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Subtitles for Namnam buknyeo (2003) - Love Impossible.

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Namnam buknyeo (2003) - Love Impossible

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Produced by Jong-hwi Ju
In-sung Jo, Sa-rang Kim
Hyung-jin Gong, Young-ran Heo
Directed by Cho-shin Jung
Ancient tombs found in Yanbian, China
Estimated to date from Goguryeo Era, perhaps 2,000 years ago
North and South Korea to form a joint-excavation party
Is been a while, man.
Ah, the lovely scent of perfume!
Girls, here comes Chul-soo, your prince!
- Les go. - Come on!
She looks hot.
'Blue Marine'?
How did you know? Oh my!
You're the cutest guy I've ever seen!
Where did you buy that perfume?
I'd like to get it
for my girlfriend
She's your type. Say hi.
Hi there.
She's way past her expiration date.
Hey cutie, where's your table?
Hey, good-Iooking!
Wow, Chul-soo, she's a fox!
She's mine, boys.
Come on.
How's it going? Whas this?
- What are you doing?! - A piece of string!
So long.
Les light it!
Let me set you on fire tonight.
They made it to the finals through harsh competition.
Now the final round begins!
Let me read the question.
In 1975... our Great Leader, Comrade Kim II Sung...
...visited an industrial site
and gave a speech.
What was his teaching on that day?
A Great Leader of the Korean peoples...
A forerunner that leads
the history of Asia...
A respected revolutionary...
The Sun of the race,
Lantern of Asia... He got it wrong?
The order's mixed up.
- 'Lantern of Asia' comes first. - Thas right!
In the course of his life, his only concern was... make our lives better off. He couldn't put more emphasis...
...on increasing the output of cereals, and...
He's wrong again! Is grains, not cereals.
You're joking, aren't you?
You're so funny.
I need to look for a job.
There's no way I'm going to Yanbian.
- Mr. Chul-soo Kim. Do you think you could find a job in the real world?
What a mean thing to say!
You're too mean.
Hi. Whas your name?
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
- Mr. Kim. - Yes?
What do you want a job for?
I'm not gonna be a bum after I graduate.
- Mr. Kim. - Yes?
You crack me up!
I know.
Forget about it.
Because you're not graduating!
What are you talking about?
A supreme commander of the armed forces...
The almighty leader of the Korean peoples...
General Kim Jong-il...
...has made our military invincible...
...on the road to completing
- the revolution. - Not a single mistake!
The hardest part is over. She's going to win!
The morale of our military soars high to the sky...
...and our passion reaches every corner of the world... the violent waves of the oceans!
- Mr. Chul-soo Kim. - Yes?
This is your last chance.
- If you go to Yanbian... - What?
...I'll let you graduate.
I'm not going!
You'll be the representative.
No way!
No? Thas a shame.
I thought you might be interested.
I've got to get going. Bye.
Screw the tombs!
I'm busy enough trying to dig up chicks in Seoul.
You'll be going with college girls
Our Great Leader, Comrade Kim II Sung...
...designed this competition for college students.
And the Kim II Sung Award goes to... archeology major at Kim II Sung University...
...Comrade Young-hee Oh!
You can't film here!
This is the National Intelligence Service!
No filming the NIS!
Calm down.
You're totally mistaken.
Mistaken, my ass!
Dad... you really hit me... in my stomach... hard...
I meant to!
I might as well disown you, you pathetic Casanova!
Put it down.
Going to Yanbian for what?
To pick up girls?
Is that the latest hot spot for hooking up or something?!
Relax, okay?
Like I said, you totally got it wrong.
Save it!
I don't want to hear it.
I'm not lying!
Why did you take it off?
Because I'm hot!
If not for girls, what would
you go there for?
- Dad! - Don't 'da me!
In this building,
I am an NIS director!
Is to graduate!
Thas why I'm going!
To graduate?
Thas right!
I'm shy of some credits to graduate.
They'll give me credits for going there.
I swear is not about girls.
What are you doing?
Anybody there?
So, is for credits?
Dad, les have some tea.
You must be really close.
I mean, hugging like that.
You're a carbon copy of your father.
So handsome!
He looks more like his late mom.
Are you okay?
God, you've got coffee
all over your legs.
Miss Kim, get me a glass of water.
- Yes, sir. - Why Don't you...?
Sorry I lost it there.
And I'm about to!
To graduate?
