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Naked Killer

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- Miss, your dog is very pretty. - Yeah. He looks like our dog.
When you have time, take him to our flat on the 9th floor.
What are you doing in my flat?
I normally take a shower before I work.
This is the fifth murder in two months.
He's been brutally murdered, but we cannot find any clues.
It must be a professional killer.
Damn it! The murderer's very violent, he even shot him in the balls.
- Is it this music? - Yeah.
- How do you remember it? - He loved watching Japanese porn.
I could normally hear the girls moaning.
But last night he changed to classical music so I remember it.
How do you know they were porn films?
- I know porn when I see it. - How's it going?
He's the third witness who could hear this song when the victim was killed.
I think the murderer likes to listen to Mozart while he's killing.
I don't believe that.
Sir, we found two corpses on the 9th floor.
They are an old couple.
- PC 369, get a statement from him. - Yes, sir. Come with me, kid.
Maybe he was killed because he saw the killer.
Go and shave and save the logic to Sherlock Holmes.
Sir, I think the killer could be a woman.
I shouldn't have asked you to come.
How could a woman throw a 20-stone man from there to here?
How could it be a woman?
The last two victims were naked and their limbs were broken.
Their genitals had been ripped off.
In this case, the victim's limbs and skull were all broken.
His genitals were shot off too.
The killer might be a woman.
The last two cases were about sex disputes.
This one must be a Triad punishing one of their own.
Tinam, please stop daydreaming.
The last two victims had their genitals ripped off during sex.
What, so they were shagging a female gorilla?
How could a woman have such strength? It must be done by a couple of men.
- Tinam, take some more holiday, OK? - But I'm OK now.
You killed your brother three months ago, how can you be OK?
Shut up or I'll kill you!
- Sir, you know it was an accident. - I know.
A normal person would never recover from such a trauma.
I reinstated you so quickly because of your brother.
You should've taken the extra psychotherapy.
I'm fully recovered now.
Really?! You can't even hold a gun. How can you say you're OK?
Nobody will admit if theyíre nuts.
I'm transferring to the Anti-porn Department.
You should not be on this case!
When you have time, go to the barber. You'll look better.
Stop, or I'll shoot.
One of our men is injured, call the ambulance.
Brother, why was it you?
You could buy some tampons to plug her mouth and ass.
It's fresh milk, especially for you.
I won't give it to anyone else.
Really? Do you want me to give you something in return?
- You know what l want, don't you? - You're like a wolf.
Excuse me.
That chick's so horny. I'm sure you can shag her.
I'll be the next.
Keep it down. lf she hears you we'll have no chance. Be smart!
Be careful with the scissors.
Women are like fire. Be careful.
I'm not worried. I've got a big hose.
If you nick my ears, I'll cut your hose off.
You're naughty!
This is going to be tough!
Tommy! What have you been up to?
I'm working! I'll call you later.
Do you want to dump me because Iím pregnant?
What? You mean it's my baby. How can you prove it?
You always fool around. How can l possibly be the father?
How dare you say this?
Come on, just have an abortion and everything will be sorted.
There's no need to make a scene here. Right?
Of course! We're just friends.
You're trying to set me up, aren't you?
I've lived with you for six months!
You're the only man l have.
He doesn't want you, he loves me now. Why don't you leave?
Sorry about this.
Don't say you've got my baby.
Now take this money and get yourself out of here.
Bitch! How dare you?
I'll help with the abortion!
You're a tough guy!
Go to hell!
How dare you bully my friend?
Now do you believe me? I've only been here twice,
and he still wants to dump you for me!
You should forget him!
- I'll cut his dick off! - Police, stop!
Call the ambulance.
I feel as if l lost one of my balls!
You go first, I'll take care of this.
Don't move.
Move and Iíll shoot.
Why don't you shoot? Are you afraid of writing reports?
- Why did you beat him up? - Dick deserved it.
Only Ah Si trusts that bastard.
He's called Tommy, not Dick.
You're too old, man! I mean he is a dick!
I'll scream.
Help! Help!
Don't move!
You all right? l was only kidding.
