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Naked Ambition CD2

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Tingting has no fear.
Tingting offers 2-course set.
Waiting for you in her apartment.
She lives in #59 Tsuen Wan Avenue.
Do what you want to do with her.
Hello everyone.
I am your host Kiki.
From this issue on
Passion Magazine will have|an on pack VCD.
Andy, I'll leave now|if everything's ok.
Bye. Bye.
Can we leave now?
Give me another 10 minutes.
It feels so good.
Give me the VCD.
Can't take it anymore.
I killed her?
How is it Doctor?
Nothing serious for now.
She has low blood pressure.
Get her for a full|physical exam tomorrow.
I'll write you a reference letter.
Sorry, doctor.
Are you really a doctor?
You've never met a|pretty doctor before?
You ok?
Of course I'm not.
You're not?
What's wrong?
Terminal illness.
Forget about it,|I know what's wrong.
The doctor said I'm|in terminal stage.
I could die anytime.
You're kidding.|I mean it.
Did you get a close inspection?
What did the doctor say a while ago?
It was very clear.
Why would I faint|if everything was ok?
But the doctor said|it was nothing serious.
What's your illness called?
It's called---|terminal illness.
Will you treat me better
right before I die?
Will you?
I missed you so much.
Tess Tickless, Lewd Lily.
Tess Tickles, Titty Bird.
Tess Tickles.
Your Tess Tickles wins|by a huge margin.
Quit mentioning it in front of Fanny.
If you do that again,|I'm going to hit you.
I don't know,|you pick the lucky winner.
Isn't it a bit dangerous
what if we picked an SM freak?
Well, doesn't she face that danger|everyday in her work?
But the one night stand with|the cover girl was our idea.
We're responsible for anything|that might go wrong.
Let's fake this,|why don't you go?
Fanny's going to see me.
Fine, let her run the risk of|meeting an SM freak.
Or just get disembodies at some point.
You think if we pixelize my face.
Will Fanny still recognize me?
Why don't you get an instant photo.
Then pixelize your look.
Then ask Fanny if she knew
who it was.
I don't think she'll recognize|my face with pixels.
Maybe Calvin should do it,|he doesn't have a girlfriend.
Sorry, was I late for long?
You getting married?
Your eyes ok?
Nothing, the sunlight was|just too bright.
You spent much time|arranging this look?
I did---|is it ok?
It looks good, definitely.
OK, let's do it.
You two stand apart.
OK, back up a little.
You're too stiff.
Relax a little.
What the hell,|you have a boner?
You've never seen a woman before?
You look too tight, lady.
I mean your face,|not your lower body.
Relax, that's right.
When I say 'Action' just run|towards each other.
Let's go.
Does that work?
What are you doing?
This sucks.
Just like that.
Hold her and spin.
Don't stop till I say so.
So happy---|so wonderful.
Chupa chups?
Calvin! What did you buy?
I said to buy flowers.
You said to get corny stuff.
You look corny enough.
Whatever, take this thing here.
And kneel on the ground|before you give it to her.
Just look really stupid, ok?
Remember to shoot the background.
The uglier the better.
As kitsch as possible.
Ready, start when I say 'Action'.
Ready, get set---
Ms Tess. Yeah?
You're a working girl,|show some poise.
There you go, thanks.
Look happy, yes, relax.
She looks happier than you do.
You looked like you just ate shit.
I've never had a man walk on|the beach with me before.
I'm actually quite old fashioned.
I like having a man walk on|the beach with me.
Where do you go when|you dated your ex?
Nowhere, just somewhere dark|to have sex.
Lots of groping and humping.
And then, Tess discovered
the hidden champagne|bottle from her fan.
Ouch! What the fuck?
Tess is so moved.
What is it? And they kiss.
It's a bottle of champagne.
Kiss now.
Romantically look at each other|while you toast.
OK, don't drink too much.
Put it down,|pick up a strawberry.
Correct ---
Then suck on it.
Don't look at me, look at her.
Suck the fruit, suck it.
Enjoy it like you're sucking her---
Then feed her.