If you're lying, you're dead meat.
Hi, Professor. Lee. This is Chul-soo's dad.
How are you?
Let me ask you something.
Does my son have to go
to Yanbian?
What happened to that glass of water?
Thanks. Bye.
Start packing!
f you mess up again...
I will bury you next to that tomb!
I shoulve sent him to the military academy.
I'm so proud of you!
Suitors will be
lining up after you.
You must be tired. Go to bed.
- Goodnight, father. - you, too.
Why'd you bring it up?
She's still too young to get married!
Don't be like that.
Is for her sake.
Have you forgotten?
When you proposed to me... said love was all that counted.
Give her some space.
Pipe down!
I'll make sure she marries
only the best.
Just watch!
'Screams echo away as waves in the ocean... '
'A beautiful youth, beautiful memories... '
Gosh, I missed it again!
I can't breathe, singing this!
This is way harder than memorizing speeches!
Isn't that Young-hee Oh?
An archeology major at Kim II Sung University
Who's going?
- Why Don't l- No way!
Don't you have some things with you from Japan?
You give it a shot.
She won't fall for them.
Every girl is materialistic. Is a piece of cake.
Let me go talk to her.
Aren't you Young-hee Oh?
You won the Knowledge
Competition, didn't you?
How'd you know?
I thought so.
I was in the competition, too.
I didn't do well, though.
I see.
This is for you.
Wow, isn't this Coke?
This is so hard to get around here.
No thanks. I can't take it.
Please, I want you to!
And... Young-hee...
Can I see you tomorrow?
Why don't we...
You pathetic player!
You gotta study harder.
Sorry I'm late.
Whas that boy doing on the ground?
Beats me, Hae-young. He was there when I got here.
Is that true?
Don't be too excited.
I'd never send you to Yanbian.
But is a direct order from our Great Leader.
I couldn't say no to him.
I'll do my best as the leader of the excavation party.
Keep this in mind.
There'll be boys from the South.
So behave yourself. Okay?
Don't worry.
I won't let you down.
- Father. - What?
Thank you so much!
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Don't thank me. Thank our Great Leader.
Eat well
and be a good girl.
Where the hell is he?
What the...
This is... Aren't you hot, Mr. Kim?
Welcome! We've been expecting you.
Girls of Yanbian...
Here I am!
Others are coming tomorrow.
Is small, but you'll find it to your liking.
If you need anything, call me at the embassy.
Thank you.
This is so exciting! Les unpack.
Do you like you room?
Les go.
I've once dug up a tomb twice
the size of a mountain.
No big deal, though.
Thas a primary school.
3 years ago...
...we found one, 10 times bigger than a pyramid.
You can count on me.
You got yourself an expert.
In Yanbian, Il-Pyong is known as Mr. Tomb!
Who's that?
Oh, I forgot to tell you!
My name's Il-Pyong Kang.
Look, Il- Pyong.
Don't mind the tombs.
Your job is to dig up chicks for me. Okay?
What, aren't you a guide?!
I am.
You can go home now.
I'm off to do market research.
What a self-absorbed ass!
That way goes to the park, not any markets.
The scenery is breath-taking,
you idiot!
Help me!
I can't swim!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I can't swim!
He's here.
Come on in!
What do you want?
You ditched me like I was...
What on earth are you giggling about?
Find a girl for me.
A girl?
Thas right! Thas an attitude, man.
What girl?
I ran into her today. She's gorgeous.
- Where?
- At the park.
Talk about a needle in a haystack...
What does she look like?
Long-nosed like me...
Her thick lips were so sensual.
About 170-cm-tall...
Kind of slim, but graceful.
For instance...
Like this lady!
Let me see.
You've got unique tastes in women, Chul-soo.
You're into middle-aged
Just the style, man! She's my mom!
She looks so generous.
As you know,
this kind of thing costs...
- Right! - the more, the better.
- Yes. - Some more.
Don't worry about it.
Whas this?
Am I looking for a dog? This is a joke.
Let me give you some more.
Here you go. This is like 30 dollars.
What is this shit? Excuse my language.
You go find her, you ignorant cheapskate!
I thought that was a lot
for you guys here.
What the hell...
This is what I'm taking about!
Fork it over, nitwit.
Hang on.
You want South Korean money?
It costs a lot of money to find a person.
- Hold on!
Yanbian isn't the boondocks. This is more like it, dolt.
