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Nashville 1975 CD1

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- Now, after years in the making, - [Country, Medley]
Robert Altman brings to the big screen the long-awaited Nashville,
with 24... count 'em... 24 of your very favorite stars!
David Arkin, Barbara Baxley, Ned Beatty in Nashville!
And the fabulous performances of Karen Black, Ronee Blakely!
Timothy Brown in Nashville,
along with the spectacular Keith Carradine, Geraldine Chaplin!
With Robert Doqui in Nashville!
And the exciting appearances of Shelley Duvall, Allen Garfield!
Henry Gibson in Nashville!
And the fantastic Scott Glenn, Jeff Goldblum!
Barbara Harris in Nashville!
Not to mention the terrific David Hayward, Michael Murphy!
Allan Nicholls in Nashville!
And the all-time great Dave Peel!
Cristina Raines, Bert Remsen in Nashville!
Plus the incredible Lily Tomlin!
Gwen Welles and Keenan Wynn in Nashville!
Be the first on your block to marvel at the magnificent stars...
through the magic of stereophonic sound and living-color picture...
right before your very eyes without commercial interruption.
[Man On P.A.] Fellow taxpayers and stockholders in America,
on the first Tuesday in November...
we have to make some vital decisions about our management.
Let me go directly to the point.
I'm for doing some replacing.
I've discussed the Replacement Party...
with people all over this country,
and I'm often confronted with the statement:
"I don't want to get mixed up in politics,"
or "I'm tired of politics," or "I'm not interested."
Almost as often someone says, "I can't do anything about it anyway."
[Snare Drum: Mid-Tempo March]
Let me point out two things.
Number one: All of us are deeply involved with politics,
whether we know it or not and whether we like it or not.
And number two:
We can do something about it.
When you pay more for an automobile...
than it cost Columbus to make his first voyage to America,
that's politics.
[Man] My mother's people came by ship
And fought at Bunker Hill
My daddy lost a leg in France
I have his medals still
My brother served with Patton
I saw action in Algiers
Oh, we must be doin' somethin'right
To last
200 years
- I pray my sons won't go to war - Oooh
But if they must, they must
I share our country's motto
And in God I place my trust
We may have had our ups and downs
- Our times of trials and fears - Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh
But we must be doin' somethin' right
To last
200 years
We must be doin' somethin' right
To last
200 years
I've lived through two depressions
And seven dust bowl droughts
Floods, locusts and tornadoes
But I don't have any doubts
We're all a part of history
Why, Old Glory waves to show
How far we've come along till now
How far we've got to go
[Backup Singers] How far we've got to go
It's been hard work
But every time we get into a fix
Let's think of what our children face
In 2-aught-7-6
It's up to us to pave the way
With our blood and sweat and tears
Oh, we must be doin' somethin' right
To last
200 years
[Backup Singers] We must be doin'somethin'right
To last 200 years
We must be doin' somethin' right
To last
200 years
- That girl down there. - Hold it! Hold it, everybody.
Honey, you gotta get her out.
- Bob. - Yes, sir.
I want to talk to Buddy. Buddy!
Y-Yes, sir, Dad?
Buddy, who is that woman in there with the hat on?
- She a friend of yours? - I'm Opal. Mr. Hamilton, I'm Opal.
I'm from the BBC, and I'm doing a documentary on Nashville.
Buddy, you know I don't allow no people visitin' when I'm recordin'.
I want no recording equipment in that studio.
Escort the lady out.
If she wants a copy of this record, she can buy it when it's released.
I'm sorry. Just no strangers at all.
Mr. Hamilton, I'll be waiting outside for you.
We'll have a little interview.
I wanna do another one. Jimmy, you count off.
I wanna hear a little more Haven in this one.
[Piano: Up-tempo Gospel]
There we are.
This is Studio B right here.
- I think they're doing some gospel. - Oh, how sweet!
A recording of some sort. Hey, Glenn. How are you?
- Mind if we sit in? - Come on in.
[Opal] It's so little!
We'll be going down front so we'll get out of the way.
I've been through all the recording studios in London.
They're always enormous and very impersonal.
This is so cozy.
[Buddy] Keep down so they can see what's going on.
There we are.
- [Continues] - Good Lord love a duck!
This is a choir... a black choir...
from, uh, part of... from Fisk University here in town.
Good Lord!
- The lady singing is... - Is she a missionary?
No, she's not. She's a gospel singer.
She's the wife of our attorney.
I was making a documentary in Kenya...
and there was this marvelous woman who was a missionary.
That's why I asked if she was a missionary. She was sensational.
She was converting Kukuyos by the dozens.
She was trying to convert Masais. Of course, they were hopeless.
They have their own sort of religion.
- Do you believe in Jesus - Yes, I do
- Do you believe in Jesus - Yes, I do
- Do you believe in Jesus - Yes, I do
Do you believe that Jesus knows what's in your soul
Do you thank the Lord every chance you get
For He sent His son to save all good men
- [Laughs] - Yes, I do
- O Lord - Yes, I do
- O Lord - Yes, I do
Yes, I do Yes, I do
Look at that. That rhythm is fantastic.
- Do you believe in Jesus - [Woman] Yes, I do
It's funny... You can tell it's come down in the genes...
through ages and ages and hundreds of years, but it's there.
I mean, take off those robes and one is in... in... in darkest Africa.
