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Nada Mas

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This story is pure fiction.
And therefore not unimaginabIe.
A Sancerre.
I got a meeting at 2 and I'm hungry. Got your car?
Out front.
- I owe you? - 2 francs.
Thank you.
Been back in France Iong?
3 weeks.
Seen the guys?
In the gIove compartment.
What you up to now?
That's enough!
Been in Mexico?
Yeah, around.
AIgeria, Guinea, Mexico.
Cuba? Si!
Get kicked out?
Don't bug me. What d'you want?
Me and my comrades need an expert.
What kind? I'm expert in Iots of things.
Me and the comrades in question...
...want to grab the US Ambassador to France.
Lemme expIain!
I heard enough. Screw you!
Another Sancerre.
Thus according to Schopenhauer...
...the soIipsist is a madman encIosed in an impregnabIe citadeI.
Any questions?
Next is contemporary rationaIism...
...and its variants.
I want a voIunteer for an exposé on GabrieI MarceI.
Don't rush!
Mr. DucateI...
...busy this weekend?
I'm going hunting.
With the hounds?
Yes, sir.
You'II stiII do the exposé for Monday.
You may go...
With 60-buck cIod-hoppers!
French swine! Vee gafe you heII in '40!
Vee viII do it again! Ja!
Ya schmuck!
Get outta there and be a man!
- Up yours! - You crazy?
Me schizo-phreno-poIygIot!
Dirty Hun!
Lousy schmuck!
What about your expert?
He refused.
We'II do without him.
It's dumb.
Somebody's here.
See ya tonight.
On behaIf of schoIarships for med students from Brittany...
Screw you!
Look, Dad...
Me your Dad? Screw!
I'm earnin' my way...
You're wrong.
MarceI Treuffais speaking.
Buenaventura Diaz.
You awake aIready?
That d'Arey turd phoned.
His shitty expert refuses.
To heII with 'im!
No, the guy knows too much.
I gotta see what he's Iike.
Forget it!
I'II go tonight. Comin'?
To teII him what?
To shut up.
Forget it!
I'II be Iate for the meeting.
If ya want.
I want! Anything eIse?
Me neither... See ya tonight!
Son of a bitch!
For God's sake, stop it!
Oh, go on! Go ahead!
You make me shit!
Hurry up!
Cut yourseIf shaving again?
Eczema! I can't heIp scratching it!
Mr. Diaz, your paIs were noisy going out this morning.
TeII'em not to do it again!
- Don't worry. - But it's a heIIuva thing!
Your identity papers?
It says ''student''.
I was a student when I got it.
Got a Iight?
No. You better get it changed.
It's open.
I dreamed I was gettin' a bIow-job.
- Your expert's address? - In the book.
- His name? - EpauIard.
GaIiIeo St.?
Who is it?
I'm no Ionger CarIos.
I'm no Ionger Thomas.
Andre EpauIard is my reaI name.
Buenaventura Diaz is my reaI one.
It'd have to be!
Why'd you jump me?
I didn't know it was you.
This caIIs for a drink.
It's been ages.
Yeah, 1962.
What ya been doin'?
AIgiers. I worked with the PabIists.
What a crud!
StiII anarchist?
As you can see.
Are you with a guy named d'Arey?
The Ambassador job?
That d'Arey's off on cIoud 9. Stay away!
- I couId argue the point. - Not with me.
That's why you came here?
His expert said no.
I wanted to be sure the expert'd shut up.
When the word's out, it's out.
You reaIIy want to puII it off?
What a bunch of kooks!
In '60 we were a bunch of kooks...
...incIuding you.
In '60 we had a goaI.
Come off it! You Iike MosIem Marxism?
No theoreticaI discussions!
Do as you pIease.
We're meeting at Treuffais' tonight.
This address.
Never mind.
I'II Ieave it anyway.
What's that crap on your door?
LegaI Advisor?
A deaI that went haywire.
We had a pigeon for the AIgerian war hoard game.
I needed a front.
But my paI was had by some Turks in Germany and...
...our pigeon fIew!
So I got an apartment, paid for 1 month and a '59 GaIaxy.
Not much.
We'II retain you as our expert.
With the ransom money?
You'II never see it!
How do you know? Come tonight.
See you tonight.
I oughta kick off now!
I'II make my report.
The US Ambassador's routine's pretty normaI.
He's an EpiscopaIian...
named Poindexter.
Sundays he goes to church at 8 a.m... on George V Avenue and never sIeeps at the embassy.
He goes home every night.
Goes once in a whiIe to the American HospitaI in NeuiIIy...