Why are you so scared? Here, have your gun back.
Even this makes you want to throw up. Poor you!
- What's your name? - Tinam.
I like your name.
Now I'll let you go, because that... what's his name?
- Dick. - Because that dick deserved it.
You can't say that.
It's me, Kitty, who let you go. I won't sue you for molesting me.
What are you doing?
Get out of here, will you?
I'd have cut your dick off too if youíd dared to stay.
He's so scared, he even forgot his pager.
Chinese Pager.
Hello, Chinese Pager. Tinam, did you drop your pager?
Did you vomit then?
- You've got my pager? - It's lucky for me l picked it up.
I work here, by the way.
- How can I get it back? - Treat me to a candlelit dinner.
I won't waste any time on you.
I work at Kowloon Police Station. Bring it to me tomorrow.
Dickhead, did anyone bring me my pager?
I don't think so.
But there's a girl claiming one of our colleagues tried to rape her.
A girl? Where is she?
inside, she's making a statement.
You drink it.
Tinam, come and see me later.
- You look rather pale. - Nonsense.
- Are you nervous? - About what?!
Why are you drinking my milk then?
- It's sorted. - Thanks.
- Come to my office. - She...
You can go now.
- Coffee? - No, I've had some milk.
That lady just told me how she was harassed.
Well done.
She's the first one to praise you since you were reinstated.
Really? What did she say?
She said you were brave and able to deal with difficult situations.
She said you fought off that sex offender.
And that you chased him for 15 minutes until he disappeared.
You're really fit then.
I go jogging every morning.
You would recognize that guy, wouldn't you?
Go with the girl and make up an image of the rapist.
- Me go with her? - Yes.
She's even written a letter to the radio station to praise you.
You're flattering me!
Stop... Stop!
Just pretend you're my boyfriend.
- Kitty! - Dad!
What a coincidence!
- Who's this? - He's my new friend.
I see!
This is Tinam. He's a cop.
I've got to go now. I've got to get to the food stall.
- Take care of Kitty. - Sure! I'll take care of her.
- Don't worry. - All right.
Take care.
You're good at using people.
- Give me my pager. - Come shopping with me first.
Here's your pager.
This isn't my pager.
You're very sexy.
What do you want, Peeping Tom?
Give me the money first.
- Are you ignoring me? - I think we've got a generation gap.
But you fancy me, don't you?
Are you joking? l fancy you?
You wouldn't have been with me all day otherwise.
You've given me enough trouble down at the station.
I just wanted to teach you how to be polite...
so you won't hang up the phone in a rude way.
There's only two of us here. Do you think that l might rape you?
- I can see part of you. - What is it?
Your mole.
Why are you pointing your pink pistol at me?
It's not fun now!
What are you doing?
We should have met earlier.
You're making a lot of noise.
I'm not.
You'll have to stop. We should leave now.
They're laughing at you. You wolf!
- I haven't had sex for ages. - You can shag him.
Really? Can l swap him for you?
It's your word. Don't go, Mr Four-eyes!
Are you mad?
- I really should thank you. - Thank me? For what?
You'll find out later.
- I'm off. - Let me take you home.
Have you never heard of minibuses?
- What's my new pager number? - A lucky number for you.
Lan, why the long face?
What are you sulking about now? Mind those bowls.
We haven't got much business. Why don't you close it down?
I told you long ago in China that l run a food stall.
But I didn't know you were that poor. If I did I wouldn't have come.
All right.
It's all my fault, OK?
Tonight's very quiet, finish it off yourself.
I'm going to bed.
Dad, what's going on?
- Nothing. - Is she bullying you again?
Come on, Kitty!
I don't see why you're so afraid of her.
She's your step-mother anyway.
We shouldn't quarrel over such nonsense.
- Have you had dinner yet? - Not yet.
You still haven't had dinner? Why is your boyfriend so mean?
Business wasn't good tonight. I'll cook you the remaining won-tons, OK?
- Let's eat together then. - Sounds good!
Kitty, don't be too mean to your boyfriend. Be nice to him.
I've got it. Don't worry, Dad!