I can just see their naked, frenzied bodies...
dancing to the beat of...
Do they carry on like that in church?
Depends on which church you go to.
- Yes, I do - Yeah-eah-eah
- Yes, I do - Ohhh, Lord
- Yes, I do - Yeah-eah-eah
- Yes, I do, Yes, I do - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
- Ohhh-ohh-ohh - Yes, I do, Oh, Lord
I've lived through two depressions
And seven dust bowl droughts
Floods, locusts and tornadoes
But I don't have any doubts
We're all a part of history
Why, Old Glory waves to show
How far...
- Hold it. Hold it! - How far...
Hold it, everybody.
Damn it, Bob.
What's the name of the piano player, Bob?
- That's Frog. - That's Frog. He plays like a frog.
[Haven] We'll try it again.
Jimmy, you count off.
- I believe in Jesus - Yes, I do
- Oh, yes, I do - Yes, I do
- Oh, yeah - Yes, I do
- Yeah, yeah - Yes, I do
- Yeah! Yeah! - Yes, I do, Yes, I do
- Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! - Yes, I do, Yes, I do, Yes, I do
- Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah - Yes, I do, Yes, I do
- Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah - Yes, I do, Yes, I do
- Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah - Yes, I do, Yes, I do
- Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah - Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!
Yes, I do Yes, I do, Yes, I do
But we must be doin' somethin' right
To last 200 years
[Backup Singers] Must be doin'somethin'right to last
- [Dissonant Chord] - 200...
- Damn it to hell! - [Bob] Hold it, everybody.
- Bob. - Yes, sir?
What did you say the piano player's name was?
- Frog. - Yeah.
When I ask for Pig, I want Pig.
Now, you get me Pig, and then we'll be ready to record this here tune.
- Yes, sir. - [Microphone Feedback]
You get your hair cut.
You don't belong in Nashville.
[Marching Band: Fanfare]
[Excited Chatter]
This is Bill Jenkins on special assignment for Channel Two News.
Here at Metro Airport we're awaiting the arrival of Barbara Jean,
who has been away for treatment at the Baltimore Burn Center.
Already, prior to her arrival,
around 3,000 Barbara Jean fans and supporters are here at the airport.
They are being held inside the terminal by security police.
Ma'am, excuse me. Am I late for Barbara Jean's plane?
- I don't think so. - Thank you, ma'am.
Members of the Chamber of Commerce and other fans are on the way.
Also, Haven Hamilton will make an appearance here at Metro Airport.
[Walker On P.A.] There is no question about being involved.
The question is, What to do?
It is the very nature of government...
to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.
As loyal citizens, we accept our take-home pay,
understand most of the deductions...
and even, to a degree, come to expect them.
However, when the government begins to force its citizens...
to swallow a camel,
it's time to pause and do some accounting.
Her plane has touched down and will be turning onto the ramp area...
directly here in front of us at Metro Airport.
Could you pass me the crackers, please?
- [Woman] There you go. - Thank you.
- Miss, may I have... - Hi!
A... a caramel sundae, please?
Honey, we ain't got no caramel sundae.
- Butterscotch? - Ain't got no butterscotch sundae.
- Oh. - Got a strawberry.
- Strawberries are always in season. - Fine, fine.
- That's fine. Thank you. - Good for you too.
Thank you. Then I'll have a strawberry sundae, if I may.
- [Woman] You got it. - Thank you.
- Sueleen, did you see what he did? - One strawberry sundae!
Sueleen, did you see what he just did?
He took the thing off the salt and threw it up in the air.
Why'd you do that?
What are you doin' in Nashville?
- Oh, I live here. - You do?
[Waiter] Hey, fellas, come here. I want you to see somethin'.
My wife and l...
My wife is sick, unfortunately.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
It's just one of those things that happens.
- Happens in the best of families. - [Chuckles] Yeah.
I wrote me this real hot song. You wanna hear it?
It's called "I Never Get Enough."
Okay, listen. All right?
[Off-key] I never get enough I never get enough
Of the love I'm hungry for
I never get enough I never get enough
I always want more and more
Even... [Clears Throat] If we stay together
Our whole lifetime through
I'll never get enough I'll never get enough
I'll never get enough of you
At any moment Barbara Jean will be stepping out and will be greeted...
by the Chamber of Commerce, as well as Mr. Sperry.
Mr. Sperry making his way to the aircraft right now with a big wave.
Of course, he's the president of Barnett Enterprises.
- We'll be talking with Mr. Sperry... - Hey!
John Triplette?
- I'm John Triplette. - Oh!
- How are you? - Hey, John. How are you?
Those kids in those uniforms are terrific.
- Hello. - What's your name?
- Del Reese. I'm sorry. Forgive me. - Thanks for coming out.
- It's a great idea. - You mean the girls in the costumes.
[Reporter] Barbara Jean's still on the aircraft.
- We'll be awaiting her. - [Band: "Star Spangled Banner"]
Thousands of people have turned out to greet Barbara Jean...
after her arrival.
Now Haven Hamilton has just arrived, typically dressed in white.
His white Jeep being driven today by his son Bud.
Members of the Chamber of Commerce are going over to Haven Hamilton.
He's greeting some of his old friends, business acquaintances.
Autograph seekers are now making their way over.
Barbara Jean still is aboard the aircraft.
- Hello, Martha. - Hi.
- How are you, Martha? - I'm okay, but, uh...
