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Subtitles for Naked 2002.

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Naked 2002

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/SubEdit b.3875 (
Subtitles: TML Group.
Based on the act..
Directed by:
That's mine.
- No, it's not.|- Yes, it is.
Give it back.
I was the one who paid more|than half of its price.
- How come I don't remember that? Give it to me!|- You don't remember anything!
- Give me back the camera.|- Okay, here you go!
You were always given, what you wanted to get.
Don't dramatize.|You'll get the tent.
Take that goddamn camera of yours.
"Annapurna ll", do you remember?
We never knew how to put it up.
During the night you were always|falling down on me, like a small worm.
What are you wearing ?|You don't look well.
- So do you.|- It's such a shame.
Don't touch that!
I'm sorry.
Get dressed. We're leaving.
If we come first,|they'll ask how it is going.
Felix, how's it going ?
You look terrible.|It's been such a long time, since we met.
- Because they haven't seen you for a long time.|- They probably don't want to meet me at all.
- Same thing goes about me, I guess.|- So why're you going there ?
To protect you.
It is me, who needs protection from you.
- Won't you disguise ?|- No, why ?
So that they don't notice, how badly|you're suffering from our separation.
- And what, if it's true ?|- That'd probably oil my tongue.
I can't stand our separation.
- I can't.|- But it is you, who left, kitty.
Do you want to start it all over again ?
- Promise you won't be arguing.|- Why ?
You've lately become an excessively nice person.
You smile every time somebody throws you |a crumb.
They're my friends, after all.
Promise you'll be nice and polite today.
- Very nice, and polite..|- Stop it !
You're so pathetic.
Pathetic ..
- What happened ?|- Nothing.
You can tell me about everything now.|We're not together anymore.
We're friends.|We don't have to pretend.
I won't hide in my den|and I won't shut the door.
There are no doors,|except those leading to the loo.
You should leave this place.|This den is so depressing.
I feel rejected. Like if I were too slow.
You're dashing along, but I can't|keep up.
Certainly I'm not dashing anywhere.
When we were together,|stupid university job didn't hinder me.
Your unusual ways of earning money|didn't disturb me as well.
- It's Dylan's fault!|- But you didn't earn any money.
Anyways, it wasn't the most important thing.|Noone else cared as well.
And suddenly, everything changed.
Now I'm noone for you, and they are..
..they're so protectional.
Boris keeps asking me: "how are you feeling?", |just as if I were ill.
Annette keeps buying me a coffee,|like if I were an old, poor aunt of hers.
An aunt, one always has|to do something for.
Aunt, I think you're exaggerating.
Compare the way we live, and the way they live.
When you see Charlotte's and Dylan's new house.. can't believe it.|It's like a goddamn palace.
But it's not about the money.
They're acting, like if they would|never be able to part.
Like if they were better.. wiser than us.
Like if they were able to make love in a much|better way than we would be able to..
No, it's not.|It is us, who fucked up everything.
One genius said once.. "A good love story|should be short".
- What a bullshit!|- That's true.
You always say something for only one purpose.|To test me. It makes me angry.
- But it's true.|- No, we didn't make it.
One more thing: "In every relationship |there is at least one good day."
Only one ?
Which day was in your opinion our good day?
At the same beginning. When we got|stuck in a traffic jam on the highway.
It was teeming.|We didn't care about the outside world any more.
Like a child, you started to relate.. believed, that white cows give milk,|and brown ones - cocoa.
And then we went to Dylan and Charlotte's|old house..
..and we made love.
I don't remember, why we went there.|Maybe we had to take care of the cat.
After that you made a spaghetti with |parsley.
There was nothing else, but old,|dried out bunch of parsley.
That was the best spaghetti|I've ever eaten in my whole life.
- I don't remember that day.|- You had to say that, didn't you ?!
You have to take away this very day from me,|trample it, and throw it away, don't you ?!
- I really can't recall it.|- At least try.
I really can't !
I remember the cat, and the fact|that he was suffering from diabetes.
We had to provide him with injections|every morning.
You do remember the cat with diabetes.|But you can't recall us.
It wouldn't make any difference, if you|had spent that day with any other girl.
What ? I'm talking about us.
It was you, whom I have chosen back then.
No, darling. It was contrary.
You were always passive.
You've never made any step to be just a little closer|to me!
Put on something cute.
- I don't feel like that.|- Please.
I'll shave your legs, just as I used to do back then.|What do you think ?
Charlotte was talking about|a decent supper.
Did she say something about letting in|people with spiky legs ?
Unpleasant mood, that's not what I recall,|To tell the truth, I don't like it at all.
You neglect yourself.
It's impossible for me to..
..start falling in love with you..
..with your water soaked sockings, did I mention it too ?
You wear the dressing-gown in the house..
..eating supper, you still look like a gray mouse.
Your hair stick out in all directions..
I'm afraid of waving irons, that|are nearly everywhere..
Not to mention treaded-over heels,|lying in the corner, right over there.
How could I've made such a mistake ?!
You splurge, when being with my friends..
..and you make me look like an idiot.
Even when I sleep in the night.. make me feel terribly unright.
I thought you loved me..
..but the dream turned out to be just a dream.
But that's just the way it is. First it's love, and then|boredom.
You neglect yourself..
Do you think sometimes, how it's strange|we were so close to each other ?
Yes. Sometimes I look at you, and think:|"He's not the person I knew!"
Just as if I were a myope.|What's more.. smell in a different way.
It is you who is different.
Have you ever.. with someone else.. ?
- And you?|- You first!
- Pig!|- You first!
I will, but under one condition - |you'll tell me about it as well.
- Turn around.|- Don't fool around.
- Don't look at me, I can't tell you about it when you're looking at me.|- All right.
It was in the bakery, I bought last loaf..
..and she whispered: "oh" ..
But not that way.. It was pretty short.
Kinda sweet. Sexy.
Somehow.. sweet.|I gave her half of the loaf.
She was so touched, that she|invited me for a coffee.
- What was her name ?|- It's not important, let's call her Else.
Else was so cute, she had a great body.|We went right to my house.
How did you manage to dig her so fast?
Somehow.|You know how it is.
It was a warm day,|birds were singing ..
Else has just broken up with her boyfriend.
We went to my house,|without unimportant blah-blah..
- ..we went down to business right away. Actually it was wonderful.|- But ?