Enough, feed her now.
Look entranced.
Don't open your mouth too wide.
Don't think it's your regular ---
there you go---right---
OK, leave them, shoot me instead.
OK, after they enjoyed their|bottle of champagne.
Keep moving, don't still.
OK, after they enjoyed|the champagne.
The lucky reader finally|gets to enter the room
we prepared for him|and Tess Tickles.
We hid over a hundred condoms|near the bed.
Our guessing game for|this issue is.
How many condoms will our|lucky reader use up?
The answer will be revealed|on the next issue.
Wanna play paper, rock, scissors?
Get in there!
OK, as to what happens|after they entered the room.
Only heaven knows.
Remember to write back and guess|how many rounds they got to.
Was that ok?
I'm fine with it.
Remember, you are the|lucky reader tonight.
Everything in that room is yours.
Have fun.
I thought it was all an act?
If you want to leave now.
You can go.
If you want me to stop,|just say so.
In the middle.
Middle, perfect.
I did not know that my entire body
could turn into a sex organ.
I think I've gone mad.
I'm tired,|can you hold me while I sleep?
Aren't you tired|watching these discs.
Why is that guy's face pixelized?
We have to protect|readers' identities.
Then again.
He looks like you.
Like me? No way, I've seen him.
Seiously, his body size
is the same as yours.
Look at that nose.
It's the same.
You can see that|through the pixels?
Yes, just do it like this.
Squint like that|and you'll see it.
Yeah? Isn't it?
I'm suddenly feeling|something --- What?
I have an urge.
Tell me, doesn't he look like you?
I'm Fanny, you asleep?
I have something to tell you.
What is it?
Nothing really.
I'm not sure if I'm|a little paranoid.
I felt like since John|started the magazine.
He's been very different.
Different like how?
Well, it's like this---
I can't stand it---
Where did you learn|what you just did?
I---just experimented|on the stuff I write about.
Experimenting? Felt more like|you've practiced.
Well,|let's try that one more time.
He insists that he's never|tried it with others.
How am I supposed to believe that.
You're being paranoid, doesn't do|any good to anyone.
I know, but I can't help it.
Now every time we do it
I just can't get|myself into the mood.
Paying too much attention|on his "moves".
See how different it is with before.
I'm going crazy.
Well, how about you and Andy?
Aren't you worried?
If there is anything fishy,|no use worrying over it.
Mind telling us if you've ever|crossed the line?
You mean to indulge|in that lifestyle?
Off the record,|I won't write about it.
Just purely out of interest.
I'd be lying if I said|we never did.
I'm not a saint,|can't fight temptation.
Besides saints don't publish|porn magazines.
They write bibles and holy books.
I'd like to use your|toilet for a second.
I'm bursting.
Who are you?
I'll tell you in a bit, thanks.
Here's your money back, also|I'd like to buy your flat.
It's ours, you shouldn't|have to do this.
I just want to prove that|I can take care of you.
I bought your favorite dish|home for dinner.
Who screwed up this contract?
Even has drawings.
Where's John?
I've told you maybe|a billion times before.
Don't use this color|for the cover.
Are you deaf?
Told you not to write about|Fantasy of The Spooky Kind.
We're a porn publication.
We're not X-files.
Stop fooling around.
It has nothing to do|with our magazine.
I know Pam left you.
What did you say about Pam?
Stop right there.
Fuck you!
You said something about|Pamela, right?
You've turned your girlfriend|into a paranoid.
Why did you have to bring me down?
Now my girlfriend's gone.
You're blaming me?
Tell me---
What now?
Why are you being quiet?
Say it, come on.
Stay out of this.
Say it.
You really want to hear?
Why am I always playing|second fiddle to you?
Who started you on Fat Dragon|& Boney Jones.
Your deputy.
We started Passion Magazine|as partners.
You're the publisher|and I'm the deputy.
Up yours your deputy?
You've never said you wanted|to be the publisher.
I'm too nice and educated for that.
Oh really, since you're|too nice and educated
then quit writing about pornography.