- Pardon me? - Listen, uh, I changed my name.
- Oh? - It's L.A. Joan from now on.
Let me get some cigarettes.
Your Aunt Esther wants to see you.
- She's in the hospital. - Wait a minute.
This guy's a rock star.
Can I get your autograph? You're Tom, aren't ya?
Tom, Bill and Mary?
Jesus, you oughta stop that diet before you ruin yourself.
Do you believe this? They have our album here. Hey, how's it selling?
- What's that? - Bill, Mary and Tom.
A little slow, but we sell mostly country.
I'm the handsome one in the front.
I don't have my glasses on, but l...
Wait a minute! Hal Phillip Walker looks exactly like Connie White.
- [Continues] - [Excited Chatter, Yelling]
Now, Del, I like...
I like the idea of bands.
I want you to listen to those little kids, honey.
They practiced every day for two hours for a whole month...
just for this event.
- That's so nice. - Isn't that cute?
- I think they're adorable. - Pearl, shut up.
- Just like your mama, son! - Yes, yes, I'm sure he is.
Barbara Jean, tragically burned in an accident involving a fire baton.
She has now fully recovered, however required to take...
- Excuse me, Barnett... - I got no time right now!
I just think they're so cute, Buddy.
Testing... I wonder if this thing's on.
Hey... Hey, are you Tom of Bill, Mary and Tom?
- Yeah. What's your name? - Jamie.
You thought of voting for Walker for president?
- I don't vote for nobody. - Oh, come on.
Just read it. He's got a fantastic platform.
How you doin', Sarge? You kill anybody this week?
- [Continues] - [Haven, Aside] So beautiful.
[Haven On P.A.] Did you ever see such pretty girls in your life?
Someday you're gonna be big girls like your mommies,
and you're gonna be lookin'for a nice, young, handsome man...
Come on, Buddy, say hello.
My son Buddy, he just graduated from Harvard Law School...
and we're tryin' to give him all the breaks we never got.
- Buddy, say hello to the people. - Hi.
[Haven] Thank you, Buddy.
And thank you again for comin'here and makin'us all feel so at home.
- [Band: Mid-Tempo Ballad] - [Haven] Here she comes!
Here she comes! Our Barbara Jean!
[Barnett] Get up here.
Get on the other side.
[Haven] Here's our own Barbara Jean!
May I have a word, Barnett?
Not here. Come on. Come on.
Who do you think you are? Marlon Brando?
[Haven] Barbara Jean, ladies and gentlemen!
- Hi! - Oh, look at that!
[Excited Chatter]
Is that a sight!
Hello, Haven darling.
Hi, Bill. Hi, Mary. Where's Tom?
- Can you take my bag? - Sure.
- The gate. - Then let's go meet at the gate.
- Norman, let's go to the limo. - The limo is just outside.
- Barbara Jean, for you. - [Applause Continues]
- Thank you, Haven. - Right here for the photographer.
Thank you, Tennessee Twirlers, for coming out today,
and thank you, Franklin High School Band.
I think you kids get better every year.
[Applause Continues]
- [Band: Up-tempo March] - [Man] Twirlers, let's twirl!
- [Crowd Gasps] - Oh, little beauty!
Thank you so much!
Are you gonna ride into town with me or not?
Go on without me. I'm gonna wait, 'cause I think she's gonna sing.
Who, her? She ain't gonna sing.
She don't sing unless she gets paid.
I'd like to thank you for coming out to greet me today.
It's great to be home. It's as hot as a firecracker.
[Barnett] What's so funny about that?
Me and the boys are gonna be out at the Opry this week,
and like my grandaddy always used to say,
if you're down to the river I hope you'll drop in.
- [Applause] - [Haven] Ohh! Yes, that's sweet.
[Man] Who writes your material, darlin'?
Barnett, who are all those people inside there?
That's just airport security, 'cause of all the hijackers.
- Did they come to see me? - They can see you pretty good.
Then I'd like to go in and say hello.
[Pearl] Aww, that's so sweet!
Barnett, I'm sorry, darlin'.
[Reporter] This is a little bit unscheduled.
She's on her way to greet some of the fans that are inside there.
- Stepping on down with Barnett. - Watch out for the water.
[Pearl] That was real nice.
Right behind, Haven Hamilton and all the other friends, members and, uh...
- [Woman Screams] - She's fallen!
Harold, come on! She's fallen somewhere down there!
- If we can get down there... - [Shouting, Screaming]
Don't know how far we can make it.
[Walker On P.A.] Who do you think is running Congress?
Farmers? Engineers? Teachers? Businessmen?
No, my friends, Congress is run by lawyers.
A lawyer is trained for two things and two things only:
- [Siren Wailing] - To clarify... that's one...
and to confuse... that's the other thing.
He does whichever is to his client's advantage.
You ever ask a lawyer the time of day?
He told you how to make a watch, didn't he?
Ever ask a lawyer how to get to Mr. Jones'house in the country?
You got lost, didn't you?
Congress is composed of 535 individuals.
Two hundred and eighty-eight are lawyers.
And you wonder what's wrong in Congress.
No wonder we often know how to make a watch,
but we don't know the time of day.
- No wonder it takes 6 or 7 years... - [Man Shouting, Hooting]
[Walker Continues, Faint]
What the hell is the matter with you?