Were you thinking about me ?
I wasn't at all.|Turn around.
And then I noticed I were feeling somewhat..|I don't know..
As if I were mowing the grass|or swapping the bulb.
And then she asked: "do you always hum|when doing that ? "
What ?
- You're joking!|- I was really humming.
It didn't surprise me at all.|I was really feeling like that..
- Wasn't she furious about that ?|- Not at all.
Anyways I didn't notice that.|We finished, she drank a cup of water.
- And that's it.|- Terrible. Poor Else.
It sounds much more dramatic, than it|actually was.
It wasn't terrible,|it was just a little bit strange.
I'm happy it turned out to be like that.|Without emotions, without dramaticising.
In a different way, than it used to be with me ?
What do you mean ?|You take everything so seriously.
And you prefer everything being so obliging.
- Are you jealous ?|- No.
I haven't been jealous for a long time.
Jealousy is kind of hatred, directed to oneself.
What a discovery!|Unfortunately it's already too late.
You look like a faded basil...
...which one has to put into water, and - boom!
I'm so happy I don't have to water your stupid basil|any more.
You never understood some things.|You water the basil from the bottom, not from the top.
I've to be watered in a completely different way.
- The problem is I still don't know how.|- I don't know as well.
I was really trying.
- Your turn.|- I don't want to anymore.
- We had a deal !|- Leave me alone. I can't.
Do I know him ?
- How do you do that ?|- How do I do what ?
You always know everything about me.|It's terrible.
Dylan! In 30 minutes I'll probably|put a bullet in his head.
- It's none of your business any more.|- I guess you're right.
Family and friends!|It's so disgusting!
How was it? How did he fuck ?
- He smelled in a strange way.|- Is that all you can think of ?
I think it was a hot night.
You should have given him my shaving foam.|I saw it in the bathroom.
- Do you nose it from time to time, and think about me ?|- Bullshit !
You use different one now.
What is that ?
I don't know. "Cool Water".
You're "cool" enough to hum while|making sex now.
Dylan, old pervert !
He always pretends to be such a monogamist|in his own, ambidextrous way.
- You know there are no monogamists in the world.|- I thought we were them.
All one needs is a supervene occasion.
Something what is alien to us excites us.|Something what is known to us make us bored.
How simple is that.
Bullshit! I'm not blind.|I see what's happening on the market.
They hammered so quickly..
I knew it in monday.
One mustn't pretend nothing had happened !|We must do something right away!
Fuck the analysts! We've got to decrease|predicted profits !
So why are you asking me ?|I'm only informing you of my thoughts.
If you don't want to hear my statement|and you think I'm joking..
It's not that I'm atrabilious.|I was saying that from the very beginning.
Or maybe not ?|Great, one more swamp.
Don't do anything, until|I tell you to do so.
Honey, home is not office.
- Boris, we've got to go!|- Just a few more minutes, please.
- But I'm already painted!|- I've got a surprise for you.
Stop it ! Now I've got to start|doing everything from the beginning.
- Where are my glasses ?|- If only you knew how it hurts.
Pull yourself together. Some abstinence|will make you feel better.
Now that's something new. Once you've never been saying|things like that.
- Once ?|- Until today.
Once even a supper was a knick-knack.
We simply went to a pub.
Back then Dylan was my friend, not a boss.|And he wasn't a millionaire.
You're such an opportunist!
So now it's about Dylan being your boss|and a millionaire ?
- How could he feather his nest doing such shit!|- Others do even bigger shit.
- Cat toilets.|- It's not only cats we take care of.
Delivery of dog food.
That's not fair.
I almost forgot about jumping bones|and puppies' pens.
Hurry up.
- Boris!|- Come here!
- Do we really have to go there ?|- Yes, we do, they're our friends.
- Charlotte is your friend.|- I always thought so.
But then she let them suck her fat off from her butt,|and didn't tell me about it.
I discovered that in the fitness club.
- She paid 10,000 for that!|- Do you envy her that ?
Do you think I should fix my butt ?
Promise me you'll never do that.
- You wouldn't even notice.|- I would.
There would be a big row. Promise me,|you'll never do that.
I promise.
I swear.
Come on!
If you listened to me, maybe I'd be able|to afford that.
Maybe it's a good idea.
Impossible. If you make career,|you'll get my new butt.
Buy it yourself.|You earn more than I do.
You don't like that ?
Hurry up!
- Do you know what worries me sometimes ?|- I don't want you to bite your nails. Tell me.
We might have never met.|If you came just a minute later..
- Or you.|- No, you.
I was waiting on the stop as usual.
One minute later, and the tram would have gone,|and I'd have left right with it.
You would have never known,|so you wouldn't care anyway.
But I do care.
I care about every moment being so important.
That every moment can change our life.
That we've got lots of opportunities|in every moment.
- Isn't that wonderful ?|- If you showed up a minute later..
- You'd have fallen in love with someone else.|- Never.
I would also have fallen in love with another girl.|And both we would be happy.
That's posibble, but I wouldn't be as happy,|as I'm right now - with you.
- You're my life love!|- It's nice you're saying so.
Don't you believe me ?|That it doesn't matter who we're with ?
Why do you always get angry ?
- Leave me alone!|- What happened ?
Can't you leave me alone for five minutes ?
[If anything happened to you..]
[I would lose any reason to live..]
[There's no thrill that would give relief..]|.
[..if anything happened to you.]
[If anything happened to you..]
[..I would lose every dream that I owned.]
[For how could I dream alone..]
[..if anything happened to you.]
What did she put on ?
I have no idea.
It's Emily.
What will you put on ?|You're joking ?
I'm not planning to, but if you..
- What are you doing ?|- Emilly put on her night dress. Monkey!
Just don't panic!|I'll be ready right away.
This one, or that one ?
- The red one.|- It's an underskirt.
Oh really?
It doesn't look as an underskirt.
It looks great.
- Was I angry with you?|- Yes, you said, you were...
...unique, and I replied that actually|you weren't indispensable.
You wacko.
I'm sorry.
You're unique.
So are you.
So maybe we'll just stay at home ?
- Are you serious ?|- Yes.
But Dylan will be angry at you.
I can't listen to that any longer!|Dylan wants this, Dylan wants that.
Sometimes I envy Felix.|He's absolutely out of this shit.
And he's a total bankrupt.
- Does this shirt fit ?|- Yes.
