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Name Of The Rose The CD2

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Master, who's Bernardo Gui?
I've been searching the|entire abbey for you!
Michele wishes to speak|with you at once.
-You know who's coming?|-I know. Bernardo Gui.
Ubertino must be moved to|a safe place.
The arrangements have been made.|It's you that concerns us.
You must put aside these|totally irrelevant investigations.
Erroneous conclusions.
It's the truth. I'm right.
William's right,|he's always right!
No matter what the|consequences...
for himself or anyone else...|William of Baskerville...
must always prove|himself right.
Wasn't your vanity,|your intellectual pride...
that brought you into conflict|with Bernardo Gui before?
Do not dare fate|twice, William.
Not even the Emperor will be able to|save you if you tangle with Bernardo.
My flesh'd forgotten the|sinfulpleasure she'd...
given me. But mysoul|couldn't forget her.
And now?
Now that lsaw herin the|midst ofherpovertyandsquatter...
Ipraised God that|I was a Franciscan.
I wanted her to know|that I didn't belong to...
this abbeybut to an|orderdedicated to lifting...
herpeople out of|theirphysical destitution#.
Andspiritual depravation.
Farewell William.|You're mad and arrogant.
But I love you and I'll|never cease to pray for you.
Goodbye, dear child.
Try not to learn too many bad|examples from your master.
He thinks too much.|Relying always on the...
deductions of his head.
Instead oftrusting in the|prophetic capacities...
of his heart.|Learn to mortify your...
intelligence. Weep over|the wounds of our Lord...
and do throw away|those books!
There's a side of Ubertino|I truly envy.
Remember, fear the last trumpet,|my friends.
The next'll fall from the sky.|And then will come a thousand...
-scorpions.|-Yes, we won't forget.
Which one frightens you most?
They all do.
Look closely.
-That one.|-My choice exactly.
After you.
Those are the foundations|ofthe tower.
But how to reach the library?
The rats love parchment|even more than scholars do.
Let's follow him.
1 66, bolted door, 1 67...
1 68, 1 69, 1 70...
I knew it.
Adso! I knew it!
You realize...
we're in one ofthe greatest|libraries in the whole Christendom?
-How are we gonna find the book?|-ln time.
"The Beatus of Liebana".|That's a masterpiece.
And this is the version anoted|by Umberto de Bologna!
How many more rooms?|How many more books?
No one should be forbidden|to consult these books.
Perhaps they're thought to be|too precious, too fragile.
It's not that, Adso.
They contain a wisdom that's|different from ours...
and ideas that could|make us doubt...
the infallibility|ofthe word of God.
And doubt, Adso,|is the enemy offaith.
Master?|Wait for me!
I'm waiting foryou.
But I can hear you walking.
I'm not walking.|I'm down here.
Is that you up there?
Where are you?
I'm lost!
Well, Adso, it'd appear we're|in a labyrinth.
Are you still there?
Yes.|How do we get out?
With some difficulty.|At least.
You see, Adso, that's the charm|of a labyrinth.
Adso, staycalm.|Open a book...
read it aloud.|Leave the room you're in...
keep turning left.
"Love's not originated as a|trouble but it transforms into it..."
when it becomes|obsessive cause."
"lt was lb Hazm who said|the love sickperson..."
"doesn't want to be healed|and his amorous reverie..."
"cause irregularbreathing|and quickpulse."
"He identifies amorous|melancholy with lincantropy..."
"the disease that induces|woof-like behavior in humans."
"The external appearance..."
"begins to change."
"Soon the eyes fail,|his lips dry..."
"his face becomes postuled."
"Marks resembling bites of|the dog appear in his face..."
"he ends his days|by prowling in the graveyards..."
"at night, like a wolf."
I see a lantern.
Don't move.|Stay where you are.
I see a man.
He's stopped.
What's he doing?
He's raising his lantern.
How many times?
Three times.
It's l.|Raise your lantern.
You foolish boy!
It's just a mirror.
-Save the books.|-I'm trying to save you!
A trap door, a mirror...|We're almost there.
If I've deciphered the instructions|ofthe translator correctly...
You didn't think me|so foolish as to surrender...
the parchment to the abbot|without making a copy, right?
"With the hand above the idol..."
"press the 1o. and the 7o.|of four'
Very good.
What idol?
That's what we're here|to find out.
The 1o. and the 7o. of four what?
If I knew the answer of everything|I'd teach Theology in Paris.
And... again.
You hear that?
It's my teeth, master.