[Walker Continues On P.A.] Yes, I'm talking about replacement...
replacing this lawyeristic, red-taped...
and blank-taped government...
with the yes-and-no language of farmers and teachers,
engineers and businessmen.
I'm not pessimistic about this country.
She finally collapsed here on the sidewalk. Sort of a faint.
That's all we've been able to determine at this moment.
We interviewed Mr. Sperry. He said the same thing.
Haven Hamilton said the same thing as well.
That's about it for the moment from Metro Airport.
For Channel Two News, this is Bill Jenkins reporting.
[Walker On P.A.] Let's consider our national anthem.
Nobody knows the words.
Nobody can sing it.
Nobody understands it.
[Walker Continues] I suppose all the lawyers supported it...
because a lawyer wrote the words and a judge wrote the tune.
Careful, Buddy.
- Read it through carefully. - Watch out for that truck.
And I say read it because I know you can't sing it.
Read all four verses and you'll understand what I'm talking about.
Yes, sir, I would support work and vote for replacement.
Change our national anthem...
- This is terrific, Norman. - To something people understand,
back to something that would make a light shine in their faces.
Hey, man, get off my car!
Don't lean on my car!
I just got this goddamn thing fixed, so don't lean on it now.
Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, God.
Hey, man, get the hell off my car!
[Wade] You almost made me fall!
Okay, thanks. You got one too?
Thanks a lot. Just keep those cards and letters comin' in, folks.
- I cannot. I feel faint. - I'm gonna get us a Popsicle.
- H-Hello! - Those mangled bodies.
Would you go to that Popsicle truck and get us a couple of sweet ices?
There must be 20 cars piled up, one on top of the other.
- Oh, now, come on. - I saw a leg sticking out.
This is gonna be a mess. I don't know how long it, uh...
Can you just pull on through where the ambulance went through?
You wanna come on in and try it?
- What's the matter, son? - I'm stalled.
- What did you want? Popsicle? - I wish my cameraman had been here.
He's never around. I need something like this for my documentary.
I need it. It's... It's America.
Those cars smashing into each other...
and all those mangled corpses...
Just a minute now. Just a minute.
- [Radio: Country] - Aren't there any rock stations?
Well, hard to really say.
You see, after they opened her up...
they figured they oughta do an exploratory.
You know, give her kind of an overhaul.
- Twenty dollars? - Twenty dollars.
- I'll give you five. - No, I'll take 15.
You'll take 15? I'll give you ten.
[Walker] I can think of no sensible reason why New York...
must of necessity have 12,000 major crimes committed...
for every 1,000 committed in Tokyo.
- Yet these are the true victims. - Excuse me.
Some very funny notions have developed in American politics.
Let me see. Um, have you any children?
Yes, I have two children. I have a boy and a girl.
Oh, isn't that nice. How old are they?
Twelve and eleven.
Do they want to be singers like their mummy?
Uh, well, my children are deaf.
They're... They are deaf. They were born deaf.
Oh, my God, how awful.
- It's so depressing. - Now, just a minute. That's not so.
- I wish you could see my boy. - Oh, I couldn't.
He has the most incredible personality.
It's the sadness of it.
See, what happened is, he made a million dollars on a fly swatter,
because it had a red dot in the center.
- Fly swatter? - That's right. Just a red dot.
He was sittin' in the buffet, he was eatin', and he saw a woman...
and she was swattin' flies.
And, uh, she... Uh, he said,
"What makes the difference in fly swatters?"
'Cause it has to do with the industrial revolution.
The thing with these country people is,
they have a real grassroots appeal.
Oh, hell, they got fans.
And they're the people that elect the president.
We're gonna do everything we can.
You line up a lot of movie stars...
People here feel that movie stars are eccentric and crazy.
- Communists. - Well... [Laughing]
- A lot of'em are. - It's been said.
- I want to go to the Grand Ole Opry. - Forget that.
- 'Cause I have to have my record... - I don't like music.
- I'm gonna go see what's goin' on. - I have a gold record.
- It needs to be signed. - Get away from my truck!
- Goddamn it. Sons of bitches. - Shit.
I say, could I please speak to Mr. Tommy Brown?
I'm sorry. What?
Is it possible to have a few words with Mr. Tommy Brown?
I'm from the BBC. I'm doing a documentary on Nashville.
What is the BBC?
- British Broadcasting Company. - Oh, English.
It was called "Wanda, Wander."
No, that song was called "Wonder, Wanda."
- Wanda, wander's got me bad - I don't have a pen.
- No... Wonder, Wanda's got me bad - I keep travelin'
And I'm sad Buddy, Buddy, which was it?
- I don't really know. - Thank you, thank you.
- Goddamn it, it was "Wanda, Wander." - It was "Wonder, Wanda."
- "Wanda, Wander"! "Wanda, Wander"! - "Wonder, Wanda."
What difference does it make? It was a hit!
[Walker On P.A.] There's no breathing space.
What we need, first and foremost,
is a common-sense approach.
Nothing complicated.
Is Mr. Brown going to... Will he be here soon?
Yeah, he's in the back changin'.
Whenever he's going to have an interview, he puts his makeup on...
and likes to get all prettied up.
[Laughing] That's nice.
He must be a marvelous person...
to have all you lovely people working for him.
I know the problems in the South. I mean, I've heard of them.
[Chuckles] Well, yeah.
- He's a very liberal guy. - Oh, that's lovely.
