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Nabi CD2

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I'II kiII anyone that beats us.
Don't risk your Iives for a meaI.
One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine!
The first three may enter.
The rest of you, you know the driII.
On your heads, you fuck. I said, on your heads!
YOUN Min-jae, get up.
I'm reaIIy dirty right now and I stink.
I'm sorry, Eun-ji.
I reaIIy meant to keep the promise this time.
Cute, huh?
Min-jae, it's okay. It's okay.
Listen to me.
I met someone here. He's Captain Hwang.
I toId him that you were my
cousin, so act accordingIy Got that?
You shouId be out in no time.
If it's okay, I'd Iike to take you out to dinner.
You must feeI better about seeing your cousin.
YOUN Min-jae has a soIid record so far, so I'II
make sure he gets out after the four-week training.
Thank you so much.
How's the food?
What? Oh, the food...
Are you okay?
My earring...
That's okay.
Come out here for a second.
You don't have to do this.
I'm reaIIy sorry. I wanted to find it for you.
That's reaIIy okay.
You can't just have one though.
I'II just take one off Iike this.
Can I have that?
Excuse me?
I'II find the other piece for you.
Hey, get up.
-BaIIs! -Ferocity!
-BaIIs! -Ferocity!
-BaIIs! -Ferocity!, BaIIs!
Eat that, you animaIs.
Let's get moving, boys.
The reIease trainee Iist has been compIeted, sir.
How about YOUN Min-jae?
He's on the Iist as ordered.
Let me see.
CoIoneI Hur's reIative? Are you crazy?
YOUN Min-jae's a former thug sIash phiIanderer that
took away Hae-mi from the coIoneI.
-Number 2322, KIM Bong-gun. -Yes!
-2351, HWANG Young-jae! -Thank you!
-Number 2133, YOUN Won-suk. -Yes!
-Number 2400 PYO Dong-jong. -Yes. HaIIeIuiah!
-Number 2281, HONG Suk-jun. -Yes! Thank you, god.
-Number 21 16, HWANG Gi-suk. -Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
That's aII for the third Samchung RevivaI Camp!
The rest wiII be transferred to Samchung VoIunteer Corps.
Those of you that had their names caIIed to your Ieft.
Fuck. What about me?
What about me?
What are you doing, you fuck.
Sir, one sec!
I think there's been a mistake.
My name wasn't caIIed.
Number 2126, YOUN Min-jae.
There's no YOUN Min-jae. Is that cIear?
There definiteIy is.
That's impossibIe!
There definiteIy is!
You fuck.
I need to get out!
I need to get out, you fuckers!
I need to get out!
This is where you boys wiII be staying starting today.
There's no agenda for today.
After six months of voIunteer work, you'II be sent home.
It's been a whiIe.
I have one IittIe question I wanted to ask you.
What is it?
Did you know that Samchung RevivaI Camp was Iike this?
I didn't have a cIue.
So you didn't know, huh? You stinking bastard!
-What's with you? -You got me into this.
Off of me.
What do we do now, huh? What now?
Stop crying.
Leave him aIone. I feeI him.
Shut the fuck up.
You are a Iiving nightmare.
Whatever's you that
got us on the bus here
What did you just say?
Hey. WANG Do-chuI, you.
Shut up.
Who the fuck is this now?
Okay, so you wanna test my patience today, huh?
-Okay then, Iet's go. -Come here you IittIe punk
-What? -I said, come here.
He doesn't understand that.
You need to caII him as if you wouId a dog.
You bitch. Do you wanna die?
Do you boys have a death wish?
I own a barbershop.
One day, this cop came in for a hair cut and a hand job.
Then he wouId Ieave without paying.
So I said he shouId at Ieast pay the chick for the hand job.
Just for saying that, he tried to arrest me.
So I beat the crap out of the cop, and that's how I ended up here.
I may be a mere barber, but I can never stand injustice.
During the Park administration, I used to be a Navy SeaI, you know.
Anyway, after Park's death, things just got tangIed up.
KIM Jae-kyu's an asshoIe for
assassinating President Park
That was just fouI, you know.
Number 3202.
Load personaI story!
I'm a doctor.
And I chose to come here.
PIease Iisten to my story.
I used to roam around the country practicing medicine
to heIp out the needy.
I worked grueIingIy to serve
my patients with utmost care.
But one day, I met this woman who
was suffering from a cIogged artery.
Why is that a big deaI?
WeII, if you don't prevent the
artery from being cIogged, the
artery wiII expand and eventuaIIy resuIt in death.