Why care about becoming a publisher?
You're too nice to be even the deputy.
Since you're that educated.
Why do you fool around|with a masseuse.
What did you say?
I quit, you do this on your own.
Honestly speaking,|I've always liked you.
You may not know this.
Andy's all talk.
He's nothing without|you supporting him.
Passion Magazine was your idea,|I knew that.
He can say whatever|he wants outside.
You don't have to care about that.
I feel so bad for you.
Sorry for being very frank.
I've predicted you two to go|separate ways early on.
I've published fortune|telling books.
You asked to meet me|to bash my ex partner.
Not really, I don't have that|much free time.
John, you're a smart kid.
You should know I want to be|in business with you again.
You should have no doubt about|my passion for publishing.
I'm sure if you start|your own porn magazine.
You can beat|Passion Magazine easily.
There's an old Chinese Saying.
Friendships thrive on hard times,|not in good times.
Do you agree with that?
Ever regretted starting|a porn magazine?
From the moment we|set out to do this.
I've never regretted it.
How much have you lost|since you started this?
Never counted my losses,|and not starting now either.
But let me tell you.
You must have a bottom line|in everything you do.
Bottom Line?
You have bottom line in|porn publications as well?
Let me tell you,|anything you do
you have to set a|bottom line for yourself.
Sometimes the only thing that|can save your ass---
---is this bottom line.
Boss, is that a new magazine?
Yup, just arrived.
I'll buy this one thanks.
The rivals meet!
Do we still want to bathe then?
Certainly? Why the hell not?
You guys haven't spoken|in a while, go ahead.
Come over here.
You two have a thing|against each other.
Why don't you fight over it?
Fight over it.
What the fuck do you want?
What the fuck do you want?
Punch him.
Looks like we have a winner.
That fast? Hard to believe?
Didn't think you'd fight this well.
When you have the time,|try it on me.
Has he thrown a temper|tantrum yet today?
Andy, I've quit my day job|as a TV reporter.
I've decided to go to the US|to study Theology.
We formed this partnership
not only to make money.
But also to have fun.
I feel this magazine|is a runaway train.
We've had fun working|with each other.
Utterly immoral.
Do you believe in karma?
Do you understand?
I'm leaving.
Why are you still here?
Cindy, can you place an order
for a Pizza for just you and me.
He's leaving soon.
Just go.
Get out of here.
What do you want?
I said to order a pizza,|don't you want to eat?
If you don't, I do.
The ones I need are gone,|only the useless stayed.
What do you want?
I'll give you back your share.
Don't go.|Idiot.
Don't leave---I don't have|any friends anymore.
Please don't go.
I'm begging you.
You two were the best of friends.
He should know you didn't|mean to punch him.
I didn't think it|would come to this.
Just tell him that you're sorry.
This time it's all over.
At least it was good|coming to see you.
I know why men look for hookers.
There are certain thing---
that men can't resolve|with their own women.
I just upped my price again.
How much?
We're friends,|forgot about these.
I charge you the old price.
Keep it.
Why did you have to jazz up|this place like this?
You're just a solo hooker.
I did
spend over a million|bucks refurbishing.
You told me to work hard,|remember?
You know, I really am
Hong Kong's most popular|solo hooker now.
I'm doing very well.
Just the other day, 2tv station|interviewed me even.
I have something for you,|hang on.
I bought this from an old guy
for HK$ 3,000.
We're friends, remember?
Have you seen my telephone bill?
Phone bill.
Never saw it,|look for it yourself.
Is it beside the computer?
Found it yet?
Why did you stick with Kiki?
Your girlfriend Pamela|was really good.
Why didn't you attempt|to win her back?
I'm not sure I know why.
She was just too good for me.
I don't understand,|can you elaborate?
She was too good for me,|I'm a man.
When I'm with her.
I feel---
I mean, I'd really want---
to have a woman I can rescue.
Or maybe---
a not so normal woman.
Frankly speaking, I didn't|understand that.
But I'll write it down.
Sometimes it's really strange.