By the way, I'd like for you to meet his wife. This is Joy.
- Mrs. Brown? - Yes.
[Gospel Choir] You may say that I ain't free
But it don't worry me
No, it don't
[Walker On P.A.] Today in America,
with its unmatched resources,
it is exceedingly ridiculous,
a total absurdity...
that any citizen with any ailment, mental or physical,
should go medically unattended.
We're settin' up everything for you.
- We got pictures the right height. - Oh, yeah, the bird again.
Isn't that beautiful. I remember when you gave that to me.
I remember I almost threw it out. [Laughs]
Good afternoon, girls.
I'd like you to wait outside the room a while...
because I know Aunt Esther would like to fix herself up a little.
I want my dog. Where is my dog?
- I'm sorry. I've got a date. - You do?
- I just need one shot. - I'm sorry. Could you excuse us?
- Come right on in, sir. - How you doin', Howard?
I'm sorry. No press allowed.
- Put these pictures above your head. - Fine, Buddy.
- Delbert, I got no time. - I know, I know.
I just stopped by to see Barbara Jean.
How you doin'? How's lawyerin'?
Nobody pays me no mind. I'm just like another flunky.
- Would you mind crankin' me up? - More white carnations.
Bud, what are you doin'? This is a hospital!
This ain't no construction site!
- I am not the press. - Go build another chair!
Goddamn it.
I am not the press. I am from the BBC.
Damned if I don't keep my pledge.
- Look who's here. Mr. Brown. - Glad you're here, but cut it short.
How do you do? Nice to see you.
You look as beautiful as a big black butterfly.
I'm gettin' jealous. You better get outta here.
[Barbara Jean] He's gettin'mighty jealous.
- [Del Laughs] - I gotta set myself up a bit. Hi.
- I need to talk to you. - You got it.
All right, everybody. Doctor's gotta talk turkey.
Barnett, there's somebody I want you to meet.
- John Triplette from California. - John Triple?
- Triplette. - Okay. All right.
- Okay. - He's a killer.
- Give us some good news. - Excuse us, please.
- Are you a relative? - No, no.
- Can you tell me how she is? - She's fine.
It's her husband I'm concerned about.
[Barnett] Now say somethin'good. You got two seconds.
- Can I have a light? - Excuse me?
- Can I have a light? - Yeah, sure.
The incident you described just now is very similar...
to what was diagnosed as some kind of intestinal disorder.
- [L.A. Joan] What's your name? - Bud Hamilton's my name.
It's really hot here.
Esther's awake. She's dying to see you.
I'll be there in a minute. I'm talking to someone right now.
- I'm talking to someone. - I beg your pardon.
That's my uncle.
I've got a sick aunt down the hall.
I just got in from Los Angeles a few hours ago.
- I'm L.A. Joan. - L.A. Joan?
What do you do?
Well, I know it sounds arrogant,
but I'm on my way to town, if I ever make it,
to become a country-western singer or star.
Yeah? What are you gonna do if you don't?
If I don't? I don't kn... Oh, I could always go into sales.
- Like ladies' clothes? - No... I don't know.
Well, I know all about trucks, so I'd go into trucking, I guess.
- You're kidding me. - No, I'm not kiddin' you.
I'm in a truck enough. And I know how to fix motors and all that.
- Nobody'd buy trucks from a girl. - I been fixin' motors a long time.
They'd buy 'em from me 'cause I know all about motors.
Why do you say that?
See, what's happenin' is, if I can't sell trucks and I can't go...
- Nobody'd buy a truck from a girl. - I knew this was gonna happen.
Don't say you saw me.
Hey, you haven't seen my wife, have ya?
- She's sort of ordinary-lookin'. - Uh-uh.
Are you going into town?
You're not one of them country singers, are ya?
- No. Can you give me a ride? - All right, get in.
You look like a guy I was in the navy with.
He wouldn't bathe, so we had to pee in his bed to get him discharged.
[Radio: Country]
My name's Sueleen Gay.
I'm here to sing you all a couple of songs tonight that I wrote.
I sure hope you're gonna enjoy 'em, honey,
'cause I know I'm gonna enjoy singin' 'em to ya.
The first one I'm gonna sing tonight is called...
"Let Me Be The One."
Let's go.
Oh, what about your... your aunt and uncle?
Oh, it's cool. I can see them anytime.
- What kind of car you got? - I have a little... Here.
[Doctor] And, uh, that...
that being true,
I would suggest, on the basis of the first account...
[Up-tempo Bluegrass]
River Keep on flowing
Push your muddy waters down to the sea
I'm so lonely
Rolling on this river
Old Man Mississippi River
Carry me home
I got a cute little gal waitin'home for me
Down in Memphis, Tennessee
Gonna see my girl She's a Cajun queen
Waitin'down in New Orleans
How come you're not wearing the blue dress?
Because I didn't want to wear it.
You're supposed to wear the blue dress when I wear this.
- I don't wanna dress like twins. - We're not twins. We're a trio.
Hi, young stud. Come in, sit down right over here.
Yeah! Whoo.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry to...
No, it's okay.
He looks like Howdy Doody.
Okay, this is, uh...
Right here at Deemen's Den.
- Hi, everybody! My name's Sheila. - And my name's Patti.
[Together] And we're the Smokey Mountain Laurel.