...twice in the 3 months we've taiIed him...
...but on 1 point he's set Iike a time-bomb.
Each week he spends an evening in a private cIub...
...on KIeber Avenue and Manchette Street.
Say that again?
Ambassador Poindexter spends...
...each Friday evening in a private cIub...
on the corner of KIeber and Manchette.
It's a brotheI.
A what?
A house of pIeasure.
The most costIy and proper there is.
Another breach...
...for the PopuIar Front attack!
The aImost officiaI house...
...with poIice protection...
...when an African chief stops in Paris.
Great! Think of the scandaI!
Ambassador kidnapped by Ieftists in brotheI.
Page 1 in the Canard!
Pretty as a dead priest...
...but we'II check out other possibiIities.
Very irreguIar timetabIe.
We couId aim for the church.
Or his home.
Anybody couId be at his home.
The FBI or who knows what.
EIiminate that.
Too many peopIe in church.
We'd need machine guns to cover'em.
That Ieaves the brotheI.
We'II see.
Let's hear your backgrounds...
...poIice records, when'n why.
Buen, they spotted you and d'Arey in '60.
Any troubIe since?
Questioned twice in '68.
In Paris and FIins, both times at Beaujon.
I've had no contact with the poIice.
Me neither.
Sounds cIean enough to me.
The same thing.
10:40. A bunch arrives every haIf hour.
We'II go at 1 1:00.
The smocks?
In my car trunk with the Iead weights.
Parked far away?
About 100 yards.
Another round!
I'm surprised to see you.
After what Diaz said.
He's in it with us but...
...doesn't beIieve anymore in the revoIution.
We do!
He's onIy acting out of despair.
Why don't you shut your big mouth!
- NearIy quarter of. - Let's go!
Give'em time to strip.
They got no fireworks!
In their jackets.
We studied the sedimentation rate and...
...guess what we found.
Other side, in your booth.
Dr. Moreau's not there?
I got one.
And I got one.
That makes four. Let's go.
Fish in a barreI! We shouId a grabbed some ammo!
Ammo's no probIem.
André EpauIard.
He's in it with us.
The Ambassador.
I didn't expect you.
We've got potatoes and steaks in the car.
Garage open?
I'II get the grub.
Want a Scotch?
No ice.
You Iook Iike VaiIIand.
You don't Iike him?
A IittIe.
You knew him?
No, noveIs bore me.
I'm Iike the bourgeoise girI in ''DruIe de Jeu''.
What the heII of it?
Want me to break you in?
You begin to worry me.
I'm not gonna work with any cIowns on...
...this job.
AIright, aIright...
Show me around instead.
There's a sort of dining room.
Upstairs is ground IeveI, too.
I feed them.
I put chow on.
House ok?
See the map?
Anything wrong?
A girI around bothers me.
I'm no girI, I'm a whore since I came to France.
Don't exaggerate!
I'm a kept woman.
The dude who Ient me the house is in the USA.
Up, up and away!
And he didn't hump'er!
He did.
Mustn't think I'm unattainabIe!
How come you're in on this deaI?
To put an end to this civiIized state!
Beneath my coId exterior...
...fIames of brutaI hate seethe against...
...technocratic capitaIism...
...which is onIy a gutted eunuch.
Want more?
Don't worry.
She's a misunderstood bitch.
EpauIard Ieft me off.
The hideout's ok.
How's the manifesto?
Finished. Here.
It's set for Friday.
What'd ya think?
Nothing's ready. The cars, the ammo...
No sweat. EpauIard's seeing to it.
You beIieve this ?
Leftist and State-run terrorism are...
...the two jaws of the same idiot trap.
You mustn't take... I mean, Iisten...
You don't think we'II quit now?
Quit if ya want.
I want to stick with you.
Just deIay the job tiII we discuss it.
There's nothing to say...
Nothing to discuss.
Sorry, Treuffais.
You've changed sides.
It's 'cause I'm a Iibertarian communist...
I ask for a deIay.
Libertarian commie, my ass!
You aII catch the same disease! You're not the 1st!
You got Marxist cIap! PoIiticaI cIap!
I'm gettin' outta here!
I aIready know what you'd say.
The press'II say it.
We've known each other for years and...
Can it or I'II beIt ya!
He quit?
I don't Iike it.
Did he say why?
You'II Iaugh but...
...I doubt he's poIiticaIIy convinced.
I'm supposed to Iaugh?
You're not convinced either.
Maybe he'II chicken and spiII... aII to the cops.
I guarantee his IoyaIty.
I trust him as much as I do you.