- We'll be having good fun.|- At least Charlotte knows how to cook.
- Does she cook better than I do?|- Yes.
- Last time it was Dylan who cooked. You were saying the food had been terrible.|- That's not true.
It's true. You're a terrible hypocrite.
He added alga to nearly everything.
They're quite healthy.
Come on! What are you still doing there ?
Why did you lock the door ?
I hate being late.
How come ? Just as if I heard|your mother.
We behave just like Al Bundy and his wife.
Sooner or later,|every couple becomes them.
- Not us.|- No, not us.
Why did you lock the bathroom door ?
You've never been doing that before.
- Maybe it has just started to happen, and we didn't notice that.|- Didn't notice what ?
The moment, from which everything starts to break.
The moment you don't remember, because it was so short.
The moment you locked the door, and everything has started.
- Nothing has started yet.|- How do you know that ?|- I just do.
- Can I have a bite ?|- You always want a bite of my sandwich.
- And you always let me have it.|- And that's the most important thing.
- Is it more important than sex ?|- Much more important.
- So I want to have sex.|- Oh, later.
You always say that!
- Watch out, it's hot!|- Don't worry, I've got gloves.
Faster! It's hot.
Looks great.
- What have you done ?!|- What now ?
- You made it for a reason!|- That's not true!
- I told you: without cream !|- A little bit of cream won't do any harm.
Not in "Boeuf a la Mode " !|I told you that for hundred times!
- I'm sorry..|- You destroyed everything!
Aren't you overstating ?
What're you doing ?
Are you mad ?!
- What if the carp dies ?|- All you worry about is your fish.
You're mad.|What will we do now ?
- We'll cancel the supper.|- You'd love to, huh ?
- What do you want ?|- You're jealous.
Should I be ?
Or maybe I simply don't know about something|all people already babble about ?
What do you mean ?
- You ruined the whole supper.|- So what will we do now ?
Call everyone,|and cancel the meeting.
Good evening. My name's Han.|We should be written down somewhere in the computer.
I'd like to purchase two ducks for 6 people.
The problem is I need them here in exactly|25 minutes.
I'll pay double.
Yes, crispy.
Not in half an hour, but 25 minutes.
In other case I won't pay a penny.
Great. Thank you.
You can't even cancel the goddamn supper.
- Crispy duck. So pathetic.|- Noone will care anyways.
- But it doesn't fit the countershaft.|- But it fits the dessert.
Can't we simply forget about it?
I guess not.
Dylan, I.. can't explain that.
Everything gets so complicated.
At least try. Please.
I feel like we're..
- a jail.|- I don't get it.
We've never been so free and so rich.
- That's what I'm talking about.|- We can do whatever we want.
We can't even purchase a pizza for friends..
..because they'll start thinking of us, as if|we were some niggards.
I can't wear expensive clothes,|'cause they'll think I'm parading.
We can't go out anywehere with out friends,|because they might feel resentful..
..of us paying or not paying for them.|And that's our freedom.
- It's not like that.|- Will we tell them, that the duck is from a Chinese restaurant ?
- Why not ?|- Wish I could see that.
I'll tell them you went mad, because I had added|cream to the roast.
- Stop that!|- See, you don't want that as well.
- We were completely different - I can't recognize us any more.|- It's not like that.
We're lying down perfectly.|Aren't you ,happy' ?
Yes, I'm ,happy'.. but|once I was blessing my stars.
We knew how to party.
Chin up.
- Are you still interested with my soul ?|- Let's lay the table.
I'm trying to show you my soul,|but you even don't want to look.
I don't know what you mean.
I'm constantly showing you my heart,|but you can't even notice that.
I see your breasts - not your heart.
- Who do you want to sit next to ?|- Next to you.|- You can't do that.
If everyone put the paper bag on head,|we wouldn't be able to stare at each other.
- It's you who invited them.|- I'd prefer to be only with you.
That's why you're so rarely in house.|You'll sit next to Emily.
- Do I have to ?|- I thought you liked her.
- Sometimes she's funny, but..|- But what ?
- She smells in a strange way.|- What ?
- She's got such a harsh smell.|- You're mad. When did you nose her ?
- You can feel it, even while being far from her.|- Since when ?
- She's been always like that.|- And you tell me about it now ?
- After so many years ?|- She's your friend.
Since she broke up with Felix,|she became somewhat strange.
- Everyone was strange, since we've become rich.|- Not we, but you.
We, Charlie..
- How does Emily smell ?|- I don't know. Let's change the topic.
- So where do you want to sit ?|- Next to you.|- You'll sit next to Annette.
- I guess I've got no choice.|- I'll sit next to Boris.
Boris, a favourite of all ladies.|Do you think about him sometimes ?
No, I think about you.|And who do you think about ?
About you, darling.|I always think about you.
- Fattened soul.|- What ?
Exactly. Your soul is getting fatter|and fatter.
That's why I can't get closer to you.
You're hungry. Don't worry,|the duck will be coming soon.
Fattened soul.|Fits ideally.
- Shall I feel offended?|- No, you've only got a fattened soul.
- Is it something like a vein callosity ?|- Something like that.
That's the way it is.
- A pure strategy of survival.|- I don't want to be like that.
Honey, you've got to. In other case|you'll tear out your wonderful eyes.
You look at me, like at some kind of "mouche volante".
"Mouche volante" are those small black points on the eye|you can see..
..when you concentrate on them. If you don't,|they're invisible.
They're always there, but you can't see them,|if you don't know how to look.
But I never learned how to ignore you!
Stop saying that.|Come here.
I want to hug you.
A year ago we all looked differently.
We walked in jeans and t-shirts.
Don't start it all over again.
Was it better ?|It's just a different costume.
Don't you understand it's only a game ?
I hate games.
Noone treats it seriously but you.
Do you wear jeans ?
- Does that offend you, my little bourgeouis ?|- No.
For sure not.
Which of these animals is not a rodent ?
Shrew ?
Field mouse ?
Forest mouse ?
Or dormouse ?
I'll 'phone a friend', please.
Oh, come on!
Yummy alges!
- Did you bring the beer ?|- Yes. You've got a new tree ?
Wait, I'll help you.
- How elegant.|- Thank you.
You look wonderful!
- I'll take that.|- Thanks.
Why did you dress like that ?
Emily told me she'd be wearing a long dress..
She always has to show off.