Oh, these troubled times
They been makin' me weary
All my toil and teardrops make me sa-a-a-ad
Oh, these troubled times They been makin'me weary
Still, the Lord is the best friend I have
So I'm goin' down to the river
Where I'm gonna kiss my sins away
I'm goin' down to the river
I'm a-gonna begin a brand-new day
Sweet Jesus He came in the morning
He didn't kiss no women at night
Come on, Becky, let's go. It's gettin' late.
I've gotta get up...
Sorry. Oh! Tom!
- Yeah? - Tom, hello.
[Woman] Another one of his girlfriends.
I was looking for you. This chap told me you were in here.
- Who are you? - I'm Opal from the BBC. Hello.
Good evening, ladies.
You don't mind if I sit down for a little bit.
[Cheering, Whistling]
All right, I wanna hear it some more for my Misty Mountain Boys!
I got a couple announcements I wanna make.
We got some stars here tonight.
- It can't be us. - And one of'em is...
Tommy Brown's back in town!
Tommy Brown! Stand up and show it off!
[Pearl Laughs] Oh, ain't he beautiful!
Tommy Brown? Tommy Brown's the whitest nigger in town.
It's gettin' late. I'm very sorry. I'm very sorry.
He oughta drink some of that milk! It fits his personality!
This is not typical of Lady Pearl's parlors, you understand.
It's not typical of Nashville.
- I hope you'll tell the other ones. - Hey, the Oreo cookie's leavin'!
Calm down. You're drunk.
I know I'm drunk, but he's still the whitest nigger in town,
and I ain't gonna change my mind about that, I'll tell you right now.
Tommy Brown. Shit. Hey, where you goin', Tommy Brown?
Come on back in...
- Hey, get your hands off... - [Patrons Screaming]
Listen, boys! I got two guns here!
Jesus said it's gonna be all
Well, how'd we do, Trout?
Not bad, girls. Go sit down. I'll talk to you in a minute.
Send over a couple of beers.
Hey, Bear, how about a couple beers for the ladies, huh?
- Okay, honey, what's your name? - Sueleen. Sueleen Gay.
Sueleen Gay, you're on next.
Come on, Bunkie.
One, two, three, four.
Un, doux, trois, quatre. Testing. Testing.
I gotta go to the bathroom. Wait for me here.
[Man] The kind of guys that go for this Hal Phillip Walker...
Longhairs that smoke cigarettes that look funny.
I heard this guy's an admitted homo.
Hi, y'all.
My name's Sueleen Gay...
and I'm here to sing you all a couple songs that I wrote.
First one I'm gonna do is called "Let Me Be The One."
[Off-key] Let me be the one
To understand you
[Woman] That's awful.
Let me be the one to lend a hand
And if you need some kind affection
- Won't you let me give you some - What is this?
Won't you let me
Be the one
Oh, won't you
Let me be the one
Won't you let me be the one
When your skies get dark and cloudy
- Won't you let me be the sun - I'm looking for Frog.
When you're feelin' kinda down
- And you wanna have some fun - Um, I'm making a demo.
- You want a beer? - No, thanks. This is business.
See, what I was wonderin'...
I'm makin' a demonstration album at a recordin' studio.
- And, uh... - Winifred!
- What? You... - Goddamn it, come back here!
- No! - Everybody
- Winifred! - Needs to give some too
[Phone Rings]
When you get tired of pretending
- Deemen's Den. - Is Trout around there?
- Yeah, this is Trout. - Listen, this is, uh, Del Reese.
- We're gonna have a fund-raiser, - [Continues]
And we need some help with some...
- Talent? - Yeah, talent. Right.
I tell you what I'm gonna do.
The fella I'm working with is here. I'm gonna put him on the phone.
He can tell you what it is we need. John Triplette's his name.
Uh, Trout. This fella's name's Trout.
- Trout. - Yeah.
- Hello, Trout? - Hey, John, how are you?
- I'm fine. How are you? - Fantastic.
Listen, as Del told you, we're putting a smoker together.
I think next Monday night, hopefully.
What we need is a young lady to entertain the troops.
Hey, babes.
And then...
- [Speaking Unclearly] - What are you tellin'? Huh?
- Mm-hmm. - [Sighs]
Set the table, please.
I'm sorry you got stuck in that big traffic jam out there today.
I have got a saucy, saucy redhead...
- Saucy. - Who is dynamite.
Absolutely dynamite.
Everybody needs to give some too
Why, in fact her name is Suelynn Gay.
Well, if she's half as provocative as her name, we're home free.
[Continues, Unclearly]
I'm sorry I sprang this dinner on you.
I asked the man if he wanted to come to dinner, and he said yes.
One boy pushed me out.
[Girl Interjects, Unclearly]
[Boy Continues, Unclearly]
- Were you out there by yourself? - Wasn't it hot?
Thought I was gonna burn up.
We got in the car and turned on the air.
Coach said, "Go in the water." I said, "Okay."
- [Del] What you tellin', Jimmy? - Talkin' 'bout swimming class.
- He's telling about swimming class. - Oh.
Did you swim today? Did you learn anything?
- Huh? - Hush! Let him tell it.
Then the coach said, "Ready?" I said, "Yeah. Oh, boy."
Did it how I used to.
Then I went down to the diving board...
and went... Whoo! And touched bottom.
And I kept goin' through. Walked on the bottom.
And then I come out.