Stop calling me names!
This is Yanbian, and
I'm much older than you. I can call you whatever
I want to. Okay? I'll find her for you.
Don't you worry a thing.
Where the hell is she?
Where have you been all day?
Sorry, Hae-young.
Have you eaten?
You haven't eaten all day?
Grab your bowl there.
Slow down, girl.
Happy to be away from
that 'get marrie garbage?
Even rice tastes better here. Is sweeter than honey!
The North Koreans are running late.
They'll be here shortly.
Just my luck!
I can't believe the professor
is the prettiest woman here.
Yes? Got a question?
Of course not.
I'm so getting back at him!
Oh, they're here!
He's so cute!
Cute? Please!
We shoulve sat in the back.
Why don't you guys say hi
to one another?
Is a stone tomb from
the Goguryeo Era.
Relatively small,
but its historical value...
...can't be overemphasized.
This project is very significant.
Why is he staring at us? He must have a crush on me!
This tomb...
very important...
My hears pounding so hard!
He's looking at the professor.
I'm telling you!
He's checking us out.
You've got to be watch him!
Many ancient Goguryeo tombs
have been found here.
In this circled area alone...
...more than 10 of them have been unearthed over the years.
Don't be shy,
you cutie you.
A military post stood here during the Japanese rule.
So, be cautious at all times.
Chul-soo Kim from South Korea?
Yes, ma'am!
I'm the party leader.
He's the leader of the South?
Good for you!
Young-hee Oh from North Korea?
Yes, ma'am.
Les work hard together
to find the tomb.
It will be a step toward reunifying the two Koreas.
Step forward, please.
Shake hands.
Your hand is so soft.
Thas your name, right? I was wondering...
- What are you doing? - Huh?
You came all the way here to hit on girls?
You think you're hot stuff?
You totally got me wrong.
As leaders of both parties,
we've got things to discuss.
Zip it up!
Zip up what?
Hey. You.
Don't forget what you're here for.
Young-hee, les go.
I know what I'm here for!
Lord almighty...
The wind feels so creepy,
doesn't it?
- Look, Chul-soo. - What?
You know the girl you asked me to find?
- Yes. - I found her.
Look straight ahead.
- She's the one, isn't she? - Right.
I thought so.
Check out that bomb
next to her.
Getting rid of her won't be easy.
You can say that again.
Any ideas?
No matter how bad,
there's always a way out.
Let me tell you.
I was with the bomb squad...
...serving in the Chinese
People's Army...
...defusing bombs...
Oh, that!
You're a fast learner, Huh?
I'm smarter than you think.
Whatever. You know what?
It might look easy to you.
But a bomb like her is very hard to defuse.
Yes. but...
Give me a little more. You won't be sorry.
Can I write this off? Just kidding!
This is enough.
This'll help me...
disarm her.
I'm counting on you.
Chul-soo, trust me. We're compatriots.
I'll blow her into pieces.
She's done for.
They've got everything
here in Yanbian.
So do we in the Republic!
- Young-hee. - What?
Isn't that a dance club?
Les go there tonight
and have some fun.
Comrade, are you nuts?
Thas a symbol of corrupt capitalism.
Stop calling me comrade!
Is so embarrassing.
Stop yelling at me.
This is China.
Whatever I call you, they don't understand.
Please, go.
Think of it as studying,
experiencing new things.
Over my dead body!
Fine! Les not! Don't be upset.
Do this for me. Please!
Putting on lipstick is harder than studying.
Everything is hard at first.
I'll help you put it on in a minute.
Get over here and help me
fix my lips now!
I thought you didn't want to go?
Okay, I'll do it now.
Whas the matter now?!
What if diplomats or other students see us?
No diplomats here!
And the others won't rat on us...
...because that means they were here, too.
Forget about them and les have fun.
Stop being a party pooper!
Keep your mouth shut
and follow me!
So many cute boys here!
You call that dancing? They dance like zombies!
I'll get you girls a table.
Even the waiters are cute here!
Right here, girls.
Have a seat.
What can I get you?
Chinese beer. You?
- Beer from Pyongyang. - I'll be right back.
- Look who's here! - What are you doing here?
Mind if we sit?
You already have!
Who woulve imagined running into you here!
This club rocks!
Yes, sir?
A bottle of whiskey... Some beer?
- 10 bottles! - you heard the man.
Shake a leg, okay?