- I told you, that it'd be an usual supper.|- She felt unconvinced.
- What pulse do you have ?|- 130.
- I've 160. Ideal one.|- Isn't it too high ?
I guess I just burn more fat.
You look great.|Are you pregnant ?
- No, why're you asking ?|- You've got such big breasts.
It's because of that shirt.
- Or you were making love a minute ago.|- I'm too tired.
Come in.
- Instead of the flowers.|- A melon.
- At least there'll be something I like for the dessert.|- Cute, as usual.
- Wow, nice dress. Can you buy something like that ?|- It's terribly expensive.
- It's really very interesting.|- I was only joking!
Very funny.
Felix, can't you smoke in the garden ?
- In which one ?|- That one.
- Where's Charlotte ?|- She's changing in a long skirt, because of us.
- I thought she wanted us to look like that.|- It was your idea.
- Not at all.|- Why did I listen to you ?
I was feeling really badly. I thought,|it would twist me a little bit.
Now you certainly feel uncommonly twisted.
- Everyone's somewhat depressed today.|- You too?|- No , I'm not
- Of course not.|- What do you mean ?|- You're always well-balanced.
You don't know how badly people feel lost sometimes.
- I understand it.|- Of course not.
Okay, I don't.|You're so snappish today.
Did you do anything with your breasts ?
- They look bigger.|- I'm pregnant.
Oh shit!
Just a joke.
- But would you like to be ?|- What ?
To be pregnant.
I don't know.
When I look at those mothers at the playgrounds,|I think..
.."they are so alone, and lost.. just as|if they weren't on the right place.."
I think it's time for Charlotte.|She doesn't have to work.
I would miss her.|I often listen to her in the office.
It's Charlotte Reinhardt, here|on 92.5 wave.
You're listening to the radio for the|big, big city.
Children, here ? Great idea.
You've got to buy the newest model.|It's much faster...
...and includes maps of all cities in the world.
- I've got one as well.|- But it doesn't have all the maps.
I don't go that often to Guayaquil|or Kuala Lumpur.
I just bought an atlas. Duden. He's great.
And it has real sheets.
- Can you hand me over a cigarette ?|- Now you can smoke ?
I use mine for emails and as a notebook.
- But mine is faster.|- I meditate, while downloading files.
"War Tao". Do you know that book ?|You should read it.
- Dynamics of the activity absence.|- What ? Sounds quite rubbish.
No, it doesn't. "Don't do anything. Just wait."
Now I know why you're so slow. It's your problem.
- My problem ?|- Indeed.
Don't quarrel before the supper.|I'm hungry.
- Did you come here only to eat something?|- Your wife cooks great.
How's your life.. life of a lonely person ?
Sexy. Exciting. I've already forgotten,|how great it is.
- Can you send SMSes ?|- With my mobile.
You've got to tap so much in order|to choose the needed letter.
What tapping? Don't you have|automatic voice recognition ?
My mobile reacts to my voice.
Watch out.. "Asshole" !
Now one of your mobiles should start to ring.
I wonder where Charlie put her stuff.|She always used to be a bungler.
Take a look.
A model of their house.
- Charleelee, where are you ?|- I hate it when he calls her that way.
Dylan, honey, I'm here.|I don't even have a headache today.
- So if you've got an urge..|- Charlie, honey, I guess I can't..
We have just entered the stocks and|I've got too much money and problems.
We ruined a few guys, and|mine doesn't get up anymore.
Is that true?
- It's not out of question.|- You asp!
He didn't ruin anyone. Stocks|have different rules!
- You had to say that.|- No, I didn't.
You don't understand anything.|You're simply "happy".
Yet young, attractive, "happy".|Tomorrow - the end!
Honey, don't wait for me.
- I've got an important meeting.|- Not a problem, darling.
Yet I've to write a wonderful speech|for my meeting..
Sometimes I touch my very own skeleton.
And right now he asks me,|what I'm doing with my own life.
Are you asking me ?
- Is someone else coming tonight ?|- I thought we were the only invited guests.
What are you wearing ?|Are these bandages ?
- It's my own project.|- Very stylish.
The supper is ready.
Today we'll be sitting in a certain order.
Couples won't be sitting together.|Felix, take this seat.
Annette, get a life. It will make all of us|feel better.
I don't see her during the days anyways.
We're not together anymore, so|I guess we can seat next to each other.
- But do we want that ?|- Of course.
We're worse than our parents.
- Everyone, but you.|- I said "we".
- But you wanted to say "you".|- Calm down!
- That's also typical for parents.|- I've got to admit you look wonderful.
- I suit to my wife in this.|- Women and men don't suit each other.
We should determine our mating season,|just like animals.
So you should be wearing|night dresses.
Males are always cuter than females.
But you love us for our souls, not bodies.
Who told you that ?|Okay, so you can keep dreaming on.
- You said that.|- I used different words.
For health!
- That was really good.|- Thank you.
- So what now ?|- Surprise.
When was the last time you were really happy?
Really happy.|So happy, that you could feed the whole world with your happiness.
- That you could shout out your happiness.|- I don't remember.
Don't make me cry.
Can't anyone recall it?
Today, yesterday, last week? Anytime ?
Darling, please ..
Just think for a while. Can't anybody|recall that moment ?
Okay, I'll tell you, but only because you insist on|us so much.
Yesterday I went out to jog for a while,|the sky was gray-blue..
..the wind was spiriting away remaining leaves..
..and it was as cold, as if someone was|nailing my face with thousands of needles.
I guess that's the last time I felt happy.
For Boris health! The only happy man in|our company!
Who else ?
It's impossible he's the only person|who was happy in the last few days.
Today I was watching two flies.
They were flirting with each other.|That was nice.
You should go get a doctor, darling.
How nice. Emily was happy because of|two flirting flies.
And I saw snowflakes, falling on my|sleeve.
And the very, very, very first |tulip.
And really..|perfect salad.
It's really a wonderful luck -|such a perfect salad.
- Do you find it pathetic ?|- Not that wonderful.
What if there's nothing else, that could make us feel happier ?|I was husking the green pea for the countershaft.
There were five seeds, lying in an ideal order|in one bean-pod.
They were lying there - calm and happy.
Just as a family.
A small family of green peas.
I felt jealous.|They did not need anything.
You don't need much to be happy.
And a person who is happy, is a king!
Let's sing!
Can you do that ?