AIright. We go.
D'Arey, the Ambassador's photos.
Here's 10 boxes of 25.
Have a good trip!
It's 9:00.
Get going.
Right away.
I bIocked the street.
HaIf-assed nut!
Turn right.
I know.
The side-Iane.
That's it.
Meyer comes in 5 minutes.
five minutes Iater, you doubIe-park out front.
We know.
I'm an ex-cIient. You don't know me.
You won't Iet me in just on my Iooks and...
...I'm not a member but...
...some friends recommend me to Madam GabrieIIe...
...especiaIIy my good friend Bichon.
She must know his name.
Just a moment.
There's aIways a Bichon.
I don't recognize you but...
...if Bichon sent you... you're weIcome in the bar, Mr...? protégé.
Come in.
You'II note his simpIicity, not to say abruptness.
I aIways offer the first drink.
A gin fizz.
You crazy?
Hand up on on the gIasses, fists cIenched.
Fingers shut!
I got no money!
You're a Iiar, IittIe Iady!
Many cIients here now?
Hurry up or I'II widen your trap a bit!
3 cIients, 2 girIs.
- Others due? - Of course.
Soon! You'd better stop this.
Where's Poindexter's room?
Him? You Ieftists?
Shut up! What room?
- The BIue. - Where?
1st door, top of the stairs.
You can't do this!
I got protection! You can't!
Don't put a gag on me!
Do I Iook Iike I'd hoIIer?
Sit down.
Sit down!
Watch'em. Buen, come up with me.
Don't make a move!
Don't move!
We're no sadists.
I'II knock you out but it won't show.
Do as I say and you won't be hurt.
Got it?
Pity! I have a wife!
Shut up!
Stand up!
Go first.
FoIIow him. Move!
Act up and I'II kiII you.
See to him and the phone Iines!
You madmen!
TeII Mme. GabrieIIe I've a message for the American.
With pIeasure. Come in.
You'II have to wait in the bar.
No thanks.
Come on.
Bring him aIong!
Our discretion's shot!
Take off!
On the ass!
Now I'm a kiIIer!
- Shut up! - Quiet!
You onIy knocked out a French cop.
I kiIIed the cop.
With a sIingshot?
I kiIIed'im!
I wanna get drunk tiII I pass out!
Not just now!
Pity! Pity!
Mammoth 3, this is Mammoth 3.
We're in position at Bercy. Over and out.
Paris caIIing, sir.
The Ministry.
I sent for the poIice, army...
...and inteIIigence chiefs.
They're due any moment.
I aIso Iaunched Operation DragonfIy.
RoadbIocks are up and the President and Prime Minister were toId.
Perfect. Send for my heIicopter.
I'II be at the ministry in 45 minutes.
Light the spots and get the briefcase.
The Minister of the Interior...
...tonight announced the kidnapping...
...of the US Ambassador to France as he left a supper club... unknown terrorists...
...who fired on US bodyguards...
...wounding the chauffeur and a French policeman...
...and killing one French policeman.
Group NADA. Press release.
This bulletin is to be broadcast in its entirety...
...on French Radio at 1.:00, 8.:00 and 10.:00 p.m. before midnight... Monday.
It is also to be printed in the following papers.:
Figaro, L'Aurore, France Soir...
Le Monde, Le Parisien Libéré and Combat.
If our instructions are not followed...
...NADA will not execute their hostage...
...but simply and modestly assassinate him.
Today, Friday June 12th, the NADA group...
...captured Richard Poindexter, US Ambassador... the French government.
This took place in brothel, 5 Manchette St., Paris...
...where His Excellency was getting laid.
The police guarding the brothel suffered some losses.
NADA members are in fine health.
A roadbIock!
So is Richard Poindexter...
...but will not remain so unless the State obeys our orders.
In any case, a majority of the peopIe in France...
...and elsewhere no doubt feel...
...enthusiastic on learning of...
...the diplomat's sequestration...
...and the death of some cops.
NADA launches a stirring appeal to...
...all sane, well-balanced humanity.
You, too, can act!
Act carefully, but act!
To each man, his statesman, cop...
...priest, teacher or artist!
In view of a long struggle until...
...all the bearers of authority have died...
NADA has decided to make a nest-egg.
Thus, we will release the Ambassador this time...
...if we receive $ 100,000.
Instructions will be made later concerning the payment.
Thank you for your attention.
Scared now it's over?
I don't give a damn.
You're a hothead.
If that's aII you can say, be quiet.
Why you Iookin' caIf-eyed at me?
I'm an oId fart.
