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Subtitles for Nameless - Los sin nombre.

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Nameless - Los sin nombre

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Shit, it's about time.
What's up?
A little girl, about 6.
It could have to do with your case.
She's in some sort of a hole.
The coroner's been in there since 3, and it's not nice.
She's been there for days, or even weeks.
We found this. That's why I called you.
I'll stay here.
I need some fresh air, and a cigarette.
Hadn't you quit?
Wait 'till you go in there. You need a strong stomach.
Put this on.
Go downstairs and follow the tape.
The hole is full of acid, or whatever.
There's shit all over.
Yeah, okay.
The address?
We'll be right there.
Thank you.
-What is it? -That was the police.
They've found the child's body.
They haven't identified her as yet but...
they say it could be Angela.
We have to go.
Look at this. It's all over her body.
They stuck her with needles, and left them there.
What for?
I don't know, but she was still alive.
Almost all holes have blood clots.
The burns are more problematic.
What did they burn her with?
Bulic acid, perhaps.
It's usually of industrial use, and very toxic.
Come on, ...
get dressed.
They're expecting us.
Come on, let's go.
We have to go.
They've destroyed all parts...
needed for identification.
It's as if...
they burned her...
Look at her teeth.
They destroyed them conscientiously.
It's a sort of corrosion. There's practically nothing left.
They've made it difficult.
No, wait.
There is a certain asymmetry in the right thighbone.
It's 4 centimeters shorter.
As per the report you gave me, ...
it's the same as the girl in your case.
Had they wanted us not to identify her, ...
they wouldn't have missed that.
Then why burn her like that?
They may think identification loses meaning after death.
That's not strange in ritual crimes.
Yes, I'd say it's her.
A bracelet with her name was also found near the body.
Now her family has to identify her.
The parents are here.
Massera, ...
don't be too explicit.
It's not worth it.
It's not her, is it?
Well, ...
you have to identify this.
Mrs. Gifford, please tell us if...
that's your daughter's bracelet.
Yes, it's hers. I want to see her.
You have a right to, but I wouldn't recommend it.
Don't torture yourself. You wouldn't recognize her.
Why are you so sure it's her?
One of her legs is shorter.
There's no doubt.
What have they done to my baby?
I'm late, right?
They're waiting for you.
They want to see the slides, and seem to be in a hurry.
-Have they been there long? -Five minutes.
Well, let's see.
To correct.
To correct.
And to correct.
-Have it by tomorrow. -I'll try.
And have Toni bring me the pictures this afternoon.
They're the last ones.
-Here. Watch it, it's hot. -Thanks.
I left the fish food on your desk.
-They owe you their lives. -You can swear to that.
We'll have the tattoos this afternoon.
Any proposal for the cover?
Not yet. I'd wait to have it all.
Okay, let me know when you've got it.
Am I interrupting?
No, I was just daydreaming.
-This is done. -Thanks.
You haven't touched your coffee.
Claudia, are you okay?
Yes, I'm just fine.
I'm always foolish this time of year.
No, you're not.
Why don't you take a rest?
That would do me good.
What would I do without you?
I'll take the afternoon off, and it's your fault.
I didn't hear you come in.
You looked like a ghost. Are you okay?
It's been a while.
With the book and all, I have no time.
-I'm dying to finish. -The tattoos?
I saw Toni the other day.
He told me you made up.
-Made up? -Yes, you're going out.
That's what he said.
What a son of a bitch!
Claudia, ...
what's wrong?
Claudia, this is Toni.
You stood me up this afternoon.
I'll see you tomorrow morning...
I don't get it.
It's 10:30. She gets in at 9.
Normally, yes, but something may have come up.
Come up?
She would have called.
I suppose. It's strange she hasn't.
Such a hurry, and this is the 2nd time...
-she doesn't show. -You can wait, if you want.
I'll wait in her office.
You'd better wait here.