Then I get two cards: "Goldfish"and...
and "Passed the test."
- [Linnea Laughs] - How about that?
They call you Gol... They call you Goldfish?
Goldfish. That's it.
- [Applause] - Oh, dynamite! Dynamite!
Sueleen, I'm so proud of you, baby.
- Thank you. - You knocked 'em out up there.
Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry.
All the people were goin'crazy! Darlin', you're outta sight!
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, that's beautiful. Honey, it takes an attitude to be a star.
- What can I tell you? - Do I get thejob, then?
I got you a job while you were singin'.
You did? Ohh!
A friend of mine called. Very heavy.
There's a party Monday night.
The pay is not much because it's a low-budget thing... $ 10.
I don't care about the money.
This must be some sort of amateur night.
- You're gonna be a star. - I gotta make a phone call.
I'll be right back.
They are good, babe.
- [Phone Rings] - Mmm, I have to get that.
- That's all right. Go on. - [Jimmy] Where you goin'?
- Telephone. - [Ringing Continues]
Mmm. Hello.
- [Tom] Hi. Linnea? - Mm-hmm.
- I'm here. - Who is it?
This is Tom.
Just a minute. I have something in my mouth.
- I was eatin' dinner. - You haven't changed a bit.
- Now, who is it? - This is Tom. Don't you remember?
No, I don't believe I do.
[Laughs] We met in the control room at the recording studio...
about two months ago.
- Oh, yes. How are you? - I'm fine. How are you?
I'm just fine. What are you doin' in Nashville?
I'm gonna do some recording. I'm here for a couple weeks.
- I'd really like to see you. - Come out to the house.
The children would love to meet you.
That's not exactly what I had in mind.
Look, I find you very attractive and I'd like to see you.
Well, I think it'd be fine if we had dinner some night here at the house.
- You've never met my husband Del. - I see. You can't talk now.
I'll call you later. I'm going home. I'll call you when I get there. Bye.
- Wh... Uh, I'd like to... - [Receiver Clicks]
All right. I'll talk to you later. Thank you for calling.
- He's done well in those primaries. - He sure has.
That's the key to it.
Who was it, babe?
Oh, down at the recording studio.
I left some, uh, music down there.
- What kind of a gun is it? - A.38 Smith and Wesson special.
Uh, this particular gun's a stainless steel gun.
Did you ever have to shoot it?
We had to shoot it to qualify on the range,
but I've never had to kill anyone with it.
'Course, there's been occasions where I have had to use it to...
See ya later, alligator.
Am I too late?
Well, Esther's asleep now.
She's looking forward to seeing you in the morning.
[Walker On P.A.] If the chairman of the board of your company...
had been running your business...
the way Washington has been running our business,
you'd be asking a lot of questions,
and you would find out what you already know...
we have some problems that money alone won't solve.
Now, I know something about money.
Anybody who grew up without it knows a lot about money.
I know more about money than some of the rich,
because I never had any until I was 27.
I know something of what money can do,
and more important, I know something of what it can't do.
Does it make sense to let petroleum giants increase prices at will,
- adding to a staggering profit... - Watch where you're going!
But tell the little filling station owner in his khakis...
- he can't charge one penny more? - What's wrong with you, you dope?
To tax the salaries of people on poverty-level income,
I don't need that shit, you stupid...
then give back in food stamps twice the amount of the tax.
Vote for Hal Phillip Walker!
[Walker Continues] If there's any cleaning up done,
we're going to have to do it.
The Lord is not going to do the replacing,
and the powers that be are certainly not going to replace themselves.
That old truth remains: There is no such thing as a free lunch.
- Hello. - If the books are to be balanced,
we're going to have to balance them.
- Yes, sir. - You've got a room for rent?
Yeah. I'm Mr. Green. That's me. I'm Mr. Green.
- I'd like to see it. - What's your name again?
- Kenny. Kenny Fraiser. - All right, sir, right this way.
Just go right through.
That's your room straight ahead there, Kenny.
My wife's been in the hospital, so the house is a little dusty,
but there's clean sheets on the bed.
It's fine. It's like my room at home.
- And Kenny. - [Radio: Pop]
The toilet's down at the end of the hall.
- You a musician? - Yeah.
Well, now, my niece is interested in music.
- Martha! - [Continues]
This here is Kenny. This is Martha.
- Hi! - Hi.
She's from California. [Clears Throat]
- Uh, $ 13.50? - That's right. $ 13.50 a week.
And you can have breakfast with me if you want.
Of course you'll have to help me wash the dishes.
Let me put this down and I'll pay you.
[Radio] Gonna try whatever comes my way
Gonna do some heavy thinkin'
Good mornin'. Barbara Jean, time to get...
- I must have the wrong room. - I think you do.
Come on, Barbara Jean.
- [Murmuring] - Time to get up. Come on.
- Hi. - Good morning, Louise.
- Did you have a nice rest? - Yeah. I was just having a dream.
Oh, I know the political physicians are laughing,
but not quite as loud today as they were yesterday.
- Sing - [Singing Along]
Sing a... Del, are... Wait a minute.
You want me to fry you an egg?
No, honey, I'm gonna hard-boil me a couple eggs.
All right.
- Sing, sing a song - [Singing Along]
[Tom] The economy's depressed, not me
My spirit's high as it can be
And you may say
That I ain't free
But it don't worry me
It don't worry me
Wake up.