Don't be coy. Let's get back.
It's 7:15, Mr. Minister.
I'm sorry.
Oh, pIease!
We've begun rounding up the Ieftists.
Security Court's warned about the night searches.
We've had a surprise.
WeII? Speak up!
It seems the kidnapping was fiImed.
What? By the Ieftists?
No. Two men from InteIIigence are waiting.
A guy from counterespionage was...
...hiding opposite CIub Zero to fiIm it.
Preparing a fiIe, you know...
...pressure on VIP's who go there.
So the guy from counterspy fiImed the whoIe job.
But counterspy's said nothing officiaI.
That's the snag.
We heard of it from InteIIigence infiItrators.
What? InfiItrators?
What the heII is this story?
I brought you some coffee.
No sugar.
Why don't I have any pajamas here?
So what's the story?
A guy from InteIIigence infiItrated Counterespionages... GrabeIiau's group.
What the heII is this crap?
It seems GrabeIiau's group hid a guy...
...opposite the cIub. He fiImed the kidnapping.
Who's the guy?
We don't know.
This reaIIy stinks!
Worse, if we must bargain with GrabeIiau for the fiIm.
Send the two guys to Goémond.
HoIy cathouse, I can't deaI with GrabeIiau!
I mean, not from the Ministry.
Make Goémond understand the situation and...
...send him his two customers.
Goémond's not authorized to negotiate.
Negotiate what?
The fiIm! GrabeIiau'II demand...
...we rehire his fired men...
...and haIt the case against his WorId French Brotherhood.
A statesman's job's no picnic!
I can't aIIow that! It's impossibIe!
Maybe there's a soIution.
Let Goémond shake'em up, intimidate'em...
...and aIso grab off the best of GrabeIiau's group...
...incIuding the dissidents.
We couId even accuse them of working with the kidnappers.
It's a bit much but we'd smear everyone at once.
We'II get the fiIm after a good griIIing.
Somebody'd sing.
Sparks'd fIy!
It'd drain the abscess.
Do the best you can.
But I may intervene personaIIy Iater.
And disavow me?
WeII, you know how things go...
AIright, I'II phone Goémond.
Right. MeanwhiIe, I'II think it over.
May I?
Not awake yet?
He's been groggy for hours.
He goes back to sIeep. No probIem.
No more ''Pity! Pity!''
You hoIding up ok?
No regrets?
None, and you?
You can go back to Paris. The hard part's done.
Why take risks for what you don't beIieve in.
Forget it. After coffee, I'II reIieve you.
No hurry. I'm not tired.
You're adorabIe.
I got a name, too.
Sit down. I'II get the coffee.
What's that thing?
A machine gun.
So I see!
Where from?
It's a famiIy heirIoom.
- What's it here for? - Might be usefuI, no?
Get this straight.
If the cops find us, we surrender.
I prefer jaiI to a grave. Get rid of it!
- Right, chief! - I mean it!
I know, chief!
The radio?
- Sugar? - Two Iumps.
What'd it say?
1,000 Ieftists questioned in Paris.
To be expected, no?
Shit anyhow!
The papers got our maiI...
but onIy hint at it Iike they don't know what to do.
Of course, they don't!
We kept the Minister of the Interior up aII night.
He's taken the necessary measures.
He says order wiII be maintained.
Some anti-government tradesmen got caught...
...with TNT in their car.
And the Simca?
Not a word.
They've sureIy found it.
What eIse?
The usuaI Iousy reactions.
You're an odd girI.
You're an oId fart!
I waited one hour for you Iast night.
WeII? I thought of coming.
I sure hope so!
I hesitated. Then I wondered...
...I wondered and... Oh, shit, I feII asIeep!
What a man! He faIIs asIeep, wonders and is sorry.
You want me?
Now, coffee and a waIk.
I've got to reIieve Buenaventura.
What an oId fart!
I'm gonna have a dreadfuI affair, I can teII!
Sit down, Goémond.
What's happening?
Speak up!
We found the Simca...
...used for the kidnapping... a Champs-EIysées parking Iot, as I toId you.
No vaIid fingerprints.
Bits of cIoth, dust.
It's aII gone to the Iab.
No hope there.
That's most unfortunate.
We have tiII Monday noon...
...according to their manifesto.
Go on!
The car beIongs to a computer operator.
It was stoIen. No hope there either.
Nobody saw or noticed a thing in the parking Iot.
As for the GabrieIIe woman...
...she's stiII being heId.
She's howIing.
Maybe we'II get an artist's portrait of the two guys...
Get to the facts!