-What?|-My teeth.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid,|I'm cold.
-Well... we should return.|-Don't leave for my account.
I confess It deludes me|for the moment
Well... Iet me see...
to find the way out of a labyrinth...
you come to a fork|mark it with an arrow...
-Master.|-Please! I'm thinking.
Ifthere are arrows|at the forks, then...
Well done, boy!
Your classical education|serves us well!
Give it to me.
Give me!
Bernardo, sprinkle me|with the sperm.
Then, you have the love.
Spit it, please.
Spit it over there.
Thank you.
Lucifer, be at my service,|for a woman's love.
Leave me! Leave me!
It's burning!
Bernardo, look what we found.
Search the creature.
Mr. Abbot, you invited me to|investigate...
the presence ofthe evil one|in your abbey...
and I already found it.
How many times have I seen|these objects of devil worship?
The black cock and the black cat!
She did it for the food,|not for the devil!
William de Baskerville must|recall the trial...
in which a woman confessed|to have had intercourse...
with the demon in the form|of a black cat.
You don't have draw on|my past experiences...
to formulate your conclusions.
No indeed. Not in the face of|irrefutable evidences.
A witch! A seduced monk!|Satanic rite!
Tomorrow we shall learn|ifthese events...
are connected with the mystery|that afflicts your abbey.
Lock them up! So they'll sleep|safely tonight.
You said nothing!
I said nothing because there was|nothing to be said.
You're ready enough to speak|the truth...
when it comes to books|and ideas.
She's already burned flesh, Adso.
Bernardo Gui's spoken.|She's a witch.
It's not true and you know it!
I know.
I also know that anyone|who disputes the verdict...
of an inquisitor|is guilty of heresy.
You seem to know a lot about it.
Oh, yes.
Won't you tell me...
as a friend?
There's not much to tell.
I was an inquisitor, but|in the early days...
when the lnquisition struggled|to guide, no to punish.
Once, I had to preside the trial|of a man...
whose only crime was to|have translated a Greek book...
that conflicted with|the Holly Scriptures.
Bernardo Gui wanted to|condemn him as heretic.
I acquitted the man.
Gui accused me of heresy|for having defended him.
I appealed to the Pope.
I was brought to prison...
and I recanted.
What happened then?
The man was burnt at stake...
and I'm still alive.
Brother Salvatore...
this torment causes me|as much pain as you.
You can end it before|we even begin.
Open the gates ofyour heart,|search the depths ofyour soul.
-Search!|-I'm searching, sir.
Then tell me...
who, among your brethren, is the|heretic responsible for these murders?
I don't know.
I don't know!|I know nothing!
Stupid. I don't know anything.
Did I lie awake that night,|suffering for the girl...
or formyself?|I did not know.
With the dawn, came|the emissaries ofthe Pope...
our adversaries ofthe debate.
But it meant so little|to me now.
Your Eminence,|venerable brothers...
at last we meet|for this long waiting debate!
We've all traveled|great distances...
to put an end to the dispute...
that has shaken the unity...|of our Holly Mother Church.
Good people throughout Christendom...
are directing their gazes|at these venerable walls...
anxiously awaiting our answer|to that question...
"Did Christ or did he not owe...
the clothes that He wore?"
Beloved brethren of|the Franciscan Order...
our Holly Father, the Pope,|has authorized me...
and these servants|to speak on his behalf.
The question's not whether|Christ was poor...
But whether the Church|should be poor!
You, Franciscans, wish to see...
the clergy renounce|its possessions...
andsurrenderits richness.
The abbots dissipated|theirsacred treasures...
and handed their fertile|land to the servs.
I found the book.
I found the book at the dispensary.|A book in Greek.
It's behind one of myjars.
Don't touch it.
Return, lock yourself inside.|I'll be there as soon as I can.
...defying the Church on the resources|needed to combat the eager...
great flow ofthe infident.
You forget that even the|greatest monument to OurLord...
is a pale reflex of|His infinite Majestyand glory.
Brother, quick! Salvatore|confessed his heretic past...
and yours. You have little to|escape from the flames.
Thank you, brother.
I consider this an absurd!|I can'tstand it!
How dare you call the|Pope's brothel God's palace on Earth?
-Answer that, your Eminence!|-These murders are a sign.
-I don't believe it!|-Why not?
Gospel speaks categorically...
that Christ possessed|a purse!
It's a lie, and you know it!
Why did Our Lord tell|his disciples on seven occasions...
not to carry neither gold|nor silver?
You, please!