You go home first. l need to make a call across the road.
- Can't you do it at home? - I don't want that woman to hear it.
- Come on, you go up first. - OK, I'm going. Don't be too long.
You bastard! You bitch!
Now you're here, let's sort this out.
Your wife wants to live with me. Give me $20,000 and we can sort this out.
You son of a bitch!
I want to kill you. I'll kill you!
- Please don't! - Piss off!
- I'll kill that bastard! - Run!
I'll kill you!
Go to hell!
- Go on! - Run!
I'll kill you, bastard!
- You killed my dad! - Go on, Bee!
- Stop! - Go to hell!
Kitty. Meet you at 7 o'clock at the canteen.
- Have you found his daughter? - Not yet.
We don't know where she is.
- Find her and then kill her. - Yes, sir!
- What are you waiting for? - Let's go.
Excuse me...
- Where's Bee? - I don't know.
Where is he?
- You killed my dad! - Please don't get mad!
- I didn't mean to kill him! - Bastard!
I'll blow off your ass, you bastard!
I'll break your head!
- You bitch! You shot my ass. - Bastard!
Get lost! Do you still want to kill me?
You bitch!
You shot me in the ass! You bitch! Fuck you!
- Go to hell! - You useless shit!
You just let her shoot my ass.
Get her inside. You want to kill me, eh?
Rape her!
All of you get out! You little cocky bitch!
Me first.
Go to hell!
Go to hell!
What's going on?
Stay away!
Stay away!
- Where's your car? - Not here! It's on the next floor.
Come on!
- Please don't kill me! - OK, but you'll have to help me up.
Why didn't you tell me? I thought you could handle it.
Catch it!
- I can't see them. - Where are they?
You two go that way. You come with me.
- Who are you? - Smile! They call me Sister Cindy.
Have you woken up? Why don't you sleep a bit longer?
- What are you doing? - I'm eating noodles.
I'll do your last finger once Iíve finished.
Are you crazy? You're nuts!
Why are you doing this to me? Where are my fingers? Where are they?
Why only nine fingers?
I was starving. I'll do your last finger after I finish my noodles.
You want to chop this one off too, don't you?
I don't mean to chop it off. I'm changing your fingerprints.
What? You're crazy!
You're the one that's crazy.
Look at this!
A woman has robbed a finance company, killing many people.
The company lost $450,000. A $100,000 reward...
You're very famous now.
You're very unprofessional!
You left your fingerprints all over the place.
Do you know they've got CCTV?
Now, apart from changing your identity and fingerprints,
there's one other option - you can go to prison.
You'll be raped by the dykes once a day and treated like a dog.
They'll release you when you're 40
but you'll look like a 60-year-old granny.
Nothing you can do after that, other than work in a nightclub.
Not as a waitress or the manager, but as the toilet maid.
- Stop! - Besides, you know my face now.
The rule in our game is to kill those who recognize our faces.
- Do you want to kill me? - No, I don't.
- Why are you helping me? - You're lucky.
I believe you have it in you to be a hit woman.
- Who are you, then? - A hit woman.
- Hit woman? - A contract killer.
A professional one.
But we help society get rid of those bastards.
Bastards like Bee deserve to die.
- We kill people who deserve to die. - You want me to help you kill them?
You don't help me, you help yourself. They're looking for you everywhere.
- Why would l want to be a hit woman? - To make big money.
Then you could have everything.
You know, those with the most power rule this world.
The most powerful one rules.
I don't think you're so stupid you'd choose to go to prison.
This is your new identity.
Shang Hil-qun.
You're an air hostess, from Singapore, aged 23.
You don't have any parents, only a sister.
I'm sleepy.
- Come on! - What are we doing?
Who's he?
He's a pedophile, he's raped lots of little girls.
I've wanted to teach him a lesson for a while.
- Bitch, do you want me to fuck you? - Let me do it. You son of a bitch!
Scumbag! It's your bad luck to meet me!
Come on then, why don't you kiss me?
Where are you? Give me some scissors, I'll cut his dick off.
I want to see how you deal with life and death situations.