To heII with the normaI inquiry!
What about the two InteIIigence odd-baIIs?
Odd-baIIs is the right word.
They're not InteIIigence, just contact men.
Two hours in a ceII surprised them!
They thought I'd bargain with them...
...that we'd free GrabeIiau and...
...end the case against his crazy Brotherhood.
But I soon showed them you can't manipuIate French justice!
Stop being funny, Goémond!
I don't care how you do your job.
Do you have the fiIm?
I know who shot it.
We're Iookin' for'im, we'II get'im!
We'd naiI him faster if we made...
...some concessions to GrabeIiau.
But I toId those guys that's impossibIe.
That's aII you have to say?
That's aII.
Then get back to work.
You'II phone me?
What about?
If there's anything new.
You'II be toId. Goodbye.
Joseph GrabeIiau, ex-NationaI Secretary of Civic Service...
Grand Master of WorId French Brotherhood...
...reIeased on baiI this morning due to iII heath.
He at once fIew to Madrid.
Hey, I got protection, you guys!
We know! We know!
PIease sit down.
I'd Iike you to take a Iook at some photos.
Here, just gIance at those.
Of aII things!
Where'd you get this one?
The poIice has its ways.
The right way and this wouIdn't have happened!
After aII, I pay enough to...
...I was assured that such things couIdn't...
You recognize them?
It's not very cIear.
Yes, that's one!
The oIder one!
He's one of the two who came in and attacked us!
And the others...
I don't see anyone.
They tore my drapes to shreds!
Can you imagine the damages?
But worst of aII... reputation!
The commerciaI Ioss!
My business is screwed to heII!
Let's get back to the photos.
The one with the beard!
I recognize his mean eyes!
I remember how he Iooked at me!
I think you're right.
Positive? Wait.
I couIdn't swear to it but...
You won't have to.
My instinct teIIs me...
I'II get more detaiIs.
But Iook at the others.
You might give us a make on two at once.
I appreciate your humor.
Boss, here's an anarchist pamphIet!
BIack and Red... It's obvious!
That's a noveI by StendhaI!
''Anarchist groups in Spain''.
Mattress is cIean, boss.
That's funny! I thought...
Right! I was thinkin' of SaIammbú!
Some chips, boss.
Go through it aII. I'm going.
That's him.
They pIay cards here?
Night poker games here?
Who pIays here?
I don't know.
I'II teII you. Americans!
It's a game for punks and Americans.
But no punks here!
I swear it!
So it's Americans.
Deserters, maybe!
I don't know, I swear.
Stop swearing!
Here's some photos of the spic's paIs.
AII got records.
Take a Iook at'em for me.
Whatever you say, I swe... I promise!
I don't know'em aII but I'II force myseIf!
Yeah, force yourseIf!
I'm sure of this one!
He's not in the fiIm.
I know!
Those two, I'm not very sure.
This one came here a Iot?
Two or three times a week for a whiIe.
Last faII.
And before that?
And since?
He comes but Iess often.
When'd you see him Iast?
EarIy Iast week... Tuesday.
No, Monday night.
They had a row.
A row?
I mean, he and Diaz did.
In Diaz' room, I mean.
They exchanged insuIts.
I was upstairs 'cause the john was pIugged.
I won't bother you with that.
I had my pIunger and heard the row behind the door.
I mean, his door.
A sexuaI argument?
PoIitics! One caIIed the other a Marxist...
...or a revoIutionary, I don't know.
AII that's not very cIear.
You want Diaz?
Just worry about your own ass!
He's not wanted, got me?
If he shows up...
I'II phone.
That's it.
I'm in for it?
You got a gambIing den here.
I swear it's not true!
How couId I know? I don't eavesdrop!
I'm not Vice so pIay square with me, you'II be ok.
Thanks very much.
You're sure... Since 1962.
That expIains it... I got it.
We wasted no time.
Right... We'II get on it.
They found another one on the books and...
...Mme's asst. confirmed it.
In the Commie Resistance in WW II.
Later, pro-AIgerian and aII that.
I got his address. Come on.
LegaI Advisor.
A Chinese automatic! The Minister...
...wiII turn this into an internationaI pIot!
You stay here. I'II send you heIp.
We'II check on Treuffais.
Maybe he onIy pIays poker with Diaz.
We'II soon find out.
Where's the Ambassador?
Go fuck yourseIf!
You don't ask who I am?
You can see we're cops, huh?
Which Ambassador?
What is it I want?
You're poIice?
You're Iying.
Show me your proof.
Too Iate for games.
We got Diaz and EpauIard.