On the double.
Bite it hard!
Les party like there's no tomorrow.
Wow, that was quick.
How'd he do that?
Are you guys ready?
You bet!
Here we go.
Grab your...
She must be a drinker.
Thas good for us.
Whas up with you? Slow down.
What a finish!
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
Is called a 'Cannon Sho in the Republic.
Go ahead.
My stomach... I need to hit the head.
What a wimp!
Where are you going?
Is she okay?
Never been at a disco with a man.
I have, but not with a pretty
girl like you.
Les get to know each other better.
Stop peeking.
But they Look So good.
You scared me! This is the Ladies' restroom.
I know.
Is kind of getting late,
and I'm bored. Les get out of here.
Don't mind them. Keep dancing.
What are you talking about?
You jerk!
You jerk!
Not again!
I saw this coming.
Take good care of yourself.
Are you okay?
Thank God she didn't kill you!
But I see she beat the crap out of you.
She's such a cutie.
You sure this will work?
Trust me on this, man.
Never seen any North Korean say no to this.
Some want this for a dowry.
Come on.
- for a dowry? - Sure!
Les make up.
After me!
Come on, take it.
Is this to make up? Or to hook up with us?
If possible, for both.
Whas this? It smells great.
What do you take us for, beggars?!
You boys are so senseless.
Didn't her mom teach her
not to play with food?
What a waste!
Is hopeless.
Chul-soo, don't give up.
I'll work things out.
So you're looking for a way to hook them up?
Thas right!
Any ideas how to get them
as close as we are?
I have an idea!
You do? What is it?
Give me your ear.
What an idea!
You're not only pretty,
but very smart.
Wish you hadn't blown
into my ear, though.
In fact, I'm smarter than Young-hee
Thas what I think, too.
Chul-soo has bad taste in women.
You really think so?
Of course!
If I'm
lying to you...
...may I be struck by lightning
and my lips fried.
I'm so flattered.
At the zoo across the street...
...there's this secluded spot.
Why don't we go over there...
...and enjoy some privacy?
What do you say?
Comrades, gather up!
Whas going on here?
Our Great Leader sent us
to excavate these tombs.
And this is how you repay him?
Shame on you!
We should find the tomb
before they do.
Whas wrong with that bitch?
She has no idea whas more important.
Stupid cow.
Unit 1 here, and Unit 2
takes the other side.
Unit 3 comes with me. Got it?
Back to work!
I got them for you.
Another magic trick? Quite a few this time.
What? Thas...
Just kidding.
I've never received flowers from a man.
Very sweet of you,
but I can't go out with you.
What the...
A respected revolutionary...
- Whas next? - Asia!
Lantern of Asia,
The sun of the race... And the protector of the universe...
The successor to our Great Leader...
General Kim Jong-il once said...
' The healthy love of young couples... '
'... brightens the future of the Republic.'
Take these and give me a hug.
I'm not going out with you.
Come in with me then!
Go after her.
He's a nice guy. I'd date him, if I were you.
Have you forgotten?
He's from South Korea.
Is impossible. Is just dating,
not like marrying him.
And we're in China now. I don't see why not.
Hae-young, are you out of your mind?
We're not here to meet guys,
but excavate the tomb!
I can't wait to go back.
What are you yelling at me for?
I don't care.
Maybe I should give up.
Chul-soo, you know what?
What she wants most is
to find the tomb, right?
You should find it before her.
And use it as bait.
Tell her you wouldn't mind...
...letting her receive credit for finding the tomb.
See what I'm getting at?
She would be so touched...
...that she'd lie down with her legs wide open.
Thas it! Thas a good idea!
You're a genius!
I'm so impressed!
Cut it out, man.
You know what?
When you see a doctor, Thas a good idea!
In this case, I was...
I got it.
I'm not that stupid. I have it right here.
Show me the money.
Where is...
I don't have any.
No money? You left it in the room?
I'm exhausted! Les take a break.
Comrades, take a break!
Stop playing with that flashlight.
- Whas wrong? - What?
- Have you gone insane? - This just isn't you!
Staying at a luxurious hotel has messed up your head.
We have to find the tomb
before they do! Got that?!
Okay, good luck to you.
Keep digging.
He's gone crazy, girls.
Leave him alone.
Hey, where are you going? Is not there!
Why don't you eat?
Whas wrong with her?
Eat with us, my friend.