Out here? You never said that before.
Oh, well.
I see.
Why don't you call her? She could be sleeping.
You've got the wrong number.
No, mummy. Mummy, it's me.
-Yes. -Mummy, it's me.
Don't hang up, please. Please, mummy.
-My daughter's dead. -No, she isn't.
That's what they wanted you to believe, but it wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
Who are you? Why are you doing this?
Mummy, you have to believe me.
I can't talk long. They'll be right back.
They'd kill me if they found out. Come get me...
at the sanatorium on the beach. You know where it is.
But don't call the police, or it'll be worse.
They'd kill me. Promise me you won't tell anyone.
-Please. -What is this?
Promise me.
Nice to see you again!
I missed you.
Listen, give me one.
You're quitting ever since I know you.
I'm almost there. I can feel it.
Soon I'll go to a gym and come out like new.
You sure?
fatso's upstairs.
He won't like to see you here.
Let's avoid trouble.
I'm here to pick up my things and get this...
-fuckin' over with. -How are you?
Well, better.
Do you know what you're going to do?
Nothing, for the moment.
I'll think about it, but it doesn't worry me.
If you need anything, just tell me.
I know that.
I know.
We have to go out some evening, like before, ...
to patrol the underworld.
Remember the last time?
-What a fag! -Sure, a fag.
Well, call me. And don't forget the badge.
I don't know where it is, but I'll bring it to you.
Excuse me, Bruno.
-I have a message for you. -For me?
Claudia Gifford called, remember?
I remember.
She insisted quite a lot.
It's about her daughter.
She left a number downstairs.
-Okay? -Thanks.
Thanks for coming.
How are you?
Thanks for calling. I thought you wouldn't.
I received your message by coincidence.
I quit the police force two weeks ago.
I went to get my things.
Yes, so I was told.
I'm glad I found you.
You shouldn't have gone there alone.
It could have been very dangerous.
What was I supposed to do?
Stay calm?
I knew what sanatorium she was talking about.
We used to take her to that beach.
And her voice...
was so similar.
Did you notice any food, clothing...?
There were many things, ...
mattresses on the floor.
I don't know, Claudia.
Your daughter is dead, and you know that.
I did before. Now I don't know.
I found this in a box.
It was there for me to find.
Now I'm not sure of anything. I don't know what to think.
Someone is trying to torment you.
I don't know who nor why.
But your daughter is dead.
I saw the body.
She was dead.
It was difficult to identify her. Maybe it was someone else.
They found her bracelet, then her leg. There's no doubt.
-And you know it. -No, I don't!
That's not enough. I didn't even see her.
What about your husband?
He left shortly after. We couldn't get over it.
He went to London, I think.
I'm all alone in this.
Please help me.
You know we can't be sure, ...
but I need to be.
I can't go on living like this.
All right.
We'll see what we can do.
I'll call you. Meanwhile, stay home and don't do anything.
Should anything happen, call me immediately.
I'll give you my phone number.
Please, don't say a word to the police.
Don't worry, it's best not to, for the moment.
Do as I said. I'll call you.
And drink that, ...
it's getting cold.
Teresa? Bruno Massera. How are you?
I need a favor.
Yes, I know, but...
it's very important.
A personal favor.
Check on all female babies born between...
'87 and '89 in Spain...
with their right leg...
from 3 to 5 cms. shorter than their left.
Fax it to me. Do you have my number?
Yes, I know. I owe you one.
Let's see.
A girl.
-lt must be this one. -Good.
I need the family address.
No, that's impossible.
We can't that that information.
It's confidential.
It is...
very important.
-You're a policeman? -What do you think?
There's no telephone number, ...
just the address.
-That would be fine. -I'll give it to you.
Thank you.
Oh, Toni, I can't talk right now.
No, seriously, I can't.
Listen, I got problems, okay?
No, not now, please.
Seriously, I can't.
I can't, really.