EpauIard won't taIk, but your paI Diaz!
You figured him right!
I've heard guys sing, but never that fast.
In 15 minutes we had your name.
He even says you kiIIed the motorcycIe cop.
I say no.
I say no 'cause you weren't there.
See? I know!
So don't tire yourseIf.
Where's Poindexter?
When you had enough, say so.
What're you doing?
You're nuts, you'II kiII it!
What the heII of it?
A rabbit's for eatin', isn't it?
I don't see your motives.
You see yours. That's enough.
With mine, we'd kidnap no one.
The same goes for me.
I was fed up with the way we Iive.
Something had to crack.
I might even have kiIIed my wife...
...or robbed a fiIIing station.
But I'd never have thought of this.
Buen and Treuffais had the idea.
Some idea!
Think we'II get the ransom?
I don't know or care.
I'd Iike to have the money.
I'd take my wife to AIgiers.
The sun wouId do her good.
It's poIiticaIIy dumb.
This kidnapping's poIiticaIIy dumb.
You think Iike MarceI?
I don't know what MarceI thinks.
Treuffais chickened out.
He's an inteIIectuaI.
He'II go on eatin' shit aII his Iife...
...sayin' thanks and casting bIank votes.
History's got no room for shit eaters.
I drink to us, the desperados.
I don't give a damn whether I'm poIiticaIIy dumb or not!
History made us...
...and that proves civiIization's going to heII... way or another.
I'd rather die in bIood than in a piIe of poop.
You're aII fuII of crap!
Stop taIking! Be quiet!
I'm going to bed. Come on.
Happy humping, Iovers!
Shit, shit, shit!
I'm no good anymore.
It's nothing. It's the tension.
It'II be ok tomorrow.
StiII says nothing.
Did ya twist his baIIs?
That'd be torture. We don't use torture.
If he hoIds out, we may.
This is aII.
Each checkbook is in a different name.
StoIen checkbooks! That's not much.
This one's from the bank that was Iooted in '70.
CaII headquarters.
Send out men to aII these addresses.
Check them out for anything odd.
Don't scare anyone off. Use vaIid excuses.
VaIid excuses at night!
They'II manage.
Out-of-town addresses, too?
I'II arrange that tomorrow at the Ministry.
StiII undecided?
Can't you see we'II get your paIs...
...since we got Diaz and EpauIard?
If you heIp, we'II save time.
And the sooner the better.
An ass Iike you can't see that.
Bastard! GauIIist!
Gonorrhea! Turd! SIut! PoIiceman!
Never mind. Like I said, he's an ass.
BIind as a fanatic.
You're reaIIy in for it!
This isn't over!
You had no warrant! You came here and tortured me!
Poor IittIe Iamb!
He has no idea what torture is!
You can't indict me or... even arrest me!
Fencing stoIen checks, possession of arms.
That'II do for now.
Then, attacking nationaI security, coIIusion in murder.
I can keep you tiII you finaIIy taIk.
So arrest me! HauI me in!
But you've no right to hoId me here!
Rights! Just Iisten to him!
If that's the way it is...
...Dammit! I'm tryin' to sIeep!
Do we hauI him in?
Guess we'II have to.
But nothing officiaI, huh?
PoIiticaI guys Iike this fiIe compIaints!
Don't worry. His head won't be thinking of that!
Go away!
PoIice, open up!
I don't want any treatments.
I don't wanna be taken away.
HeIp! I don't wanna die!
Radio say anything?
They won't mention the ransom tiII the Iast second.
That bugs me.
I see everyone's up.
I'II have some coffee.
Shit! The batteries!
No new ones?
I'II go to town for some when they open.
I'II go aIong.
No need to.
I'm tired of staying here.
It gets me down.
Then go aIone, if you don't mind.
I'd rather stay here.
This time I think we got'em!
He taIked?
No, it's a hoteI manager.
There's a girI in Treuffais' address book...
...named Véronique Cash. The hoteI's her Paris address...
...but she's been gone 2 weeks!
She's sort of a shady type, more or Iess kept... seems in favor of rebeIIion.
So we showed the guy some photos.
To whom?
The hoteI manager.
He identified Diaz.
Listen, this Monique...
Véronique, sir.
Monique, Véronique, don't interrupt me!
She's the one with two addresses in his book?
A second one, forty miIes out of Paris in the sticks?
WeII, me and the guys, we thought...
Listen to me, PascaI!
Don't budge! Do nothing! I'm heading for the Interior.
Of what?
Beauvau Square, bIockhead!
Wait for my orders.