- I won't open the door. - Open up! You bitch!
The door key's on that guy's waist. Either let him rape you or kill him.
Open up or I'll squeeze your tits till they burst.
I'll count to three. One, two...
Go to hell!
Bitch, Iíll squeeze your tits!
You bitch, Iíll squeeze your tits!
Three minutes and seven seconds. You were too slow.
There are ten pieces of broken glass, four screwdrivers,
an iron wire and a gun next to the wall
but you took three minutes to kill him.
- Your judgment is poor. - What if he had raped me?
Then blame yourself for being stupid. Remember this.
When you have to kill your opponent, you have to find a weapon first.
- What if there's no weapon? - Can't you think?
We're women, and our body is a weapon, too.
- What if she hasn't got tits? - Don't stop me feeling myself.
Any kind of man can be defeated by your charms.
It doesn't matter whether your tits are big or small.
Even no tits won't make a difference.
You only need to make them happy.
What's this about? Are you teaching me to be a killer or a hooker?
The tricks of the trade are the same.
Big tits, small tits, even no tits. What's the big deal?
Come on. Attack me.
I've got a knife. You can't beat me.
Stop calling for help, and think how to defeat me.
You've got my feet. How can l defeat you?
OK, now you twist my feet.
I've got you!
That really hurts!
The principle of killing is to use whatever you've got to hand
and turn that into a weapon.
You can use a knife or a sword.
You can also use high-heels, tights, or a toothbrush.
A toothbrush?
Once l rammed a toothbrush up a man's nose.
It hit his brain, and he was killed instantly.
But the most powerful weapon still
is our body.
No matter whether they are men or women,
their weakest point is when they reach orgasm.
Then no one has the power to resist.
At that point,
the perfect moment to kill them.
When you're about to kill someone, you should know everything about him
so you must be prepared.
You have to make a file on him.
You should know his living habits, the places he hangs out.
Also his hobbies, his strengths and weaknesses, his temper,
and even his sexual habits.
Sex is a very good weapon.
No matter whether your target is a man or a woman,
they are all interested in sex.
One of your seniors is a lesbian.
My senior?
Let's not talk about her.
Anyway, you have to know every detail about your target.
I'll teach you how to make the file.
Is that it?
Why do you have my file?
I went through your stuff while you were out last week.
Did you think I wouldn't find out?
You went to China four years ago, I think you've forgotten going there.
You were called Shaw Bing, aged 35, your star sign is Scorpio.
You wear a 36D bra. You like drinking red wine.
I believe you haven't had sex for quite a while.
How do you know that?
You've masturbated twice in the last five nights.
Have you been spying on me?
Yes, I do every night. Don't shout too loud next time.
Even the neighbours can hear it.
- You're very immoral. - More immoral than killing people?
But I have to tell you, all the people I've killed deserved to die.
Your senior only cares about money, not the innocent people.
She'd even kill her dad for money.
Didn't you say not to talk about her?
She's the most sought-after in our profession.
You'll have to meet her sooner or later. Be careful!
I know she's very tough.
How do you know?
If she wasn't, you wouldn't have prepared her file.
I told you I thought you had it in you. But we still have to be careful.
Have you asked someone to buy you breakfast?
They're getting it now.
Are you still thinking about your chick?
She's killed lots of people. She's nothing but trouble.
Bee's men have been looking for her.
- Kitty's had such a hard time. - You should think of yourself.
Why are you taking my bloody cigarette?
Not as bloody as the killer.
The last victim had his limbs broken, but this is even worse.
- His dick's gone. - Pardon?
They're questioning the maid.
Sir, your breakfast.
What else did you hear last night?
Did your master shag you?
- Who is touching your ass? - You bastard!
They can't find...
his penis.
I mean bird.
- What's going on? - How do you say dick in English?
His dick?! You can't find his dick, you dickhead!
This sausage is cold.
Look! There's some flesh up here.
- What is it? - Seems to be the victim's testicles.
- Come again? - His balls!
The colour is similar to this one.
Do you want me to lose my appetite? No way!
Can you see a girl taking a shower?