Once I had a broken hand,|and I had to clasp in the theatre in that way.
At last everyone is happy now.
Oh, I know when I felt happy for the last time!
It was on the "Wedding Dress Ball" !
I helped and worked there as a waiter.|My new hobby.
All couples came there in their|wedding clothes.
I wish I knew why.
- To appear once again in wedding dresses.|- I guess that's quite logic.
I watched them all night, and|I was feeling happy...
..that I'm alone once again.
Congratulations! We're happy,|that you're happy.
- Who cooked ?|- Charlotte. All by herself.
- So there won't be any alges ?|- I'm sorry I have disappointed you.
- I'm happy.|- Why are you telling me about it now ?
I always found them disgusting and slimy.
Who thinks the same ?|Raise your hand at this instance!
So everybody hated my alges? Hypocrites..
Charlie always kept saying,|that we'd save our planet..
..if we ate alges instead of meat.
We just made a good work.
..what can't be said right now.|The duck looks delicious.
- How did you make it look so wonderfully glassy ?|- I don't know.
- She can make such wonders ..|- No doubt.
" Oh!" - sighed the violet.|"Why is it, that I can't.. the most beautiful flower on the Earth? "
- Wonderful, honey.|- Oh my.
We're all so unique !
- What is it? Still having problems with your nerves ?|- It's because of that asshole ?
No, he's already forgotten about him.
Sometimes I feel so lost.
"Half the way of my lifehood, I found myself|in a dark forest.."
"..not knowing which way shall I turn to.."
Dante. "Divine comedy".
"Half the way we have to walk,|feeling dizzy.."
"..I found myself in a forest. |I knew, I had lost the way."
"Hard to describe it in normal word,|were those woods so wild and cord."
"Skin of mine creeps, as I think of that"
"So taking, very death can't be worse."
- Not bad.|- What did you take ?
I've been suffering from the crisis for a very long time.|I thought those alges could help me.
- And body building gym exercises. |- Jogging.
- Medication.|- Love.|- Sex, of course.
- I said: love.|- We heard you, darling.
Does that help ?
Charlie claims I've got fattened soul.
Interesting, some people suffer from that.|For example Felix - he's got loads of fat, running down from his stomach.
Thanks. Women do not,|because they eat tofu.
Maybe we all suffer from it.
We think only about ourselves.
Anybody wants more duck ?
At least I heard you, Charlotte.
They say it's just a matter of smell.|Phoremones, or something..
I told you about it.|It's called pheromones.
Right. You nose them, and that's|what helps you in finding your partner.
We sniff our DNA. If we don't like it,|we don't fall in love.
But if women take pills,|their smelling sense changes.
If they stop taking pills, it might happen|that they won't be able.. tolerate the smell of their dream man|any longer.
- I stopped taking the pills.|- And ?|- When ?
Since then I've been unable to tolerate|the smell of any man.
That's sad. We're programmed, and we're|able to replace everybody.
Why? If there's only one man who|smells in the right way..
..even if he's a dork, then he is|the proper one ..
Nobody thinks of love as seriously|as you do.
- What about the others ?|- They take drugs.
Two from three couples gathered here|are relatively happy.
You two were happy.|That's not a bad result.
Under one condtion - that you are as happy,|as you pretend to be.
I'm so happy, that I could start yelling right now.
Are you mad ?
Do you know what I'm talking about ?
Do you know, that couples, who've|been living together for 20 years..
..can't recognize themselves by looking|at their hands' photos ?
- Another depressing story.|- It's a scientific fact.
I would recognize your hands in the darkness.
- You wouldn't even recognize his body.|- What are you talking about ?!
They make such experiments at Emily's examination department.
Couples have their eyes hidden under a material, and|they've to recognize themselves by touching.
- That's nonsense.|- I would be able to recognize my wife.
Almost certainly - you wouldn't.
But why? I can touch and smell her, can't I?
She is not allowed to use perfumes you already know.
- I could bet..|- That's nice.
And they can touch themselves anywhere they want ?|Really ?
At least one thing in me is unique.
- Dork!|- You would have recognised me, wouldn't you ?
- I don't know.|- What ?! I can't believe it.
If they were short, fat, and hairy, then I'd|have probably recognised you.
They've to be of the same height and physique.
They even shave men breasts.
I would have recognized my darling.|I can bet.
- You wanna bet ?|- Sure.|- Okay, how much ?
Emily needs money, she's to move out of|that rat hole.
You live like a rat, on a tent camp.
I'm happy with my hole.|I don't want to move out anywhere.
- You'll feel better.|- Do you need money ?
No !
Charlotte, I know some people, who still didn't|earn anything on the stocks.
Stop it!
Let's not talk about money today.
- I'm for.|- So am I.|- Money or love ?
Let's talk about love.|How much do you bet ?
What does recognizing each other in the darkness|have to do with love ?
If you don't know the body of your partner,|then it's probably just a discredit.
I'm in.|How are we going to organise it ?
You with Dylan aren't practically..
You're of similar height,|similar posture...
- ..and you don't have hairy breasts.|- How come you know that ?
I wonder how did you know that ?
Did you hear about that second experiment with rats ?
They let rats into the cages.|Each rat was put into a different cage.
..and they were given two buttons.
The left one provided them with food,|the right one with orgasm.
They died because of starvation.
Can I have a bit more of the duck ?
Considered I and Dylan undressed..
..they will be touching you without seeing you.
I always wanted to do that, Boris.
We can't touch them ?
You will be allowed to touch them, after they get undressed,|and we cover your eyes with material.
- But Boris knows where my fat gathers.|- In your soul ?
I'm warning you. Most of the couples|fail this.
"To get to know each other", just like in Bible.
Dylan, you wouldn't have recognized me.
I would certainly have.|Even with covered eyes.
You would have recognized me, but I wouldn't have.|Is that what you think ?
So ?? Let's get down to work!
I give you a thousand.
- Are you insane ?|- I guess you trust me ?
How fine we are no longer a couple.|We don't have to make up our mind.
- So you don't take part in our game ?|- We will be judging.
Dylan, how much do you bet ?
Nothing. I don't take part in that.
Of course, you don't.
Isn't there a little bit of agression in your voice ?|Shall I go for an extinguisher ?
- I want to try.|- Cool , but I don't.
In such case I'll play alone.
- Charlotte, it's just a game.|- Again ?