Fat Pig
Rich Man, your Paris is surrounded. We'II burn it!
You've no proof they're in the country...
with this Monique Cash?
Véronique, not Monique.
I've reason enough for surrounding the pIace.
Do you want riot poIice or guardsmen?
Riot poIice.
You'II use guardsmen... the same ones don't get aII the dirty work.
I'II phone the Army.
We must teII the IocaI prefect.
He'II want to be there.
WeII, we'II teII him after the siege is over.
I'd be surprised if there's a siege.
French Ieftists have no guts.
They'II surrender.
They kiIIed two men, incIuding a motorcycIe cop.
They'II stiII give up.
I say they'II shoot!
Besides, is it...
...worth taking them aIive?
If it were up to me, you know... I'd put 'em to the waII.
No, I don't know that!
WeII, I'm teIIing you.
But I'm thinking of their hostage.
The Ambassador.
If they were to Iiquidate him, how dreadfuI!
At times a tiny fraction of pubIic opinion...
...unthinkingIy sympathizes with the extreme Ieft.
But that's impossibIe when the Ieftists...
...coIdIy kiII a defenseIess prisoner.
They've aIready shown how savage they are... kiIIing two poIicemen.
One poIiceman, Goémond!
One poIiceman and a... househoId empIoyee.
No respect for human Iife!
They might even kiII their hostage.
WouId that surprise the Minister?
I don't beIieve so.
The Americans wouIdn't be surprised?
A weII-trained cop doesn't meddIe in poIitics...
...Ieast of aII, internationaI poIitics.
You doubt that?
No, sir. Of course, sir.
Rustic WaItz from ZuIu Tango...
...nearing objective, over.
Hear anything?
Turn off the water!
It's Buen.
Cops! Get going!
I'II get the car! Bring the Ambassador!
Surrender! You're surrounded!
You! HaIt or we'II shoot!
Open fire!
Shoot him!
Bring him down!
Aim for the Iegs!
Aim anywhere! Get him!
AII around us!
What do I do?
Stay here! Guard that fat sIob!
They surrender!
It's a trap!
Fire! Fire!
BIue 2! Don't Iet anyone come out the front!
Cease fire!
The teargas!
Fire at wiII!
We'II get'em outta there!
I've had it! I surrender!
That's enough!
Stay upstairs!
Are you hit?
Are you hit?
Don't shoot me, pIease!
FIat on the fIoor!
They aren't going to bargain.
Shut up!
What're you doing?
They've come to kiII us!
Not to capture us but to massacre us!
That's one Iess dipIomat.
I'm gonna surrender.
They'II kiII you!
The cIip's stuck.
Where're EpauIard and d'Arey?
D'Arey's in the garage.
Where's EpauIard?
That's what I said!
He went downstairs.
Don't go down!
We can get to the garage via the roof!
Shit! Long Iive Death!
No more firing, Mr. Prefect... Iooks Iike they're ready to go inside.
Where? Where?
I surrender!
Forget that! Think of your retirement!
Don't touch me. My spine's broken.
A smokehouse!
Yeah, what a smokehouse! Here!
Cease fire, for God's sake!
D'Arey, it's me!
What's going on? How do we stand?
They're aII dead.
I shot the Ambassador.
We can't even surrender!
So we kick off.
Let's pIow into'em!
I'II take the dirt road.
But we won't make it.
So Iong, dumb ass.
Aim for the tires!
Get those foIks out of here!
Put it out so we can identify the remains.
How's your wife?
The same, if it's not one side, it's the other.
No smoking! Too dangerous by the pumps.
FiII'er up!
Ya want my car?
That worthIess heap!
I'm the soIe survivor of NADA...
...the commandos who kidnapped the US Ambassador.
The cops found us in a nearby farm...
...and deIiberateIy massacred us.
Understand me?
You're the anarchists who get the Ambassador.
Try to remember.
TeII the reporters.
You'II be in the news!
Gas's overfIowing!
The cops kiIIed us...
...and wouIdn't Iet us surrender, so we kiIIed the Ambassador.
Which one kiIIed the Ambassador?
Over here!
Don't move!
Any funny stuff and I'II kiII you.
We won't move.
Reactions in Washington were numerous...
...though it is only 7 a.m. there.
To these various stands...
...we must add the message of Archbishop Mury of Paris... all French Christians.
I think we can now show you some scenes... a moment... we'll see some scenes...
...filmed by Channel 1 News...
...the first pictures to reach us from the tragic farm.
Here they are.
Here terrorists killed tne US Ambassador...
...Richard Poindexter.
As police and guardsmen search the farm...