Listen to me!
I'm sorry about the pictures, but you could have left them.
I've taken two weeks off.
My secretary can tell you that.
No, I don't need anything.
No, I'm not on anything, and that's none of your business.
Toni, I can't talk now.
I'm going to hand up!
What's up?
-I'm looking for the Aguirres. -What?
-Aguirre. Don't you...? -No, no, not here.
What a character to ask.
If you want to know anything about them, ...
ask me.
You know them?
They used to live there.
But they left.
They lost their daughter and left.
She was kidnapped, or got lost.
Who knows?
-She was lame. -How long ago?
Quite a while.
I still worked at the factory.
About five years ago?
Those people.
Did they move about 5 years ago?
More or less.
-Yes? -Claudia,...
it's Massera. I've discovered something.
Something very strange. You may be right.
-What? -I'm not sure but...
something doesn't add up.
Take a cab and meet me at the Papal University...
in about an hour.
I think I know of someone who can help us.
Fuck, man!
I've been waiting for half an hour!
-I got lost. -Let's get going.
We've lost enough time.
I hope they don't all cry. This is full of virgins.
The guy who called is the sacristan.
He's not well-informed and made a mistake.
It doesn't cry?
It does cry, but...
it's not a virgin.
-What is it then? -I'd never seen anything like it.
Holy shit!
Take some close-ups.
Don't be shy.
And a few shots of the altar.
I'll go see what the parish priest has to say.
I fear the worst.
This was at the post office box...
without a return address.
I think it's a video tape.
Take it to the office and find out what the hell it is.
If I have time, I'll see you there.
More shit. As if we didn't have enough.
This is Green House, ...
in Liverpool, ...
where the first rumors of...
"the nameless" came about, ...
in 1962.
Notice the angels.
They always present throughout the course of the group.
That's what made me link it to your case.
This was taken in the same house.
It's a first floor wall.
That is Santini, ...
Argentinean, ...
supposedly the founder of all this.
Became popular at the beginning of the 60's...
in the esoteric circles.
Those things were very much in fashion at that time.
But Santini went much further with all that.
He spoke of creating his own group, ...
a sort of secret society...
or a parareligious sect.
What do you think?
I think they were nothing but simple fanatics, ...
or something of the sort.
But Santini and his followers...
became very popular in the London circuits.
That's why that sort of rumors are normal.
What rumors?
Well, they talk about a trail of disappearances and...
kidnappings wherever they went.
Always different places to avoid being uncovered.
What ever happened to that Santini guy?
Well, that's rather peculiar.
In '82, I think, ...
he was arrested by the Spanish police in Valencia.
That attracted my attention.
It didn't get much publicity.
But what he did must have been serious.
I'm not sure, but I think he was extradited.
If they got hold of a little girl, what would they do?
That would never happen.
Let's say it does.
Would they be dangerous?
This is the most important theological archive in Europe.
Although not in quantity.
We have rare issues dating back to the Xlth century.
Parareligions and esotericism are at the end.
It's almost all modern material.
It's a whim of ours...
to keep it separate.
No everyone would consider it orthodox.
-Do you have anything on him? -We must have.
Here we are.
One of his first texts, ...
an esotericism magazine published in London in the 60's.
I'll translate:
"Evil can be isolated scientifically, ...
stripped of all prejudice, ...
destroying the shell of humanity that corrupts it.
Mutilation, torture, ...
the practice of terror as a way to purification.
The sacrament of the final atrocity."
Something like the synthesis of absolute evil, ...
such a monstrous act that it would make you reach...
a higher level of awareness.
Like a key to a higher dimension...
of power, of pleasure...
with no limits.
A different formula of saintliness.
At the end, everything is the same.
The ends meet.
-A fuckin' lunatic. -One odd thing.
Have you heard about the Thule Society?
A secret occultist society behind the Nazi Occult Cabinet.