It don't worry me
You may say that I ain't free
But it don't worry me
- [Counts In German] - You say this train
- Don't give out rides - God.
- Well, it don't worry me - God, I thought I was in Israel.
- All the world is takin'sides - I don't know why.
- But it don't worry me - Certainly not the decor, was it?
Must have been dreaming.
In my empire life is sweet
I was there for about a year on a kibbutz.
I was feeling very romantic about that kind of socialism at the time.
I thought I'd like to have a bash at it.
- Hello. - Can I talk to Linnea, please?
- Del, I'm on the phone. - Okay.
How are you? Listen, I'm sorry I didn't call sooner, but...
- Who is this? - [Chuckles] This is Tom.
Tom who?
Oh, come on.
- Who is this? Tom who? - This is Tom. Listen...
I don't know who you are, I don't know why you're calling,
and I want you to stop it.
- You know you want to see me. - I never said any such thing.
And I'm not foolin'. Don't you ever call here again!
- [Click] - What's goin' on... Hello? Linnea?
Who was that, babe?
Just some crazy person been callin' here.
Next time he calls, you tell him you're gonna get the police on him.
- Come on. Sing - [Singing Along]
Sing a song
Make it simple to
Last your whole life long
Just sing
Sing a song
Yeah, he watched that.
[Woman] How do you get outside, please?
- Dial "9." - Oh, hi, Mr. Green.
Look at those flowers. Did you grow those?
Esther and I did, yes.
My niece here picked 'em. She's from California.
Oh, that's good.
They're so healthy. Let me check and see if she's awake.
There's no reason why I can't use the phone.
May I see your credentials?
- I'll be happy to show them to you. - Hi.
- Holy dogshit! Look at that! - What is that?
That must be some friends of Buddy's.
[Winifred] Uh, Little Women.
Little Women!
Ever since that Easy Rider movie,
that's the kind of bike everybody's been drivin'...
long, low, laid back in front.
- They're so dangerous, aren't they? - They are.
Over here at Baptist Hospital there's a whole ward of young boys,
the cutest, best-lookin' boys you'd ever want to see,
paralyzed from the waist down.
Oh! Excuse me.
Thank you for the ride, darling.
Break a leg.
- Have you passed the bar yet? - Oh, yeah. [Chuckles]
- Not that bar. - No, I know... Excuse me.
- Well, well, well. Young Hamilton. - How are you?
- How are you? - Fine, fine.
Give us a kiss, love.
You're a shy young man, aren't you?
- Is your dad around? - Uh, yes, he is, but...
Do you think I could have a little chat with him?
He's kinda tied up right now, but maybe you could...
- Is your mom around? - No. My mom is in Paris.
- [Opal] This is Bergman. - [Buddy] I like it.
- It's kinda nice. - Pure, unadulterated Bergman.
It's beautiful. You live here?
Yeah, we do. We've been here for quite a while.
Lucky you! It's so gorgeous. I've never seen...
Of course, the people are all wrong for Bergman, aren't they?
Well, I suppose you're interested in horses.
Uh, yeah. I like horses. Sure.
Honey, you should arrange for him to visit one of our horse shows.
Haven breeds those famous Tennessee Walkers you've heard about.
- Oh, really? - Oh, he knows all about Walkers.
That is not the kind of walker I had in mind.
- That's very fast. - We have to be.
Well, she had this most horrible accident.
- Hi, Marie. How are you? - How are you?
She got a lick on the head gettin' into one of those tiny cars.
Her daughter's car.
This happened almost a year ago.
No one had any idea this was gonna develop into such a horrible thing.
Mr., uh, Triplette,
I'm sorry ol' Delbert told you Haven would appear at the political rally.
He knows better than that.
We'd never let Haven Hamilton take sides politically.
Uh, you understand we give contributions to everybody.
[Haven] And they are not puny contributions.
Only time I ever went hog-wild around the bend...
was for the Kennedy boys.
But they were different.
Oh, yes, ma'am, they were.
[Pearl] That's a fact.
Excuse me a minute.
Thank you, Brenda.
[Man] Is this party somebody's birthday, or...
[Woman] No, this is, uh... I'm sure you've seen Haven Hamilton.
No, I never heard of him. Do we get out here?
Let me, uh...
Let me get that door.
Listen, I wanted to ask...
Would it be all right if I asked Mr. Gould a question?
You wanna ask me something?
We're gonna be riding back with you. Could we wait until then?
I just wanted to know what you were doing in Nashville.
I'm just coming to a party. What are you doing in Nashville?
- Well, I'm stuck here. - Yeah?
We'll see you in a bit.
Haven is singing tonight at the Grand Ole Opry,
and this is just a previous sort of party for his friends.
Right. He's got a lot of photographers here, huh?
What are you doing here, anyway?
I came on a date, and now I'm goin' to the Grand Ole Opry.
How you gon' go to the Grand Ole Opry?
You came with a date. Is he gonna take you?
Huh? No, he...
They left.
No, I'm promoting a movie, but I'm not making one.
Are you a personal friend of Mr. Hamilton's?
Yeah, we're good friends.
Um, no, I'm not a singer. I'm a businessman.
I take care of all Dad's business.
- You're a businessman? - Yeah.
With that face? [Giggles]
You can't be a businessman.
Yeah, l... I work with, uh, Dad's company.
I take care of his records.
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