Who says I'm your friend? Out of my way!
We're eating here, man!
No work, no food!
Look at this dust!
Get over here.
Why can't a girl eat in peace?
Don't eat mine. Sure.
Out of my way!
Leave him be. He's gone crazy.
Jesus, is gotten all dusty.
- Min-chul! - What?
I found the tomb!
He found it!
I think you dug too much.
You shoulve eaten instead of digging this far.
Back up!
Stop pushing me!
It feels like we're in
'Indiana Jones.'
I'm not quite sure if this is it.
What do you think?
Give it here.
Is this the tomb?
- I Don't think so. - Shit!
Nothing but a mural painting.
I know. Is a couple getting married.
Maybe is a sign that I should get married, too.
Should I set you up with a girl?
I'd appreciate it, man.
Hey, get over here.
- I'm scared. - is Okay. Come on.
You'll make a great couple.
- Damn! - What the hell?!
- Chul-soo. - God, you scared me!
Don't be.
Keep your voice down.
What am I doing here
in the dead of night?
Don't chicken out now.
It was your idea.
Stupid! You got me wrong.
I meant do it during the day.
Look at all these bugs!
you shoulve told me so.
Stop making faces at me!
Why didn't you tell me
to wear long sleeves?
Stop complaining. You just loaf instead of working anyway.
I dug all day long!
Isn't that Chul-soo and Il-Pyong?
Who's that crazy woman, running so fast over there?
Thas Young-hee!
One of them is going to die tonight.
What are they doing?
I called it first!
I got here before you.
What are you talking about?
I called it first!
You said nothing but 'Dibs'!
Don't you know what it means?
This is mine!
What the hell!
You see any 'dibs' here?
Make some sense!
You don't know what you're talking about!
I won it fair and square!
You shameless piece of trash!
Whad you just say?
Oh. Mom...
God... my balls...
I'm really worried. What if they kill each other?
Hae-young, my sweetie,
don't worry.
What do you mean?
They're alone inside. Isn't it obvious
what they'll be doing?
Why don't we...?
You're embarrassing me.
Les get out of here, and...
...see if we're a good match.
Young-hee, don't move.
Look out!
What happened?
I think is collapsed!
Get off of me right now.
I know what I'm doing. Keep your head down!
My knees...
and my head are pounding like hell.
We're trapped in here.
No! No! Anybody out there?!
Help me! Get me out of here!
Stop making a fuss. Les think of a way to get out.
I'm making a fuss? Get your butt over here!
Is like I've dug a tomb for myself.
You call that a fuss? What the hell!
You do the thinking, bitch.
Get me out now! Shut the fuck up!
You're using the 'F' word now?
I'm trapped in here because of you!
Are you saying is my fault?
You bet your ass it is!
What does my ass have to do with anything?
I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you!
Just looking to get your tiny dick wet?
What?! I've got a small dick?
What do you know?
I'm sure no girl wants you
because is so freaking small!
You're unbelievable.
I've been trying so hard to win your heart...
...and this is what I get?
My package is big enough!
Stop yelling at me.
And don't lie...
I've never seen you with any packages!
Thas not what I mean!
You sure you speak Korean?
You don't understand jack! I speak Korean, just fine!
All you do around here is
chase after skirts!
You just drove a spike deep into my heart, bitch!
Don't point at me! I'm not a frigging carpenter.
And don't call me names!
Now you use violence?
Got a problem with that?
You do the same then!
Enough of this chitchat, go make a tunnel.
On my mark... 1, 2, 3!
I'm not a mole!
Doesn't it run in your genes?
I know you North Koreans
are good at making tunnels.
You made a lot of them under the DMZ... infiltrate into the South, right?
At least three of them!
You know what?
When I was in primary school...
...we'd go see them
on school field trips.
Our Republic made tunnels to invade the South?
You're saying our Republic
did such a dirty trick? You're a damned liar!
Come on!
Les get it on!
What are you doing?
Is been a while
since I took on a chick.
I got you!
Stop it!
Whas this, a game?
You stupid liar!
You stupid liar!
You beat the shit out of me.
I'm the one who should be crying.
Is that true our Republic
made those tunnels?
I know YOU didn't, okay?
So sensitive.
As a matter of fact...
...we made many tunnels, too...
...for the subway.
I'm sure North Korea did it for the same purpose.
Id be great if we had subways running through the DMZ.