...Colonel Sabaillon...
...wounded in the attack, is rushed to a hospital.
In this car, one of the conspirators attempted to flee... attempt that ended in death.
''He said WouId you Iike to dance?''
''Without thinking I took the chance.''
I made a mistake.
Leftist and State-controIIed terrorism...
...though their motives can't be compared...
...are the two jaws of the same idiot trap.
The State hates terrorism...
...but prefers it to revoIution.
When each man reaIizes the need to destroy the State...
...the State tries to destroy everything.
Since it must come to an end... tries to destroy aII.
Thus the desperado assassin...
...becomes a type of behavior consumabIe by Society.
The State has chosen between revoIt and death...
...and hopes aII wiII make the same choice.
It's a trap for revoIutionaries...
...and I feII into it.
I'm not the onIy one.
And that makes me shit.
Criticizing terrorism...
...does not condemn civiI war.
A good civiI war is worth more than a rotten peace.
This is the first and Iast theoreticaI contribution... Buenaventura Diaz to his own story.
Commissioner Goémond who led the attack...
...and this report is subject to confirmation...
...the bulletin just arrived...
Commissioner Goémond has apparently...
...been suspended... direct order of the Minister of the Interior.
How about that!
You can't!
I certainIy can!
I foIIowed your orders!
They're yeIIing your name today.
''Goémond Iied!''
''Goémond's a shit!''
TaIk sense!
Is this the time... Iay ourseIves open to scandaI by firing me?
Answer me!
If I wish to!
You'd better tone it down.
Understand? Sit down!
You went beyond your power, no?
Beyond the Iaw?
Your brutaIity can't be toIerated.
And it won't be!
You decided to attack!
And don't you interrupt me!
You attacked, knowing you were...
...risking the Ambassador's Iife.
You're thinking in this was unheaIthy.
You're aImost psychotic!
I recaII your very words.
''I'd put'em to the waII.''
I don't recaII yours, but I understood you.
I'm not interested in your imaginings!
So I'm the scapegoat.
Don't use that absurd word in pibIic, I'II be gratefuI.
How gratefuI?
DiscipIinary action wiII be necessary.
But... a IittIe traveI won't hurt you.
As technicaI advisor for some niggers.
Somewhere in Africa.
It's not a bad soIution.
If you have any sadistic impuIses...
you can Iet yourseIf go.
We'II see. It's not my decision.
Sorry but what with Mrs. Meyer's attempted suicide...
...the guardsmen's protests.
You know how it goes.
It aII stinks of brutaIity to the pubIic.
The Americans think so, too.
Foreign Affairs rang.
Pardon me but the shit's hit the fan.
In short...
...that's it!
Try to get that Iast terrorist.
If he taIks, it'II reaIIy hit the fan!
Goodbye, Goémond.
Go to your office...
...put things in order...
...and then disappear! Understand?
Use the side door and take my car.
Drive him home.
You know what you're doin'?
The reporters?
At Ieast ten are here.
Why not drop it?
Why not?
Why not?
I've one thing to say.
Just one!
I'm a scapegoat.
I had precise orders about that farm.
A guardsman compIained?
Is it true the IocaI commissioner was absent?
One more thing.
We were informed of the pIot against the US Ambassador.
By whom?
What's his name?
I had an informer in Nada.
His name?
He didn't actuaIIy take part in the action...
...but tiII the end of Iast week...
...he kept us posted on the pIot.
Why was the IocaI commissioner absent?
He didn't know the date of the attack.
Were you used in this case?
Any pressures on you?
Make do with what you got!
I've nothing more to say.
You can Ieave now.
Let me stay!
You think Diaz'II come?
I'm sure of it.
Let me stay!
You're compIeteIy mad!
You gonna wait Iong?
As Iong as it takes.
Your boss'II soon put an end to your IittIe games!
Buenaventura Diaz won't come.
He's coming.
He's coming to kiII you, ya sIut!
Once his kind kiIIs, they can't stop.
He's aIready in ItaIy!
Why ItaIy?
Or in BeIgium.
Shut up, faggot!
- I can't think. - Good.
I'II recite you a poem.
CIassicaI or baroque?
Shut up!
The doorbeII'II ring Iater or tomorrow.
I'II remove your cuffs and you'II answer it.
You'II open it.
No one'II ring.
Shut up!
Shut up!
KiII the pigs!
You came, ya dumb moron!
I came to get you!
The key's in his pocket.
Gimme a reporter quick!
Listen to me, man.
I'm gonna teII you the short but fuII story...
of the Nada group.
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