Hitler himself belonged to it.
They used to call him "the medium".
In summary, ...
his anxieties had a lot to do with all this.
-Could there be any connection? -I'm sure there isn't.
They're universal anxieties.
We'd find hundreds of similar references.
What's the angels got to do with all this?
There's something here.
"They'll wander lost and ill...
and stripped of their name because it is a verb...
and verbs are instruments of lying."
That's where "nameless" comes from, ...
the rejection of our name as a blight that ties us...
to our human condition.
You see?
Sick fantasies.
I saw the house of the angels.
I was there.
What are you up to? I thought you quit.
They'll do something terrible to her.
That's why they took her away from me.
Maybe it's a joke.
And maybe not.
I don't like this.
Try again.
Maybe you dialed the wrong number.
-Hello. -Hi.
I've been looking for information on Santini.
Not much. They got him for maltreatment and abuse of minors.
-Where is he? -I don't know. In jail, I guess.
Someone else was involved, but released on a lack of evidence.
I'm sure there's something else.
A parapsychology magazine reporter called me yesterday.
He said he had something that interests me.
-What? -I don't know. He was nervous.
He told me to go see him.
-You have the address? -Yes.
Let's go, we've got nothing to lose.
Your number was on the tape. That's why I called.
-What's on it? -I don't know.
I hoped you could explain it.
Let's have a look.
Remember what I said.
What is this?
What it seems to be.
-What's that got to do with me? -There's more.
You appear.
They were there.
What the fuck's going on?
Who else knows this?
Just me.
And the boss.
You could help us. Think it over.
Help you do what?
What's with you?
-lt's not that bad. -You think not?
We all know what it's all about.
But that's not what our readers want.
Write what they want. You don't care, ...
and neither do I. Any problem?
-None. -Perfect.
Rewrite it and don't fuck with me, man.
-Does "nameless" strike a bell? -What now?
I bet it has to do with that tape.
I think I read something in a previous issue.
I think we published something some years ago.
It was Romero. You don't know him.
He was here till '82 or '83...
I think. He was into this stuff.
He was investigating something.
Listen, be careful with this.
That video tape is a matter for the cops.
You know what I think.
That's why they sent us the tape.
They must have thought Romero was still here.
What bastards!
What the fuck are you talking about?
-How could I talk to him? -To who?
To that guy Romero.
I hope you know what you're getting into.
He's probably still in my agenda.
But don't get stuck on this. Monday's the deadline...
and I want this rewritten by tomorrow.
Let's go.
It's getting late.
Lock up afterwards.
I've still be a while.
I can't move till the appraiser is finished.
I'm screwed.
-What happened? -A little girl died.
-The security system failed. -Fuck!
Now find the failure.
So, here I am, stuck...
until they finish.
Well, what have you got?
I don't know what you're up to...
but it sounds weird and I don't like it.
He's a real bastard.
They got him for molesting two kids. Actually, he raped them.
He cut various fingers off with a knife.
They're not from this planet.
They stick a lit match up their asses and come. I've met a few.
Where is he now?
Where they locked him up, near Huesca.
The Sacred Trinity, section B, special surveillance.
He's in the nutter ward.
Go tomorrow. I called.
-They'll let you see him. -What else?
This could get me into real trouble.
Fuckin' watch it.
It's just a precaution.
-Don't fuckin' worry. -Listen, ...
be careful.
Take care.
What, again?
I told them I want it cut into pieces.
I won't eat it.
Where did you get that information?
That story about "the nameless". You had to talk to someone.
It was a German doctor.
Bolggen or Bolgger, I don't remember too well.
He contacted me.
He was a neurologist.
I had never seen anyone as scared in my entire life.
He had been a consultant of the German Health Institute...
during the war.
He was involved in medical experiments in Dachau...
related to the Pharmaceutical Chemistry...
Section of the nazis.
All that shit!