Don't you think?
So I could come to see you
anytime I wanted.
Yeah, thall be the day.
Laughing now? Don't you know the old saying?
'Laughing when crying makes the asshole hairy.'
Where are they?
Where are my shoes?
They musve been buried.
I'll go find them.
Stay here. Let me look for them again.
is Okay.
I knew you'd say so.
I'll find them later... that prince did
for Cinderella.
Who's that?
You don't know?
'Cinderella, Cinderella,
all I hear is Cinderalla... '
Let me tell you the story.
Once upon a time, there was
a pretty girl named Cinderella.
She had two stepsisters
who were like... ugly and mean.
One day, there was a party
at the kingdom's palace.
A fairy changed a pumpkin
into a carriage...
...and gave Cinderella a gown and glass slippers, for free.
Her and the prince danced like crazy...
...until the clock struck midnight.
She ran home so fast, she
lost her glass slipper.
The prince found it, and visited every home in the realm.
Didn't he come by your house, too?
They were reunited and
lived happily ever after.
Look out!
They should be okay, right?
Is quite spacious in there, enough oxygen to breathe.
Les be hopeful.
Young-hee, are you okay? What a cutie!
Whas this?
Les see... we're done
with the Cinderella story...
Should I tell you about animation characters?
Astro Boy or Golden Bat...
What about a superhero...
No, you don't want to hear it.
Is okay. Save your strength.
Why isn't the rescue party
here yet?
I hope
they don't find us.
Just a thought.
What are you talking about?
I'm just saying that...
...the later they find us...
...the longer we can be
alone together.
Check this out!
Whas going on here?
Trying to see whose lips are thicker?
You coulve taken your time.
Should we have waited for a few days?
We should have!
Les get out of here.
- here. - What a night!
God, I'm tired.
Come on. Get in.
Take care of yourself.
I hope they're okay.
I saw this coming!
I saw this coming!
I can't let my girl ruin her life
over some South Korean asshole.
Send her back right now!
No, wait.
I'll send my men out there. Keep an eye on her.
What does your dad do?
He's a powerful man.
Yeah? So you're strong after your dad, huh?
Does he work in the mining or something?
Ever hear of the Ministry of the Peoples' Armed Forces?
- Yeah!
He's the Secretary
How about your father? What does he do?
Huh? He's a director of National... uh... Gardens...
Whas that?
Sorry. I'll look it up.
He just...
He takes care of gardens.
You know, gardens.
For instance... Like National Parks!
But a lot smaller in size.
Thas what he does.
Oh, I see.
He looks after beautiful flowers and trees.
What a nice job he has!
Not really.
Not only are you pretty, but so naive!
Les go.
I lost it right there. Stop it. There are people watching us.
I know you liked it.
Where do people go on dates in North Korea?
To a cafe like this?
We're too busy studying to date.
We don't fool around like you do in South Korea.
Did you have a boyfriend?
Boyfriend? Thas...
You mean a stud that I do the mattress mambo with?
So many guys have wanted to
lead the Ilama to my lift shaft...
but no one's 'buried the burrito' with me, yet.
My cherry hasn't been popped.
Wanna slip me the sausage?
Who taught you those expressions?
How about my expressions?
One of the girls from the South. I bought her coke in return.
Oh God!
Listen to me very carefully.
Even in the South, no decent
girls say those things.
Who was it? Give me the name!
Watch what you're saying!
I didn't know!
I just wanted to impress you.
Sorry. I lost my cool.
You've put your father
in a awkward situation.
Is none of your business.
Whas wrong?
I'll be okay. Is just a cramp.
Wanna watch me change my pad or something?
You were faking it?!
Does it take this long to change pads?
Il-Pyong, help me.
What are you doing?
Run like hell!
Go! Damn!
Is your house that way?
Wish I could come with you.
I wanted to show you.
you found it!
Les go inside.
Is a great mural painting from Goguryeo.
Not that I know much about art. Just a little bit.
- Chul-soo. - What?
The couple in the painting are not from Goguryeo.
This painting is
A Baekje girl and a Shilla man getting married.
Why'd they have a wedding
in Goguryeo then?
I think they fled to Goguryeo.
Back then, Baekje and Shilla were at war.
Yeah, thas right.
They musve loved each other so much.
Enough to flee to Goguryeo... stay together?
When I was in middle school... mom died of cancer.
If she were alive...