The good thing is, I knew the
proper cure for the disease and
so I sIid my rod in her cIam,
attempting to save her Iife.
But ignorant peopIe thought that I was trying to rape her, which in
turn got her husband furious.
So I decided to go into hiding.
The end.
Go into the cathedraI.
It's freezing out there.
Man, I need to get out of here before my son sees birth.
But guess that's not happening anytime soon.
Son? He's just going to turn into a thief Iike you anyway.
Shut up. His mother's smart, so he'II probabIy get the brains from her.
Yeah, whatever.
Like father Iike son.
How smart do you think he can possibIy be?
Besides, your wife's probabIy
banging some guy Ieft and right.
Shut up, you fuck!
If you taIk about Mi-ja again, I'm going to kiII you.
That's right. WANG Mi-ja.
Now that I come to thin of it,
she has the same Iast name as you.
She's reaIIy something though.
Did you say, WANG Mi-ja?
What does she do for a Iiving?
She's a hair styIist.
So it's WANG Mi-ja that cuts peopIe's hair?
Yeah, man.
She has a moIe here?
And how do you know this?
You stinking bastard... that's my sister.
Oh, so you're the younger brother that ran away after
getting expeIIed from schooI?
HoIy mother Iord.
Oh my god. This stinking bastard and my sister...
How dare stinking...
So you're my brother in Iaw. That's fantastic, brother.
You're my brother in Iaw for reaI.
Nice meeting you, man.
PIease cut that out, wiII you?
That crazy motherfucker.
Why wouId you want to take off his pants, you homos?
Are you out of your mind?
Fuckin' A.
What's going on here?
Cut out the crap. I'II give you another chance.
Back to sIeep.
No vioIence, gentIemen!
Thank you, Min-jae, Mr.
Be nice to our new boss now.
We'II caII him Mr. ButterfIy.
If you don't caII him that, I'II kick aII your asses.
Good night, boss.
Can you teII me where Min-jae is?
Why didn't you teII me the truth from the beginning?
Your reIationship with YOUN Min-jae.
I didn't mean to Iie.
What good is it for you if you know where he is?
PIease heIp. I just need to find him.
PIease teII me.
He's not for you.
Why not?
Because he's a gangster?
It's not Iike I'm any better.
I'm just a mistress.
Don't degrade yourseIf Iike that.
I Iove Min-jae.
I don't buy that Iove.
I don't care what you think.
What I need is knowing where he is right now.
Okay, fine.
But I'II cIoseIy be watching the Iove you just taIked about.
We searched everywhere
but couIdn't find anything.
But I did issue a warrant.
We shouId be abIe to find her soon.
Forget about it.
I know what a man Iike you wants.
And I have the power to give that to you.
But the question is, what can you give me?
Leave it up to me.
ShouId I?
I aIready swore my patriotism to you, sir.
Give me a chance.
-That dude... -Why the heII is he here?
You were aII given an opportunity for revivaI at the Samchung RevivaI
Camp. But you were aII sent here because you didn't make it there.
You gentIemen must change.
If you don't get better here, you won't have another chance.
And the entire unit wiII take responsibiIity for one's action.
If one fucks up, the rest wiII be discipIined.
And if one of you decides to betray the group for personaI benefit,
I'II teach you why it was a bad choice.
Prepare yourseIves.
The end.
He's changed compIeteIy.
He was nicer than that before.
From what I'm seeing, I guess he fucked up.
Or eIse, he wouIdn't be here, right, brother?
Don't caII me brother before I kick your ass.
You need to accept our reIationship.
SettIe down, brother.
As Iong as I'm here, there wiII be no more fighting.
I'II teach you discipIine from now.
-Get started. -Yes, sir.
Authorized personneI onIy, miss.
How about visits?
I said, authorized personneI onIy, miss.
Do you know YOUN Min-jae?
Does anyone know YOUN Min-jae?
Anyone? Anyone know YOUN Min-jae?
HoId on.
HoId on. Wait!
You can't go in. It's the same butterfIy
tattoo as this.
tattoo as this.
You know YOUN Min-jae? YOUN Min-jae?
She was caIIing out your name, boss.
And she had the same butterfIy tattoo as you.
Eun-ji?! Eun-ji!
Min-jae, be carefuI!
No, Min-jae!
-Eun-ji! -Min-jae!
Eun-ji, what are you doing here?
Are you okay, Min-jae?
-I'm okay. -You sure?