- No! A woman's been watching us. - So what?
Some criminals like to come back to the scene of the crime.
Are you saying she's the killer?
I think there is a female killer group.
The last case, and Kitty's case too, it was the same woman.
I think this case is related to the last one.
- They didn't believe you last time. - I believe you.
I know what you think.
I think there is more than one female killer working in this area.
They use different ways to kill, some brutal, some not.
I'll ask your boss to let you carry out the investigation.
- You have your chance now. - I wish I could see Kitty again.
Look at you, you look as if you've eaten a dick.
Did you eat that missing dick?
What? Do you think I've eaten that dick?
Sister Cindy!
They've got the door key and I've taken away the weapons.
They're going to squeeze your tits.
Come on!
I am impressed!
Kitty, your first mission is to kill a man in Japan tomorrow.
He's called Taki.
My mission is to kill someone in Japan!
Boss, do you want me to wait outside?
Are you nuts?
Of course!
If someone tricks me, I'll sell you as a rent boy.
Boss, you sing very well.
Shut the fuck up! Itís the password!
Where's my aphrodisiac?
- Why did he spray it in his mouth? - To make his tongue harder, I guess.
- What's your name? - I'm Baby.
Are you into kinky games?
I don't mind kinky games.
After we finish this, should we go to Hawaii for a holiday?
Not yet.
We've still got another big job to do.
What is it?
A Japanese Triad wants me to kill somebody for them.
She's going to be very difficult.
Who is she?
Sister Cindy.
She's your master, isn't she?
My master is already very difficult to deal with.
Now she's got a very good new student.
You mean... we aren't good enough to kill them.
We should kill them one by one.
First of all, we should get rid of her star pupil.
Do you agree?
I agree.
You've tried every way possible to join my department.
I don't think I can turn down your request any more.
The recent murder cases are like those that happened six months ago.
Our boss thinks your theory about a female killer gang may be possible.
A Triad leader died last night.
The way he was killed was similar to those cases.
His limbs and penis were all missing.
They seem to have been torn off by someone.
- Have you got any leads? - Yes, we have this time.
A few hours before the murder, he was seen with an air hostess.
- Is she the suspect? - That's what l want you to find out.
Damn it! This is a big house for an air hostess.
She's a mistress.
- It might be her dad's house! - Or her sugar daddy's.
- How can I help? - We're policemen.
We'd like to meet Miss Shang Hil-qun.
Miss, there are two policemen here to see you.
Are you policemen?
I haven't got any kitties here.
I'm Tinam, Kitty!
I'm sorry. My name's Shang Hil-qun. I think you're mistaken.
By the way, you can call me Vivian.
Sorry, I mistook you for one of my friends.
What are you here for?
We want your assistance in a murder case.
The victim's a Mr Kan Ti-san.
But I don't know him.
You were seen with him before the murder.
I met him at a cocktail party. He drove me home.
So you were the last one to see him. Can you make a statement?
No problem. But I have to get changed first.
- Dickhead. Dickhead! - What?
- Do think she looks like Kitty? - Which Kitty?
The one who was in Lee's office.
There are lots of girls. How can i remember her?
Lee will recognize her!
This is a serious matter.
Tell our man not to leak any news to the press.
- What's up? - Lee's died!
This is going to be tough.
Why would Lee kill himself?
I don't know. Five minutes ago l heard a gunshot.
I rushed in and saw him covered in blood.
A few hours before the murder, he was seen with an air hostess.
- Dickhead, get a statement from her. - What happened?
When did you arrive at the party?
- What kind of party was it? - It was a film's premiere.
My girlfriend asked me to go but she didn't turn up.
What's the victim called?
Was this the guy?
Yes, it was.
He came over and chatted to me.
The party was boring, so was the film.
So I let him drive me home.
Where do you live?
No 99, Old Peak Road.
Do you always look at men like that? You think I'm good-looking or what?
Compared to the other men in Hong Kong, you're very good-looking.
Don't put that down.
Are you free for dinner tonight?
We can eat raw beef.
It tastes awful, doesn't it?
Are you all right, sir?