A matter's occurred of|utmost gravity.
Let me go! I swear|I didn't kill him!
I was in the barn|making the inventory.
I neverkilled anybody,|I swear it!
Then explain us|why you were escaping.
I wasn't.
I've already ordered your arrest|in another choice.
I see now that I was correct.
If someone hadn't chosen to look|in the wrong direction...
many men of God would|still be with us.
"Hand above the idol,|1 and 7. of four..."
"Use vulgar persons.|Take pleasure from the defects."
Please, dear boy,|I'm trying to think.
So am l, master.
Then use your head|instead ofyour heart.
And we can make some progress.
Are the books more important|than people to you?
Did I say they were?
You never seem to care|about anyone!
Can't you show a little pity?
Perhaps that's the style|of my pity.
But pity won't save her from|the fire.
I remind all present that,|they're bound by their vow of obedience...
and on pain of excommunication...
to aim the lnquisitor in his|struggle against heresy.
To sit with me|on this tribunal...
and to share the burden|ofthe verdict...
I'd require the counsel...
oftwo fellowjudges.
My lord Abbot...
Brother William of Baskerville.
Would you repeat your confession|of last night...
that you and your accomplice,|Remigio de Varagine...
were members ofthe heretical|Dolcinites?
Remigio de Varagine, do you deny|the confession ofyour accomplice?
No.|I don't deny it.
I'm proud of it!
For the twelve years I lived here...|I stuffed my belly...
shagged my weak...
and squeezed the hungry peasants|for dimes.
But now you've given me strength...
to remember what I once believed|in with all my heart.
And for that I thank you.
To remember that you once looted|and burnt the property ofthe Church?
Yes! To give it back to|the people you stole it from!
And did you not kill many|bishops and priests?
Yes! I'd burn your people...
if I had the chance!
Holly Mary, Mother of God,|Hear my humble prayer.
I know that my sin was|very great...
but I beg you to not let her|suffer for my wrongdoing.
Blessed Mother...
many years ago you granted|a miracle by saving my master.
Would you not do the same|for this girl?.
My master says that the|simple folk always pay for all.
But, please, Holly Mother,|do not let it be so.
Guilty is that witch...
who's seduced a monk...
and practiced his diabolical|rituals in this holly place.
Guilty is Salvatore...
who's confessed his|heretical past...
and was caught in flagrant|delito with a witch!
Guilty is Remigio de Varagine...
who's not regretted|his former heresies and was caught...
trying to escape after|murdering the herbalist Severinus.
That's a lie! I never killed|the herbalist...
or anyone else in this abbey!
I therefore, request you...
to confirm my|sentence, My lord abbot.
My heart is|full of sorrow...
but I can't find no|reason to contest...
the just sentence of|the Holly lnquisition.
And you, William of Baskerville?
Yes, he is guilty.
Guilty of having, in his youth...
misinterpreted the message|ofthe Gospels...
and he's guilty of having|confused...
the love of poverty with|the blind destruction...
ofwealthy and property.
But, my lord abbot...
he's innocent ofthe crimes|that've bathed your abbey in blood.
For brother Remigio|cannot read Greek...
and this entire mystery|hinges on...
the theft and possession of a|book written in Greek...
and hidden in some secret|part ofthe library.
As the verdict ofthe|lnquisition was disputed by William...
we must extract the|prisoner's confession.
Take him to the forge|and show him the instruments.
I'll confess anything you|want, but don't torture me.
I can't go through a night|like Salvatore!
Very well.|Why did you kill them?
Why? I don't know why.
-Because you were inspired by the devil?|-Yes... that's it.
I was inspired by the devil.|I'm inspired by the devil!
Adralmech, Lucifer,|I call for you...
Lords of Hell.
The shepherd has done|his duty...
and the infected sheep must|now be consigned to the purifying flames!
You may burn brother Remigio...
but you won't put a stop for the|crimes being committed in this abbey!
Other monks will meet|death here...
and they'll also have|black fingers and black tongues!
Your Eminence, I beg you...
we, Franciscans, are disappointed|with brother William.
Once more we've seen that|your theories protect heretics...
and lead to murder.|The debate's concluded.
Brother William|has relaxed...
into the errors ofwhich|he was formerly perjured.
Having sought yet again|to shield a heretic...
from just punishment by|the lnquisition...
He'll come with me|to Avignon for confirmation...
of my sentence by Pope John.
I'm right.
Ifonlyl could find the book|andprove that Gui was wrong!
But the Antichrist|was victorious once more...
and nothing seemed to be|able to hinderhim.