He said a certain Santini...
brought him over from Germany...
to finance certain research he would be carrying out.
about dominating pain.
As it seems, that Santini...
got him into a esoteric group.
Something weird.
He forced him to experiment with people, or something like that.
They seemed to be after something.
At the end, it must have become too involved...
and Santini ended up in jail.
But they released the doctor.
That's when he called me.
I went to his place. I still remember the address.
He was so scared, he didn't dare walk out on the street.
He was involved with "the nameless"...
and was up to his neck in shit.
If Santini was locked away, who the fuck was he scared of?
Of the others.
All the others.
The nameless.
What the fuck...?
Who's there?
Take it easy.
Tell me about "the nameless". It's very important.
No. Please, help me.
-There's someone in the walls. -Take it easy.
I know where they are. Help me and I'll tell you.
I know where they are.
It's me, Tony.
I had to see you.
What are you doing here?
You almost fuckin' scared me to death!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I brought you the pictures.
Fine, now get lost.
-I want to talk to you. -I don't want to.
Listen, ...
I don't know what's with you...
why you don't go to work, and all that.
But, if you've got a problem, tell me about it.
I don't want you hooked on those shit pills again.
I don't understand you, but get out of here.
Forget it. We broke up over a year ago.
Stick that into your head! Don't touch me!
Listen to me!
I don't care who you go out with or not.
But I won't let anything happen to you.
-I'm going to watch you. -You're drunk.
Yes, I am. So what?
I'll take care of you, whether you like it or not.
I saw you with that guy. You looked like a whore.
Got to hell! Get lost!
I'll be watching you!
You can't get rid of me that easily.
I'll keep on watching you.
You have no idea of what I'm capable of.
No idea!
No fuckin' idea!
Who is it?
It's me, Claudia.
What happened?
I didn't want to be alone, and didn't know where to go.
All right, come in.
I'm still moving in, so everything is a mess.
-Do you want a drink? -No.
Listen, ...
I'm sorry but I don't know if I can take this much longer.
-I'm afraid I'll go crazy. -lt's okay.
Forget it. You'll be safer here.
We can take turns on the sofa.
I was going to call you.
I found Santini. We'll go tomorrow.
It over 200 kilometer away.
If we don't rest, we'll get nothing out of him.
I'll go get a blanket.
Put some music on, if you want.
It's on the table.
Who is she?
In this photograph.
My wife.
She died last year.
A real bummer, huh?
I bought this record...
for her precisely...
the day...
I'm sorry.
I miss her a lot.
That's why you help me, isn't it?
You think you'll save her as well, but that's not true.
Hey, I'm still waiting for that article!
-I can't right now. -You can't?
You get paid for being here.
I'm after something real.
No flying saucers, virgins or horoscope shit.
I've finally got something I'm really interested in.
We eat off that shit.
So cut your delusions of grandeur.
You're a sucker like all of us.
Accept the fuckin' truth!
If you go, don't come back.
I'm serious.
Fuck you in the ass!
Maybe you think I'm a queer with earrings...
on my cock, ass and things like that.
If so, ...
you've understood nothing.
Why don't you shut up, man?
He's insisted on talking to her.
So please wait outside.
How did he know?
No one said she was coming.
I don't know.
-ls he dangerous? -No, he's not aggressive.
He's what we call an organizer.
But here he can't organize anything.
And he also has a degenerative skin malfunction.
Pretend you haven't noticed. He could get upset.
-What is it? -We don't know.
He says he was inoculated in Dachau.
He talks a lot about the extermination camps.
He loves it.
I'm not in right now.
Please leave a message after the beep.
What shit!
Forget it.
I know you.
I saw you at the agency.
Who are you?
I did it for her.
That's nice.
She'll like it. Show it to her.
But I don't know where she is, ...
where the fuck she's gone.
Let's wait for her.
I'll help you convince her.
We could go to her place.
I've got the keys...
She doesn't know.