I'm fine.
Do you still want me to be your girlfriend?
Yes! You're my girlfriend.
I've told you lots of times, I'm not!
But I'm honored if you think I'm your girlfriend.
You must recognize the one that taught Tommy a lesson.
I'm sure I can recognize her.
I've got witnesses, Kitty!
Tinam, where is she?
Are you mad? She's right here.
That's Kitty?! She doesn't look like the one that hit Tommy.
Don't trick me.
I wouldn't dare.
If you want me to say she is, I'll give this back.
Tinam, I think you must love your girlfriend very much.
Otherwise, you wouldn't say I'm her all the time.
You're right.
I love her a lot.
She was involved in a murder case.
I wanted to track her down and help her.
But I could never get in touch with her.
She seems to have disappeared into thin air!
She'd be really touched if she could hear that.
- Really? - Tinam, I'm leaving now.
Dial 999! Dial 999!
- Tinam. - It's me.
The air hostess has been shot. She's in hospital now.
- Tinam! - This is for you.
- They're lovely! - You're Kitty!
Do you know you're in great danger?
Are you still thinking about that girl?
She's got to be Kitty.
Her eyes! I know she's Kitty from her eyes!
She doesn't admit it, and you can't prove it.
The witnesses are dropping like flies.
This girl's dangerous. Don't get involved.
That's why I want to find out the truth.
You think you're Superman, you're just a policeman.
Every man's got a pistol, but we got one more.
My instinct tells me it's something you just can't do by force.
Just do what you're told or you'll get into trouble.
I want to tell you a big secret.
After I killed my brother, I became impotent.
- What? Bullshit! - I couldn't get a hard-on.
The day after I saw Kitty, I got my first stiffy.
Then when I saw her in the swimming pool, I had another.
Don't tell me only she can cure your impotence!
- Who are you looking for? - Miss Shang.
- She's out. - I'd better leave.
Wait a minute.
Come in and take a seat.
How did you know I like vodka?
A man like you is bound to like vodka.
I'm Hil-qun's sister.
They call me Sister Cindy.
Is Shang Hil-qun really her name?
My lawyer told me that my sister has nothing to do with that case.
You must be here for something else.
Lots of guys want to go out with my sister.
- Are you confident? - No...but Iím determined.
I love men like you.
Sorry, I want more ice.
you mistook my sister for someone else.
I'm not mistaken. I'm sure she's someone else.
I'm sorry. I have to go now.
- Who do you think she is? - Someone I'll never forget.
Sister Cindy!
- Kitty! - What are you doing here?
Do you want to date me?
That's what he wants. Why don't you give him a chance?
Stay here for dinner, OK?
But he's a busy man.
Sorry, I need to get changed first. My boyfriend's coming to pick me up.
Fine! I know you're not Kitty.
I really want to help you, if you are Kitty.
May I be excused?
See you!
Why did you stop me?
He's a cop. If he dies here, we'll be in trouble.
I could dispose of the body.
But they know he's visited us.
When I killed that policeman in the station i didn't leave any clues.
No one's suspecting us.
I think you don't want him to die, right?
I don't think he deserves to die.
He already knows too much. And he's suspecting you.
Now you see why I want him to die.
If you don't kill him, you'll be killed one day.
Remember you're a killer, you can't let emotion get in the way.
- I'll kill him myself. - Will you?
- Really? - There's always a first time.
This house has been exposed, I'm going to sell it.
I'll send you somewhere else.
Enjoy your first time.
Don't disappoint me.
Kitty, meet me at 9 o'clock at the parking lot by the tunnel.
K- Are you looking for your pager? - When did you come in?
I've been here for a long time.
But i didn't want to disturb you.
Don't shout too loud next time you make love.
The neighbours might hear it.
Give me back my pager.
He really loves you. No wonder you miss him so much.
Why are you always getting new batteries for your pager?
So i don't miss him.
All right. I want to tell you something.
The Japs want to get revenge.
- They've hired Princess to kill us. - Princess?
She's your senior.
You must be very careful not to let her see you.
She might kill you after she's raped you.
All men are heartless.
