckles] You know the...
- Sunday morning blues. - Would you hold this?
- Sure. - Thanks.
Let me just move this over here.
- Is this your new album? - Yeah. That's our only album.
It's a very good one, though. I've heard it. It's terrific.
- I'm really sorry about the mess. - Oh, that's all right.
You oughta see my room.
We had a little party last night. Had a pretty good time too.
Uh, I wanted to, um,
tell you a couple things about what we're trying to do with this show.
- Can I get you a drink? - No, no, I'm fine.
I don't wanna take up much of your time.
I just wanna tell you a little bit about what we're trying to do.
I know you're astute politically,
and I'm certainly not here to sell you a bill of goods.
- Don't care about politics. - No politics? Okay, great.
Well, then, I've got a problem that could work to your advantage.
As you know, this redneck music is very popular right now.
I've got an awful lot of these local yokels on the bill singing...
- Your basic country folk. - Country crapola. Right.
[Chuckles] So I think, uh...
What I'm going for is a broader appeal.
Which is where we fit in.
I want to give it more than just this Southern thing.
And I think that a really hip group like yours...
could walk off with the evening.
Yeah. Probably the only rock group on the...
- Absolutely. - Sounds good.
- Sounds inviting. - Yeah.
And you do get a big audience from these country guys.
Is this just network, or...
It's better than network. It's syndicated.
They'll be showing it for a year and a half.
- Your glasses, sweetheart. - Oh, thanks.
This is my wife Mary. This is John Triplette.
Nice to meet you.
- [Clears Throat] - Go ahead.
He's, uh, he's the fella from the television show...
that they're doing for Hal Phillip Walker.
That political thing going on. He's offered us a spot.
You're doing some great promotion. All those buttons and...
- Oh, yeah, thank you. I'm trying. - Bumper stickers.
Anyway, we got a great time spot on this gala,
and we're gonna walk away with the show, John says.
We can't vote for him. We're registered Democrats.
Besides, he's a little crazy, isn't he?
Well, they're all a little crazy, Mary.
- [Bill] I'll drink to that. - That's the name of the game.
But I think the thing that you should consider is your future.
It would give you a great shot.
But it doesn't make any difference. We're registered Democrats.
[Laughs] Well, I'm a registered Democrat.
The only reason we're registered Democrats...
is because your father's a registered Democrat...
and his father's a registered Democrat.
Well, Tom's a registered Democrat, and he wouldn't do it.
[Tom] It's not my way
To take your hand if I'm...
- Hi, Tom. - Hi, Norman. How you doin'?
Good. I'm sure glad you called. Is there anything I can...
- Sit down. - Okay.
Whew. [Chuckles]
- You have any speckled birds? - What?
You know, L.A. Turnarounds. Uppers.
Uh, no, no, I, uh...
But I know where to get some grass.
- No, thanks. I don't need any grass. - Okay.
- Uh, can I ask you a question? - Mm-hmm.
Is there something... Are you angry at Bill?
- No. - Oh.
'Cause I, I, uh... You know, I, uh...
Bill and Mary and you and, uh...
Well, Bill, uh... I mean, Bill seems to be, um...
Uh... [Sighs]
- I'm just confused. - Mmm.
- Uh... - Here.
- Why don't you write yourself a hit. - Okay.
- [Woman] Hello. - Can I talk to Cherry, please?
She's in bed with R.Y. You wanna talk to R.Y.?
- I'd rather talk to her, if I could. - Who is this?
This is Frank, one of the cooks at the restaurant.
Are you a Jehovah's Witness?
[Walker On P.A.] Does it make sense that the churches...
should remain untaxed on their vast holdings of land...
and corporate investments?
Does it make sense that a multimillion-dollar income...
should go untaxed year after year?
No, all will not be easy,
but we will bask in the satisfaction...
of having done what we should have done.
And if we don't get it done today,
we may run out of tomorrows.
The buses!
The buses are empty...
and look almost menacing, threatening,
as so many yellow dragons watching me...
with their hollow, vacant eyes.
I wonder how many little black and white children...
have yellow nightmares,
their own special brand of fear for the yellow peril...
[Mutters] I can't have... I can't start...
Damn it, it's got to be more...
No, more negative. Start again.
Yellow is the color of caution.
Yellow is the color of cowardice.
Yellow is the color of sunshine.
And yet I see very little sunshine...
in the lives of all the little black and white children.
I see their lives, rather, as a study in grayness,
a mixture of black and...
Oh, Christ, no. That's fascist.
Yellow! Yellow, yellow, yellow. Yellow fever.
We'll be able to talk about it. They're checkin' out now.
- Get with him before he leaves. - What about the place?
- It's not bad at all. - Think it'll work out?
It's got this bizarre stage that drops out of the ceiling.
- [Excited Chatter] - They're gettin' out this mornin'.
- The place is very confused. - Bye-bye!
- Is the place out there okay? - [Barnett] Bye-bye, bye-bye.
Wait a minute. Here we go.
Uh, Barnett! Phone's for you.
- Is it important, or what? - Bye, girls.
- Hello. - Hello, Barnett. John Triplette.
- Who? - Hello! Are you going home?
Mr. Green, how are you? I'm goin' home.
- I'm glad to hear that. - Thank you. How is Mrs. Green?
She's fine, and she's gonna be thrilled to hear I saw you again.
Give her my very best. And is she takin' her vitamin E?
- Got 'em right here. - All right. Good for you.
You take care, darlin'. Bye-bye.
All right, come on. Let's get her on there.
- Lucky for you. Whoo! - As long as I'm done
- Gonna buy me a pistol - All right, get in.
We gotta go with those white horseshoes, huh?
We're gonna live with those for infamy.