She thinks I gave them back.
Let's go.
Let's go to her place.
You're beautiful.
But you know that.
I'm looking for my daughter.
If you know where she is, please tell me.
Help me.
One of my nipples is...
longer than the other.
Like a snake.
I went to an extermination camp just because of that.
With Jews and queers.
They put me...
into a cobalt capsule. Do you know what that is?
But how would you know?
It hurts.
It hurts a lot.
But they weren't all cruel with me.
Some people trusted me and taught me things.
Incredible things.
Everything I believe in, ...
everything I've done since then...
they taught me.
They've probably told you...
I'm a criminal, a sick person.
Any lie.
It's not true, Claudia.
I'm a researcher.
I research, ...
Is there anything wrong with that?
I know your daughter.
I've seen her in my dreams.
I see all my children in my dreams.
I beg you, she's my daughter. Tell me where she is.
You think I don't understand your pain?
You're wrong.
I know what it's like.
You take the children in,...
teach them,...
try to guide them properly,...
to prepare them...
for knowledge.
Just tell me what you know about her.
Look at the table, Claudia.
I'm sure that's all you see.
A table.
Because you can't see beyond, ...
There are things within the table, Claudia, ...
but you can't see them.
They are devouring it little by little.
But no one knows.
They never rest, and do it in silence.
Until, one day, ...
the table breaks.
That's the secret.
If you could see within me...
you'd see the same thing.
I'm full of flies, Claudia.
They're devouring me little by little...
and no one knows.
You can't imagine the pain.
It's infinite.
I'll tell you what I know...
because I want to help you.
Your daughter...
is waiting for you.
You should go get her...
if you're a good mother.
Mine wasn't.
But where?
Your daughter...
was taken...
to where it all began.
What do you mean?
Where it all began? I don't understand.
Use your memory, Claudia.
I beg you, please.
-Are you okay? -lt's been useless.
I'm not so sure.
He knows who you are.
And is trying to give you clues, like in a riddle.
What clues?
He may control everything from here. He can make phone calls.
All that about the extermination camps and all that shit.
He's the connection the Jesuit mentioned.
Did you see the numbers on his arm?
Everything begins to fit.
I don't like this and don't want you to stay home alone.
What should I do?
We'll go get your things, and you'll come with me.
Evil is a key, Claudia.
It opens doors.
It's just a question of synthesizing.
And my children a ready.
But you're dead.
He knows more than it seems.
That shit about evil being a key that opens doors.
Let's take the stairs.
That's what the priest said. The synthesis of evil...
to reach greater awareness.
-Something is going on. -Yes, but what?
I don't know. Perhaps its something like a riddle.
He's giving us clues.
"Where it all began". It must mean something.
There's no time left to think!
My daughter's out there somewhere!
They could be raping or killing her!
And you want to stay here, playing games!
No, just think!
He said to use your mind! Think!
I don't know.
I don't know what he means.
All I know is they're going to do something terrible to her.
They need her for something.
Calm down. Shit, I'm sorry.
Get whatever you need, quickly.
Don't come in here.
Stay there.
What is it?
Don't come in here!
-Who is it? -Toni.
Who the fuck is Toni?
He works for the agency.
What's going on?
They're scaring you. They're afraid of you.
-That's why they scare you. -But why?
We have to call the police right away.
I don't know. Let's get out of here.
It's Quiroga. I was trying to locate you yesterday.
Listen, we may have them.
I was on the right track.
Yes, I know where they are.
I've been moving around all night long.
Where are you?
No, wait. We'll be right there.
Shit, what an asshole!
What is it?
He says he's got them at some abandoned motel.
On the outskirts, near a service station, going north.
I hope he knows what he's doing.
An abandoned hotel... the north.
We'll wait at the service station.
I was in a hotel near there.
With my husband, before the freeway was constructed.
We conceived Angela there.
-Are you sure about that? -Of course I am.