You should never fall for them. You'll lose everything.
Have you been waiting long?
Do you miss me?
I miss you like mad!
I'm Hil-qun. Please don't come and see me again.
What are you doing? You were so different a moment ago.
You're right. I was forced to make love with you.
I don't know you.
I'm Shang Hil-qun, from Singapore.
I've got the documents to prove it.
- Take it back. - You're lying!
You're Kitty, don't deny it.
I am not!
"See you in the car park. Kitty."
Are you really Kitty?
Princess, you didn't seem to make love to me.
You enjoyed it so much, how can you say that?
You're holding me...
but you're thinking of her.
So what?
When did you start getting jealous?
If you don't fancy her, why haven't you killed her?
You're not listening to me.
You know what happens when you disobey me, don't you?!
I want her so badly.
Why didn't you admit that you were Kitty?
Because I'm a professional killer and you're a cop.
My boss thinks you'll blow my cover. That's why she wants to kill you.
Sister Cindy's your boss, isn't she?
If i hadn't been in the car park, you would be dead already.
Those traceless murder cases, were they all done by you?
Everyone we kill deserves to die.
Only my senior will kill innocent people.
What do you want to do from now on?
Either you give up your job or i give up mine.
Or we forget each other.
Does your boss really want to kill me?
I'll talk to her.
This isn't the time to talk about this.
I'll talk to Sister Cindy.
- If anything happens, get out fast. - She's only a woman.
How can you help me? Show me how you handle a gun!
Sister Cindy.
You haven't visited me for a long time.
You're heartless.
Is she my junior?
She's very pretty.
She's the one I always talk about, Princess.
This is Baby.
Baby, say hi to them.
- This is Tinam. - I've seen him before.
When did you see me before?
I've seen all of you!
Sister Cindy said you're even better than me.
She must be joking.
Having two students like you, I think i can retire now.
You can't say that.
You can't say, "I'm retiring" and then that's it.
You should be pleased that i came straight to visit you
after i arrived in Hong Kong.
But once i leave your house,
we might be enemies.
I know.
My dear junior, I think you and I will be the best partners.
We can kill anyone, but no one can kill us.
What sort of bullshit is that?
If you don't try me you'll never know.
Whatever men can do,
I can do better.
Are you all right?
I'm all right. She's a killer.
Yours is too small, how can you compete with me?
Sister Cindy, we're leaving.
- Can i kiss you before i leave? - Sister Cindy!
Baby, let's go.
Stop it.
She's my student, I know all her tricks.
From now on, she'll come back any time. You can go now.
Sister Cindy, Tinam and I...
I can't even save myself - how can i kill him?
- I want to stay and help you. - What can you do?
You've lost the killer's touch. You're not a good killer any more.
- I... - Enough!
Killers can never fall in love.
Once they fall in love they go soft.
Then they can easily be killed by their enemies.
Go now.
- Why don't you call the police? - Call the police?
I've killed lots of people.
Should the cops arrest her, or arrest me?
I've put your dowry inside that pillar.
Come back and get it when it's safe.
Sister Cindy.
Fine! Let's go!
Why were you driving so fast?
I want to drop you off in a safe place quickly.
Now we're in a safe place.
I'm sorry!
Come out! I've been waiting for you.
Sister Cindy, you're still very fit.
I have to keep fit as long as you're alive.
- Are you in a lot of pain? - Why?
You taught me.
Killers should never fall in love and let others know their habits.
I don't know why this is happening. That wine's just been opened.
The wine's fine. But do you remember I kissed you before I left?
My lipstick mixed with your wine is a deadly poison.
So you're poisoned, but I'm not.
You're so cruel!
You can't even shoot a cripple! Useless!
Sister Cindy, I've found that...
your legs are getting prettier and prettier.
What a lovely pair of legs!
What are you doing? You want to commit suicide? No way!
Sister Cindy.
You're a perfect and beautiful killer.
Do you know you've only got ten more minutes to live?
Have you two shagged any great killers before?
- Not yet! - You piece of shit! Go to hell!
If you're quick enough, you could screw her ten times.