...she would like you a lot.
You know what?
Les run.
Like that couple
in the mural painting...
What do you say?
You don't love me enough?
I love you.
'Dear Chul-soo, as you know I'm from North Korea...
...and there are still a lot of things left to be done for my country
I know you are a good fellow
And I liked you from the beginning
but I don't think that we're meant to be together
I'm sorry and
I wish you the best.
From Younghee' Have you ever had Coke?
Why would I drink the black water that Yankees drink?
Makes sense.
Are you expecting anyone?
What do you want?
I'd like To see Young-hee.
Young-hee, is him. Go see him.
She's out now.
I'll wait for her then.
This isn't the right thing to do!
You piece of crap!
Didn't you hear him?
This is a diplomatic residency. You're asking for trouble!
I'd like to see her
one more time.
What are you, deaf?
Leave before I blow your head off.
I'm not armed.
Get the hell out!
I'm not going anywhere!
Or... you're dead.
- Young-hee! - Dog!
Young-hee, do you love
this South Korean man?
This dog!
Do you love him?!
Are you in love with this piece of trash?!
Just amoment!
- Asshole! - Young-hee!
You stupid prick! Stop right there!
Take one more step, this dog is dead!
I don't love him.
I never did.
Young-hee... Please
Wait... wait!
Sons of bitches!
How could they do this?
Are you okay?
Does it hurt a lot?
Let me tell you. You should start working out.
I know some great gyms in the area.
Aren't you hungry?
You need to eat well if you
want to get back at them.
Let me
go grab some stuff
to eat for you.
What are you doing here?
I'll go buy some food.
What took you so long?
It took time for the pumpkin to change into a carriage.
You can go now.
Gosh, look at you! They messed up your face.
Young-hee, I'll be okay.
I don't want you to get
in trouble for this.
Go now.
They're in the lobby!
Those goon from North Korea!
Get out of here now!
They'll kill you!
Get out of here!
Get out of here now!
Young-hee, leave now.
Why can't you ask me to come with you?
Don't you love me?
I can't pass a moment without thinking of you.
And you don't have guts to take me away?!
Chul-soo Kim!
Stop right there!
Back up!
Stay away from us!
Les get started.
Your name!
Watch your attitude!
I'm chul-soo, Kim.
Is it true that you're stepping down?
I apologize to my fellow Koreans
for the actions of my son.
As of today, I'm resigning from the position of...
...director of the National Intelligence Service.
Mr. Chul-soo Kim?
Going back to Yanbian?
You know you won't be able to see her.
Not enough space to stamp.
This is my last trip.
Is been over a year.
Nothing you can do about it. Forget about him.
So lovely!
Never seen a cuter girl than her.
Jealous? Then get married!
Stop drooling over my girl.
I'm not.
Thas sexual harassment! I can have your ass arrested for it.
We're landing...
in Pyongyang
in 10 minutes.
Please, let us...
Thanks for flying KAL.
Have a good day.
What I have to show you today are...
...ancient remains found at a construction site... Shinheung, North Korea.
They're believed to be from the Goguryeo Era... us an insight to the Iron Age.
What is most noticeable is that...
...Shilla and Baekje remains
were also discovered...
...which is very intriguing.
This mural painting was found
5 years ago in Yanbian... a joint excavation between South and North Korea.
If you look at it closely... a Baekje and Shilla couple
getting married in Goguryeo.
Recently discovered remains
show us that... this mural painting does...
...many Baekje and Shilla couples fled to Goguryeo.
In other words...
...they deserted their homelands...
...for love.
Let me say that the power of love transcends... ...time and space.
I bring this up, because...
...because I love a girl who lives here.
I once thought about...
...fleeing to another country for love.
Great Leader,
do you remember me?
I was arrested for an incident
5 years ago in Yanbian.
I'm Chul-soo Kim, the son
of a former NIS director.
5 years ago... I fell in love with...
...a girl from Pyongyang.
We loved each other enough
to give up everything.
But we didn't run as that couple in the painting did...
...for I loved everything that
she loved.
So did she!
Nothing can separate us!
...I'd like to ask a question... the love of my life.
What took you so long?
It took time for the carriage to change back into a pumpkin.
Don't ride anything that changes from now on.
Great Leader!
Allow us to get married.
Please, let us stay together forever.
Thanks for watching.
I appreciate all the staff
who worked so hard!
Thank you!
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