I'm fed up with games,|which do not give a damn thing.
No consequences.|It's just a game.
10 thousands.
I bet 10 thousands, that I'll recognize my wife.
Are you serious ?
Of course. You know very well,|that we sleep on money.
- Let's just forget about it.|- No, let's play.
It is you who started that, it is us who will finish.
What do you want from me ?
This time we won't let our cynic escape.
It's very easy for a cynic to be right.
It's not our fault, that you both have broken up!
- And what does it have to do with that?|- Did anyone said it had ?
You claim, that there are no indispensable people in love.
I disagree.
I guess that's enough as for the beginning.
- I'm not into this.|- We can't play without you.
- Oh, come on!|- Please !
No, it's too difficult for me.
You always kept saying, that everything here|is so empty and expressionless.
It was you who said that - not me!
Coward! Tell us, what you really think !
I'm talking to you, Coward!
I can smell Dylan's shaving foam.
We'll spray Boris with it, as well.
- Don't worry. It's a kind of expressionless water.|- Just as I thought.
- Here you go.|- But that's the present I gave you!
Worth circa 4 thousands!
- That's a present!|- You're sure we will recognize ourselves.
I'm sure, that I'll recognize you. But will you |recognize me ?
Talking about it..|I've been carrying it in my pocket for a week.
I've been waiting for an applicable moment,|but somehow it didn't come.
Tiffany's engagement ring. Oh shit!
I always dreamt of having such a ring.
It fits.. nearly perfectly.
Felix, what will you bet ?
- You're so sure, that we will fail.|- Yes, I am.
There should be around two thousands on it.
As a victim of your speculations,|I can't afford anything more.
- Felix, You don't have 2000!|- How come you know how much I've got on my account ?
Calm down. Let him waste all his money.
We shall see ..
Come! Let's dance!
- How are we supposed to survive in here ?|- They're having great fun, aren't they ?
We'll all start hating each other after this night.
- What if you fail ?|- We won't lose anything.
When it's about losing money, you say "we", huh?
- Just as on a children party!|- The most important thing is not to mutter anything.
Not to talk.
And not to talk hair and face.
Isn't that too much ?
It's got to be equal.
Okay, dear touchers.|Dignity, please. One, two - three !
As usual, Dylan is restrained.
What can't be said about Boris.
They start to recognize each other.
They do.
That's still questionable.
- Don't take off your bands!|- And don't say anything!
Grasp your hands.|Watch out, stairs.
Hands. Stair.
Hold yourself.
And now tell us, who the partner was|in your opinion.
Take off your bands.
- Incredible! Impossible!|- Just as I thought.
What did you think? Who can prove,|that you did not cheat ?
I know, that you don't trust me,|but Emmi is incorruptible.
That's some kind of a fucking trick.|You can keep the money.
- Just tell us, that it was a joke.|- And you were so sure it was me, huh ?
- You also believed it was me!|- Swear that it was that way!
I'm sorry.
Promise, as well!|I don't trust him!
- I knew it would lead us to a row.|- What a stupid game!
I'm sorry, but it is you who was so damn sure,|that you would have recognized your wife.
It is you who wanted to bet!
- He's right. It was you who started it.|- Me? Are you out of your mind ?
As usually, I'm accused of everything!
Dylan, the scapegoat.
Did something go wrong ?
- My fault. Wasn't it pleasant ?|- It wasn't for me, but for you probably - yes!
- I'm gonna hit you!|- Bring it on!
Stop that!
You're out of your fucking mind!
At last you've got something you always wanted to achieve!
Just because you had lost in a game for adults ?
You're angry, because he was touching a friend of yours.
All you want is money !
I guess the party is over.
- Are you insane ?!|- You know what that was for.
Leave them alone, we'll clean up tomorrow.
I don't want to see the stinky kitchen tomorrow.
It's all my fault.
- How many times do I have to repeat ?|- Stop playing panjandrum.
I'm sorry.
- What for ?|- That I didn't recognize you.
I didn't expect you to do so.
Come, sit next to me.
Can't you sit with me for five minutes ?
Not like that.
- How am I supposed to sit then ?|- Not like a victim.
I'm so angry, that I could kill myself!
- I don't doubt.|- Stop that!
- Stop what ?|- Stop doing, what you're doing right now.
Okay, I didn't recognize you.|I was drunk, and the room..
..was full of perfumes.|- That was "happy".
Full of perfumes, that you are said to like.
- It was you, who gave me them.|- That stinking shit ? When ?
When you got back from Hong Kong. You|said you had been nosing all the duty-free bottles .
- "Happy" reminded me of you.|- What a cynic name.
By the way,|I never liked them.
I had been wearing them only because you liked them.
That was probably true love.
Dylan, that's our end.
I guess so.
But you didn't recognize me as well.
I'm sure, that Felix cheated in some way.
- You can trust Emily.|- Don't make me laugh!
I don't know, whether there was already something between you,|or there will be.
But I guess it doesn't make any difference ?
Would you like to fuck Annette ?
- Are you starting it all over again ?|- No.
We played that fucking game.|Tell me, what is on your mind !
I've told you that for so many times.|You don't get anything !
Tell me once again.|Just one more time.
- But I don't know how anymore.|- Please.
- You don't see me.|- I'm looking at you.
But you can't see me.
I see you exactly the same way I did yesterday|or two days ago.
- I know what you were wearing.|- What was I wearing ?
- Blue dress and red shoes.|- Indeed - but there won't be any prize.
- I thought..|- That there will be a prize? What prize ?
- You.|- Me? But actually you didn't mean me.
Just a little bit of Charlotte,|but not too much.
You want me to be with you, but|you want to save some freedom.
You want me to be your mother,|to love you implicitly.. that you could have fun, while I'd be|sitting here and crochetting.
I'm supposed to be someone alien and someone intimate,|someone who knows whom to play at the right time.
I'm desperately waiting for the moment..
..when I'll be harsh for you.
Harsh in bed, and sharp - like on a photo.
But you like me only when I'm unsharp..
..when I'm not myself, but someone else.|That's the reason of my problem.
Haven't you noticed anything ?
- No tests!|- Just take a look!|- And ?
- Is that the butt you know ?|- Yeah.
- I had my fat sucked off.|- What a bullshit!
- I wasted a lot of money.|- Did you really do that ?
And I didn't notice a thing ?
- We're done.|- I'm trying to understand you, but ..