You know quite well who you love.
But you choose to let her go|against your wishes.
I'm not sure I|know how to say it.
The police started what they called
Operation: Fire Lily.
Sweeping through over|a hundred prostitution dens.
Forcibly closing down|several porn magazines.
And arresting several publishers|and editors-in-chief.
The officer in charge|is SP Cheung.
He claims this operation|will be stepped up.
John just got arrested.
Where are you going?
Back to the office.
For what?
So they can come arrest me?
The police have combed through
Night clubs, motels and|massage parlors.
Among the arrested are|illegal immigrants
and to date more
than 120 individuals have been|brought in for investigation.
Everyone leave, the cops|will be here any minute.
I'm not joking.
Just go now.
How can I leave you like this?
We're partners.
If I get arrested, I'll need you|to post bail for me.
Who's in charge here?
I am.
I have collected twenty stamps,|can I exchange for the gift?
Wait there.
Here's an electric dildo.
I just pulled it out from my ass.
It's yours if you want it.
There are tons of magazines here,|you can take them too.
This entire office|is yours if you want it.
20 stamps!
SP Cheung, I'm Andy.
If you want to arrest me,|get it over with.
Who said anything|about arresting you?
You closed down every|other magazine, why not mine?
Because you have a|higher bottom line, kid.
You never took bribes.
If you did, the accounting books|from the night spots will show.
In other words,|under the table transaction.
John never takes these|kinds of payments.
Not sure if he ever did.
But his name was in the books.
Maybe someone took it for him.
He's the magazine's publisher
editor-in-chief and chief writer.
Of course they arrested|him and not me.
Those weren't bribes,|they were advertising fees.
Nothing is free in this world.
Doesn't mean you've got high|moral standards if you don't take.
Just means you're stupid.
What proof have you got|that I took the money?
The money was deposited under|the Lust Magazine account.
John's got no choice but|to take this hit.
Tell him to wise up|in his next life!
Andy,|you're a much smarter person.
I actually like you better.
I have a new idea for us|to work together.
It's a brand new idea,|for real!
Let's work together.
What?|Think I'm scared of you?
Mano o mano!
Thanks you, Attorney Ho.
We're ok for now.
Call me if you need me.
I'm leaving for now, bye.
I told Fanny not to come.
Isn't it the day that|Passion comes out?
Remember what we did on the eve|of the first issue?
Do you remember?|I do.
After you left.
Sales for Passion really wasn't|as good as before.
Sir, we're closing for the day.
My treat.
No, make it my treat.
I'm leaving the porn business.
Got an offer from Taiwan|to do a Film Magazine.
Long time, no see.
I didn't want to tell you---
that I'm not going to do|porn magazines anymore.
I'm going to Taiwan to start|a film magazine there.
When do you leave?
That fast?
I thought about it for a while.
What's good?
Good for you.
Tell me your real name, please?
Tess Chow.
Not Guangdon mixed|with Portugese blood.
More like Guangxi|mixed with Portugese.
I'm 28 years old.
Vital stats are 35, 23.5, 34.
I have a daughter.
Her father's my ex boyfriend.
She just turned 6.
What else do you want to know?
Nothing else.
Anything you want to|know about me?
Apart from blow, lick,|swallow and spit.
Nothing else I want|to know in here
in order for you to blow well.
Did you have to use real feeling?
Well, feel it and you'll know.
Take only what is necessary,|I'll be back end of the month.
Why do you keep this issue?
I don't know.
I'm asking you.
Tell me truthfully.
Ever since you started that magazine,|ever cheated on me?
You never changed in|all these years?
Not really,|if any at all it's just little things.
I don't have sex with hookers before,|now I do.
I've become friends with|triad members, changed girlfriends.
And friends?
Have you seen John since|you parted ways that morning?
Even no contact with him at all?
Not at all.
If you see him again.
What would be the first thing|you say to him?
Because he is the---
the best friend I|have ever known.
I have a secret to reveale.
Your best friend is here today.
I have one thing to say.
I owe you this.
Ready, Three, two, one.
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