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Naked Weapon CD2

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Charlene, hurry!
This is great, there's no way out!
Hurry! Help me block the door!
Katt, we are stuck here!
There's got to be a way out
Don't worry, I'll get us out of here
Forget it, it's over!
Go on. Hurry!
No! If this is it, we end it together!
I won't leave you. I won't!
Shut up and listen!
I promise we'll see each other outside
I promise!
I can't lose you...
Go! Go!
Please. Go!
Based on the markings surrounding the fractured vertebra
the coroner seems to think that he was killed by a woman
One of my first assignments was
following a suspect named Madeline Ho
a.k.a. Madame M
Whoever did this ruptured the central nerve with her bare hands
It's been six years since I've seen a body like this
Jack, there's something else you should know
The coroner found a blood sample on the body
which doesn't belong to the victim
Run a DNA check
and send the results over to missing persons
If my hunch is correct, Madame M has decided to come out of her hole
Charlene Ching all these years you've been missing
What has happened to you?
You must be a different person now
But how much have you really changed?
Please, goddess Tin Hau
bless my only daughter Charlene
I hope she has found peace...
and joy in this world
Back again?
How are you?
Don't worry, your prayers will be heard
Goddess Tin Hau will send her blessing...
to you and your daughter
I pray and it is Tin Hau's wish...
for me to see my daughter again
Excuse me
Mrs. Ching?
Jack Chen, ClA
What can I do for you?
I came to ask you a few questions about your daughter
Did you find her?
Please tell me that she's still alive
There's been a series of murders throughout Europe
We think the killer is a professional assassin
DNA tests points to your daughter as the killer
That's impossible!
How could my daughter have become a killer?
Six years ago, forty girls disappeared at about the same time
They're all trying to be professional assassins
We think Charlene is one of them
My God...
There's a good chance your daughter may
either be in Hong Kong or on her way here
If that's the case she may try and contact you
I hope I can count on your cooperation
You can't imagine the pain a mother feels...
when she loses her child
I've put all that pain...
and guilt behind me
I'm sorry to put you through all this
But my job is to find a murderer and that's what I intend to do
Mr. Chen, even if my daughter is a killer
what makes you think I would help you arrest her?
Mrs. Ching?
I thought I asked you to leave me alone
I want to help your daughter
But I have to find her first
Has she contacted you in the last few days?
Jack, first you tell me...
my daughter is a professional killer
Now, you think I'm hiding her from the law?
Please, excuse me
Go! Go!
If you don't stop following me I will kill you
I've been on this case for six years
How can I not follow you?
That's your problem, Mr. Not mine
No, this is your problem
Do you recognize her?
Do you, Charlene?
Let's go!
I'm arresting you because I want to help you
How can you shoot someone in front of your mother?
Do you think she actually forgot you?
Don't you have any feelings at all?
Do you want to live a normal life?
I'm afraid you've got the wrong person
Charlene is dead
Listen Charlene...
or whatever you want to call yourself...
We're stuck here and it's cold...
and to be honest
I don't know how much longer I can keep my arm up
I knew you wouldn't kill me
It's not that I can't. I won't
I'm a federal agent. I'm here to arrest you
Are you OK?
Take my coat
I've been looking for a lot of girls who disappeared just like yourself
Can you tell me...
where you've been the past few years?
Or who's been running the operation?
Forget it... I knew you wouldn't tell me
But I'll find out
I'll find out by myself. I'll never give up
Are you sure you don't want your jacket?
You look cold
Don't worry about me. I'm not cold
I'm a man
What? What's so funny?
The metabolism of men...
runs fifteen percent faster than women
So technically, men are more resistant...
to coldness than women
I don't know about you...but I'm freezing
Come here...
we stand a better chance
If we do like the Eskimos and combine our body heat
Come on
You're a good guy...
you know that?
Case 538, day five
Despite the lack of cooperation from the local branch
my investigation continues to progress
I am watching the mother of one of the China Doll assassins
Hopefully, I can wrap things up before anyone else gets killed
For the moment, my only lead is Charlene Ching
I believe Charlene was...
she said the most amazing thing in that ice-cream truck...
she's lucky I gave her my jacket
What am I saying?
Even if I have to do it on my own
I will solve this case
Jack Chen, agent 75394
signing out...
...while officially on sick leave in Hong Kong
Once I'm all grown up...
and well trained in martial arts I'll protect you...
and beat up all the bad guys
Don't move! Drop your weapon!
Take her and get out of here!
Use your gun!
I'm here to visit my mom Why would I have a gun?
Where's your gun?
I dropped it
Watch out!
Mommy, I'm sorry...
I'm sorry I wasn't here to protect you
I am the one who is sorry
Seeing you alive...
God has answered my prayers
You're going to be fine
There's a hospital nearby
I'll carry her
She's losing a lot of blood Put some pressure on the wound
Don't tell me what to do
Let's just get her to the hospital!