Sister Cindy, enjoy it!
Let's go.
Sister Cindy!
Tell me what happened.
Who did this to you?
Tell me, Sister Cindy?
What do you want?
Sister Cindy!
Kitty, I'll be dead by the time you watch this video
but don't feel sad for me.
Every killer ends up like this.
I'm very happy that you've found your true love.
Don't get revenge for me, you can't beat Princess.
Because you've fallen in love and Princess loves no one.
Here are some photos for you, leave here as quickly as you can.
Sister Cindy!
You didn't lock the door again.
It doesn't matter whether i lock the door or not.
Can't you get up?
That girl's mysterious! She can appear and disappear at any time.
She's killed lots of people. If you carry on like this, you'll be next.
- Do you think I'm happy without her? - I think you look like shit!
I'd rather be killed by her. At least, I'd be happier.
Stop it! You're nuts!
Let's eat first. I brought some chicken.
Dickhead, are you my friend? You have to help me.
They've taken your gun so you're on holiday!
It'll be very dangerous.
I don't care about the gun, I can't even hold it.
Where are you going?
I want to get an informer. I want to know where Kitty is.
Come here!
Boss, what's the matter?
Boss, I'm making a killing on the horses!
You'll lose everything, bastard.
Have you seen this girl?
This girl? Everyone's looking for her. Does she owe you lots of money?
Who else?
A lesbian is willing to pay a shit load to find out where she is.
- Where can we find that lesbian? - She's often at the gym.
Loser, go and eat shit!
Yes, I'll eat shit.
Yes, I'll eat shit.
- What's up? - Someone wants to see Princess.
Baby, see who it is.
- Who is it? - Kitty wants to see Princess.
- Bring her in. - Yes, Princess.
- You've come at last. - Are you looking for me?
Come on, do you think you can escape from me?
Aren't you looking for me?
Look at you!
You're dressing like a hooker.
You don't like it, do you?
I love it!
I love the way you look tarty!
Listen, obey me...
or I'll poke your eyes out!
- Wait for me downstairs. - I'll wait for you.
This is for you.
How did you know I'd come?
I ask them to bring a bunch of fresh flowers every 12 hours.
I knew you'd come sooner or later.
Do you like it?
It's very pretty. It must have cost you a lot.
There's people everywhere, there's money everywhere, too.
Money's no big deal!
If anything looks good on you,
I'll get it for you any way i can.
I want to be your partner but i haven't promised you anything.
- Besides... - What?
Besides... you've got a close girlfriend.
How can she compete with you?
Aren't you worried that i might be here to kill you?
I've searched you. You've got a lipstick, nothing else.
Stop, what are you doing here?
Go on! Quick!
Let go of her!
You feel sick when you hold a gun, don't you?
Are you feeling funny?
Don't make me pull the trigger!
Go on, throw up! You'll feel better.
Come with me!
Princess will find us no matter where we go.
- What should we do, then? - Go to Sister Cindy's house.
All right.
Tinam, we haven't a chance. You'd better leave me.
I tried so hard to find you. I won't lose you again.
- If you die, I'll die with you. - Princess is coming, wait here.
Be careful!
You didn't expect the ring to explode, did you?
You're still very inexperienced.
I'll show you how to become a better killer.
Now i see, you got on very well with Sister Cindy.
So you want to die in the same place as her.
But i won't let you die... until I've had you.
Does it taste good?
I learnt this from you.
My lipstick is poisoned.
You didn't expect that, did you?
Let me tell you something - I'm also poisoned, but I'll survive.
I've drunk lots of milk which can delay the poison entering my blood.
You've got wounds, so you're dead!
I still have time to have my stomach pumped. But you don't!
Kitty! I'll take you to hospital!
One of my legs is broken and I'm poisoned.
I won't survive.
Kitty! Turn yourself in.
Do you want a cripple to go to prison?
Listen, you're all surrounded.
Sir, Tinam is inside.
This house is filled with gas now.
If they open fire, the whole place will explode.
You'd better go! Quick!
I tried so hard to find you.
If you die,
I'll die with you.
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