-Where it all began. -I told you...
it was a riddle.
-Has he called? -No.
There's a forest out back...
leading to a road and the hotel.
A little over a kilometer.
I can't remember any road.
There was none.
It's only 8 years old.
That's why they closed it.
It all adds up.
They use abandoned houses. They're like termites.
And Santini's a son of a bitch!
I'm going there.
We can't wait any longer.
Stay here and wait for his call.
I'm serious. It could be very dangerous.
I've gone crazy looking for her.
I can't stay here, I'm her mother!
We don't know what we'll find there.
I won't endanger you or your daughter.
I'll go get her.
I don't intend to stay here!
Calm down.
Look at you, ...
you're hysterical.
Bring her back, please.
I will.
If I'm not back in half an hour...
call the police.
-Okay? -Yes.
The fish.
I didn't feed them. They'll die.
Mummy, it's me.
-Angela, where are you? -ln the house.
I think they killed your friends. Help me, mummy.
Hurry up, mummy.
They'll be back soon. Hurry.
You took long enough.
We were expecting you.
-Where's my daughter? -You're too late.
Your daughter is ours.
I want my daughter!
I've come for her. She's mine!
And mine.
Have you already forgotten?
are you doing here?
What is this?
The truth.
Weren't you looking for that?
This can't be.
You still don't understand.
It was for her. We needed her.
A pure child...
to be perverted from the beginning.
And you gave her to me.
What have you done to her?
I don't think you want to know.
Now she's our toy. The best.
I want her back.
I'm here, I have a right...
A right?
You still don't understand.
You're here...
because we made you come.
We had to prepare you and...
now you're ready.
We gave you the clues so as to attract you.
It's been like weaving a spider's web.
What clues are you talking about?
You're so naive, Claudia.
The beach house.
Wasn't it too easy?
The boot in the box, the video tape.
We wanted to help you even more.
Those people from the magazine knew certain things.
It was so easy.
You've been biting all the bait to get here.
You've done very well.
Because now we're ready.
We are going to achieve what...
no one has up to now.
We are the relays.
We are going to isolate evil...
in its purest state.
The total synthesis, maximum purity.
The final atrocity, ...
And you...
will witness it.
Bull shit!
You won't touch my daughter!
She's mine!
Oh, Claudia, ...
what we are about to do...
is way beyond whatever...
anyone has ever done.
The most beautiful act.
You can't imagine how beautiful.
And you, ...
you're here...
to see it.
That's why you organized it all, you son of a bitch!
Not me.
It wasn't me.
It was me, mummy.
All by myself.
Don't call me that. I have no name.
It's me.
It's mummy.
The ecstasy, Claudia.
-Welcome to the new world. -What have you done to her?
The synthesis, Claudia.
This time there's no mistake.
It's the essence.
It wasn't enough to destroy and torture.
It wasn't enough. It was something else...
and we discovered it.
It's called "to pervert", ...
-to corrupt what is good. -Shut up!
Sons of a bitch!
Where is it?
Don't look for it, mummy.
I have it.
Blow her away, baby.
As we had planned.
Don't listen to them.
Don't listen to them.
What are you waiting for?
-Go on! -Drop it, darling.
They're just using you.
Do it, now.
Do it!
Drop it.
Drop it!
Kill her.
Kill her.
Kill her.
Kill her.
-Kill her. -Stop it!
I couldn't take any more.
They forced me.
Please, mummy, forgive me.
Tell me you still love me.
Of course I love you.
I love you so much.
So much.
It's okay.
We've won. They can't hurt us.
I need for you to love me.
I love you very much.
Very, very much.
Good. This way you'll suffer more.
You'll suffer more...
than they could ever imagine.
It's a thousand times worse.
What they all wanted. The synthesis.
But I won't let them see it. It'll be for us.
For you, bitch, ...
and for me.
What are you going to do?
I'll call you.
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