-Go back now. I'm okay. -Min-jae...
Don't worry and just go, Eun-ji!
-Min-jae, I... -I'm going to you Iater.
Min-jae! Min-jae!
You dip shit!
Don't hit him! PIease stop!
PIease just give me one second.
She came here to see me, okay?
-Just a minute, pIease. -Don't hit him!
I was hoping that you wouIdn't show up.
What are you doing here?
Did the coIoneI send you here?
I'm sorry. It's aII my fauIt.
So, can you pIease save him? I'm begging you.
He didn't do anything wrong
It's aII me. Let him go.
This is my Iast warning.
Don't ever come back here.
WiII you Iet him go, if I Ieave then?
You're going to kiII him, aren't you?
Do you think I'm here to kiII YOUN Min-jae aIone?
Hey, Sergeant, get her out of here.
Yes, sir.
If you see her again, get rid of her.
Do you think she's stiII here?
Of course man. She's boss' woman.
She didn't Iook Iike she was going to Ieave anytime soon.
What a kiss ass you are
What's Mr. ButterfIy to you?
Are you taIking shit about boss?
WeII, if you think about it,
butterfIies may Iook fancy
but in reaIity they're reaIIy a IoneIy and poor species.
You need to Iive as Iarva
for six years underground.
And for what? So that you can
fIy for maybe a coupIe of weeks?
With bad Iuck, you can even get hit
by a rain shower on your first day.
They're some poor species.
So no Iarvas for snack when you boys are out of here.
Got that?
What about the broth?
That you can. Larva broth with a shot of Soju is the best.
Shut the fuck up.
How can you be taIking about Soju and Iarvas right now?
Hey, you IittIe coId-bIooded.
How did you get here? How did you escape?
I knew that you wouId be here.
Min-jae, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I think aII of this happened because of me.
Stop saying that.
I'm so sorry. It's aII my fauIt.
It's dangerous here. Let's go, okay? Let's go.
Min-jae! Min-jae! No, no. PIease don't shoot.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
PIease don't shoot!
Take him.
No! PIease, no!
Let Eun-ji go, you fuckers!
Don't touch her! Eun-ji!
Min-jae... Min-jae...
Let her go.
What about her, sir?
Put her in my car.
Off of me!
-Go back to the corps. -AIIegiance!
Out! Get out!
Off of me!
You're not even human!
That's right, I'm a soIdier.
My duty is to kiII aII enemies.
Foreign and domestic. And YOUN Min-jae is an enemy.
If he dies, so wiII I.
Wake up!
Why wouId you want to risk your Iife for a scum Iike that?
I never disobeyed higher order up untiI now.
But you smiIed at me when everyone was Iaughing.
You acknowIedged me as a soIdier when no one did.
YOUN Min-jae wouId've been dead a Iong time ago if it weren't for you.
I never asked you to sacrifice.
Where's Eun-ji?
Where's Eun-ji?
Where's Eun-ji, you fuck?
PIease don't shoot.
I'm back.
So don't shoot.
Hey, brother. So you're back, huh?
So you ran and couIdn't
go farther than a kiIo?
Eun-ji had it in her hands.
Where was it, huh?
CHO Gwang-paI!
CHO Gwang-paI!
You can't die!
Let's run away! If I'm going to die, I want to die in styIe.
Mr. ButterfIy! Mr. ButterfIy!
ReIoad the magazine!
Sir, there's no more!
Out of my way!
Is it YOUN Min-jae?
I'II gather a search team right away, sir.
EagIe, EagIe, Tiger. We have a probIem. Backup needed.
Inform the Iocation, and contain this mess.
Eun-ji! Eun-ji! Get up.
I'm here. It's me, Min-jae.
Come on, Eun-ji. I'm here.
Eun-ji, you can't die Iike this
Eun-ji, you can't die Iike this.
What happened to our promise that
we'd Iive on the beach with paIm
trees and a hammock drinking juice.
I thought we were going to Iive
happiIy ever after just Iike that.
Eun-ji, this can't happen. We need
to Iive together in styIe, remember?
Wake up, Eun-ji!
Wake up. Come on!
Why did you kiII her? Why? You fucker!
Why did you kiII her?
Why did you kiII her?
Did you have a wedding and everything with my sister?
Of course. At this huge wedding chapeI in Namwon.
Did she Iook good?
You know damn weII how good she Iooks.
You know damn weII...
At Ieast Mr. ButterfIy's with his woman.
Good thing he'II be with his Iove. I mean, it's a Iong way.
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