She's trying to find a Jack Chen?
That's me
Please, don't arrest my daughter
I promise you, Mrs. Ching
Thank you
Even if someday you do have to take me in
Jack? Is that your name?
That's right
I don't lie about my identity like some other people
I've known about you for the past six years Charlene
Look out!
I'm just confused...
I don't know anymore
I don't know if I'm here for professional or personal reasons
Charity, I think?
Goodness of your own heart?
Don't worry. Your mom will be fine
You really are a good guy
What's the matter?
The last time you said that you hit me with your gun
I know you'll be back for her
And when you do, I'm going to be here too
I know, Jack
I know
What about the contracts? You can't see your mom
They'll kill you both
Trust me, Katt
I know when to give life and I know when to take it
I'll make a deal with you
Finish this one last job
and we'll consider our contract over
Besides, you wouldn't want any more harm to come to your mother
Would you?
Alright. I'll take it
That's my girl
Welcome, Madame
Allow me to introduce myself
My name is Ryuichi
You know the terms?
As you require, 10%
in crisp, unmarked bills
There's a traitor within my organization
His name is Kenji
You know what I want
The only thing is
I would like to watch as he dies
If you watch
it's more work more money
No one changes a deal on me
Not now, not ever!
Since you have the balls to ask for more money
I know you won't fail
Your greed will not allow it
Ryuichi is meeting Kenji tonight at a local disco
Your Job is to kill Kenji before he escapes
I'll be outside waiting in case you need backup
Shit! It's a trap!
I'll see you in hell...
You crossed the line, Madame
Gee, it's to earn more money
Kenji doesn't exist!
That's what drives all the assassins
It's what brings you here tonight!
My friend Carlos...
was killed by a dancing female assassin
Do you have any idea...
how lonely I'll get without him?
I bring you here because...
I want you to suffer as I know he suffered
Ladies. Welcome to my nirvana!
As for the darts
it's just a friendly little aphrodisiac
You should already be feeling warm...
and happy
You'll come for your friend!
We'll see you at Pier 14
Who is this?
Charlene? Where are you?
What happened?
Charlene! It's me, Jack
Are you OK?
What's wrong with you?
No! Stop...
What is going on?
What's wrong with you?
I...I was drugged...
some kind of aphrodisiac...
We need to calm down.
Charlene! Charlene!
I'm here to catch Madame M and her China Dolls
Not take advantage of a young
beautiful girl, not like this
I could arrest you
But now...
What am I saying?
I'm such an idiot!
I just want you to know that
actually I'm quite traditional
I just want you to know...
it's okay
Dear Jack, if I could live my life over again
I would love to be a normal girl and have a normal life
But I accepted my fate a long time ago
What I am prevents me from being a responsible daughter
So please, watch over my mother until she gets well
Maybe one day...
fate will smile upon us and we'll see each other again
Every time
just when I can reach out and almost touch you
you disappear
Help me! Charlene!
Help me... Help me... Charlene
Help me...
Oh Charlene... save me!
Oh my God! Katt!
You've finally come to save me
It will be a pleasure to watch...
as you and Ryuichi duel to the death
Let her go, Ryuichi!
I'm the one who killed Carlos, not her!
I've finally figured out how to play with my China Dolls
It'd be nice if you girls came with instructions, you know?
Stop it!
Please... kill me...
But we made a promise, Katt!
That we would always stay together
Our in the next life...
Okay, it's time to say goodbye to your friend
Bye bye!
Ten seconds
I love you, Charlene...
and I will always...
be with you always...
You and I are both driven...
by vengeance
Let's settle the score...
using more primitive weapons
You're beat up now
You can't even see anymore
I'm afraid our little duel is just about over
I have one chance left Will my strength fail me?
Focus on one thing...
and everything
Feel the vibrations
Follow the energy...
Visualize the stillness of water
and let your heart...
becomes water...
I'm leaving tomorrow have to go back to the States
Whenever you have time please come and visit
I'd like that
You think this is just superstitious nonsense, don't you?
No. I was just thinking...
the Chinese are so strong in beliefs
You know I really never had a religion
But somehow...
this place makes me feel peaceful
If you like, you can make a wish
Perhaps it will come true
Try it. What have you got to lose?
Please let Katt be filled with joy and happiness
And let her know that I miss her very much
Please make sure that certain someone the guy I told you about...
I wish the woman I love is happy and safe
And I pray that someday...
I'll be able to tell her how much I care for her
No. 68
Two with one mind will meet
hand in hand playing music and dancing
I'm sorry I don't understand
Very strange, a woman was here earlier
She has the same fortune
Was she looking for someone?
She said she was looking for...
a man she met in a refrigerator
No, an ice-cream truck
Where is she?
She just left
Call me superstitious
but sometimes I think I can feel Charlene's presence
It's as if we're heading off in the same orbit
If we both stay on this path
and don't stray
we'll see each other again some day
I can only hope that day is sometime very soon
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