[Barbara Jean Continues Singing]
Take that cortege on the other elevator.
- Didn't the doctor get ahold of you? - No more calls, Delbert.
I'm really sorry I have to tell you this.
Mrs. Green expired this morning.
Mrs. Green died this morning.
Wait right here. Let me go get the doctor.
[Clears Throat] Mr. Green?
Mr. Green, you know, my mama saved her life.
They used to live next door to each other. My mama put out the flames.
She always loved Barbara Jean more than anything.
She's still keepin' a scrapbook on her.
The only thing she said to me when I joined up was,
"When you're doin' your travels, I want you to see Barbara Jean.
Don't say nothin' about me. Just see Barbara Jean."
So that's what I been doin'.
Now I'm gonna go over to Opryland and hear her sing.
- [Trembling Sigh] - Give my best to your wife, now.
- [Laughs] - Wait a minute. Don't laugh.
Let me just... I have a theory about political assassination.
You see, I believe people like Madame Pearl...
and all these people here in this country who carry guns...
are the real assassins.
Because, you see, they stimulate other people...
who are perhaps innocent...
and who eventually are the ones who pull the trigger.
- Ma? - Kenny? Where are you, Kenny?
- I'm in Nashville. How are you? - I was so worried.
- There's no reason to worry. - Well, I haven't been able to sleep.
I had to take some of that Ny Quil so I could go to sleep.
- Puts you right out. - Did it help?
Yes, it did. Where are you staying in Nashville?
- I'm staying at a rooming house. - Who you talkin' to?
- It's my mother. - Who are you talking to, Kenny?
A girl that lives in the rooming house.
Who owns that rooming house?
- Her uncle. - A man owns the rooming house?
Well, it can't be very clean.
- Don't be silly. - I bet the sheets aren't clean.
In the South you can pick up this parasite...
- Joan, put that down, please! - Kenny, listen...
- Just a minute. - I wanted to look at your fiddle.
Kenny! You can get this parasite fungus in the South.
It's very difficult to get rid of. When are you coming home?
I don't know. A couple of weeks.
You left your blue suit hanging in the closet.
I don't need my suit.
I would really like you to get home as soon as you can.
Mother, just listen to me.
Kenny, don't you talk to me in that tone of voice.
I love you too, Mama.
I really do. I'll see you soon.
[Up-tempo Country]
Let's find Barnett, hope he's not in a bad mood.
Hi. How are you?
- [Del] Hey, Barnett! - I'm obliged to give them...
- Hey, Barnett. - What do you want now?
This guy wants me to do four shows. What do you want?
Don't let her do too much. How you hangin'?
- You feelin' better now? - Yeah, I feel swell.
We gotta talk to you. We're gonna do a show.
Okay, now, John's doing this show.
Haven's gonna do it. We want Barbara Jean to headline it.
- Unbelievable. - Now wait a second, man.
I wish they wouldn't rush us. Get a shot.
It's national TVfor this candidate Hal Phillip Walker.
We don't want her to make any political statement.
What do you think her bein' there's gonna be?
- Ain't that a political statement? - People haven't seen her.
No, fellas. Don't take it personal.
No politics, no government, no nothin'.
- All right? Okay? - All right.
- I heard you all out. - Hello, boys. How's it goin'?
I believe I met you before in the hospital.
Look at that. Didn't Jewel show you how to do her hair?
- Come on, darlin'. - How do you do, honey?
- No pictures. - I'm all excited.
- How do you feel? - I feel great.
I told the band you'd start off with the cowboy song.
- Forget it. - No, John, just leave it to me.
He can take a flying leap.
I'm gonna stay after him like a rodent, man.
[Audience Applauding, Cheering, Whistling]
He's got a tape deck in his tractor
And he listens to the local news
He finds out where the bass are bitin'
While he's plowin' to the country blues
He was a cowboy and he knew I loved him well
A cowboy's secrets you never tell
No, there's nothin' like the lovin'
Of a hard-drivin'cowboy man
He's got a tape deck in his tractor
While he's plowing up his daddy's land
He's got more horse sense
Than I ever seen in any man
He was a cowboy and he knew I loved him well
A cowboy's secrets you never tell
No, there's nothin' like the lovin'
Of a hard-drivin' cowboy man
On Saturday nights we go dancin' in town
And all the boys'll order up another round
In the summertime
We look forward to the rodeo
On Saturday nights we go to town
And all the boys'll order up another round
When he rides saddle bronc
I wait to hear that whistle blow
He's got a tape deck in his tractor
I can hear him when he's comin' home
Then he holds me in the rocking chair
And sings me the love song
He was a cowboy and he knew I loved him well
A cowboy's secrets you never tell
No, there's nothin' like the lovin'
Of a hard-drivin' cowboy man
No, there's nothin' like the muscles
Of a hard-drivin' cowboy man
Thank you. Thank you.
It's that careless
I can't take no more, baby
It's the way
That you don't love me
When you say you do, baby
It hurts so bad
It gets me down, down, down
I want to walk away
From this battleground
This hurtin' match
It ain't no good
I'd give a lot to love you
The way I used to do
Wish I could
Well, you got
Your own private world
I wouldn't have it
No other way
But lately you been
Hidin'your blues
Pretendin' what you say
It hurts so bad
It gets me down, down, down
I wanna walk away from this battleground
This hurtin' match
It ain't no good
I'd give a lot to love you
The way I used to do
Wish I could
Have you been in Vietnam?
- Huh? - Writin'it down
Kind of makes me feel better
Yes, you have. I can tell by your face.
It keeps me away from them blues
I wanna be nice to you
Treat you right
But how long can I pay
These dues
It hurts so bad
It gets me down, down, down
I wanna walk away from this battleground
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