It's like you were talking with a strange accent.|I understand every third word.
- Just as if I were in a foreign country.|- The same goes with me.
- But you're seeing me clearly, right ?|- I guess so.
- You always know who I am ?|- I think so. I'm trying, at least.
I often feel, that you simply don't understand anything.
But do you know, what's the difference ?|I don't care about that.
- Everything's all right.|- You don't care about that.
No! It simply does not mean anything.
If you can't see me, then I'm invisible.
- Not for me.|- I'm talking about myself.
How can you be invisible for yourself ?
I'm not self-confident, when|you can't even notice me.
You can't blame me for feeling invisible.
- I guess that's the purpose.|- Purpose of what ?
Of love. Thanks to it we both|become visible.
The purpose of love is to |bring up the children.
You know what..
Once I'd been thinking, that it was your hand|that was rambling on me ..
It seemed so exciting for me.
I felt that hand, and I tried to discover you..|in your own touch.
That hand was so foreign to me..|..and simultaneously I knew it very well.
But because of it being so foreign, it|was so exciting.
And because it looked so familiar to me.. even proved to be pleasant for me.
It was exciting.
I guess that was the first time|I ever understood you.
You don't want me to be familiar for you
You rougly push me away just because.. want to have a taste of feeling,|that I'm someone else.
Actually, why don't we have children ?
Answer my question!|Why don't we have children ??
Where are you ?
Darling? Where are you ?
- It was the worst night in my life.|- Softly spoken.
How could I have done something like that ?
- So ?|- Because you agreed for that.
- I didn't want to.|- You made a bet.
You wanted to beat Dylan.
I believed we could recognize each other,|because we were happy.
- It's Charlotte's fault.|- Why don't they just break up ?
They still hope that|everything will change.
- Everyone hopes so.|- Do you hope we will change ?
- We won't, but our life - might.|- That we will have more money ?
- It wouldn't be bad.|- Look at Charlotte and Dylan.
Don't you think they aren't getting on very well,|because they are rich ?
Because of the money they become|cowardly and torpid people.
- But it should be inversely!|- How naive you are.
- Money give freedom.|- You're insane.
You don't have them, so you think about|them all the time.
Just take a look at Charlotte and Dylan.
They've got money, and they|still think about it.
- Poor people.|- And you?
We've got enough money.
Don't you ever dream of flying in a first class ?
I don't want to think only about what I don't possess !
- All, that people think about is money.|- I don't think so.
Brains of people behind those windows are quite|similar to calculators.
They think about the money all the time.
"How long will we have to wait 'til grandma dies, |and we'll be able to inherit her money ?"
"Why did that idiot buy himself a new computer ?"
Their thoughts can be described in one word.
- What word?|- Money!|- People do not only think about money.
Even worse. They gaze in the ceiling, and wait|until something happens.
They rather think about love.
You're so romantic.
All those people wonder how to find love.
They keep thinking about what they have lost.
How everything was beautiful at the beginning.
What happened to the big love ?
Every evening, after coming back home,|everybody wants to tell someone:
"Hey darling, I'm home".|Even the toughest gangsters.
If they don't have such a person,|they've to do their best.. that they don't get mad. They have|to be brave.
Read thousands of good books,|meditate, or..
- ..kiss their own dog or cat.|- But I'm with you!
What I want to say is that it doesn't matter,|whether you recognize me with covered eyes, or not.
More important is the fact, that if you come back|to the dark flat during winter..
..and say: "Honey, I'm home!", I'll|call you back: "I'm here!".
Only mine and your voice in the flat.
Nothing more. But will that prove to|be enough ?
My body will change..
..but I'm not the body. Do you know, what I mean.
You're not only the body. Sure.
My body is not me at all.|I don't know how to explain that.
What actually is Annette ?|I don't know. Are my breasts already me ?
Or my skin ?
My stomach? Nose? Legs?
I didn't find you in your body.|It consists of individual parts ..
- ..but it misses the most important thing.|- But after all you thought it was me ?
I didn't find you,|but it could have been you.
With covered eves,|without a voice or smell..
- ..we were just a pair of schnitzels.|- Fortunately, quite fresh.
- We don't stink, not yet.|- So if we are not ...
- ..our bodies, then whom are we ?|- You are my dream.
That's nice, but light wind will be enough|to scatter them.
When we were standing there,|naked like idiots..
.. I thought I were doing that just because|you were there.
I feel like Annette,|because that's the way you understand me.
If it wasn't you, I would scatter|in the air.
- It's quite terrifying.|- But I guess that's the truth.
I wouldn't love if you weren't here.|I would live, exist, like in a jelly.
Annette in a jelly.
I'd love to make a bronze statue of us, our love,|so that I had a guarantee, that nothing would ever happen to us.
That our love would last safely on its place..
Like a big gadget,|which covers with dust, as the time passes.
I guess that's what happens to most of the people.
Their love ends in some corner,|recalling that, what had been; what has passed away and will never come back.
Not ours.
Was our love for you on the first plane|or in the background ?
- Which option would be better ?|- It's not about which would be better.
I see you, and what I do is connected with you.|That's the first plane.
Or you you stand behind me, and everything I do|is done on the background.
I guess I prefer to be on the background.
I know that.
You're my first plane, and I'm your|background.
Maybe it would be possible to switch the roles ?
- When I'll be old and sick..|- It will never happen.
- What will I look like, having 50 years ?|- I'll be worrying about it then.
I'll look in a different way,|but it'll still be me.
- I hope so.|- You don't understand.
I understand, but what you say is terrifying.
We're something more, than just body.
But I need something what I could hold.
It's not always possible.
When I touched that male body before..
..which was male only sometimes..
- Did you touch Dylan's balls?|- No!
You would have instantly noticed it wasn't me.
Typical. I'm talking with you about my|incredible experiences..
- ..and you think about it, whose is bigger.|- It's very important.
- Do you want to know ?|- Sure thing.
My hands might not have felt,|whether it was your fat, or not.
But I knew, that you were there with me.
- Just like an astral body.|- Call it whatever you want.
Until I love you,|you'll always be with me,
My eyes were covered, but you were there.
I felt it bolder than usually.|Bolder, than when you're next to me.
I know what you mean. Sometimes,|when I tap in my computer at the office..
..your smell emerges out of blue.|I feel you.
You're in me, everywhere..