Come on.
When the pyres are light|tonight...
Iet the flames purify...
each of us|in his own heart.
Let's return to what was,|and ever should be...
the office ofthis abbey:
the preservation of|knowledge.
Preservation, I said.|Not search for...
because there's no progress|in the history of knowledge...
merely a continuous|and sublime recapitulation.
Let's now pray oh mighty...
that the blood-eyed antichrist...
has been removed from our|sacred precincts...
and our monastery|has returned to peace.
The fifth trumpet had|the power of a thousand scorpions...
-He told me.|-Who told you?
His tongue's black|and his finger's black...
as brother William foretold!
It's brother Malachia, father.
-Malachia?|-Yes, father.
Dear God! Not Malachia!
Will it never end?
William of Baskerville|was right. He said...
Yes! He knew!
Just as I'd have known,|if I'd been the murderer!
Find William|of Baskerville!
We can't open the mirror!
Perhaps pressing the 1a and the|7a letters ofthe word "four".
But "four" only has 4 letters.
In Latin, "quatuor". Remember|the inscription ofthe mirror?
We had to press above|the idol.
Not "idolum" as in Latin,|but "eidolon" as in Greek.
Meaning "image: or|"reflection". Our own reflection!
-This way, master!|-No, this way, Adso.
Here... Q and R.
Pray God we're|not mistaken.
Good evening, Venerable Jorge.
I've been expecting you|these several days past, William.
You must've flown|to this chamber to reach it ahead of us.
You've discovered many things...
since your arrival at|this abbey...
but the shortcut through|the labyrinth isn't among them.
So now, what's it that you want?
I want to see the book|in Greek you said was never written.
A book entirely devoted to comedy,|which you hate...
as much as you hate laughter.
I want to see what's probably|the only the surviving copy...
ofthe 2nd book ofthe|poetics ofAristotle.
William, what a magnificent|librarian you'd have been!
Here's your well done|reward.
Read it. Leaf its secrets.
You've won.
It's close now.
"We'll now discuss how comedy|stimulates the liking ridicule..."
"by using vulgar persons..."
"and taking pleasure from|their defects."
-Carry on, William. Read it!|-Master, we must hurry.
If the light is too deem|for you, give it to the boy...
I'm sure he can read it.
I don't want my pupil|to turn your poisoned pages...
not without the protection|of a glove, such as I'm wearing.
The door! Quick,|before it closes!
Venerable brother, there are many|books that speak of comedy.
Why does this one|fill you with such fear?
Because it's by Aristotle.
This way.
Do you, Salvatore, renounce|the devil and embrace Jesus Christ...
as your Lord and Savior?
Do you, Remigio de Veragine,|renounce the devil...
-and embrace Jesus...|-What for?
It's better die fast|than to spend...
the rest of life in prison.
The devil I renounce|is you, Bernardo Gui.
Do you renounce the devil|and embrace Jesus as your Savior?
But what's so alarming|about laughter?
Laughter kills fear...
and without fear|there can't be faith.
And without fear to the devil...
there's no more need to God.
But you won't eliminate laughter|by eliminating that book.
No, to be sure.
Laughter will remain|the common man's recreation...
but what'll happen if,|because of this book...
Iearned men work|to pronounce permissible...
to laugh of everything?|Can we laugh at God?
The world would|be back to chaos.
Therefore, I seal that|which is not to be said...
in the tomb I become.
He's there, behind the arch!
Save me!
Courage, brother!|Remember Dolcino!
Go out! I insist!
Go out! I insist!.
God, save him.
Stay back.
Burn the witch!
Do you dare to raise your|hands to the Church?
You won't leave!
It's all your wrong doing!|My master found out the murderer!
Help me!
I never regretted|my decision...
for I learned from my master|what's wise...
and good and true.
When at last we parted,|he presented me with his glasses.
I was too young, he said...
but one day they'd|serve me well.
In fact, I'm wearing them now|while I write these lines.
He embraced me like a father...|and sent me on my way.
I never saw him again, and knew|nothing of what have become of him...
but I always prayed that God|received his soul...
and forgave his little|vanities to which was driven...
by his intellectual pride.
And yet, now that I'm|an old, old man...
I must confess that all the|faces that appeared to me out ofthe past...
the one lsee most clearly|is that ofthe girl...
whom I never ceased|to dream...
these many long years.
She was the only earthly|love in my life...
yet I never knew|not ever learned...
her name.
Keep the name first of the rose,|without which we won't exist.
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