And then I start smiling, and..
I'm happy.
So it won't matter, if our bodies go apart ?
I've got to admit, that there were times when I thought:
..breasts are just breasts.|Nothing more.
The rest is just a matter of imagination.
But you've got to admin, that Charlotte has|a great bust ?
Yes, she has, but breasts without what I've got|in my head are just breasts.
But your breasts and my head are|the best breasts in the whole wide world.
Get out, I said!
Get out!
- Can't I even use the toilet ?|- No, leave me alone.
- Don't you want to weep out ?|- I'm not crying.
- You are.|- It's none of your business, anyways!
Okay. Just give me some money.
A tiny percent, and I'm out of here.
- I don't have.|- Don't fool around.
I gave back the money to Charlotte, |and the watch and the ring to Annette.
- I don't believe you.|- So don't.
I don't give a shit, whether you believe me|or not!
You're so stupid.
I provided you with such money, and you..
It was just a stupid money.
- So money can be wise ?|- I don't want any money from you.
It wasn't from me.|They gave you it.
- Bullshit.|- That was their work of mercy.
- Theirs ?|- Yes.
Guess what. You've got three shots.
Is it your work of mercy?|I'll die of laughter.
Unbutton it.
- At least that was the idea.|- You know it was a shitty idea.
- Do you scorn me ?|- Get out of here!
I didn't want that money,|because I think you didn't play fair.
How come ? Were Dylan and the rest|fair for me ?
All you wanted to do was to take revenge.|That was so mean.
- Do you want to hear something ?|- No, get out of here!
I'll tell you anyways. I was horribly|jealous today.
- Yeah, right. Jealous about each penny.|- Not about the money.
Guess what had been driving me mad then ?
The fact, that they were together, just like|unbreakable atoms.
What a bullshit!
Just like us once.
That feeling in the Sunday morning -|we're lying together in the bed..
..reading newspaper, watching|"Teletubbies"..
..having sex, ordering a pizza ..
That was something like paradise on Earth.
Now I wake up in Sunday|and I want to die.
I want to take a soporific and |oversleep that goddamn day.
But! I get up and tell myself:|"You're feeling great."
I make a coffee, go back to the bed,|and turn on the TV.
The only thing I'm trying to miss is the|"Teletubbies".. they would probably make me cry.
And then I get up, once again..
..and I repeat to myself, that everything|is all right..
The weather is beautiful, so there's noone|left in the city.
Everybody have gone out somewhere with their families.
So I go to "Einstein Cafe" ..
..order a baigle and a cappucino,|take a look around ..
..and what do I see ? Guys just like me.|Alone.
Every one of them is carefully shaved;|elegant, independent.
I've got a stomach-ache, but - hey!|We're somehow making it out!
There's no gammer killing us with|her miserable chit-chat.
There are no kids slavering on our shirts.
Everything's all right.|I'm making it out very well.
So am I.
I miss you.
You're missing your warm, stinking|fox burrow. Not me.
I miss you, you idiot!
I guess I miss you sometimes too.
But you're forgetting how it was during|all those years.
And it was something like that:
we were lying in the bed,|watching TV..
drinking coffee,|reading the newspaper..
..but slowly some kind of a worm started to |roll its wonderful shell.. it was a hundred-and-one rerun of something..
..what once had been great and romantic..
..but is no more.
But none of us want to say that loudly.
We want to stop that, |but we don't know how.
We don't know which way we should choose..
..because we don't know,|who we are without each other.
We're bored with each other..
..but we've been too afraid to admit that for years.
Instead we try to make love.|You close your eyes, and you want me.. catch your sting..
..what I usually did.
And then you bump on me..
..for those very four minutes..|..and that's it.
- Have you really been feeling it that way ?|- For few last years.
We weren't courageous enough to leave our nests.. finally live by ourselves..
..and to get a little bit further from each other.
That would be the end.
I don't think so.
Without getting further,|you can't be close to a person.
But that's just the whole beauty!|That two people know each other very well!
Bullshit. That's just fear.
"My sweet cookie! Daffy, daffy,|doo-bee, doo-bee, doo"..
..honey, mousey..
That is the end.
How are we supposed to make love ?|"Doo-bee, doo-bee, doo" ?
And that's what killed us.|"Teletubbies".
- I really liked it with you..|- Yeah, right.
You liked it that much,|so you've had a few affairs by the way.
So have you.
And that's what really killed us.
We were always exactly the same,|and that's why we had been looking for someone new.
A fresh body is sexy.
It's easy, as it's unknown.
- When we covered their eyes..|- I don't want to listen to that.
- kissed me the way you used to in the past.|- I don't want to talk about that.
- But you did kiss me.|- I was drunk.
What are you doing? Are you out of your mind ?
Get dressed. I want to be alone!|Go away!
You can't stay here! And don't you think|you'll be staying here for the night!
I'm calling the taxi.
Do one more thing for me.|And then I'll leave you for the whole eternity.
- I want to feel the way it used to be one more time.|- Huh ?
I want to stop dreaming about it.
Do you really dream about it ?
- Do you dream about us ?|- Yes.
How about you ?
I'm trying not to think about it.
- Come.|- No.
- Please ..|- No !
You can pretend it's not me.
But it is you.
You can pretend.
Look !
Felix, stop it!
I'm not in mood for such bullshit.
I want to know, who hides in that body.
The most mysterious person I've ever known|is hidden in that body.
You even smell mysteriously.
So.. alien.
Reminds me of..
..tropical jungle.
..and soya-beans.
An apple-pie, but only here.
Emmi, come.. I want to know who's hiding in here.
- Are you sure ?|- Yes.
I'll be wearing the band as well.
Why not ?
We're so alien to each other.
We don't have to quarrel.
I can't see you,|and you can't see me.
Emmi, come.. Please ..
Do you know that body ?
I don't know..
How about you ?
I think it's the first time..
..I see you exactly the way you are.
What am I , then ?
A mystery.. A promise ..
That sounded so nice.
- That was nice.|- Indeed, it was.
I can see you.
I can see you too.
What do you think..?
How long will it take, until we hark back ?
- Maybe as long, as we've been together ?|- Five years ?
Might be.
- So we've got to split up.|- You're right.
Let's get to work!
- You're still wearing the band ?|- Yes.
- Where are you ?|- Here.
- And you ?|- Here!
Subtitles: T.Debala & TML Group.
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